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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  December 18, 2015 6:00am-7:00am CST

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thanks so much for waking up >> you are watching kcci 8 news. elizabeth: right now on kcci, new information today -- what we could learn from a special prosecutor re-examining the death of brandon ellingson in missouri. eric: breaking overnight -- a blow to bernie sanders' presidential campaign. the underhanded action a staffer is accused of, and who was the target. elizabeth: and traffic crackdown -- find out where you'll be seeing extra officers today so you can avoid a ticket. good morning, everyone. thanks for waking up with kcci. i'm elizabeth klinge. eric: i'm eric hanson. it's friday, december 18. we have had some pretty chilly days. we are going to experience cooler temperatures today. metinka: you will see your breath and feel the cold. it feels like eight in ames. feels like seven in des moines.
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kids will need layers for recess. headed for highs of 33 degrees. a big warm up ahead this weekend. we're expecting a case update in the drowning death of clive native brandon ellingson today. the special prosecutor investigating the case is expected to make the announcement at 11:00 this morning in missouri. ellingson died at the lake of the ozarks in may of 2014 while in missouri state patrol custody on suspicion of boating while intoxicated. the trooper who arrested him admits he did not properly put a life jacket on him. stick with kcci on air and online for the latest on this case. elizabeth: this morning, a boone mother is pleading with the court to put her child's accused sexual attacker behind bars. >> everything was taken away from her. all of her rights were taken away from her. elizabeth: this woman's
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recovering from what she says was a traumatic encounter with 16-year-old clayton tullis. police arrested the teen in august for sexual abuse. court documents show tullis performed a sex act on the girl and took sexually explicit pictures. a district judge waived the bond requirement and released tullis. >> this happened to my daughter when he was being supervised by an adult. so who's to say that it couldn't happen again? elizabeth: no one at tullis' house wanted to comment. he's due in court later this month for a preliminary hearing. >> i am in the mind where it is unreal. this cannot be happening. eric: the family of a 17-year-old man is morning. his body found thursday. crews were searching for him after he disappeared from a
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invest gators are -- investigators are working to find out how he died. too early to say if our play was involved. -- foul play was involved. investigators are working to identify a body found just north of oskaloosa. wednesday afternoon. we're waiting to hear results of an autopsy that will determine a cause of death and identify the body. elizabeth: a new trial date for the des moines teenager charged with beating his grandmother to death. in court thursday. his trial will now start in may instead of january. police say laprei beat his grandmother, rachael pray, to death october 10. this video, taken from a git and go security camera, shows laprei minutes after the murder. he pushes over a shelf. takes a swing at a customer. and tries shatter a window with his head. his family was in court thursday to show support. they say the noah they know is not a violent person. katie johnson: noah's a kid. and where he's at -- he's
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and he's not who the news has portrayed him to be. he's a good kid. he needs our support and we're here to give it to him. elizabeth: noah is back in the polk county jail this morning. federal officials are calling for a two month delay in iowa's switch to a private medicaid program. but they're signaling the state likely will get approval to make the change. governor branstad had planned to hand over management of the $4.2 billion health care program to for profit insurance companies beginning january 1. eric: breaking news overnight in the 2016 presidential race -- bernie sanders' campaign in hot water after a staffer allegedly accessed rival hillary clinton's confidential voter information. the sanders campaign says that staffer has been fired. but the democratic national committee has suspended sanders' campaign from accessing its own voter database. that's a big blow with the iowa caucuses now less than two months away.
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overnight that mother teresa is headed for sainthood. pope francis has signed off on the miracle needed to make teresa a saint. he approved it during an audience on thursday -- his 79th birthday. the honor comes two decades after her death. and new video just in of defense secretary ash carter in afghanistan. he arrived there overnight, greeted by u.s. military commanders. he is said to be assessing the fragile security situation there. military officials say isis is infiltrating the area -- bringing foreign fighters from iraq and syria. elizabeth: new charges this morning in connection with the san bernardino massacre that left 14 people dead. enrique marquez now faces several terror-related charges after officials say he illegally purchased the assault rifles used by syed farook and his wife. authorities also say marquez and farook had been planning attacks together as early as 2011. president obama is traveling to san bernardino today to meet with the families of the 14
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president obama is also warning americans to stay vigilant for similar lone-wolf style attacks over the holidays. the president met with his national security team thursday and says it is important to stay alert. but that there are currently no specific, credible threats against the u.s. and this morning the white house says president obama will deliver his final state of the union address next month. officials say the president's agenda for his last year in office includes approval of the trans-pacific trade pact, climate change, and gun control. the state of the union address is scheduled for january 12. eric: if you need to take the dog for a walk, you need extra layers. metinka: he made need a coat. updated wind chills are dropping, feels like nine in des moines. feels like eight in ames. stating mainly north -- north,
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afternoon. in central iowa, sunshine and a brisk wind keeping cool highs into the low-30's. a typical december day. elizabeth: thank you. you can take shelter from the cold today at the final downtown farmers market of 2015. the winter market takes place today and tomorrow from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. inside capital square downtown. you'll find more than 130 vendors selling fresh meats, honey, crafts, and more. and a warning for your morning commute. expect to see extra officers patrolling the roads in west des moines today. the central iowa traffic safety force and governor's traffic safety bureau joining forces for a traffic enforcement project. they are looking for all traffic violations, but paying special attention to impaired drivers. eric: check out this video. ouch.
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james knocking a woman right off her seat. who she is and how she's doing this morning. elizabeth: plus, security switches. four new precautions they're taking at disney to keep you safe. emmy: just seven days left before christmas. elizabeth: a live look at traffic. green conditions. no major delays. highway 169, flooding. otherwise, no major problems in the immediate metro area. mobile speed units -- 1400 55th street. 2700 block of mlk. we look at the roads. a look at the mix master, no
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz, and right now coverage with shaina humphries.
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eated seats come in handy. the windchill in des moines only eight. needy warm coats, mittens, hats. 20's and headed for a seasonably chilly afternoon with a little bit of sunshine. mason city, and for waterloo, light snow. over the week and, temperatures warm up. a brief cold snap. after a chilly start to saturday, highs on sunday headed for 48. it will be beautiful. our 8 day forecast i had. -- ahead, and a peak of christmas. sports news now -- iowa's big four basketball teams are having final practices today before the big four classic at wells fargo arena tomorrow. undefeated iowa state faces the uni panthers at 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. uni has a history of big four success. last year, they took down the hawkeyes 56-44. and two years ago, they took 17th ranked isu to overtime before losing.
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they can hand the cyclones their first loss of the season. the other game of the day, the iowa hawkeyes look to bounce back from their loss to iowa state last week by taking on a 4-6 drake team. that game tips off at 3:30 p.m. tomorrow. and check this out -- a scary moment in last night's nba game between the oklahoma city thunder and the cleveland cavaliers. cavs all-star lebron james hustles for a ball and crashes into the front row, running into a fan sitting courtside. that fan ended up being ellie day, wife of pga champion jason day. ellie was taken away on a stretcher to be evaluated. around her. luckily, she is ok this morning. elizabeth: glad she is ok. we've learned more on how the iowa hawkeye football team will spend the weeks leading up to the rose bowl. the hawks will spend christmas in california this year. the team will travel to pasadena on december 24, set up shop on christmas day, and enjoy a big
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disneyland. they'll spend the rest of their time there getting in some last minute practices leading up to the rose bowl on new year's day. that will be at 4:00 p.m. iowa time on espn. eric: that will be exciting. new this morning -- the hawkeyes may notice tighter security and some new rules on their trip to disneyland. disney parks in california and florida installed new metal detectors at entrances, and park officials say visitors will be screenings. uniformed officers and trained dogs will also be inside the parks. officials also say all toy guns have been removed from park stores to cut out confusion for security personnel. beth fitzhugh: it's sad, just sad that things have to happen, anymore. clara fitzhugh: i think it will be safer. and tensions. -- intentions. eric: disney isn't the only park making these changes -- seaworld and universal studios also announced they'll be taking
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elizabeth: right now, controversial pharmaceutical ceo martin shkreli is out of jail on $5 million bond and denies allegations that he used assets from a drug company to pay off investors in a hedge fund. the 32-year-old was arrested thursday. he made headlines earlier this year for buying another pharmaceutical company and raising prices on a life-saving drug to $750 per pill. his arrest was trending online all day thursday, often followed new information in the the automaker has hired the same lawyer who worked on the gm faulty ignition switch case to handle incoming claims. kenneth feinberg will decide how much money each affected vehicle owner should be paid. 500,000 claims are expected. but the attorney says it's too early to tell how much money each person might receive. on wall street, stocks fell thursday after the fed raised short term interest rates for the first time since the financial crisis began.
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the nasdaq fell more than 68. and the s&p 500 was down about 31. eric: the new "star wars" film night. and even before it hit the screen, it was breaking much-anticipated records. movie ticketing website fandango wars" broke the record for most tickets sold in site history. box office analysts predict the movie could make at least $200 million this weekend alone. thousands of fans in central iowa took advantage of those early tickets to see the first showing of the film last night. this is the springwood 9 theater in ankeny. they pre-sold more than 1,000 tickets just for the first week there. fans lined up hours before show time at 7:00 to get the best seats. a new theater in waukee is in the works. the time the next "star wars" film comes out. "the des moines register" reports fridley theaters plans to build a 12 screen theater in waukee on the corner of northeast westgate drive and
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road. construction is expected to begin next summer and finish spring of 2017. elizabeth: no pressure but this is the last weekend to shop some of you may still be trying emmy victor live at a local shopping favorite, raygun, to share a few last minute tips. good morning. emmy: good morning. you said it, no pressure. christmas is only seven days away, plenty of time to get the stores to buy last-minute christmas gifts. make sure to stay calm. there will be a lot of people in the stores. try to go to a store that has a little bit of everything. here at raygun's there is a variety of different things. jewelry, sunglasses, very popular, especially as the
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the lip balm is just three dollars but they have sold over 200 of these in december. a great stocking stuffer for anyone interested in putting a variety of gifts in one bag. if you want to shop online, there are different ways you can get that done, we will show you a list of items you can get online, subscriptions is the first one. cable boxes online you can buy for family or friends, netflix, hulu, very popular. you can buy someone tickets to a play or a comedy club or the movies. enjoy a nice night out. adventure, always fun to have a day out skydiving or kayak
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items you normally would not buy for yourself would be a great gift. i want to direct you to a video, one place seeing a lot of traffic over the holiday season are gyms, fitness world says most people are buying jim or personal trainers for friends and family. spa -- baseball -- a spa has already sold 900 guest membership -- >> beget of help is the best thing you can offer somebody. >> people are stressed. everything is chaotic, a chance down. emmy: looking for more ideas, in 30 minutes we will show you some
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raygun that you can put on any gift you have this holiday season. elizabeth: thank you. eric: a lot of stores will be very busy and the weather looks like it will cooperate. metinka: especially over the weekend. you can probably leave the codes in the car but this morning you will need extra coats. when chills down, nine in des moines. the coldest conditions this today. highs into the low-30's and close to freezing. a typical december day and a few snowflakes flying, especially in the north. they are coming in and out of south dakota and across minnesota, getting ready to move back into mason city and the northeastern third to half of the state during the afternoon. the reason for the flurries, an
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major storm system or widespread snow. christmas looks like a brownish, greenish christmas. christmas, warm air arrives. sunday, the warmest of the begin followed by a cold front late sunday that could trigger a couple of rain showers and maybe drizzle and fog. next week, looking pretty mild temperature wise. 21 right now, windchill nine in des moines. when in greece -- today, seasonal averages, around freezing, maybe a degree or two. sunday will be downright warm, highs flirting with 50 degrees on sunday. next week, temperatures stay mild, above freezing, and the precipitation moves in wednesday and christmas eve day, it will
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the -- santa is happy about that. eric: a lot of people thinking about travel tomorrow but today nothing -- no problems. highway 169 still closed. because of flooding. mobile speed units, 1400 55th street. 2700 mlk. 5600 northeast 3rd. northwest beaver drive.
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stage, what to look for elizabeth: welcome back. tomorrow, the democratic presidential ended its take the stage in new hampshire. eric: what can we expect? >> hillary clinton, bernie sanders, martin o'malley, no events today to prep for the debate in new hampshire tomorrow. in an interview, bernie sanders
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might challenge hillary clinton on foreign policy. other topics that could come up, donald trump's muslim band. others question the debates timing, being on a saturday night, although the dnc has pushed back against those charges before. as for the polls, hillary clinton continues to lead bernie sanders and martin o'malley by double digits although sanders continues to perform or do well in new hampshire. eric: we will see how this unfolds. thank you. elizabeth: in our next hour, it could be a big new development in the brandon ellingson death investigation. why all eyes will be on the special prosecutor in missouri later this morning. and the surprising message family members have for a des moines teen charged with violently killing his own grandmother. eric: and new video coming in overnight -- an iowa man severely burned in a fire.
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>> the most-watched news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this
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>> he's making a list checking it twice gonna find out who's naughty or nice eric: one week till santa comes to town. and one week for you to finish up your shopping. we'll get some different gift ideas this half hour -- plus the top three most requested gifts this year if you're really stuck, ahead. welcome back, everyone. a week before christmas. i'm eric hanson. elizabeth: i'm elizabeth klinge. a few days out from the first day of winter. shaina: -- metinka: it feels like it. the coldest we have been this fall. nine for the windchill in des moines and eight in ames. grab the warm coat and gloves. moines, 21. no precipitation or fog to slow you down. make sure the kids are dressed
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recess, temperatures will feel like december with temperatures near 30 degrees headed for a high of 33. 20 of sunshine but a brisk -- plenty of sunshine at a brisk west wind. elizabeth: getting back to three big developing stories this morning -- bernie sanders campaign accused of not playing fair. the democratic national committee says a sanders staffer improperly accessed confidential voter information gathered by the new york times reports the information was accessed during a software glitch. the sanders campaign says one worker has been fired over the incident. and right now, defense secretary ash carter is meeting with military commanders and troops about the threat of isis in afghanistan. he and his wife both arrived there overnight at forward operating base fenty. the security situation is described as fragile -- commanders say isis is infiltrating the area, bringing foreign fighters from iraq and syria.
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that mother teresa will be a saint -- pope francis has approved the second miracle needed for the honor. the nun was beatified in 2003, now she is said to have healed a brazilian man with multiple brain tumors. mother teresa is expected to be officially canonized in rome next september. and we got this video in resource officer breaks up a fight but then throws punches himself. students caught the incident on their cell phones. the officer throws at least three punches, then subdues the student on the floor. the officer has been temporarily reassigned as police investigate what happened before the video was taken. eric: today, the special prosecutor investigating the drowning of brandon ellingson is expected to announce an update in the case. that is at 11:00 this morning. ellingson, a clive native, died at the lake of the ozarks in may 2014 while in missouri state police custody. a state trooper arrested him on
6:30 am
intoxicated but admits didn't -- admits he did not properly put a life jacket on him. brandon's dad, craig ellingson, says there's no word on what the announcement will be. a boone mother is begging the court to put this teen back behind bars. 16-year-old clayton tullis is accused of performing a sex act on a 5-year-old. >> i've seen what it's done to my daughter and the changes that it has made in her life. eric: now, this woman fears other children are at risk. police arrested the teen in august for sexual abuse, but he was released from jail. the teen is not allowed to be around anyone under age 18 without another adult present. but the victim's mother says that is not enough. this morning, a search for a missing teenager now turns into an investigation into his death. thursday afternoon, polk county authorities discovered the body of 17-year-old sam kemp. his body was found in a pond off highway 141 near granger.
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saturday, after leaving a house party. investigators say it's too early to determine if foul play was involved. elizabeth: a new trial date for the des moines teenager charged with beating his grandmother to death. 17-year-old noah laprei is back in jail this morning after an appearance in court thursday. there, family insisted the noah they know is not a violent person. katie johnson: he's like every other teenage kid. he's a good kid. he's never been violent. the kid has been through so much -- the fact that i can still get some time -- sometimes a smile out of him is a miracle to me. elizabeth: des moines police say laprei beat his grandmother, rachael pray, to death october 10. his trial will now start in may, delayed from january. news around iowa -- right now, a man is being treated for severe burns all over his body in cedar rapids. this after a fire was reported
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avenue and first street. the fire departments says the man had a tent set up in area of the fire. the cause of the fire is not known. eric: right now, a friend and neighbor of the san bernardino shooters is being held without bail on terrorism charges. 24-year-old enrique marquez is now charged with conspiring with terrorists and illegally buying two of the assault rifles used during the attack. the fbi says within hours of the san bernardino shooting, marquez called to tell them the shooters had used his guns. according to prosecutors, sayed farook persuaded marquez to convert to islam 8 years ago, and the pair had first planned to use the weapons and pipe bombs to attack a community college cafeteria. don't know what to get for that we'll tell you the top three most requested gifts -- can't go wrong with any of them. emmy: i am live at raygun, we
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made cups coming up. elizabeth: and then a new way to wrap. a viral video shows the big time-saver you might want to try, next.
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not for metinka: it is cold.
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feels like eight in ames. where all the warm winter gear and temperatures will stay on the chilly side, cold this afternoon with highs near 33 with a little bit of sunshine and a brisk wind from the west. to the north, mason city and waterloo or cedar rapids, they could see snow flurries and possibly a dusting of snow. elizabeth: we don't want to send you into a panic, but christmas is now just one week away. eric: and a lot of us still have shopping to do, the national retail federation says 90% of people still aren't done. there's always those people who wait till the last minute. one iowa mall worker says they call the saturday before christmas, camo and carhartt saturday, because of all the guys in their work clothes who are looking for something for the girlfriend or wife. elizabeth: we sent emmy victor
6:36 am
some last minute gift ideas. what have you found, emmy? emmy: we are at raygun and picked about 15 items to show you. a lot of stocking stuffers. there are hats we picked. a good accessory. cups and nail polishes. rose bowl fans will love some of the hawkeye sunglasses. it is important to get a variety of different things. you never know what someone will like. we have a special guest to tell us more about this last-minute holiday. what is going on in the stores, a lot of customers? >> one of our busiest days of the year, people are picking up last-minute items. from glassware to shirts, hats,
6:37 am
emmy: usually when customers come in last minute is, there concern is all the people, what is their way to navigate around? >> no who you are shopping for, likes shirts or hats. are shopping for and what they like. emmy: also make sure that you are shopping at the nonpeak hours. may become an earlier when the store opens or later around 8:00 or 9:00. lots of good advice. we want to thank raygun for having us. elizabeth: thank you, emmy. the nation's retailers say that gift cards are the most quested gets, followed by clothing and accessories.
6:38 am
spend about 800 and five dollars -- $805 on food, gifts, and decorations, the highest in 14 years. elizabeth: then you need to wrap the gifts up. this video's gone viral showing how the japanese wrap gifts, sort of using the idea of origami. only three folds, and three pieces of tape -- and it's fast. as you can see. you kind of put the package in the corner and then go from there. eric: it takes practice i am sure. a good idea. well, the fan reviews are pouring in for "star wars episode 7: the force awakens," and they're overwhelmingly awesome. elizabeth: no spoilers here, but we did catch some fans going to see the movie last night at ankeny's springwood theater. the theater presold more than 1,000 tickets for last night's showings. hundreds of people stood in line waiting to get in. >> "star wars" -- it's one of my favorite movies. i have to say.
6:39 am
>> it's just awesome, like the lightsabers, the blasters, the explosions. elizabeth: of course, they're saying it's going to break all kinds of box office records -- probably more than $200 million its opening weekend. eric: it is taking over our culture. yesterday i was in -- i was seen any of the "star wars" movies. not against them at all, just somehow missed out on them all. i asked where i should start if i want to dive in. episode 4 or episode 1? jonathan said -- "i say do 4,5,6 first -- then do the 1,2,3. the original movies are the best!" that was pretty common. elizabeth: becky, "start with the original three, skip the other three, especially episode 1, it is just awful."
6:40 am
elizabeth: alec -- "4,5,1,2,3,6. 1,2,3 serve as a flashback after watching 4, 5. if you want to make it less confusing, you can skip 1." once again skip that one. seven. elizabeth: we are taking a live avenue.
6:41 am
says we'll warm up this weekend five minutes away. morning." metinka: good morning. morning, wind chills to talk about. feels like nine in des moines and eight in ames. grab the mittens, your mouse, scarves -- ear muff, scarves. at least we will have sunshine. today, tracking snow flurries and snow showers from minnesota. they haven't affected a part of northern iowa -- have affected
6:42 am
a light snow across northern and northeast iowa through noontime. from mason city to the view. -- dubuque. traveling in that direction, keep that in mind. a chilly devic. the wind will increase this afternoon. the wind will settle overnight and with the cold air mass in place, overnight lows in northern iowa, not even 10 degrees. very cold tonight. 21 in des moines. no rain, no fog, no snow in central iowa. a brisk wind from the west, southwest and that will increase this afternoon. temperatures near 30 degrees but saturday be warm up against.
6:43 am
sunday, beautiful, highs flirting with 50 degrees. a chance for drizzle or light rain late sunday into early monday. amateurs next week stay -- temperatures stay to warm for a white christmas -- too warm for a white christmas. elizabeth: one accident now, east 29th street at university near the fairgrounds. slowing things down a little bit. the area indicated in yellow. street. des moines -- 2700 mlk. northeast 3rd.
6:44 am
we are getting you reapraised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in.
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elizabeth: they last blast of
6:47 am
a potentially development in the drowning death of a man. a missouri special prosecutor will make an announcement. ellington died last year in the custody of the missouri state patrol. eric: we are also awaiting autopsy results and a positive i.d. on a body found north of oskaloosa in mahaska county. deer hunters found the body wednesday. the iowa dci assisting with this investigation. we are also waiting to learn how des moines teenager sam kemp died. his body was found in a pond near granger on thursday. he had been missing since saturday. investigators tell us they are not ruling out foul play. elizabeth: bernie sanders' presidential campaign got hold of rival hillary clinton's voter data. that's the report out overnight. it happened during a temporary security glitch. sanders campaign fired one staffer. but the democratic national committee has now suspended sanders from accessing his own voter data. eric: president obama will meet with reporters at the white house today, before leaving on his annual hawaiian vacation.
6:48 am
bernardino to meet privately with the families of the 14 victims of the shooting rampage. he is encouraging americans to be vigilant over the holiday season. meanwhile, a friend of the couple who carried out the shooting in california will be in court on monday. enrique marquez is charged with buying the assault rifles they used and conspiring with syed farook to plot attacks in 2011 and 2012. elizabeth: already beatified nun mother teresa will now become a saint. pope francis approved the second miracle needed for sainthood. brazil with several brain tumors. teresa died in 1997. nba star lebron james tweeted an apology overnight after this happened in last night's game against the cavaliers. he scrambled for a loose ball and plowed into a woman sitting courtside. that fan turned out to be ellie day, the wife of pga champion jason day.
6:49 am
released from the hospital overnight. eric: good news. another lawsuit filed over those automated speed cameras on i-235 in des moines. the register reports that two people have filed a class action lawsuit asking that the cameras be shut off. not only that, but that every driver who has been fined since march get refunds. the iowa d.o.t. has also ordered the cameras be turned off, but des moines is appealing that decision. and a heads up as we look live at i-235 and 22nd street in west des moines -- police will be doing a special traffic enforcement project today. impaired drivers. so if any holiday parties are in your plans, make sure you drink responsibly. elizabeth: a lot of traffic in several reasons. first, the big four classic at wells fargo arena. drake plays iowa at 3:30 saturday. isu and uni play at 6:00. and movie theaters will also be very busy -- many showing star wars around the clock!
6:50 am
and people say "episode 7: the force awakens" is awesome. it's expected to break all kinds of box office records. eric: and malls will be busy too -- just one week until christmas so people will be shopping for that perfect gift. retail experts say 90% of people still haven't finished. jordan creek town center opens at 9:00 this morning, 8 tomorrow morning. pretty soon there will be around the clock hours. metinka: cold out, wind chills near 10 degrees or colder in some neighborhoods. 21 in des moines. headed for 33 this afternoon with a brisk wind. there could be snow showers from mason city to dubuque. the weekend, a warm-up, sunday the best day with highs close to 50. drizzle late. next week, temperatures too
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eric: i highway north of a dell" is a flooding. elizabeth: cbs this morning coming up next, thank you for joining us. have a great weekend. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
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