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tv   KCCI 8 News at Ten  Me-TV  December 14, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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share wonder every day. you're watching kcci 8 news. >> >> the river levels going up across central iowa. >> we have team 8 coverage tonight. todd magel is live along fleur drive. >> it is headed off to the west but this will have little impact here. what a system it was. look at these records. the way to stay sunday when we had 1.79 inches. highest three-day total, 3.78 inches. and now the wettest december already at 3.82 inches. it already tallies number one
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it is very common across much of iowa, temperatures in the 30's early on. it little bit of fog. a generally dry day. there is one precipitation chance in the next eight days. for details on that, it is coming up. anchor: if you drive into town from the southside the flooding is going to impact your commute tomorrow morning. anchor a major roadway will be : close because of the rising raccoon river. kcci's todd magel is live along fleur drive tonight. todd: this is the road to the airport, it has been dead since 3:00 when the river started rising and the city shut it down. there is a new mandatory left-hand turn, one of the busiest roads in the city is
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it is something we have seen in the winter. >> there may be as much as 2.5 feet of water by tomorrow morning. it is projected to stay that way. todd: farther west, floodwaters from walnut creek shut it down for most of the day. forget parking in this church lot, the ducks have taken over. >> we don't usually see this in december by that much rain. >> the river is rising so high it is nearly touching the bridge north of the square. >> we left my house around 9:00. there was snow on the ground. there were rivers overflowed. there were rivers covered with water.
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haear >> we're pretty lucky, i think. reporter: we're back here live, the designated detour route is just to the east, southwest seven and southwest nine. stacey: flag parkway is not far from where todd was just standing. near eastern lake, southeast hartford avenue is also close data flooding. steve: and all this rain is leaving behind a big mess for many central iowa homeowners. reporter: >> it doesn't matter where you live ankeny, des moines, windsor heights, west des moines, clive people all across the metro are cleaning up
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basements. reporter: with two working sump pumps in his home, tivon feeley thought he'd be in the clear, but he was wrong. >> they just can't keep up with the volume of water. reporter: the carpet in his entire basement -- >> you can just kind of see it wick up by my feet it's like a sponge right here. reporter: is saturated with water especially around his children's main play area. >> so middle of december we should be out there scooping snow and we're out here in a flood. >> feeley called the experts to come help with clean up, but he's on a long waiting list. >> when i got in today at 7 o'clock this morning we had over a hundred phone calls. >> the guys with servicemaster by rice are already hard at work on this house in ankeny ripping up carpet. >> with the rate the water was coming in, we could have had a foot of water in our basement. amber swenson and her husband worked quickly to bring as much as they could upstairs >> we had all the christmas presents downstairs. but unfortunately her daughter's downstairs room saw the most damage something little kyra
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birthday. >> this is crazy and why did it happen today?. reporter: fortunately the family was able to escape the water for a little while and celebrate at bass pro shop in altoona. >> glad that i can see something special. steve: the experts say it is better to act fast and clean up as soon as you can to avoid developing mold in your basement. steve: we were there as crews started the take down the holiday lights. the light display ran for just 3 it typically runs for 6. the closure means a huge financial hit for the non-profit that helps sick kids. have had a variety of inclement
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anyone who would have surmised something like this would happen. fundraiser of the year. donation, we have the information on our website major milestone celebrated at the iowa state fairgrounds. steve: governor terry branstad is now officially the american history. kcci's ryan smith was there as hundreds honored branstad's historic achievement. >> twenty elections governor branstad won em all. a few of those winning campaigns and the fact iowa has no term limits propelled him to the record books. about 1300 people in attendance at the iowa state fairgrounds to honor the governor. cbs' face of the nation moderator john dickerson on stage for a conversation with governor branstad. the two discussed not only policy and public service but also the years prior to branstad's first run for the state house. branstad has served for six
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days, surpassing new york governor george clinton in 1777. >> he represents what it means to govern, take responsibility, and manage the system. we are proud to be a part of this this evening. >> when he was running for governor they would see him in parades. they always talked about how hard he worked. that is the message for his career. steve: proceeds for the dinner going to the governor branstad iowa history fun to restore and preserve state heritage and historical landmarks. governor branstad spent his day
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>> inside the governor's reception room, the governor spent the day receiving. after giving a lifetime of service. >> i was 35 years old when i was elected, 36 years old when i took office. >> at 69 years old, that is 7642 days. >> youngest governor, youngest governor, longest-serving governor. reporter: the records to 200 years. >> did you ever dream of it? >> to serve this long, no. but you work hard every day and great things can happen. reporter: it started in 1983. for terms later he took a break to become president of dmu but he came back to the capital four years ago. >> having led iowa from the farm crisis of the 80's to diversified economy.
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in were leaving the state 4;35 a -- leaving the state. we have come a long way. we six lowest in london employment -- and unemployment. reporter: befriending chinese president xi jinping and seeing the state through the floods of 93. >> on the we have tough people who are resilient. it has been an honor to serve them. he took a congratulatory call from president george h.w. bush. he is already thinking about the goals he hopes to achieve tomorrow. steve: branstad also gave cynthia his 6 secrets for success, which you can hear at kcci. or you can read about in his new book that was just released tonight. it's called iowa's record
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stacey: a former statehouse clerk pleads guilty to threatening the lawmaker he was working for. 28-year-old michael mcrae admitted sending lawmaker ako abdul samad a threatening letter with white powder. you'll remember these images from back in 2012 as a hazmat team was called to the statehouse. mcrae was the one who opened the letter containing the powder. he now faces up to five years in prison and a 200:50,000 dollar -- $250,000 fine. a story we've followed all day. an iowa state student killed in a hit and run accident. ames police say it happened before 7-oh-clock this morning at lincoln way and ash avenue. police tell us the victim is 18-year-old emmalee jacobs, a freshman from urbana. an isu police officer was driving up to the lincoln way and ash intersection and found jacobs lying in the middle of ash avenue. jacobs was taken to mary greeley medical center where she died from her injuries. >> certaintly a tragic incident before christmas to have a young person killed so we're going to obviously put all of our
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to determine what happened. stacey: if you have any information about the hit and run, call ames police or the story county crime stoppers. steve: police need your help to find a missing teenager. 17-year-old sam kemp of des moines has been missing since saturday night. his mother says he went to a party in granger and hasn't been seen or heard from since. if you've seen him, or know where he is, please contact the polk county sheriff's office. authorities are trying to figure out what happened to a man in davis county. on sunday, police found the man dead inside a home off highway 63, south of ottumwa. investigators say the death is suspicious but they aren't releasing any more information. an autopsy is being done right now to determine how he died. stacey: it could be weeks before we learn more about a homicide in union county. 37-year-old jerry dillinger is now charged with 2 murders.
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. investigators found a body in a house near thayer. investigators say dilliger also killed his former sister in law, loretta dillinger. stacey: the billion dollar plant that pulls water from the ocean. how it could help people in california now dealing with extreme drought. steve: and star wars premiere. how long some fans waited just
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characters up close. anncr: when the attacks come here... ...the person behind this desk will have to protect your family. will he be impulsive and reckless, like donald trump? will he have voted to dramatically weaken counter-terrorism surveillance, like ted cruz? will he have skipped crucial national security hearings and votes just to campaign, like marco rubio? 27 generals and admirals support jeb bush. because jeb has the experience and knowledge to protect your family. right to rise usa is responsible
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at ten with arlin, stacey horst, chief meteorologist john mclaughlin and sports director andy garman. stacey: flags lowered in connecticut today to mark the anniversary of the massacre at sandy hook elementary. steve: 20 students and 6 staffers were killed back in 2012. the old sandy hook elementary school building was demolished last year. a new campus is scheduled to open next fall. stacey: president obama says the us is hitting isis harder than ever. steve: the president made the comments from the pentagon today where he met with his national security council. president ama more people are
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they are. we've seen instances of isil fighters defecting, others who have tried to escape have been executed, and isil's reign of brutality and extortion continues to repel local populations and help fuel the refugee crisis. steve: the president says isis has lost 40% of land it once held in iraq. but he admits progress against the terrorists group is slow-going. stacey: pacific ocean is not a people. one of the world's largest de-salination plants opened just north of san diego. million gallons of pure water a day. in order to do that, the plan has to draw 100 million gallons from the pacific ocean. critics say the process could harm marine life. but officials say this plant is just part of the solution to deal with drought. >> large scale desalination is a viable option that can be part of a portfolio of resources, along with a number of other
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stacey: san diego residents are expected to see a 5-dollar increase in their water bills to cover the cost of de-salination. steve: here's a reminder about a big event that is happening tomorrow right here at kcci. it's toys for tots tuesday. bring a new, unwrapped toy to our studios at 888 9th street in downtown des moines, from 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., and you can help make christmas a lot merrier this year for a child in need. cynthia fodor and i will also be hosting our annual toys for tots tuesday special tomorrow night right here on kcci starting at 6:30. stacey: checking back with kurtis tonight. anchor: was that the most persistent system ever? it's been over the top of us. incredible for december. we have cloud cover out there cooling-off. it is still above our normal
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wind chill, northwest wind at 13, humidity 78%. look at the rainfall totals. it is officially for this system 3.79 inches. reports of seven inches of rain around state center. a tremendous system when you look at the rainfall. this is the most extreme water event we have ever had between november 1 and march 31. flood warnings are out there across the region across the metro, on the polk county avenue , the des moines river, and parts of the north fork in dallas county. numerous other rivers across the state.
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some snow. 35 tomorrow morning. patchy fog will be snow free. cloud cover 36. noon. temperature is 41 degrees. temperatures in the 40's again, our above normal december temperature continues. this is the system strain that will bring a whole lot of snow. some of the ski resorts in colorado and utah are picking up the area. this system pulls out. this next system is a bigger impact, although it will bring some light precipitation here tomorrow.
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sin for the afternoon hours. here comes our rain chance tomorrow evening. best chance to the north, a few hundred seven inch. wednesday, a little bit of sun. a few flurries northwest. they finally move on and we will see some widespread sunshine as we head into thursday. temperatures above freezing. we will see the icy spots. tomorrow, 45, mostly cloudy. the light rain chance holding off until after sunset. temperatures could have been cooler. 34 thursday. sunshine on the way friday. look what happens. we have next week, we stay in the mild 40's. steve: star wars premieres. still to come, the red carpet appearances tonight in hollywood.
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who fought the elements a front row seat. anchor: tomorrow it is toys for tots tuesday. drop off in new toys here at the station.
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paris: there's a lot to do on a dairy farm. nobody's gonna do it for you. you have to get out there and do it yourself. bernie sanders is a well-known friend of family farms. bernie cannot be bought out by big money. bernie's opinion cannot be purchased. it's time for our next president to get in there, roll up his sleeves, take off the gloves, and take on wall street, take on big business, take on big money, and get the working class back to where they should be. he's a rock.
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>> a big night in hollywood, the premiere of star wars, the force awakens. right now, the new star wars film has generated more than 50 million dollars in advance ticket sales. steve: star wars opens nationwide on friday. but tonight the red carpet premiere was held in hollywood. some fans waited more than a week to get a front row seat to the opening night showing. r2-d2 and c-3po were on the red carpet tonight. anthony daniels, the actor who plays c-3po, says he is very excited for everyone to see the new film. >> j.j. abrams, the director, saw the original 'star wars' when he was 11 and he had brought to the set that memory and he was like a kid on the set, albeit a brilliant child that would --
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million-dollar record for
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currently held anchor: we begin with college hoops.
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cyclones fall from number four to number five. number two in the coaches poll. 9-0 is as good as you could ask for. there is plenty every for improvement with the always on deck. one that knocked off the america. >> sometime today or tomorrow i will start watching northern iowa. they really score the ball well. >> it should be a great second game when the cyclones take on northern iowa. coming up, over the week, a couple of players getting coke
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averaging 17-10. they went 1-0. desmond king was a two star recruit that was lightly recruited at of high school and developed into one of the nation's best players. you will have to add on to his trophy clay -- trophy case. he is a six-time all-american. one of the best quarterbacks in the land. he is the jim thorpe one or this year. let's have some fun. william gay of pittsburgh, taking it to the house. the celebration is even better. he thought all right, i will go
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when the flag actually does get involved, personal foul. he dropped to his knees and continues the celebration. number seven college hoops, texas and north carolina. the buzzer beater that should not have been. texas wins the game. deandre jordan, doesn't even touch the rim. number five, cam newton, look at this. right past the defenders facemask, perfect position for his receiver only. he is looking like the nfl m.v.p. this year. number four, mba ball.
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the game-winner. number three, shane mckinsey. bang from half court worth 20 thousand dollars. high school hoops, beat the buzzer.
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