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tv   KCCI 8 News at Five  Me-TV  December 17, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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years old, in a part of his life -- in the prime of his life. i say this all the time but no mother should have to bury her child. kim: still no word on how this happened. investigators say it's too early to determine whether foul play was involved. stacey? stacey: the mahaska county sheriff's office reports a hunter has found a body in a wooded area near oskaloosa. the hunter made the discovery wednesday afternoon. authorities told the body is at the iowa medical examiner's office for identification. mark: a teenager accused of killing his grandmother appeared in court today. 17-year-old noah laprei is charged with first degree murder in the beating death of 79-year-old rachel pray back in october. laprei had tears in his eyes during the hearing. family in the courtroom cried and told him they loved him as he walked by. laprei's case goes to trial in may. des moines police say a man stabbed his roommate in a fight over dirty dishes. 55-year-old william nixon is
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charged with assault after the incident last night. officers called to the apartment say they found a man with a stab wound on his lower back. his injury is not life threatening. nixon told police he stabbed his roommate in self defense. stacey: commitment 2016. praise from putin. the russian president praised republican presidential candidate donald trump. he called trump "outstanding and talented." many of trump's rivals are critical of putin, but trump says he would work to improve relations between the u.s. and russia. republican presidential candidate ben carson is cancelling his planned trip to israel and africa. carson had been planning to visit nigeria, kenya, and zambia at the end of the month. his israel trip was supposed to happen before the iowa caucuses. a spokeswoman says the trip was cancelled due to security concerns. carson is in iowa today holding town hall meetings in mcgregor, mason city, and spencer. florida senator marco rubio in muscatine and knoxville. and, ohio governor john kasich in waterloo.
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mark: the force is strong with hundreds of fans lining up for "star wars: the force awakens." the movie premieres tonight. kcci's rose heaphy is live at the science center of iowa downtown. rose feeling the vibe down , there. rose: i had to get in the spirit of things and rock out my princess leia buns. there is one couple here that might be a little bit more excited than others. i'm been introduced you to mike and allete. you are here waiting in line? you had to leave?and do something else >> i thought it was a good day to watch star wars and proposed to my girlfriend is. -- to my girlfriend. i have been a star wars fan as long as i can remember. she is a pretty big star wars
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rose: you have the rebel base sign. lots of big fans here. this is just one of the two shows that will be on tonight. they have sold out 20 shows already here at the science center. i will be here at 6:00 to tell you more. live in des moines, rose heaphy, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. stacey: the sun is finally shining today after an overcast week. kurtis. kurtis: those low clouds have around and then they burned off. not incredibly mild but still in the 30's. down south, it is december. in florida, temperatures in the 80's.
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a whole lot of heat off to the east and southeast. a pretty shot of the sun coming up around saylorville is morning. 10:00 p.m., 28. tomorrow morning, wind chills around 12, 13 degrees. we will see some sunshine by the afternoon. could be a few snow showers to the north. the general temperature trend is headed up. temperatures in the mid-30's on saturday. looks like some 40's. your 8 day forecast takes you right through christmas day. the details on our snow chances coming up. mark: federal officials are calling for a two month delay in iowa's switch to a private medicaid program. but they're signaling the state likely will get approval to make the change. governor branstad had planned to hand over management of the $4.2 billion health care program to for profit insurance companies
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stacey: a new report out today ranks the performance of iowa's public schools. each school is measured with the same rubric and is given an overall score for the year ranging from the highest , exceptional to the lowest priority. only 35 schools in the state were ranked exceptional. 12 of those schools are in central iowa. johnston has two on the list. but just as many schools in the state got the lowest rating. 9 of those schools are in the des moines school district. the iowa state education association says not to judge a school by numbers as more than half of the results are based on standardized test scores. the report card stems from an education reform bill passed in 2013. when it comes to the act and sat one ankeny senior is perfect. , matthew brucker scored a 36 on the a.c.t. and 2400 on the sat. that is highest scores on each test. less than 1% of test takers score a perfect score on either test. that makes brucker's accomplishment kind of a big deal.
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>> kinda a surreal experience almost because i didn't think that i would ever get it and finally experiencing that just i didn't think it would ever happen. stacey: brucker hasn't picked a college yet. he says he wants to study computer engineering. mark: coming up at 5:00 come to , the dark fried. what's on zombie burger newest star wars themed creation. stacey: plus, back in the spotlight. the defense secretary explains his use of personal email for government business. why ash carter admits it was a mistake.
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announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 5:00 with steve karlin, stacey horst, and chief meteorologist john mclaughlin. stacey: right now, charges are coming. the man who bought assault
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rifles used by his friend in the san bernardino massacre is being charged with terrorist related counts. and reagan marquez -- enrique marquez was also charged with illegally purchasing to rifles used by farook and his wife in the massacre that left 14 people dead. mark: president obama continues his push to reassure americans that his counterterrorism efforts are sufficient. stacey: meanwhile congress is , considering changes to the refugee vetting process. kcci's sally kidd is live in washington with the details. sally: the president says the u.s. has intensified the fight against isis, but recent polling shows many americans believe he can do more. after a meeting at the national counterterrorism center, the president saw to reassure americans. pres. obama: at this moment, our intelligence and counterterrorism professionals do not have any specific or credible information about an
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attack on the homeland. >> i'm trying to get where we are going to. sally: frustration on both sides of the a.l. on a hearing on the vetting process. >> are you going to give me a number? sally: lawmakers are questioning whether enough safeguards are in place to keep terrorists out. one of the shooters in the san bernardino attack was allowed in on a fiancee visa last year. the fbi says she had already been radicalized. >> there was nothing in the system that we used that would pick that up. >> that doesn't make me feel any better. we don't even look at public stuff. sally: the department of homeland security has three small pilot grove and on the use of social media -- pilot programs on the use of social media. >> social media is something we
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process already under way at the state department and homeland security, with recommendations to be sent to the white house. mark: the consul general of today. he is meeting with governor branstad and other business leaders to establish economic partnerships. the diplomat says israelis are watching the presidential election and u.s. interest in fighting isis closely, despite strained relations with the obama administration over the iran deal. with -- >> with all the challenges that both states are facing with radical islam, , islamic state, iran i'm not concerned for the future people -- for the future of the relationship. people understand that at the end of the day, israel is the best strategic ally. mark: lieutenant governor kim reynolds will be leading a delegation to israel in april.
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stacey: defense secretary ash carter is in iraq right now. but he's facing questions at home about his private email. carter spoke exclusively with cbs today, saying he made a mistake. secretary carter: what i did and what i shouldn't have been doing until a few months ago was , occasionally using my iphone to send adminstrative messages. stacey: carter claims the messages never contained classified information. the chair of the senate armed services committee says his panel will review the emails. they'll make sure no sensitive information was compromised. mark: still no decision on when or if there might be a retrial of baltimore police officer william porter. a judge declared a mistrial yesterday. porter is the first of six police officers to be tried in connection with the death of freddie gray. lawyers for both sides met privately with the judge for about a half hour today. stacey: let's check back in with meteorologist kurtis gertz.
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i think we might get a few flurries flying out there. temperatures a bit above normal for this time of year. 24 with those less-northwest winds. a couple flurries up to the north. mostly cloudy, 10:00 p.m.. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow, temperature of 22 degrees. temperature tomorrow climbing up a.m. 33 is our average high for this time of year. clouds moving out. a potential for a few nighttime flurries. the main part of the system spinning to the northeast. if you're traveling tomorrow, snow shower chances a little
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41 in kansas city. st. louis, 43. much colder air in north dakota. this system slides on out. a little piece of energy will rotate around this. with high-pressure to the west, the rest of the states will probably have some nice sunshine. here is futurecast. if you flurries and then here comes that next piece of energy. not a great chance. the rest of us by 11:00 a.m., sunshine central and west. clear skies friday night. saturday, a day filled with sunshine across the state. it looks likes -- it looks like sunday starts with sunshine.
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by mid afternoon, we could see some drizzle moving in. i think we could still get some gusts over 20 miles per hour. whence pickup tomorrow. breezy, cold, 33 degrees. potential for a light dusting to the north in a few locations. 8 day forecast. saturday, a high of 37 with sunshine. i think we could get some midday drizzle and then the chance for showers would be over to -- more toward the overnight hours. wednesday, 45. there is a system on christmas eve which could bring a wintry mix. christmas day looks colder with highs in the 30's.
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everything looks pretty good out there for 5:17 in the evening. mark: kcci 8 news is live for new developments with new developments right now. >> i will show you how it is looking like a green christmas for local businesses. >> one of the metro's local hotspots is music to the ears. >> we are getting ready for the rose bowl.
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mark: there is a new star wars movie ended premieres tonight. take a look at the line forming at the science center downtown. stacey: hundreds of fans are there right now for two sold-out showings tonight. they have sold over 5500 presale tickets. that means 20 shows are sold out. mark: "the force awakens" already setting records. stacey: movie ticket website fandango says pre-sales broke the record for most tickets sold in site history. analysts predict the movie could make at least $200 million this weekend.
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mark: it also has a shot of breaking the u.s. record for biggest opening weekend ever. that was set six months ago by "jurassic world" with just under $209 million. stacey: the east village restaurant zombie burger is celebrating tonight's premiere with a new burger. mark: it's called "come to the dark fried." the restaurant put out the call on facebook earlier for contestants to tell them what they would put on the star wars themed burger. stacey: matt gardner is the big winner. his creation calls for roasted chile vader tots, chew-bacon, c3p-onion rings, emperor pal-poutine sauce and you-da cheese. mark: can i get some more chew- bacon over here? the force awakens tonight during an all new episode of the big bang theory. stacey: bob newhart returns to
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the show as sheldon's obi-wan kenobi. he advises him on a difficult relationship decision. mark: the winter finale airs at 7:00.
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mark: you lose the wind, you bring a little sun. kurtis: it was and windy as yesterday. we still have the wind chills to talk about overnight. feels like temperatures in the teens to the north. by the overnight our, our wind chills down in the teens. north-northeast, you could get a brief snow shower. upper 40's sunday. try most of next week. -- dry most of next week. mark: it would be a christmas
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stacey: the cbs evening news is coming up next and we will be back for kcci 8 news at 6:00. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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>> pelley: a friend of the san bernardino killers has been
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charged with plotting other
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