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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  Me-TV  December 21, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm CST

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>> dubois: six americans killed in afghanistan in the deadliest attack of the year. also tonight, get set for a warm christmas. records may fall in 30 states. driving drowsy, a new study on the dangers of working the overnight shift. >> it is just as bad as if we are drunk. >> dubois: and... >> i have to apologize. >> dubois: beauty and the blunder that led to the shortest reign in the history of pageants. >> this is captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news"
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i'm maurice dubois. scott is off tonight. we saw tragic evidence today of the growing insurgency in afghanistan. six american service members were killed in the worst attack on u.s. forces there in 2015. they were ambushed by a suicide bomber not far from their base in the north. three americans and three afghans were wounded. margaret brennan reports tonight from the pentagon. >> reporter: the american service members were stopped at a local meeting point while on patrol with afghan forces when a suicide bomber drove a motorcycle packed with explosives into the group. the taliban took credit for the attack, which happened nearby bagram air field, the largest remaining u.s. military base in afghanistan. the pentagon has warned that the insurgents have been grange strength since the end of the u.s. combat mission. the taliban has seized control of the strategic helmand province in the south as well as getting closer to important cities. national security analyst michael o'hanlon just returned from afghanistan.
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constant. the insurgency is resilient, and we have 100,000 fewer combined forces on patrol across the country. >> reporter: so far this year 20 american service members have been killed. there have also been two american civilian casualties, including 35-year-old aid worker lisa akbari. the former u.s. army researcher was shot in the back of the head while leaving her gym in kabul on sunday. proved there three years ago help afghan women and children. maurice, this violence is why president obama recently decided to reverse course and keep 9,800 u.s. troops in afghanistan through next year. that's to keep the taliban at bay and to ward off this new threat posed by isis. >> dubois: margaret brennan at the pentagon, thank you. winter officially begins tonight, but you wouldn't know it in much of the east where temperatures soared into the 50s and 60s.
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which tonight is the balmy city. >> reporter: maurice, we have only four days till christmas, but it feels like early fall. today's high in chicago was 54 degrees. on this day last year it was 36. the warm winter has already kept this non-fridgerated ice rink close and even tricked flowers at the chicago botanic garden into blooming early. cities like st. lucie, new york and boston all topped 50 degrees today, about 20 degrees higher than this time last year. the warm weather is cooling demand for hats, scarves and coats. the apparel industry has already lost more than $400 million this season because of the weather. >> dubois: adriana diaz in a warm chicago tonight, thank you. and eric fisher is chief meteorologist at our cbs station in boston, wbz. eric, many records may fall later this week, right? >> reporter: maurice, dozens and dozens if not hundreds of records are going to be set this week, so a holiday week that millions of americans are going
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time. i want the break it down day by day. on wednesday some of the warmth valley, this is where we expect record highs. we head into christmas eve, northeast down to the mid atlantic, boston near 70. new york city near 07 degrees. 70s down into washington, d.c. then on christmas day itself, the record heat into the southeast, well into the 70s. most of florida in the 80s, and many more record highs. almost every day this week they're sending new marks. also a very stormy week across the southeast. bouts of heavy rainfall, thunderstorm, even chance of some severe thunderstorms tonight, tomorrow and a into wednesday as well as christmas day. a lot of heavy rainfall along the coast. flooding could be another story for this week, as well. >> dubois: eric fisher, thank you very much. a lawyer for a homeless woman accuse odd. a deadly crash on the las vegas strip last night isaising questions about her mental state. police say she repeatedly drove her car into a crowd on purpose.
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others are in the hospital. here's john blackstone. >> reporter: the usually busy las vegas strip was crowded instead with emergency vehicles after the 1996 model oldsmobile deliberately plowed into pedestrians on the sidewalk. >> everybody has to get back. >> reporter: antonio nassar had just stepped out of the casino when the car sped past. >> people were bouncing off the front of the car. you could hear. the windshield was smashed. she rode on the sidewalk and accelerated and just kept mowing everyone down. >> reporter: soon after police say 24-year-old lakeisha halloway pulled into a casino parking lot and told the valet to call 911. >> it looked like she wasn't even trying to stop the car. she had both of her hands on the wheel and was looking straightforward. there were men running after her trying to stop the vehicle, and they couldn't get to her. >> good morning, everybody. >> reporter: clark county sheriff joe lamb bardo doesn't think this was an act of terror
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>> as far as terrorism, we don't know what the intent was behind it, and we don't know enough of her background to make that determination. we have not had the time or the luxury to get through all those investigative leads yet. >> reporter: lombardo says hollande came to las vegas from oregon about three weeks ago and had listen living in her car with her child, who was also in down. >> she did not demonstrate signs of being under the influence of alcohol, but we had a drug recognition expert respond to the scene and determine that he believed she to be under some sort of stimulant. >> reporter: investigators have not yet determined a motive for this unusual attack. as might be expected here on the las vegas strip, maurice, all 35 of the injured were visitors coming from several states as well as canada and mexico. >> dubois: john blackstone in las vegas tonight. in the presidential campaign, the democratic front-runner has at times seemed to be looking
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taking on republicans like donald trump. hillary clinton has a big lead in the national polls, but the races are much tighter in early voting states. here's julianna goldman. >> i think that's especially appropriate here in iowa. >> reporter: with less than two months to go before the first voting contest, victories are not guaranteed for hillary clinton. according to the latest cbs battleground polls, vermont senator bernie sanders is just five points behind clinton in iowa, and in new hampshire, he's beating her by 14 points. >> if we can win in iowa. if we can win in new hampshire, i think we're on our way to a national victory and one of the great political upsets in the modern history of america. >> reporter: on cbs thursday morning, sanders said he's not seeding any ground, but he continued to accuse the democratic national committee of politician favorites with the party's front-runner ad any continued fallout of last week's breech of clinton campaign voter data.
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dnc to basically shut us off from all of the information that we have put into that base, the lifeblood of our campaign, was totally inappropriate. >> oh, my goodness. >> reporter: one staffer was fired and two others have been suspended pending an investigation into whether the sanders' team has stolen any of the clinton campaign data. clinton is still the favorite to win the nomination, but a loss in iowa or new hampshire could draw out the process, especially because sanders is sitting on a campaign war chest fueled by grassroots donors, and, maurice, that means less time for clinton to position herself for the general election. >> dubois: it certainly does. julianna goldman in washington tonight. thank you. on the republican side, another candidate quit the race today. and new jersey governor chris christie is making a move in new hampshire. major garrett has been spending time with christie in the granite state. >> i ask for your vote, for your trust and for your confidence. >> reporter: this town hall in pelham was chris christie's
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since the terrorist attacks in paris and san bernardino, christie has noticed a tidal shift in anxiety. 75% of his questions now are about terrorism, triple what they once were. >> as politicians we need to be responding to that fear. >> reporter: we rode on the christie bus and asked if fear can get the best of people? >> i don't think that we should be afraid of people because of what religion they practice. >> reporter: or how they look? >> of course. that goes hand in hand. what you need to be fearful of is not having enough intelligence to know the difference between a jihadist and a peaceful muslim. >> reporter: how do you do that? >> you first of all ramp back up the n.s.a. program, which never should have been taken down. you give real support to the f.b.i. >> reporter: and what would christie do to recruit more arab and nato allies in the fight against isis? >> we have to say to them, this is a fight all of us need to take on together. what skin are you going to have in this game? >> what if they say, not near as
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>> well, you know what, that's when i become my charming and persuasive self, major, and that's what we do. >> reporter: christie is still running fourth but he's doubled his support in a month. yet he couldn't even submit a full secretary of state of delegates for the iowa primary. >> i'm not worried about that. if we win in ohio, we'll get all the delegates anyway. >> reporter: christie has had to learn patience as for months his campaign teetered on the edge of irrelevancy while distancing himself from a scandal back home. >> listen, the stuff that happened in new jersey, when you take that level of abuse and then you come tournament other side of it fine, you're a much better office holder. >> reporter: 2t ranks of christie's republican rivals shrank by one when lindsey
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>> dubois: major garrett in new hampshire tonight. thank you. we are getting a chilling look tonight at life for some victims of boko haram, the isis-linked terrorists in africa who kidnapped hundreds of nigerian school girls last year. a new report says the group killed 1,000 people in just the past two months. debora patta reports from cameroon tonight where a woman freed from captivity but whose ordeal is far from over. >> reporter: aisha musa has been living in a crowded refugee camp for seven amongst. she survived by selling corn meal at the local market. musa was kidnapped by boko haram militants. they killed her family and forced her at gunpoint to become a jihadi bride. "they show you a gun," she said, "and then whatever they say, you have to follow their commands." she told us her captor would
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at night he would rape her. "he would go on operations and kill people," she said, "and then come home and force me to be with him." musa was rescued by the cameroon military, but the worst of her ordeal was finding out she was pregnant by her rapist. she told us, "i am not enjoying that i have a baby from a boko haram man." but she is resigned and there are moments of tenderness. her story is not unusual. boko haram has captured hundreds of girls, the most infamous the over 200 chibok school girls kidnapped more than 18 months ago. musa never saw the chibok girls but often heard the fighters speak of them. like many of the other girls here, they too were forced to marry the militants. and in a double injustice, many
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community, girls like musa are regarded as spoiled goods, the baby a very public reminder of a cruel and unfair shame. debora patta, cbs news, minawao, cameroon. >> dubois: a.a.a. said today that for the first time since 2009 the average price nationwide is below $2 a gallon, about 42 cents cheaper than a year ago. a report out today points to a growing danger on the roads, drowsy drivers. those leaving the night shift could be an accident waiting to happen. here's anna werner. >> reporter: this man just came off a night shift. watch the video on the left as he veers all over the road. nearly half the night shift workers tested nearly crashed. dr. charles czeisler worked on the study. >> they were crossing over the middle line. they were having trouble staying in their lane.
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to be terminated because it was judged to be unsafe. >> reporter: more than half the workers tested said they nodded off behind the wheel at least once a week on their way home, and they did no better in the test. >> they knew they were being watched, yet even in that context they couldn't stay awake while they were driving in a simulation of their commute home from work. >> reporter: dallas-area convenience store manager shariq khan starts work at 11:00 p.m. and works through the night. >> sometimes when i get off of my job, when i drive back home, i feel like i'm falling asleep. >> reporter: he believes the lack of sleep led to him having a couple minor accidents. researchers suggest night shift workers like khan skip driving and find another way home, but his area lacks public transportation. >> there's no alternative. there's no bus or no train service there. and i can't afford to have a taxi every day. >> reporter: researchers say night shift workers are fighting
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and they can't sleep as well during the day no matter how much they try. they lose about two hours of sleep a day, and maurice, after a few days, they've lost the equivalent of a whole night's sleep. >> dubois: okay. anna werner, thank you. from victory to defeat in about two minutes. the story behind the miss universe mix-up. "star wars" did even better than expected at the box office. and meet a star in sheep's
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the first runner-up is colombia. miss universe 2015 is philippines. >> reporter: but for miss colombia, a moment that should have been filled with joy and celebration turned into confusion and awkwardness when host steve harvey realized he crowned the wrong winner. >> it was my mistake. >> reporter: but steve harvey said the reason for his confusion was how the names were listed on the card. after the show he apologized again. >> i made a mistake. i didn't read first runner-up on the card. when i said winner of miss universe 2015, instead of saying "first runner-up," i read the name on a card. >> reporter: to add insult to injury, he misspelled philippines and colombia when he apologized online.
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"unfortunately a live telecast play. miss colombia took her loss graciously." >> i'm happy. >> reporter: for miss philippines, the real miss universe, the crowning moment will be best remembered as one blunders. >> it's a very non-traditional crowning, isn't it? it's very 2015. >> reporter: the ratings for this year's pageant broadcast had over a million fewer viewers than the last broadcast, and maurice, a cbs officer for the pageant actually told cbs radio that they would absolutely have harvey back for the 2016 pageant, saying the world would forgive and forget. >> dubois: okay, mireya, thank you very much tonight. well, in a moment the nfl doles out punishment for a game filled
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just outside burlton, vermont, lives a sheep named sweetpea. she really is so sweet. sweetpea's adopted parents, john and jen churchman have a give-and-take relationship with the land. they saved her life. she changed theirs. >> we're very grateful for all of this. it's very surreal. >> sweetpea, how you doing? >> reporter: when sweetpea developed an infection last winter, jen and john described the touch-and-go on facebook. so when you posted that sweetpea was in trouble, your followers must have been quite worked up about this. >> they were. they wanted updates all the time. >> this is prem. this is sunny. >> reporter: the churchmans brought sweetpea up to her house with barn mates violet, sunny and prem to keep her company and to celebrate when she got better. >> someone said, if they do that it's going to be a sheepover.
5:58 pm
people on facebook said, you have to write a book. >> reporter: they self-published 4,000 copies of "the sheepover." john went to a nearby bookstore, the "flying pig," to see if he could drum up any interest. >> i've been in this bids a long time, and i had never seen anything quite like it. >> reporter: the store's owner was mesmerized by john's photographs. >> there's nothing with this collage photographic style that i've seen in the children's book world. so i think it's groundbreaking. >> reporter: when she blogged a review, a big-time book agent, brenda bowen, didn't waste a second. >> it's granular level there. >> never happens. >> rarely to never, yes. >> reporter: for now john and jen churchman are farmers and authors. >> we have three books right now, but we have ten more behind that that are ready to be in production. >> reporter: with every one of
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story, wool is no longer the most valuable product coming out of their pen. jim axelrod, cbs news, essex, vermont. >> dubois: and that is the "cbs evening news." for sc announcer: you're watching kcci 8 news. >> randy has brought football out in the front. stacey: a well known coach who transformed an iowa football program has died. how the community is grieving. steve: plus, governor branstad orders a review of iowa's cyber security. what brought about this sudden executive order. stacey: he busted out of the hospital with one thing in mind, to see the new "star wars" movie. what it took to help a critically ill patient get his wish. one of iowa's winningest all -time high school football coaches dies unexpectedly. steve: madrid football cch
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