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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning at 430am  Me-TV  December 21, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CST

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kcci's rose heaphy explains. >> silent night, holy night rose: this group of carolers is doing more than spreading christmas cheer. >> wow look at this. so we're raising money for jolly holiday lights. rose: for nora dietz-kilen, it's a chance to give back. >> we heard that jolly holiday lights was cancelled. i just figured if this is going on in my hometown, i have to do something. i just can't sit back and let it go. rose: last week heavy rains flooded the annual light display at waterworks park. submerged signs and washed out roads put an early stop to the make-a-wish fundraiser. >> you wouldn't ever think this would happen. we were just getting into the busy part of the season and estimates are about $200,000 in lost revenue. rose: putting groups and people like dietz-kilen into action. some singing -- >> wonderful thank you so much.
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donation to the cause. >> the spirit of christmas is all about giving back and being thankful for what you have spreading love so i think this is a great way to do it. rose: an outpouring of support jolly holiday lights volunteers never expected. >> we're going to be able to put smiles on kid's faces that originally we thought we'd have a hard time granting wishes this year. rose: ending it all on a happy note. >> so tender and mild elizabeth: the carolers raised $430 sunday night. eric: in spencer, iowa, the community is mourning the loss of a beloved student and well-known athlete. austin roberts passed away after competing at the spencer invitational wrestling tournament saturday night. spencer community school officials say the high school senior collapsed on the wrestling mat and was then taken to spencer hospital where he died. austin's school mates friends -- mates, friends and family are coming together to help his family cover any medical bills and funeral expenses. a go fund me account has already raised over $26,000. the superintendent of spencer school district says roberts was
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>> he was a place winner in the state wrestling tournament last year and was highly ranked again this year and doing well. liked by his classmates. when austin was in a room and laughed you heard it wherever you were in that room. eric: officials say they still don't know what caused roberts to collapse. elizabeth: two iowa men are recovering after falling through the ice this weekend. it happened at the mills county willow slough wildlife area near henderson, iowa. dispatchers say the two men fell through the ice and into water. officials pulled both men out. they were taken to the hospital . no word on how they are doing this morning. iowa state university freshman emilee jacobs was laid to rest saturday. ames police are still looking for the driver who hit and killed her while she was walking on campus last monday. police are now turning to message boards to find the driver. they've put one on each side of
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and ash avenue where it , happened. police are also asking area auto body shops, auto glass repair shops and insurance companies to let them know about any suspicious claims. eric: looking ahead today iowa's homeless advocates will gather at the state capitol. the leaders of joppa a non profit that works to end homelessness have organized the memorial and rally to show city officials something needs to be done. a candlelight vigil is planned for 5:30 to remember the 26 men and women who have died homeless in camps like the ones you see here. organizers say one hour of your time could save lives. >> we have an awesome city. it's really something people are looking at as a model across the whole country. but we have this dark underbelly that we really need to clear up. we need to do something to treat our homeless citizens the way you and i would want to be treated if we became homeless. eric: this is the 7th annual homeless memorial event. elizabeth: take a look at this. a sight you will hardly ever see in iowa, golfers out in december
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they might be bundled up but more than 55 teed off by mid afternoon enjoying the warm christmas week weather. course managers say they are open if the temperatures are above 40 degrees and the ground is not frozen. and they expect more business this week if temperatures stay mild. the price at the pump is the lowest it's been in more than 6 years. the average national price for a gallon of regular gasoline has dipped to $1.99 for the first time since march 2009. that's mainly due to oil prices which have fallen to under $36 a barrel. average gas prices in iowa are below the national average. one dollar. -- $1.89 in des moines. we will check in with metinka. we've got a pretty comfortable morning, temperature wise. metinka: is we do. 37 now in des moines -- yes we do. 37 now in des moines.
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here comes the rain. it is moving in from winterset, tracking across the southeastern half this morning. down through a,, burlington. -- down through ottumwa, burlington. there is light flurry activity up toward carroll. starting off with drizzle and fog. that will be out of by noon. we are hoping the clouds will break up by this afternoon. it will not be as warm as it was yesterday. elizabeth: commitment 2016 news there was no day of rest for , most of the presidential candidates this weekend. eric: some held events and others appeared on the sunday morning political shows following the final debate of the year. wendy gillette reports on what they're saying. >> i will fight her. wendy: several republican candidates for president fired back sunday, disputing comments hillary clinton made during saturday night's democratic debate including her position on
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need to be. we have a strategy and a commitment to go after isis. wendy: republican carly fiorina says that's not the case. >> she's gotten every foreign policy challenge wrong. and no, mrs. clinton, we are not where we need to be in the fight against isis. >> somebody like a trump comes along and says i know the answers. wendy: all of the democratic candidates heavily criticized republican frontrunner donald trump during the final debate of 2015, especially his plan to stop muslims from entering the u.s. recruiter. they are going to people showing videos of donald trump insulting islam and muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists. wendy: trump responded sunday morning by phone. >> it's nonsense. it's just another hillary lie. she lies like crazy about everything. wendy: trump's comments on muslims have not hurt his campaign. the latest cbs analysis shows he's still way out in front in
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carolina. wendy: but it also shows ted cruz has taken the lead in iowa . the first estate to weigh in on -- the first state to weigh in on the presidential campaign on february 1. wendy gillette for cbs news. eric: the new cbs news battleground tracker shows chris christie has improved his standing in new hampshire. marco rubio is also polling well in the state as well as in south carolina. elizabeth: candidates aren't wasting any time many showing their face in iowa as much as possible. only one gop presidential candidate expected to visit the state before christmas. mike huckabee will be here today. he plans a town hall meeting in toledo to talk about creating manufacturing jobs in iowa. then he'll hold a roundtable discussion in van horne and in the evening he plans to speak at a iowa faith & freedom coalition house party in swisher. bernie sanders will spend three days in iowa this week. today he is starting in sioux city. tuesday he has 4 stops from storm lake to council bluffs. wednesday sanders finishes up
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hillary clinton also making an appearance this week. on tuesday she will hold several town hall events. one in keota, then fairfield and finally a thank you event with her volunteers in bettendorf. eric: former president jimmy carter says his 28-year-old grandson died in his sleep early this morning. -- early yesterday morning. the former president broke the news at his church in plains georgia as he taught sunday school. the church's minister says jeremy carter had not been feeling well. his heart stopped while he took a nap. elizabeth: france flight scare. an emergency landing today after reports of a suspicious device. what officials say it turned out to be. eric: and he has gone from warming the bench to lighting up the scoreboard.
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hawkeye's best kept secret. praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in.
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz and right now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: good morning. we have been dealing with drizzle overnight. this stretches from des moines to south of the ankeny area. it becomes heavier near sheraton, over toward ottumwa. all of the rain is lifting northeast.
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and i 80 east. these temperatures staying very warm. ottumwa starting off at 49 degrees. des moines, 37. up to the northwest, colder air moving in. your plan for today keeps the rain in the forecast through the morning that moves out this afternoon, but the cooler temperatures will be sticking with us. not as warm as yesterday. the high in des moines at 40. elizabeth: a bomb scare forced an air france flight en route from mauritius to paris to make an emergency landing in kenya. eric: officials are calling it a hoax but as kris van cleave reports it raises very real security concerns. kris: the fake device looked real enough to prompt the crew of this air france boeing 777 to make an immediate emergency landing in mombasa kenya and evacuate the 459 passengers and 14 crew using emergency exit slides.
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technical problem so now they say they have found a bomb so. very tired. very difficult. kris: benoit lucchini was also on board. >> the plane just went down slowly, slowly, slowly. so we just realized probably something was wrong. kris: air france's ceo said a passenger spotted the fake bomb and reported it to the crew of flight for 63, -- flight 463, adding the device was made of cardboard, paper and had a timer. it was hidden in a bathroom cabinet. kenyan police reportedly questioned a number of passengers including the person who reported the device. the airline says at least 3 other air france flights have received bomb threats since the november 13 attacks in paris. ron hosko is a former assistant director of the fbi. >> what type of person does this? someone who is testing someone -- testing, someone who is
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security and airport security. kris: security experts say there's concern about the level and quality of security at airports that do not directly serve the united states because they are not subject to tsa regulations. the worry is someone getting a device past security and eventually connecting to a flight bound for the u.s. elaine mauritius is tightening its security. kris van cleave, cbs news washington. eric: right now an entire school district in nashua new hampshire is cancelling classes today because of a threat. the superintendent of the nashua schools say they received a detailed threat of violence to harm students and staff at both high schools. several law enforcement agencies are working to determine the credibility of the threat. elizabeth: a california man is shot and killed in a los angeles emergency room. police were first called to an apartment complex to investigate reports of a man throwing bottles and fighting with neighbors. the suspect struggled with police kicking and punching officers. even knocking a stun gun out of one of their hands. when the man tried to reach for
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shot and killed him. eric: police in madison, wisconsin are searching for the suspect in a mall shooting. investigators say the violence followed a dispute between a group of young men. a 19-year-old was hurt he was shot in the leg. the gunfire sent holiday shoppers running to safety. police are searching for a suspect. elizabeth: to texas now in arlington one woman is dead , after her vehicle stalled on an interstate after crashing into a barrier. her car was then hit by a greyhound bus. more than a dozen passengers on the bus were injured. investigators are trying to determine what caused the woman to crash in the first place. eric: it is fourth: 46. it is raining in the southern half of iowa.
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but >> weather is never more than 5 minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. metinka: good morning. we are checking light rain across southeast iowa, from des moines toward ankeny. this is all tracking to the northeast. over toward iowa city over the next hour to two hours. dry conditions moving into winterset. keep the umbrella's handy if you're getting an early start. temperatures are starting out
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clout should start to break by late this afternoon. temps will be a lot cooler than yesterday with highs only near 40. yesterday, we had a gorgeous 54 in des moines. this is right along the cold front that is moving across the state. a lot of clouds still extend out to nebraska. clouds break their across kansas. we have clouds maybe late in the day. the week ahead is looking pretty active here's the first cold front will be moving out. high pressure builds in leaving behind a very quiet tuesday. wednesday, we will need the umbrella's again. even by thursday morning, there could be a few snow flurries in the cast as another cold front begins to move in from the west. tomorrow is looking nice and quiet. temperatures start to warm back up to again -- back up again.
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turns quite again. great news for travel plans. by thursday morning, there could be a few light snow showers mainly north of i 80, right through thursday noon time we forecast. we are not expecting much in the way of rain today through this evening, heavier totals to the southeast. here in central iowa, generally one to two inches. 37 now in des moines with a light rain moving in. some patchy fog off to the north. tim's won't change much -- temps won't change much with the cooler air. 40 will be our high temp this afternoon after the rain moves out it tomorrow, temperatures move back up close to 50 degrees. potentially a few snow flower --
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rain showers on christmas day: by rain over the weekend -- over the weekend. eric: when you think of iowa hawkeye basketball stars who typically comes to mind are gesell and woodbury. elizabeth: but if you were watching the big 4 classic on saturday a relative no-namer went from on the bench to center stage. kcci's tony seeman introduces you to iowa's best kept secret that's not so secret anymore. tony: iowa fans remember this name, that's the big four classic came. the man behind the scenes took center stage. >> i am a practice player. you want to have a chance to complete on the floor.
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>> you have to understand how to play this game. when you watch them play, it is a beautiful thing. tony: it is a thing of beauty on the stat sheet as well. they for five -- 345 from behind the arc. six blocks. >> he is a good shooter. he started making shots. tony: the bettendorf native had a great career in high school that was overlooked when he came to recruiting. that is until a friend cap -- fran came calling. now he is ready to help the hawkeyes in any way he can. and you can bet there will be
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elizabeth: fed-ex the hub. we take you behind the scenes as nearly 10,000 workers handle 2 million packages daily ensuring
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elizabeth: the post office is in overdrive this week. christmas is now just a few days away which means a lot of people will be flocking to post offices trying to get presents under the
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today is the deadline for priority mail. and for a last ditch effort. -- ditch effort, you can still send priority mail express on wednesday and get it delivered on christmas eve. it's also a very busy day for delivery company fed ex. eric: weijia jiang got an all -access pass inside the company's global operations center in memphis, tennessee. wages jang -- weijia: a non-stop wave of packages flow into the fed ex global operations center. some 10,000 workers will handle 2 million packages every day during the busy holiday season. >> we just started our superbowl. week once packages arrive they oh -- week oh -- weijia: once packages arrive they are unloaded and sorted. and sent to a conveyer belt that determines their final destinations. fed ex says it's on track to set a record this holiday season-by delivering 317 million packages up more than 12% from last year.
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>> our infrastructure is really geared around the capacity to handle one month out of the year. weijia: so it's all about the holidays. >> it is all about the holidays. weijia: packages are flown in and out of memphis international airport where fed-ex has its own flight control tower to help land 200 planes a night. and just like commercial flights bad weather can get in the way. in 2013 a series of snow storms on the east coast crippled deliveries. many customers didn't get packages until after christmas. this team's job is to keep that from happening again. 15 in house meteorologists use two massive monitors to track weather and cargo planes around the world. >> we make tactical decisions , minute to minute, throughout the day. weijia: fed ex says if storms hit this year they now have a better ability to revise routes and move packages to different homes -- hubs hoping deliveries
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we judging, -- weijia jiang, cbs news, memphis, tennessee. eric: fed ex teams not only watch how weather impacts shipments but acts of man too like labor and security issues across the world that could halt or delay flights and deliveries. elizabeth: intentional crash. vegas. the big loops at the miss
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elizabeth: right now on kcci, shock on the strip. a car plows through a crowd of people in las vegas. >> this was not an act of terrorism and we've ruled that out. elizabeth: this morning who was in the car and what police are looking at as the cause. eric: also new overnight deadly fire in iowa. we're following new developments after firefighters make a tragic discovery. >> colombia. [cheers]
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elizabeth: and awkward.
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