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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning at 430am  Me-TV  December 14, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CST

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, greenbelt park and trail are closed. the city shut down the area because of flooding. walnut creek has reached 6 feet at i-35/80. the national weather service says it could get has high as 10 .5 feet. that is just one area of concern. you should also watch out for fleur. george flagg parkway and south east sixth here in des moines. eric: the driver in this one vehicle accident on i-235 late sunday morning was able to walk away without any injuries. according to the accident report the driver hit a patch of water , hydroplaned, hit the concrete median and the vehicle ended up on its roof. the accident happened in the west bound lanes of i-235 just before the valley west drive exit it temporarily shut down the two left lanes of traffic. elizabeth: jolly holiday lights is shutting down for the rest of season thanks to all the rain. -- rest of the season. make-a-wish had to pack up all the lights sunday because flooding at water works park. the holiday lights display closed saturday night and hoped to reopen monday. but the rain is shorting the electronic controllers. crews worked to save any materials that could be used next year in the displays 20 . year history they have had minor
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say nothing like this. >> the amount of rain we've had down here, we have parking issues. things compound when dealing with electricity and water. snow is something we can overcome. unfortunately water is not. elizabeth: last year jolly holiday lights funded 40 wishes. with the shortened season this year they hope to fund 20 , wishes. this is far from your typical december weather. for the most part rain and warm weather have replaced snowy cold days. eric: kcci's marcus mcintosh went to find out if we will have snow before christmas. marcus: what a difference 20 degrees makes. if it were that much colder the rain we have received would be snow. >> we wouldn't be talking feet of snow necessarily but we would be talking multiple inches maybe a foot. >> above normal is going to be the red there. marcus: allan curtis a meteorologist with the national weather service in johnston says it is not typical to be able to play a round of golf in central
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what is typical is what to expect in certain weather patterns. >> for the most part we are in a , typical el nino pattern with above average temperatures will keep that arctic air in canada as much as possible. marcus: with less than two weeks until christmas many are hoping that pattern will break and we will see snow. kurtis says we have a white christmas about 50% of the time as evident in this video from 2009. snowy conditions and no visibility. so that means the other half of the time our christmas is green . if your plans to spend christmas day here in central iowa this may be the only kind of sledding you do this year. with the pattern we are heading into a really strong el nino around. the likelihood is not good for the metro to see a white christmas. in all likelihood it will be too warm. rather than a white christmas it could be a gloomy and rainy christmas. eric: a typical national weather service forecast is for 7 days .
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than 7 days are less accurate. our weather coverage continues online at and on our kcci app. there you will find live reports from the day up to the minute forecast and much more as this weather story develops. weather is never more than five minutes away. metinka, we have some rain. metinka: we saw impressive rainfall totals. one to three inches like we were talking about on friday. it is still coming down this morning. good news, if you check out this , the rain is now lifting out of the area. we are going to be on the back edge. notice the cool air behind it? temperatures will stay above freezing. elizabeth: looking ahead, governor branstad is making
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governor in iowa and united states history. branstad has served six terms , that's nearly 21 years in office and today will be his 7642nd day on the job. the iowa governor will take the title from george clinton the governor of new york in the 1700's. today the public is encouraged to visit the state capitol for an open house. that starts at 10:00 a.m. and then at 6:00 p.m. a full night of festivities at the iowa state fairgrounds. eric: police made a very unusual arrest over the weekend. a man driving buy captured this video of a naked woman being arrested at the intersection of indianola avenue and southeast fifth. you can see she is lying on the ground in the rain police handcuff her and then one officer gives her his jacket. no word yet on exactly why she was arrested and what charges she faces. police say she was taken to a local hospital. a man has been arrested in union county in connection to last week's suspicious death investigation. and union county officials say they have found second body.
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arrested and charged with two counts of first degree murder. iowa dci and union county deputies found the second body while investigating the death of 37-year-old loretta dillinger. >> these remains were found in thayer. we had to use some excavating equipment and the use of the dog team to help us locate where the skeletal remains were located. eric: authorities have not revealed the identity of the second victim or the cause of death for both victims. officials say the suspect jerry dillinger was loretta dillinger's ex brother-in-law. elizabeth: in fort dodge police are searching for a wanted man. 23-year-old jordan foy is considered armed and dangerous. he is accused of firing multiple shots inside the dodger tap on 12th street. no one was injured. also in fort dodge police are , investigating a suspicious death. a man's body was found in the grass along eighth street just before 8:00 sunday morning. an autopsy will be conducted. the victim's name has not been
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eric: also this weekend in fort dodge a man jumped off a bridge. , it happened saturday morning at the great northwestern train trestle. police were called there just before 9:00 a.m. for a man threatening to jump. all trains were stopped. officers talked the man down after four hours. as he was being escorted of the -- escorted off the bridge, he lunged away from officers and jumped off. two officers grabbed a hold of a leg but couldn't rescue him and he fell. he survived the fall and was air lifted to des moines. his current condition is unknown. still ahead on kcci donald trump losing ground in the presidential race. the new poll showing a new front-runner in iowa. elizabeth: and questioning the use of force. an officer involved shooting in california is under review. the surprising details surrounding the case. heart disease. asthma. diabetes. 7 out of 10 americans take prescription drugs. but in the last 7 years drugs prices have doubled.
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require medicare to negotiate lower drug prices. let people buy their prescription drugs from countries like canada at half the price. and cap monthly prescription costs for every american. the drug companies have been over charging long enough. it's time to fight back.
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz and right now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: good morning. you are waking up to a soggy monday morning. rain continuing especially along and north of i-80. the southern to tears of iowa
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we are expecting the rain to stick around before finally diminishing this morning. we could pick up an additional 15 inch in central iowa. -- an additional .5 inch in central iowa. maybe drop off into the low 40's. it will stay above freezing which is good news for road conditions. elizabeth: next metinka. -- thanks metinka. commitment 2016 news now. a shake-up in the polls shows a new republican presidential candidate emerging as a top contender to take on donald trump. a fox news poll released sunday shows texas senator ted cruz leading the gop presidential field here in iowa with 28%. trump in second place with 26%. it's about 50 days to go until the iowa caucuses. brian webb reports it's more than just one poll putting cruz
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brian: donald trump spent the weekend taking aim at his usual suspects the epa gun control and muslim immigrants. but he also targeted someone new presidential candidate ted cruz. when you look at the way he's -- >> when you look at the way he's dealt with the senate where he goes in there like a you know frankly like a bit of a maniac. you are never going to get things done that way. brian: a new poll released this weekend from the des moines register and bloomberg politics shows cruz has a ten point lead over trump and an even bigger lead over ben carson among iowa republicans. cruz's poll surge is being pushed along by evangelicals and tea party conservatives. last week cruz predicted he , would inherit the anti-establishment vote. >> i believe that gravity will bring both of those campaigns down, and i think the lion's share of their supporters come to us. brian: the washington post reported last week that some party elders are considering ways to side step a possible trump nomination. trump said that would be a mistake and could force him to run as a third party candidate.
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it was supposed to be honorable. so we are going to find out. if it's that way they are going to have problems. brian: the iowa caucuses are set for february 1. brian webb for cbs news, new york. elizabeth: the next republican presidential debate is tomorrow night in las vegas. eric: the poll that shows cruz jumping ahead is the iowa poll used by the des moines register. ann selzer who puts the numbers together says it was a bit of a shock to see the turnaround from trump to cruz. >> well he has spiked. it's the most sudden aggressive rise we've seen in any caucus candidate in the last five caucus cycles. so this is dramatic. this is big. eric: selzer credits cruz's boost to several new endorsements and to voters growing disappointment with ben carson. elizabeth: on the democratic side, bernie sanders is trying to take back his lead here in iowa. he is wrapped up a two day swing through the state sunday. sanders attended a church service in waterloo. and met with volunteer at the
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he talked to them about raising the minimum wage, free tuition, stopping isis and winning the caucus in iowa. >> our job is to reach out to people many of whom have given , up on the political process , many of whom who have never participated in the political process. go to our rallies and you will find many, many people who will say you know i've never voted in my life but they're doing it now. elizabeth: sanders finished the day at cornell college in mount vernon. eric: right now police in portland, oregon, are investigating what caused a train to crash into a tractor-trailer hauling fuel. that crash sparked a railcar fire that sent black smoke into the air and the fuel leaked underneath railroad tanker cars spreading the fire. the truck driver was killed. it took firefighters several hours to put out the flames. the shooting death of a young father at the hands of two los angeles county sheriff's deputies is raising questions about the use of force. elizabeth: chris martinez
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kris: -- chris: store surveillance video captured the moment two los angeles county sheriff's deputies fired multiple shots at nicholas robertson in the lynwood neighborhood of los angeles. angry demonstrators gathered at the shooting scene saturday night. pamela brown is robertson's mother in law. >> he left three kids behind, two daughters and a sun -- and a son. they could have tasered him, anything. >> what is your emergency? chris: investigators say the confrontation started when deputies responded to multiple 911 calls about a man firing shots into the air. the sheriff's department released this video showing robertson minutes before his encounter with deputies walking down a busy street carrying a gun. >> he did not comply with repeated requests to drop the weapon. chris: the movement of the suspect and the way he was holding the firearm indicates that he was motioning in the direction of the deputy sheriffs. the sheriff's department
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the confrontation. deputies fired 33 rounds. robertson was pronounced dead at the scene. community activist naj ali says the shooting is disturbing. >> it appears that this young man crawled to his death. he was shot again, again and again. chris: local civil rights leaders have called for an independent investigation into robertson's death. chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. elizabeth: to the san bernardino shooting. right now the fbi says nothing related to the terror attack has been found in a local lake. investigators started searching this lake on thursday. the fbi hasn't uncovered anything that will help the investigation. investigators have said syed farook and tashfeen malik tried to cover their tracks by destroying emails and cell phones. they are especially interested in finding a hard drive that is missing from the shooters' home. eric: it is now 4:46. the rain continues to follow. we are reaching up to 43 degrees.
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and 2n >> weather is never more than 5 minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. metinka: it is a soggy start to the week. 4:49 right now. it is moving back toward the northwest. a band of heavier rain going through the downtown area of the
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it is all tracking to the west this morning. it is beginning to wind down. you can see the rain extends up toward fort dodge and over toward take aim a. -- over towards to came up. under three inches of rain fell over the weekend. yesterday was the wettest december day ever in des moines. the second wettest winter day ever in the city. this morning we will be watching the rain diminish. by noontime, a little bit of sprinkle activity left over. we are not worried about any installation. it is going to be a quiet evening and a quiet start to tuesday.
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maybe some light rain showers over toward ottumwa. this will be tuesday evening into early wednesday morning. we will get ready for drier weather and cooler temps for the rest of the week. we are not concerned about snowfall. there may be a threat of an inch or less. we may see a little hint of snow here. for rainfall totals, we're going to see an additional .252 .5 -- .25 2.5 -- for tomorrow, much of the day is looking quite. the system stays off to the west. through 6:00 p.m., the weather will stay quiet. most of it falling in the form of snow should right now in des moines it is raining.
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that brisk wind will make a big difference if this afternoon. tomorrow, it will be a quiet one. get ready, it is going to be a chilly end of a week -- chilly end of the week. eric: metinka, thank you. elizabeth: leaders from nearly 200 nations have adopted the first global pact to fight climate change. the paris agreement calls on the world to collectively cut and then eliminate greenhouse gas pollution. but there are no sanctions on nations that do not. people around the world are both praising and protesting the deal. des moines mayor frank cownie is praising the deal. cownie was in paris for the worldwide climate change conference. eric: kcci's rose heaphy explains why he says the agreement is a step in the right direction. rose: dozens of people walking in the rain in downtown des moines for one message. >> we are the earth. rose: a message des moines' mayor frank cownie helped spread at the climate change conference
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on saturday representatives of 195 nations made a historic agreement to decrease greenhouse gas emissions to help lessen the impacts of climate change. cownie was one of 650 worldwide leaders who represented local government. >> took to this in paris and said we can do stuff. there are things that local government and citizens at the local level can do. rose: cownie shared his experience as a delegate in paris to a panel at the des moines public library. he said he shared how des moines is making strides in energy efficiency lowering consumption by 15%. but cownie believes there is a lot of work left to be done. >> we've got to collaborate with all of our citizens and all of our businesses. instead of taking 10 trips to do 10 errands, let's do 10 errands and one trip and save our fuel.
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spoke about spreading the message especially to younger generations. >> i hope that they took away hope and they will also realize there are all sorts of places to get involved. eric: right now the goal is to limit global warming to 2 degrees celsius, but cownie says he hopes that becomes just 1.5 degrees in the future. elizabeth: airport angel. a michigan woman rushing to see her dying mother but things got in the way.
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get her across the country metinka: another rainy night has turned into a rainy morning. pockets of heavy rain. moving back through the downtown area shortly. one out to the west over toward nora. all of this rain is pivoting around. we will see improving conditions through the morning our -- the morning hours. it is going to be a soggy drivetime for a lot of folks this morning. he sure to take your time. temps will be in the 40's but we do not have to worry about any freezing. tomorrow should be quiet. a chance of a little rain tuesday evening. get ready for a cold week ahead with highs dropping back into the 30's. eric: we have a story now of giving this holiday season. a woman in michigan rushes to catch a flight so she can see her dying mother one last time. elizabeth: the flight delayed then canceled.
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crying because i need to be there, i needed to get there as soon as possible. my dad was alone down there. elizabeth: that's when laura genovich met her airport angel. the last one off the flight laura was met by a complete stranger named mary. mary had heard laura's story. she ran with laura to her next flight and then paid for it. >> she gave me a big hug and she said i love you and the lord loves you. i've seen relatives fight over who's paying for the ticket, let alone complete stranger paying for a full fare walk up at the gate $400 and some. elizabeth: genovich made it to her mothers bedside later that day. a few days later her mom passed away. laura said her mother would have loved this story about the kindness of strangers. eric: now a sweet story out of dubuque. 14-year-old leukemia patient sarah pieterek thought she was going to clarke university to discuss her wish with the make a wish fountain.
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walk into this. eric: sarah always wanted a flash mob, and the organization granted that wish, along with a trip to disney world. more than 100 people showed up to dance and cheer to surprise her. sarah's classmates and members of a jazzercise studio made up the group. she said the surprise made her feel so incredibly happy. elizabeth: a popular holiday attraction shut down due to flooding. and why the threat of more rain could shut down some major des
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more ahead at 5:00 a.m. elizabeth: right now on kcci -- eric: we're on flood watch. alyx: i'm alyx sacks too much rain has already shut down a holiday tradition now it could shut down des moines streets as well. elizabeth: plus making history. the major milestone governor branstad is expected to reach today and you're invited. eric: and cruz climbs. the sizeable lead he now has in iowa and how his rivals are
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