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tv   KCCI 8 News at Ten  Me-TV  December 7, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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>> you are watching kcci eight news. stacey: and historic ranking for the cyclones. todd: changes coming to city hall. it means for thousands of workers and residents. people in custody. police say a possible explosive it. -- in newton. todd: the fire marshall's office bomb technicians were successful
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david and jennifer kelso were transported to the county jail. todd: a 5 million dollar renovation plan will close city hall next spring. tonight, the city reveals where you can find the new temporary city hall. after more than a century, the city's crown jewel on the river is in need of an update. the deputy city manager says the thousands of people who pay parking tickets ancondd t other government business here left ahead to the new temporary home, just a few blocks away at 400 east court. workers won't be able to stay in city hall to to the scope of renovations. >> the logistics of that would be monumental. todd: among the many changes,
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crews would also install new heating and air-conditioning systems, and a new sprinkler system. even though the remodeling will take about two years, the idea is that city hall will look much different than it does now and that the historic building will last another 100 years. >> a lot of things that we do will be behind-the-scenes, above the ceiling. todd: there will be more improvement outside city hall. on the west side, grand will shut down. it is one of the biggest transformations in east village history. grexit really is a bright future for this side of the river. todd: city hall and its parking lot should start shutting down this april. stacey: another big story we
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: the iowa state cyclones are number 2 in the country for the first time. stacey: scott reister begins our team coverage. scott: it's their highest ranking ever. the cyclones are two in the coaches poll number four in the , ap. no time to trip up now tonight against buffalo ryan the top teams in the nation. ryan: that #2 slot by the usa today coaches' poll marks the highest ranking in school history. we want to mention tonight even , with a record-setting ranking, the team and isu community keeping their thoughts with the head coach on the opposing side. >> i am really excited about that team. ryan: national powerhouse iowa state is experiencing an historic start to the season. >> i like that we're #2 in the coach's poll, you know, the people that actually know something about basketball that
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,ryan: tonight, as iowa state battles buffalo on the court, cyclone fans are showing support for the opposing team off the court. head coach nate oats' wife, crystal, was diagnosed with double lymphoma in october. as she preps for a third round of chemo, cyclone nation put competition aside, creating a gofundme page this week. >> we didn't expect it at all, so, i'm sure they're not going to try to give us a win but they can give us a little support that way. ryan: the page surpassed its isu students like mark sutter are contributing. >> that's really tragic but it's really neat that we can all support him. he's been a part of people on our team so it's kind of our turn to give back. it's been overwhelming the messages that they've sent to me and my wife and we've gone through and read them. just huge thanks. ryan: the publisher of
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link on friday in just in those $12,000. scott: very cool stuff. later in sports, highlights of the big win tonight, plus a look at the rose bowl bound hawkeyes. stacey: sentencing tomorrow for a pleasant hill day care provider charged with child endangerment. 28-year-old christina williamson pleaded guilty back in october to two counts of child endangerment. she faces up to 7 years in prison. in union county, the iowa division of criminal investigation says a 37-year-old from thayer was found dead in a farm pond. a hunter found loretta dillenger's body partially submerged in northwest lorimor that isn't visible from the roadway. investigators say her body had been in the pond for a few weeks if not months. an autopsy is underway. new information today about a
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moines this weekend.the polk -- this weekend. the polk county medical examiner says the man killed was stabbed in the chest. des moines police identify the man as 31-year-old travis williams of earlham. he died after an altercation with two people who live at the east 14th street home. broke into the home before the confrontation. todd: commitment 2016 news tonight. a new cnn poll shows donald trump back on top in iowa. he leads ted cruz 33% to 20%. ben carson down to 16%, marco rubio at 11%. the poll was taken between november 28 and december 6. a new monmouth university poll has the order a little reversed. it shows, if the caucuses were held today, cruz would win 24% support, trump 19%. marco rubio comes in a close third with 17%. ben carson at 13% support. donald trump making huge headlines again tonight. he says he wants to ban all muslims from coming into the
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mr. trump: donald j. trump is shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our figure out what the hell is going on. they have no respect for human life, so we have to do something. now, we can be weak, we can be ineffective, we can be foolish. todd: national security adviser ben rhodes blasted trump's comments, saying they are contrary to our values as americans. stacey: we're learning more about the couple behind the california mass shooting. the fbi says syed farook and his wife tashfeen malk participated in target practice within days of the attack that killed 14 people. the bureau believes both were radicalized and had been for some time.
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shooting as an act of terrorism. the mass shooting in california has americans looking over their shoulders, fearful of another attack happening in their own backyards. kcci's cynthia fodor asked iowans today, do you think about the possibility of a shooting in your daily life? cynthia: this was tammy peterson's first day on the job in downtown des moines. >> first thing when i walked in this morning, looking around seeing where all the doors are , and everything. cynthia: for some, the san berardino killings now have instilled a fear in our daily lives. >> it is kind of scary. but it is real. you have to think about it, know what to do. cynthia: iowans are being vigilant, paying attention to exit signs and behavior in malls and the workplace, feeling if you're not safe at a holiday party, where are you safe? >> i know a lot of my guy friends are starting to get concealed weapons to carry. a lot of them do so the like
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the situation if it gets out of hand. acts provoke anxiety that will pass over time. >> maintain normal routines and connect with people and reach out for support if they feel it's too stressful. cynthia: still, iowans remain optimistic and say if we give in, terrorists win. >> that's no way to live, in fear, so go around doing day to day duties, christmas shopping. >> those things you can't control. it just doesn't make a lot of sense to worry about it. >> try to not concern myself, especially during the holidays, there is a lot to be thankful for. i will try to focus on the positives. stacey: we also asked the question, do you think about the possibility of a shooting in your daily life?
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and 51% say no. todd: take a look outside one of our iowa dot cameras. kurtis: we are still above our normal high. it is going to be a very pleasant one. there's not much snow cover left in iowa. still a little bit up to the northwest. for december, it is pretty snow free across most of the midwest. this gorgeous sunset coming in from colfax. you will see a few clouds early on, some patchy fog. starting up today at 36. 53 at 3:00 p.m. sprinkles. that would be about it. the week ahead, temperatures in the 50's wednesday. thursday, we may hit near 60
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down into the 40's, it remains well above normal. todd: next at 10:00, the new location for one of des moines' hottest restaurants. stacey: rose bowl bound. thousands of hawkeye fans are ready to celebrate the new year for lynn's family, the big stress is paying four hundred dollars a month in medical and drug costs for aidan. for other families it's higher deductibles, premiums and co-pays that keep adding up. that's why we've got to crack down on price gouging, cap out-of-pocket costs, and fast track approval of less expensive generic drugs. because we've got to get health care costs under control for lynn's family and for yours.
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>> this is iowa's news leader.
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with steve karlin, stacey horst, chief meteorologist john mclaughlin, and iowa's sportscaster of the year andy garman. stacey: grammy nominations announced today. kendrick lamar topped everybody with 11 nominations. taylor swift and singer-producer the weeknd both earned 7, including nods for album of the year. alabama shakes and chris stapleton are also nominated in that category. you can watch the 2016 grammy awards right here on kcci, monday, february 15. new at 10, popular east village restaurant zombie burger is expanding again. owners say the new location will be at 18th and ankeny boulevard in the development near dunkin' doughnuts and z'mariks. the new zombie burger will be a hybrid of the current des moines and jordan creek locations, offering quick-service and indoor and outdoor seating. the menu will be similar to the jordan creek location, featuring 16 of the most popular burgers.
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todd: for the first time in 25 years, the hawkeyes are headed to the rose bowl. and a seat to see it in person is one hot ticket. the university of iowa has 22,000 tickets for fans. until thursday, fans can go online and sign up to get those tickets. they're not going on a first-come first-served basis. fans will find out next week if they got tickets based on their donor status and season ticket holder status. those ticket are between $150 and $185 each. non-season ticket holders can be put on a waiting list if they're interested. some hawkeye fans will have to support from home. as you can imagine, the overall cheap. hawkeye nation is offering $4,000. but most of them are not a complete deal. travel agents across the metro have been busy answering calls about last minute travel options all day. the other option is driving, which can be risky. >> it's a long drive.
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you need a hotel stay in denver or wherever. then you have to worry about weather. todd: low gas prices might also motivate drivers. and we just checked on kayak for flight prices. right now, if you leave des moines and fly to los angeles thursday new years eve and return saturday the 2nd you're looking paying more than $1,000 a ticket. stacey: on, he's the right now on, he's the toymaker getting double takes in pocahontas. he's often mistaken for the season's biggest name. meet the white bearded kaleidoscope maker landing on the bucket list for tourists around the world. it's an eric hanson this is iowa story only on and our kcci mobile app. now, let's check back in with kurtis. kurtis: beautiful night out there. not going to the problems with the fog that we had last night. good disabilities at the des moines international airport.
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wind chill, 37. southwest winds at six. 39 currently in ottumwa. 40 in lamoni. highs in the low 50's. there is a little bit of cloud cover rotating in. these are kind of thin clouds. i think we will see a little bit of fog form to the northeast. you're some showers back through wyoming, montana, even some snow showers. it has been active off to the west but quiet across the midwest. six 11:00 a.m., some patchy fog northeast. mostly cloudy by the noon hour. southwest winds, 13 gusting to 18. sun goes down tomorrow at 4:45. temperatures into the 50's again. 53 degrees for the high at 3:00 p.m. well above normal across the midwest.
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indianapolis, 50. st. louis, 51. 60's across most of kansas. rain showers for this time of year. we do every front headed our way they does not have a lot of moisture to work with. just generally going to kick up some clouds. maybe a light shower in north-central iowa, but no real cold air in behind this, because the air to the northwest is not that cold. futurecast, clear skies. clouds increase quickly tomorrow. mostly cloudy by the noon hour. not a lot of list with it. just a few showers possible north and northeast. wednesday, here is the sunshine again, and a nice warm up on the way.
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morning clouds that breaks free to afternoon sunshine. tonight, down to 36 degrees. tomorrow, partly sunny. late day sprinkles possible. maybe a shower up towards mason city. south-southwest winds gusting at 18. wednesday, 56. thursday, i think will be near 60 degrees. the record, we won't be far from that. it is 66 said all the way back in 1990. more 50's on friday and then cooler 40's for the weekend. a system that moves are this weekend, maybe a light shower. stacey: remembering pearl harbor.
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plus meet the oldest world war >> torpedo came up forward. todd: he is one of the last living iowans who was at pearl harbor 70 years ago. 95-year-old navy veteran clarence pfundheller, one of dozens at the pearl harbor memorial in des moines today remembering those killed in the , attack. pfundheller says he remembers
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share his memories for years to come. todd: people all across the country are paying tribute to the victims today. stacey: including survivors. the oldest living world war two veteran made a special trip to washington. it's taken a century and a decade to get frank levingston to the nation's capital. >> i never thought i'd live to see a day like this. stacey: at 110-years-old, he's oldest living world war ii veteran. the war, just one of many challenges he's lived through. levingston was among the veterans who laid a wreath at the world war two memorial on monday. the ceremony honored the thousands who died 74 years ago. when japan attacked pearl harbor, and launched the u.s. into war. levingston will also visit the white house for the first time and hopes to meet president obama. 93-year-old army veteran dale
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>> you heard an airplane and it came right down over our quadrangle. stacey: both he and levingston say they are still serving the country by paying tribute to the victims. >> that's what we remember, the fallen guys. stacey: fallen but not forgotten. robinson was one of several
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jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force.
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we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. scott: the cyclones have reached an all time high. isu is ranked number two in the nation in the coaches poll. the ap has the best can the fourth. cyclones keep it going? buffalo in town tonight, this team stayed with duke for a half. and they stayed with the cyclones for awhile. cyclones up i just six and it was the yang -- and it was niang all the way. putting the team on his back. later on, george liang draws the defense. jameel mckay had double double
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84-63. they are 7-0. iowa senior jarrod uthoff was red hot at home tonight against western illinois. a little give-and-go throw down. iowa raced out to a huge lead thanks to uthoff. the guy had 24 before halftime, nearly outscoring the entire leathernecks team. he finished with a career high 27. it also had nine boards. 90-56. iowa improves to 7-2. guess what is next? how about a little cyhawk showdown? live preview show on wednesday at 6:30 on kcci. things are pretty rosy right now for the hawkeye football team. kirk ferentz has gone form hot seat to today's news that he is a finalist for the american football coaches association national coach of the year also monday, senior austin blythe was named a finalist for the remington award given to the
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the guy they will be facing in the rose bowl is up for the heisman. stanford sophomore star christian mccaffrey is a finalist, along with clemson's deshaun watson and alabama's derrick henry. saturday in the pac 12 title game mccaffrey broke barry sanders single season total yardage record of 3,250 total yards in a single season. stanford open as a favorite for 6.5 point the new years day game. it kicks off at 4:00 on espn. on uni plays in the fcs saturday, quarterfinals against four time defending national champ north dakota state uni lost inn the final minute earlier this season. is it a revenge game? >> those things last about a play. once there is some wear and tear in the game, the battles that are on the field will decide.
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vikings getting crushed by seattle. cordarelle patterson apparently forgot that. a little showboating. number 7. calvin johnson tight roping along the edge of the end zone. the big ten title game. what a kick this was to turn the tide -- what a pick this was to turn the tide. odell beckham, jr. for the giants is doing his thing. one-handed catch. i don't know what they put on those gloves. number 4. butler and since the -- butler and cinci tied at 85.
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number 3, tevaun smith. play number 2. tie game. screen at the buzzer. .8 left on the clock and alley oop to win it. back to the packers, lions game. aaron rodgers, they come all the way back. they keep it up. richard rogers holds one down. incredible, stunning everyone there in detroit. stacey: thank you, scott. todd: it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%.
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by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message. join us for real change. have your next burger with a side of awesome. the one-of-a-kind, creamy blend of sweet and tangy. miracle whip and proud of it. at kraft we start with quality ingredients. all expertly blended to make our mayo. so you can take whatever you're making
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kurtis: mild weather tomorrow. we could see it too late day sprinkles. more 50's wednesday, thursday, friday.
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