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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning at 430am  Me-TV  December 16, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CST

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out but there will be flurries or may be flurries or maybe a wintry mix moving in across western iowa. strong wind will continue, switching back over to the west. that will usher in colder temperatures so high as well the followed by falling temperatures. grab the code, you may see a flurry or two. we have colder days ahead. eric: a deadly crash on des moines's northeast side. it happened at the intersection of east 42nd and hubbell avenue. a man was walking erratically and was hit by a car in the intersection. he was killed instantly. the driver that hit the man is cooperating with police. hubble is back open after being shut down for several hours during the investigation. police hope to release the name of the victim later today. stay with kcci on-air and online for updates. the husband of a knoxville woman passes away but the
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elizabeth: how she is fighting to prove she is still alive. >> this is some of the paperwork i have filed. >> instead of enjoying retirement after a 30 year career with the department of veteran affairs, sherry bates has been knee-deep in paperwork, trying to fix a federal government mistake that has cost her more than $10,000. the issue started after her husband died in june from a severe stroke. she had been receiving monthly pension payments through the u.s. office of personnel management, or opm, from april until august. when the checks suddenly stopped. turns out they mistakenly marked her as deceased. >> can this really be happening? i felt like i had so much on my plate with my husband. his unexpected death. kim: she received no money for five months despite documenting
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this. >> and i thought i would be able to live pretty decent but then, no money. that is what is devastating. her family stepped in to make ends meet but then she learned of another error. regretfully, an overpayment has occurred. opm claims she only worked to 22 years, meaning on top of received -- not receiving those $8,500. much easier to cope with this. elizabeth: sherry bates finally received the payment monday and to our calls for comment. eric: no arrest and a deadly hit and run monday that killed an 18-year-old iowa state university student. the new questions raised by the jacobs. a memorial is set up where she
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kcci's vanessa peng has more. vanessa: in the middle of this busy intersection, a peaceful memorial reminds students of a life taken to sin. -- too soon. loved ones are grieving after iowa state freshman emmalee jacobs was killed in a hit and run near campus. >> over 24 hours later, i still can't believe it. it's weird to think of a world without her. vanessa: jylian ramsey tells us she's known her since sixth grade. ramsey says jacobs was a strong personality who wasn't afraid to speak her mind. >> she was honest and she was confident in herself. she could be goofy and didn't
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vanessa: ames police say there were no witnesses but they are looking at surveillance video of cars traveling in both directions on lincoln way. ramsey has a message for the driver. >> i know it will be hard to admit that you've done something terrible, and make people cry and cause all this pain. but sometimes you just have to step forward and take responsibility for what you've done. elizabeth: eric: police are looking for the public and even if you think something the story county crimestoppers. record hitting business for des moines developers. elizabeth: developers are running out of room to build downtown. ryan smith reports. in ryan: it seems construction machinery has become a staple of the downtown skyline with no winter freeze on work.
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full help crying -- trying to get as much done. ryan: the first steps in transforming this space into a five-story $48 million apartment complex. ramsey excavating pays him to commute from minnesota every week. >> we are using gps to tell us how much we need today, but elevation we are at. ryan: workers are needed to keep up with record demand. >> we are short of plumbers, electricians, technicians, framers and trim carpenters. the demand is there. there just aren't enough people to fill it. ryan: there a spike in commercial industrial permits issued over a three-year. . in not only for downtown construction but also single-family homes across iowa. >> we put in a record number of
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foundations all around the metro area. we expect next year to be even stronger. we had a record year. elizabeth: hubbell realty reports they are currently working on more than 500 apartments through six projects in the downtown area. eric: we're starting off pretty one. metinka: pretty good now but they will tumble. 45 degrees in des moines. already 30's to the west. the wind is coming from the south keeping temperatures warm, but it will switch to the west later this afternoon. overnight, light rain, don't be surprised if you see flurries around the back side. this will bring chilly air. tomorrow will feel more like december showed with highs only close to freezing. elizabeth: the rain finally stopped but water continues creeping up on fleur drive.
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marcus: if the rain had continued, this may be one of the only ways people living in luther could get to and from their homes. some are partially surrounded at least one is completely surrounded. draining water is easier said than done. this truck is pumping water a few blocks away who then pump the water out of town. >> we are doing what we can to help out the city of luther. they don't have a public works department and as you see, with a heavy rain, it has pooled in different locations. marcus: the goal is to get this town on the edge of being overrun dried out but before the end of the winter. eric: this is what it looked like in the state park tuesday afternoon. water over the road on the lower canyon road forcing its closure. without water expected to rise,
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park managers say -- with water not expect it also shut down jolly holiday lights. elizabeth: plans are underway to help make a wish. mark tauscheck has the new development. mark: monday's river became tuesday's late. jolly holiday lights now surrounded. >> unfortunately it went higher than we thought. mark: damaging the exhibit that draws tens of thousands will be determined after the water receipts -- recedes. >> we are going inside sandys wish shop to check out the damage or hopefully lack of. this here is santa's chair. mark: many items were on tables. >> up off the ground, thinking that santos workshop here would not gain any water and unfortunately, it did.
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they all have wooden bases below those so those are all going to need to be replaced. this has been underwater for a while. mark: a giant generator donated by ge electric sitting on a trailer, workers couldn't move it before water arrived because the truck it -- kept getting stuck in the mud. the effort to help the nonprofit make up a $200,000 loss has exploded, under the social media #bring the jelly. >> videos online demonstrating how you bring the joy this holiday. mark: the water apparently not dampening the giving spirit. elizabeth: a spokeswoman for make-a-wish told kcci they have been happily overwhelmed at all of the support so far. several companies have stepped
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eric: the republican presidential candidates square off again with less than seven weeks before the caucus. the main focus of the debate ahead.
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the >> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. with eric hanson, elizabeth
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klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz, and right-now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: good morning. it is a warm and quiet start. already cooler air trying to work and western iowa with temperatures in the 30's. mild to start with flurries or maybe some light rain across western iowa. a few passing flurries and even in the central part of the state. the big story will be the wind and temperatures are falling. it will feel cooler than it has. this system is quickly heading through minnesota. this is the back edge so we have snow flurries or a wintry mix through northwest iowa and him we have a blast of cold air for the rest of the week. i will have details in your 8 day forecast. eric: commitment 2016 news, republican presidential candidates faced off tuesday night and much of the debate focused on security concerns.
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elizabeth: daniel nottingham reports from las vegas. danielle: nine republicans took the stage at the venetian hotel in las vegas for debate focused on national security. the first topic was donald trump span on muslim -- attempt to ban muslims in the united states and said it would extend to refugees already here. >> if obama has brought some to this country they are leaving. danielle: jeb bush says that's not a serious proposal. >> it will push the muslim and arab world away from us when we need to reengage with them. he is a chaos candidate and he would be a chaotic president. danielle: trump leaving mark -- lock horns with marco rubio. >> ted cruz supported a increase in guest workers allowed. >> for marco to suggest our record is the same is like
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arsonist have danielle: the same record because they are at the scene of the fire. the candidates have two more scheduled debates to challenge donald trump is to face before the iowa caucuses on february 1. rand paul questioned chris christie after a new jersey political scandal. >> i think we think about the judgment of someone that might want world war iii me to think about somebody that would shut down a bridge because they don't like their friends. danielle: >> if you want some talked about, ask the man. if you want something done, ask a woman. danielle: the candidates talk about bashar al-assad and monitoring of cell phone records. elizabeth: the latest national poll shows trump with a double-digit lead, taken after he announced his plan to ban muslims from entering the country. eric: it is quarter to five and we are waking up to 45 degrees. this is a look at i-235 and polk
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much w >> weather is never more than five minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. metinka: good morning. it is a quiet start. we have clear skies for the time being across central iowa. light rain moved through, the
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there is no trying to work and across northwest iowa. this is on the back and an edge of a system brought decent snow to the dakotas and in spreading toward the minute -- minnesota and wisconsin. this system will be moving up to the northeast this morning on the backside, the wind will shift and tomorrow we have a reinforcing shot of cold air from canada. toward friday they may be flurries wrapping through the state. we're not expecting any major storm system. chance for snow flurries by 4:00 this afternoon, light flakes. not amounting to much but through the evening commute there could be more flurries. that's about it. starting out mild, 45 degrees in des moines and a strong wind from the south shifting to the
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temperatures. by midafternoon temperatures closer to 40. blustery west wind, 15 to 30 wind. tomorrow look seasonably cold with highs close to freezing after morning lows in the 20's. friday looks like the coldest day of the next eight with high struggling to make it to 30. overnight lows dropping back into the teens. thursday night and friday night. the weekend looks pretty nice, sunshine in the forecast with saturday has close to 40 and for sunday, closer to 50. in next week looks unsettled. we will have to see how warm temperatures stay to see whatever precipitation we will get. eric: thank you. elizabeth: eight weeks and eight issues, it is our special series examining the hottest topics of the presidential election in the
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eric: kcci's aixa diaz is in washington with a look at the debate. aixa: with an estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the u.s., fixing a broken immigration system is high on the priority list for candidates on both sides of the aisle. >> the immigration fight could easily be one of the biggest issues of the campaign. >> if you meet the criteria you can come out of the shadows and get right with the law. aixa: one year after president obama issued a series of executive actions to protect as many as 5 million undocumented immigrants. after federal judges world the president overstepped his authority, the obama administration is appealing to the in print -- supreme court. >> they come here to improve their lives and help their families. aixa: the a.c.l. cio represents more than 50 labor unions and says undocumented immigrants working and contributing to the economy should be protected from deportation.
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children who were born here who are u.s. citizens and their parents are taken away. >> i disagree there is a myopic choice between doing nothing or deporting everybody. aixa: james carafano says amnesty undermines reform. he says getting serious about immigration requires enforcing existing laws, not creating new ones. >> we have to make government work first. we have to insist the government do its job on the border. we have to make the government enforce the laws on the books. eric: another part of the debate is what to do with children who arrive at the us-mexico border by themselves. border patrol says more than 10,500 unaccompanied minors crossed the border in just the last two months. elizabeth: from immigration to national security and the economy, see where the presidential candidates stand on my neck just click on the eight issues
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weeks metinka: good morning, a quiet and were morning. 45 at five minutes before 5:00 a.m.. it has been driving across to the state after overnight rain. but watch for the rain snow mix to move in across western and northwest iowa in time for the morning commute. temperatures will fall back into
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the upper 30's with a brisk wind, and lots of clouds, and 30 miles per hour wind. temperatures will tumble with highs close to 30 and friday, a lot of neighborhoods will be getting out of the 20's for highs with overnight lows thursday and friday night in the teens. another brief cold snap by sunday, temperatures work into the 40's and next week, temperatures look mild in the 30's and low 40's. eric: we want to thank everyone involved with toys for tots tuesday. the telethon raised $78,223 for the u.s. marine corps.and marines also collected 4107 toys. they appreciate everyone of the volunteers helped make the great tradition happen.
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todd magel has the story of a des moines man who says yes. todd: when ben grauer heads to his job at the well marked ymca, he is using a new set of wheels. last week he took delivery of one of the most unusual wheelchairs he has ever seen. >> i came in today and someone mentioned how they never seen one that looks as cool as this one. todd: it is called a whill. it comes from california and is styled by a former automotive desigbner. >> it looks oakland he and medical, and this one doesn't do that. atodd: this is made of smaller wheels that rotate and can tackle snow and grass. >> they are called omnidirectional wheels and they were used on the mars rover.
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it is controlled using an app on his phone. >> it is a virtual joystick allowing it to go in any direction. todd: even with the $15,000 price tag he raise the cash in two days using a gofundme account. >> it was incredible seeing people's generosity and spirit and just wanting to help out. todd: they didn't just buy him a wheelchair, they bought him a new way to live. >> i didn't want a conversation piece but if it was going to be one, i wanted it to be positive. elizabeth: he says he wants to thank his friends and family for raising the money to buy a new high-tech wheelchair. eric: sllti ahead, another deadly medical helicopter crash. where the chopper went down and those at fault.
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