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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  December 17, 2015 6:00am-7:00am CST

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that you are still alive. but if you're not, god loved you best, and i do too. elizabeth: today, investigators will use atv's to expand the search and the iowa state patrol plans to search the area by plane as well. if you have any information, call the polk county sheriff's
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eric: a creston man died wednesday after being buried for bin accident. it happened on a farm along kendall street near murray in clarke county. officials say 39-year-old eric reasland was trying to get grain out of the bin but a crust had formed on the top of the grain. he was trying to break up that crust and fell down into the grain itself. rescuers looked for about 90 minutes before finding reasland's body the accident remains under investigation. happening today, a pretrial conference is set for 17-year-old noah laprei. he's facing first degree murder charges in the death of his own grandmother. laprei is accused of beating 79-year-old rachel pray to death back on october 10. the pretrial conference is set for 2:30 this afternoon at the polk county courthouse. stick with kcci for updates on this case. elizabeth: no stop light, no stop sign not even a crosswalk. those are some of the safety concerns at the intersection at east 42nd and hubbell in des moines.
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portillo-rodrigues hit and killed 61-year-old james pascasio with his vehicle there on tuesday. the city plans to install a stop light at that intersection in 2017, hoping to make it safer. lauren simms works at a nearby business. she says the intersection is an accident waiting to happen. >> they have not reacted to it in a timely manner. i think when they started building all the apartment buildings and the increased traffic more population in this , area i think that should have , been taken into account and should have made traffic safe for all the increased cars. elizabeth: right now des moines , city officials are also looking into ways to make hubbell safer between euclid and east 48th. and still no arrest in a hit and run in ames that killed an iowa state freshman on monday. police say 18-year-old emmalee jacobs died after she was found hit at the intersection of lincoln way and ash near the isu campus. officials are now looking at video from nearby security
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suspect vehicle. jacobs' funeral is set for this saturday at 10:30am at center point-urbana high school. eric: right now president obama , is taking steps to tackle terrorism. shaina humphries joins us now, who is the president meeting with today? shaina: president obama is meeting with his national security team in virginia today, to be briefed on the united states latest efforts to combat terrorism on our own soil. obama is also planning a trip tomorrow to meet with the families of the victims of a recent attack in san bernardino, california. we'll have more on that live from washington, d.c. before 6:30. developing overnight, there are new reports about defense secretary ash carter, using his personal email for government business. "the new york times" first reported wednesday that it received 72 work-related emails that had been sent or received on carter's personal device. the pentagon has acknowledged that carter has used his personal email on the job, but his press secretary says it was a mistake and no classified information was involved. now to the latest in baltimore.
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overnight, after a jury said wednesday it couldn't reach a decision in the trial of the first of six police officers charged in the death of freddie gray. several demonstrators peacefully gathered outside the courthouse, calling for unity and peace. attorneys on both sides are expected to return to court today to set a new trial date for officer william porter. eric: back here in central iowa, do you remember having to hide your report card from your parents? now public schools have to share how they are performing online. elizabeth: the iowa department of education has released the iowa school report card. emmy victor is here with more . emmy, what does this show? emmy: the report card measures the educational experiences of each public school. a quick search can show you a variety of strong and weak points in the building. schools fall into six categories exceptional, the highest to priority, the lowest. more than half of the score indicators are based on standardized testings. they also measure teacher retention, attendance and graduation rates. not a single school in the des
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exceptional. nine of them are ranked priority. more than 50% of those students get reduced lunch. the iowa state education association says the numbers are just a starting point. they do not measure what all school can offer through technology or sports. they can however start , conversation on improvements needed to create equal success. >> on a quick glance on the schools that were doing exceptionally well, poverty is not as much as an issue in those schools. so i think as a community, we need to be looking at how we can best help all of our schools. emmy: the isea want parents to try to make a difference before looking at another school. just next week the west des moines school board will be faced with a vote to keep or scrap several language classes due to declining enrollment. fewer students can lead to fewer funding for the district. live in studio, emmy victor,
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eric: whatever school you are going to this morning, you will have to bundle up. metinka: it will feel like a nice wintry day out there all day long. downtown look so pretty but also looks very cold. just for the feels like temperature of 17 -- dress for the 17 feels like temperature in ames. highs in the upper 20's to lower 30's, it is the wind that makes a big difference. we have another really chilly day on cap before a warm-up hits us this weekend. elizabeth: sports news now, the iowa state cyclones are staying positive, but there's no doubt they'll miss having one of the best three point shooters on the big 12 court. eric: senior leader naz mitrou-long announced tuesday that he will not play the rest of the season, so he can rest his surgically repaired hips. with naz out, iowa state is now down to just six guys who have seen significant court time. marquette transfer deonte burton
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7th man in the rotation. kcci talk to him on wednesday and he says not being out there , with his team just isn't fun. >> it sucks, it really does suck. i am at a low point and i know it will get better as we get some wins in. as i see things happening, like matt taking over my spot, things will start to feel better. the beat has got to go on and i will be there every step of the way. from a team standpoint, i have got to be better. eric: we will see how the cyclones do without mitrou-long this saturday here in des moines. they take on the uni panthers at wells fargo arena at 6:00 right 3:30. the iowa drake game will air on espn 3 and the isu uni game will
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elizabeth: after 14 years, 184 goals, two olympic gold medals and a women's world cup, abby wambach played her final game with the women's national team last night in new orleans. >> please join us for the last time, the captain, abby wambach. her impact will never be forgotten. elizabeth: wambach holds the record for most goals, for female and male soccer players internationally. she says she's ready and excited to move on. >> i'm complete about this career i'm excited to see this team grow. clearly it's in good hand it is now better than i found it . there are players who are better than i am and will the game into next decade and that is something i am really proud of. elizabeth: unfortunately the
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their first loss on home soil since 2004. but still a very impressive career for wambach. eric: some sad news from story city this morning the town's , christmas tree had to come down. this picture is from the chamber of commerce in story city on facebook. apparently the main street tree , was damaged by wind so crews had to take it down with just one week to go before christmas. superstorm. new video this morning of one heck of a storm that battered australia. what made it 'super' and how they're recovering. elizabeth: interest rate hike. what the increase will mean for you, your credit cards and your mortgage. plus. nikole: tackling terrorism, i am nikole killion in washington with what actions the president is taking today. shaina: a couple of closures around town from all of that rain, less than we had yesterday.
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fleur drive is back open but george flagg parkway is still close down. southwest 30th also closed down. keep those in mind. after the break, i will show you the mobile speed unit locations. things are picking up at 235 and
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is "kcci 8 news this morning" with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz and right now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: good morning, you are waking up to a chilly thursday morning. wind chills this morning down into the teens and it will be a cold go of it all day long. with the brisk wind in ames, it feels like 17 degrees. grab all of your warm gear. just a few flurries are possible off and on throughout the day, no accumulation expected. possibly one of the coldest days of the month so far with temperatures holding pretty steady close to freezing. tomorrow, that is where
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the temperature roller coaster kicks back into gear, heading for close to 50 degree or's -- 50 degrees for sunday. shaina: sounds good. happening right now, people in sydney, australia are dealing with the aftermath of a superstorm that swept through on wednesday. destructive winds, heavy rains, and large hailstones left a trail of destruction to buildings, homes, and cars. local media reports at least 100 people are taking shelter in an evacuation center because their homes have lost roofs and walls. meteorologists there are now investigating whether there was a tornado in the storm. if you do not have health insurance and have not enrolled through yet, you now have some extra time. tuesday was supposed to be the last day to sign up for coverage, but you now have through the end of today. officials say they pushed the deadline due to high demand. more than 4 million americans have already enrolled through
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the federal reserve decided wednesday to increase short term interest rates for the first time in nearly a decade. the fed raised its key rate by a quarter point, to a range between a quarter and a half percent. fed chair janet yellen says the modest rate hike is appropriate as the economy recovers from the worst recession since the great depression. higher interest rates mean it will be slightly more expensive to get a car loan or mortgage, but savers will start to earn more interest, and the u.s. dollar will eventually become stronger. despite news of the federal rate hike, the markets ended in positive territory. the dow jones was up about 224 points. the nasdaq finished up almost 76 points. and the s and p 500 added more than 29. comcast has agreed to pay $26 million to settle a complaint, alleging its cable warehouses and dispatch facilities spent ten years disposing of hazardous waste like batteries, modems, and remote controls and throwing them into landfills.
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throwing out paperwork with customers' private information. the company denies any wrongdoing. check your refrigerators this morning. trader joe's is recalling its triple ginger brew. the company says the bottles could explode without warning. that is kind of crazy. trader joe's says it's received multiple reports of unopened bottles bursting or shattering. customers are being asked to get rid of that triple ginger brews immediately, and trader joe's will provide a full refund. elizabeth: there will be a lot of people on the roads and in the skies this holiday season. the number of americans traveling for is expected to top 100 million this year, for the first time ever. aaa says from december 23 to january 3, one in three americans will travel 50 miles or more, with the majority driving to their destinations. one reason for the record numbers might be low gas prices. officials say u.s. gas prices averaged about $2.40 a gallon this year nationwide. that's 94 cents lower than 2014.
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driver buying about 11 gallons of gas the week saved about $550 at the pump this year. this morning drivers in des , moines are paying $1.89 a gallon. eric: that can add up to more christmas presents. it feels like christmas. metinka: maybe jack frost is visiting us. we have a gusty northwest wind steady at about 15 to 20 miles per hour, making the temperatures feel like the teens. make sure the kids have their outdoor gear for the recess. temperatures today will not be changing much at all so pretty much, what you see is what you get. highs close to freezing, typical for this time of year, that we have been spoiled.
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this time of year, cloud cover makes a big difference, as well as the wind. more clouds streaming in from the west. quiet weather across the midwest, which is good news if you have travel plans. tomorrow, a disturbance will be heading in from the dakotas. light snow will track into the northeastern part of the state, probably missing most of us in the central iowa area. we will have a surge of warm air returning back to the midwest on saturday. sunday will be the warmest day of the weekend, followed by a chance of rain showers as the system moves through. no precipitation to worry about, no fog to slow you down, but the wind might be causing you a headache. it is going to be a chilly day overall, gray skies, 33 degrees. tomorrow, more of the same
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high temps in the upper 40's and low 50's on sunday. next week looks ok, starting out with highs in the 40's. eric: thank you. elizabeth: let's check in with shaina for a look at traffic. shaina: we are accident-free but not closure-free. a lot has cleared up so it is a much better situation than it was yesterday. highway 169 north of adel all the way to highway 144 still closed. fleur drive has opened back up the george flagg parkway still closed down, as well as east 30th street. we have a few mobile speed units, 2300 indianola avenue, 3000 six avenue, 1000 northeast 50 4th avenue, and 7000
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eric: we have new measures to take on terror and keep you safe. >> we report from baltimore after protesters marched through the city following a mistrial in the freddie gate -- freddie gray
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eric: welcome back to kcci at 6:25. countering terror. this morning, president obama heads to virginia for an intelligence briefing. elizabeth: it comes as the government updates its terror alert system and reveals new information about the san bernardino shooting. nikole killion is live in washington with the very latest . and nikole, tell us more about the president's meeting. nikole: this is a routine briefing but with the holidays just around the corner. the white house says the president will review the latest threats and what the government is doing to prevent another attack. for the second time this week, president obama is meeting with his national security team. today, he'll visit the national counterterrorism center. this as the white house announced the president will meet with victims of the san bernardino attacks tomorrow. the fbi now says the california
6:22 am
shooting communicated about jihad online in direct private messages. amid the evolving threat, the department of homeland security upgraded its terror alert system. >> what we are concerned about here in the homeland are copycat like attacks. nikole: and as part of the revamped alert system, homeland security issued its first bulletin warning of , terrorist-inspired extremists, like those we saw in california. the alert is in place for the next six months. eric: back to the fight against isis we understand there's , another key meeting taking place today. who's involved? nikole: this is taking place at the united nations and they will be finance ministers from 15 countries inlcuding the u.s. , treasury secretary. they're expected to adopt a resolution to stop isis' financing for things it is able to acquire like oil sales ransom , payments and other criminal activities. elizabeth: nikole killion, live
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eric: we have more news stories ahead at 6:30, the search for a missing teenager in iowa. where authorities will be focusing their efforts today. plus how did your child's school , rank on a new state report card? what it says about your student's and the school's performance. and quick thinking caught on tape.
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>> the most watched morning news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is "kcci 8 news this morning." >> nothing will stand in our way. i will finish what you started. elizabeth: it's just about time for the force to awaken. the new "star wars" movie "episode 7" hits theaters at 7:00 tonight. fans are giddy over this movie. we'll tell you the records it could break and why some fans are already in their seats at one local theater. pretty dedicated. welcome back, everyone, i'm elizabeth klinge.
6:25 am
with shaina and metinka. a lot of people will be dressing up to go to the "star wars" movie and we have more on that. metinka: dress for 19 degrees in des moines, the wind in creston at 16, and it feels like 18 in carroll. the wind will be with us all day long, gusting at times close to 30 miles per hour. highs will be very typical for this time of year, near 33 degrees, maybe a stray flurry from time to time. we have another big warm up headed our way this weekend. eric: this morning, the search will continue for a missing des moines teenager. 17-year-old sam kemp was last seen saturday night leaving a house party near granger. >> he said, mom, i'll see you, love you, and he walked away. eric: today, investigators will use atv's to expand the search and iowa state patrol plans to fly its plane over the area for
6:26 am
friends say they last saw kemp near a pond along highway 141 and 119th court. deputies walked a four-mile span, checking nearby ditches and fields wednesday. this afternoon, teenage murder suspect noah laprei is set to appear in court. laprei is accused of murdering his grandmother, 79-year-old rachel pray, back on october 10. family members have said they think he may have been on drugs at the time. buried for more than three hours, a creston man dies in a grain bin accident. it happened on a farm on kendall street near murray wednesday afternoon. officials say 39-year-old eric reasland was trying to get grain out of the bin but a crust had formed on the top of the grain. reasland was trying to break up that crust and fell down into the grain itself. the accident remains under investigation. elizabeth: and good news for your morning commute, fleur drive between bell and mlk is now back open. water along the raccoon river receding faster than expected,
6:27 am
are still closed the morning. there is a complete list at of the attractions that are still dealing with high water. a new report out this morning is ranking the performance of the schools your children attend. kcci's emmy victor is here with more on the iowa school report card. emmy: elizabeth the iowa , department of education now measures all public schools with the same rubric. each school gets an overall score for the year and is divided into six different categories ranging for the , highest, exceptional, to the lowest, priority. only 35 schools in the state were ranked exceptional. 12 of those schools are in central iowa. johnston has two on the list. but just as many schools in the state got the lowest rating. nine of those schools are in the des moines school district. the iowa state education association says not to judge a school by numbers as more than half of the results are based on standardized test scores. parents should look at all aspects of a school when enrolling children.
6:28 am
that bullying and harassment is not tolerated? is it a safe place for my child to be? our teachers are working hard each day to make sure that happens but we need support. emmy: the report card stems from a education reform bill passed in 2013. the legislation asked for a more accurate way to evaluate schools. live in studio, emmy victor, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. shaina: thank you. in just president obama will hours, visit the national counterterrorism center in virginia, to get an update on the threat level in the u.s. he's then expected to address the media. that meeting comes just a day before the president is expected to travel to california, to meet with the families of those killed in the recent mass shooting in san bernardino. gun violence also tops on the president's agenda this week. he met with former new york mayor michael bloomberg who is a vocal gun control advocate. the president is preparing an executive order to tighten gun laws. a new report out this morning says defense secretary ash carter used a personal email account to do some government
6:29 am
at the pentagon. "the new york times" says it obtained 72 work-related emails that carter sent or received from his personal email account. carter's press secretary says carter now believes his use of personal email for work-related business was a mistake. and things are peaceful in baltimore this morning, despite protests over a police officer's mistrial. that officer was charged in the death of freddie gray. every officer in the city was on duty last night to address potential crowds, but the overnight rallies were mostly quiet. that was not the case, however, immediately after a hung jury was announced, in officer william porter's trial. porter will likely be tried again, with a different panel. the other five officers charged have yet to go on trial. elizabeth: well a certain movie , opens nationwide today but before you go to the new star wars, learn what you can and cannot wear to the theater. eric: plus, you have seen this. a reporter spots a bank robber
6:30 am
surprised by what happened before he went on air. and incredible act, what a nebraska deputy did to save other drivers on this road it's caught on camera and it's ahead on kcci. metinka: grab your warm coat and winter gear today, it is cold. we are headed for some of the coldest days we have seen yet this month. shaina: you do not have too many issues to deal with out there, still a little bit of flooding in certain areas. right now we are looking at the west may master and things are
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metinka: good morning, it is a brisk start to this thursday. it feels like 19 in des moines, 17 in ames. you might need to let the car warm-up a little bit. temperatures will not be changing much at all, holding steady in the lower 20's and upper 30's, and a very brisk wind. today and tomorrow will be the coldest of the next eight. another warm-up is headed our way of the weekend, bumping our highs on sunday close to 50 degrees. elizabeth: thanks, metinka. well, in the buzz today, the wait is almost over. eric: "star wars, the force
6:34 am
tonight. shaina: it is episode seven. the film picks up 30 years after 1983's return of the jedi. it features original characters and new ones battling the dark side of 'the force.' getting pretty good reviews so far. the worldwide premiere was monday. >> the clothes still fit and the emotional memory of the character was stl there. >> all of us had to kind of put aside our fanboy/fangirl nature and just focus on the job. eric: and to give you an idea just how huge this movie will be , they're predicting it will dominate the box office over the next few weeks and gross $2 billion. elizabeth: some fans are so serious about star wars they may have taken the day off work . theaters like jordan creek are showing a movie marathon they -- showing a movie marathon. they started at 3:00 a.m., and
6:35 am
movies in order before the force awakens at 7:00 tonight. but theaters are cracking down on costumes you can dress like han solo or a storm trooper, but face masks, face paint and toy weapons will not be allowed. shaina: one central iowa theater is opening up just in time for "star wars." the grand theater in knoxville reopened last night on the town square. it had been closed since 2011. but community members decided to come together to renovate the rundown building. this time lapse shows the progress over two years, and a half million dollars. >> people have done whatever they know how to do. whatever they can do and they have done it for the last two years. it's been really, really amazing to see it come together. shaina: and get this, movie tickets are five dollars only to every showing. eric: not only do they have a new theater but a sense of community. well, central iowans are stepping up in a big way to help 'bring the jolly' and one little boy says he's grateful. >> it was really awesome.
6:36 am
and all kinds of crazy stuff you never do in iowa. eric: that is 12-year-old carson cooper. his wish to go to maui last summer was granted by make a wish. he is now one-year post treatment for leukemia. his family says that wish gave them all something to look forward to during some tough days, including some and the holiday -- hospital. they are hoping more people bringthejolly the online campaign is raising money for make a wish after the main fundraiser, jolly holiday lights got cut short because of flooding. make a wish iowa hopes to raise enough money to fund 40 wishes like they normally do, and any extra will go towards repairing the light displays that were damaged. if you would like to help, the phone number and website are on your screen. elizabeth: such a great organization. now to some caught-on-camera moments, remember yesterday we told you about the mason city tv reporter who spotted a bank robber in the middle of his live shot?
6:37 am
that reporter went on air kimt's cameras were rolling and actually caught the robber walking into the bank that he would rob her the second time in two days. shaina: just nonchalant. elizabeth: the tv crew was there covering the first robbery when the suspect came back for more. you just saw him again. bad move. a bank employee ran up to the reporter, they called 911 and police arrested the suspect, ryan liskow a short time later. shaina: worst bank robber ever. if you saw him you probably would not think, this is the guy. worst bank robber ever. check out this video from never ask a a deputy tries to , pull over a semi trailer but it won't stop. it's not going very fast and the deputy realizes something must be wrong. so watch closely. sergent todd volk gets out of his car, runs across the road and jumps into the moving truck.
6:38 am
turns out the driver was having a diabetic episode he is ok this morning. elizabeth: now to michigan, christmas came early for preschooler kadeem green. all he wanted was his dad an -- wanted was his dad an army , sergeant to come home from jordan. so one day when kadeem was at school, look who shows up. >> daddy. >> what is up, baby? >> daddy. >> go give him a hug. >> are you happy? i love you. eric: he was crying. elizabeth: he was so happy to see his dad. dad will be home on leave for 30 days so a lot of catching up to do. eric: and now fred hoiberg's chicago bulls got a surprise at practice on wednesday. the chicago youth symphony orchestra showed up to make this
6:39 am
, dribbling, drills and dunks to holiday music. it's been making the rounds on
6:40 am
we'll leave you with this a >> weather is never more than 5 minutes away, only on kcci 8
6:41 am
metinka: good morning, grab the warm coat and maybe an extra cup of coffee to get you going. we are dealing with a brisk wind from the northwest, pretty steady at 15 to 20 miles per hour, driving the wind chills down into the teens. it is cold everywhere you look today and temperatures will not get a chance to warm up because of the cloud cover and that wind dragging in cooler conditions. highest were today will be typical for this time of year, close to freezing, and it will be very cold as opposed to the 50's we have been used to. more clouds are streaming in from the west but with the clouds we do not have any precipitation. there could be a few stray flurries but that is about it. tomorrow, a weak system will come in out of the dakotas,
6:42 am
light snow mainly across mason city to decorah. over the weekend, warm air surges past them, and we might even see a couple of rain showers by sunday evening. no precipitation or fog to sleep but you might be battling the breeze on the road. feels like 19. highs today right around 33 degrees, a typical december day. tomorrow, still going to be a cool one but over the weekend a warm-up is headed our way. starting out saturday morning near 18 degrees and ending on sunday at 48, that is a huge temperature change. eric: the good news is that fleur drive is back open.
6:43 am
of closures, not that many, but a couple of remnants left over. highway 69 north of adel all way -- all the way to highway 144 still closed. george flagg parkway and southwest 30th near george flagg parkway still closed down. here are a few mobile speed units, 2300 indianola avenue, 3000 six avenue, 1000 northeast 54th avenue, and 7000 northeast 56th street. elizabeth: a last blast of local news next in news to go plus here's a look at what you'll see after 7:00 am on cbs this morning. >> ahead on cbs this morning, charlie d'agata just spoke with secretary ash carter about isis and the reports he used his
6:44 am
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they'll search by air, ground and water today for sam kemp. the missing des moines teenager disappeared after a party in granger saturday night. a dive team will search a nearby pond today. the state patrol will fly a plane over the area. investigators will search the area on atv's. eric: another des moines teenager, 17-year-old noah laprei will be in polk county court this afternoon for a pretrial conference. he's charged with beating and killing his own grandmother in october. kcci will be in the courtroom too. watch for that later today. elizabeth: ames police still going through surveillance video as they try to find who hit and killed 18-year-old emmalee jacobs on monday. her body found on lincoln way , the victim of a hit and run. police really want to hear from anyone who may have information in the case. they do have an anonymous tip line set up at 515-239-5533.
6:48 am
measures every public school in iowa. scores are based on standardized test scores, teacher retention, attendance and graduation rates. no des moines schools are ranked exceptional. nine are ranked priority the , lowest ranking. shaina: in washington today, a house committee will look at what safeguards are in place to keep extremists out of the united states. the house oversight committee will focus on how the government uses social media posts in vetting applications from foreigners. this morning, president obama will go to the national counterterrorism center in virginia for an intelligence briefing. it is considered routine but with the holidays coming up the national security team will be reviewing the latest threats and ways to keep americans safe. secretary of defense ash carter is admitting it was a mistake to use his personal email account for some government business. carter says it happened during the first few months on the job. a relatively peaceful night in baltimore after a mistrial in the case of the first police officer charged in the death of freddie gray. just after the decision there was chaos outside the courthouse. officer william porter will
6:49 am
different panel. the five other officers charged have yet to go on trial. eric: some "star wars" fans are already in their seats for tonight's premiere of "the force awakens." the theater out at jordan creek started a movie marathon at 3:00 a.m., showing the first six episodes back-to-back. "episode 7" will be shown starting at 7:00 tonight. it's expected to break all kinds of box office records. everybody talking about it. elizabeth: bundle up. metinka: we have wind chills this morning in the teens so dress for that. actual temperatures will not be changing much at all. we have the clouds in place, a time. it is the wind that will make a huge difference today. tomorrow will be chilly but at least we will see some sunshine. over the weekend, warmer
6:50 am
next week actually looks pretty mild starting it with highs in the 40's. shaina: things are looking pretty good on the roads. we do not have any accidents to report and drive times are normal. still a couple of closures, george flagg parkway, highway 69, but fleur drive is back open. [kcci captioning is brought to you by the iowa clinic.]
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this season, bring back the holidays.
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