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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  December 9, 2015 6:00am-7:00am CST

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weather tab elizabeth: right now, coach charged. the shocking allegations against the roosevelt girls basketball coach, and the details we're expecting later today.>> i'm sorry for everything that i've caused and caused everybody else paying. eric: she says she's sorry it will spend five years behind bars. this morning, why this story still has you talking, and some of you enraged. elizabeth: welcome to the united states have you visited iraq or , syria recently? why that could be a question anyone traveling to the u.s. may soon have to answer, this wednesday december 9th. >> you're watching kcci eight news. eric: also this morning, fans already camped out for the cyhawk basketball showdown at hilton got a big surprise.
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by bearing gifts. see more just ahead. good morning and welcome back everyone, i'm eric hanson. elizabeth: i'm elizabeth klinge. those campers have lucked out with the weather. metinka: you know what, that's right. temperatures have been so mild. 38 in des moines and a couple degrees cooler in ames. great for the early part of december. a light breeze from the northwest and the wind will be shifting to the south. and help warm temperatures back up to 55. that's 20 degrees warmer than it should be and we will have plenty of sunshine. tomorrow is looking warm. highs close to 60 which could come close to record high temperatures but it will be windy on thursday. friday has a few clouds and slightly cooler temperatures over the weekend. that's when the changes happen. eric: today's big stories now. there's new information this morning on a roosevelt basketball coach arrested for sex charges. 46-year-old gerald "tig" johnson turned himself into police
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assault with intention to commit a sex act and sexual exploitation by a school employee. the girls varsity basketball coach returned to roosevelt this year after stints with saydel and aib. the district says it is cooperating with the investigation by police, and put johnson on administrative leave. students tell kcci johnson had a good reputation on campus. emmanuel arevall: he was a very popular guy. we all knew him, we all got along with him. now we're all shocked. eric: kcci hopes to learn more information on this case from police later this morning. elizabeth: a pleasant hill daycare provider will spend the next five years behind bars after she was caught on video abusing children in her care. we'll show part of that video now, but a warning it is very hard to watch. christina williamson can be seen stepping on a baby's head, shoving a cloth in her mouth, and shoving her face into the carpet to stop her from crying. in a deal, williamson pleaded
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misdemeanor child endangerment. parents of the abused children were there for the sentencing tuesday. >> we were inconsolable with guilt knowing that we had unwittingly placed our precious baby girl in the hands of a monster on a daily basis. >> she was afraid of you and i didn't see it. now i see it, and i breaks my heart. elizabeth: we've seen more than 150 comments on this sentencing on our kcci facebook page, many expressed disappointment that the sentence was only 5 years. williamson now has the option to appeal. eric: sentencing is set for today for the man charged in a shooting rampage last year in pleasant hill. in october, pete polson was found guilty on one count of attempted murder and two counts of assault to inflict serious injury. we will be there and have the results of the sentencing later today on kcci and in webster county, the courthouse will remain closed today after it was vandalized
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officials say the vandals broke in and released fire extinguishers on the third and fourth floors, making a big mess inside. investigators are collecting evidence while crews work on cleaning up. officials say they aren't sure when the courthouse will be ready to reopen, and police are asking anyone with information to call webster country crimestoppers. elizabeth: this morning, the secretary of defense is heading to capitol hill to testify about the fight against isis. shaina humphries is following this, and shaina, this testimony comes at a key time in washington? shaina: elizabeth, secretary carter's visit comes as lawmakers work on a major spending bill. he is s pected to urge them to pass a long-term bill quickly, saying short term measures hurt in the fight against isis. meanwhile, the house passed a new visa waiver bill on tuesday aimed at tightening travel restrictions to the u.s. the new bill requires travelers to get a visa if they've gone to countries like iraq or syria over the past five years. the homeland security department is also reviewing the fiance
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of the san bernardino killers to enter the country. new video overnight from the russian defense ministry, claiming to show the first combat launch of a new cruise missile from a submarine as part of strikes against targets in syria. moscow says the submarine is submerged in the mediterranean sea right now, and has successfully hit isis targets in raqqa. shaina: in commitment 2016 news. political figures on both sides of the aisle continue to condemn donald trump's proposal to ban all muslims from entering the united states. trump, however, is refusing to back down from his comments, saying that as president he would be the worst thing to happen to isis. we'll have more on this live from washington, d.c. and right now record rainfall continues to hit the pacific northwest. over the last few days, storms have caused flooding, landslides, and evacuations in washington state and oregon. more than three inches of rain fell in portland in just 24 hours, triggering dozens of rescues for crews there. several major waterways are
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flood levels later this week. it looks like we have some of the best weather in the country. metinka: we really do and temperatures have been so nice all week long. right now we are starting off at 37 in des moines and maybe turning frosty in ames at 32. readings are mild, we should be waking up to temperatures near 20. today you will need a light jacket. by lunch, recessed temperatures will be near 50 with highs near 55. a rapid cooldown toward the weekend. elizabeth: luckily the weather is nice for iowa state students this week. they're camped out outside hilton coliseum right now, waiting to get into the cyhawk showdown tomorrow night. the cyclone basketball team thanked their loyal fans tuesday by bringing them some pizza and taking pictures. both iowa and iowa state know this is one of their biggest
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but they say they're ready to take on their rivals. >> i think every game places new challenges us. it is a very good team we are going to go play and every game is a challenge and this will be no different. >> they are a good team, they do a lot of great things. they really have run the heck out of there motion and offense and have a rhyme and reason for everything they do. everything is precise. elizabeth: the cyhawk showdown tips off thursday at 6:30 on espn2. our sports team will have a preview special tonight here on kcci at 6:30, right after "kcci 8 news at 6." eric: iowa hawkeye football is also getting ready for a big game. and when you're going to the rose bowl for the first time in a quarter century, you have to imagine that fan interest would be at an all-time high. the university of iowa received an allotment of 22,000 tickets. but they have all, already been spoken for by season ticket holders and donors.
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received more than 39,000 requests for those tickets. so the school is doing what it can to get more. mark jennings: we're going to be working through this week and the weekend with stanford and seeing if we can use some of their tickets, because traditionally, stanford has not used their total allotment. eric: some rose bowl tickets are still available right now on ticketmaster. but they are going for about $2,000 each. elizabeth: students at woodward granger high school played their first basketball game last night since the sudden death of one of their teammates. the team took to the court in honor of 16 year old drew jacobson. he collapsed on the court last week and died monday morning of a heart problem. friends and faculty say drew would have wanted the game against woodward academy to go on as planned. drew's father made a surprise appearance as well, and says his son was a special teenager who always gave 110%.
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amazing, he was special, i'm having a hard time understanding why he was taken, but there is a reason. now i'm asking everyone to be a better person. elizabeth: a funeral for jacobson is planned for thursday at 11:00 a.m. at the woodward granger high school auditorium. the visitation will be held today from 4:00 until 8:00, also in the auditorium. help for the holidays. if you want to give the gift of your time, we'll tell you several of the opportunities available with one local organization, and exactly who you'll be helping. eric: they know it's wrong, but they do it anyway. scary new numbers on how many drivers are texting, and the new behavior that's even more troubling. elizabeth: and big changes. how stricter new crash tests will keep you and your family safer, ahead. shaina: if you are on the east side you might have an issue near east 21st. there is a water main break and
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if you are in this area. east 21st right between university and easton to the north.keep that in mind . we will head outside and take a look at the roads elsewhere. this is 35/80 and morning star, a few more people and traffic is starting to pick up but we are
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for lynn's family, the big stress is paying four hundred dollars a month in medical and drug costs for aidan. for other families it's higher deductibles, premiums and co-pays that keep adding up. that's why we've got to crack down on price gouging, cap out-of-pocket costs, and fast track approval of less expensive generic drugs. because we've got to get health care costs under control for lynn's family and for yours.
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz, and right-now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: good morning, it is 6:13 and a mild morning. 37 in des moines. fort dodge is at 30 but these readings are on the mild side for december. warming temperatures up quickly to 50 by noon, highs today near 55 with the warmest day of the week still ahead tomorrow. record highs across the southern half of the state with readings close to 60. friday looks mild, over the weekend is with temperatures
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next week looks colder, highs getting back closer to december levels. next week in the 30's and the 40's. former cuts next week. shaina: just want to show you video from nasa. the cargo ship we told you about has now arrived at the international space station. it is delivering some much-needed supplies. 2600 pounds of food and clothing , plus hardware and spacewalking gear. also, christmas gifts. the six crewmembers will be celebrating the holidays in space. also the air pollution problem , in beijing just keeps getting worse. the chinese capitol issued its first ever red alert for pollution tuesday. thick, dark smog fills the air and has forced much of beijing to shut down. schools and construction sites are closed, and driving is restricted. officials say the red alert will remain in effect through
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and washington, d.c., the supreme court is set to hear arguments in an affirmative action case. the question they'll be deciding on is "should colleges use race as a factor in college admissions?" this comes after a white woman was denied admission to the university of texas under a program that looks at race, among other factors, when admitting students. eric: new this morning, hope ministries is celebrating 100 years of service in des moines. elizabeth: kcci's alyx sacks is live where it all started. alyx, how are they celebrating? alyx: they're celebrating with 100 years of hope. that's how long they've been part of this community and that's what they do year after year. they serve up to 400 to 450 meals a day at their hope cafe and they are looking for ways to get to those in need. here is kathy to explain. what kind of trends, because you
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kathy: hunger is a great and growing need in the community and working poor individuals and families are struggling to provide for their families and provide their meals. that's where not only are meals program but our ongoing stores. and providing people rate places to donate and help others and a great place for people to do that low-cost shopping and provide for their families and then maybe they can play there like will and -- lightht bill and pay for their groceries. alyx: but what does it take to do what you guys do to provide as many meals day in and day out? kathy: it requires the partnership of thousands of people in this community. we have been so blessed to have that for 100 years because our
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fiscal year is $500. we have some people who bring us donations who donate their time and in so many ways, people come together and partner with us. alyx: cannot thank you enough, we are going to explain how you can scan your way to help out this is this holiday and i will put up a list on my facebook page that lists all the food they need a christmas so you can help out. because it is that time of year. elizabeth: thanks so much. economic headlines now. chipotle is blaming the norovirus for getting more than two dozen boston college students sick after eating at the chain. the company says this latest outbreak, however, is not related to the multi-state outbreak of e. coli cases linked to the restaurant. chipotle's stock is down 22% so far this year as it struggles from the fallout of its recent customer illnesses. the big three were down tuesday as well. the dow fell more than 162 points. the nasdaq was down more than 3. and the s and p 500 dropped more
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new numbers show a deadly trend is on the rise. a state farm survey found the number of people texting while driving has remained relatively stable since 2009. but it also shows more than twice as many people surf the internet as they drive. reading emails and checking social media are also up. experts are warning drivers to think twice about their devices so they don't become one of the many distracted drivers killed behind the wheel. and the five-star safety ratings for new cars is about to undergo the biggest update since the 1970's, with new crash tests and a focus on evolving technology. >> our goal is not to just protect people in the event an accident occurs. we ultimately want to eliminate crashes altogether. elizabeth: the newly proposed standards are so strict, there is not a car on the road today that would earn 5 or even 4 stars. the new tests would include new high-tech smart dummies to help
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people suffer. starting in the 2019 model year, the new car assessment program will include a crash avoidance ranking in addition to the traditional crash worthiness ranking and total overall score. eric: most americans are connected to their smartphones and other devices, but just how much time are we spending online? a new pew research center poll says one in five americans report being online "almost constantly." to break that down a little more, 36% of people ages 18 to 29 reported spending most of their free time online. this is the first time ever this poll has included the almost constantly option on their internet usage poll. apparently almost constantly is really severe. elizabeth: 6:19, we want to get over to metinka with a look outside. metinka: get out and enjoy the nice weather because
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it will be another great day, highs near 55 degrees, almost 20 degrees warmer than it should be this time of year. then we stake in warm days. -- sneak in a few warm days. nothing to worry about, no precipitation today and maybe if you are heading out of town or something heading back in, the weather looks great across the upper midwest and just a quiet the next couple of days. today, the system that brought us sprinkles has moved to the east. although it will be when the ahead of the cold front on thursday. that will draw in cold temperatures -- warm temperatures, could be the warmest with 60 degrees in some spots. into the weekend, another cold front moves through and temperatures turn colder behind this and by late saturday and sunday we will have cold rain showers mixing with a bit of snow. hard to picture that with temperatures heading for the mid-50's, 60's, close to 70
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tomorrow, the 60's maybe skimming southern iowa. the rest of us could reach near record highs on thursday. right now it is a beautiful morning, 37 degrees with a few clouds. not much wind. a breeze from the northwest will switch to the south this afternoon heading for 55. comfortable outside, you need a light jacket today and maybe tomorrow just a windbreaker. friday will be a touch cooler with thousand forecast. over the weekend, find those warmer codes as showers with -- coats as showers move in and highs tumbled back to the low 40's on sunday. they will stay cool with highs mainly in the 30's and maybe low 40's. eric: used the 50's and low 60's. elizabeth: we will check in with shaina for a look at traffic.
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vehicle accidents but we have an issue on the east side. east university and east 21st north of university in between easton. there is a water main break and it will take a while to clean up. water flooding into the intersection will slow things down. try to avoid that. 1800 2nd avenue, 48 and woodland for mobile speed units. 4100 northeast 40 six ave -- 4 6th ave. nikole: trump talks. i'm nikole killion in washington, where the billionaire candidate doubles down on a proposed travel ban for muslims.
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criticism, coming up. wake up in your first home. wake up in a home with a new address. wake up in a home with no address. your dream home evolves, and protecting it takes committed support. american family insurance. eric: welcome back to kcci. this morning, the chorus is growing against donald trump's proposed muslim ban. elizabeth: as reaction ricochets around the world, the gop frontrunner is standing his ground. nikole killion is live in washington with more on the growing controversy. and nikole, what is trump saying now? nikole: donald trump defending
6:23 am
a series of tweets, he said they refused with knowledge the tremendous danger and uncertainty of people coming to the united states. his proposal has drawn widespread criticism from democrats and republicans on the campaign trail to congress. it would ban muslim immigrants and tourists from coming to the u.s., although trump clarified it would not apply to american citizens, athletes, or leaders from the middle east. in an interview with abc's barbara walters, trump denied being a bigot. donald trump: somebody in this country has to say what's right. i have great respect and love, i have people that i have tremendous relationships with, they're muslim and barbara, they agree with me 100%. nikole: trump said his measure would only be short term. the white house says the idea disqualifies him from serving as president. one congressional republican is
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eric: thanks. more news ahead, the document being made public as allegations surface against a popular high school coach. an iowa town finds itself in a pinch after 12 firefighters quit the department. plus, how your child's success in the classroom is measured may be changing. elizabeth: and yesterday we were talking about the spectacular sunrises and sunsets this time of year. a lot of you sending your awesome pictures to ulocal. keep them coming. brilliant colors painting the
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you can see more at in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. elizabeth: here's a blast from the past. remember this six years ago today? or maybe you tried to block it from your memory. a blizzard brought 15.5 inches of snow to des moines on december 9, 2009. we were buried. eric: they actually had a
6:26 am
many people working 12 hour shifts. shaina: a little different this year. eric: but it will get even better. metinka: the rest of the week looks fabulous, oh snow over the next couple of days. today we are heading for a high of 55, 20 degrees warmer than it should be. sunshine and not much wind. tomorrow near record highs close to 60. it will be windier tomorrow, friday is just a touch cooler. over the weekend is one change starts to happen with removing and followed by a big cool down and next week is looking a bit more december like. eric: big story this morning, we're waiting to learn more information today about a roosevelt coach and teacher that was arrested. 46-year-old gerald "tig" johnson, the varsity girls basketball coach, turned himself in to police tuesday for sex charges. he's charged with assault with intention to commit a sex act
6:27 am
school employee. we checked overnight and johnson is still in the polk county jail, no bond set. we are expecting to see a police report on the case later today. elizabeth: five years. that's how long a pleasant hill daycare provider will spend behind bars for abusing children in her care. the disturbing abuse was caught on video. >> i'm a human being too, and i have kids and watching that film was just sickening, how you treated those babies. elizabeth: christina williamson told the judge she was sorry for the abuse, which included stepping on a baby girl's head, shoving a cloth in her mouth and shoving her face into the carpet. none of the babies in her care suffered serious physical injuries. sentencing is scheduled today for the man who went on a shooting rampage last year in pleasant hill. jurors found pete polson guilty of attempted murder and assault to inflict serious injury. polson told jurors he was too high on methamphetamine to form the intent to kill.
6:28 am
in prison. we'll be in the courtroom today, so watch for that here on kcci. eric: in newton, the couple arrested for having a bomb in their house has bonded out of jail. the kelsos bailed out just hours after they were arrested and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, a simple misdemeanor. authorities found the homemade bomb on monday, just a few blocks from downtown. agents used a robot to detonate the explosive device inside the home. they say the bomb wasn't complete enough to explode. more charges are pending. and webster county officials are asking for your help this morning. if you happened to see anyone outside the courthouse early tuesday, let them know. someone broke in and sprayed two floors with fire extinguishers. the damage so great, the courthouse had to close for cleaning. detectives are also reviewing surveillance video. shaina: developing right now, the u.s. house has overwhelmingly approved big changes to the visa waiver program.
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countries to be in the u.s. without a visa for up to three months. but the change would require anyone who has visited iraq or syria in recent years to have a visa. exceptions are made for official government visits and military service. new overnight video shows shows russia launching airstrikes on syria from a submarine. the video was released by the defense ministry, claiming to show the first combat launch of a new cruise missile from the mediterranean sea. we are told the cruise missiles successfully hit designated isis targets in raqqa. in washington, d.c., the senate is expected to vote on a sweeping shift in education today. it would makeover the widely criticized no child left behind act. if enacted, states would gain greater control over school accountability, as well as the ways testing is used to evaluate teachers, schools, and student progress. and record rainfall continues to pound parts of the pacific northwest. an unrelenting storm system has caused flooding, landslides and
6:30 am
oregon. this morning, amtrak rail lines are closed, streets are closed, and people have evacuated their homes. and it's not letting up. the heavy rain is expected to continue throughout the rest of the week. elizabeth: what's in iowa town to do after three fourths of its fire department quits? eric: and an iowa man is playing a leading role in how u.s.-cuba relations have thawed. elizabeth: plus alyx sacks is live. alyx: it seems like any other morning at hope ministries but they have been doing this type of community service for about 100 years. more details on how you can get on board and help coming up. eric: it looks like taken, it cooks like bacon, but it's not bacon. what it is and how soon you'll find it in a grocery store near you, next. metinka: the weather has been so tasty but the warm numbers are numbered -- warm days are numbered.
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break on the east side of eastwood he first and university. other than that, we are accident free. -- east 21st and university.
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i'd like $100! you're getting $400 in promo cards! yes! switch to u.s. cellular and get 15 gigs of data for just $70. plus $400 in promo cards. anncr: when the attacks come here... ...the person behind this desk will have to protect your family. will he be impulsive and reckless, like donald trump? will he have voted to dramatically weaken counter-terrorism surveillance, like ted cruz? will he have skipped crucial national security hearings and votes just to campaign, like marco rubio? 27 generals and admirals support jeb bush. because jeb has the experience and knowledge to protect your family. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. metinka: it is 6:38 on a
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no fog and no rain across central iowa. it will be quiet. sunshine in the forecast along with warm highs near 55. comfortable conditions possibly near record warmth is in store toward thursday. eric: thanks metinka. headlines around iowa now. the first u.s. fugitive to be turned over by the cuban government since relations thawed is a man wanted right here in iowa. shawn wegmann is facing a court hearing in miami today. he is wanted in iowa on federal firearms charges. he was arrested when he arrived in havana back in october on a stolen boat. shaina: in neola, 12 of the town's volunteer firefighters abruptly quit this week. only four firefighters remain this morning. neola is now getting help from neighboring departments in minden and underwood. a state audit earlier this year found the former city clerk misspent $230,000. some of that money was linked to the fire department's bank account. elizabeth: and muslims in iowa are speaking out this morning
6:35 am
other muslims from entering the u.s. cedar rapids shares a long history with people of that faith. muslims from lebanon were early pioneers in industry in the 1800's. the mother mosque in northwest cedar rapids was the first building built specifically as a mosque in all of north america. so to hear a majority party presidential candidate say "close the borders" is distressing. hassan igram: i'm not really going to be upset about a politician that hopefully has no chance to be elected. now, if he does get elected as president, it says a lot about our country and that's unfortunate. elizabeth: iowa muslims say they're also concerned comments like trump's would encourage people to target members of that faith. the controversy over those statements continues. shaina: that has been a huge topic. another story that has you talking this morning is the daycare provider who was sentenced to five years in prison. eric: difficult story for sure.
6:36 am
christina williamson's own husband. savannah writes, "5 years? are you kidding me right now? someone who smoked pot gets longer than that." elizabeth: kayleen says, "stuff like this is the reason i am a stay at home mother. i will never trust any daycare with my kids. 5 years is not even close to enough time in prison for babies or children." shaina: jake says he can't believe there is video showing even worse abuse that what we showed on tv, writing, "i cried watching this. i'm an in home daycare provider and could never imagine harming a child." eric: it is so hard watching that video. peel free to write into us with your comments. elizabeth: the news has been pretty tough to take lately. terrorism, violence, abuse. so this morning, we're taking a minute to focus on a group of people doing good in the community. eric: alyx sacks is live at bethel mission, where they're celebrating a century of service. that's a lot of people they've helped, alyx. alyx: it certainly is. 100 years of hope.
6:37 am
own version three times a day, three breakfasts, lunch, and dinner. they are sitting down to have breakfast this morning but we wanted to help the picture of all hope ministry does and how you can help. kathy joins me. tell us how people can get on board and help. kathy: one of the things we are blessed to have the partnership of kcci and hy-vee every year between thanks giving and christmas is scan away hunger. scan up late at a local hy-vee store or go to hope and that is $2.80 per meal. alyx: you sir 400 to 450 meals a day, you're figuring 2500 meals will be provided? alyx: about 2200 will be delivered into the community and the others will be served here on site. it is a tremendous partnership with a lot of volunteers.
6:38 am
kathy: we ask the community for help in providing brownies for dessert, be ready to serve dinner rolls, and we collect ham, re-freeze those for easter. we like large cans of veggies, dairy products, lots of things on our website. alyx: we're in the hope cafe, you guys are having breakfast and you are at all capacity. that is the need your help in ing fill. kathy: we find our beds are always full and at 7:00, the community will come in and eat breakfast. alyx: a century of doing that. take you for having us this morning. live at hope ministries, alyx sacks. shaina: also in the buzz today, it might be the perfect holiday gift for someone on your list. tickets to the blue ribbon bacon festival go on sale tomorrow at 12:10 pm. they put together this 'body by bacon, sweatin' to the sizzle'
6:39 am
event, february 20, 2016 at the iowa events center. you can get tickets online or by phone. it's just fun to watch this video. elizabeth: hopefully you get an outfit like that with your ticket. eric: bacon schmacon. actually that's a real thing, schmacon. a jewish deli owner in illinois has created it. he calls it beef's answer to bacon. it cooks and curls like pork bacon, but it's half the calories and half the price. he says it's not meant to replace bacon, schmacon is just an alternative. he says schmacon will be in grocery stores early next year. everybody can taste it. shaina: half the calories. never thought i'd see that. elizabeth: as we go to break we're going to show you a rather , unique christmas greeting. a family of 8 siblings has done this for a few years now. a christmas dance music video.
6:40 am
thousands of clicks and shares. you have some pretty nice moves.
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's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message. join us for real change.
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five minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. metinka: good morning. it is a pretty mild wednesday morning, temperatures starting out close to where the average high should be. readings today into the mid-50's, they will feel pretty nice with sunshine and not much wind on the way. we have a group of crowds working their way into the state and there's no fog to slow you down. travel anywhere across the region is looking good, nice and quiet. there are quite a few clouds to the west. whether will stay quiet today and into thursday. thursday looks to be the warmest day of the week with a cold front racing in here but i had of it a strong south wind close to 60 degrees. another cold front comes through after friday and this will knock temperatures back down to where they should be and already by
6:43 am
nebraska and that will lift in here by saturday afternoon and into sunday. until then, enjoy the weather. highs today running almost 22 warm with 55 in des moines and widespread 60's just off to the west. some 60's will brush the southern part of the state followed by cooler air. right now, it is shaping up to be a pretty morning with skies brightening up. 37 degrees with the sunrise at 7:29. highs around 55 and a light breeze from the west switching to the south. tomorrow looks great with temperatures near 60. record highs but it will be blustery tomorrow. friday highs will be slightly cooler and over the weekend is when temperatures take a combo. rain showers in late saturday into sunday. eric: any trouble on the roads?
6:44 am
if you are near east 21st, these might affect you. a water main break at east 21st and university just north of university in between university and easton. there's an accident near easton and university so things are green for the most part but that should probably change soon as the rush picks up. try to avoid that intersection because it will be messy. here are your mobile speed units . 1800 2nd avenue. a polk county car at 3100 northeast 46th avenue and outside of ankeny at 8000 northwest 37th street. elizabeth: if you have to leave, you can check traffic on the go with our kcci mobile app.
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elizabeth: today we expect to learn more information about gerald "tig" johnson, a
6:47 am
he is charged with assault with intention to commit a sex act and sexual exploitation by a school employee. he is in the poll county jail no , bond set. eric: also pete polson is set to be charged today. he had been charged with one count of murder and to charges of assault to commit injury. we will have updates on air and online. four different suburban fire departments may join forces for faster response times. the des moines register reports clackum urbandale, waukee, and west des moines were taking steps toward a sharing agreement. that would mean the closest department would respond to a fire the matter what city. elizabeth: webster county officials are trying to figure out who vandalized their courthouse. someone broke in and sprayed floors with fire exit wishers. it has been closed for cleaning and if you have information, you are asked to call webster county
6:48 am
shaina: investigators believe the san bernardino shooters may have been plotting an earlier attack with someone else. they conspired in 2012 and a specific target was considered but they got scared at the last minute. they believe they were radicalized at least two years ago. big changes to the visa waiver program. the change would require anyone who has visited iraq or syria in recent years to have a visa. exceptions are made for official government visits and military service. 75% of republicans say the u.s. takes into many people from the middle east. the associated press poll was conducted before donald trump proposed a total ban but it follows last week's san bernardino shooting. 54% of americans also feel that way. elizabeth: democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton may have something to say about trump's proposal. she is holding a town hall meeting in urbandale and speaking at living history farms
6:49 am
we will learn more about the plans for the $100 million convention center hotel. the board is set to meet to discuss the project. the new hotel will be a 10 story, 380 room building next to the convention center. eric: fans are at the hilton coliseum waiting to get to the psy hawks game. they brought them peter and took pictures. the cyhawk showdown is on espn2 and will have a special preview tonight on kcci at 6:30 after the kcci 8 news at 6:00. this morning, remember when? this can happen in december. a big lizard dumped -- a big blizzard dumped 15.5 inches of snow on des moines in 2009. thankfully that is not happening today. metinka: none of that today, 37
6:50 am
we have a couple of clouds and 55 degrees this afternoon. tomorrow looks like the warmest day of the week with possibly record highs close to 60 what it will be windy. a touch cooler but then temperatures take a tumble over the weekend. shaina: the east side has a mess if you are near east 21st, there is a water main break near east 21st and university. drive normal and keep the problem area in mind. elizabeth: discover unexpected treasures, for the people who least expect it. find thoughtful gifts at amazing prices everyday
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