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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  Me-TV  December 11, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm CST

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another and another is on the way. one of the hottest gifts for the holidays could get dangerously hot. and steve hartman with a man who dispepses an antidote for evil. >> kindness is the bridge between all people. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: tonight, the f.b.i. is investigating a fire at a mosque in southern california. it happened about 75 miles from san bernardino, the scene of the terror attack last week. officials at the mosque, the islamic center of palm springs, believed the fire was intentional. john blackstone has the latest. john. >> reporter: scott, officials at the mosque claim that a firebomb was thrown into the lobby around noon today with at least three people inside. law enforcement officials have not yet confirmed that it was a firebomb.
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about two dozen people gathered across the road from the mosque to pray. just over a year ago, at least five shots were fired into this same mosque. that was treated as a hate resolved. here in san bernardino, cbs news has just learned that the cell phones used by the mass shooters syed farook and tashfeen malik did use encryption technology. the f.b.i. is now trying to unlock that. and here, f.b.i. divers are still searching for more clues. two divers at a time spent most of the day in the murky waters of the lake, emerging from time to time with items they found in the bottom. but so far, there's no indication they've located anything linked to syed farook and his wife tashfeen malik. the couple was reportedly seen near the lake around the time of the shooting. >> the f.b.i. has four dive teams. the sheriff's department also has a dive team. that's exactly what these people
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underwater evidence retrieval. >> reporter: at the lake's deepest on point, they are under eight feet of water. visibility is so poor, they are searching mostly by hand. >> we think this search will last for days. it's very possible. >> reporter: investigators are also now looking at a possible link between farook and a convicted terrorist recruiter, a naturalized american citizen now serving 25 years in federal prison for recruiting three men from the san bernardino region to travel to afghanistan to attack american troops there. divers have been using metal detectors in their search of the bottom of this lake. scott, we've seen them concentrating on an area close to this footbridge. >> pelley: john, thank you very much. in another important story tonight, oregon and washington state are getting at least $2 million in federal aid to repair damage from this week's storms. on top of deadly floods and
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was hit by a tornado. forecasters say more storms will move across the west this weekend, and david begnaud is there. >> reporter: high waves, flooding, landslides and snow continue to batter the west coast of the united states and have for almost a week. even in a part of the country where tornadoes are rare, an ef-1 with winds up to 105 miles per hour was confirmed in battleground, washington yesterday. overall, more than 200 roads have been closed and are washed away from heavy rains in washington and oregon. oregon has had more than 120 landslides which has meant never-ending cleanup for work crews. to the south, pacific storms are churning up 10- to 12-foot waves from san francisco to los angeles. california's sierra nevada mountains were blanketed by more than a foot of fresh powder. it's the first big snow of the year. because of the drought, yosemite national park hasn't seen this kind of dense snowfall in nearly
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back in oregon, the snow has been a mess in the valley but it has meant money in the valley. >> this is the storm we waitd and waited and waited for last year, and it never came. and to have this now at this time when everybody is thinking about christmas and what they're going to do, this is our christmas. ( no audio ) >> pelley: well, we can't hear david begnaud out there in the snow, but elsewhere, we are seeing record highs for december. in fact, it feels like spring in the east. eric fisher is our chief meteorologist at wbz, our cbs station in boston. eric, what's in store? >> reporter: scott, unbelievable warmth here in the east as we head into the weekend, certainly feeling like spring. i've seen reports of dandelions blooming and cher blossomings coming out. the ohio valley and the great lakes up to 30 degrees above the
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these will be record highs for tomorrow, 70 in indianapolis, little rock up to 76. on sunday, the warmth moves towards the east coast and further into the great lakes philly 68, that would be a record, and near 80 in montgomery, alabama. ahead of all this we have another storm system developing. that should bring severe weathers in the plains, in wind damage, could see a couple of tornadoes during the day tomorrow. that storm system moving east with heavy rain but mostly rain, scott, and very little snow yet again. >> pelley: eric fisher in balmy boston. eric, thanks very much. daniel holtsclaw was a college football star but when his dreams of the nfl didn't work out, he joined the oklahoma city police. now he could be spending the rest of his life in prison. he sexually assaulted a series of women until one brave victim said enough. here's manuel bojorquez. >> janie ligins was the first to come forward after she was
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>> i like to think that he was going to shoot me he was going to kill me. he did things to me that no police officer would co. >> the defendant is guilty of the crime of sexual battery. >> the 29-year-old sobbed uncontrolly last night as he was convicted of first degree rape and sodomy. prosecutors say he targeted 13 african american women in the poorest parts of oklahoma city over a six-month period. in some cases he specifically sought out women who had outstanding arrest warrants. all 13 women testified. this woman said she was arrested and taken to a hospital to detox where he sexually assaulted her. >> i was scared. i felt like i had to do that. he's in control. he's the police. he has the badge, and, you know, i'm handcuffed to a bed. >> reporter: some of the victims described how he tried to buy their silence by offering
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others say as women of color, they were afraid to speak out not ligins. >> i have no record. i didn't do anything wrong. so i was innocent, and he just picked the wrong lady to stop that night. >> yes. >> reporter: attorney benjamin crump represents five of the women. >> when the police is doing the nefarious act, the criminal act, who do you tell? this is a serial rapist with a badge. who do you report him to? >> reporter: holtsclaw is set to be sentenced next month. scott, his victims want him to receive the maximum punishment-- 263 years in prison. >> pelley: manuel bojorquez in oklahoma city. manuel, thanks. now, moving to the race for the republican presidential nomination, ted cruz has bumped ben carson out of second place. now he has his eye on the front-runner. here's major garrett.
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cruz has watched for months as donald trump and ben carson have dominated the presidential race. now, with his poll numbers rising, cruz sees his opening. cruz told contributors at a private fund-raiser this week the terrorist attacks in paris and san bernardino have changed the campaign. >> reporter: cruz also predicted he will inherit the trump and coarseon anti-establishment vote. >> reporter: trump respond on twitter saying if cruz attacks he will fall like all others, will be easy. trump, who bank rolled his campaign, also said cruz should
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closed doors to his bosses. despite his private comments, cruz has not want topped publicly attack trump. in a tweet today he said he will not get in a cage match with trump adding, "sorry to disappoint," and calling trump terrific. cruz's surge is most visible in iowa. in new hampshire, it's new jersey governor chris christi who has, according to a new poll, risen to second place, though at 12 points, christi still trails trump by a wide margin. many republicans believe in the coming weeks terrorism will be the issue trump and cruz fight over. our latest poll found 44% of americans fear another terrorist attack soon and, scott, terrorism is now considered the most important problem facing the country. >> pelley: about seven weeks now till the first votes in iowa. may go, thank you, major. take, stock prices followed commodity prices into a sharp decline. the dow fell more than 300 points or 1.7%. oil and gas companies led the
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the price of crude slipped to $35 a barrel. that's the lowest since 2009. gasoline is averaging about $2 a gallon, and adjusted for inflation, that is less than the 31 cents that drivers were paying back in 1965. the deadline passed today in the most ambitious attempt ever to reduce greenhouse gases. so the climate meeting of 196 nations gave itself one more day. the french foreign minister hosting the summit in paris says that a nonbinding agreement is still possible. one thing that is helping is the latest advances in technology, and mark phillips got a glimpse of the future for tonight's climate diaries. >> reporter: on the wild north coast of scotland, the pounding waves have attracted painters
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now they're attracting something else-- engineers in search of power. up here, where the atlantic meets the north sea, the tides that funnel between the mainland and the islands are some of the strongest in the world, and david taft is managing the biggest-ever project to try to catch and tame that power. >> the atlantic's that way. >> yeah. >> reporter: the north sea is that way. >> correct. >> reporter: and the tide runs back and forth here. >> correct. >> reporter: four times a day, twice in each direction. >> yeah. >> reporter: already the cables have been laid on the sea bed to bring the power ashore, and the first underwater turbines are about to be lowered and connected. when complete, a large field of turbines will produce as much electricity as a big coal, gas, or nuclear plant on shore. speaking as an engineer, do you find it kind of amazing that this power source has been sitting out there? >> yeah, it's a good point. it's a wonder people haven't-- people haven't looked at this--
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it before. >> reporter: it's a wonder because tidal power has advantages the other renewables lack. solar power only works in the daytime. and wind power, which many consider an eyesore, is an expensive waste of space when the wind doesn't blow. tidal power is reliable, says the c.e.o. of this project, tim cornelius. >> tidal has one very distinct benefit. it's virtually 100% predictable. >> reporter: and virtually 100% invisible. one of the advantages of tidal power over wind is that you can't see it. instead of a big turbine on the hillside, these are hidden under the waves, invisible, even to these guys. there is a drawback-- the costs of developing the new technology have been high until now. but with a lot of know-how being borrowed from the wind and the offshore oil industries, those costs are coming down.
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world are yet to be developed. and so we'll have a real boom over the next 10 to 15 years of sites around the world being developed. >> reporter: among the north american sites being considered-- san francisco bay and the furious tides that run under the golden gate bridge. and the bay of fundy, where the world's biggest tides could help power the east coast, all without disturbing the view. mark phillips, cbs news, scotland. >> pelley: hoverboard are really catching obut some are catching fire. we'll have the story when the cbs evening news continues.ed "squamous non-small cell", previously treated with platinum-based chemotherapy, it's not every day something this big comes along. a chance to live longer with... opdivo, nivolumab. opdivo is the first and only immunotherapy
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like this show a hoverboard burning in a washington state mall. another rider from alabama posted this video saying his board just caught fire. there are complaints that batteries have exploded while charging. this week the nation's three largest airlines banned hoverboards just like these from their flights. they're concerned about the toy's lithiom ion batteries which are houses in this plastic shell. >> they ignite and catch fire very violently. >> reporter: denny kelly is an aviation consultant. >> the f.a.a. probably would ban lithiom batteries from airplanes period if there wasn't so much pressure from the airlines not to do that. >> reporter: cell phones and laptops have low-wattage lithiom batteries and considered safe by the f.a.a. delta in announcing its ban said the size and strengths of the batteries in hoverboard often exceeded government limits for what's allowed on aircraft.
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the company says they don't compromise when it comes to using the highest quality parts and urged consumers to be aware of fake units being sold on the internet. carla said safety issues convinced her to strike hoverboards from her granddaughter's gift list. >> i was horrified that it was on the market and so many different companies had them out. >> reporter: swagway's users' manual says overworked limbiom batteries can explode if users modify or tamper with them. various boards are being tested in the labs outside of washington, d.c. >> pelley: vladimir duthiers, thanks very much. men who specialize in hoffering and oesh ting came home today. song: "that's life"
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and two others from russia and japan landed safely in kazakhstan today in a soyuz capsule. they spent about knife months in space. 163 refugees escaping war in syria were welcomed to canada by prime minister justin trudeau. he told them, "you're home now." canada has pledged to take 25,000 syrian refugees by march, and despite opposition, the u.s. plans to accept 10,000 next year. in a refugee camp in france, a striking work of art turned up today on a concrete wall. the world-famous graffiti artist blanksy put up an image of apple founder steve jobs carrying a duffel bag and a computer. the artist pointed out that the man who created the world's most profitable company was the son of a syrian immigrant.
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orencia. see your ra in a different way. the leg of the reporter.. broken last night during the on-court crush by jubilant cyclone fans .. has been surgically repaired. up next... the future of such >> pelley: finally tonight air, holiday tradition. steve hartman's rendition of "a visit from..." well, we don't really know. it's a secret. here's steve. "on the road." >> reporter: 'twas a few weeks before christmas when their arose such a clatter the people of pittsburgh must have thought something was the matter. far from it. once again this year, the man in the red coat, who i know only as "secret santa" is out doing random acts of kindness across america. every year, with the help of his elfs in local law enforcement, this anonymous wealthy
5:56 pm
$100,000 worth of $100 bills to total strangers. >> that's it! >> reporter: asking for nothing in return except to spread the kindness. >> see, sweetie. >> reporter: temika green is a program coordinator at the ymca. she said she wanted to use some of the money to help the children in the after-school program. >> as soon as i get out of here i'm going to call my job and say, "guess what"-- >> i'll put another couple of hundred in there. i have to quit talking to you. i'm running out of money. we love you. you're doing great. don't stop. >> thank you, so much. >> see you, babe. >> reporter: secret santa has been doing this for about a decade, but he says he feels more needed now than ever. >> this year, the time is perfect for everybody to come together one random act of kindness at a time. >> reporter: is she a christian? who knows. >> i have to give you another hundred. >> reporter: muslim? who cares?
5:57 pm
seem like they could use a little carry in their eyes. >> merry christmas, baby. >> reporter: in other words, anyone. >> kindness is the bridge between all people. kindness is the one thing that cuts through everything, regardless of your station in life. >> reporter: and, really, that's what he's handing out here. it's not the money. money doesn't make people break down like this. these are the faces of people overwhelmed by something truly priceless. >> come here, i want to talk to you, ma'am. >> reporter: and lest you doubt, that consider this encounter. >> this is for you it is $100 >> reporter: her name is mildred morris. >> i just came from chemo and i work every day. >> reporter: mildred has stage four breast cancer. she said a million dollars couldn't have turned her day and around here she is overjoyed. >> god bless you. >> i am happy. >> you have to explain tato me. >> it's just amazing to show such compassion out here with all this other ugly stuff that's going on. >> reporter: every year,
5:58 pm
this but they just don't have the money. but now we know the only currency you need is kindness. pittsburgh, pennsylvania. >> thank you! too. >> pelley: and that's the cbs evening news for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all pelley. minutes." good night. announcer: you're watching kcci 8 news. stacey: a "register" columbist suffers a broken leg, while iowa state fans rush the court.
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hand down. and why the reporter says court rushing shouldn't end. steve: plus, nearly 200 chipotle customers in nine states get sick from either e. coli or norovirus. what iowa restaurants are doing to keep that from happening here. stacey: and see why some iowa microbreweries are worried about a mega-merger of beer giants budweiser and miller. good evening. thank you for joining us. a go-ahead shot in the final seconds of the game gave the cyclones a one-point win over the iowa hawkeyes last night. stev but it's at happened after the buzzer sounded at the end of the game that has lots of people talking today. we have team 8 coverage tonight, starting with scott reister of kcci sports. scott: it also sent thousand of fans rushing onto the court. but during that celebration, one person was injured -- "des moines register" columnist randy petersen. he suffered a compound fracture of his leg. he's currently recovering at a des moines hospital. and his injury has sparked a debate about weather fans should rush the court. and what kind of punishment iowa state should receive because of the incident. but late this afternoon, iowa


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