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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning at 430am  Me-TV  December 11, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CST

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of 50 degrees, headed for clouds this afternoon and 57, but rain this weekend and cold temperatures next week. elizabeth: what a game. a last-second stunner at hilton. eric: the cyclones come back from 20 points down to stay undefeated on the season. let's go to the second half, a 30-11 run brought iowa state back from a deep deficit, 82-81 with 21 seconds left. morris then drove the lane and floated in the go-ahead shot, which the cyclones made stand with one final defensive stop. monte morris hit a runner with 9 seconds left and 4th-ranked iowa state stunned iowa 83-82. >> we were just out of character the first 15 minutes of the first half. we were rushing, playing too all get it back at once. the biggest thing was to remind
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>> we walked into halftime with a positive five. we are on the run, we have momentum. believe in. elizabeth: kcci's vanessa peng had been talking to fans all night long. she has their reaction from the nail bitter. vanessa: the seats for the cyhawk showdown were so valuable, some students lined up outside hilton coliseum right after the monday night game. because they beat us in football. we've got to beat them in basketball. vanessa: at one point, the student line wrapped all the way around hilton. >> like we're good so it's worth it to stand in line and to see us play and i am excited to see them. vanessa: it was packed, not a seat in the house was empty. cyclone fans were on their feet, but hawk fans weren't far behind. at the half, iowa was up 14 points. >> it seems like the emphasis
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i'm a little surprised they seem , a little out of it so far but hoping. >> we're feeling like we should have played last year. we're playing a lot better this year and jared uthoff is having the game of his life right now. vanessa: the clones shot back, the points started adding up, a nailbiter until the end, hilton magic sealed the deal yet again. >> amazing, it's hilton magic . that's what it is. >> typical iowa basketball. they like to get big leagues and sometimes they're not really good closing teams so whatever , it happens. >> that was probably one of the most emotional things i've ever been through. from being crying to almost in tears to us winning and screaming in sweat and it got so hot but it was probably one of the most awesomest experiences i've ever had at iowa state. elizabeth: quite a night. the cyclones are 8-0 going to their next game sunday at hilton coliseum against the university
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lions. eric: the families of two men hit and killed by a suspected drunk driver four weeks ago are enraged to learn the suspect is out of jail. kcci's mark tauscheck has their emotional reaction. >> he loved life, he was always happy even after his stroke and was happy. mark: tamara cox says her uncle . the 59-year-old was the passenger in this car that was broadsided by a car going about twice the speed limit on hubbell , according to police reports. the driver, randy's best friend 60-year-old rick hummell, was pronounced dead at the hospital. the driver of the car that hit them, 53-year-old deanna gliem of des moines, now faces 2 counts of vehicular homicide by operating while intoxicated and 2 counts of vehicular homicide by reckless driving. gliem posted a $250,000 cash or surety bond today and was released. >> i think she ought to be put away.
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walking free today. my brother's not walking free. mark: sonnenburg's family understands the legal process but feels the bond was too low. >> i am very upset, i am angry. i'm very angry because i don't think she should be allowed to enjoy life, what she did was wrong. >> she's a mother too and she's a grandmother, well, my brother's a father and a grandfather, and he'll never get to see his grandkids grow up. mark: they y y the only silver lining, these two life long best . side. eric: a polk county jail spokesman told kcci deanna gliem went through a bail bondsman and likely either worked out a loan using collateral or agreed to pay around 10%, or $25,000 up front as part of the deal with the bondsman. we were unable to contact gliem. elizabeth: new information now about a deadly shooting in the heart of downtown des moines. kcci's ryan smith explains how police tracked down their suspect. ryan: that deadly shooting sparked a lengthy debate over
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cameras and security on court avenue. new court documents reveal what happened between the accused gunman and victim moments after shots rang out. prosecutors claim the gunman dresean barber knew the victim edmanuel perez long before the deadly altercation. and a search warrant, perez's brother acknowledged that dre has been on the losing end of fights before as a result of the ongoing feud. upon seeing perez at carbon barber told a detective he had planned to leave the bar and go home to avoid problems. court documents also reveal barber and his brother told conflicting stories about what happened that night. barber claims he left carbon before the fight broke out to meet his brother and did not hear any gunshots. but that brother, dorian barber told an investigator he heard shots fired before meeting dresean near third and court.
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attorney alfredo parrish calling the $1 million, cash-only bond amount excessive and punitive. he is asking the judge to lower the bond and remove the cash-only condition, and requests an interview by the fifth judicial district to determine if barber can be community. eric: 4:36, and it seems like we today. metinka: 40 in des moines, 32 in fort dodge. the highs again will make it clouds. for 57 degrees. thunderstorms are in your saturday forecast, followed by a big cool down for next week. eric: a republican presidential candidate put the spotlight on veterans this morning in west des moines. marco rubio called for reforming the department of veterans affairs.
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fodor was there. cynthia: iraqi war veteran pete hegseth told these veterans the system set up to serve them is broken. >> this is a decrepid loaded bureaucracy of 340,000 bureaucrats that can't be fired and don't serve our veterans and i want. -- i want to do something about it. cynthia: marco rubio says he is the candidate to do something about it, bringing along a personal reason why. his big brother, mario, a former green beret, is still waiting for help with an army-related injury. >> mario is going through the exact same era craddick nightmare -- bureaucratic nightmare every veteran has to go through. confusing it's been. even filling out the forms is complicated. reforming the v.a. with accountability and transparency, while firing those who don't do the job. he also wants veterans to be able to use their benefits to seek private care.
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to follow the benefits. cynthia: rubio said if we don't take care of old soldiers, we won't recruit new ones, saying we're in a war with radical islamic terrorists right now. he claims as commander in chief, he would fight for veterans to get the help they need and deserve. cynthia fodor, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. eric: rubio also held a meet and in ames, and spent the afternoon in iowa city. meanwhile, donald trump will be back in des moines today. in washington thursday the republican-led senate judiciary committee, endorsed a non-binding measure, that says that barring individuals from on religion, would be un-american. but donald trump is not backing down on his opinion. support for his proposal to temporarily ban all muslims from entering the u.s. trump's campaign event will be held at the varied industries building tonight at the iowa state fairgrounds at 6:30.
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elizabeth: the president of the conservative group the family leader and several other board members officially endorsed senator ted cruz in his run for president thursday. ceo bob vander plaats says he feels the cruz has the right character, confidence to best represent conservative christian values, and the resources to go the distance. >> people are moving on and they're looking and saying well what is that fresh, what is that , bold, what is that courageous leadership? and i happen to believe that the extraordinary leader that we need for these extraordinary times is u.s. senator ted cruz. elizabeth: the endorsement comes as cruz sees his support growing in iowa. a recent cnn poll shows 20% of likely iowa gop caucus-goers back cruz. coming up, a new public service video is getting a lot of attention by using children acting the part of burglars. we'll explain. eric: kathedral controversy.
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local church is causing problems >> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz and right now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: good morning, 4:43. temperatures are running a little bit cooler this morning than yesterday. 40 degrees in des moines, 35 in
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temperatures will be slowly recovering through the 40's and 30's. around noon time, temperatures will be close to 50 degrees. overall it is going to be another great afternoon, mild conditions, dry weather, heading for 57 degrees. temperatures continue to trend downward and the weather gets a little more active. we will have some rain, even thunderstorms this weekend. next week is looking pretty chilly. by the middle and end of the week we are expected to need a winter coat with highs close to freezing. eric: caught on camera. two elementary aged kids are busted while robbing a west des moines woman. but don't worry, it's all for a good cause. elizabeth: kcci's kim st. onge went to find out who's behind the video. >> make sure you are home to take possession of your online
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kim: they're not your average burglars. >> seeing the kids as burglars is kind of cute, but then you're like, oh, that really could happen. kim: that's the idea behind officer matthew mccarty's latest video. >> we're trying to get away from the brochure and the real boring type safety tips. kim: dressed in head to toe black, the kid burglars show how easy it isiso get distracted, making you the perfect target for a thief. >> it's safety tips everybody's heard before but we're trying to make it in a way that people will listen to them again because, just because you've heard them, doesn't mean you're doing a very good job of keeping up with your safety. kim: mccarty shot the 1 minute 27 second video using a camcorder and go pro. >> it's a fun take on it for sure. kim: shoppers we showed the video to say mission accomplished. kim: >> oh, chaching. kim: facebook stats show others agree. the video was shared hundreds of times within just a few hours of being posted. >> i'm pretty funny so i knew that would happen.
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it's exciting to see the numbers spike so fast. >> we watch and see how long people are actually watching, you know, because then we can prioritize our tips, at what point in the video. i mean, there's more to it than just putting it on there and hoping they watch it. kim: mccarty hopes mixing important information with humor makes this a memorable message. >> it's a good way to remind people that always be careful wherever you are. you never know what's gonna happen or when. elizabeth: by the way, if you are wondering those little burglars are actually mccarty's kids. the department's next video on smart 911 tips is expected to be released in january. eric: here's a live look at the west mixmaster. waking up to 40 degrees, a little chillier than yesterday
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>> weather is never more than 5 minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. metinka: good morning, 4:48. it is a cooler start than it was on thursday with temperatures mainly in the 30's to near 40, but they will recover nicely this afternoon, 57 in des moines. no rain today, that moves in over the weekend. it is a little frosty this morning to the north and northwest. fort dodge at 32 degrees. we are watching those clouds
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this is all headed to the next system that will be affecting our weather over the weekend, but now the weather is quiet across most of the midwest. we will have a weak cold front that will start to move through the state tonight, and tomorrow the wind will return back to the north as a warm front. by the evening hours, we will be tracking the rain moving in for missouri. overnight thunderstorms are likely. more evening rainfall coming in on your sunday morning, the whole system getting out of here by early monday morning. nice and quiet today, could have some drizzle later on tonight, but the main activity waits until after 7:00 or 8:00 p.m. on your saturday. after 10:00 p.m. in central iowa we could see some thundershowers. more rain will begin to move in by sunday evening and that will
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we are expecting some welcome -- some impressive rainfall totals, with higher totals out to the east. we could end up with two inches or more across portions of the southeastern half of the state, so a pretty impressive system. today we are headed for 57, not as much wind as yesterday. tomorrow, the rain moves in for the evening. 55 on saturday, still pretty mild on sunday despite the rain moving in, but the temperatures trend downward next week with highs in the 30's. elizabeth: it has been nice while it has lasted. eric: it's like a high traffic welcome mat to des moines' historic sherman hill neighborhood. elizabeth: for the past few years, the small plot of city-owned land has been leased by kathedral church, right across the street. but as kcci's shaina humphries explains, some sherman hill residents want the display at 19th and crocker to end. shaina: you can't miss the flags, when you get on or off i-235 at mlk.
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so much about the flags, it's about the land. >> i think they're pleasing to the eye and they're really becoming an icon in des moines. shaina: pastor kenney linhart says he put these flags here to represent the many backgrounds that make up his church and his community. >> the flags represent our campus and our ministry, flavor of our city. shaina: linhart has added some flavor of his own to this side of sherman hill with several projects, from restoring the church to moving the historic filling station. but, the sherman hill neighborhood association worries that linhart has even bigger dreams, that could change the neighborhood. >> pastor kenney and the kathedral have visions of expanding the church, and incorporating some of the parcels around them. shaina: and that vision may not be in line with what the rest of the neigorhood wants. >> the current president said, we don't want a megachurch in our neighborhood, and i just had
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your business. shaina: neither party owns the land, but both are trying to work with the city for control. in a compromise, des moines has extended the church's lease, while giving the neighborhood time to come up with a final plan for the land. >> really we want it to be a collaborative effort to involve kind of what we see as the gateway to our neighborhood. of this land has been extended for up to six months from now and in that time the neighborhood association says they want to work everyone in sherman hill, including the church, to finalize a plan. in des moines, shaina humphries, kcci 8 news. eric: coming up next why pilots
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lights could be an acciden metinka: it is five minutes before 5:00 a.m., 40 degrees in des moines. it is going to be another gorgeous day. our warm temperatures will stick around for now, 57 for a high temperature, and it will be less windy than yesterday. we will need the umbrella over the weekend with rain moving in by the late evening hours on saturday. most of tomorrow is looking fine with clouds and 55. showers in the morning, and
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sunday, with a high of 53. eric: a popular outdoor christmas light trend could cause some serious problems for airplane pilots. elizabeth: the faa released a statement expressing concern about laser light displays that could distract pilots. kcci's rose heaphy explains their concerns. rose: thousands of laser light beams are shining on homes in festive christmas colors. >> they were the hot lights this year. rose: laser lights aren't staying on the shelves for long. at true value hardware in west des moines, they sold out in a week. >> they like innovation and they like technology and that kind of wraps it all up in one. rose: but, the lasers could extend beyond the city block and into the skies and cockpits above. >> the potential is definitely there for there to be an issue or problem if people aren't careful. you could easily be at an altitude that those lasers could affect you. rose: especially, during takeoff and landing, a laser could impact a pilot's vision.
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-- using a flight simulator -- you can see coming out the right door here the airport. rose: flight instructor tim harmer explains how a stray laser beam could be a distraction. >> lighting systems at the airports can identify different things so the potential for the confusion exists as well as the temporary blindness. rose: the star shower instructions tell users not point the beams into the flight paths within about 10 miles of an airport, in the metro area that extends from nearly johnston to central warren county. but pilots aren't trying to be the grinch on christmas lights, just asking people to be aware. >> be really careful on setting them up and making sure that none of the small beams of light actually go out past the rooflines. elizabeth: des moines airport operations officials say so far there haven't been any laser incidents this holiday. eric: ahead on kcci, the first government plane carrying refugees has arrived in canada. what's next for them. plus, a medical helicopter crashes in a remote part of california. how many were killed in the
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of >> you're watching kcci 8 news. >> morris floats it up. elizabeth: a stunning victory for iowa state. fans storm the court and send a man to the hospital. new details overnight. eric: also right now, judgment day. what a judge could tell a des moines teenager today charged in a gruesome crime. elizeth: and happening while you were sleeping refugees , resettle. a plane carrying syrians lands in canada. the plea from the prime minister this friday morning, december 11. good morning, everyone, thanks so much for choosing kcci. i'm elizabeth klinge. eric: i'm eric hanson. we are starting off our friday a little chillier than yesterday. metinka: a little bit cooler to
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