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tv   CBS This Morning  Me-TV  December 11, 2015 7:00am-9:00am CST

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good morning. it is friday, december 11th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." the fbi continues its search for a hard drive that could hold clues to the motives of the san bernardino shooters. isis sells $40 million of oil on the black market every month. surprising new details on who is buying. plus, is donald trump's plan to temporarily ban muslims potentially bad for business? we look at the new financial fallout. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. the search will last for days. come up with nothing. we just don't know yet. >> the search for clues in the san bernardino investigation. >> cbs news has learned they are looking for a hard drive belonging to syed farook and tashfeen malik. >> the rain may be over in the pacific northwest after four days of severe storms.
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have arrived in canada. the group was then greeted by the prime minister. >> we just can't afford to be anything more so politically incorrect. >> no longer think he is funny. >> has he mentioned you a few times? >> a few times. >> officials say a helicopter went down amid heavy rain and fog. >> connecticut is preparing to begin the first state to forbid gun sales on the federal no-fly list. >> we are working with federal authorities to gain access to their list for this purpose. passenger train out of boston took off without the conductor, traveling four stations until the power was stopped. a woman was traveling along a street in ohio when she ended up driving her car up a guide wire to a utility pole. >> all that. >> you have yet to agree on one single thing. let's switch to another topic of national importance. football.
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station with us. driversthe divers are combing through a lake about three miles from the shooting scene in san bernardino. >> farook and malik may have been in the area before the killings. john blackstone is at the second lake park in san bernardino where the killers may have left an important piece of computer john, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. sources tell cbs news that the divers here are looking for a computer harddrive has was missing from the shooter's home. the divers say this is a very difficult search and no will find what they are looking for. the fbi says it has already searched the park where this lake is located, searching the lake itself was the next logical step. >> we did have a lead that indicated that the subject came into this area. >> reporter: the fbi continues
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enrique marquez, the man investigators say purchased the rifles the couple used in the attack. cbs news has learned he is telling authorities he and farook abandoned a planned attack in 2012. that same year, a separate attack was thwarted. the fbi is investigating whether farook and marquez had ties to those would-be terrorists. >> there may be connections that are multiple degrees of separation. we have to find that out. >> reporter: marquez' friends and relatives expressed their surprise that marquez could be involved. one described him as goofy and
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light-hearted tone >> reporter: she says he was a good person in the house with me. he would take care of me when i was sick. his mother also said she was unaware of her son's marriage to a russian immigrant who was related to farook by marriage. friends say the couple did not live together. meanwhile, investigators are take ago closer look at the female shooter and the fiancee visa she used to enter the country last year. as part of that process, she was vetted by five government agencies but she didn't show up on any terror watch list. >> john, thank you. stunning new numbers from the treasury department shows just how much money isis makes selling oil. one official says it could be up to $40 million a month. that is around 5 hundred million a year. the u.s. says syria's government is one of the biggest buyers. elizabeth palmer is in london to look at how oil is changing the war against isis. elizabeth, good morning.
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well, it's a war that is being fought on many fronts and one of the top new priorities is strangling isis' hefrevenue and at the top of the list is the oil business. u.s. and coalition planes have now begun to bomb tankers full of oil sold by isis in syria. part of an effort to cut off an estimated $40 million a month the group makes from petroleum sales. and in the cynical economics of war, some of that oil even goes to president assad's government. isis-forn enemy. most of the oil fields in isis-controlled territory and once moved is pumped by tanker to be sold locally to buyers in syria or smuggled over the border in iraq and turkey. they started bombing the refineries last year and the
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oil-related bombing targets and that may have made a dent in isis ability to provide oil clean enough to be used but it didn't stop it. matthew phillips is with bloomberg. >> we overestimated really the damage we did, the long-term damage and underestimated their ability to kind of adapt that to. >> reporter: syrian locals simply set up crude refineries, basically, cooking the oil in pits in the desert before selling it on to traders who get it to market. attacks on what are technically isis-linked operations like this will evidently kill innocent civilians who are simply working in it to survive. one more thought. while cutting off revenue will hurt isis but it won't bring the group to collapse. solid numbers are hard to come by by the best estimates isis is making twice as many money widespread on what they call taxes on every person in business living under their control.
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a cbs news poll out this morning finds most americans oppose donald trump's idea to prevent muslims to enter the united states. two-thirds say it goes against the founding principles of this country. trump is not the only candidate gaining support. major garrett is in washington looks at trump's most dangerous republican rival right now. major, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. ted cruz picked up a big endorsement in iowa the day after he questioned donald trump's judgment during a private fund-raiser. cruz is real threat to trump in iowa and gaining in our pole nationally. if trump falls of his sportersupporters they say they will back cruz. >> who has the experience and judgment have their finger on chief. lukewarm public take on donald
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here is what it sounded like during a private fund-raiser where, according to an audiotape obtained by "the new york times," cruz predicted trump and ben carson would fade. >> i believe that gravity will bring both of those campaigns down. people are looking for who is prepared to be a commander in chief, who understands the threats we face? who am i comfortable having their finger on the button? >> i really believe and expect senator ted cruz will be the nominee in 2016. >> reporter: in iowa, cruz landed the coveted endorsement of bob vanderplat who backed the last two iowa gop winners. >> this is a message to you. >> reporter: b carenn appears to be fading. his support has tumbled 13 points since the last cbs news/"the new york times" poll. dropping carson to third place. cruz is now second, up 12 points. >> we just can't afford any more to be so politically correct. >> reporter: as for trump's
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muslims from coming to america? 58% of the country opposes it. but according to our latest poll, more than 50% of republicans support the idea. >> i am not convinced that a platform of division and attack will allow us to win jo now even trump's gop rivals are waivering whether they would support him if he was the nominee. >> i probably would oversleep. i don't think that is going to map because he is really not a republican. >> i believe the republican nominee will be somebody who can win the general election and i don't believe donald trump can. >> reporter: iowa holds its caucus february 1st the first of the nation's primary occurs february 9th. a new poll in new hampshire this morning shows trump firmly in
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jersey governor chris party. he promised to resettle syrians in canada by next march. washington state is cleaning up from a damaging tornado that touched down thursday in the city of battleground and crews worked through the night to clear the debris. the twister is the latest camp of severe weather to hit the pa
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one this year. >> it's ripping whole trees up, dude. >> reporter: thursday's winds packed 104 miles per hour and uprooted dozens of trees and snapped some nearly right in half. >> it does appear a tornado went through and multiple trees and lines are down. >> reporter: about 36 homes and a pair of businesses were damaged. vanessa easley works at a minimart. >> the wind came through. the storm pushed those front doors out, in, and back out and then the water started pouring through the roof. >> reporter: wooden stakes sliced through one home like taggers. andrew said it took about 30 seconds for the storm to pass. >> looked like the "wizard of oz" out here. trees flying down the road and debris everywhere. >> reporter: high winds and heavy rain and hail have been pounding the pacific northwest for almost a week now. some areas soaked with as much as 18 inches of water. construction crews have been
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clear mud and dirt west this morning, the east coast is in the east coast is in for a very unusual warmup. a monster snowstorm dumped more than two feet of snow in some areas.
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quinn from our new york station wcbs is tracking the forecast. >> reporter: i remember the storm last year very well. worked right through it. totally different setup right now with the jet stream. you take a look at what a typical jet stream pattern is like for this time of the year. if you're north of the line, you would be cold. south of the line, you're going to be warm. look what it's doing now. at least for the eastern half of the country, incredibly mild air and warmer through the weekend. typically 30s and 40s for the northeast but the records for sunday, they run approximately 20 degrees warmer than those numbers i just showed you. take a look. those numbers in white are what we are forecasting. i think plenty of towns you see on this map will be rewriting the record books. new york 65 and buffalo 65. 65 degrees this time of year in buffalo? you won't know what hit you out there. no major changes, okay? as far as what the winter outlook is telling us because the el nino pattern set up basically means it's going to be
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it doesn't mean you rule out a big storm. charlie, whereas, last year a big elongated, say, eight-week period any one day could give you a snowstorm, this week, two weeks mild, one week cold, two weeks mild, one week cold. if you get a cold front during one of those cold snaps you could get a snowstorm but not anything like what we saw last year. the ntsb is investigating a crash of a medical helicopter overnight that killed all four people on board. it came down from bakersfield, california. it crashed in heavy rain and fog in a remote field about halfway to its destination. a pilot, nurse, paramedic and
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today, family members of aident demonstrators were out again thursday night and want the chicago mayor rahm emanuel to step down. connecticut is moving ahead with a plan to prevent anyone on a federal watch list from buying guns. the governor dannel malloy will sign an executive order to close what he calls a gun control loophole. connecticut is working with the federal government to gain access to those lists. the state already has some of the toughest gun laws in the country. lawmakers passed restrictions on large capacity magazines and assault weapons after the sandy ago. in our next hour, governor malloy joins us for an interview you will see only on "cbs this morning" and we will ask him how he thinks his executive order that's ahead.
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police officer could spend the rest of his life in prison. the jury, yesterday, found daniel holtzclaw guilty on 18 counts related to the rape or sexuality assault of eight women. prosecutors said holtzclaw targeted black women in the low income neighborhood he patrolled. the 29-year-old sobbed as they read the verdict. the jury recommended 263 years. a military college in south carolina is investigating what their president calls offensive and disturbing behavior. the citadel suspended eight cadets after photos surfaced on social media showing students wearing white pillowcases referable referabling ku klux klan. the university said the following on thursday.
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investigators in massachusetts are focusing on operator error after a train with a round 50 driver. the ride started at the braintree station 30 minutes south of boston and continued past four stations before power the train. the ordeal lasted less than ten minutes and none of the passengers were hurt. officials say the conductor left the train to flip a switch to bypass a signal problem. whether he properly secured the brakes before getting off. >> oops. that is a big old oops. luckily, everybody is okay. more pressure on lawmakers this morning to renew a health program for those who responded to the september 11th attacks. in washington yesterday, new york city police commissioner william bratton urged congress to renew the zadroga act that benefits first responders who
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joined him for the trip. >> among the bill's biggest supporters is jon stewart, the comedian. he made an appearance last night on "the late show." he sent another lawmessage to lawmakers this time imitating donald trump. >> these 9/11 first responders, let me tell you something. these 9/11 first responders are the top crusted heroes america can produce. don't let congress play politics with this necessary bill. >> paul ryan says the act will be included in a spending bill and lawmakers are expected to vote next week. donald trump's business empire could face new crofts for his controversial remarks on the campaign trail and about keeping muslims out of the united states. first, it's time t good morning. temps are cooler this morning in the 30s so grab a jacket early today. the weather stays mild and dry today with highs near 57. rain moves in late saturday afternoon with thunderstorms saturday night and off and on rain showers on
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next week with more seasonable highs near freezing by mid- week. have a great day. ahead, army sergeant bowe bergdahl's first public accounts of why he abandoned his base. the news is back this
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good morning. temps are cooler this morning in the 30s so grab a jacket early today. the weather stays mild and dry today with highs near 57. rain moves in late saturday afternoon with thunderstorms saturday night and off and on rain showers on sunday. temps take a big tumble next week with more seasonable highs near freezing by mid-week.
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it's all part of the first lady's campaign to encourage teens to pursue higher education. she has some moves. trying to keep us healthy and educated. and educated. >> and she lends her name to good causes. >> sure does. education. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, will donald trump's controversial comment take a rising toll on his bottom line is in the billionaire is already taken a financial hit over his opinions. we will now look into whether his business ventures have staying power. army sergeant bowe bergdahl explains what happened when with he was captured by the taliban in his own words.
7:30 am
season of the serial podcast. ahead, why it's a story his defense team wants everyone to hear. time to show the this morning's headlines from around the globe. "the washington post" reports on president obama signing a new education law that replaces no child left behind and changes testing regulations. under the new law the federal government will have less oversight. "the new york times" reports on an alarming use in the powerful use of psychotropic drugs for babies. they are given to kid for their behavior. antipsychotic prescriptions for kids 2 and under went up 50% from the year before. prozac went up 23%. no published research on how the drugs affect young children.
7:31 am
over a gas leak near porter ranch, california. the fumes could actually be ignited by airline engines. enhanced video shows the cloud of methane making people sick. the gas leak started in late october and could be fix in three or four months. the faa says they were distributed between february 27th and december 6th. britain's
7:32 am
condemns donald trump's anti-muslim stance. it has affected his business in other countries. julianna goldman is outside trump's hotel in washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump has made his fortune, in part, by plastering his name around the world from washington, d.c. to dubai to istanbul. people have bought into the trump brand as a symbol of luxury and success. but with each new controversy, more and more business partners are severing ties. these twisting high rises in turkey bear the name of donald trump. somebody who work inside the trump towers say it has given them a reason to quit their job. this 20-year-old sales consultant said trump should close the building. there are muslim people working here. this is affecting me in an unfavorable way. this week, a major middle east retailer, the dubai based lifestyle a chain with 190
7:33 am
selling the trump home decor brand. some are calling on the developer to strike trump's name from this luxury high-rise. at this trump residence in new york city. >> i think it's embarrassing to have his name on the building considering the bigotry that comes out of his mouth sometimes. >> reporter: gray says he can't calculate the extent of possible damage to trump's reputation in the muslim world. >> if he gets the nomination that prolongs his exposure in the public eye and then, of course, if he is elected president, then the question becomes what policies is he going to implement. >> honestly, if some of the businesses affected, it's not important to me. >> reporter: but since he declared his candidacy, trump's rhetoric may have had a cost. after his comments about mexican immigrants drew criticism, more than a dozen companies from macy's to the pga and nascar severed ties. >> he lost some small licensing but those are small and penny
7:34 am
his real estate fortune and he has several projects in the muslim world. >> reporter: randall lane is and editor at "forbes" magazine. >> it's very hard to quantify the consequences exactly because it's not just he may or may not lose, it's deals that you don't know he may or may not have gotten. and so that is always the big question mark out there. >> reporter: trump's own financial disclosures don't break down the dollar amount of each investment, but, gayle, "forbes" estimates that last year, trump brought in about $128 million in branding and licensing fees. >> thank you. that is a lot of money. this morning, house republicans accuse the obama administration of misleading congress about the prisoner exchange for bowe bergdahl. the army argument was released back in 2014 after nearly five years in taliban captainiveivity. they say congress was not given
7:35 am
the white house defended it is actions yesterday. >> for the first time bergdahl is reporting why he abandoned his post in afghanistan. jan crawford in sin washington with more. >> reporter: the revelations were made in the newest and installment of the podcast serial. you remember that is the program that got credit for helping the defendant in ace little known maryland murder case yet a step closer to a new trial. bergdahl's attorney is hoping rethink their assumptions about his client. >> there i was in the open desert and i'm not about to outrun a bunch of motorcycles. >> reporter: within minutes of leaving his remote outpost in june of 2009 sergeant bowe bergdahl said he knew he made a mistake but it was too late to turn back. hours later, he was captured. >> i couldn't do anything against six or seven guys with
7:36 am
>> they said you fought like crazy. >> no, i didn't. all i had was a knife. >> reporter: bergdahl told the filmmaker he was walking through hostile territory to a larger base about 20 miles away. there he would alert commanders to problems within his own unit and thought going awol will force them to treat his claim seriously. >> what was going on was a danger to the lives of the men of that company. >> reporter: bergdahl thought he could take on taliban fighters like some real-life action hero. >> doing what i did was me saying i am. >> right. >> like, i don't know. jason boerne. i wanted to prove to the world that i was the real thing. scared i won't be able to go home. it is very unnerving to be a prisoner. >> reporter: bergdahl now says his self-described plan was, quote, stupid. after the taliban released him
7:37 am
instead, bergdahl is called a traitor and put the lives of soldiers searching for him in danger. >> reporter: bergdahl gave serial permission to use 25 hours of recorded phone calls between him and the producer. boal is now making a movie about bergdahl. >> the more the case. >> jan, thank you. very interesting. i can't wait to hear the interview. remember when he was released? so much celebration and jubilation and it quickly turned to wait a minute, there is more to the story. now it seems there is even more to the story. >> you have to wonder, too, what his com raids are going to say, too, after hearing these interviews. >> you have to wonder about what
7:38 am
exchange for him. >> lots of questions. many hoverboards will have to stay on the ground. ahead, we will show you why a number of airlines are banning the popular toy from "taking off." if you're heading inging out the door, set your dvr to watch "cbs this morning" any time you'd like. we will be right back. song: "that's life" song: "that's life" song: "that's life" song: "that's life"
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this morning, one of the holiday season's most popular backlash. starting today passengers will no longer be allowed to bring hoverboards on delta airline flights and they join american, united and others in banning the popular toy. vladimir duthiers shows us how concern about fires are grounding them. >> reporter: good morning. the u.s. consumer product safety commission is currently investigating ten reports of hoverboard fires in nine different states and many of the
7:43 am
lithium batteries which the faa can start fires in a plane's baggage compartment. >> reporter: already one of the season's hottest gifts, it appears hoverboards are continuing to "heat up." literally. cell phone videos like this earlier in the week claims one was burning in a washington state mall. another rider from alabama posted this video saying his hoverboard just caught fire. >> the battery just shot out. >> reporter: now, this year's must-have gift is finding its way onto some less popular lists. on thursday, the nation's three largest airways banned the scooter from their flights and concerned about the toy's lithium ion battery. >> they ignite and catch fire very violently. >> reporter: aviation consultant denny kelly. >> the faa probably would ban
7:44 am
period if there was wasn't so much pressure from the airlines to do that. >> reporter: cell phones and tablets use low lithium batteries which fall within the faa regulations but in a statement, delta pointed to the size or power of their lithium ion battery and found the strength of the batteries in hoverboard often exceeded government limits what is allowed on board an aircraft. one hoverboard manufacturer swagway saying they don't come compromise when it comes to using the highest quality parts and urged customers to be aware of fake units sold on the international. the hugely popular product may eventually be recalled. >> they are considered toys, but, in fact, they are not. at the end of the day have you a product that doesn't have to meet any safety requirements on its way to the u.s. market. >> reporter: airlines aren't the hoverboards. on thursday morning, online
7:45 am
it will stop selling the popular product due to growing safety concerns. >> a lot to think about these hoverboards. >> hover birds? >> hoverboards. you can tell i don't have one! >> you rode one around the set here the other day. >> i remember. who do you think at this table has a hoverboard? >> that wasn't hard, gayle. >> i know. be careful, charlie, with your hoverboard! >> it's all about balance. >> be very careful. >> vlad, thank you rb something you may not know about los angeles. there is a river running through it. ahead why a famous architect is trying to return that river to nature. plus our friend bob schieffer, you know him and love him! he moderates a different kind of good morning. temps are cooler this morning in the 30s so grab a jacket early today. the weather stays mild and dry today with highs near 57. rain moves in late saturday afternoon with thunderstorms saturday night and off and on rain showers on sunday. temps take a big tumble next week with more seasonable
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so let's switch to another topic of national importance, and that is football. >> how many times have the vikings lost? four times. >> exactly. >> exactly four times. we got to the super bowl four times, bob! >> gentlemen, let's not turn this into a sports talk radio show. >> well, it's too late, okay? >> he is my friend but he is a loser. >> maybe you'll understand the virtues of being a republican instead of a liberal soshcialist. >> you have to overspend on defense, i think we have heard that before. >> bob schieffer has heard that many times before. the retired "face the nation" host returned to a very familiar role last night. he moderated a pretend debate between al franken and john mccain. arizona won the game over the vikings and they are going to
7:51 am
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7:55 am
let's first get a check on traffic!
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good morning. temps are cooler a jacket early today. the weather stays mild and dry today in late saturday afternoon with
7:57 am
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it is friday, december 11th, welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead, including a new effort to stop gun sales to people on federal watch lists. governor dannel malloy tells us why he wants to do it alone. opener" at 8:00. >> the divers here are looking for a computer hard drive that was missing from the home shared by the shooters. >> the war is being fought on many fronts. right at the top of the list of financial targets is the oil business. >> cruz is a real threat to trump in iowa. itch trump falters, 26% of their cruz. >> it was an ef-1 tornado that touched down. this tree branch shot through the window shattering the glass with people inside. >> look what it's doing now. at least for the eastern half of the country, incredibly mild air and it gets warmer as you go through the weekend. >> donald trump has made his fortune plastering his name around the world.
7:59 am
business partners are severing tie. >> many hoverboard have batteries which the faa says can start planes in a baggage compartment. >> who at this table do you think has a hoverboard? >> this morning america fresh aira announced the golden globes, the globes twitter account mixed her up with gina rodriguez. yeah, the globes said they're immediately sorry and they apologized to sofia vergara. >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and christine johnson of wcbs in new york. norah is off. americans are more worried about terrorism now than they have attacks. attacks. it shows 79% of americans believe it's likely that a terror attack will be carried out in the united states in the next few months. >> this morning a cbs news poll
8:00 am
oppose donald trump's idea to temporarily ban muslims from coming to this country but more than 50% of republicans support it. trump received the endorsement of a police union in new hampshire. the candidate told the crowd there is no time let for political correctness. republican strategist and cbs news contributor frank luntz asked a group of 29 trump supporters about his proposal. >> no more muslims are going to come into the country. who agrees with him, raise your hands. >> temporarily. >> temporarily. >> the president is not making us feel safer. >> trump -- >> what are you scared of? >> -- is the only one who would come out and say something like this. no one else would say it. who would say it? >> so you don't see even in this room, this explosion of points of view, that maybe he went too far in what he said? >> well, you know what trump does? he says something completely crazy and inflammatory and then like oh, my gosh. and then he dials back and sort
8:01 am
saying how he would do things. >> he's addressing and talking to us not like we're stupid. >> frank luntz will share more of the focus group's views on nation." ohio governor john kasich. cbs. fbi divers plan to spend a second day searching a lake a few miles from the san bernardino massacre. the underwater search for evidence began on thursday. officials say they are looking for a computer hard drive missing from the home of the couple who killed 14 people. >> tashfeen malik and syed rizwan farook may have visited the area before the massacre. other officials are trying to figure out how five agencies did not pick up on her radical statements before allowing malik into the u.s. officials are still talking with enrique marquez. he's the neighbor and friend who bought the assault rifles used
8:02 am
marquez told authorities he and farook abandoned a planned attack back in 2012. monday marks three years since the newtown school shootings. connecticut's governor this morning vows to do what the united states senate would not when it comes to gun control. dannel malloy announced thursday he will sign an executive order. those appearing on federal watch lists would be banned from buying guns in his state. governor malloy is with us now from hartford for an interview morning." good morning, governor. >> good morning. >> tell us why you decided to do this. >> well, there's a whole bunch of reasons, not the least of which is to make us safer. several days before the attack in california, i read this report about how many times people on the terrorism watch list have been allowed to legally buy guns in america that was actually 2,043 times. it doesn't make any sense. it doesn't make people safer, it makes it i think a much more
8:03 am
it's come to our attention and it's time to do something about it. yeah, there was an attempt to do something about it and the nra beat that back and it's time for, you know, right-thinking people to stand up and say if somebody has done something that has them on the terrorism watch list, then perhaps we should, you know, temporarily delay them from buying a gun or permanently ban them from buying a gun in a state like connecticut. that's what we want to do. >> people make a couple of points. one is the people who committed the acts in san bernardino did not appear on any no-fly list, number one.- number two, they ask what list will you use. and number three, they ask suppose this is true in nnecticut, will they not simply go to another state. what's really necessary is federal legislation. >> of course federal legislation is necessary. there should be no gun sales that are not subject to a background check. overwhelmingly americans agree with that. overwhwhmingly members of the nra agree there should be background checks.
8:04 am
debate and i'm more than happy to move it further along. when the nra can stop the congress of the united states from passing common-sense lentilinglentil legislation, we're in trouble as a democracy. overwhelmingly people want to see some sort of background checks on a universal basis. someone should not be able to buy a gun over the internet without a background check. someone should not be able to go into a gun show and buy a gun wiout a background check. it doesn't make any sense. let's make america safer. you just led with a statistic about 79% of americans are fearful that there will be a terrorism attack. but 30,000 people in america will die from gun violence and some of that will be in w gunith guns that would not be in the hands they're in if they had universal background checks. >> in your statement you said the public shouldn't be fooled into thinking we're powerless. if congress is not going to act,
8:05 am
states to do the same. if other states reached out and said, governor, we're with you or have you reached out to other states? >> other states have reached out to our office. we're sharing our information. we are discussing this with federal authorities. i think we're going to have an agreement to make these lists available for barack groundckground checks only. when we do a background check in connecticut, we should be able to deny someone the ability to purchase a gun, subject to an appeal, obviously, if they're on that list. it's just common sense. what american doesn't think that that's the right thing to do? >> what about the concern that some people say the list is flawed? >> well, you know, the argument there is things aren't perfect, therefore, we should do nothing. what i'm -- i want to be very clear. we deny people the right to buy a gun in connecticut. it's subject to appeal. many of those appeals are granted because there was a mistake in the paperwork or some
8:06 am
i'm not saying that we unilaterally and permanently prevent someone from being able to purchase a gun, but we should be able to stop it if they're on that list. if we're not going to let them on a plane, why are we going to sell them a gun? >> governor, what list are you talking about? what is the specific list that you will be using in connecticut from the federal government? >> well, there is a terrorism watch list and i think that that's, a, number one. there was a study that showed that people on that list were able to purchase guns 2,043 times in a ten-year period in the united states. let me just remind you that 400,000 people have died by gun violence in america since 9/11. 3,800 americans have died worldwide as a result of terrorism. what i'm saying is let's make sure that we make our country, our state as safe as possible. when you know there's a threat, when you know there's a threat, we should be able to take action. this is a much better discussion --
8:07 am
federal officials actually give you access to these lists? have they said they'll do that? >> we're having discussions and i believe that -- i'm hopeful that it will lead to allowing us to use these lists. that's why i said i will sign an executive order as soon as that agreement is reached. we are in discussion. there's a lot of support in washington for doing this. there's an understanding that this makes citizenry safer. and i think ultimately what we're also trying to do is let's have this as a national discussion out in the open so that people really understand that there are senators and congressmen who would deny this protection to people, the very same congressmen and senators who don't want to let refugees who go through up to 24-month screening process into our country or candidates who don't want to let people of certain faith come into our country. let's have a sane debate about things we can do right now to
8:08 am
>> thank you, governor. >> thank you very much, governor malloy malloy. >> can los angeles design its way out of the historic doubt? we'll good morning. temps are cooler this morning in the 30s so grab a jacket early today. the weather stays mild and dry today with highs near 57. rain moves in late saturday afternoon with thunderstorms saturday night and off and on rain showers on sunday. temps take a big tumble next week with more seasonable highs near freezing by mid-
8:09 am
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8:12 am
announcer: a horrific terror attack in paris. then, a brutal act of terror here at home. it's time for a tested and proven leader who won't try to contain isis. jeb bush has a plan... to destroy them. and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition
8:13 am
with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. this morning, the los angeles river looks more like an empty ditch. forecasters believe the el nino conditions in the pacific ocean remain among the strongest on record. much of that, the rain that it brings to southern california this winter will end up in the river. 51-mile stretch goes to long beach where the water is simply lost to the sea. ben tracy shows us how tha could change with a massive reinvent un and world famous visionary. >> reporter: the terminator used it for a chase.
8:14 am
race. and back in the '50s the film "road block" considered it a bit after disgrace. >> where does this highway take us? >> it's no highway. this is a los angeles river bed. >> reporter: much of the l.a. river does look more like an - over apologized open sewer than a waterway. >> i think a lot of people realized we didn't have a mayor. >> reporter: the marp eric garcetti. >> people settle here. it's a beautiful land. i want to return that in the midst of a great urban center. >> reporter: after record flooding in the 1930s, the army corps of engineers blocked most of the l.a. river in a concrete strait jacket and transforming it into a flood control channel that turns the water out to sea. in a typically storm it's estimated about half of the rainfall, some 10 billion gallons is flushed into the ocean. like now in the midst of a
8:15 am
way to retain that wat they said what? what is your reaction when they approached you? >> scared. >> reporter: geary is a sheet metal success story. his buildings, including this museum in spain and walt disney concert hall in los angeles, seemingly bend to the will of his imagination. his work is being celebrated at the l.a. county museum of art. in his life story told in new biography titled "building art." why los angeles with these politicians and impeding go groups? >> because they asked me and i'm a sucker! it's a big deal. and i thought i could help.
8:16 am
have been quietly working for free. employing the high-tech tools to create a first of its kind in-depth imaging of the river. >> it has to be a water project first and then it can be a beautification. once we know the rules, then we can play by them. i could imagine an incredible park that would really change it. >> reporter: more than one-quarter of people from los angeles within a mile of the river and many are hoping to see much of it return to its wild route, including g draw a line in the sand, i would remove concrete, sure. personally, i think we have enough of it since it was
8:17 am
something more reminiscent. >> reporter: they want a river that is functional but not so hard to love. >> luckily, we live in a time where the technology exists we can keep this a safe place from flooding and bring back the bank and what city in the world has that opportunity this smack dab in the middle? >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," ben tracy, los angeles. >> he brings creativity to the idea. >> but not cheap. $100 million per mile they are estimating the cost. >> to remove the concrete? >> yeah. to make it all beautiful again. >> gajimagine if they fix it. really good analogy. there is e-mail and then there is charlie reading your e-mail. >> i'll be out of the office from monday, december 7th, through friday, december 11th, with limited access to e-mail. >> an usual day on the streets
8:18 am
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8:20 am
>> you and charlie rose is reading you an automatic e-mail. >> i'll be out of the office from monday december 7th, through friday, december 11th, with limited access to e-mail. >> this is charlie, this is otis. >> congratulations, otis.
8:21 am
>> everybody loves him. >> it's a great show. i'll interview like the prime minister of israeli and cate blanchett in an hour. >> what are you going to say? >> i love charlie rose. >> me too. not discovered by diddy but who discovered you? >> i discovered myself! >> oh, that's right! charlie rose! amy schumer! >> so classic. i discovered myself. >> he is so funny. >> he really is. >> otis is looking like, i can't believe i'm standing here talking to charlie rose! >> the idea was that i would read the e-mail. >> i think we have a segment on you reading tweets. >> i was going to say or charlie's voice on the answering machine for those who still have one. >> very great. >> we know you can read e-mails but can charlie conduct an intervie
8:22 am
cyclone fans celebrating a win over iowa by storming the court. monte morris scored with just 9 seconds left to give iowa state the 83-82 win. but covering the chaos - des moines register columnist randy peterson. he suffered a compound leg fracture during the rush - it did require surgery. the big 12 conference can fine schools that fail to keep fans off the court - or even take away home games. today, a judge will deliver a verdict in the nor mccoy murder trial. the defense says makuey's actions prove he was insane... when he beat 97 year old rupert anderson and his wife harriet in their eastside home last july.. killing rupert. but prosecutors say makuey knew what he was doing when he grabbed a steel spatula from his home... and knocked on the anderson's door. kcci will be there at 1:30 when the verdict is read. the families of two men hit and killed by a suspected drunk driver four weeks ago are enraged to learn the suspect...
8:23 am
53-year-old deanna gliem from des moines is free on bond. she left the polk county jail thursday. she's accused of driving drunk and broad- siding a car on hubbell on november 15th. the two men inside, 59-year-old randy sonnenburg and 60-year-old rick hummell were both killed. let's first get a check on traffic!
8:24 am
good morning. temps are cooler this morning in the 30s so grab a jacket early today. the weather stays mild and dry today with highs near 57. rain moves in late saturday afternoon with thunderstorms saturday night and off and on rain showers on sunday. temps take a big tumble next week with more seasonable highs near freezing by mid-week.
8:25 am
do you unicycle?
8:26 am
>> it's a shame we didn't get a unicycle down here, isn't it? or did we? >> look at this, this is amazing! >> ladies and gentlemen! >> just happen to have a unicycle right there in the studio. that's lewis hamilton performing a circus act on the late late show. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, riding a unicycle isn't hamilton's only talent by far. charlie in the car with his famous formula one racing car driver. we'll preview his "60 minutes" profile coming up. plus how shiny objects bring both political parties together in washington. we go inside the legendary jewelry store that commands the attention of power brokers. that is ahead. right now it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines. "the washington post" reports on american muslims raising money
8:27 am
in the san bernardino shooting. money is pouring into an online fund-raising page. so far the effort has raised more than $188,000. there are more than 1700 supporters with 90 days -- with 19 days remaining. the american muslim-led campaign says it wants to respond to evil with good. "the wall street journal" reports on the south carolina-called cord cutting. the e-marketer says fewer people of signing up for cable tv because of expanding digital. 10% in 2019 it projects almost 23% of households won't pay for tv at all. "the san francisco chronicle" reports on yahoo!'s ceo marissa mayer giving birth to twins. mayer tweeted zack and i are excited to announce that our
8:28 am
our whole family is doing great! mayer mans to work through her maternity leave and the couple also has a 3-year-old son. >> and they said she was just going to take two weeks off with twins. wow, marissa. >> i think she's almost back the next day with the first child. >> that's a lot on your body. the nation's airlines this morning expect more winter holiday travel than last year. 38 million passengers could fly worldwide between next friday and january 3rd. that is a 3% jump from last year. carriers could earn a record $33 years. so what does this all mean for the people on the go? cbs news traveled tor peteritor peter greenberg is here. >> they're on track to do $36 billion in profits in 2016. we've got a lot of things happening in the first quarter because of the things that
8:29 am
we have a weakened euro, nearing a 8-month low. we have fuel prices at basically a seven-year low and the recent terrorist attacks in egypt and paris. >> all that adds up to a buyer's market? >> it does because bookings plummeted after november 13th. then thanksgiving traffic didn't hold up as much as it did last year and they're also expecting christmas traffic will be a little bit down this year. >> so what that means for travelers? >> what it means is that the first quarter, even though the airlines have filled 85% of their seats, the first quarter means it's always a weak quarter. on trips of under 400 miles in this country, most people are driving because fuel prices are low. then you've got the airlines with fuel prices down. think about this, in 2008 oil was $120 a barrel and now it's at $40. delta airlines this year will save $342 million in fuel. even more next year. >> what will they do with that savings is the question? >> they will not be passing it
8:30 am
>> or to anybody. >> or to anybody. it gets into higher profits. one airline, american airlines, determined less than 5% of their passengers are making up for so many other things. meaning 13% of their regular passengers are contributing to over half their revenue. >> so they're starting no frills? >> so 87% of their passengers are only flying once a year. >> what does no frills mean on american and united? >> it means a ticket you're not going to be driving. these are the passengers only driven by rates. they're going to spirit and frontier. starting next year american is offering these no-frill fares. delta started doing it, united is expecting to do it. don't expect an upgrade, any perks, no refundability, zero. >> sit down and be quiet? >> and shut up, that's right. >> say i'm in seat 20 a and the person next to me in 20b, does that mean i get water and he doesn't or vice versa? >> unless you're on united airlines, they're going to be bringing back the snacks. >> i like that.
8:31 am
will be flying on fewer planes, guess what, don't ask for seconds. >> when you look at all this in 2016 even better, how will they change any of the amenities that you might get? >> united has started to do that to mitigate the abuse, if you will. but the bottom line is the airlines are not competing for the people in the back of the plane, they're competing for the people in the front of the plane. >> thank you, peter. lewis hamilton, one of the greatest drivers in the world. he is this year's formula one world champion. this is the third time he holds that title, so it may be hard to believe that this prince of the grand prix is only 30 years old. sunday on "60 minutes" he opens up about his success and his skill. we go for a spin as well. here is a preview of that. >> nothing can really prepare you for when you get in a formula one car. knowing that you're driving a multimillion dollar car and if you crash it, it's going to cost
8:32 am
not give you another chance. it's scary. >> it is said that you're at one with the car. >> yes. it's like you're strapped to a rocket. it's like how do you control this rocket. it's like a raging bull. it's wild. it's sexy, it's fast. >> it wasn't possible to drive in hamilton's race car, so we borrowed the fastest ride we could find. >> this is the fastest mercedes. nine miles from the team's base, his silver stone, home of the british grand prix. we drove straight onto the same track where hamilton has won three times. >> what are we at now, about 100?
8:33 am
>> one of the great racetracks in the world with the greatest driver in the world. how good is that? and my heart is somewhere up around my ears. unbelievable. >> sunday on "60 minutes" learn how hamilton came from nowhere to reach the top of formula one racing. that is sunday here on cbs. julianna goldman takes us good morning. temps are cooler this morning in the 30s so grab a jacket early today. the weather stays mild and dry today with highs near 57. rain moves in late saturday afternoon with thunderstorms saturday night and off and on rain showers on sunday. temps take a big tumble next week with more seasonable
8:34 am
self. dad: no? culligan man: no. anncr: leave it to the experts. with a culligan whole-house water softening system, you get better water, and service you can actually count on.
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e you can actually count on.
8:36 am
diamonds, they're always nice for the holidays. but your hometown jerusalemwelry store has nothing on a mom and pop shop in washington that opens its doors to players past and present. julianna goldman is at the tiny jewel box. julianna, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is tiny jewel box. once upon a time it was known for vintage jewels, but now with diamonds like this 8-carat stunner, it's become a go-to for washington's movers and shakers. glittering diamonds, sparkling emeralds and endless strands of pearls.
8:37 am
box, this store has all the trappings of a local jeweler. but in the heart of the nation's capital, jim and matthew rosenheim cater to uniquely powerful clientele. >> we're 85 years old now. i don't want to be pretentious about it, but we're kind of an institution within washington. >> reporter: they started tiny, at the height of the depression. in 1930 roz and monte rosenheim principle. >> my dad said something to me that has been the driving force. he said i want mean el to come to me because i have something convenient. >> but he credits his mother with the staying power. >> the reason it exists is because of my mother. >> reporter: over eight decades roz tended to american royalty, from president franklin roosevelt and mamie eisenhower, to the kennedys, barbra streisand and sammy davis jr. >> she was this beautiful, vivacious woman.
8:38 am
she would -- had the nerve to say anything to anybody. >> reporter: like the time senator joseph mccarthy in the midst of his communist witch hunt walked through her door. mrs. rosenheim directed some salty language his way, but the former senator still walked out with a pin for his mother. >> i think that really epitomized her nerve. you know, her willingness to engage people records and that spunk helped the tiny store leave an outsized imprint on american history. a friendship formed with madeline albright had world leaders taking diplomatic clues from some of rosenheim's vintage pins. >> people would say what are you doing today? i'd say read my pins. >> reporter: in an interview with sunday morning, she said it all started when saddam hussein called her an unparalleled certain and the. >> and she wore a serpent pin that she got from us.
8:39 am
trademark pins aren't the only diplomatic treasures. this vintage broach was given to queen elizabeth by the obamas. and these watches with the official presidential seal were given to african leaders gathering in washington. president george w. bush gave these custom boxes to nearly every dignitary who visited during his eight years in the white house. >> how long does it take to put something like this together? >> for the president of the united states, very little time. >> reporter: when 1600 pennsylvania avenue calls -- >> we jump. >> reporter: anita mcbride made those calls as former first lady laura bush's chief of staff. >> laura bush went to 77 countries, so i'm quite sure that something that we got from here, something beautiful and something unique, whether small to large, is present in all of those countries. >> reporter: laura bush liked the store so much that her successor took notice.
8:40 am
limousine carrying my box. i died, just completely going crazy. >> reporter: on inauguration day in 2009, jim rosenheim witnessed a giving of gifts he would never forget. >> we have incoming president's wife giving -- excuse me -- our gift and our box publicly on the steps of the white house with the american flag and the marines standing there. >> reporter: it was a leather-bound journal, but for this local jeweler, it represented much more. >> thinking about where we came from, how hard my parents worked and we're now a little tiny bit that? >> reporter: the rosenheims say business has continued with the obamas but they can't say much more because like any good jeweler, discretion is key. and, gayle, on that note, wouldn't it be nice if i could just walk out and discreetly
8:41 am
>> yes, if you want to be shot. >> reporter: here, take it. >> i would not advise that, julianna, you're an honest person. thank you. coming up next, the most unforgettable moments of the week.
8:42 am
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8:44 am
before we go can say looking forward to the lewis hamilton piece. worried. do you think he'll be afraid to get in the car with me? i said, you don't know charlie rose! >> as we leave you, let's take a look at the week back. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. >> this is not conservatism. >> ugly rhetoric. >> tell donald trump to go to hell.
8:45 am
>> they can't. there is most war room. >> are you a bigot? >> not at all. >> you can't trust who? >> the muslims coming in. we don't know who they are. >> the fbi says the attacker talked about balance for at least two years. >> i'm here calling the guy to find out if he is okay and he is the shooter. >> this was an act of terrorism. >> my body went numb. it was overwhelming and surreal. >> stop! >> stop playing games with people's lives! >> weeks of protests have composed exposed the mayor's vulnerable side. >> that has to come to an end and end now. >> one of the roads in the town is under water. >> crazy. never seen anything like this and happened to quick. >> heavy pollution triggered the capital's first red alert. >> you can smell it and taste it in the back of your throat. >> so bad! >> u2 makes an emotional return
8:46 am
>> welcome back the eagles of death metal. >> what does it feel to be here amongst all of these great's? >> you mean like gayle king? >> don't make unnecessary journeys! don't take risks down treacherous roads! >> if you don't help these people, our humanity is at risk if we don't take care of these people. >> always the right person at the right place at the right time. >> don't take this the wrong way, but is shaving on the to do list? >> i think so. >> i think you're hot. >> you got to know how to treat me like a lady. >> if you had a superpower, charlie rose, what would it be? >> i told you earlier. >> i was concerned you could physically see if norah was walking around naked as is her way. >> gail knows thatyle knows this is my way. >> this is new information to me. >> the news is back this
8:47 am
>> who discovered you? >> i discovered myself. >> charlie rose said this is my fantasy. how does that go? >> sitting amongst so many beautiful women! for christmas! >> all that. >> is this the famous studio 57? >> yes, it is. >> where is the newsroom? you make me feel like a natural woman >> and all that matters. you make me feel like a natural woman >> this is my favorite part. oh, baby what you've done to me >> i'm going to die and go to heaven right now. >> you make us feel good inside.
8:48 am
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on court avenue. prosecutors claim the gunman - dresean barber knew the victim - edmanuel perez - and the two had a ongoing feud. the victim's brother witnessed the altercation outside carbon nightclub - and pointed police to a facebook account for a person named "dizzy d numbers." police linked that account with photos in its database - leading them to dresean barber. in ottumwa. murder charges are filed in connection with the death of a 3- year-old child. 31-year-old kasheena tucker is now charged with first-degree murder... in the 20-14 death of wysdom evans. tucker was the child's guardian when she died. police arrested tucker in utah... where she is being held on 500-thousand- dollars bond. a one-thousand dollar reward now offered in webster county. the sheriff's office investigating this extensive vandalism to the courthouse in fort dodge. someone sprayed two fire extinguishers on the third and fourth floors. the courthouse has been closed for cleaning - they hope to reopen on monday.
8:51 am
frontrunner donald trump will campaign in des moines tonight! he's scheduled to hold a rally at the iowa state fairgrounds ... at 6:30pm. doors open up at 4:30. and check this out, iowa hawkeye football players took some of their four-thousand roses they received for making the rose bowl to the children's hospital. they gave them out to the patients, posed for pictures... nice way to spread some cheer! now our final check of traffic!
8:52 am
hey. something new has arrived. and it works in the middle of anywhere. the new iphone 6s on u.s. cellular lets you stay connected where other networks don't. [ crackling ] switch and get the iphone 6s today, and get $400. the new iphone 6s on u.s. cellular. together, you can do more. good morning. temps are cooler this morning in the 30s so grab a jacket early today. the weather stays mild and dry today with highs near 57. rain moves in late saturday afternoon with thunderstorms saturday night and off and on rain sh in late saturday afternoon with thunderstorms saturday night and off and on rain showers on sunday. temps take a big tumble next week with more seasonable
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>> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, academy award winning actress lupita nyongo.
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kirsten dunst.
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