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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  December 10, 2015 6:00am-7:00am CST

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>> you're watching kcci eight news. do not get scammed. rose bowl tickets are hot right now. take sure you are getting what you paid for. eric: what new crash tests are revealing about the cars that you drive? thank you for waking up with us on this thursday, december 10.
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elizabeth: i am elizabeth klinge. ottumwa -- metinka: headed for near record highs, 63 in des moines. that is pretty close to the standing record set in 1890. we will have afternoon sunshine. today will be the warmest temperatures we have seen for quite some time. highs slipping back into the 40's with some chili rainfall, and next week week it will feel like december actually should with overnight lows falling back into the teens. eric: right now des moines police still looking for the driver after a high speed chase. it ended here near the aib , college of business. shaina humphries with the overnight developments.
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, that video. this is the lexus suv that police say refused to stop for them speeding off at 100 miles , per hour going the wrong way down city streets. the driver hit police stop sticks and finally stopped in a ditch off southwest 23rd. the driver running away before police got there. officers took the passenger in for questioning. police tell us they found drugs in the vehicle. also developing overnight, now to the latest in the san bernardino shooting. new revelations now show gunman syed farook may have been plotting an attack three years ago. at a senate hearing wednesday, the fbi told lawmakers that farook and his wife tashfeen malik were radicalized before she came to the united states. today, the first of fourteen victims will be laid to rest in california. there are about a dozen memorial services planned for the victims over the next week. elizabeth: in commitment 2016 news this morning, republican frontrunner donald trump continues to stand his ground, as he takes criticism for a proposal to ban muslims from the united states. eric: in an interview with cnn's don lemon last night, trump made
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plan is right. mr. trump: we can't allow radical killers into this country. we can't do it. we have enough problems. eric: for the first time, president obama weighed in on the issue, urging americans to reject bigotry in all forms, and saying our freedom is bound up with the freedom of others, regardless of faith. amid the backlash, trump has suggested that he would consider an independent run for president, if republicans begin to treat him unfairly. trump will be back in iowa tomorrow, holding a campaign rally at the iowa state fairgrounds. that event starts at 6:30 in the varied industries building. while in iowa wednesday, democratic front-runner hillary clinton gave her opinion on donald trump's proposal. ms. clinton: when he says he wants to stop any muslim from entering the united states, that runs counter to what i an others, who have actually been in the situation room, making hard choices know we have to do.
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proposal would only hurt the united states' efforts to fight terror groups like isis. clinton also focused on raising american income and cutting down on tax breaks for major u.s. corporations. elizabeth: happening today, the family leader is set to announce which 2016 presidential candidate it will be endorsing this campaign season. that announcement will be made at 11:00 this morning on the west steps of the statehouse. stick with kcci and for more on that. and in iowa today, another republican hopeful, marco is making campaign stops. he will host a military town hall at no was event venue in west des moines a meet and greet , in ames and another town hall at kinnick stadium in iowa city. eric: we're just hours away from one of the biggest basketball games of the season, the cyhawk showdown tips off tonight between the iowa hawkeyes and the iowa state cyclones. right now, the cyclones are ranked fourth in the nation, undefeated so far this season at 7-0, and iowa is 7-2. they haven't cracked the top 25
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votes in the last poll. the cyhawk showdown is always a big game. since the cyhawk series started in 2004, iowa state has won 5 times, and iowa has won 4. and even though he's brand new to the state, iowa state head coach steve prohm says he's well aware of what tonight's game means. >> i know that if you love iowa state, you love iowa state and you don't like iowa. if you like iowa then you probably don't like iowa state. but i've been here long enough and i've followed college athletics enough, i do not need to ask too many people. i know what the game means. >> this is something a lot of us have been looking forward to. a lot of us arent even from the state of iowa but we definitely feel the rivalry, and i dont want to say hatred, but dislike toward the other school. eric: the cyhawk showdown tips off tonight at 6:30 in hilton coliseum. you can watch it on espn 2. we'll have highlights right here tonight on kcci 8 news at 10:00.
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basketball fans are excited for tonight's game, football fans are gearing up for the rose bowl . and fans are scrambling to snatch up tickets. seatgeek reports the rose bowl is by far the hottest ticket of the college football bowl season with an average resale price of about $627 per ticket. but with pricey tickets comes a higher likelihood of being scammed. the better business bureau is now warning iowa fans, to be careful where they buy their tickets. >> never wire any money. if you can pay with a credit card, pay with a credit card because you can always go back to your credit card company and dispute the charges. elizabeth: the bbb says the best way to buy tickets is from someone local or who you know personally. otherwise, look for a website that is accredited by the bbb, and ask the seller to email you a picture of the tickets, including a receipt or other proof that the tickets are not counterfeit. eric: new information now on the roosevelt high school girls basketball coach, facing sex charges. tig johnson is now charged with sexual exploitation and assault to commit sexual abuse.
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the des moines police report alleges johnson used his position as a teacher to gain access to a 16-year-old female student's personal cell phone number, and called her. two days later, johnson allegedly kissed and touched the victim. johnson is now on leave from the school district awaiting his , next court appearance on december 18. also in court wednesday, a judge sentenced pleasant hill shooter pete polson to 55 years in prison. polson injured two people and shot at a third when he went on a shooting spree in november of 2014. polson has to serve at least 27 and a half years before he'll be eligible for parole. elizabeth: the time is now 6:07. i would not be surprised to see more than a few people bring out the shorts today. metinka: we will probably not seabees temperatures again until march or april, so enjoy them. we have a southwest breeze at 18
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this morning as you are heading out, there is no rain to worry about, no fog to slow you down, just an enjoyable day. had it for near record highs today, 63 degrees. enjoy it, because our warm days will not be sticking around for much longer. elizabeth: new this morning, the des moines airport is cracking down on curb congestion. eric: emmy victor is there this morning. what made officials start this crackdown? emmy: the des moines international airport says front curb congestion rises during the holiday season. we know traffic really rounds up here during the lunch hours and evening hours, some of those passengers leaving the airport looking to hop in a car, so we know the front curb congestion is a big issue. cars can spend an average of
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through the area, slowly waiting and circling around the airport at couple times waiting for some of those passengers. now they are saying all drivers need to use what is called the cell phone parking lot. it is a free of charge anyone waiting to pick up someone who got off a flight, or maybe is waiting for their luggage. there are about 16 spaces located on the south side of the airport where there is no time limit. the only role is to make sure you do not leave your car unattended at any point. a lot of people have not discovered the slot that it has only been around for about 18 months. they want to change the message by sending people there now on. >> we do have good signage, both off of army post road.
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to the cell phone parking lot, as well as on lakeland avenue. -- leland avenue. emmy: if you leave your car unattended outside the terminal you can face a fine or maybe getting your cart code. you -- code. -- towed,. they will increase to more spaces and the cell phone parking lot if more people take advantage. elizabeth: still ahead this morning, and explosives situation. what happened at this accident scene to cause this two hours after the crash. eric: top safety picks. the government's new list of the safest cars you can drive. elizabeth: and no child left behind no more. the sweeping changes happening today and how they'll affect your kid's time in school ahead. shaina: if you are heading out anytime soon, you are in good hands. no problems to report outside,
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let's head outside and take a live look at it.
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz and right now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: it is 6:14 on a beautiful december morning that feels more likes bring, 54 degrees in des moines. it is 51 in ames and 51 -- 55 in ottumwa. highs reaching into the 60's. we are starting off with a few clouds but we will end up with the sunshine. we have a brisk wind from the west and southwest but that is dragging in warmer temperatures. our temperatures continue to trend now lord over the next several days and by them gaining of next week -- trend downward
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by the middle of next week. shaina: while we have beautiful weather here this week, heavy rain in the pacific northwest made the roads treacherous for drivers in washington state wednesday. the storm caused flash floods and mudslides, after creeks and rivers in the seattle area overflowed their banks. widespread power outages are also being reported, prompting several schools to cancel classes. more storms are expected to hit that area today. and check out this new video in overnight, people in birmingham, alabama evacuated after two semi-trucks collided on a busy interstate. officials say the two trucks crashed, and one of them started leaking hazardous chemicals. that truck caught fire a couple hours later and exploded. so far there's no word on the condition of either driver, but officials say they're taking their time before reopening the road to make sure everyone in the surrounding area is safe. elizabeth: economic headlines now, four dozen cars have earned top marks for safety for 2016 from the insurance institute for highway safety. eric: this year, vehicles had to meet tougher safety
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new crash prevention feature to qualify for the institute's highest award. chris martinez has the results from los angeles. chris: when it comes to safety, toyota is on top. the camry is one of nine models from the automaker that earned top safety pick plus, the insurance institute for highway safety's highest safety rating. >> honda is right behind them with 8. chris: to earn the institute's top two highest awards, cars had to perform better on the small overlap test, which simulates what happens when the front corner of the car collides with another vehicle or tree. the institute is no longer just testing crashworthiness, but also crash prevention. >> to get top safety pick, you have to have at least a forward collision warning system. and to get a top safety pick plus, you have to have an effective autonomous emergency braking system. chris: the redesigned 2016 nissian maxima and volkswagen passat performed well while the
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earn the top safety pick plus. the scion i.a. is the only minicar to receive the 2016 award. in all, 48 cars earned the top safety award. the chrysler 200 is the only american car, to get the honor. >> we were a little disappointed in the performance of our domestic automakers. chris: ford's f-150 supercrew is among the 13 vehicles that earned the second highest safety level. the iihs says consumers should ask for autobrake and forward collision warning features when shopping for a new vehicle. chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. eric: for a complete list of the institute's top safety picks, you can check out the insurance institute of highway safety's website, elizabeth: there's good news, for a change, from volkswagen this morning. the automaker now says that a problem with carbon dioxide emissions in some vehicles, is
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v.w. says the issue now affects about 36,000 vehicles, instead of about 800,000. on wall street, stocks fell for a third straight day wednesday. the dow closed down more than 75 points. the nasdaq also fell about 75 . and the s and p 500 lost about 16. american airlines is now joining the list of airlines to offer premium economy seating. the airline says the seats will cost more than regular coach, but less than first class. they'll come with leather seats, entertainment systems, and meals. united is bringing back free snacks. the airline cut them during the 2008 financial crisis, but starting in february of 2016, snacks will be offered free of charge to all passengers in north america and latin america. company officials say they are trying to refocus on the customer travel experience. eric: santa claus is getting some special help from volunteers at the des moines post office this season. >> what kind of cookies do you like? and what kind of fruit too?
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suggest two of each. eric: this group of santa's helpers is meeting once a week until christmas. their job? to answer more than 1000 letters from kids addressed to santa at the north pole. they ask for everything, from toys to food. as long as the letters have a return address, the helpers also sign a thank you letter and mail it back to the kids. >> it's about getting a letter that says santa got your letter. just that personal touch. our volunteers are phenomenal. they come in and donate their time. eric: what a cool effort. remember, parents. make sure your kids include a return address in their wish list to santa. that way his helpers can write back. elizabeth: it is nice of them to help out santa. we will check in with metinka at 6:19. talking about santa's elves, it seems almost impossible to have these temperatures. metinka: temperatures already starting out in the 50's, feeling like april this
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we are starting out with 51 in ames, cooler to the north. you might need a light jacket and fort dodge this morning but you will not need it this afternoon. a light -- a breeze coming in from the southwest is a little bit on the strong side. this wind will be dragging in warmer conditions. we are tracking a few showers coming in across south dakota moving to the east, so if they hold together they could brush northwestern and north-central iowa with a few sprinkles or light rain showers. here is futurecast, most of us will enjoy a beautifully quiet afternoon, warning clouds followed by afternoon sunshine. -- morning clouds followed by afternoon sunshine. showers begin to move in for missouri lifting up to the north, and overnight saturday
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most of that activity pushes out by sunday morning but we will have a few chilly leftover rain showers off and on throughout the day on sunday, possibly followed by a few 30 -- flurries. right now it is quiet, and you might not even need the coat. it is 54 in des moines, headed for 63 degrees coming really close to the record of 66. tomorrow, highs back in the 50's and this weekend, back into the 40's. next week, highs getting back to where they should be in the mid-30's, and a chance of some snow or light flurries by wednesday or thursday. eric: we will enjoy today while we have it. elizabeth: let's check in with shaina.
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we do have a few mobile speed units you will want to keep in mind, 700 mlk junior parkway, 2300 hull avenue, 11,000 northwest 16th street, and 7300 northwest 4th street. eric: rewriting the school
6:23 am
the big changes coming today to elizabeth: welcome back to kcci at 6:25. this morning, the no child left behind education law is getting a major overhaul. president obama is set to sign a bill replacing it in just a few hours. eric: nikole killion is live in washington. and nikole, what do parents need to know this morning? nikole: the legislation will be bringing some pretty sweeping changes to the nation's public schools. here are a couple of highlights, it reduces the federal government's oversight and gives decision-making power back to states and local school districts. students will still have to take federally required reading and math exams. but now states will now be encouraged to limit the overall time spent on testing and teacher evaluations will no
6:24 am
performance. the new legislation will be called the every student succeeds act and won strong support from both sides of the aisle. elizabeth: a lot of people might be wondering if this will impact the common core curriculum. nikole: the answer is that it very well could, because the bills says the federal government cannot mandate or incentivize states to adopt a per se killer set of standards, potential he applicable to common core. many states have already started backing away from some of the common core standards. eric: nikole killion, live in washington for us. elizabeth: more news ahead at the leads police are working 6:30, this morning to find the driver who somehow got away during a high-speed chase overnight. chilling new clues the san bernardino suspects were planning more attacks. we'll tell you their planned targets. and right on target. iowa's armless archer does something no one else in the
6:25 am
also. emmy: curb congestion, why drivers at the des moines international airport are being directed to a new and free parking lot. eric: and it's one heck of an epic shot but was it enough to win the game? all in our last half hour of kcci it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections.
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people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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>> the most watched morning news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. eric: breaking overnight. the possible reason a man led des moines police on a 100 mile an hour chase. plus -- >> this is iowa. you never know what the weather is going to bring. elizabeth: who would have thought that in december in iowa we'd be golfing, jogging, playing at the park in 50-degree temperatures? and even warmer today. welcome back, everyone. i'm elizabeth klinge. eric: and i'm eric hanson, along with shaina and metinka. i saw folks out jogging yesterday, a lot of them in shorts. metinka: it is going to feel like spring.
6:29 am
wear shorts to school and it is probably ok. the sunrise will be coming in at 7:30, headed for a high of 63 degrees. central and southern iowa are headed for near record highs. the standing record is 66, setback in 1890. our spring-mike temperatures will not be sticking -- spring-like temperatures will not be sticking around. highs next week back in the 30's. shaina: getting back to that overnight news now right now des moines police are questioning the passenger in a high-speed chase. they're hoping he can lead them to the driver of this lexus suv. police started pursuing the vehicle around 2:30 going 100 miles per hour at times, and going the wrong way down city streets. the driver ditched it off southwest 23rd near aib and ran from the scene. police tell us they found drugs in the car. there are new developments this morning in the california
6:30 am
pictures of a high school found on the shooter's phone. authorities believe syed farook was plotting other attacks. they think the high school, with 2400 students, was a possible second target. the fbi now believes farook and his pakistani-born wife, tashfeen malik, were committed to terrorism before they even started dating. republican front runner donald trump is still defending his proposal to ban all muslim travel to the united states, saying he is saying what other people are thinking. mr. trump: we have a president. i think he's a stupid person because there is no way that a normal president can make the speech that he made the other night. shaina: trump also said the country has never been more divided than it is now. eric: trump will be campaigning and des moines tomorrow, holding
6:31 am
marco rubio is holding a rally. hillary clinton, the democratic front-runner, was also addressing trump's controversial comments while in urbandale wednesday. she said trump's stand on muslims will hurt america's efforts to fight terrorism. ms. clinton: when we need to be doing everything we can with people across the world to fight radical jihadists, donald trump is supplying them with new propaganda. he's actually playing into their hands. he will become part of their recruitment efforts. eric: this morning, the des moines register is calling it, saying ted cruz could secure victory in the 2016 caucuses, but first he needs to siphon tea party voters from donald trump and lock in the christian conservatives. the register article says ben carson is fading and cruz is
6:32 am
elizabeth: to today's other big stories, the man who went on a shooting spree in pleasant hill last november will spend 55 years in prison. >> there is a special place in hell for guys like you. i hope you spend the rest of your life in prison. i hope you die in there and i hope you go to hell. elizabeth: hearing from his victims during the sense of thing -- during the sentencing, he will have to serve half his 55 year sentence before he'll be eligible for parole. eric: we now know more about the incidents involving des moines roosevelt high school girls basketball coach, tig johnson is charged with sexual exploitation and assault to commit sexual abuse. des moines police reports detail two incidents involving a 16-year-old female student. first, he called her personal cell phone. and then allegedly kissed and touched the victim. elizabeth: officials are warning this morning, connect get scammed. rose bowl tickets are hot. seatgeek reports the rose bowl
6:33 am
with an average resale price of $627 per ticket. iowa has received 40,000 requests for its allotment of 22,000 tickets. so some fans are definitely looking elsewhere for tickets, but the better business bureau warns to avoid scams, buy locally or look for accredited sites. speaking of traveling, des moines airport officials say too many cars are lingering at the terminal. emmy victor is live with how officials are dealing with the congestion. emmy: a meeting this week actually sat down local police officers and officials from the des moines international airport to address some of the curb congestion they have been seeing. drivers are spending too much time waiting in this area. there is a sign that says loading and unloading only, but drivers are spending too much time parking here. there is an area for you to wait for your passengers called a cell phone parking lot, located
6:34 am
airport. there are 16 spaces that are free of charge or you can spend as long as you need to waiting call. the only thing is, there is no that car. you must be in that car at all lot. this lot freeze up curb space at the front of the airport for people who need to pick up their passengers. it frees up parking spaces for some of the local businesses around fleur drive. >> if they are just sitting in those parking lot and waiting, we are adding congestion to their lot that they do not appreciate as well. this helps pull those people out of those lots that they may be
6:35 am
emmy: for those who are interested in taking advantage of that opportunity, a couple of different ways you can access the area. leland aronow -- avenue and army post road have signs leading you to that parking lot. just note there is no wi-fi so you will have to use your mobile data if you are searching the internet. emmy victor, kcci eight news, iowa's news leader. elizabeth: feeding the fans, support for fans camping out 24/7 for the game. eric: he made the mark. iowa's armless archer was already incredible but what he just did was downright amazing. elizabeth: all she wants for christmas is a card from you, see the worldwide response to a little girl's request. metinka: headed for near highs
6:36 am
shaina: enjoy that ride this morning. traffic is picking up at the west next master. this will be a little bit of a trouble spot but right now
6:37 am
metinka: it is a beautiful
6:38 am
a.m., 54 degrees in des moines. it can a feels like spring when you step outside. sunshine is on the way later on today with highs into the low to mid 60's. that would be near record levels . the standing record is at 66, setback in 1890. we will come very close, if not break that this afternoon but enjoy this warmer weather because cooler weather is moving back into the forecast. eric: special delivery before the big game. cyclone football coach matt campbell and some of the football players delivered pizza to students camped out before tonight's cyhawk showdown. many have been sleeping in tents since tuesday. also they can get the best seats for tonight's basketball battle with iowa. those fans are hoping for a good game tonight. iowa state's on a pretty good roll, undefeated so far 7-0. shaina: last year it was a pretty good game for about 20 minutes or so. then iowa state just went after it blasting out in the second half and grabbing the win in
6:39 am
tonight, as you saw, the game is at hilton. elizabeth: we mentioned iowa state is undefeated so far this season. 7-0, three neutral site games, no road games. iowa is now 7-2. they've lost to dayton and notre dame. we are getting your game predictions this morning with our now poll, who will win the cyhawk showdown tonight? it looks like people are betting on the cyclones with 80%, 20% are hoping for the hawkeyes. you can vote too just call or text 200-1508, go to or to our facebook and twitter pages. the game is 6:30 tonight on espn2. eric: it will be a huge upset if iowa polls that one off. we're proud of our athletes for sure and this morning i want to show you what iowa's own 'armless archer' just did. matt stutzman set a new guiness world record on wednesday when
6:40 am
3 football fields away. he shoots with his feet because he does not have any arms. he won a silver medal in the 2012 paralympics and he's aiming to compete in the 2016 games as well. he says he'll post a video soon on his facebook page. can't wait for that. elizabeth: making that shot with your arms, let alone with your feet. shaina: we have show you another epic shot. they rebound a free throw. a buzzer-beating shot gives austin the win, and as you can see, those fans went wild. elizabeth: you may have seen this story pop up on your facebook feed. a second grade girl in new york state has one wish for christmas -- lots of cards to fill up her card-tree. safyre terry was badly injured in a fire two years ago. her entire family was killed,
6:41 am
on facebook and the world is responding in a huge way. it is just so cool to see the outpouring of support. eric: something else you will see this time of year, the elf on the shelf posts. look at what this guy did. he decided to use himself as the elf. he dressed up and took photos of himself in various elf poses. shaina: would not miss that guy. elizabeth: the time is now 6:44 on this thursday morning. metinka will tell us just how
6:42 am
this is i 3580 -- i-35/80, an >> the weather is never more than five minutes away. only on kcci eight news this morning. metinka: it is 6:48. it is a beautiful thursday morning, headed for near record
6:43 am
try to get out and soak up as much as you can since we will be about 30 years to warm for this time of year. 54 in des moines, 55 in ottumwa. fort dodge at 46. making a windbreaker. we have a breeze coming in from the southwest at about 20 miles an hour. nothing too extreme, and no fog or rain in central iowa but we are tracking a few showers across south dakota moving to the east. they will be holding together just enough to move into northwest and north-central iowa , but the central part of the state will stay dry until saturday evening. we are expecting thunderstorms overnight saturday night into early sunday morning. by 8:00 a.m., the rain presses off into the eastern part of the
6:44 am
chances of a drizzle throughout sunday, navy even wrapping up with a couple snow flurries. headed for 63 this afternoon. it is going to be a beauty but temperatures start their downward slide tomorrow, with highs back into the 50's, 40's for this weekend. by the middle part of next week it will feel like december with highs in the 30's and lows in the teens. eric: sounds like big trouble if you are coming from the south. shaina: there is a semi rollover on i-35 on exit 35 -- 65. the truck is blocking the entire part of the northbound lanes and that will impact you all the way to highway 92. if that is your normal route to work, you will be to find an alternate.
6:45 am
day, 700 mlk junior parkway, 2300 hull avenue, 11,000 northwest 16th street, and 7300 northwest 4th street. elizabeth: news to go is next. a last blast of news gets you all caught up with an overnight chase, a big change for your
6:46 am
safehey! this holiday, u.s. cellular's giving you 15 gigs of data for just $70! but i wanted a pony. [ gasps ] you're getting data. pony-sized data? u.s. cellular sized data. 15 gigs of good, strong data you can actually use because it works in the middle of anywhere. i'd like $100! you're getting $400 in promo cards! yes! switch to u.s. cellular and get 15 gigs of data for just $70. plus $400 in promo cards. anncr: when the attacks come here... ...the person behind this desk will have to protect your family. will he be impulsive and reckless, like donald trump? will he have voted to dramatically weaken
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like ted cruz? will he have skipped crucial national security hearings and votes just to campaign, like marco rubio? 27 generals and admirals support jeb bush. because jeb has the experience and knowledge to protect your family. right to rise usa is responsible
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elizabeth: 6:53, news to go. we've been checking and des moines police still looking for a driver in a high speed chase overnight. it ended near aib college of business. the driver of the lexus ditched the car and ran. police found drugs in the vehicle and took the passenger in for questioning. eric: today, friends and family will remember woodward high school student drew jacobson. he died after collapsing on the basketball court last week. services will be at the high school auditorium this morning at 11:00. shaina: today, the first of 14 funerals will be held for the victims of the san bernardino attack. in washington, the fbi will brief lawmakers on their investigation. they are now focusing on a friend of gunman syed farook's who allegedly purchased the weapons that were used in the shooting. chicago protestors expected to keep up their demands that mayor
6:49 am
hundreds were out late last night, angry over the fatal shooting of a black teen by a white police officer. emanuel is refusing to resign but one illinois lawmaker is proposing a recall election. how your child spends time in the classroom may be changing. today, president obama will sign a major overhaul of the no child left behind law. it gives power back to state and local school districts, and limits overall time on testing, although kids will still have to take those federally mandated reading and math exams. eric: today's des moines register says republican presidential candidate ted cruz could win the iowa caucuses. gop insiders say he's picking up steam here and some speculate he will be endorsed today by the conservative christian group the family leader. meanwhile, marco rubio is campaigning here today in west des moines. and donald trump will be at the state fairgrounds tomorrow. elizabeth: consider yourself warned if you're flying over the holidays. don't park at the curb. des moines airport officials say
6:50 am
the terminal. so they're asking drivers to use the cell phone parking lot instead, on the southside of the airport. you can get a fine if you stay curbside too long. eric: if you're thinking of getting a new car in 2016, toyota and honda are good safe bets. the insurance institute of highway safety did a new round of crash tests to come out with its new top safety pick. the list. honda next with 8. the chrysler 200 is the only american car to earn the top safety award. elizabeth: some of you may be spending your lunch hour clicking or dialing for bacon. tickets for the blue ribbon bacon festival go on sale at 12:10 p.m. either by phone or online at the event is february 20 at the iowa events center. and these fans are ready. they're camped outside of hilton coliseum in ames for tonight's cyhawk showdown. iowa and iowa state men's basketball battle. gametime 6:30. it's on espn 2 if you don't have
6:51 am
eric: what a perfect week to camp outside. metinka: we are starting out at 54 in des moines, headed for 64 degrees, flirting with near record highs. change is coming, temperatures cool a bit on friday and over the weekend thundershowers saturday night followed by a big cool down. shaina: if you ourselves of the metro and usually drive on i-35 north you will have a problem as a semi rollover is blocking all of the north elm lanes at exit 65 -- northbound lanes at exit 65. i believe we have a picture of the scene. a lot of headlights, lots of people are already stuck. avoid this so you do not become another pair of headlights in this picture. eric: especially if you are
6:52 am
we hope you have a great day today. enjoy the iowa-iowa state addle that will be the talk of the state. -- battle that will be the talk of the state. [kcci captioning is brought to you by the iowa clinic.] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...isn't it time to let the... ...real you shine... ...through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently.
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