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tv   KCCI 8 News at Ten  Me-TV  December 17, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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stacey: new at 10:00, bettina her young daughter. children tonight. couldn't happen again? stacey: only on kcci, a boone mom's demand for harsher punishment. the mother is pleading with the court tonight to put her child's accused sexual attacker behind bars. mark: ryan smith is here to explain why the victim's mother fears other children are at risk right now. steve: -- ryan: i received a tip today regarding clayton tullis and his ability to walk the streets of boone. our investigation revealed that this teenager charged with sexual abuse has had his bond
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>> i have seen what it has done that it has made in her life. still recovering from what she says was a traumatic encounter with 16-year-old clayton tullis. police arrested the teenager in august for sexual abuse. or documents show that he performed a sex act on the five-year-old. girl's genitals. >> she knew it wasn't right. ryan: this all happened while the child was in an at-home daycare operated by the perpetrator's mother. >> not only the emotional and mental things they have gone through with her, but she was ripped away from all of her friends at daycare. she doesn't understand that. ryan: a district judge signed off on the arrest warrant, suggesting a bond of $100,000. when he made his initial appearance, a different judge
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the teenager is not allowed to be around anyone under age 18 without another adult present. >> this happened to my daughter when he was being supervised by an adult, so who's to say that it couldn't happen again? ryan: the prosecutor tells me that releasing a suspect facing sexual abuse charges could be a threat to public safety. >> we don't see that every day, so to say someone with second-degree sexual abuse charges, usually see some type of bond. ryan: the girl's mother says she wants the alleged attacker locked up, and is waiting for his next court appearance. >> everything was taken away from her. all of her rights were taken away from her. ryan: no one at the tullis home wanted to comment tonight. he is due in court later this month for up luminary hearing. me time, that mother were racy as hanging around children in his mother's stay care. stacey: and we will be watching
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prosecutor investigating the drowning of brandon al losing 10 -- brandon ellingson, a clive native, died at the lake of the ozarks in may 2014. mark: meanwhile, a deer hunter found a body north of oskaloosa. the body is at the iowa medical examiners in a guinea. the autopsy -- the office will perform an opposite type -- and not topsy to find a cause of death and identify the body. stacey: a new trial for the des moines teenager charged with beating his grandmother to death. the 17-year-old appeared in court today. his trial will now start in may, delayed from january. denied police -- des moines police say he beat his grandmother to death on october 10.
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minutes after the murder going into a store. he pushes over a shelf, takes a swing at a customer, and then tries to shatter a window with his head. his family in court today was there to support him. they say that he is not known to be a violent person. >> he is like every other teenage kid. he is a good kid. he has never been violent. the kit has been through so much. the fact that i can still get a smile out of him is a miracle to me. stacey: he is back in the polk county jail tonight. mark: new charges today in connection with the san bernardino massacre that left 14 people dead. authorities say enrique marquez inspired with shooter syed farouk to commit acts of terrorism in 2011 and 2012. investigators say they wanted to strike a library or cafeteria at a community college. the pair also talked about
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freeway and shooting at stop cars. marquez is also charged with illegally purchasing the two rifles that are terrorists used in the december 2 attack. meanwhile, president obama spent the day with his national security team at the national counterterrorism center. he urged all americans to be village land -- to be vigilant and not give in to fear. president obama travels to san bernardino tomorrow to privately meet with family members of the victims of the attack. stacey: two people are dead after terror on an oklahoma highway. a man randomly opened fire on interstate 40 overnight. witnesses say the man sped through several towns, firing from his pickup. several vehicles were hit. the suspect finally surrendered. road rage is suspected but police don't think he targeted anyone in particular. a bold move by a nebraska police sergeant caught on camera.
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watch as he runs across traffic and leaps onto a tractor-trailer. it turns out the truck driver had diabetes and passed out. the police officer was able to get inside and stop the runaway truck. the driver was taken to the hospital and is expected to be ok. mark: federal officials are calling for a two month delay in iowa's's switch to a private medicaid program. they are signaling the state will likely get approval to make the changes. governor branstad has planned to head over management of the $4.2 billion health-care program to for-profit insurance companies beginning on january 1. and $55 million. that is how much officials think it will take to repair one of the city's landmark buildings. iowa department of cultural affairs director mary cownie says the state historical museum
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leaks the require the facility's aetrium to be filled with buckets. she also says the building's granite exterior is crumbling, sometimes even falling, as people walk by. the department is asking for $9 million for the repair project in the upcoming legislative slush and -- legislative session. sun today. there was a little warm up. we caught a few people out at the brenton skating plaza enjoying the chilly night. >> that's right, we had cooler weather, but we have a week system moves -- weak system moving by. the average highs this time of year are about 33. we are in a strong el nio year. what does that mean for a white christmas? well, i looked back at some
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in 1957, 2 inches in 1965, nothing in 1980 two, so our chances for a white christmas increase on strong el nio years, but unfortunately, this year has been behaving like 1982. we will have more details on your forecast coming up. stacey: well, the weather this holiday shopping season hasn't felt much like the holidays. with the above freezing temperatures and green grass on the ground, retailers couldn't be happier. the national retail federation predicts that the average american will spend $805 to the five cents -- $805.65 on holiday gifts, food and decorations, which is the highest in 14 years. at the same time, retailers are giving us more bang for our buck. >> 46 people are purchasing more
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the economy is strong and that is being reflected in sales. stacey: surveys show 40% of people expected to spend even more money than originally planned on holiday gifts. mark: and experts -- and expect to see extra officers patrolling the roads in west des moines tomorrow. the central iowa traffic safety forcing governor's traffic safety bureau is joining forces for a traffic enforcement project. special attention expected for impaired drivers. also tomorrow, the last downtown farmer's market of the year begins. you can find a winter market friday and saturday from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. inside capitol square. or than 130 vendors will be there, selling fresh meats, honey, jellies, and crafts. >> i'm still the same person. i am not exactly perfect. mark: his test score disagrees.
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teen who flawlessly passed the ect and the s.a.t.. how he did it, plus --
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this is kcci eight news at 10:00 chief meteorologist john mclaughlin, and iowa sports caster the year, andy garman. >> there are stories about what happened. han solo: it's true. all of it. stacey: oh, the dark side, the jedi, the scruffy looking nerf- herder. they're all back in "the force awakens." mark: let's get right to vanessa peng who is standing outside the cinemark in ames with excited fans. vanessa: martin stacey, "star wars" fans are just getting out of their first showings here. tickets to their first showing sold out only in hours. we have people who are so multiple showings.
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worth it, including chewbacca. >> it's star wars. vanessa: hundreds of fans waited hours and hours to see their special galaxy far, far away, live on the big screen. >> [singing "star wars" theme] >> i was in two different lines for the 7:00 star wars, and then there is seating for 7:30 and 8:00. >> my excitement cannot get any more palpable than right now. >> we got the tickets like, two weeks ago. i have been, like, i got to see this movie. vanessa: fans say their love for "star wars" is strong just like, well, the force. >> i love the original storyline and i can't we to see what
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>> is just awesome, like the light sabers and blasters. hon solo: they are real. vanessa: the first showing at 7:00 here sold out days in advance. i brought chewbacca back so let's see who can make the best chewbacca noise. let's try again. [chewbacca growl] [laughter] gargling online tv. [laughter] mark: well, toys, costumes, t-shirts, and now food. your taste buds can celebrate
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adding a come to the dark fried burger to its menu. concoction. on facebook. his creations calls for roasted chilee vader tots, chew-bacon, c3p-onion rings, emperor pal -poutine sauce and yoda cheese. stacey: and tickets for a dell -- tickets for adele's north america tour sold out fast. the tickets went on sale this minutes. it launches on july 5 in st. paul, minnesota.
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iowa. devonport music producer sean moeller announced the date water -- the daytrotter downs is extensible today. it will include 25 to 30 emerging indie bands. no word on an official line up just yet. buy tickets on sale now. three day passes run for six to four dollars and single day tickets for $30. the three-day festival is scheduled to kickoff on february 18 at the adler theater in davenport. mark: and imagine getting a perfect score twice. ankeny senior matthew brooker did it on the ac tn the s.a.t.. less than 1% of test takers score a perfect score on either test. rucker says he didn't do anything special to prepare. matthew: i really thought that way comes down to it or have a solid foundation.
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mark: he is also very humble. he hasn't picked a college yet. he says he wants to study computer engineering. stacey: an open house the night of the fort des moines museum. as others were welcomed to the museum with holiday music and refreshments. as it are's brows exhibits like the women's auxiliary army corps which was started at the fort des moines location. the museum's exhibits will be open for the rest of the week during the regular hours of 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. >> ellis check the weather. if you factor in the wind, we can see some wind chill up north in the triple digit -- double digits. we have a week system -- weak s ystem that could squeeze out a few flurries. most of those will be well off to the northeast. wind is gusting at about 26 by the noon hour tomorrow, and you
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we will have another fairly cold day out there. those winds are gusty. here is that week -- weak disturbance going off to the north and another one will be behind us that will reinforce the cloud cover during the morning hour. that means there will be a chance of cloud cover across south record and note the corner -- south dakota and north dakota. it will be much colder air to the north in north dakota, dumb below zero. all of these disturbances will make high pressure build on in, and that sets is up for a stretch of some nice sunshine out there. futurecast is doing a good job at the clouds slowly increasing. watch the light snow showers move on through. again, not that widespread.
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sunshine will be in the central and west and at 4:00 p.m., all of this moves on up. saturday looks to be a sunny day across the entire state and actually much of the midwest. bridgers tonight down to 22 degrees to read those wind chills will be in the teens and west winds of about 10 miles per hour to 20 miles per hour. we will have a vigorous snow shower to the northeast with a high of 33 degrees, and sliding into saturday, sunshine with a high temperature of 37 degrees. i think by the afternoon on sunday, we can squeeze out a little bit of drizzle, and by shower or two. monday, 40, tuesday, 44, 45 on wednesday, a light chance of a
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mark: with a reaction like that, crazy happened. wait until you see the woman sank. >> we are entering the last shopping weekend before christmas. >> ideas for your wife, husband,
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>>stacey: imagine you have just one chance to her and a half
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mark: all you have to do is think a half-court shot in front of crowded jim -- gym. stacey: check out how a minnesota mom handled the pressure. [cheering] stacey: this mother and her nine-year-old daughter a rupture in celebration. her daughter is now able to attend a semester at her private school for free. unless you are tom brady. stacey: that is eight-year-old hailey steward. she is only half-getting. her main hospital room -- maine hospital room is a shrine to all things new england's patriots. mark: it is no question who her favorite player is.
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she is battling b-cell leukemia for the second time in her life. she has been in the hospital since october. she rarely misses a patriots game. >> the last game had a close win. they almost lost. my eyes were straight open and they never blinked. mark: they're only two things on her christmas list this year. the first is to get out of the hospital and the second is to meet tom brady. friends and family are pulling together to make it happen, starting a social media campaign.
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the praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in.
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>> saturday's classic is not just a chance to -- big four classic isn't just a neat chance to see all four teams, it gives uni a chance was again to establish bragging rights. the panthers back down to nobody and the cyclones know it. undefeated iowa state faces these guys on saturday night at wells fargo arena. last year, uni took down the
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two years ago at the big four classic, uni took number 17 isu to overtime before losing. these panthers already have knocked off top-ranked north state's full attention. >> this is going to be a tough some of their fans there. against them. interesting dynamic. yes, iowa did lose to iowa state last time out, and yes, it was a big-time collapse. that this hawkeye team has win every game. it is three losses have been combined to equal 12 points. after a week off, they are ready to get back into the win column. >> we had a couple of situations this year and i think we are
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>> the event begins saturday with the drake iowa game at 3:30 and isu and uni square off at 6:00. the hawkeyes will spend christmas in california. the team plans on traveling to pasadena on december 24 and setting up shop on christmas they, then enjoying a big welcome event december 26 at disneyland. if you can't be with family, that is not a bad alternative. iowa had a week off for finals and is back to work for the historic new year's day game against stanford. i will hasn't been to the rose bowl in 25 years. they will be ready. the game's new year's day at 4:00 from pasadena on espn. before the rams took the field in their color rush uniforms, head coach jeff fisher simply said "i'm glad i am not wearing them."
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here is kenny running and they just ported on. we are going to miss those uniforms. and iowa at charlotte, they scored twice in the third, but they did lose, 3-2 to the charlotte checkers.
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>> welcome back. >> i am here. we're talking about the "star wars movie." we are ready to go. sunshine on saturday, upper 30's, and upper 40's on sunday and we will stay in the 40's for
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anncr: when the attacks come here... ...the person behind this desk will have to protect your family. will he be impulsive and reckless, like donald trump? will he have voted to dramatically weaken counter-terrorism surveillance, like ted cruz? will he have skipped crucial national surity hearings and votes just to campaign, like marco rubio? 27 generals and admirals support jeb bush. because jeb has the experience and knowledge to protect your family. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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