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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  December 23, 2015 5:00am-6:00am CST

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treats with a healthy >> are watching kcci eight news. elizabeth: he won $100,000 or did he? the problem is putting the jackpot in jeopardy. eric: super bowl sized to security at the rose bowl, the information about the extraordinary process to keep iowa fans it's safe. elizabeth: what was that? we have an answer about the fireball across the sky this wednesday, december 23.
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eric: we are getting close to christmas with a lot of people on the move. there could be snow but this morning it's just rain. jason: we are ending december and have not seen much snow. we do have some in the forecast but will likely see much besides the rain. reasonably heavy stuff in van meter all the way to the airport. you can see stuff from urbandale to around altoona. this will come in waves as we go through the morning. a bit of a taper down through the later afternoon hours. still strong through a good portion of the state mainly in central portions. have not registered a lot as far as rain totals go. we will likely do that as we go through the afternoon and see the wind switch around 1:00 p.m. from the southeast to the northwest. temperature will be 43 degrees by 4:00 p.m. down to 39 by 7:00
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axing in -- mixing in. upper 40's christmas day with a chance of light snow on christmas eve. eric: a rescan in central iowa. an underage des moines man scored $100,000 in a jackpot. the winning mega crossword instant scratch game was sold in july at super quick foods off southeast 30th street and near the fairgrounds. 20-year-old jobie boals-watters told iowa lottery officials that and of age coworker bought the ticket but according to a state report that claim was proven false. the suspect admits he spent a few hundred dollars a week on lottery tickets. >> lottery security investigated it and we pull the security camera footage from the store involved and determined he was the one that purchased the ticket which made the whole prize invalid. eric: super quick foods is facing a one-week suspension from selling lottery tickets and
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a bizarre twist in the eddie tipton lottery case. three friends involved in buying tickets and claiming the jackpots allegedly fixed by tipton have something unusual in common. they are all bigfoot hunters. and i were prosecutor asked a judge to bar any discussion of the hunting in kittens trial fearing it could distract from the seriousness of the trial. this comes after tipton is accused of rigging jackpots in colorado, wisconsin, kansas, and oklahoma. 37 other states are investigating that same man. elizabeth: the iowa state patrol is investigating a deadly crash north of grinnell. the crash happened around 4:00 p.m. tuesday after a vehicle crossed the centerline on highway 146 and struck a semi. the driver of the vehicle, james joseph harris of tama was killed and the driver of the semi was not injured.
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it involves an old car dealership and it scans people out of tens of thousands of dollars. the website says it is benson motor in ames and looks legitimate and has pictures of real people that benson motor closed in 2009. one man says he almost wired $72,000 to this scammer thinking he was getting a deal on used cars. police say an agency in minnesota is working on a similar case. eric: a strange fireball lit up the sky for people on the west coast overnight and a lot of people are talking about it. shaina humphries has been looking into it and it sounds like we may have an answer. shaina: we do, this is what dozens of people in arizona, nevada, and california saw. the video was taken in las vegas and it looks like some kind of fireball across the sky. this morning we found out it was spaced debris reentering the atmosphere. military officials say the
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the woman accused of intentionally running over dozens of pedestrians on the las vegas strip sunday night will appear in court for the first time. 24-year-old lakeisha holloway is charged with felony hit and run murder and child abuse for having a three-year-old daughter in the car. the crash killed one person and injured at least 35 others. her attorney says mental health may be an issue. kemal america could be the site of a large black lives matter protest. this is video of a protest inside the mall last year. hundreds are expected to show up to draw attention to last months fatal police shooting of jamar clark. on monday, the mall requested a restraining order which the judge did grant against three of the rallies organizers. eric: bernie sanders is in iowa this morning, the final day of his three-day swing through the state. the latest cbs news poll has him down five points to whoever clinton here.
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on health care, education, and the middle class. he will be back in council bluffs later today after going to red oak. elizabeth: hillary clinton unveiled a plan to find a cure for alzheimer's. she said she would spend up to $2 billion to fund alzheimer's research. 5 million americans have been diagnosed with the disease and the number is inspected to triple in the next three decades. her plan is part of a larger effort to increase funding for all health research. a 10-year-old girl in fairfield got the democratic front runner to talk about something that hasn't gotten much attention. >> i have asthma and occasionally i've heard people talking behind my back about not wanting to be near me because i have asthma. it's not contagious. [applause] >> i think we all need to be aware of the pain and anguish
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elizabeth: clinton said it is important to stand up to bullies and treat everyone with respect. the little girl says she is still processing the moment with clinton and says it will stick with her forever. eric: as we wake up, a whole lot of people are waking up to rain. jason: they are and a lot of people on facebook have been telling me think goodness it's not snow. but it is a day before christmas eve so i kind of wish we could see a little bit. more likely some of us will see thunderstorms. the large swath from des moines all the way down to the gulf coast, it is actually a reasonable shot with some folks seeing severe weather. extreme eastern portions of the state are under a slight risk for severe weather. to heaviest weather is south of indianapolis down to around memphis and through northwestern portions of mississippi. our rain trend will be on the decrease as we go through the afternoon hours.
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at least to some degree through the entire day. three top out at 48 so even though we have rain it is a mild day. eric: today marks the beginning of the busy 13 day travel period. elizabeth: emmy victor joins us live to talk about which days we can expect the most traffic. emmy: it really didn't take long before my arrival to find dozens of passengers. you can see the lines forming at many areas of the airport. aaa reports we are expecting to see from today until sunday, january 3, a huge amount of travelers as part of a 13 day travel period. we are expecting nearly 100 million americans, one of three people to be traveling over the next week and a half. that is because of a better economy. we know that travel is up 0.7%,
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americans that will be traveling to airports like the des moines international to be flying to their holiday destinations. remember that christmas and new year's falls on a friday so weekends are very likely to be congested at the airport. airports usually should just getting to your flight -- usually suggest getting to your fight an hour before it takes off. make sure you are not being held up because of your luggage, make sure your carry-ons are a valid size. remember that children 12 and under and passenger 75 and older can keep their shoes on when going through security checkpoints and keeping your identification ready is always important. >> maybe you flu last time you didn't have to take off your shoes but now you do or maybe you don't have to take off your belt but now you do. those kinds of things are some thing to keep in mind as you go through the tsa.
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until wednesday, december 30, those are the three later days to travel. if you are booking last-minute there should be some available. we know the majority of airlines at the des moines international airport are booked. if you are traveling near new year's, keep in mind the rose bowl is happening in california on january 1. keep that in mind as you travel on december 31 and january 1. this heavy congestion there as well. emmy victor, kcci 8 news. elizabeth: buried alive. the incredible discovery. how many hours in and spent in the rubble of a landslide before he was rescued. >> security in that area is going to be unprecedented. eric: operation rose bowl. and an fbi insider shares plans to keep iowa fans safe in pasadena. elizabeth: one neighborhood in ankeny you will want to put on your holiday light tour just ahead.
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outside, not too many people on the roads. it should be an easy drive for you, you can just cruise right along. no issues right now, we will have outside and look at the roads. this is 235 and keo way. no accidents or major problems so far.
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>> this is iowa's news leader.
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with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz, and right-now coverage with shaina humphries. eric: welcome back. a light display and southeast ankeny is getting a lot of attention this winter. rio circle set up a display of frosty the snowman and across the street, richland court has been turned into gingerbread lane. they have been doing that since 1993 but this year things got even better. the storyboards, the gingerbread man, they got a fresh coat of paint. they added a gingerbread house. >> you don't see this often so to collect canned goods for the food bank and money for the food bank is a big thing for me to show my kids that giving is the most important reason for the season and the so i was excited. eric: most of the lights stay on until about midnight each night and it will be up until new
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the neighborhood is collecting donations for the food bank of iowa and so far they have raised more than $1000. they have been out there for a while so it is a place to be. jason: it is. i was surprised to hear the story of frosty the snowman even though we don't have snow yet. an important factor but we do have a chance. rain, a smattering across the state. and often to nebraska, south dakota as well. some of us could see it mixing in but mainly just looking at rain. temperatures starting in the low 40's and topping out at 48 degrees. a relatively mild day besides the rain and an eventual transition over to light snow mixing in with the rain down at 39 by 7:00 p.m.. across the state you can see cooler air starting to build its way in. you quite the contrast on this map. a wintry mix to the northwest
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then chances for thunderstorms with chances for severe weather in extreme eastern portions of the state. kind of a mixed bag across the state. it will eventually go away and then temperatures smacked us to reality down to freezing by tuesday. shaina: incredible video overnight, more than 60 hours after a massive landslide in southern china. a 19-year-old man was pulled from the rubble alive this morning. local media reported that the man was in the hospital for surgery on a broken hand and foot but is otherwise ok. more than 70 are still missing after he not know construction waste and mud collapsed. 16 people who were rescued are still recovering the hospital. another secret service slipup. an agent's badge and gun were stolen in the middle of the day. a police report says the gun, badges, flash drive, wherein a back that stolen from the agents car.
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this comes as the agency looks to recover after a string of recent scandals and security breaches. elizabeth: a tough game with a close finish for the iowa state cyclones. the 11th-ranked cyclones were on the road taking on 22nd ranked cincinnati and it came down to the final seconds. 11 seconds left, isu down one and abdel nader nails three to put the cyclones up. cincinnati on the other hand getting iowa state to win at 81 to 79. the next match for the cyclones should be easier. they play 211 coppin state. iowa had an easier time at home against tennessee tech. four hawkeye players ended in double digits with a commanding when at 85 to 63. a tough game coming up where they take on top michigan state next tuesday.
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has used the time after their loss to michigan state in the big ten championship to rest up physically and mentally. it looks like that paid off. head coach kirk ferentz says he feels great about the health of his archives -- hawkeyes and figure they will be able to play in the rose bowl after an ankle injury. >> it still goes down to what we do in practice. the other part is how we handle the good things. you want to players to enjoy that, they have earned that. you also want them to have an awareness of what it is we're trying to get accomplished at the end of the day. eric: the rose bowl is nine days away. kickoff in pasadena, california is a 4:00 p.m. iowa time on january 1 on espn. we learned in the wake of the terror attacks in san bernardino and paris, security for this year's rose parade and rose bowl game will look more like
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>> it is a scarier year because we are seeing small unit attacks. eric: pasadena police are teaming up with the fbi and the department of homeland security. they say there will be security cameras, undercover agents, rapid response teams, and uranium sensors. if you are going to pasadena to watch the hawks you may want to arrive early to get time for being searched. elizabeth: stocks rallied again tuesday, the dow gained almost 166 points, the nasdaq added 32, the s&p 500 was up nearly 18. the federal aviation administration says billing must pay $12 million for failing to -- those instructions would help carriers reduce the risk of fuel tank explosions. boeing has agreed to pay the fine.
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install 100 20 fast charging stations for electric cars across the country. drivers will be able to charge their vehicles up to 80% in 20 minutes. the stations are available and you can find the locations in both automakers mobile apps. eric: gas prices fell again overnight. in the metro you can buy a gallon of regular gas for $1.85. nationwide the price is below two dollars a gallon. aaa says it's possible they will fall even lower in the coming weeks. elizabeth: it's still funny to see on the signs driving by. we will get over to jason for good news in people hitting the roads. jason: they will have to do with a bit of rain. like i said earlier it will be with us for a good portion of the day. if you don't love rain stay inside. it is just rain. you look at the temperatures and eventually we will work in colder air from the northwest.
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to a rain snow mix that will mainly be later on in the day. as for now, we are seeing moderate rainfall. you can see it moving in from the south with the heaviest spots right now from grimes down to waukee east to clive. it will continue as i said through the afternoon, heaviest down in creston. most of the state seeing a bit of rain though eastern portions of the state later on in the day could see a couple of thunderstorms to go along with that. meteorological he a very interesting day as this system pushes through. he see our temperature top out at 1:00 p.m. northwest wind pushes him and that's only could see a transition to snow. not looking like much of anything accumulating today. there is some potential for northwestern portions of the state taking up on a bit of something. this system continues northeastward and as it does he see a brief. of clearing.
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with another chance of snow through the day tomorrow. not looking to be heavy but there is some potential to see a bit of snow through christmas. best chances for that today will be off to the north and even northwestern portions of the state. to have a brief clearing and through the day on thursday, we start to drive in the next bit of energy that could spit out potentially an inch of snow in spots. i wouldn't expect more than that. today at 48 degrees along with through the day. you see that drag in the cooler air. that will not be with us for too long, 38 on thursday and back up into the middle 40's on friday and saturday for your christmas forecast. after that we take a tumble down to 29 degrees which at that point will the average. we are warmer than average. eric: comparatively balmy.
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shaina: roads are wet so you want to keep that in mind. it should not be a huge rain problem like last week. should be a good drive. a few mobile speed units in des moines. 4400 south union street. another by plymouth church at 41st and ingersoll. and 26 and hyde street. able have a car north of i-35 at 5000 northeasterly 2nd street.
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eric: there is not much christmas cheer on the campaign trail this morning. the mudslinging between donald trump and hillary clinton seems to be getting worse. elizabeth: nikole killion is live with more on the front runner feud and donald trump is now defending his comments?
5:25 am
donald trump saying he was not trying to be vulgar when he made comments about hillary clinton. instead taking aim at the media accusing the media of being dishonest by skewing what he said. of course his rally remarks are still reverberating on the campaign trail after he mocked hillary clinton's back from break -- bathroom break and use the term for male anatomy to describe her loss to president obama in 2008. on twitter he said what he meant was she got beaten badly and clinton's campaign said it is not responding to trump although the candidate appeared to touch on the controversy on the trail. hillary clinton: you are looking at somebody who has had a lot of terrible thing said about me and i am well aware of the fact that it is easy to do that. luckily i am old enough that it doesn't particularly bother me. nikole: in an interview with the des moines register, clinton did respond to trump's comments more directly saying they don't surprise her and he doesn't have any boundaries at his bullying
5:26 am
elizabeth: turning to another candidate, ted cruz is running a christmas themed ad that is going viral. can you tell us about that? nikole: you have to look at this because it's funny. it is called cruz's christmas classics, a parody ad featuring the senator and his family reading the classics with a political spin. he takes aim at hillary clinton reading a title called the grinch who lost her e-mails and at the end of the last book his family reads is the senator who saved christmas. of course, featuring ted cruz. so far the video has notched 1.5 million views. i'm sure more are to come. eric: nikole killion live in washington, thank you. in our next half hour, getting out of town. emmy: live at the des moines airport, i haven't flown on the
5:27 am
different going through security and we will tell you how to time yourself through the airport. eric: plus, find out when you may be able to visit the yonkers team room again and the facebook post that thousands have shared
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>> the most-watched morning news
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this is kcci 8 news this morning. [crying] elizabeth: i just love to see those reunions. home for the holidays, this moment doing shared around the country as a soldier dad surprises his daughter in west des moines. we will hear from him just ahead. eric: welcome back, i'm eric hanson. elizabeth: and i'm elizabeth klinge, shaina and jason here. time for the last rush of christmas gifts. eric: they will be wet when they get their shopping done today. jason: you will need little
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could have been snow but it is rain so if you want to pull a positive if you are not a snow lover, there are a lot of us that are. you look across the metro to grimes and waukee, reasonably heavy rain and spots will continue to develop through the day. heaviest right now through creston to lamoni. haven't picked up a lot, around 15 hundredths of an inch and 14 hundredths down in lamoni. we do eventually see some of this transition to a light rain snow mix. could see light accumulation in spots. this has for any snow accumulation comes through tomorrow even though that still looks to be less than an inch. a decent holiday forecast, temperatures in upper 30's to low 40's. eric: we start this half hour and a place that is going to be busy. the des moines international airport. emmy victor is live.
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emmy: yes, we understand how busy it can get. those people behind me in the crowd are rushing to spend time with their families and friends. that's why we have timed out how long it can take during rush hour to get through these securities. we just arrived here at the des moines international airport. a big crowd over there. i have an hour and a half left before my domestic flight. >> set your bag on the scale for me. emmy: thank you. my bags are checked and ready to go. we are going to go to checkpoints. it took a little longer because of the flash drive on my keys.
5:32 am
when my flight is leaving. it looks like it's on time. it took us a total of 30 minutes from the front of the airport to the boarding area, leaving me about 30 minutes left to sit here and relax. a nice, comfortable seat. depending on the time of day that you do travel to the airport, that time can vary but if you are looking for ways to decrease your time through the airport, start with looking at early flights. some peak hours include noon to 2:00 which is rush hour at the airport. use applications, sometimes you can check into your flight through a nap and find parking on an app as well. make sure you pack lightly, avoid online by checking in a bag if you can pack using a carry on. that's usually the best way.
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eric: more than 100 million people will be traveling between christmas and new year's. some flying but others driving. gas prices are at seven-year lows. we spotted the comment go on keo way selling super unleaded for $1.85. west des moines police have good advice to keep your thing safe. consider having your mail and other deliveries stopped. leave your lights on inside and outside. ask neighbors to keep an eye on your place and baby park in your driveway and shall your snow to make it look like you are home. ask them to report suspicious activity to the police. elizabeth: the iowa state patrol is investigating a fatal crash. grinnell tuesday afternoon. 45-year old james joseph harris of tama was traveling northbound on highway 146 when he crossed semi. no one else was injured.
5:34 am
investigating another scam and this time and underage des moines man nats a $100,000 jackpot. >> it wasn't legally purchased or presented and then everything falls to pieces. elizabeth: the winning scratch game was sold in july at super quick foods off southeast 80th street. jobie boals-watters told iowa lottery officials a coworker bought the ticket button investigation showed no signs of office pools. boals-watters admitted he spent a few hundred dollars a week on lottery tickets. super quick foods is facing a one-week suspension from selling lottery tickets. a strange legal motion in the hot water frog trial. i would prosecutor rob sand at asked to bar any discussion of bigfoot hunting at eddie tipton's trial. his brother and a legit
5:35 am
tipton is accused of rigging jackpots in iowa, colorado, wisconsin, kansas, and oklahoma. eric: police are looking into a scam involving a old car dealership duping people out of tens of thousands of dollars. the website says it is benson motor in ames. it looks legitimate but benson motor close in 2009. a man who almost wired $72,000 for a couple of cars checked with ames police before he did that. police tell us it that they got a call from an agency in minnesota working on the case. elizabeth: more new video of the fireball in the sky tuesday night. the streak of light can be seen over nevada, arizona, and california. military officials say it was debris from a russian rocket reentering the atmosphere. the rocket body booster was launched monday from russia. dozens took to social media to share video and photos. the woman accused of plowing into a crowd of pedestrians on the las vegas strip is set to make her first appearance before
5:36 am
lakeisha holloway is charged of child abuse, murder hit-and-run, after one was killed and dozens were injured. police say she intended to drive into pedestrians and her young daughter%was in the car at the time of the crash. weather has been turned upside down across much of the united states. springlike temperatures can be felt in the northeast. there is a risk of tornadoes in the south and snow across the west. forecasters expect new york to be in the mid-60's on christmas day. the weather pattern is partly linked to el nio. jason: thunderstorms, that red splashdown through louisiana and
5:37 am
we have seen a couple of tornado warnings along the coast. a pretty far north pattern as far as severe weather goes for this late in the year. even portions of iowa getting in on the slight risk for severe weather, that being extreme eastern portions of the state. our rain trend through the metro takes a dip as we go past the noon hour. 60% by 1:00 p.m., 10% by 7:00 p.m. could see light snow mixing in with rain falling. besides that it is a mild day with highs at 48. elizabeth: news around iowa, and council bluffs, prosecutors say a man heard a baby -- hurt a baby so bad the child suffered 20 fractures. rodney weatherwax is in jail facing numerous charges. the child was five months old. eric: nine have been arrested for making meth in davenport. officials say they busted the operation just in time. conditions in three homes could have led to an explosion or fire
5:38 am
in red oak, ernie smith is 98 years old and the guy behind the stick in the plane still flying high. he is believed to be the oldest active pilot in the united states. he says he plans to fly when he is 100 years old. he rents a plane at the red oak airport and flies a few times a week. elizabeth: good for him. stories to warm your heart for the holidays in the morning buzz including the reunion of a man, his dog, have friends and facebook brought them back together.
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz, and right-now coverage with shaina humphries. jason: happy wednesday morning. your time is now 5:44 and we are waking up to 44 degrees out there. absolutely mild start, highs around this time of year usually in the low 30's and we won't touch on anything close to that. looking at wind chills in some spots feeling cooler at 27 in storm lake. 32 in webster city. 30's to low 40's in portions of the rest of the state. we are starting soggy.
5:41 am
radar. if you are heading out you will likely see that through the morning. in the afternoon you could see light snow later in the day. mild as temperatures ramp up to 48 by 1:00 p.m. eric: some buzzworthy stories, they will finally start rebuilding the former yonkers building downtown. they demolished most of the building and 2014 but crews say they can restore the tea room. they will at 60 apartments and some commercial space. construction should start in march and be done by the following march. in march. shaina: president obama approved a spending bill that includes money for a new courthouse that an exact price tag or location is not available yet. elizabeth: this story out of west des moines is great just in time for christmas. sergeant cody grubbs surprised
5:42 am
school holiday concert. you can see her reaction as she runs to greet him. he is stationed in hawaii and hasn't seen her or her little sister since last christmas. sgt. grubb: i was trying to look through the doors to see which he was wearing and i thought she was wearing pink and i thought that was the wrong kid when i came out. elizabeth: a lot of hugs and kissing to do, he goes back to hawaii in two weeks. shaina: also, we want to talk about several e-mails we have received from viewers letting us know about a cool thing happening in altoona. a man named jake holloway posted on the people of des moines facebook group about no walk -- iraq war veteran. his post hasn't viewed by thousands and as of this moment, people -- his post has been viewed by thousands and as of this moment people have donated
5:43 am
eric: i got that e-mail about six times in the last day. it's cool so many people are helping him out. it sounds like he has been through tough times living in the parking lot but they are rallying around him. very awesome to see. another story to share about how helpful facebook can be. kurt. no-- curt curiel of dubuque has multiple sclerosis. up until a few weeks ago he and his dog sassy was homeless. last week sassy disappeared while they were waiting for a bus and his friends at the mission posted on facebook and pretty soon someone found sassy and returned her. >> we found the dog and we did what we could to make them find each other and be reunited. eric: staff at the dubuque rescue mission have pulled their money to pay for sassy's
5:44 am
curiel and sassy now have a place of their own to stay in dubuque. elizabeth: another great story from marion. hundreds of people work to make a man's christmas wish come true. russell -- russell schmidt's 80 to end lives that summer point senior living. last year his daughter brought in some christmas lights. and he said wouldn't it be awesome to light every window in the building? thanks to donations and lots of volunteers, they did just that. >> when they turn the lights on, it was a dream come true. i loved it. >> it really touched my heart to see people and friends pull together for my dad. elizabeth: all of the residents got to see the lights by taking
5:45 am
shaina: a lot of great awesome stories into the holiday. it is now 5:47. we will give you a look outside at the wet roads at highway five and fleur drive. a lot of people leaving town and engaging in traffic for the
5:46 am
you have to get out there and do it yourself. bernie sanders is a well-known friend of family farms. bernie cannot be bought out by big money. bernie's opinion cannot be purchased. it's time for our next president to get in there, roll up his sleeves, take off the gloves, and take on wall street, take on big business, take on big money, and get the working class back to where they should be. he's a rock.
5:47 am
>> weather is never more than five minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. jason: happy wednesday. it is now 5:51 and we have a fairly wet forecast. rain continues to move across iowa. close to the metro, you can see reasonably heavy stuff across the area near boonville with dark red and orange fuse indicating -- hues indicating stronger stuff. and strong stuff near atoma as well. could even
5:48 am
mild at 48 degrees is what we top out at. a front rolls through and punches the temperatures down. you look at rain right now, notice this as it shifts to the north. we drive in moisture as the front pushes through and we drive in cooler air and could start to see some light snow and accumulating snow near mason city. we catch a bit of a break before our next snow chance rolls through tomorrow. if you are hoping for a white christmas this will be the little guy that could ring that though not looking like this will be a big producer with half an inch to an inch maximum in most locations. after that clears out, not looking for a lot of hope. futurecast is heavy to the north after the initial system today at 3.2 inches, i don't think we see anything quite that heavy but there are chances we could see an inch or so widespread through central portions of the state through the day tomorrow.
5:49 am
otherwise we get rain. we have chances for rain and or snow clear through tuesday as we drive the temperature down into the upper 20's. winter is finally setting in. i think it took a nap or something. eric: rush hour might not be that bad but a lot of people are on the move. shaina: a lot of traffic around the airports, the roads are also wet. be careful and give yourself a bit of extra time but it should not be overwhelming like the rain last week. a lot of mobile speed units. 4400 south union street. in front of plymouth church at 41st and ingersoll. 26 and high street. north of i-35 at 5000 northeast 22nd street.
5:50 am
elizabeth: eric: the holidays are upon us but that is not an excuse to the air from your diet. eating during the holidays is about balance. eating the treats you want what remember your good health habits so you don't pack on too many pounds.
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-- lighter meals in between holiday get together. >> you want food that is low in fat and high in fiber like dean's and whole-grain. -- beans and whole-grain. eric: if you are tracking alcohol try refilling your glass with water in between cocktails. though holiday schedules get hectic it is important to remember exercise that can help turn off extra calories. of course i am reading that as i eat alman embark pretzels in between commercials. elizabeth: kcci 8 is live with new overnight news. emmy: i'm at the des moines international airport are quickly forming. we will tell you why lines are getting longer through the holiday season. shaina: spotted in the sky over the southwestern portion of the country, it has been the talk of social media. jason: rain for a good portion of the day today but we have
5:52 am
elizabeth: kcci 8 news time is 5:57 and we are a few days away from christmas. lots of travelers are out on the roads so make sure you are staying alert if you're out among them. this is a look at i-35/80 at
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