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tv   KCCI 8 News at Ten  Me-TV  December 11, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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back from there. cynthia? cynthia: stacey and steve, trump was fired up tonight. and for the first time, he launched his first attacks against ted cruz, who is rising now in the polls. trump questioned the senator's appeal to christian conservatives, saying not a lot of evangelicals come out of cuba. and he asked, how could cruz win iowa, if he doesn't support ethanol? donald: the one guy who is doing pretty good with me in iowa is ted cruz. but with the ethanol, he has to come a long way. but oil pays them a lot of money. the oil companies give him a lot of money. but i am with you. >> when nominated, what do you intend to do with ted cruz? will you name him your vice president? donald: it's not a contest.
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i would say we have things in mind for ted. to be honest with you, i can see serving with him. it's important for me to win iowa. now, i could put less better on myself, say i don't care about iowa. but i do care, i do care so much. that is why i am here all the time. with all that, if we win iowa? a lot of people say we would win virtually every state in the union and it is over quickly. >> it is great. the honesty, the only way we need to go. cynthia: he has your vote? >> i believe so. >> i like the guy, i think he is down to earth. i think he is saying what we are all feeling. cynthia: one protestor did disrupt trump's speech. you can see him right there
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the crowd cheered loudly to drown him out. he was taken away by police. state troopers told me there were also protestors outside, who were removed, demonstrating against trump's call earlier this week for a ban on muslims entering the u.s. well, trump did not talk about that at all tonight. and most of the supporters there who i asked said they agree with him on that issue. he spoke for about a half-hour and then answered questions for nearly an hour after that. and some iowans said they drove two hours to see him. stacey? stacey: cynthia, thanks. a new cbs news/"new york times" national poll shows trump with a near double-digit lead on ted cruz, who jumped to second. retired neurosurgeon ben carson now in third. marco rubio in fourth. and as the first votes in the race for the gop presidential nomination get closer, tension among the candidates is on the rise. ben carson is threatening to leave the republican party, if gop leaders ignore the will of the voters.
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of running as an independent, but i certainly don't want to be a part of corruption. stacey: carson made the threat after a report the gop is making preparations for a so-called "brokered convention." that's where the nominee is picked at the convention, and not through the primaries. ted cruz told donors, behind closed doors, he's not worried about carson or donald trump. sen. ted cruz: i believe gravity will bring both of those campaigns down. people are looking for who is prepared to be a commander in chief? who understands the threats we face? who am i comfortable having their finger on the button? stacey: the billionaire businessman has maintained his lead in the polls, despite his controversial call for a ban on muslims entering the country. and the republican candidates will take the stage together tuesday in a debate in las vegas. you can catch it on cnn. steve: new at 10:00, a des moines mother is put behind bars for leaving her kids alone in an unlocked car at walmart. kcci's ryan smith is live tonight with reaction from the
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crying children. ryan: steve, that is right. that des moines police sergeant tells me three children were alone inside the car, with the keys in the ignition. customers passing through this walmart parking lot on southeast 14th street rushed to get help. when customers spotted children alone inside a parked car, they alerted off-duty officer sergeant james butler. sgt. butler: it's just not something you do in a civilized society. you just don't leave children in a car at all unattended. ryan: security cameras show the mother inside walmart for 25 minutes. 24-year-old briana webb faces three charges of child endangerment. sergeant butler says webb is lucky the vehicle wasn't stolen. sgt. butler: any time someone leaves their vehicle unlocked and keys in it is a problem of itself. but leaving a child, if not three small children, in the vehicle is even a graver problem.
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the vehicle was not running, with an outside temperature at 49 degrees. and two unopened containers of beer sat in the front cup holders. i'm looking for ms. webb. at webb's listed address -- family members refused to give her side of the story. back at walmart, when webb finally returned to the car, we find out what items were important enough to leave her children unattended. sgt. butler: originally, i assume that perhaps she was in there buying formula or diapers, only to find out she was in there buying tobacco products and nothing else. ryan: webb bonded out of the polk county jail this afternoon. when we tried to get her side of the story. the children are now in the care of another family member. kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader.
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in a union county death investigation. the iowa dci and union county sheriff's office today searched two homes in thayer. that's about 10 miles from where a hunter found the body of 37-year-old loretta dillinger in a pond on monday. investigators tell kcci one of the homes is dillinger's last known address. but they aren't saying anything about a connection to the other home they were searching. it's guilty on all counts for ngor makuey. he's the 20-year-old des moines man who used a metal spatula to beat to death 97-year-old rupert anderson and injure anderson's wife, harriet, in their eastside home in july of 2014. makuey's attorney used the insanity defense. but witnesses say they saw no signs of mental illness. makuey will be sentenced january 4. he faces a mandatory life prison term for his first degree murder conviction. stacey: to storm the court or not? it's the postgame celebration debate happening all across the country, after last night's
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after iowa state came back to win by one point, fans stormed the court. and during the craziness, "des moines register" columnist randy peterson suffered a compound fracture of his leg. fans we spoke to today had different opinions, but most told us they think fans should be allowed to storm the court. dylan: it's just something about college basketball, especially, to run on the court. you know, to see people hugging the players and them hugging back. so, it's fun. and it helps kind of unite everybody. stacey: big 12 conference leaders sent us a statement this afternoon that says, in part, "the host school handled its postgame celebration protocol consistent with big 12 conference rules related to sportsmanship and ethical conduct. game management staff appropriately handled their primary responsibility of ensuring the safety of the teams, coaches, officials, and administrative staffs." in our unscientific now poll, we wanted to know what you thought. should schools crack down on fans storming the court or field?
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62% of you say no. steve: new details tonight in a deadly plane crash in western iowa on thursday. the pilot who was killed in the crash of his small plane calmly reported a problem just moments before it went down. david earl, from our sister station in omaha, has our first listen to the audio recordings. david: the pottawattamie county sheriff today identified that pilot as an omaha man, 65-year-old john w. rogers. rogers died thursday, when his piper malibu meridian cartwheeled in the median of interstate 29. investigators say he clipped a power line on the way down. rogers had just taken off from eppley and had requested a return landing. he can be heard calmly making the request on transmissions with the omaha air traffic tower. first, confirming the runway. "right downwind, 3-2, right. thank you." the air controler asks, "do you require assistance?" rogers responds, "uh, negative." then says something onboard is having a "miscommunication." rogers' final transmission
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land. again, calmly saying "ok." the tower then loses contact with rogers. first, asking another pilot if he saw the meridian, and then other controllers. "do you have a meredian out there anywhere on short final?" response? "uh, negative. according to online records, rogers ran airsea charters out of his northwest omaha home. it is a small business that charters commercial boats. federal investigators will determine why his plane went down. steve: right now in missouri, the fbi is investigating why several large quantities of cell phones are being purchased in groups of men have been reportedly buying dozens of prepaid phones at walmart stores around the state. in one case, 59 cell phones were purchased by two men at 4:00 a.m. on a saturday. they're not sure if the purchases are connected. but they are concerned, since traced and can be used to
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stacey: taking a live look outside right now at our airport sky camera. looks all clear, and it is still a very nice night out there. jason: it is. we have been riding in style all day long, holding onto some warmth. 35. we are still well above that, underneath the cloudy skies, and those all day long. thankfully, again, it is staying relatively warm -- mid to upper 30's off to the northwest. otherwise, in the mid to upper 40's. southeastern portions of the state will stay in the 40's tonight. and we continue to see the slightly cooler air coming from the northwest there. plan on a very, very nice evening and i read we do have rain chances. if you do have plans early, you will be seeing cloud cover out there. but we are warm again -- 51 by noon.
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i will break down that rain forecast for you, coming up in a bit. stacey: next at 10:00, chill out. the disease you can help avoid, if you steer away from stress. steve: plus, heavy surf. the not-so-gnarly impact of some big waves in southern california. stacey: and christmas surprise, the holiday card one family will never forget.
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you have to get out there and do it yourself. bernie sanders is a well-known friend of family farms. bernie cannot be bought out by big money. bernie's opinion cannot be purchased. it's time for our next president to get in there, roll up his sleeves, take off the gloves, and taken wall street, take on big business, take on big money, and get the working class back to where they should be. he's a rock.
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announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 10:00 with steve karlin, stacey horst, chief meteorologist john mclaughlin, and iowa's sportscaster of the year, andy garman. steve: victims are speaking out tonight after this man, a former oklahoma police officer, was convicted of being a serial rapist. stacey: a jury found the officer guilty of assaulting women he met while on duty in a poor, marlie hall has the emotional response. marlie: standing in solidarity, victims and their attorneys came forward to tell their stories of abuse at the hands of daniel holtzclaw -- the former police officer convicted of 18 counts of sexual assault and rape. sade hill was attacked while she was handcuffed in a hospital room.
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to manipulate me. jannie: he just picked the wrong lady to stop that night. >> yes. marlie: jannie ligons, a grandmother, was the first of holtzclaw's victims to file a police complaint, after he assaulted her during a traffic stop. jannie: i was afraid for my life. i kept begging him, sir, please don't make me do this. don't make me do this, sir. marlie: holtzclaw, who is 29, sobbed in court thursday night, as he was convicted of assaulting eight of the 13 plaintiffs. he was acquitted of 18 other counts. attorney benjamin crump says holtzclaw chose his victims carefully. benjamin: the serial rapist with a badge had a modus operandi that targeted poor, black women who were in the system. marlie: holtzclaw's youngest victim was just 17. he faces up to 263 years in prison, when he is sentenced
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marlie hall, cbs news. stacey: new information about that deadly shootout between rival biker gangs in waco, texas earlier this year. evidence shows four of the nine people killed were struck by the same caliber of rifle fired by waco police. two had wounds from only that kind of rifle. the other two were also struck by other guns. it's not clear if any bikers had the same guns used by police. only the same guns used by police. steve: new details tonight about the link between high levels of stress and alzheimer's disease. an aging study is underway right now at the albert einstein college of medicine in the bronx, new york. new research from that study has found a link between stress in the elderly and memory decline. dr. lipton: participants who had the highest levels of stress were about twice as likely to develop amnestic mild cognitive impairment, this early stage of alzheimer's dementia. steve: for every five-point increase in the stress score, the risk of developing mild
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increased by 30%. researchers say, if seniors can learn how to cope with stress, they may be able to postpone or even prevent cognitive decline. stacey: high surf slamming southern california right now. the big waves are pummeling coastal areas and flooding streets. the popular ventura pier is closed for safety concerns. pismo beach city fire chief warning people not to go in the water, unless they are extremely experienced swimmers. the high surf is expected to fuel big waves through saturday. steve: a nice night tonight, jason, this nice weather will continue for a bit longer, right? jason: does the bit longer, three quarters of the day tomorrow. and the rain will star, and it does not stop for a while. the first half going to be better than the latter half. look at friday, it started absolutely wonderful. this is a shot from the sunrise
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we have a ton of these on our page. and for sending those in, keep doing so. absolutely beautiful shots. the clouds in the picture stuck around and have thickened as we have gone throughout the afternoon into the evening tonight. that is going to stay fairly solid as we head into the daytime hours tomorrow, too. at least we are staying warm -- 48 degrees. that is very unseasonably warm. again, that average high is at 35 degrees. the clouds stick with us all day long tomorrow, a high of 53 at 3 p.m. after around 6:00 or so, we see the rain move -- mainly areas to the south. that transitions northward, and we will have a timing breakdown in the second grade look at the system bringing this to us. as that pushes in, that will drive in ample moisture.
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the futurecast keeps us cloudy throughout the morning hours, into the evening tomorrow, you can see the initial wave, though, coming after 8:00 or 9:00. as more heavy rain moves through sunday morning, into the evening as well, we get another wave. this batch of rain continues on monday morning, and there is a light chance we could see some snow areas off to the west. not completely clear how much or how strong. i will keep you posted as that develops. you see sunshine finally working back in the picture by tuesday. yes, we will get absolutely waterlogged for a bit here. on the cusp by 7:00 p.m. we are talking inches of rain, no matter where you are at -- through most of iowa and a lot of us sit around the three inch mark. going to be a soggy weekend. if you have time free tomorrow afternoon, that is the time.
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the jet stream shifts down, and that will drive in the colder air we will have. a nice night and agreed cannot stress that enough. after that, we cannot cool it down fast enough. a chances of a thunderstorm or two, as well. look at the next few days, we arrive at the rain falls -- backing down to the low to mid 30's by the middle of next week. stacey: next at 10:00, extravagant display.
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took to make this stacey: new at 10:00, some serious christmas spirit turning heads in york county, pennsylvania tonight. steve: marie urich has been an avid holiday decorator for more than 45 years. don't believe it? look at this. check out her family's elaborate illumination. they start working on this in september. from start to finish, it took more than 300 hours to create. seven years ago, the family decided to turn the display into something more. christine: people just started giving us money. they would get out of their car and give us $20 to pay for electricity. and from that, we said we should really take that money and get a charity. steve: as a result of that, the family donates to the pennsylvania wounded warrior project. and this year, they hope to raise more than $5000. by the way, more than 35,000
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beautiful display. stacey: holiday cards are a great way to update relatives on what's going on in your life. steve: but for one college student, it was a great chance to prank his family and friends . stacey: here's a look at 25-year-old josh brassow's holiday card. he actually hired a fake family, including a wife and two sons, to pose with him. needless to say, his distant relatives were really confused. clever, clever. and now, a sweet gesture from the rose bowl-bound iowa hawkeyes to share tonight. steve: thursday, the players delivered yellow roses to patients at the university of iowa children's hospital. now, those are the same roses that were delivered to the team by hyvee. the team is gearing up for the big game new year's day. in beautiful pasadena, california. stacey: scott reister, the cy-hawk showdown continues. scott: sure does.
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and once announcer: from iowa's sports leader, this is kcci 8 sports. scott: whatever happened to ladies first?
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hawkeyes met up again tonight. the women's matchup was also in ames. but this time, iowa was the favorite. iowa state coach bill fennelly had won nine in a row. never lost to iowa at home. it didn't look good for a while. third quarter, the hawkeyes' lead grew to 11. ally disterhoft with the putback. here is the play that turned the tide for the cyclones with two seconds left in the third, the clones get a spark. kidd blaskowski shows off the cannon, a rifle pass to meredith burkhall. the former roosevelt star beats the buzzer. from there, the clones had the momentum and came all the way back. with three minutes left, bridget carlton. cyclones up by a point. iowa ball. disterhoft misses everything. 69-66, cyclones. iowa state wins. done.
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front of over 3000 school kids today. it was pack the knapp day. pretty fun to get out there and cheer on the bulldogs. drake delivered quite a show. william penn was in town. lizzy wendell, 17 points. 100-61. the bulldogs get the big win. the big 12 says iowa state did nothing wrong thursday night, when the fans rushed the court. "register" writer randy peterson fell and broke his leg in the process. peterson told the "dan patrick show" he doesn't have a problem with fans rushing the court. with the comeback win thursday, the cyclones are 8-0. the good news? their sixth man is stepping up big time this season. matt thomas had a career-high 19 points and career-high six threes thursday, as isu rallied from 20 down to beat iowa. but it is his defense that keeps him getting minutes. matt: the first couple of years here, i feel like i was a liability on that end of the floor. back at me out of the game at times. i just worked on my lateral
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to bring that toughness in every time i step on the court to help this team win. scott: iowa state hosts arkansas-pine bluff sunday at 5:00. the hawkeyes have over a week off before facing drake saturday in the big four classic. that's a long time to think about how they let one slip away in ames. one of the main reasons? turnovers. fran: 17 times is too many. i know they are quick and popular but we have to come down and get a shot. you might get fouled, and offense of rebound -- but as you turn it over -- that is problematic. scott: drake and northern iowa are in action saturday. drake at nevada. uni plays at new mexico. check out this play from valley high school tonight. it was tied at 13, first quarter winding down. urbandale's eric milewsky picks the pocket right before the buzzer, off the glass. what a shock. urbandale lead by three.
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valley's turner scott , this kid is fearless. 72-42, valley. the tigers are undefeated. one way to beat your rival? lure their players away with more cash. jason heyward reportedly is not resigning with st. louis. he's headed to the cubs for an eight-year, $184 million deal. the ncaa volleyball regionals are taking place at wells fargo arena. tonight, minnesota swept illinois. and hawaii swept two-time
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so it is minnesota and a yr: when the attacks come here... ...the person behind this desk will have to protect your family. will he be impulsive and reckless, like donald trump? will he have voted to dramatically weaken counter-terrorism surveillance, like ted cruz? will he have skipped crucial national security hearings and votes just to campaign, like marco rubio? 27 generals and admirals support jeb bush. because jeb has the experience and knowledge to protect your family. right to rise usa is responsible
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