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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning Saturday  Me-TV  December 5, 2015 8:00am-9:00am CST

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marcus: still a number of des moines police officers on the scene working the scene. it is right behind me at this house, on the corner of busy east 14th and tomlin. a lot of traffic going around. someone came and approached us and told us about what he believed was going on, none of which we can confirm. the report came in around 2:00 this morning, some kind of altercation. police were called to the scene, medics were called to the scene. one person deceased, another taken to the hospital. you see a number of crime scene units from des moines police, and we have seen them going door to door speaking with neighbors. we do not know a lot about what is going on but we do know this is the 20th homicide in the city
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police are working the scene trying to figure out what happened and as soon as we get that information, we will pass it along to our viewers at home. i am marcus mcintosh. alyx: we are receiving reports and pictures from viewers about a potential fire on south east 14th street at the cozy motel. i have called the motel and police, and there is no answer. we are working hard to get information on this. a viewer wrote in saying that several firetrucks were on the scene. right now, the fbi says it is investigating the california mass shooting that left 14 dead and 21 wounded as an act of terrorism. investigators say at least one of the killers had pledged allegiance to isis. sally kidd has the latest from washington.
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came in alerting police to the grisly massacre, the fbi says suspected killer tashfeen malik took a moment to pledge her allegiance to isis using an alias on facebook. it's just one piece of evidence that has led the fbi to call this a terrorist investigation. >> the investigation so far has developed indications of radicalization by the killers and of potential inspiration by foreign terrorist organizations. sally: malik and husband sayed farook, both heavily armed, opened fire at a holiday luncheon wednesday, then died hours later in a shootout with police. among the evidence, police cite extensive planning, explosives, high powered weapons and the digital trail the couple left behind, including two crushed cell phones found in a trash can. >> we do hope the digital fingerprints left by these 2 individuals will take us toward their motivation. >> there hasn't been any clear
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sally: the attorneys for farook's family caution against jumping to conclusions. >> when the fbi chief has literally come out and said that they have found no link to a larger terrorist group or terrorist cell, i think people need to listen to that and consider that. alyx: the 14th of bill -- the 14 people killed in the attack range from ages 16 to 60. presidential candidates sounding off about the shooting on the campaign trail in iowa friday. texas senator ted cruz was stumping at a johnston gun shop. ted cruz visited crossroads shooting sports in johnston. a visit just days after the deadly shootings in san bernardino. cruz says the tragic attack underscores the need for a president who will confront terrorism. he also addressed critics who say the timing of his visit to a gun shop is in poor taste. sam twitchell is a gun owner who believes in stricter gun laws. he calls cruz's visit friday
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>> it puts me in kind of a weird space because i like to shoot but i believe in strong gun control, and both of those make me a pariah on either side. alyx: cruz didn't get too specific on his plans to eliminate terrorism. he says the country needs to defeat islamic terrosism with targets across the globe, beginning with isis. more big stories this morning. 24-year-old dresean barber is behind bars this morning, charged in connection with last weekend's homicide on court avenue. des moines police say barber faces first degree murder charges in the death of 21-year-old edmanuel perez and attempted murder for the shooting of andrew hurley-boyd. the shooting happened early sunday on court and 3rd avenue. a man was taken to the hospital after his truck veered off the highway and crashed into a house . it happened around 10:00 a.m. yesterday in the 1700 block of lyon street in des moines. police say the man may have had
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causing him to drive his truck into a pole, jumped a fence and side swiped a car before crashing into the home. a neighbor tells kcci something similar happened at her home in may and wants the dot to put up a wall. dot officials say they're not aware of the request to put in a wall or higher fence there. a woodward-granger student athlete is in the intensive care unit at mercy hospital. 16-year-old drew jacobsen collapsed at basketball practice wednesday night. he is in stable but critical condition this morning. drew's father tells kcci his son , a three sport athlete and straight a student went into cardiac arrest twice friday morning, but his heart is now beating on its own. his doctors aren't sure what caused the heart problems but drew will need a defibrillator implanted. >> when he decides to do something, he goes all out. i cannot wait until he can walk out of here and give people a rough time. alyx: he asked us to think that
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the staff at the hospital, and the first responders who have helped his son this week. we will check in with frank. frank: things looking really nice outside right now. there is that big ball of fire. it is starting to warm us up, 36 in des moines. ames, 32. you will probably have to scrape some frost, especially to the north this morning. a warmer 34 in lamoni. we are eight degrees warmer in des moines then this time yesterday. looking like a picture-perfect day temperature-wise. some clouds and sun around by lunchtime, 48. 50's by 3:00, but can we keep these nice warm temperatures around? alyx: maybe you have noticed, we are wearing our gold to support the hawkeyes.
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10 hours, 52 minutes away from kickoff. players and fans are gearing up for the big 10 championship game tonight. the undefeated 12-0 hawkeyes are taking on the 11-1 michigan state spartans. right now the hawkeyes are ranked 4th in the latest cfb poll with the spartans ranked 5th. black and gold has flooded indy since friday, and it wasn't hard to find an iowa connection right in indianapolis at the brickyard. kcci's ryan smith takes us inside the unique spot. ryan: during a trip to take part in an historic hawkeye season dick dalton took time to , appreciate the past. the boar size, that's unbelievable. seven inch bore. that's like an old john deere tractor. ryan: inside the indianapolis motor speedway museum up to 90 classics kept in pristine condition. >> i don't know whether you could do this in a day and do it right. ryan: many of them formerly indy 500 winners.
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one,>> it's probably about 98% original, we think it's the third coat of paint but new tires but it's original body work. ryan: donald davidson's passion for speed convinced him to immigrate to indiana from great britain. he's now the speedway's historian. >> i think a lot of people come to the museum throughout the year that maybe don't even know a great deal about racing but the track is so well known that it's just like going to the westminster abbey or the roman colliseum. ryan: the brickyard is not only indiana's top attraction. it's the largest sports venue in the world. it holds nearly 300,000 people. walking the track here at the indianapolis motor speedway is truly an unbelievable site. it is massive. the track itself runs to a half miles so even if you're watching , from the best seats in the house you're only getting to see half the track. back inside the museum for a closer look at the classics we
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iowa connection. the #10 duesenberg formerly called the mason. >> a mason was an automobile company out of mason city, iowa. by 1914 they were duesenberg's but they were the same cars and around that time, they moved to des moines, iowa. ryan: giving iowa fans who know little about the sport a reason to stop by. >> i don't watch many races on tv but it's something to see. anybody should see it once. alyx: very cool. kickoff is set for 7:00 tonight. you can catch the game on fox. then trust kcci for complete post-game coverage. ahead in commitment news. christie's concerns. the candidate class -- the candidate's reaction to the recent california shooting. and why he says he's the most qualified to lead the nation. plus, clinton in iowa. hillary gave her take on gun
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yesterday. >> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning weekends with alyx sacks and meteorologist metinka slater.
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welcome back, 8:13. we are seeing some clouds across the state but we are seeing the sunshine mixed in. there is a system out to the west but thankfully, the snow is staying way out there. a live shot from our algona webcam way up to the north in kossuth county, there is the sunshine. keep in mind there might be a few clouds passing through. temperatures across the region today, 44 in sioux city, 47 green bay. mainly try across most of the region. as we head throughout the overnight hours tonight, the isolated chance of rain moves into our state. indianapolis, 49 degrees, just a few clouds. a beautiful picture from annie behind that graphic.
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monday way above average with highs in the low 50's. alyx: if you're just joining us this morning, des moines police are investigating at 2020 east 14th street. we're told there was an altercation reported from the home and they requested police and medics. officers found an adult male inside the home and another person was taken to a hospital for treatment. we will continue to follow the latest on this breaking news story with live reports from the scene. we are also following up with a fire that has happened at the cozy rest motel. this is a picture sent in by the viewer. it definitely looks like a fire that did happen at that cozy rest motel, a very active seen. the street is blocked off in front of the motel at southeast 14th street. we will follow both of these stories and bring you the very
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alyx: new poll numbers for the republican candidates this morning. donald trump is once again alone at the top. a new cnn/orc poll shows 36% of registered republicans and republican-leaning independents support trump. texas senator ted cruz is his nearest competitor. he trails by 20 points. dr. ben carson is in third place, followed by florida senator marco rubio. mr. christie: if a center for developmentally disabled in san bernardino california is a , target for radical islam terrorism, then every place in america is a target. alyx: republican presidential candidate chris christie was in central iowa friday speaking to the iowa association of electrical cooperatives about the threat of terrorism. the new jersey governor told the group he is best qualified to lead the nation in the fight against isis due to his experience in new jersey after 9/11. our chief political reporter cynthia fodor sat down with the
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concerns following the california mass shooting now being investigated as an act of terrorism. cynthia: you said as soon as you saw this happening you thought it was an act of terror. mr. christie: yeah, and this is why experience matters. i turned to my wife and said , this is a terrorist. this is not workplace violence. this is terrorism. cynthia: you said yesterday the mass shootings are evidence we're already tangled in the next world war. what do you mean by that? mr. christie: the next world war i not look like the first two. it's not nation states fighting each other. it's going to be movements like al qaeda and isis looking to radicalize the world. cynthia: and what would you do as president to fight isis? mr. christie: you need to fight them there and fight them here. the way you fight them here you , enhance intelligence and law enforcement to intervene on these plots before they happen.
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overseas with allies, arab and nato, to bring the fight to them there to try to distract them from being able to plot and plan here. cynthia: you say you are most experienced to take this on? mr. christie: if you want someone to fight terrorism, ive done it already, i've done it for 7 years as us attorney after 9/11, fought two of the largest terrorism prosecutions in justice dept history. made sure everyday law enforcement had tools they needed to do what they needed to get done. i won't need an owner's manual when i get to the oval office or a tutorial, i have done it. alyx: that was cynthia fodor reporting. as for gun violence, christie says we don't need more gun control laws. california has the strictest and that didn't stop the shootings. he says we need to work with the mentally ill and get criminals behind bars. to the other side of the aisle democratic presidential , candidate hillary clinton sounded much different than other candidates friday. she talked stricter gun laws at iowa central community college.
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fort dodge. rose: presidential candidate hillary clinton spoke for just under an hour here at iowa central community college. first hitting the tough topics such as the recent san bernardino shooting and then she turned it over to the audience. ms. clinton: we don't want guns to fall in the hands of mentally ill people, stalkers, domestic abusers, or terrorists. i'm going to continue to advocate for smart sensible gun , safety measures. prevent people on the no fly list from being able to buy a weapon. rose: from gun issues clinton moved to building the infrastructure and building upon president barack obama's economic plans. ms. clinton: we've got to make sure that we keep creating good paying jobs and we've got to get american workers a raise. rose: people brought their questions, looking for answers on college debt and alzheimer's
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ms. clinton: i am focusing on the caregiving crisis side of this and then in a few weeks , i'll be rolling out my own comprehensive overall plan and it includes a much a greater commitment of research dollars. rose: overall mental health is another issue clinton wants to focus on. in a press conference following the event, she explained how increased help could impact the recent shootings. ms. clinton: it's not only about trying to intervene and prevent peoplelerom doing the terrible crimes that we've seen in the last several years but it's also just the wear and tear on human beings. rose: voters tell me they like her tough but also caring stance. right now according to the latest quinnipiac poll she is leading amongst likely iowa caucus voters. in fort dodge, rose heaphy, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. alyx: right now in iowa, hillary clinton is polling at 51% among democrats, followed by bernie sanders with 42% and martin o'malley trailing behind with 4%.
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candidates in iowa throughout the weekend. carly fiorina, ben carson, ted cruz, rand paul, and rick santorum all set to attend the rising tide summit in cedar rapids today. look for coverage of that event on kcci this evening. and coming tonight on "matter of fact" with fernando espuelas, fernando sits down with debbie wasserman schultz, chair of the democratic national committee. he will also speak with california congressman dana rohrabacher, vice chair of the science, space and technology committee and outspoken global warming skeptic. and we will hear from an arab american comic who uses humor to challenge stereotypes of muslims. that's all coming up tonight on "matter of fact" right here on kcci at 6:30. and be sure to tune in tomorrow morning to kcci's close up. we'll sit down with presidential candidate rick santorum. we'll discuss the recent shooting in california and his plan to defeat terrorism.
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nation." 8:21, we will check in with frank for a check of the forecast. frank: this was taken by alan, one of our engineers at kcci. isn't that pretty? thank you so much, alan, or sharing that. at the freezing mark in ames. you will need to scrape off frost from your windshield. a beautiful airport skycam, you can see the mid to high level clouds that will be filtering in as we head throughout the day today. the wind will be a little pesky. they will gust to 10 to 20 this afternoon. we build in a few more clouds as we head throughout the day, but you will really like the temperatures.
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the clouds filtering in. the higher clouds and moisture out to the west, and that will be cruising through the state as we head throughout the afternoon today in advance of an area of low pressure. a moister start, might squeeze out a shower or two early tomorrow morning, and on the backside we will wrap up with wind from the west, southwest. here is futurecast starting things out at 8:00 this morning. a mix of sun and clouds. we will see a few more clouds in central iowa this afternoon and evening, a very slight chance of the early morning hours of tomorrow. then the clouds tomorrow morning and by tomorrow afternoon we start to clear out to some more
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a little breezy, wind out of the south at 10 to 20. showers after midnight. there is a slight chance of rain very early in the day on sunday, 45. monday, 51. tuesday, 53, low 50's on wednesday. maybe an isolated shower by the middle portion of the week. get thursday, we are back in the mid-50's. scott: the hawkeyes will have their hands full but they have been winning all season long. looking ahead to tonight's jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction.
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we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible
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>> win, win, win, no matter what because all i do is win, win, win scott: what a season it has been. the hawkeyes will have their 12-0, the winning-est season in iowa history. can i make it 13-0? we are right around the corner from kickoff. andy garman joins us from lucas oil stadium in indianapolis.
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away from kickoff for the big ten football game between the iowa hawkeyes and michigan state spartans. michigan state, a favorite in vegas at this game but the hawkeyes come in with plenty of confidence. calm, cool, collected, they know they can come in and win this game but their coach says michigan state is the toughest challenge iowa has faced all season long. >> for michigan state to go in to ohio state and win like they did without their starting quarterback who is probably going to be a first rounder, that was really impressive. it was a one-sided match. you have got to give them a lot of credit. they have been very successful and they finished off really strong against penn state this saturday. there are a lot of good teams on both sides of the divisions. andy: the game tonight is on fox but it is a big enough deal that espn has brought college game day here. yesterday i got the chance to talk to kurt herbstreit.
8:25 am
shot at winning tonight. >> they are doing everything right. they are doing all of the little things that sometimes do not show up, but when you watch the game, they are winning field position, turnover margin, they are not self-destructing. they are running the football, controlling the line of scrimmage. if you are doing all of those things, you are going to win. andy: kick time is just after 7:00 iowa time. we will have complete coverage right here on iowa's sports leader. from indianapolis, indiana, i am andy garman. scott: we are looking forward to it, 7:17. iowa, 12-0, michigan state, 11-1. the winner on to the college foot wall playoffs representing the big ten. the hawkeyes are not the only team in the postseason. 15th ranked uni are alive and well. they are in round two and have to play at cortland -- portland state. they are coming over a win against eastern illinois.
8:26 am
marquette in the fifth set but lost. the panthers' run has come to an end. the final record for the season is 19-15. cyclones looking good but not as good as this cutie. 11 kills against the host school, but they could not hang.
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that is a look at your >> the most watched morning news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning weekends. alyx: breaking news at 8:32, a homicide investigation. where police were called overnight and what we know so far. plus, taking a stand. the new york times is showing their stance on mass shootings. how they are speaking out. and the latest developments from the shooting in san bernardino. we are following two breaking news slick -- situations locally.
8:28 am
fire at the cozy rest motel on south east 14th. we are going to begin with this new york times article that is on your screen. it is taking up the front page and it is for great gun regulation. the publisher says the newspaper is running its first first page editorial since 1920. it's to deliver a strong and visible statement of frustration and anguish. in california, a package addressed to the home of the husband and wife behind the deadly attack has brought out the bomb squad. authorities say a southern california ups facility was evacuated because a driver noticed the package. this morning isis announced that the couple supported the group. now the fbi is investigating the deadly shooting as an act of terrorism. new information indicates at least one of the suspects pledged allegiance to isis. danielle nottingham has the latest from san bernardino. danielle the fbi has now : classified the holiday party massacre in san bernardino as an
8:29 am
cbs news has learned that just before the attack, 28-year-old tashfeen malik pledged her support to isis and its leader, abu bakr al baghdadi under an alias on facebook. >> so far we have no indication that these killers are part of a organized larger group or formed part of a cell. danielle law enforcement sources : tell cbs news there's no indication that the attack was ordered or directed by isis. malik and her husband, syed farook ambushed and killed 14 people inside a social services building wednesday. the farook family's attorneys say the couple did not appear to have extreme religious views. >> none of the family members had any idea this was going to take place. they were totally shocked. danielle investigators are : analyzing electronic evidence including two smashed cell phones found in a garbage dumpster to learn more about the couple's motives. cameras were allowed inside the
8:30 am
food was found near toys and child's bedding. saira khan says her brother , -syed was private, as was his wife. >> she was also shy and quiet and kept to herself, didn't talk much but nice. danielle investigators are still : working to determine why the couple targeted the party. danielle nottingham, cbs news, san bernardino, california. alyx: this year, 56 people in the u.s have been charged with supporting isis. also in california, a vigil was held last night for the victims of the deadly shooting. people gathered holding candles and a man was playing amazing grace on a bagpipe. getting back to that breaking news, des moines police say they are investigating another homicide in the city. around 2:00 this morning they responded to the 1400 block of east 14th street -- the 2000 block of east 14thtreet.
8:31 am
police officers and detectives are working the scene. they have been talking to neighbors, canvassing the area, trying to get a lay of the land to figure out what happened. we are standing across the street from the house on south east 14th. if you know the area, -- we are on east 14th, i apologize. east 14th and thompson. it is a very busy street, a lot of activity on the street. what we have seen this morning, you see a number of crime scene units, the crime scene mobile command. what we understand happened is at some point this morning police were called to this house at 2020 east 14th with reports of an altercation. we do not know what happened but we do know police responded, and
8:32 am
we do not know age, race, gender. all we know is that one person is dead as a result of some kind of altercation within this house. we do not know if a weapon was used that we are working to find that out. you have seen police on the scene for most of this morning. they have been talking to neighbors, talking to people walking by. they will pass the information along to us as soon as they can, and we will continue on the scene. we will do our very best to get you the latest information as it comes to us. live in des moines, marcus mcintosh. alyx: thank you, marcus. we have confirmed a blaze broke out early this morning at the cozy rest motel on south east 14th street. officials were called to the hotel around 7:30 this morning and when they arrived, the building was engulfed in flames.
8:33 am
there are no reports of any injuries. the fire department remains on scene and traffic on south east 14th will be blocked. more big stories this morning. 24-year-old dresean barber is behind bars, charged in connection with last weekend's homicide on court avenue. des moines police say barber faces first degree murder charges in the death of 21-year-old edmanuel perez and attempted murder for the shooting of andrew hurley-boyd. the shooting happened early sunday on court and 3rd avenue. time now, 8:38 on your saturday morning. we are going to take a look at the forecast. a perfect, wonderful day. frank: it almost makes you want to go boating on lake panorama. we have submitted to high-level clouds and temperatures that are pretty nice for this time of year. here in des moines, 35 degrees,
8:34 am
34 marshalltown. you might have some frost on your windshield this morning. we have a mix of sun and clouds, mid to high-level clouds filtering through the state but the temperatures looking pretty good. there is lucas oil stadium in indianapolis. we can at least talk about the hawkeye game today, of course many of us will not be there. tailgate temperatures, 37 degrees. kickoff, 43. alyx: speaking of, we are just hours away from kickoff, 10 hours, 20 minutes and zero seconds until game tame -- gametime. the number 4 ranked and undefeated iowa hawkeyes take on 5th ranked michigan state in indianapolis. the players are already there, and so are thousands of hawk fans. bars and restaurants in indy are getting a boost in business. and some are going the extra mile to make hawkeyes feel right
8:35 am
kcci's ryan smith has more. >> downtown is really nice, couldn't pick a better venue to have this at. ryan: walk a block in downtown indy, it is impossible to be left out of the loop. the big ten has taken over. a sell-out crowd expected at lucas oil stadium means out-of-town fans will flood the streets helping boost local , business. >> we just want everybody who comes into town to have a great experience. that's the overall goal for all the businesses around here. ryan: for the best in hoosier hospitality, hawkeye fans look , no further than the claddagh irish pub. inside the pub is decked out in everything black and gold. streamers, balloons and signs all rooting for iowa. >> we had iowa fans in the city before and they were great people so we just want to welcome them back. so the claddagh has opened our arms to all the iowa fans. just taking it all in, it's >> going to be awesome.
8:36 am
after 7:00 tonight on fox and watch for complete coverage of the post game on kcci eight news at 10:00. coming up after the break, i when they told me that i was
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frank: good saturday morning, welcome back at the: 44.
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you will be scraping some frost off your windshield this morning. look at council bluffs, wind at 17 miles per hour. as we head throughout the afternoon, the wind will be a gusty at times. 40 degrees by 10:00, and low 50's by 3:00. alyx: it's time to get cooking with chef andrew. do it yourself white and dark chocolate bark. you have a beautiful decoration right in front with the end product. this is great for the holidays. chef andrew: it is really easy to do, great for families to make this up for some gift ideas. the first we will do is some dark chocolate bark with almonds and dried berries. i preferred the 60%. it is a little less sweet and has a nice flavor. alyx: what do we have
8:40 am
chef andrew: we just have some parchment paper to help make sure you can take it out of the pan when you are finished. you could use tinfoil as well if you like. i will have you do some toasted almonds on their. -- on there. the joy of this recipe, you can really tailored to your needs. alyx: cannot get it wrong. chef andrew: we will throw some dried fruit on top of their. -- on top of there. he let that set in the fridge and shake it to make it nice and even. the other version we will make is peppermint. we took the dark chocolate and then we have some melted white chocolate. we will pour that on the top. we have a nice two layered chocolate bark.
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it out, and it is a lot like icing. chef andrew: you can just happened a little bit to make it a nice, even texture, and we have some candy canes. alyx: it is something the kids could jump on board and help you with, and a great gift idea, especially if you wrap it. chef andrew: you peel off that parchment paper and just break it with your hands or a knife. you have these nice pieces. they look really gourmet and they are handmade and perfect for the holidays. alyx: you have got to love the do-it-yourself projects. coming up next week we have something special you are working on. chef andrew: we will be working on a crab appetizer, lots of flavor and really simple to do for the holidays. alyx: thank you so much, chef
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where can people go for the recipes? chef andrew: alyx: we hope you have a wonderful day. coming up after the break, we
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someone >> the weather is never more than five minutes away.
8:44 am
frank: good saturday morning, 10 minutes until 9:00. another good picture from taylor atchison. great shot, taylor. downtown des moines, a couple high clouds. temperatures that feel good for this time of year, 35 in des moines. storm lake at 36 and 34 in marshalltown. the clouds on the airport skycam are not much of a factor today. 35 degrees our current temperature, winds are light. as we head throughout the day, you probably will notice the wind more. looking at 52 by 3:00, that is our high temperature. 46 by 6:00. the average high this time of
8:45 am
here on satellite radar, you can see high clouds starting to filter in along the system to the west. here is futurecast. as we head throughout the evening into the overnight hours, this frontal system pulls through. forecast high today looking good, 52 degrees, just a bit greasy. to -- a bit breezy. tonight, 34 degrees. the wind switches out of the west tonight, cooling us down tomorrow to 45. look at monday, 51 degrees. tuesday, 53 degrees. back in the mid-50's for thursday. alyx: christmas is just around the corner. we are less than three weeks away. we know santa is making rests and once every -- lists and
8:46 am
list twice. we are talking to verizon about some of the high-tech gifts. >> we have the eight --elipsis 8. it has a kids version that comes with the next are protective case, and allows you to have doodle apps, which saves personal contacts alyx:. alyx: you always know when parents have kids at home because their phone is always beat up. >> this is a gizmo gadget, a smart watch that allows you to save up to 10 contacts for you to be able to call, and send and receive text messages, and activity tracking as well.
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which has the first on crackle screen -- uncrackable screen, and expandable memory up to two terabytes. alyx: what is next? >> the bluetooth lock which is easy to install into your house. it allows you to enter into your house electronically without having a physical key. we have the ness protect, the world's first 10 year battery life. alyx: our final product? >> the mega boom. completely waterproof, 100 foot range.
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join if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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alyx: welcome back. time to check back in with that breaking news. marcus mcintosh is live on the scene of another on -- overnight
8:50 am
marcus: it is des moines' 20th homicide of the year. it is at 2020 fourteen st. -- 2020 east 14th street. a lot of activity, people in and out. it does not give us any indication of exactly what went on in the home. police responded at about 2:00 of some type of altercation. we do know that one person was left dead and another taken to the hospital. that is what we know at this point. there are still police vehicles and crime scene vehicles on scene. police are canvassing the area, trying to determine what happened. we are trying to find out how many people lived in the home and exactly what happened. at this point, we do not know, but it is the 20th homicide of
8:51 am
one person dead, another in the hospital after some kind of altercation this morning. alyx: more breaking news, have confirmed a fire broke out at the cozy rest motel on south east 14th street. officials were called to the motel around 7:30 this morning when a fire was reported in one of the rooms. firefighters found the building completely engulfed in flames, and the fire is now under control. there are no reports of injury. the fire department remains on scene and have traffic blocked on east 14th street. the rose is now back open, is the report we just got. frank: you can go out and enjoy this weekend, not have to worry about any slick roads or anything like that. temperatures will be well above
8:52 am
this is not typical, 52 degrees our high temperature. the wind out of the south at 10 to 20. 35 degrees tonight, showers late after midnight into the early morning hours tomorrow. tomorrow, 45 degrees. monday, 51, tuesday, 53 degrees, our warmest day of the 8 day forecast is thursday at 55. this is our first week of december. [kcci captioning is brought to you by the iowa clinic.] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] mo: welcome to the henry ford's innovation nation.
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