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tv   KCCI 8 News at Six  Me-TV  December 12, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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cheer, a 30-year tradition continues today. the amazing gift of giving and teaching others to do the same. good evening. praise and some protests as history is made. nearly 200 nations adopt the first global pact to fight climate change. laura: the paris agreement took weeks to hammer out. and president obama addressed the nation just minutes ago, calling it "the most ambitious climate change agreement in history." pres. obama: the targets we've set are bold. and by empowering businesses, scientists, engineers, workers, and the private sector, investors, to work together, this agreement represents the best chance we've had to save the one planet that we've got. laura: that new global climate change plans to reduce and then eliminate the use of greenhouse gases. the hope of the paris agreement is to avoid the damaging effects of global warming. brian webb reports.
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brian: after 10 days of talks, nearly 200 countries agreed to fight global warming by limiting greenhouse gas emissions. they pledged to switch from burning oil, coal, and gas to clean and renewable energy sources, like solar power, for decades to come. general moon: the agreement demonstrates solidarity. it is ambitious, flexible, credible, and doable. brian: it calls for the global average temperature rise to be held to less than 2 degrees celsius -- that's 3.6 degrees fahrenheit -- and even lower if possible. $100 billion will be given from rich countries to poor countries, to help them move away from fossil fuels. sec. kerry: this agreement will change the way we power things. brian: protests popped up under the eiffel tower after the agreement, arguing the pact doesn't go far enough. others believe it will restrict the u.s. and other countries too much.
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nicaragua, have not submitted emissions targets. pres. obama: we cannot be complacement. because of today's agreement, the problem is not solved because of this accord. brian: the agreement sends a strong message to the global economy to move investments and technology toward clean energy. brian webb for cbs news, new york. laura: the deal still needs to be ratified by individual governments, before taking effect. todd: temperatures are also something that we've been focusing on here in central iowa. we have been well above normal for the month of december. highs today are expected to reach into the middle 50's and even warmer tomorrow. in fact, record high temperatures have the potential of being broken. seven oaks recreation in boone is feeling the heat. in years past, this would be the opening weekend for their ski slopes. but the hills are still green. as you can see there, only a few runs have factory snow on them.
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customers are calling daily to find out if the runs are ready. but he says it's been too warm to open. joel: we're nervous, just because this is the time of year we're normally working 80 hours a week. and right now, there's not a lot to do. we're ready. it's just up to mother nature, at this point. todd: seven oaks hopes to open by the 20th. tonight at 10:00, hear how the warm winter is impacting other businesses. who knows more about warm weather than jason? rain, not snow, because it is so warm. jason: that is very accurate, record-breaking inches of rain for a monday or so. if you have outdoor plans for the weekend, looking to be a bit of a waterlogged weekend. we have seen some drizzle along with a cloud cover, temperatures not bad -- 48 degrees. take a look at the clouds, fairly robust. we have seen some showers starting to sprout up south of the metro, these will intensify
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start to see those first waves of rain in the state. we will increase the rain chances from here on out. you see mainly throughout the day tomorrow, as we pick up the heavier stuff, i do think that will increase in the overnight hours, too. for now, along with all the moisture, dense dog advisory is in effect for -- dense fog advisory is in effect for central parts of the state agreed i. we will eventually transition to the moderate rainfall, and i will have a time breakdown, with how much you can expect, coming up here shortly. todd: right now, a man is being treated at a des moines hospital after jumping off a bridge. it happened in fort dodge this morning at the great northwestern train trestle. police were called there just before 9:00 for a man threatening to jump. all trains on that line were stopped. officers talked the man down after four hours.
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the bridge, he lunged away from officers and jumped off. two officers grabbed ahold of a leg, but couldn't rescue him, and he fell. he survived the fall and was life-flighted to des moines. the extent of his injuries is unknown at this time. laura: fire officials are investigating an early morning house fire on des monies' east side. it happened at the 3000 block of east 8th street, just before 4:00 this morning. when crews arrived, they found flames and smoke coming from the house. des moines fire officials tell us no one was home at the time, but they do believe someone lives there. officials say the home sustained about $20,000 in damages. authorities continue to investigate a death in union county. the iowa dci and union county sheriff's office searched two homes in thayer on friday. that's about 10 miles from where a hunter found the body of 37-year-old loretta dillinger, in a pond on monday. investigators tell kcci one of the homes is dillinger's last known address. but they aren't saying anything about a connection to the other home they were searching. todd: fbi investigators and
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seccombe lake in san bernardino for the third day this week. armed with metal detectors and protective gear, divers are working 10-12 hour shifts, doing a grid search of the waterway. authorities say the killers, syed farook and his wife tafsheen malik, had visited the lake. searchers have located some items during the search. but no word yet if the items are related to the case. security remains high around geneva, switzerland, following the arrest of two men of syrian origin and terror links. swiss police located their vehicle and found traces of explosives. it's part of the probe into suspected jihadists, a month after the paris attacks. the city has been in a state of high alert over terror concerns, possibly involving a plot against meetings at the u.n. it is not immediately clear if the geneva arrests are linked to the paris attacks. laura: a new poll just released within the hour shows ted cruz has taken the lead on the republican side. cruz sits at 31 points in the new bloomberg poll.
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behind. and dr. ben carson comes in third with 13 points. presidential candidate bernie sanders is in iowa this weekend. he kicked off his two-day visit with a stop in anamosa. there, he participated in a forum on racial justice and prison reform. later, sanders held a town hall meeting in dubuque and clinton. while in clinton, sanders called the attacks on muslims disgusting. sen. sanders: i'm seeing trump and other demagogues attempting to divide this country, and to get american people to hate somebody because of their religion and because of their country of birth. this is disgusting. this is unacceptable. and as a nation, we must protect it. [applause] laura: the visit is a chance for sanders to rally voters in a state where he's fallen behind contender hillary clinton in the polls. in south carolina, donald trump
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chief justice. he called chief justice roberts a disappointment. donald: i mean, we have decisions coming down, alan, where it's like we don't even have a constitution. so many decisions are made, and they're so badly made. so, a constitution is very important. laura: and for the second day in a row, protesters were escorted out of the rally. security teams lead the group out, while the group booed and chanted "trump." and right after our show, tune in to "matter of fact" with fernando espeulas. this weekend's show features senator lindsey graham, the presidential candidate locked in a never-ending war of words with rival donald trump. that's tonight at 6:30, right here on kcci. todd: a teaching tradition, hundreds of children given the chance to share presents this holiday season. see the special way one man gave some elementary students an unforgettable christmas. panther power! uni tried to pull off a major upset in the fcs playoffs.
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sports. announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 6:00 with todd magel, laura terrell, meteorologist jason sydejko, and sports with scott reister. >> it is the excitement they get
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laura: santa was in the metro. today, the des moines man behind the red suit continued his three-decade-long tradition of helping less fortunate kids spread christmas cheer. todd: kcci's kim st. onge is here with that story. kim: santa first treated the 200 capital view elementary school students to breakfast, before taking them on a mini shopping spree. during his busiest time of the year -- santa: how are you doing? kim: the man with the big, white beard made time to stop by the southside des moines walmart, helping 200 lucky second and third graders get in the christmas spirit. santa: you all got your lists, right? and you checked it twice, right? kim: each kid gets $60 and a lesson. santa: merry christmas! and you have a good time shopping, ok? kim: it's better to give than receive. ken: i was born on the river bottoms, and it's well documented stories about that. i didn't have nothing. and i thought, if i could ever make something of myself, i would do it for others. kim: with help from the rooftop foundation and 100 volunteers,
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able to give kids like alexandra marin -- alexandra: these are nice. kim: perhaps the greatest gift of all. alexandra: this is for my dad. and this is for my brother. kim: the gift of giving. alexandra: it is actually hard to pick gifts for other people, and it is actually easy to buy gifts for you. but this isn't for you. this is for everybody else. kim: it's that wonderful feeling of doing something for someone else that the deevers want these children to experience. ken: i think they'll feel thankful, happy, or joyful. because i love them a lot, and , i mean, they love me. kim: and thanks to their generosity, alexandra will now have a special gift for her mom, dad, and three brothers under the christmas tree. alexandra: this is the best christmas ever! kim: after the kids finished shopping this morning, they actually went back to capitol view elementary to wrap all of
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in studio, kim st. onge, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. laura: thanks, kim. right now, lots of lingering fog from the morning hours. it's pretty thick out there in some places. when you look up at the buildings. completely covered. let's get over to jason for a check of the forecast. todd: gloomy skies, rain, and storms. is dreary a meteorological term? jason: if you want to say y ucky. at least the rain will be, take a look at the fog advisories -- these go through midnight. central portions of the state will be in the thick of things for a while. as the rain moves in, we will get a big bucket of yuck tossed all across the state -- even three inches in spots. you can see that starting in areas to the south now, this will continue to strengthen as
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in that pretty potent moisture mass. a look at the timing of this thing. heaviest will fall overnight into tomorrow. we actually have a chance of breaking rainfall records tomorrow. we are going to be five degrees off of our record high, which at 64. 59 is not half bad, that is still 29 degrees above average this time of year. looking at a decent day temperature-wise, not a day to spend outside, unless you are wrapped in a big bubble to protect yourself from the heavy rain. this system driving through, trying to bring in light snow and the backside of this thing. that is possible. more likely, a lot of us would just get rain for the forecast. futurecast in the overnight hours, we could see a couple of thunderstorms mixed in with this. largely, we are going to be talking about that moderate to heavy rainfall. and we get waves of it -- more
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you see heavy stuff through the afternoon, i hope you don't have a picnic planned. it is going to be an absolute snowoaker. you can see almost a spiral-like structure to this thing, as it pushes off to the north. do get moister trailing on the backside, even into monday. once that rain starts, it will not stop or a while. and it will absolutely add up. totals looking to be around 2.5 inches, if you're in the southeastern portions are western portions, sitting around the same. the one-day record amounts do not eclipse the 2 inch mark, we could see the rainiest december day we have seen. along with that rain, a few thunderstorms are possible. as we head through tomorrow, we warm up again. not exactly the most comfortable they to be outside, absolutely
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we start of work in cold air on the backside, so the warmer temperatures we have had will it be a thing of the past. we dropped to still above average, in the mid 40's, beyond there, we get another shot at a little rain -- early in the day on wednesday. smacked back to reality with 30's returning on thursday. todd: interactive weather alerts all when you want them, the download is free. you can search storm team 8 8. . laura: how the cyclones could move up to number one. scott: there is a another game out there, we will let you know what i'm talking about.
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and the northern for lynn's family, the big stress is paying four hundred dollars a month in medical and drug costs for aidan. for other families it's higher deductibles, premiums and co-pays that keep adding up. that's why we've got to crack down on price gouging, cap out-of-pocket costs, and fast track approval of less expensive generic drugs. because we've got to get health care costs under control for lynn's family and for yours.
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announcer: a horrific terror attack in paris. then, a brutal act of terror here at home. it's time for a tested and proven leader who won't try to contain isis. jeb bush has a plan... to destroy them. and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force.
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leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. announcer: from iowa's sports leader, this is kcci 8 sports. scott: all uni had to do today was go to fargo and beat a north dakota state team that has won four straight national championships. but then again, the panthers have been playing with house money for months. uni started the season 2-4. and since then, the panthers reeled off seven straight wins to reach the fcs quarterfinals. they almost beat north dakota state earlier in the year. this one looked promising early. aaron bailey to brandon smith,
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they lead 7-0. second quarter, tied at 7. panther defense steps up big. they held this vaunted bison offense to just 7 points in the first half. and they also forced the only turnover of the game. they cashed it in. that led to a field goal from michael schmadake. uni led it 10-3 at the half. but when uni kcikced off to start the second half, everything changed. bruce anderson, bruce almighty. goes through nearly the entire return team, it is a 97 yard touchdown. bison took a 14-10 lead. uni was down by 8 in thr final minutyes and could not get anything going. bailey was sacked in the end zone for the safety. uni goes down 23-13, finishing a wild season just short of the big upset, 9-4.
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the main game of the day, a spectacle to behold. this one was a great game. keenan reynolds' second rushing touchdown was his 85th career score for navy, the most for any fbs or fcs division i player. but army actually led 17-14 at the half. until reynolds brings back navy, 50 yard bomb to jamir tillman. navy won 21-17. reynolds the only quarterback in the history of the series, which lasts over 100 years, to go 4-0. navy won the commander-in-chief's trophy for the 14th straight year. wow. when the hawkeyes meet stanford in the rose bowl, they may be facing the heisman trophy winner. we will find out tonight. stanford's christian mccaffery is up for the award tonight in new york city. that's him in the middle. it will either be mccaffrey, alabama running back derrick henry, or clemson quarterback deshaun watson. mccaffrey had a record-setting ridiculous sophomore season. 3,496 all-purpose yards are
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barry sanders' previous ncaa record of 3,250, which stood for 27 years. the stanford star is just 19 and is fully aware of how big this would be. christian : that would mean the world to a lot of people, not only myself, my family. that would be big for stamford, as well. i know we have had finalists in the past year to have not actually one. but to win it, that would be something that would be a really emotional moment. scott: we will let you know tonight, of course. january 1 is a big game, iowa and stanford in pasadena. let's talk some big four hoops. the hawkeye basketball team has the week off. iowa state is back on its home court sunday at 5:00, against arkansas-pine bluff. drake and uni are in action right now, as we speak. drake at nevada. boom, very good. 5-4, nevada leading early.
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here is a score we are talking about. iowa state is number two in the coaches poll. the only team ahead of them is michigan state. florida is right there with michigan state. if they could knock off michigan state, that would open the door for the cyclones to become the number one team in the nation. that comes out, we will let you know later tonight. kentucky is no longer the number one team in the nation. but they can ball. here comes alex poythress. look out below. kentucky just coasted past arizona state, 72-58. do you like to dunk? the big guy can dunk. four wildcats in double figures. the final was 72-58. we've got some hockey this week. the des moines bucs play tonight. the wild home tomorrow for "star wars" night. maybe you'll see a play like this out on the ice. last night, l.a. kings goalie jonathan quick, the backhand
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on the shootout, taking on pittsburgh, look like a full second before the shot even came. the kings went in to win 3-2. his last name is quick, so that is pretty fitting. todd: i guess the force was with him. scott: praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in.
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jason: but we get a huge -- of summer ahead of that. if you like wet stuff, what rain is not wet? it is coming, and it will be here soon. it will last throughout the day tomorrow, plan on inches of rain falling. at least it will be mild, upper 50's to low 60's.
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>> today on "matter of fact." if it's a fight you want, you'll get a good one from senator lindsey graham. senator graham: tell donald trump to go to hell. >> the road to the nomination runs through his home state of south carolina and what's the future of the , republican brand? john: this is not conservatism gop strategist john feehery calls out his own party. john: i think the party's going to be in for a world of hurt. >> plus, is it a good bet that secretary hillary clinton will be your next president? that's the line from the internet wagering site, predictit. why the stock is rising for a
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