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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning at 430am  Me-TV  December 3, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CST

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the west has clear skies but downright cold. 18 degrees. get ready to grab the sunglasses, sunshine in the forecast and above average temperatures. we have 50 degree temperatures this weekend. eric: the fbi raided an apartment for evidence in connection to one of the suspects in a san bernardino mass shooting. elizabeth: at least 14 were killed and 17 injured when a gunman opened fire at a social services center in southern california. police are clearing the building after finding a possible explosive. eric: the two suspects were killed following a shootout with police and another has been detained. >> swat teams race through the streets of san bernardino as police search for the gunman who attacked to be inland regional center 60 miles east of los angeles. police located an suv they believe was used by the suspects and a shootout followed. one officer suffered non-life-threatening injuries.
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the scene, one is male and one is female. they were dressed in assult-style clothing. >> the social services facility serves people with disabilities. police say up to three people entered and opened fire at a conference area where the san bernardino county department of public health was having a banquet. >>debbie alvarez's daughter was inside the building. >> she texted me saying she was cold and was sought in her side -- shot in her side. they're pretending to be dead because these guys are still out there. >> president obama sent his condolences and once again called for tougher gun laws. president obama: we don't know the motives of the shooters. what we do know is there are steps we can take to make americans safer.
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>> is this terrorism? i am still not willing to say we know that for sure. we are definitely making some movements that it is a possibility. eric: more details this morning, what enforcement officials identified one suspect is syed farook. he has connections to the apartment the fbi spent last night rating in redlands. hospital officials were updating the conditions of some of the injured. one area hospital said they were treating five patients, two of them in critical but stable condition while two others were in fair condition. one was still being assessed. the officer that was shot suffered non-life-threatening injuries. president obama urged the u.s. to not let 10 violence become "normal". as ryan smith reports, iowa state mass shootings now seem to be all too common. right -- ryan: as tragedy
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iowans offer compassion, and spend a few minutes in the downtown skywalk it is obvious the sentiment on the west coast is mirrored here in the heartland. >> there's just too many shootings, too much bad stuff. you hear about it but this is insane. they need to do something. ryan: the reaction from the scene echoes that of a des moines wells fargo employee. >> this looks like nonstop, it is happening now and then and the government is doing nothing. they should do something. ryan: those we spoke with today say it said the words active shooter are becoming part of our vocabulary. >> we keep hearing about all the things that happen. all of these shooters. ryan: defining a mass shooting as an incident with four or more people injured or killed by gunfire, the washington post reported san bernardino marks the 355th mass shooting this year.
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ryan smith, kcci 8 news. elizabeth: an hours long standoff on the highway 141 with a murder suspect ended peacefully. now that michael wanchanic is behind bars, charged in connection with monday's deadly shooting. 36-year-old bryon howard and 31-year-old heather belieu were killed, where they lived in the 3900 block of center street. disturbing details of the murder were revealed in a criminal complaint yesterday. it said wanchanic allegedly took the gun from his mother's room and shut howard and belieu multiple times. heather's arms when she was killed. specially trained negotiators helped bring wanchanic into custody.
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todd: the police chased near woodward ended quickly. michael wanchanic's stolen van broke down and even though he had a gun the law enforcement team determined that negotiation would be the best way to deal with the murder suspect. >> these negotiators train a lot and they do a good job. he didn't outstanding job tonight. todd: the dallas county chief negotiator said -- sergeant brett jackie's has a negotiation team. brett tjepkes: with communication skills hopefully we can build some trust and influence behavior to a positive direction. todd: he says negotiators use the public address system on their patrol car to talk to watch in the after four hours of back-and-forth. he got cold and give up. >> we are listening to what this person has to say.
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say and we are trying to give them positive alternatives to end the situation peacefully. todd: that's just what happened. >> detaining, everything is secure. elizabeth: state patrol has 20 trained negotiators across the state and most major released apartment have several. in the past two years the state patrol team has been to play 48 times including tuesday night. eric: metinka has a look at the forecast. metinka: it is looking better. we just have chilly temperatures early. check out sioux city at seven degrees. fort dodge at 18. des moines is doing better at 28. 30's to the southeast,, starting out at 34. sunshine on the way a warm highs above average, heading from mid 40's across central and southern iowa to the north. they will be doing nothing today so that will fight their highs in the mid 30's. tomorrow has 50's across
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great stretch. eric: it has been years in the making. des moines residents finally started receiving letters and forming them about their share of the $40 million franchise fees. elizabeth: they might be surprised they are paying a higher fee right now than before this battle started. mark tauscheck shows who will get paid and how much. mark: like most in des moines, jim clark hasn't heard of a franchise fee for the lawsuit. >idn't pay much attention to utility bills. mark: he just found out he will get a $300 refund as part of a $40 million judgment against the city of des moines in 2006. ruling the 3% franchise fee tacked on utility bills was illegal. >> really glad i don't have to pay the fee anymore. hopefully you won't have to or my neighbors will have to. mark: franchise fees did not go away. utilities customers are paying more than ever after state
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collect franchise fees. the utility tax will eventually be 5% but this extra money is needed by the state to pay off the $40 million they borrowed after losing the class action judgment. for the next several years, des moines is collecting 7.5%. >> i'm glad it is coming to an end and refunds will be issued to citizens. mark;: they're well aware after the decade-long legal battle her constituents are paying higher franchise fees than 11 years ago but the attorney for lisa craig told kcci that while he agrees if the city had stopped with its plans and 2004 to tax its be no need for refunds today. city doubled down on it illegal conduct by increasing the fee not just once but twice. raising the damage from zero to $40 million. jim clark will cash is read a check but says he still sees the bigger picture.
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later on we'll pay for it all over again. elizabeth: he said the three refund notices he saw were between 150 and $300. after you get the notice you have until the end of april 2 officially file your claim. eric: could installing camels help -- installing cameras help patrol the district? one city putting more cameras in their downtown. sally: commitment 2016.
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look >> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz, and right-now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: temperatures have taken a nosedive across the west. running almost 30 degrees colder than yesterday. in des moines it is chilly at 28. sioux city is at seven. fort dodge at 18. can you picture the clouds? they are across the east like a blanket. they're skies to the west have allowed the temperatures to drop. watch for areas of fog to develop. this afternoon will be great. plenty of sunshine in the
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highs warmer than the past couple of days heading for 44. eric: des moines police say no arrest in the shooting on court avenue. put the four-year-old edmanuel perez and 23-year-old andrew hurley boyd was wounded. this is the latest act of violent the court avenue entertainment district which includes a fights and assaults. elizabeth: many are asking for the police to set up cameras through the court avenue district. the us, police department installed this in their downtown area for years ago. emmy victor shows us how effective those cameras have been. emmy: in the city responsible for protecting over 25,000 residents, -- >> it is really hard to refute the videotapes when you catch crimes on that. it is a huge tool for law enforcement. emmy: for four years now, the
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department. closely monitoring crime as offices play back the seen from the luxury of their headquarters. >> if we have a stolen car or a fight downtown, instead of like what we used to get down there, i step into my office. emmy: after a surge of crime hit the town over a short amount of needed to be done. windows broken out. after dark. emmy: over 30 cameras now run 24 hours a day covering the corridors and corners. police say they rely on the cameras mobile times a day. each has the capability of helping officers solve crimes. these recordings were sought and full force when the south ottumwa savings bank was robbed in broad daylight. >> it enabled them to catch them within two hours. emmy: the police department considers them life-saving, a
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>> if they can afford them, get them, because they can improve the safety of areas you put them. elizabeth: the cameras were funded with a $375,000 federal grant. the city of atoma is looking for more funding for more cameras throughout the year. we will look at i-235 and mlk parkway. you are waking up to 27 degrees. metinka will be in with your
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>> weather is never more than five minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. metinka: good morning. weather is quiet this morning but we have areas of fog developing especially across northwest iowa that will expand over the next couple of hours. watch for changing visibility through 7:00 or 8:00 a.m. temperatures are different across the state. western iowa very cold and southeast iowa not too bad in the 30's. 20's in the middle. single digits to the northwest. the reason southeast iowa is warm is they are under clouds. the lines across i-35 but clouds are moving out and clear skies will be ruling the day. that will help boost our highs above average. system moves away from us.
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highs above average into the mid-40's. 50's across kansas will be expanding toward iowa toward friday. we are in for a great stretch of weather even into next week. in des moines it is 28 degrees, dry roads, clear skies. a light breeze from the west at five miles per hour. wind stays like today so it will be enjoyable. you will need layers early today as cold temperatures, and you can shed this afternoon. it will turn out to be a beautiful afternoon. overnight clear skies, not quite as chilly as window switches to the south. 29 in des moines. watch for patchy fog especially to the north. sunshine, heading for 49. that is almost 10 degrees to warm. weather continues%into the weekend, although we will have clouds of saturday and maybe a stray sprinkle into sunday. the weather is definitely
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into the middle part of next week. highs through the eight days in the 40's to near 50 degrees. overnight lows are not looking bad. close to freezing, great stretch of weather for outdoor plans. or maybe traveling. elizabeth: and commitment 2016, the first votes will be cast in the 2016 presidential campaign in eight weeks. eric: the first polling shows donald trump widening his lead but in iowa it's a different story. sally kidd is in washington with that. ben carson sally: virtually tied with donald trump has dropped to third place in a new quinnipiac university poll. ben carson: the government will grow and infiltrate. sally: trump gets 27% support with his closest rival marco rubio trailing by 10. carson and ted cruz are at 16%. but ted cruz has nearly tied with trump in iowa.
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more tuned to matters of international significance and maybe that's turning them back to people like rubio and ted cruz who are identifying with foreign-policy issues in the senate. metinka: sally: trump is firing back at critics who question his claim that thousands of people cheered on the terrorists in jersey city rooftops after 9/11. a campaign adviser tweeted a 2001 news clip from a cbs reporter to back up the claim. donald trump: they are finding people saying that did take place in new jersey. sally: the report puts the number of people celebrating at eight. in time, chris christie went after donald trump, calling the billionaire is this meant a non-threat saying he is not qualified to be president. he said the same about marco rubio. eric: on the democratic side, the poll shows hillary clinton widening her lead over bernie sanders out pulling him to to
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elizabeth: see h when they told me that i was diagnosed with cancer, all i could think of was my kids and that i didn't want to leave them. i beat cancer, but it is still scary. now i have a pre-existing condition. so, if republicans take away obamacare, breast cancer survivors like me could be denied coverage. if hillary's in the white house, she's going to continue obamacare, so that i don't have to worry anymore. i trust her, and i know she's going to fight for all of us. i'm hillary clinton,
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metinka: bundle up if you are getting an early start. it is cold especially to the west. temperatures into the teens. in des moines it is not that cold but it is chilly at 28. 30 degree readings across the eastern part of the state with skies beginning to clear. clear skies in des moines and off to the west. clouds will move up this morning. especially across proven iowa. once the sunshine makes an appearance, temperatures will warm. highs much better near 44 degrees. the great stretch of weather through the next eight days. temperatures will be either side of 50 degrees even into the middle of next week. overnight around freezing. eric: a rare procedure performed
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veterinarian medical center is helping them understand and refine the use of prosthetics in animals. elizabeth: stacey horst reports it has changed the life of one curious-year-old feline. >> vincent was brought into the shelter as a young kitten. stacey: they knew something was wrong. >> he was missing the lower part of both hindlegs. stacey: the with help from dr. mary sarah bergh and the orthopedic surgery at iowa state that med. >> it was made especially for him, there were x-rays and mris and ct scans at iowa state. stacey: vincent had a number of treatments and surgeries to adjust the titanium prosthetics into his like bonds. -- leg bones. necessary but not something you like to see. >> i'm not going to lie it was scary. it is different knowing you will have middle poking out of your cat.
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>> he can run with the best of them and runs around like a crazy cat. elizabeth: the company that makes the prosthetics donated the materials at no cost to the shelter. since his legs will get longer, the shorter legs are so that he will build his muscle strength. eric: we will have the latest on the mass shooting from california.
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elizabeth: new developments while you were sleeping. the suspects dead and now identified in the california shooting. >> i have no idea why he would do that. why would you do something like this? eric: the brother-in-law of one of the shooters speaks out. police piece together a timeline of the events. they may have a possible motive but cannot rollout what is on everybody's mind -- rule out what is on everybody's minds. coverage ahead this thursday morning. >> you're watching kcci eight news. elizabeth: good morning and thanks for waking up with kcci. eric: a lot of news to get to but we want to help plan your day. warmer temperatures are on the way? metinka: this afternoon will
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