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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning at 430am  Me-TV  December 7, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CST

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team the playoff committee ranked highest. this season was a roller coaster of a ride for iowa fans. eric: saturday's big 10 championship was a devastating loss for hawkeye supporters. but that feeling of heartbreak was tempered with the rose bowl birth. kcci's jason rantala has more. jason r.: a hard fought game from start to finish. but in the end the spartans were , just too much to handle. a loss that was a very tough -- a lost to heart mentioning -- a loss too heart-wrenching for iowa fans. >> it hurts. it hurts. jason r.: just an agonizing end to a championship game. >> totally heartbreaking. >> i was pretty upset. >> just kind of disbelief. >> sucks to lose to michigan state in such a big game. jason r.: but sunday's news of a rose bowl birth. >> that makes me feel a lot better. >> it's huge, huge. it's amazing. jason r.: helps take the sting out of a hard loss. >> it was tough to swallow then
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really makes you feel better. jason r.: for some a little less than others. >> not completely because i thought they were better than michigan state. jason r.: for some fans it will be the first rose bowl game with iowa they've ever seen. >> really exciting place for us land. i don't know i think this is the first time we've been since i've been alive. jason r.: but now matter how the season ends in pasadena fans agree it's been a great ride with plenty to be proud of. >> i'm very happy with the season, 12 and zero. i even bought one of those t-shirts that says 12-0. >> give-and-go one and 11 year, i will still be a hawks fan. you got to love your team. eric: fans we talked to say while this was a very tough loss the hard-fought game likely garnered the respect of the committees who pick the matchups like the rose bowl. we'll have more reaction from players and coach ferentz later on this half hour. shaina: the university of iowa is encouraging fans who want rose bowl tickets to buy them
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ticket were price it -- ticket prices range from $150 to $185. iowa's ticket allocation is in sections 11 through 18. there is a limit on the number of tickets people can buy based on their donation level and season ticket status. the max is 8 all the way down to one for students. eric: and if you can get your hands on a ticket the flights to pasadena from des moines will cost you a pretty penny. a quick search on several travel websites the cheapest flights we found leaving new years eve and returning on the second was $740. and if you want to drive you are looking at a 6074 mile trip one way. -- a 1674 mile trip one way. google maps says it would take 24 hours. shaina: after the big ten championship game last night things got out of hand in east lansing. some celebrations turned violent. eight people were arrested and 13 fires were reported. damage wasn't significant and no injuries were reported. among the items set on fire couches, a giant stuffed animal and a dumpster. police in riot gear stood by and stepped in to disperse crowds
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complex after fireworks and fires started. your weather is never more than five minutes away. it is looking like a nice week. metinka: tensors are going to be 15 to 20 degrees warmer than they should be -- temperatures are going to be 15 to 20 degrees warmer than they should be. take your time and get where you are going safely. the dense fog advisory continues until 9:00 a.m. the sunshine will be working on the fog and burning it off. headed for 52 degrees. tomorrow looks nice. more 50's in the forecast. shaina: des moines police have released the names of the people involved in a deadly home invasion. they say 31-year-old travis williams died after breaking into a home at 2020 east 14th street early saturday morning -- saturday morning. the two people inside the home at the time were 19-year-old ali cano and 18-year-old whitney campbell.
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evidence and then decide whether or not to file charges. an autopsy is scheduled. eric: the first trial related to allegations of hazing at a northern iowa high school has been scheduled for february. 18-year-old seth pille accused of hazing freshmen on the clarion-goldfield-dows football team, recently pleaded not guilty to sexual abuse charges. his trial is scheduled for february 9. two other students 16-year-old tristan mewes and 17-year-old michael schaffer are also charged in the case. all three teens who were charged have been expelled from school. starting today a portion of the skywalk will be closed until 2018. all for construction of the new convention center hotel. the skywalk between watson powell way and the convention center will close december 7. the closed skywalk will re-open in the spring of 2018. shaina: and governor branstad has ordered flags to be lowered to half-staff in honor of pearl harbor remembrance day. the order asks flags be lowered from 8:00 :00 until 5:00 this evening. flags will be at half-staff at
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public buildings grounds and -- public buildings, grounds and facilities throughout the state. schools are encouraged to do so and it is the second night of hanukkah the jewish festival of governor branstad will light the candle on the menorah. that will take place at this evening. in commitment 2016 news, presidential ben carson needs help. and hopes evangelical voter can save him. marcus mcintosh followed him to church sunday morning. marcus: -- marcus: sunday morning dr. ben carson worshipped at the moines. on the violin. marcus: we have been truly blessed to be here and our favorite place to presidential candidate shared his message. the lord has been so powerful in my life and i think about
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from the very beginning. marcus: that message was well received. and by most accounts it was a message church members wanted to hear. >> i think it is good for us to see that he has the same values we share and we have common values. >> as a christian you want we want someone we can identify with who has the same values who believes what we believe. marcus: dr. carson is not alone in the courting of christian voters a large group that could sway a presidential primary and general election. just last weekend senator ted cruz courted voters at christian life assembly of god in central iowa. cruz shared his feelings on what makes him a strong leader his faith, his belief in god. people at cornerstone are not tipping their hat as to who they will vote for but they know what traits they want to country's next president to have -- to have. >> a christian that is great for our country we need to have more christian leadership in the world today.
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mcintosh, kcci 8 news iowa's news leader eric: carson worshiped and spoke sunday morning at both the 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. church services at cornerstone family church. still ahead on kcci terrorism talks. president obama addresses the nation. what he has to say in the wake of recent attacks. shaina: plus we're learning new details from the attacks in san bernardino.
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over the weekend. >> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz and right now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: 20 minutes before 5:00 a.m.. a really foggy monday morning. visibility falling near zero in many spots. plan for that. you may need if you asked a moments to get where you are going. temps are hovering near to freezing. once we break free of that fog and get a little sun in here, temps should respond nicely. we have a gorgeous week ahead. >> the threat is real but we will overcome it. eric: that is the message president obama expressed tonight as he talked about terrorism. shaina: he addressed the nation from the white house in the wake of the san bernardino mass shooting. eric: obama says the terror threat has evolved into a new phase.
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washington. >> on wednesday 14 americans were killed as they came together to celebrate the holidays. aixa: four days after the san bernardino massacre president obama says there is no evidence the two killers were directed by a terrorist organization but says the shooting was an act of terrorism. they stockpiled assault weapons, ammunition and pipe bombs. aixa: president obama called on congress to make it tougher to purchase assault weapons. and to pass legislation that prohibits people on the no-fly list from buying guns a measure that failed in the senate last week. >> what could possibly be the argument for allowing a terror suspect to buy a semi-automatic weapon? aixa: the president says the u.s. will destroy isis and the military strategy remains the same no combat boots on the , ground. instead continued air-strikes in iraq and syria and training and equipping local fighters. here at home the president says he's ordered a review of the visa program and wants stronger screening for those who come here without a visa. he warned against turning this
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and islam. >> if we're to succeed in defeating terrorism, we must enlist muslim communities as some of our strongest allies rather than push them away through suspicion and hate. eric: sunday night was only the third time in his presidency that obama has delivered a televised address from the oval office. shaina: critics including republican presidential candidates have blasted the president for underestimating the threat from extremists groups. many speaking out after his address. florida senator marco rubio says "people are scared, not just of these attacks but because of a sense we have a president who is completely overwhelmed by them. donald trump live-tweeted the address commenting on everything. hope he won't spend too much time ripping apart the 2nd. -- the second amendment. and adding is that all there is? we need a new president fast. federal investigators are learning more about the married
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san bernardino while the community mourns the 14 victims. eric: this is now being investigated as one of the deadliest terror attacks on american soil since 9/11. danielle nottingham has the latest from san bernardino. danielle: a message of peace and tolerance resonated sunday as family and friends remembered the victims of the san bernardino shooting. >> we have to remember that even the muslim people are our brothers and sisters. danielle: yvette velasco who was one of the 14 killed was a member of this tight-knit church in nearby rialto. >> it was like a stab in the heart. danielle: while the community here in san bernardino tries to heal from its loss investigators are piecing together more information about the two shooters. officials say federal investigators are trying to figure out whether tashfeen malik radicalized her american husband syed farook. the fbi seized several items from this riverside home over the weekend. the house belongs to enrique marquez a friend of farook's. >> they were good friends. i would have to say for at least seven years.
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sources tell cbs news they believe marquez a former security guard purchased the two semi-automatic rifles used in the attack. marquez checked himself into a psychiatric hospital shortly after wednesday's shooting. danielle nottingham, cbs news, san bernardino. eric: a law enforcement source tells cbs news investigators are confident only farook and marquez purchased the guns legally in california and reconfigured them to be more powerful. marquez is not under arrest and is not considered a suspect. you are waking up to a chilly 33 degrees. there is fog out there. metinka says the temperature is going to be warming up.
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>> weather is never more than 5 minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. metinka: good morning. areas of dense fog. it is foggy downtown. a pretty sight. watch for frost default to develop on the sidewalks as temperatures close to freezing. we've got visibility reporting down to -- reported down to near zero. even lamoni, down to a half-mile. davenport, a bile in the half.
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that is when the fog advisory should be expiring. even a little sliver here in east central iowa. a lot of folks are going to be waking up to a slow go of it. watch out for frost. temperatures just below freezing. of the metro area. we have a week system that will be passing through this is -- passing through the state. we are not expecting any weather from it. it will not hold our temps is back much. this week trough moves across the state today. some sunshine on the way. a cold front passes through tomorrow that may be strong enough to squeeze out a couple of stray sprinkles. more quiet weather is on tap for wednesday. thursday, the next system will be taking shape to the north. this can bring us slightly
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great stretch of weather. 52 for a high today. once we get rid of the fog, it is going to be a great day. milder. near 36 degrees. the forecast. maybe a stray afternoon sprinkle but temperatures stay warm. check out high temperatures 60 degrees. by late friday and into the weekend, here comes the rain chances. we see the rain mixing in with wet snow. temperatures stay above average as we head toward the beginning of next week. this is great. shaina: we will take it. eric: again the hawkeyes are headed to the rose bowl. here's what you need to know iowa will take on the stanford cardinal on new years day at 4:00 p.m. that game will be aired on espn from california. just hours after dropping a
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its time to focus on stanford. -- it was time to focus on stanford. shaina: andy garman was with the hawkeyes sunday afternoon. as he reports suddenly things are looking up. >> things were looking up for spirit this is medicine for us. andy: the hawkeyes found out, they are headed to the granddaddy of them all. >> you find that you are playing in the rose bowl. we are excited for an opportunity. >> we are blessed and honored to have an opportunity to play this game. it is the granddaddy of them all. andy: it will be the third time that coach parents has been to the rose bowl. >> to get the invitation, it is really special. andy: it does not matter where you grow, the rose bowl is special. >> i have always known about the rose bowl. it is a big deal.
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>> to championship caliber teams. one representing the big ten and one representing the pac-12. it is good to be a competitive match up. andy: it has a wall of trophies over there. a lot of them long -- a lot of them belonging to the parents era of iowa football. from iowa city, i am andy garman, kcci. shaina: coming up on kcci a traffic stop in johnston that leads to a marriage proposal. how police helped pull off the
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metinka: watch out for the dense fog early this morning. visibility has fallen back close to zero in many neighborhoods. a half-mile here in the metro. down near 20 in creston here to watch for changing conditions. we are under a dense fog advisory until 9:00 a.m. just outside of town, be extra careful. here in des moines, it is 33 degrees. watch as frost developed on some of the sidewalks this morning. we are expecting the frost to burn off by midday. some 40's and low 50's. eric: there's a fine line between a marriage proposal and a crazy prank thanks one man's creativity and the johnston police dept. shaina: and thanks to an
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look at what happened. kcci's todd magel reports. todd: johnston police officer matt chiles, who is in on the prank, caught the whole crazy wedding proposal on his body camera. first he stopped jeff schulte for speeding. jenna reitz, schulte's girlfriend, is also in the car. >> the reason i stopped you is you were going 46 in a 35 on 100th street. todd: but then things got serious. the officer pretended there was a theft warrant out for the driver. >> go ahead and step out for me. ma'am could you just stay in the car and keep your hands visible for me please. >> she was kind of freaking out. she was really freaking out when he said that he had a warrant for my arrest. her jaw dropped so laugh. -- her jaw dropped. [laughter] >> i was in sheer shock. so many things running through my mind. like he can't go to jail, it's thanksgiving, this is crazy, what did he steal? this is nuts. todd: after quick, fake search. officer chiles then asks reitz to step out. >> i thought her face was priceless when she got out of the car.
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>> would you mind stepping out and making sure this merchandise isn't stolen? >> it's suspicious. >> will you marry me? >> are you kidding me? >> i had this whole speech planned but i forgot it instantly when she started screaming and stuff so all i could get out was will you mary that's will you marry me, that was enough obviously. todd: shulte says he got the idea for the unusual proposal when johnston stopped him in the very same spot this summer. so he asked them to help out again on thanksgiving day and they said yes. >> this is a great way to show the more fun side of police work. todd: in just a few minutes the prank the proposal was over. it's a thanksgiving day they will never forget. >> we're both just kind of crazy
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we've clicked so well, so this is just right up our alley. >> he definitely got me. this is crazy. i'm going to hug you. you're so funny. eric: talk about crazy. shaina: shaina: by the way jenna said yes. and the marriage is planned for this next summer. eric: that is going out on a limb there. eric: ahead on kcci terrorism talks. the message president obama had for the u.s. last night. and the latest in the san bernardino attackers investigation. plus another group of syrian refugees heads to texas today. what the state is doing about it this holiday, ford america's best-selling brand is giving you more. the ford holiday sales event... with 0% financing for 60 months on 2015 f-150 and focus and 2016 fusion and escape. plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash on 2015 focus and 2016 fusion and escape. it's the best gift ever.
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for 60 months plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash on select vehicles. see your local ford dealer. shaina: right now addressing terrorism. president obama takes a stance in the oval office sunday night. the message he has for the american people. and how those wanting his job are reacting this morning. eric: plus bowl bound. good news for the iowa hawkeyes
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who they w wl face in yet another historic game. alyx: portion of the skywalks moines. the county has thought ahead. one way they're going to be helping visitors get around. >> you are watching kcci 8 news. eric: and we're waking up to iowa this monday morning. building tops disappeared overnight as it moved through the city. we'll help you get along safely out there this december 7 morning. good morning. happy monday. i am eric hanson. shaina: i am shaina humphries. very warm temps is headed our way. we are excited about it. metinka: we really are. it is not going to be cold at all. we have to get through the dense fog. the city is kind of hidden this morning. visibility has fallen back near
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it will be a great afternoon.
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