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tv   KCCI 8 News at Six  Me-TV  December 4, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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we are here in downtown indianapolis, talking to so many passionate hawkeye fans and agreed you can see behind me, a lot are at the big 10 fan fest, this is a great spot. a lot of activities for kids to come play. there is a 40-meter --, basketball, just tons of activities. outside of downtown indianapolis, businesses are going the extra mile to make hawkeyes feel right at home. kevin: downtown is really nice, couldn't pick a better venue to have this at. ryan: walk a block in downtown indy. it's impossible to be left out of the loop. the big 10 has taken over. a sell-out crowd expected at lucas oil stadium means out-of-town fans will flood the streets, helping boost local business. chanda: we just want everybody who comes into town to have a great experience. that's the overall goal for all the business surrounding here. ryan: for the best in hoosier
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irish pub. inside, the pub is decked out in everything black and gold. streamers, balloons, and signs -- all rooting for iowa. chanda: we had iowa fans in the city before, and they were great people, so we just want to welcome them back. the claddagh has opened our arms to all the iowa fans. kevin: just taking it all in, it's going to be awesome. ryan: and the back out here live tonight, you can imagine a lot of local businesses are taking sides for this big game, trying to it tracked customers -- to attract customers from both schools. those of you hitting the road and may be showing up later tonight or tomorrow, and you want friendly banter, the top michigan state bar is a place called slippery noodle -- located just around the corner from the irish pub. ryan smith, kcci, iowa's news leader. stacey: iowa fans flooding
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ahead of tomorrow's game. many spent the day walking around the big 10 fan fest, held which is where ryan smith was. at the indiana convention center, lots to do here, including indoor football, basketball, and live trivia. of course, spartan fans were doing the same on the other side of the convention center. but hawkeye fans tell kcci black and gold is dominating downtown indy. jed: i've been here for like an hour now. it is 90% iowa fans. there's a few michigan state fans. but yeah, it's all hawkeyes. if you look out at this football field, there's about 20 little hawkeye fans running around. stacey: while the fans are in indy to party and watch the game, the players are getting down to business. kcci sports director andy garman is live from the lucas oil stadium with that. andy: yes, iowa hawkeye head coach freerentz said this was another business trip.
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followed their normal road trip protocol -- working out earlier in iowa city, then hopped on a plane to come down to the city. there was an indy car waiting for them, why else would you have a car like that if you are not in indianapolis? fully decked out in hawkeye colors. ferentz says he has a deep appreciation for what this squad has been able to pull off. kirk: really just extremely proud of our football team. and, you know, when it comes down to it, there is really no secret to success. this team is 12-0 mainly because we have had great leadership on and off the field. the players have great respect for each other, they been able to focus on what they need to do week after week. really proud of what they have done. andy:nd i aave to tell you, unofficially, hawkeye fans certainly outnumber the spartans at this point.
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bands, and i had six go hawks chance since i have been standing on the corner. their first shot at a big 10 football championship, we will have much more coming up in our hour-long preview, and coming up later in sports. i am andy garman. stacey, back to you. stacey: one more time, tune in a 8:00, when our big 10 football championship crew previews the game, right here on kcci channel 8. looking ahead to a warmer weekend, kcci meteorologist jason sydejko now with a first look at your forecast. jason: it is going to be a beautiful weekend. we have a little bit of a chance for rain, more on that in a second. thankfully, that is not out in indianapolis. if you are heading out there, tailgating temperatures will be a bit chilly. going indoors, not too bad for the fourth quarter. as you let out, in the upper 30's.
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plan on a nice beautiful day, clear skies all day long today. not a cloud out there, and we have a few move in. we will tell you about that coming up in a second. besides that, upper 40's -- in the low 50's in the metro. backed out of freezing by 7:00 in the morning. with more sunshine in the forecast and chances for rain, i will break the timing down for all of that, coming up shortly. stacey: a 16-year-old from woodward is in intensive care at mercy hospital after collapsing at basketball practice. drew jacobson is in stable but critical condition tonight, and he has been kept under medical sedation since being brought in wednesday night. drew's father tells kcci his son, a three-sport athlete and straight-a student at woodward-granger, went into cardiac arrest twice this morning. but his heart is now beating on its own. he says doctors aren't sure what has caused the heart problems, but says drew will need a
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in his heart. russ: as a parent, i can't understand how someone this healthy goes from practice to the state he's in. and i hope no parent ever has to go through this. stacey: jacobson asked us to thank employees at woodward-granger, all the emergency responders, and the staff at mercy who have helped his son the past 48 hours. a man was taken to the hospital after his truck veered off the highway and crashed into a house. it happened around 10 a.m. in the 1700 block of lyon street in des moines. police say a medical issue may be why the man's truck slammed into a pole, jumped a fence, and side-swiped a car, before crashing into the house. a neighbor tells kcci something similar happened at her home in may and wants the dot to put up a wall. janet: it's just another accident waiting to happen. and you can't put them back there to play. they can't go back there anymore. it's too dangerous. stacey: dot officials say
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there. ames takes the number one spot on a national list. vanessa peng is live to show us what put them on top. vanessa: they got that for many reasons. but the top reasons are the low cost of living and stem job opportunities. iowa state students are studying in a town that's considered number one in the nation. sam: that's pretty cool. julie: overall, i really like it here. it's not the city, but it's pretty safe. vanessa: according to a new american institute for economic research list, ames is the best college town in the u.s. caye: you wouldn't think iowa would be the number one place, just because it's the middle of nowhere, with corn, so that's pretty cool. vanessa: aier says the rankings were based on the price of rent, cost of living minus rent, clubs and restaurants, availability of arts and entertainment, unemployment rate, and economic vitality. mike: it provides objective validation, i think, for what we've all felt -- that ames has
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vanessa: city leaders tell us they think the rating has a lot to do with the great relationship isu has with the city of ames and local companies. lauren: iowa state does a great job bringing people to ames to go to school. but then, another thing we like to brag about is all of the great companies ames has, that not only provide internships for students, but also meaningful employment opportunities. vanessa: by the way, iowa city took the number three spot. sam: i like that i'm not from iowa. but being here for the last three years has definitely made me dislike iowa a little bit. vanessa: ithaca, new york was ranked at number two. our website, live in ames, vanessa peng, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. the hawkeyes and their fans in indianapolis for tomorrow's big 10 football championship. we are back live with andy garman for a preview of the game. he's made fighting domestic terrorism a cornerstone of his campaign.
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chris christie says about the
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and colorado springs. gov. chris christie: if a
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disabled in california is a target for radical islamic terrorism, then every place in america is a target. stacey: republican presidential candidate chris christie in central iowa today, speaking to the iowa association of electrical cooperatives about the threat of terrorism. the new jersey governor told the group he is best qualified to lead the nation in the fight against isis, due to his experience in new jersey after 9/11. our chief political reporter cynthia fodor sat down with the governor to talk about his concerns following the california mass shooting, now being investigated as an act of terrorism. cynthia: you said, as soon as you saw it happening, you thought it was act of terror. gov. christie: yeah, and this is why experience matters. i turned to my wife and said, this is terrorism. this is not workplace violence. this is terrorism. cynthia: you said yesterday the mass shootings are evidence we are already tangled in the next world war.
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by that the next world war will , not look like the first two. it's not nation-states fighting each other. it's going to be movements like aal-qaeda and isis looking to radicalize the world. cynthia: and what would you do as president to fight isis? gov. christie: fight them there and here. so here, you enhance intelligence and law enforcement activities to intervene on these plots before they happen. we need to be more aggressive overseas with allies, arab and nato, to bring the fight to them there, to distract them from being able to plot and plan here. cynthia: you say you are the most experienced to take this on? gov. christie: if you want someone to fight terrorism, i've done it already. i've done it for seven years as u.s. attorney after 9/11, fought two of the largest terrorism prosecutions in justice department history. after 9/11, i made sure every day law enforcement had the tools they needed. and i won't need an owner's manual when i get to the oval office, or a tutorial.
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cynthia: as for gun violence, i asked him about that. christie says we don't need more gun control laws. he says california has the strictest, and that didn't stop the mass shootings there. he says we need to work with the mentally ill and get criminals behind bars. right now, he's speaking in fort dodge. stacey? stacey: thank you, cynthia. presidential candidate ted cruz says attacks like the one in san bernardino could be stopped with an armed citizenry, and a president who is tough on terrorism. cruz spoke today at crossroads shooting sports in johnston. he addressed wednesday's attacks, saying president obama refuses to confront "radical islamic terrorism." cruz's stop at a gun shop, days after the attack, has been called tasteless by critics. cruz says his oppponents are just trying to politicizing his trip. sen. ted cruz: folks in the media think you should not be discussing second amendment rights in the wake of a terror attack. you don't stop bad guys by taking away our guns.
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guns. stacey: democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton also traveling through iowa today. the democratic front runner wrapped up a campaign rally just a few months ago -- just a few moments ago. hillary clinton: we have to come together in our country to try to be smart about this. and we can certainly do it in a way that is consistent with the constitution. so, i am going to continue to advocate for smart, sensible gun safety measures. and i will continue to advocate to prevent the ball the no-fly list from being able to buy a weapon. stacey: kcci's rose heaphy is in fort dodge with the clinton campaign tonight. watch for her story coming up on kcci 8 news at 10:00. a warn day today, leading into a warm weekend. kcci meteorologist jason sydejko with your weekend forecast. jason: and it is a good one.
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weekend coming up, and a gorgeous weekend coming up. we do have one chance for rain. i will break that down in a second. 45 degrees, the average is 37. well above that, and we will stay at least close to that, even for our lows. both of those see sunshine early on, you see cloud cover working in as we head to the early afternoon, mid afternoon hours. that is a precursor to the rain that is to come, another warm day. you see the clouds associated with that next system pushing on through. right now, we have an area of high pressure off to the southeast. that has been helping us to keep these guys really clear out there. that is also been helping us to stay warm. the flow out of the southwest, that has been dragging in that warmer air. that will stick with us for a bit here, even as the area of pressure shifts out of here. we can see southwest wind remain, not quite as strong.
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to work in that cloud cover, chances for light rain. i think most of us would just be seeing clouds with spotty showers, saturday evening, you see that clear skies remain. and we will start off saturday into the afternoon, sunshine will last out there. but clouds begin to overtake us, very short-lived, the. mainly through the overnight, bringing in chance for scattered showers. we again get the clear stuff, that will linger well into next week. if you are looking for more sunshine, you don't have to look too far. down to the low 30's and i mostly clears along with that. that is where all of us sit for the most part. 31 in mason city, 29 degrees in dubuque -- the coldest. upper 40's to low 50's, we get tons of sunshine ahead of the cloud cover. making its way through into the afternoon hours, especially into the evening. besides that, not bad at all. 50 by monday, we keep the
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a chance for a shower on wednesday, as well as friday. that will not do anything to take down these unseasonably warm temperatures. 53 is your high on thursday. staceyl:: a big weekend for the hawkeyes. scott: the biggest game in school history.
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an's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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announcer: from iowa's sports leader, this is kcci 8 sports. scott: here's a fun sentence to say. the iowa hawkeyes are in indy for their first-ever big 10 title game. andy garman is there, as well. the big game is tomorrow. what's the vibe like out there, andy? andy: well, scott, i have to tell you -- no doubt the biggest stage the hawkeye football program is ever played on. you can talk about rose or orange bowls, all of those things. but iowa under ferentz have never played for an outright conference championship read but i was certainly at the table this year for the first time. and the coach is making sure his guys appreciated. we got a chance to see the trophy and talk to the coaches today.
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around 4:00 eastern time ahead of the showdown. at 8:17 indianapolis time is the kickoff. the game is live on fox. this is a huge a setting for this football team. kirk says he knows they need to embrace it. kirk: once we get there, we have to be focused on michigan state -- not the environment of the crowd. it will be a great crowd, i'm sure. we had zach johnson talk to our team a couple weeks back. you talk about that kind of circumstance coming down to a costa on 18, and not being overwhelmed by. a gets back to how you execute. andy: much more of my exclusive conversation with the coach coming up in our hour-long special tonight at 8:00, right here on kcci. good evening hawk fans, nice to
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game time tomorrow, live on fox. we will be live in indianapolis at 8:00 with a complete preview of the hawks and the spartans. live from lucas oil stadium with some crazy hawkeye fans, i am andy garman. scott: andy making friends already. the hawkeyes aren't the only football team in the postseason. when it comes to football, 15th-ranked uni is alive and well in the fcs playoffs. the panthers are in round two. they have to play at number five portland state saturday night at 9 p.m. central. uni is coming off a blowout win over eastern illinois in last weekend's playoff opener. speaking of football, new cyclone coach matt campbell is bringing nearly his entire staff from toledo. two more were announced friday. they are bryan gasser, wide receivers. greg brabanec, operations. joining campbell and his staff in ames. ncaa volleyball tournament. the cyclones swept miami on
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madison begins in wisconsin. marquette is tied.
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we have ajeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition
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their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible
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day tomorrow. upper 40's to low 50's, we do work clouds in later on in the day, head of light rain saturday night into sunday. after that, it gets downright beautiful. 50 on monday, 52 on tuesday -- sunshine often on all next week. stacey: if it were up to some 300 iowa elementary and middle school students, donald trump would win the caucus for the republicans. but it was a tie between bernie sanders and hillary clinton for the democrats. this was all part of a new program at the state historical museum at iowa, called kids caucus. it's designed to connect students to the presidential
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thanks for j >> inside the home of the california terrorists. in here. >> the baby's room. have good night stories. >> the photos. >> mother and child. mother and child.
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in the closet and the meal left
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