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tv   KCCI 8 News at Noon  Me-TV  December 10, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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kcci 8 news at noon is next. >> the most watched news at noon in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at noon. mollie: right now at noon, the iowa state patrol is investigating a violent crash on the northeast side of the metro this morning. good afternoon. thanks for joining us today. it all happened just before 9:00 this morning. the state patrol says a white pick up was traveling westbound on interstate 80-35 when it somehow lost control while on the interstate. witnesses say the truck struck a jersey barrier and crossed three lanes of traffic before leaving the interstate and careening down a grassy embankment. authorities say the driver -- vehicle continued across the
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across northeast 14th before hitting a southbound vehicle. both drivers were wearing their seatbelts and were taken to area hospitals. the extent of their injuries and identities is not known at this time. meanwhile authorities are trying to determine the cause and if the driver may have experienced some sort of medical episode. also, a semi tractor-trailer crash blocked traffic on the interstate for hours this morning. that happened on i-35 northbound just south of cumming just after 6:30 a.m. crews found the truck laying on its side with severe front end damage. cars were diverted around and traffic was stopped from highway 92. a towing company came to lift the tractor trailer out of the roadway. the driver of the truck was taken to a hospital with minor injuries. no arrest yet following an overnight chase here in des moines. it started started around 2:30 this morning with speeds reaching in excess of 100 miles
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police say the driver ditched the suv off southwest 23rd near aib and ran from the scene. they say they were able to question a passenger. but have yet to find the driver. des moines airport officials say too many cars are lingering at the terminal this holiday season. they say drivers are spending too much time waiting for passengers in the area only designated for loading and unloading. to solve the problem the airport is asking drivers to use the cell phone parking lot which is a designated area for drivers to park while waiting for a phone call from their passenger. the area is only about three minutes away on the southside of the airport. there are 16 parking spaces. all are free and have no time limit. the lot also keeps drivers from waiting at other businesses on fleur drive like grocery stores or hotels. >> if they are just sitting in the parking lots and waiting, they are adding congestion to their lot.
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of those spots that might be just sitting and parking and put them into our lot. mollie: you can access the cellphone lot on the lid avenue and follow the signs on the service road. you can receive a ticket or get towed for staying at the terminal 2 long. chances are if you are a fan, you know the tickets for the blue ribbon bacon festival go on sale in just a few minutes. this year's festival at the iowa events center is set for february 20. you can get tickets starting at 12:10 this afternoon either over the phone, or online at it is breezy but still very nice outside considering the time of year. let's check in now with jason to see how long this will last. jason: you have got to warn me before you toss a story about bacon. it is an gorgeous outside. 50's and temperatures in the 60's. not feeling close to mid december.
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we have factored in the wind in a big way. these are sustained winds. not even wind gusts. upwards of 20-30 miles per hour. a bit of a hold your hat kind of day. looking at the school net stations. 48 miles per hour as far as wind gusts go. des moines has come around that mid-40 range. those winds will be staying active. we do see those died on through 6:00 p.m. and through 9:00 p.m. tonight. i will have the full weekend forecast, including details on the rain coming and coming up shortly. mollie: turning to commitment 2016 news, donald trump continues to receive criticism for his comments about muslims entering the u.s. but as weijia jiang reports, not everyone disagrees. reporter: despite receiving days of global criticism, donald trump's call for a ban on
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not seem to be hurting him. the latest poll shows trump at 35%, his highest level of support yet in our poll. it was taken before his proposal to ban muslims from entering the u.s. trump told fox news this morning he is not surprised. >> a lot of people agree with. me but i certainly do not do for poll numbers reporter: his high poll numbers have made it hard for the rest of the gop field to break through. >> i will not hyperventilate about polls and i will not do the media has fallen into. we had a major terrorist attack on u.s. soil a week ago yesterday. now all the talk is dominated by this plan is never going to happen. reporter: well nearly every republican candidates as they disagree with him on his land, none of said they won't support him if he wins the gop nomination. . one says he is close >> i hope he changes his rhetoric and becomes a unifier. if he doesn't and divisions and
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reporter: getting support back from trump could be hard. 51% of supporters say they are minds are made up. and they are sticking with him. weijia jang, cbs news, washington. mollie: only 24% of non-trump voters say there minds are made up. he has scrapped a planned trip later this month to israel. benjamin netanyahu had been urged to cancel the visit following the recent uproar over muslims. right here at home we were there in florida senator marco rubio held a town hall meeting with concerned veterans for america in west des moines this morning. 100 people showed up to hear how rubio would fight to help veterans. he says the ba needs more -- v.a. need more accountability and transparency and veterans the choices about where they can
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rubia spoke about isis, saying we are now at war. >> we are at war. and it's an unusual war. it is not with the nationstate or people that wear uniforms. we are at war. if you don't believe that, obviously we have more work to do to convince you we are at war with radical islamic terrorists. mollie: he is now headed to ames for a meeting greeted iowa state university at memorial union at 12:15 and then onto iowa city. also today, the family leader officially gave their support to senator ted cruz in his run for president. they announced it in the rotunda of the state capitol this morning. robert vander plots says he feels that he has the right character in confidence to write represent conservative christian values, as well as the resources to go the distance. president obama has signed a measure replacing the landmark no child left behind education law of 2002.
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teachers are evaluated and how the poorest-performing schools are pushed to improve. the law also encourages states to set caps on the time students spend on testing. the president praised republicans and democrats are coming together on the new law that gives more decision-making power to individual states. and protesters are back on the streets of chicago. it was the day after the mayor rahm emanuel gave a speech to aldermen apologizing in the wake of recent video footage showing the fatal police shootings of blacks. some protesters are calling for his resignation. they were staging a dye-in. but right now, emanuel continues to say he has no plans of doing so. golden globe nominations were announced this morning. todd haynes 1950's romance "carol" landed a leading five nominations, including best dramatic picture. also the big finance farce "the big short" earned four nominations including best picture and comedy.
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was nominated for best picture, drama, and best actor for leonardo dicaprio. ricky gervais will return as host for the globes on january 10. you can see a whole list of nominations at our website still to come today continued , flooding in the northwest turn deadly as more heavy rain falls on already saturated ground. but it's a different story in the northeast where they're playing golf in a city usually covered with several inches of
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at noon with mollie cooney and meteorologist jason sydejko. mollie: the pacific northwest is getting pounded by another day of steady rain as the string of storms kills at least two people in washington and oregon. the storms have also left thousands are without power. david begnaud has the latest from oregon where the roads look like rivers.
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washington state, five days a rhythm of this ring is triggered severe flooding and landslides. producing dangerous and deadly conditions. >> don't but the blue skies for you. there is plenty more to cause trouble here in these rivers. reporter: along the columbia river year -- north of portland, firefighters try to rescue an elderly couple. the driver managed to escape the sunroof. his wife drowned. >> everything just came down and giving the shaking. everything went black. reporter: he says this tree came crashing down just feet from the rb ricky and his fiancee and it-month-old daughter's leaving. no one was hurt. in portland a 60-year-old woman was killed in a tree sliced through her home. she was tend underneath. her husband and brother got out under our -- unharmed. massive boulders pushed onto the busiest highways. >> get started with a couple of
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reporter: drivers were stranded in traffic jams for miles. near seattle in entire hillside tumbled into puget sound, destroying one home and damaging several others. mollie: and while the northwest seeing flooding, the snow capitol of the u.s. has not had any measurable snow fall this season. the strongest el nino on record is keeping temperatures warm in buffalo, new york, with temperatures expected to be near 60 this weekend. the lack of measurable snow has broken a record that has stood for 116 years. and just like here in the metro area golf remains in full swing , at many area courses there. >> to have this beautiful weather in buffalo. >> the gentleman of the street was mowing his lawn today. reporter: during an average season, buffalo received this mars -- its first measurable
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receives about 93 inches throughout the weather -- winter. and mild temperatures greeted overnight campers at hilton coliseum. and we're now just hours away from tonights cyhawk showdown the cyclones come into the game undefeated and ranked number 2. the hawkeyes are unranked with a record of 7-2 and will be looking to pull off the upset. game time is set for 6:30 tonight. the game can be seen on espn 2. let's check back in now with going to get. we know it's going to change. jason: it will change eventually. you have to grab hold of the weather will you got it. we will be close to a record high today. it sits at 66 and we are not quite there yet. a little bit of colder air following the rain up to the north. 46 for webster city. ames at 50. 54 for the metro. we have had some clouds in the mix for a while. look at this beautiful shot. des moines skyline just after sunset. thank you for sending that in. go over to you local and you can
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for the story today. winds in the upper 30's to low eastern portions of the state. of the day. we do eventually bring in some chances for rain. not today or even tomorrow, but as we head into the weekend mainly saturday into sunday. the rain is leading and drying up -- fleeting and drying up. sunshine soon for most of us. just some scattered stuff down to around marshalltown. even around waterloo. light stuff at this point. it made an impact. this is out in ames. you can see some of the roads are a little bit wet. as the sun continues to shine that will help to drive that out and warm us up. mid-50's right now out there in the metro. we will continue to be on the increase as we head into the afternoon. 61 by 3:00 p.m. this evening we dropped a 36 by
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if we don't hit 42 or lower by midnight, we will have the warmest low we've ever seen on this day. kind of nice when you're low average high should be for this 54 again tomorrow. we hang onto the warmth for pattern shift in store for us very soon. the next couple of days do look bottom drops out a bit for us. this system starts to form and rain into the weekend. there are spots through central and southeastern portions of the state vacancy over one inch of rain. we should be talking snow and we are talking a reasonable amount of rainfall. today is beautiful. as we have through friday we work in some cloud cover. release data stuff. if you -- really scattered stuff. i would get out and enjoy it while the getting is good because it will not be for too much longer. 61 degrees and we keep the winds
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clouds and light rain persists mainly for northeastern portions of the state over the next couple of hours. then we clear out tonight and drop the temperature down to 36 degrees. the next few days though, not bad. you see the rain rolling in on saturday. 56 degrees there and then we start to drop. and now we don't stop. by monday we're down to the mid-30's. the average, and we get sunshine. mollie: we are ready for it. it is a home with quite a history and it is open for the
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mollie: the historic jordan house is decked out for the holidays. this coming sunday, along with bennett school. gail brubaker's project record with the west des moines historical society. happy holidays. tell us what is taking place.
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guest: it was a house built by james c jordan, one of the first pioneers iowa. he came here in 1846 and built the jordan house. one of the amazing thing is that it was a site on the underground railroad. he and his family were staunch abolitionists and worked with john brown to help fugitive slaves escape north. not only is it absolutely beautiful, it is a very important historical landmark. mollie: a lot of people don't realize it is located at 2001 full or road. some -- fuller road. some people don't realize when they drive by it is history. guest: i think it is important for us to realize the history lessons that are there about tolerance and acceptance and helping other people, as well as the fact it's a really gorgeous building. mollie: beautiful video. an open house this sunday. what will we see? guest: you will see an
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there will be treats and music and self-guided tour's, including the basement where all of the information about the underground railroad is. and then for the low ticket price of five dollars for adults and three dollars for children you can also visit the bennett school, the last one-room schoolhouse built and used in polk county. mollie: that's at 4000 fuller road. guest: last sunday we had some wonderful artists decorating gingerbread houses and doing other holiday crafts as well. it was a really neat time for children to come and see where grandma and grandpa may have gone to school and learn more about the school system when there were these country schools. mollie: this is the last one here in this area? guest: it's a unique opportunity and the bennett school is not opened very often. if you have driven by and wednesday would it looks like, here is your chance this sunday
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mollie: the price is reasonable. is jordan house open throughout the year for two wars? -- tours? guest: yes but it will not now. you will want to get there on sunday. mollie: how to get tickets? guest: you can just show up at either the jordan house or the bennett school. we will be more than happy to sell you a ticket. it's good for both location and it is a good deal financially. mollie: does this help in the restoration and continuance of the facilities? guest: definitely. we have a house built in 1850. there will always be maintenance issues. this is a really nice way to come see both properties and help support the west des moines historical society. we will take your support anytime of the year. mollie: and learn more about these fascinating facilities. guest: it is a neat time in iowa history.
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mollie: warm and windy today but the winds of change are on the way. jason: they are in a big way. we will hold on to above average warmth for a while. the skies are clear and the sun is building its way in. it will be a beautiful day. a little light rain to the central and northeastern parts of the state. that will again to shift eastward. plan on clouds breaking to the middle portion of the day and we see sunshine before we head into the evening. temperatures back down to the middle 30's. a look across the state in its a beautiful day. 58 in des moines and 57 down and n -- in lamoni. it will be quite the soaker for some people. an inch or two of rain in spots. mollie: get out now and enjoy.
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