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tv   CBS This Morning  Me-TV  December 19, 2015 6:00am-8:00am CST

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good morning, it is december 19, 2015, welcome to "cbs this morning saturday." accusations, lawsuits and now a deal. the campaigns for hillary clinton and bernie sanders fight over voter information. plus wintry weather finally moves in. the shot of cold and snow about to hit millions. >> "star wars" surges. inside the numbers of giving it a shot of being the biggest film of all time. and they inspire awe but some are better than others. the new service that predicts stunning sunsets. >> we begin with a look at today's eye eep opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> bernie sanders goes on the warpath over a data breech.
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is a distraction. >> it's certainly unfortunate. >> access to voter information after a lawsuit was filed. >> words and hugs from president obama and from the first lady as they met with family members and those killed in san bernardino california. >> despite the pain and the heart ache that they are feeling, they could not have been more inspiring. >> in a rare moment of international unity the u.n. security council voted unanimously to adopt a resolution to end the war in syria. >> not the typical white house briefing. >> this is a little different but i kind of like the feel of it. >> "star wars" mania, disney predicting the farce awakens will surpass $250 million in ticket sales by sunday. it will be a new record. >> okay. everybody. i go tot get to "star wars." >> and all that. >> an italian model has defyied gravity.
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>> loses it, the raptors have it. to roczen. oh he hit it. >> on "cbs this morning saturday." "star wars," it turns out not everyone is excited because according to the "wall street journal" people in china are not that familiar with the "star wars" movies. though they might be familiar with some of the toys. and spoiler i alert. the elves don't make em. and welcome to the weekend everybody. a great line up this morning. director david o russell and his new film "joy." the true story behind the movie. and nfl hall of famer
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his high school life began in this florida. and what it means to have his son follow in his footsteps. and the jazz, and why it resonates with so many people and the band will perform this a very special saturday session. our top story a civil war inside the democratic party. hillary clinton is accusing the bernie sanders campaign of theft. saying the vermont senator's aide stole billions of dollars worth of data. >> the then sued the dnc. late last night a deal was reached to clear up the mess ahead of the democrat debate. we're at the college where the
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morning. >> the sanders campaign is accusing party officials of trying to undermine his campaign and to help hillary clinton. >> bernie sanders cried foul on friday calling it quote a death sense sentence. the dnc blocked sanders from a database after a glitch allowed his staffers to view voter information compiled by the clinton campaign. data that can candidate says it doesn't need. >> does not possess any data. does not retain any data. doesn't want any of their data. we are running a clean campaign. >> sanders campaign filed a federal lawsuit against the dnc while also providing the committee with information on how it used and disposed of the data.
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it enabled them to view information for about 45 minutes. >> my goal was to create a record of what was wrong so i could accurately assess both for the campaign and for the dnc what my understanding of what was wrong. >> several other staffers are under investigation. the dnc lifted the suspension late friday night but says it will continue to investigate. >> it is as if you found a house with an unlocked front door. and instead of locking it and notifying authorities, you went in and you took things, ransacked the house and took things that didn't belong to you. >> meanwhile hillary clinton's campaign is accusing the sanders campaign of theft and saying they are downplaying the situation. on a conference call last night officials criticized a fundraising e-mail sent to supporters on friday.
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are particularly disturbed right now they are using the fact they stole data as the reason to raise money for their campaign. >> clinton's campaign is also saying that the data gathered by the sanders campaign included fundamental parts of their strategy. so anthony and vinita, it is all making for unexpected drama tonight in the debate. >> how important really is this data? >> think about this is the backbone of the operations. the campaigns take the lists and make it their own and input data about voters preference, what issues might sway them. what candidate they are backing and if they are persuadable. for example on a night like tonight it is particularly important to have access to that data. because there is low viewership. if there are voters that are swayed by national security issues.
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exchange between sanders and clinton, where the sanders campaign thinks their candidate comes out looking better than they can blast that to the voters that might be persuadable. >> do you think there are going to be good exchanges? for soz long it feels like the drama has been to be republican side. now if democrat side in the limelight. do you think there will be sparks tonight? >> it is the first time that we'll be hearing from hillary clinton and bernie sanders on this. but also look out for martin o'malley to get in on this as well. he's also been saying that the dnc has been trying to help hillary clinton's campaign at the expense of the non clinton candidates by holding far fewer debates on the republicans. and also at times of low viewership like on a saturday night. >> thank you. wintry weather hit this weekend bringing lake effect snow and
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causing hazardous conditions on many roads. in kent county michigan as many as 80 vehicles were in this pile up. >> more than half a foot of snow is expected by this afternoon. the latest buffalo had gone without snow since 18999 and in oregon -- now with a look ahead, we're joined by meteorologist ed curran from our chicago station wbbn. good morning. >> good morning. here is that rain and snow that just won't quit in the northwest and here is the lake effect snow that you were just talking about, as the very cold air rushes across the relate live
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erie and lake ontario, they have quite the set up here for lake effect snow. warning in the 10:00 tonight. until 7:00 tomorrow. how much could they see by the time it is done? 6-10 inches locally and 8-16 by the time it wraps up here off lake ontario. that is because this very cold air in place. 31 a high in chicago. 31 in cleveland. but the christmas week sets up like this. warmer air off to the's. colder to the west. a white christmas for some, wet christmas for others. here are the highs for christmas day. 36 in denver. 21 in billings. 58 in new york. 77 in atlanta. 62 for st. louis. >> crazy temperatures. thanks ed.
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family members of the san bernardino terror attacks, two weeks after 14 people were killed, while attending a holiday party, the president and mrs. obama visited with relatives last night. as well as some of the emergency workers who were on the scene. the families are strong and a reminder of what's good in this country he said. >> despite the pain and heartache they are feeling, they could not have been more inspiring and more proud of their loved ones and more insistent that something good comes out of this tragedy. >> a husband and wife who orchestrated the rampage and claimed to be inspired by isis
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their neighbor enrique marquez. >> mr. obama wrapped up business at the white house before leaving for hawaii. he had a wide ranging question and answer session with reporters. san bernardino was a major topic. amid by fears of other such attacks by lone wolf terrorists. good morning craig. >> in his final scheduled press conference president obama said even though he's in the fourth quarter he'll be anything but a lame duck in his final year in office. >> and in 2016 i'm going to leave it all on the field. >> after a year plagued by terrorism president obama defended his administration's strategy against isis pledging to defeat the terror group. >> we're going to do sody systematically squeezing them. cutting off their supplies, their financing, taking out
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and their infrastructure. >> and he admits the isis inspired attacks are you have to detect and the administration is consulting with the tech community to figure out better ways to track suspected terrorists. >> we're going to have to recognize that no government is going to have the capacity to read every single person's text or e-mails or social media. >> at least three times over the last two weeks, the president has tried to reassure anxious americans that intelligence agencies are on the job. that americans will need to remain vigilant. he's not giving up on shutting down the facility at guantanamo bay something he called a magnet of recruitment. >> we should have reduce that below 100 by early next year. >> keeping the government
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>> we've gotten used to last minute crises and shut down threats and so forth and this is a messy process that doesn't satisfy everybody completely but it is more typical of american democracy. >> after the news conference the president signed the budget bill and commuted the sentences of more than ninety non violent drug offenders. he also talked about criminal justice reform in the coming year. he'll spend the next two weeks in hawaii relaxing as much as any president can. anthony? >> thanks. for the first time since the start of the nearly five yearlong civil war in syria are the united nations peace council has unanimously enacted a peace process that could end the conflict. secretary of state kerry was at the talks.
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future role of syrian president bashar al assad. >> >>. and a judge in san francisco says there is no evidence of crimes in the videos provided by abortion providers. he made his comments during a hearing seeking a preliminary injunction to block the release of the records. >> immigration remains a huge issue for republicans. during the tuesday night's debate there was a heated exchange about immigration between marco rubio and ted cruz. john dickerson asked rubio about cruz and his impact on the race. >> should voters be thinking about what does ted cruz think about immigration? or should they be asking the larger question is ted cruz
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>> i think when you spend your whole time and -- you're the only -- the truth is everyone running on the republican side supports strong conservative positions. we have some differences on some issues and we should discuss those. like national security for example. but when you run by telling everybody you are the only purist in the field. you are to only one that's always consistent, conservative. i think then your record is going to have a light shown on it. and in fact well after it end he was still talking about how important it was to bring people out of shadows and so forth. >> and you can see more of the interview tomorrow morning on face the nation. john's guests will including jeb bush. two teenage girls in novel are praising the high school football play who are saved their lives. the heroic actions were honored last night.
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from alleged gunfire thursday night. >> me or her would have been probably been shot. >> he's going to be missed. just his leadership by example. >> thompson was shot and killed by the gunfire. he was a sophomore. the school brought in counselors to speak to students on friday. such remarkable story. a whole group of kids on the porch and he just immediately threw his body over those girls. >> a $5 thousand reward is now being offered for the capture of the a texas teenager. ethan couch is expected to be on the run with his mother.
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like a distant memory but the nation's retailers are still on the hunt for those elusive holiday shoppers. so less than a week before christmas welcome to super saturday, what's become an annual big push for that holiday consumer dollar. good morning. >> good morning. >> if you talk to die hards they say you have already missed all of the really good deals but they are statistically wrong. this is a huge day. >> and this year we actually suspect it to surpass black friday. online shopping, mobile shopping was so in fact exceeded in stores black friday. so this is a big day. >> are there a lot of shoppers still waiting for this moment? >> oh yeah. nearly half of americans still have gifts to buy. so it is going to be really crowded at the stores. and this year there's been less urgency. because you don't have to rush out and get the deals quite the
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>> does it shift them? everyone is going on line and you can't get it quickly enough. does it tilt? >> you still get free shipping, but right, who wants to trust the package get there is in time? so a lot of people, 92% expect to go to the store today. >> it is going to be like 60 degrees here in new york next week. >> yeah. >> what impact does the weather having on shopping? >> it has been unseasonably warm, which i'm happy about. but it has been very bad for retailers. and today actually is cold. across the country. so retailers may benefit from this and consumers as well because there are deep discounts on winter gear. they have so much inventory. they need to move it. 30-40% the common place but you might find more. so get out and look. >> anything else you are telling
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>> keep an eye out for the next tech gadget or whatever you might be looking for but winter gear really is the biggest sales out there. >> when are deadlines -- for those of us who leave this to the last minute? what is that? >> just even asking that makes me feel so stressed out. >> so true. >> so the postal says monday is the last day. but ups is saying tuesday. so you have a little wiggle room but it is coming up quickly. >> people are spending more on experiences. >> yes. >> what does that mean? what is that indicative of how consumers are approaching the holiday season? >> a lot of people are spending on services in general just purchasing experiences rather than physical goods. also we're seeing research shows people are more grateful for experiences. and there is an experience for every single budget.
6:20 am
you can still take someone out to the hot dog stand and enjoy something together. >> i want an experience. but not the hot dog response. >> how about a gift card. lauren, thanks so much for being with us. it is going to be a whacky weekend for sure in the stores. time to show you this morning's headlines. wired magazine says the department of homeland security is investigating a just discovered hack at the tech company juniper networks. it is believed unauthorized code was inserted into the network equipment makers's software three years ago which experts say serves as as back door maneuver for spying often. the company says customers can download patches to protect their software. a missouri trooper charged with involuntary manslaughter in the drowning death of a man who
6:21 am
they hand cupped him but did not secure his life vest while arresting him for bothing while ingboating while intoxicating. >> and china has issued yet another red pollution alert. unhealthy smog levels expected through tuesday. factories are closed and there are restrictions on vehicle use. the region is blanketed in airborne particles that are 20 times the level considered safe by the world health organization. the second this month. >> 14 pieces of american art believed to be architectural draws were delivered on friday. a recent nuclear arms deal with iran is said to have paved the
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and billboard magazine says it just may well sound like a merry christmas for beatles fans. some reports suggest "hey jude" would be the first tune gh near 38. light and variable wind becoming south southeast 6 to 11 mph in the morning. tonight partly cloudy, with a temperature rising to around 37 by 5am. south wind 10 to 13 mph. sunday patchy drizzle. patchy fog after noon. otherwise, mostly cloudy, with a high near 46. breezy, with a south wind 13 to 16 mph, with gusts as high as 23 mph. coming up. oil and gasoline prices are way down but with that comes a heavy price for workers in the oil industry. >> and later, was this the last hoorah for u.s. army's high-tech
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you are watching "cbs this
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4d coming up. "star wars" soars. the film's box office total is already so large that estimates hours. could bit the biggest film of all time? >> and later, framing the nightly painting in the sky. we'll show you the ins and outs. even a few secrets for catching this is "cbs this morning saturday." heart disease. asthma. diabetes. 7 out of 10 americans take prescription drugs. but in the last 7 years drugs prices have doubled. hillary's going to take on the drug companies. require medicare to negotie lower drug prices. let people buy their prescription drugs from countries like canada at half the price. and cap monthly prescription costs for every american. the drug companies have been
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it's time to fight back. i'm hillary clinton
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praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders.
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building a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message.
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lights at the vatican have been lit up. >> decorations handmade by almost 130 children who suffer from cancer. they gave the kids a ball of clay and did the drawing and engraving and reproduced it for the tree. >> great idea. lovely tree. >> the top story. the bust in the oil boom. the lowest gasoline prices in years are obviously great news for holiday travelers. >> but a drag for the market. the dow dropped 360 as slumping oil prices raised concerns about slow slower economic growth. the price of crude fell 40 cents pushing the approximate price of oil below 35 dollars a barrel and. >> and sparking an up tick in
6:29 am
>> with the price of gas dropping below $2 a gallon, she was laid off ten months ago and has only found a part-time job. >> it takes two months of part-time work to equal two weeks of for what i was receiving. >> so paying bills for you right now is? >> it's stressful. >> it's estimates texas has lost 60 to 70 thousand oil and gas-related jobs in the last 18 months. parts of the state are still pumping oil. but tobias reed says with falling profits, plans for new drilling are drying up. >> are we going to see more job losses?
6:30 am
and that is because the oxygen which drives the sector is new capital expenditure. >> u.s. oil output could drop by 1.1 million barrels a day by next fall if the price doesn't recover. >> most storage facilities are near full. so we might even see the price go substantially lower until there is a real adjustment. >> reed says the market may not recover until 2017. and it could take 18 months from them to see any significant job creation. >> but cheaper gas is giving the overall economy a boost, saving the average driver this year. and coming up, st. louis races to make a decision whether to spend big bucks on a new stadium for rams. but is it agh near 38. light and variable wind becoming south southeast 6 to 11 mph in the morning. tonight partly cloudy, with a
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by 5am. south wind 10 to 13 mph. sunday patchy drizzle. patchy fog after noon. otherwise, mostly cloudy, with a high near 46. breezy, with a south wind 13 to 16 mph, with gusts as high as 23 mph. up next, medical news in our morning rounz. including a timely study of how fear, such as the fear of terrorism, can impact your health? >> and what on scientists are learning about holiday cheer and how it effects our brains.
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try nexium 24hr, now the #1 selling brand for frequent heartburn. get complete protection with the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection. time for morning rounds and cbs news chief medical correspondent and cbs news contribute contributor.
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terrorism on the rise. 44% think another attack in the next few months is very likely. that is the highest percentage since right after the september 11th attacks. we asked about the effect this fear could be having on our health. >> one of the things i think is different about this threat is again it is ongoing. people can't sort of know when and where and how it is going to happen. it is this thing that never ends. it is ubiquitous. it is everywhere. >> how does that effect aspect of their lives. >> they go out less and travel less and go into public settings less. there is research that shows they have a tendency to engage people from different cultural backgrounds less. they have even consumed media
6:36 am
>> what are you hearing that might surprise people? >> how potent fear can be in people's lives. and whether it's making different decisions about the president or supporting policies or even down to how people live their every day lives. >> is there a danger to society if people incrementally changing their behavior over time with. >> i think fear moves people to become much more polarized in their viewpoints. and i think that fear motivates people to go to further lengths to feel safe. >> john, how does fear impact our health? >> in all sorts of ways. so prolonged fear, increased anxiety, increased stress can
6:37 am
heart attack, stroke, there is even evidence that long-term stress in your body can increase the risk of cancer. so this is a big deal. and one of the things is not to close in. if you feel like you are having symptoms if you find specifically you are changing your behavior, you are not going outside. you want to reach out to your friends and family for support. but if that is not good enough it may be time enough to seek professional help. and a new study shows antidepressants in pregnancy may lead to autism. pregnant women taking antidepressants face nearly double the risk of being diagnosed with a child with autism. >> actually it turns out 13% of women, about 13% take
6:38 am
and research about what if any effects those antidepressants have on the developing fetus have been rather inconsistent. this was a large study out of canada. they looked at 145 thousand infants and followed them for almost seven years, six years, looking for signs of autism spectrum disorder. what they found was an association between women who took antidepressants in the second and third trimesters and increased relative risk of their children having at 87. but the general risk is 1%. so that increase takes the risk to 1.87%. >> what medications are we talking about?
6:39 am
be linked wut the ssri, the selective serotonin up take inhibitors. also if you are taking two or more classes together that was also linked. >> is it possible that it is the depression and not the medication that is causing the -- >> very much. this is not a cause effect study. absolutely. we know that in depression there are altered levels of neurochemical, neurotransmitters in the maurice brain that. could have an effect on the children. and we don't know a lot about the mentalother medical history.
6:40 am
played? i would absolutely advise against women stopping their medication. we do know there are significant risks for women to have untreated depression. they are more likely to drink alcohol or smoke, less likely to exercise, eat well, do things that we know are good for the baby. >> another study finds an interesting way to cope with stress. follow the golden rule. researchers at yale and ucla found performing small acts of kindness every day may be an effective day to handle every day worries and strains. >> i absolutely believe this. and i think one of the best presents you can give your kids is to train them, one might say even brainwash to actually get physical pleasure from doing
6:41 am
and you get the endorphins firing. that is physical pleasure. >> finally this morning research that would make st. nick proud. scientists in europe say they have pinpointed the part of the brain responsible for christmas spirit. they scanned the brains of santa fans and skroojs.crooges. >> and one of the areas in the brain that lit up in the study were the left and right parietal lobes. which actually are involved in how we experience spirituality. i think that's just sort of a really kind of important way to look at it. it is not necessarily all about jingle bells and santa. but more of that sense of spirituality and what it means in the broad spectrum. and of course the big question
6:42 am
can you change a baa humbug brain into a christmas spirit brain? >> yes. >> and the i believe it was -- who said the best way to spread christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear. and in that spirit -- we wish you a merry christmas we wish -- i'm not going to sing this alone alone. big finish. and a happy new year >> thank you so much for embarrassing us all. coming up the crash of a u.s. army surveillance blimp captivated the nation but the whole program may be grounded for longer than anticipated now. we'll tell you why. you are watching "cbs this morning saturday." >> to my friend and family in woodbridge, virginia. love you, merry christmas. see you soon.
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year to all my family and friends back home. and my beautiful wife. love you. >> merry christmas to my family in medford. >> love you all and miss you and happyholds. >> happy holidays to all our friends in hazelton, pennsylvania. >> happy holidays from the six-string soldiers. have you been playing? 17 hours, two minutes and 36 seconds. now through saturday get 50% offskylanders supercharges, minions and bratz. hurry, ends saturday! toys"r"us, awesome! before there could be a nation, there had to be people willing to fight for it, to take on the world's greatest challenges, whatever they might be. so, the u.s. army masters not only tactics and str but also physics and chemistry. we make battle plans and create breakthroughs - in medicine, science and engineering.
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the u.s. army has struggled for years with what once seemed like a good idea, using high-tech blimps for very veins s fors for surveillance on the's coast. but when one got away earlier this year and crashed the entire fleet was grounded. and funding may keep it there. >> the army grounded the program after the infamous october accident. and now after deep funding cuts
6:47 am
blimps will ever return to the air. the federal budget finalized this week provides 10.5 million dollars to the military's blimp surveillance program. 30 million less than the 40.5 million president obama ". it is the latest set back for the long troubled program. the program, known as j-lens started in 1998, the goal, developing massive radar equipped blimps to scan the sky for incoming cruise missiles and drones. >> this blimp would be to detect any cruise missiles coming in. >> correct. >> the other blimp would be to do what? >> to target missile defense to that threat. >> do we have that missile defense in place? >> yes we do. >> but questions soon arose over the progress and the growing
6:48 am
a 2013 pentagon report found the project was not meeting program reliability growth goals. and earlier this year a january operational exercise was delayed until august because of technical problems. >> it is stuck on something else now. >> then came the october mishap when one of the blimps broke free of its tether in maryland, drifting across two states before crash landing in rural pennsylvania. that incident left the program open to ridicule on twitter from everyone from senator mccain to edward snowden chiming? >> as the perfect example of government. what we had was something the government made. basically a bag of gas, that cut loose, destroyed everything in its path, left thousands powerless.
6:49 am
because we had too much money invested so we had to keep it. >> the investigation into just what went wrong continues but with the budget cuts it is unclear if the blimp program will continue. for "cbs this morning saturday," chip reed with the president in hey hawaii. coming up. how big is "star wars: the force awakens"? it just could be the biggest hit ever. you're watching "cbs this morning saturday." emerge restored. fortified. replenished. emerge everyday with emergen-c packed with b vitamins, antioxidants, electrolytes plus more vitamin c than 10 oranges. why not feel this good everyday? emerge and see. now?
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apparently r two is taking
6:53 am
>> the new "star wars" got its earn est earnest bid. >> okay. everybody. i got get to "star wars." >> in fact it seems everybody had to get to "star wars" this weekend. disney is now predicting its continuation of the franchise will earn at least $215 million in the u.s. by sunday beating the record opening weekend numbers set by jurassic world just six months ago. >> box office analysts have predicted that the force awakens could gross tween $1.5 billion and $2 billion. >> i will see it a thousand times more after this. >> 2.8 billion was avatar's mark. >> to hit a figure like that you need a movie that becomes a
6:54 am
where people feel they have to go see it two, three, four five times. >> get a ticket? >> not yet. you? >> my son is going tonight. >> there was a guy head to know in a onesie and i was like what is this guy doing and then it dawned on me. coming up. a high school homecoming. michael irvin returns to his old stomping grounds a field that now serves as his son's turf. you're watching cbs this morning saturday.
6:55 am
special effects. his work forever changed how films are made. and he changed how they sound too. in his 1973 hit "american graffiti" he opted out of a traditional composer. he narrated the entire story with popular songs. >> that is clear estest end point for a teenager is the music. half of what a teenager is is music. and the other half is trouble or raging hormones or however you want to describe it. but at the same time that is what the movie is about. >> cars and music and raging hormones. >> yeah. i should have called it that. >> cars and music and raging hormones. >> we were looking and you finally figured it out. >> yes. >> studio wanted to call it
6:56 am
but cars and music and raging hormones, that could have been a hit. >> the film is now one of the most success f of its time. before he was 40 lucas went on to make if first three star wars and indiana jones raiders of the lost ark. and then he walked away. >> i gave up in order to become a dad. for 15 years. i just ran a company.
6:57 am
what i really lik beautiful sunrise in new york.
6:58 am
>> and i'm vinita nair. st. louis makes a decision whether to build a new stadium for the rams but it may be too late. >> then a young group ophthalmologists who have created a way to predict when the best sunset will hit your city. >> and the i new movie "joy" and we'll talk to the director david o. russell about the true story that inspired the movie. >> and the democrats battle before tonight's debate. the committee has restored sanders' access to the voter database. >> sanders accused the committee of trying to favor democrat front runner hillary clinton. >> president obama is vacationing in hawaii this morning after meeting family
6:59 am
terror attacks. two weeks after 14 people were gunned down, the president and mrs. obama spent nearly three hours with victims loved ones last night. mr. obama said the resilience of these families is inspiring and a reminder of what's good in this country. >> the death of rock singer scott weiland has been ruled an accident. the front man died in his sleep two weeks ago. it was caused by a mixture of cocaine and alcohol and ecstasy. he was 4 2 years old. a proposed new stadium for the mississippi, but the big question, will there be a team to play in it if the stadium gets built?
7:00 am
move the team somewhere else. and nfl commissioner roger goodell is reportedly not too happy with the plan for the new stadium. this morning we're look aggregate the on a roll series. and going to high schools across the country. >> irvin recently delivered a golden football to st. thomas aquinas high where his son is following in his father's footsteps. nfl films is following the journey. >> st. thomas aquinas high school is a football factory, who's biggest export, the play maker, michael irvin didn't see the field until his senior season. >> my junior year i practiced with the team i was there. i just didn't play in the games. and then my senior year my time came.
7:01 am
year, i lost my father. my dad passed and my dad never got a chance to see me play. >> michael's father and i spoke before he passed. and his dad said please, you and st. thomas take care of michael. and we did. >> when i lost my dad, coach smith really did become my father. there is no way i would be here if it wasn't for that man. >> with his coach by his side, irvin went on to have a hall of fame career with the cowboys, winning three super bowls along the way. now 30 years later michael is back on the st. thomas aquinas side lines doing something father was never able to do. >> it is an an incredible feeling to see my son play in our old uniforms on our field, doesn't get any better than
7:02 am
>> me and my father's relationship is very well grounded. e with have an amazing relationship. >> way to run way to run. >> he's taught me just not to give up and always to work hard. >> way to go boy, way to go. >> here lie yours goal standing right before you. make sure that this ball sits in this hall with not just that name on it. but with michael irvin 2 on it. match that son. match that one. i don't want to put too much pressure. just enjoy life. don't worry about these lofty goals. [ laughter ] >> i love it when michael irvin comes to visit. because it is a real life visual of success. >> thank you for letting me be here today.
7:03 am
i came here with a bunch of potential. but it was nothing until i got around the right people and they taught me to put potential with persistn't hard work.ent hard work. to coach harriet thank you for all that you have done for the legacy you have given and the legacy you are still writing. [ applause ] >> this is what we've been talking about. the tradition, the legacy, the golden standard. you go. >> we go. >> you go. >> we go. >> you go. >> i love what he said about potential and persistent. >> great story. >> indeed.
7:04 am
jets take on the dallas cowboys tonight on the nfl gh near 38. light and variable wind becoming south southeast 6 to 11 mph in the morning. tonight partly cloudy, with a temperature rising to around 37 by 5am. south wind 10 to 13 mph. sunday patchy drizzle. patchy fog after noon. otherwise, mostly cloudy, with a high near 46. breezy, with a south wind 13 to 16 mph, with gusts as high as 23 mph. come unnext, a story you are going to want to wake up to. to find a spectacular sups. >> what if you could predict the best sunsets? we'll introduce you to three whiz kids who think they have come up with the algorithm to do just that. morning ted! scott! ready to hit some balls? ooh! hey buddy, what's up?
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7:08 am
we like to showcase sunrises from cities all across america. but it is often sunsets that capture the imagination. when people have more time to stop and admire. now three young meteorologists think they have come up with a very elusive forecast, how to predict the most spectacular sunsets. >> good morning. we already know precisely how to figure when and where the sun sets but figuring out the kodak moment has been much harder.
7:09 am
>> once a day the orange orb slides through the sky surrendering the heavens. the only question, will it be a doozy or will it be a dud. >> this is probably one of the favorites. yes. i was trying to remember where i took this and how gorgeous it was. >> and you want to give everyone the opportunity to take a photo like this. >> exactly. exactly. >> if photography is about capturing a single moment. >> for december standards this is not a cold map, that is for sure. >> some think they have figured out how to forecast the fleeting. >> there was really no reason we couldn't create this thing. >> here is the group's programmer. a 19-year-old sophomore who taught himself how to code. >> how do you predict the perfect sunset. >> we decided to go along the
7:10 am
i guess you could say the wow factor. >> it took him about three weeks to write the algorithm. the model takes in to account high or low clouds, moisture, pressure and up to 20 different data. the program then posts a map every six hours to the group's website, >> where is the best sunset today. >> actually the model is sniffing out some pretty good sunset in southern california. >> you may have seen this in parts of the's coast thanksgiving weekend. these guys called it. >> the oranges and reds were pretty much right over new
7:11 am
>> this is with what gorgeous looks like. >> yes. >> the as search with a lot of followers. type in sunset on instagram and you will find 85 million photos of evenings' golden hour. but that desire to share those final day's rays has been going on for centuries. long been the dawn of social media. >> so this is a famous sunset. >> this is a very famous sunset. >> claude monet. >> this combination of giddy and frustrated. because he says light changes every five minutes. >> that way sunsets are like fingerprints. no two are alike. and neither is the price tag. the great florida sunset sold last month for nearly $6
7:12 am
a record for the artist. and this van gogh is possibly worth 10s of millions. van gogh himself described the sunset he painted as a shower of gold. >> what is it that you think about a sunset that we keep wanting to capture. >> sunset is like a punch in the face. so potent, so powerful. so vivid. and it is never the same. it takes your breath away. you can understand why artists wanted to capture that sensation. one of monet's friends talked about inprisoning the sun. capturing and caging it, holding it close for that one moment, something that is beyond our control, beyond our touch. but in these paintings you can capture and it hold on to it forever. >> the sun's daily farewell may
7:13 am
also give us a brighter outlook. she's written 13 mental health books and many articles. >> increased tendency towards pro social behavior. so you are actually more prone towards been cooperative. more prone to been generous to other people. >> she describes a daily dose of awe to be taken at dust. and it is okay she says to capture the heavenly wonder with canvas or camera, as long as they go down before the sun does. >> and you are having this same experience you're telling people and at the same time you're depriving yourself of the experience. >> and the whiz kids have rolled
7:14 am
their home page of the website now displays predictions of spectacular sunrises along with sunsets. >> they are corningering the market. >> exactly. >> are they ever incorrect? >> they have been online for about a month. and they have a great track record. if you see a brilliant red on that, head outside. you won't want to miss it. >> always posted on instagram. >> it is now up to 85 million. people keep posting. >> great story. thank you so much. thanks. and if you want your daily dose of awe, head to our cbs this morning instagram account. we worked to highlight your cbs photos and we do that daily.
7:15 am
can be, the full moon officers photographers an irresistible challenge in just the right place at just the right time to capture this. show you how to do it next saturday. up next, heading into the hollywood's awards season, meet david o. russell. his latest film, "joy" has already got two golden globe nominations. just head around the corner to walgreens when you're searching for that perfect little something. walgreens has great gifts like toys, beauty gift sets, and photo gifts, and it's all just a hop, skip, and a bark away. this week, save 30% on photo gifts. and that is where soup comes from. campbell's fresh-brewed soups.
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the fighter, silver linings playbook and american hustle. those are just the last three films for david o. russell. who has now firmly established himself as one of the most sought after directors and screen writers. >> "joy" is starring jennifer lawrence, bradley cooper and robert de niro. take a look. >> i'm in a meeting with our lawyers. >> what do you think you're doing? >> go home, joy, and watch the
7:19 am
make 50 thousand mops borrowing and owing every dollar, including your home. >> it could have been handled better. i'll -- >> i don't want todd or anyone else to try it. it should be me. >> joy was recently nominated for two golden globe awards. best comedy. and jennifer lawrence received a nod for best actress. good morning. >> good morning. >> is it still exciting to get that phone call that you have been nominated? >> absolutely. i think to keep cinema exciting is always -- that is what the whole award things makes people excited about cinema. whether you win or lose it is just the conversation about stories that inspire and move people. >> i loved the plot lines. there is her story and then this wonderfully written dysfunctional family. how do you write families so well? >> oh probably from personal
7:20 am
[ laughter ] i love how the extraordinary comes from the ordinary. >> yes. >> magic feels next to a job or adult concerns that may be limiting. and brought together the movie excited me. >> same kind of dysfunction as previous movies. was there a point when you started making films that you realized you were on to something? >> you know i think even if you look at some of my most favorite films like "it's a wonderful life" he has a family he loves and he's loyal to but it is a little crazy. and i think that is the fertility for something like where you are from, who you are, it is real which makes it very specific.
7:21 am
on to that style you want to tell a story in? because you have a very distinctive film making style. >> i think starting with the fighter. to me it was the recognition of i know these people. salt of the earth, all members of life. and work with each other and also have conflict and there is right in front of their faces a magic that you may get glimpses of, moments in their perseverance. i like inspirational stories. silver linings playbook was very personal to me because i had family member whose had struggled with mood disorders. and i love when people are pulled together by the most difficult things they have to face which can then become very uplifting in some way. american hustle, the people. i love the characters. i love the homes. i love that they all have something they love about life. everybody has to have something
7:22 am
and fight for it and feel that joy the children feel. i don't know. to me how grown ups manage to do that is endlessly fascinating and surprising. i want my movies to surprise people and take them off guard and to give them a ride. that's how i taught myself film making. i didn't go to film school. i watched life and i watched films repeatedly and i said how did they do that? you are capturing something that is almost unattainable. you have to guide yourself by what you are drawn to that feels real and that also feels unexpected. >> how does one get drawn to mops though? most people are probably surprised given the weighty subjects you have dealt with. a mop. >> a woman who is formidable is at the center and the men who are brave enough to love and support her. you have the best divorced couple in america. i'll say that again.
7:23 am
that was a story i had never seen. >> that was the scene. the ex husband is living in the basement and she finally sticks out. but he sticks by her and. >> and instrumental helping with her success. >> without them none of it would have happened. somehow the people who challenge you also make you stronger, which is a mystery of life to me that i don't think anybody can fully grasp. but also once they label her dream to become true they can also become obstacles. so the fact that the actual joy, and jennifer as a person, as such a big heart can just carry those people with her. they all work for her in some capacity. whether or not they have had fierce conflict.
7:24 am
you take the scars of a difficult relationship and carry it forward. that is a big heart. >> david o. russell. thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you for having me. have a great holiday. >> up next, if you are going to be a world class chef and restauranteur you can't do better than starting in and out such places a paris, and rome.
7:25 am
morning saturday." mark murphy was born a world traveler.
7:26 am
lived in millen, paris, rome and washington. the one constant was food. really good food. served him well through culinary school and working in the u.s. and abroad. >> he is now one of the top restauranteurs in the country. also has a catering company. recently wrote his first cookbook and we are thrilled to welcome mark murphy to the dish. >> thank you for having me here. >> you brought us a light breakfast. a heaping a helping of hospitality. >> it is the holidays. you have to eat well. bring the family together. >> what are we looking at? this massive thing in front of me. >> this is a rib roast. basically rib eye. we've roasted that in the oven. brussel sprouts.
7:27 am
it is one of my favorite dishes. and my daughter's favorite, the roasted potatoes with the rosemary. and this is a rice pudding and on top is chestnut. a recipe my graent aunt peneat aunt penned for her from her grandmother. and. >> and frahmamily plays a huge role in your family as well. >> i moved around. and people say, you know, where did you get your training? well the first training is actually developing a palate. and i think living in france and italy and having a mother and grandmother who cooked really well and everybody was interested in food. >> isn't your brother sort of the reason you went to culinary school? >> yeah, i was living in new york. and helping out.
7:28 am
kept cooking all the time for them. and he goes you seem to like this cooking thing. why don't you go to cooking school. and get a job and get out of house. so that's what i did. he basically a said, yeah, go to cooking school. and i did. >> you could have written any kind of cookbook you want eded to. >> i worked for high end restaurants. and when it came down to do my own restaurant, i did landmark was my first one. i wanted one where they wouldn't come three times a year but three times a week and is really accessible. and that was the cookbook as well. recipes that were not too complicated and normal food you could buy in the grocery store. so that is where i went in the book. and i want them to get dirty in
7:29 am
that's what i want. >> you pretty much built land mark by yourself, your own hands. >> yeah. a friend of my and my wife. we put this together. it was a lot of fun. i had a friend who was at an architect firm, and he helped with the plans to get it filed and that is a whole complicated mess. but yeah. i was putting the steel and dealing with contractors. >> and top to bottom. >> and as a chef you can cook all you want but you have to know how to fix stuff too. because if you have your own restaurant stuff is always going to go wrong. >> unclogging toilets and fixing friars, you would have this crossover really into lifestyle fwranding. >> pretty amazeing. going on over seven years now. up to over 350, 370 episodes. the it is a great show.
7:30 am
come and compete sew passionate about food. it's wonderful. how did i? i don't know really. they called me up and said do you want to come and do this? and i said sure it sounds like fun. and we're still doing it years later. >> i applaud you. some of things you eat i -- but here's this dish. if you could have this meal with anyone past or present who would it be. >> i've been asked that before and i would always say winston churchill. i love reading about him and listening to his speeches. >> great guy. >> for more or mgh near 38. light and variable wind becoming south southeast 6 to 11 mph in the morning. tonight partly cloudy, with a temperature rising to around 37 by 5am. south wind 10 to 13 mph. sunday patchy drizzle. patchy
7:31 am
46. breezy, with a south wind 13 to 16 mph, with gusts as high as 23 mph. up next our saturday session with one of the world's greatest musicians. you are watching "cbs this morning saturday." grandma is so happy to be here for your very first christmas. i hear you're quite the expert at waking people up in the morning. let me show you how grandma does it. your daddy made this when he was a little boy. this is your dad at my house, where he had his first christmas. thanks for making the coffee. well look who's up. i'm really glad you're here mom. me too.
7:32 am
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joined a celebrity filled crowd opening the concert hall and came to play. before the show marsalis spoke with us about why christmas music still resonates for so many people. >> we all love christmas.
7:35 am
it is like a magical time. those that have a religious upbringing understand the underlying story of a generosity of spirit and i always love the song. what i love about christmas music is that it is still a body of music that still has harmonic progressions and melodies. and i love the fact that the music is cross-generational. new orleans is the birthplace of jazz. but new york is such a experiment in modern lival. we're in the middle of new york. so there is a symbolism to it that we understand. always want to put people in the spirit, like i want to be put in the spirit. i want them to feel good about their situation. life is hard. even in a festive time. i want people to feel that we are together. there as shared experience that we have had and it is a quality
7:36 am
now with music from "big band holidays," wynton marsalis and the jazz at lincoln center orchestra, here is "winter wonderland" featuring audrey shakir. sleigh bells ring are you listening
7:37 am
glistening beautiful sight we're happy tonight walking in the winter wonderland gone away is the bluebird here to stay the new bird singing a song as we go along walking in the winter wonderland well in the meadow we can build a snow man and pretend that he is a later on we'll be chillin' while the nose just a thrilling we'll frolic and play the
7:38 am
we're hawking in a winter
7:39 am
[ saxophone solo ] >> ooh. [ applause ] so sleigh bells ring are you listening in the lane the snow is glistening beautiful sight we're happy tonight walking in a winter wonderland gone away is the bluebird
7:40 am
he sings a love song as we go along walking in a winter wonderland well in the meadow we can build a snowman and pretend that he is parson brown he'll say are you married we'll say no man but you can do the job when you're in town later on we'll conspire as we dream by the fire to face unafraid the plans that we made walking in a winter wonderland
7:41 am
bay boop do deep [ vocals ] [ applause ] >> audrey shakir. >> we'll be right back with wynton marsalis. you are watching "cbs this morning saturday." feel a cold sore coming on? only abreva can heal it in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. it penetrates deep and starts to work immediately
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tomorrow on cbs sunday morning one of the world's great singers, andrea bocelli, an intimate interview and concert. and on monday, a visit with the stars of the new showtime drama, damian lewis and paul giamatti. >> we leave you with wynton marsalis and the "the jazz at
7:49 am
[ applause ] >> you're watching "kcci 8 news." ryan: right now at 8:00, shopping saturday. the last weekend to shop before christmas is here. it's expected to be the biggest shopping day of the year. and, trooper charged. why the state trooper who arrested brandon ellingson turned himself in to authorities friday. "star wars" shatters box office records. how some fans are celebrating the film's release. good morning, everyone, thanks
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