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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  December 24, 2015 6:00am-7:00am CST

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search for storm team 8 >> you're watching kcci 8 news. shaina: right now at 6:00 heading home for the holidays, , what you need to know if you're flying or driving to see friends and family today. and deadly weather, tornadoes rip through parts of the south. we will give you some of the first look at the damage this morning. plus, last-minute shopping. there is still time to check some gifts off your christmas wish list. we'll help make your trip to the mall easier. good morning, and thank you for waking up with "kcci 8 news this
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24. jason: even yesterday, it did not look quite this robust but we have a chance for some snow. all of that deep blue, that is the good stuff. we will continue to see that trickle in and because of that, we have a winter weather advisory out for western and central portions of the state. we should see a band set up from council bluffs to fort dodge or so. could see two to three inches out of this thing. i think in the metro, about an to feel whole lot more like christmas. you can still see santa flying around. he is getting those gifts out.
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33 by noon, we continue to see snowfall but i will have a further timed out breakdown of the snowfall. shaina: wednesday's wild weather had a big impact on holiday travelers. out-of-towners passing through de soto were greeted with heavy snow and strong winds. that wind was blowing the snow around, decreasing visibility. the snow didn't stick to the ground much, but wet roads did create some slick spots. one driver saw several cars overturned in ditches on his way from colorado to dubuque. >> it was mostly sunny and warm in nebraska and then it seemed like as soon as we came into iowa, all of a sudden the storm kind of rolled in. shaina: despite the slippery road conditions, people seemed excited it actually felt like winter. but the wintery weather could still affect your travel plans today. we've been checking, and this morning, the 5:35 american airlines flight from des moines to washington, d.c. is delayed until 6:30. and the 5:40 american airlines flight to dallas was canceled. there is also an 8:23 united
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delayed until 9:30. and if you're driving, the latest check on shows you might run into some icy conditions in far northeastern iowa. everything else is pretty much clear at this point. this area of the metro, you are going to be all right this morning. at least six people are dead after strong storms ripped through the south. it's all part of a weather system that's bringing some unusually warm temperatures to parts of the country. that includes washington, d c where our nikole killion is , standing by. nikole: even with a little bit of rain it's not often you get , to wear short sleeves in december but that's the case with temps in the sixties right now. and we're expected to hit the highs in seventies today and tomorrow. a warm airmass is chasing away a white christmas for those of us on the east coast, but yesterday it turned deadly in the south
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in indiana and mississippi tornados touched down. , while strong winds whipped through tennessee. forecasters tell us they'll be keeping an eye on another storm system over the weekend that could bring heavy rain and flooding. in washington, i'm nikole killion. shaina: forecasters expect today's temperature to break dozens of records. and all week we've been telling you about the snow hitting the western part of the united states. this is new overnight video of the snow in idaho. just blanketed. and california, is one of the states enjoying a white christmas this year. overnight we learned the snowpack in the sierra nevada mountains, is much higher than average for this time of year. those mountains are expected to continue to see new snow through friday. this is welcome news for california, after dealing with extreme drought conditions for more than four years at this point. more big stories in central iowa now, a massive fire tears a family-owned business to pieces. flames tore through three garage doors at auto parts on maury. when firefighters arrived on scene, the building was fully engulfed.
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nearly two decades. the owners say they will rebuild. with that goal in mind about a dozen people braved the rain and near-freezing temperatures, to nail wooden boards to what's left of the structure. >> i got great support system and friends and family and i really appreciate it, everything they do for me it shows you who your true loved ones are and who will be there for you. shaina: five people were inside the auto body shop when the fire started. luckily, no injuries were reported. and in mahaska county officials , have now identified a body recently found by a hunter as 34-year-old jeffery allen versteegh of oskaloosa. he had been missing since july. a hunter found his body december 16 alongside railroad tracks. the cause of death is still under investigation. it is 6:05, just about 6:06, and jason is keeping a close eye on
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jason: it is an exciting day to talk about both, since we have snow out there moving into the southwestern edge of the state, shifting to the northeast. it will continue to do so, so plan on that snow. that is going to continue to push gently northeastern -- northeastward, and some spots will pick up two to three inches. it is not going to be an all-day thing, and it will more than likely impact your travel, especially spots off to the northwest, but even on christmas day we are talking about mostly a dry day. could see some precipitation into the evening with totals from two to three inches. shaina: thank you, jason. it's a sign of the season, homes across the country are lit up with christmas lights. cbs news's jim axelrod takes us
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show us some of the country's brightest displays. jim: tis certainly the season in kirkland, washington where tony , mish has put up 175,000 lights with the seattle seahawks logo as the centerpiece. the cars and commotion it attracted caused some of mish's neighbors to go all grinch and complain. ever since clark griswold almost took the entire city of chicago down in national lampoon's "christmas vacation," the dark side of all that light has been part of the deal. but one look at instagram where a million and a half people have displayed their displays, and you realize how many people don't need a white christmas, as much as a multi-colored one. in shanksville, pennsylvania bob
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the blue and white lights synched to the team's fight song. in southern california, this entire neighborhood coordinated its light display. but maybe the best reminder of the special power of christmas lights comes from candy calda in houston. she wanted to create something like those fancy displays they charge money to see. but hers is free so that the less fortunate get a good show too. shaina: for a map of some of the best christmas lights here in iowa, check out des moines their interactive map will show you all the can't-miss displays, and if you have your own lights set up, you can add that to the map as well. linked to exploding takata airbags. what's unusual about the victim behind the wheel. and a fun way to recycle your christmas trees. the benefits of going goat.
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emmy: christmas shopping, which hours would be the best to go shopping and which would be the worst. shaina: no problems to report on the roads right now, things are looking pretty good, and traffic is a little lighter than we normally would see. no accidents right now, so we will head outside and take a look at the road. it will be a little bit less in most areas in the metro. just 28 degrees right now, so
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l keep a close eye >> this is iowa's news leader. this is "kcci 8 news this morning" with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz and right now coverage with shaina humphries. shaina: welcome back at 6:12. take a look at this. instead of throwing your tree on the curb this year, why not give it to the goats? the hungry animals from goats on the go will eat your tree for free, while you watch. the goats work as part of a weed clearing service during the summer. but co-owner aaron steele says, they don't get much dietary variety in the winter, so the
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>> you have to get rid of your christmas tree anyway. one, it gives the goats some variety and two, christmas trees actually have tannins in them that help the goats deal with internal parasites that they're suspectible to. shaina: why not? the christmas tree munching event is called goats on the snow. it will be held at 3892 north 500th avenue in ames, on january 2, from 10:00 in the morning until 4:00 in the afternoon. the goats will be dressed for the season in hats and scarves. jason, a lot of people in the country do not have to dress for the season but we probably do. jason: it has been nice out there. we have had temperatures in the 50's. today, it is not going to feel like that at all. we have the system moving in, and we have seen the wind pick
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wind chill to the north in the teens. we will be online for about two to three inches, and the metro, about an inch or so. a 60% chance by noon, and that will fade back so if you have evening travel plans, there likely will still be snow on the ground or road but we will not see it falling anymore. wind chills in the teens to the far north, 20's elsewhere, and only topping out in the mid-30's. we could see a winter makes as we head into extreme late portions of the day. shaina: some of the country's lowest earners will be ringing in the new year with a pay hike. these fourteen states in yellow will be raising their minimum wages on the first of the new year. the four in green will also raise wages, later in 2016. the raises range from a nickel an hour in south dakota, to a full dollar in california and massachusetts. those two states will be the first in the nation to reach $10 an hour.
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takata airbags. officials say a 13-year-old near pittsburgh is now the 8th person in the u.s. killed after the airbags exploded, sending shrapnel flying. kcci's bob hazen has more on this latest death, as takata expands its recall once again. bob: the pittsburgh-area teenager, is believed to be the latest victim of a defective takata airbag, which officials say can burst sending shards of , metal flying like shrapnel at drivers. the national highway traffic safety administration says it was contacted by the boy's family lawyer, and that the crash happened in july, while the teen was driving a 2001 honda accord. also today, the airbag recall, was expanded, by 200,000 cars. about 19 million vehicles are on the list now, from several different manufacturers, including toyota, honda, gm, and ford. this is a honda crv, and if you want to check if your car is on the list, here's how you do it,
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inside of the door, or in the windshield. type it in at, and see if there's an open recall. the government isn't releasing much information about the pittsburgh-area teen, but we do know a 13-year-old died, after crashing this car in mercer county, on july 22. the boy was taken a youngstown hospital where we are told, he died a few days later. takata released a statement today saying " our heartfelt condolences go out to the driver's family. we are working in close collaboration with honda and nhtsa to determine the facts and circumstances surrounding this tragic situation." shaina: in the u.s. alone, about 23 million takata airbag inflators have been recalled in 19 million vehicles, across 12 different automakers. investors will wait to see if if wall street can deliver another up day before wrapping up early for the christmas holiday. on wednesday, the dow gained 185 points. the nasdaq was up almost 45.
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25. time is running out to get your holiday shopping done, but procrastinators, you're not alone. according to a report from nielsen, one in four americans, mostly men, hadn't bought any gifts as of december 18. gift cards were the top gift for the last 9 years in a row, and that is just an easy, last-minute solution. so is a subscription to hulu or netflix. if you still need to ship your gifts, fedex offers sameday shipping 365 days a year, including christmas. you may be headed to one of the metro's malls today to pick up your last minute gifts. kcci's emmy victor is live at jordan creek town center with some tips to make your shopping day go smoother, emmy? jim: -- emmy: imagine going to any place
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that is what the jordan mcrae town center will look like today. they will have a long list of things they need to get. this increased amount of traffic does not affect stores very well. some stores have customers waiting outside before the store opens and rushing to, and before the store closes at the end of the day. shoppers looking to avoid the rush should come to the mall during non peak hours. dress comfortable and try to find a store that can be a one-stop shop for you. jot down everything you need as soon as you hit the store, make your budget, and stick to it to avoid any anxiety. we caught up with some shoppers who say they really enjoy the christmas rush, and they have some advice.
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trying to find that perfect gift. >> walked quickly and know what you are going to get. emmy: them all here at jordan creek will be opening in less than does go hours, from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 a.m. merle hay road and valley west mall will also be open under the same hours. everyone is reopening on saturday, december 26 to serve customers for returns or exchanges. from jordan creek town center, emmy victor, kcci 8 news iowa's news leader. shaina: tracking some snow, some santa. jason: i cannot believe that we can continue to see this man trek across the world. it takes a special kind of gps system. i am not willing to give away all the gps -- all the secrets just yet. he is tracking his way through
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is kind of cool to see some of those. we have snow continuing to push its way in, eastern nebraska. some of the heavier stuff just west of nebraska -- west of omaha. we have a winter weather is advisory -- winter weather advisory. it goes from 8:00 in the morning through 6:00 p.m. this evening so if you have travel plans, know that is where the heaviest snow will be, two to three inches. could see an inch or so and the metro. a closer look at the system that is making its way in. northern portions of missouri have a mix, otherwise rain and kansas city. the system bringing a little bit
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for us, it will mainly the snow arriving middle hours continuing into the early afternoon. temperatures and mild 36 mile -- 36 degrees. if you had been hoping for snow for a while, you will get a batch of it but we are not talking about extreme amounts of snow. by 1:00 tomorrow, we build in more cloud cover so as far as snow totals go, we are not talking about a lot. as far as christmas goes, that will have a totally different impact on travel. council bluffs, waterloo, almost three inches will be following as we head through the morning and afternoon hours. peels like temperatures will be in the mid to upper 20's, and throughout the weekend, we take
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44 saturday, 29 on sunday, and a more impactful storm arrives on monday. if you are waiting to travel until monday, you will want to keep an eye on the forecast. shaina: right now, the roads look good, no accidents. so many people home from work but as the day goes on, it will be heavier than what we typically see. right now, everything looks good, just a couple of mobile speed unit it's. 7300 northwest 4th street and 300 west walnut street. coming up, new year, new tech. after the break, we'll show you some of the latest developments
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change the way you live in 2016.hey! this holiday, u.s. cellular's giving you 15 gigs of data for just $70! but i wanted a pony. [ gasps ] you're getting data. pony-sized data? u.s. cellular sized data. 15 gigs of good, strong data you can actually use because it works in the middle of anywhere. i'd like $100! you're getting $400 in promo cards! yes! switch to u.s. cellular and get 15 gigs of data for just $70.
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shaina: welcome back at 6:25. as you wrap up your holiday shopping for 2015, it's time to look ahead to 2016. from virtual reality to smartphones that charge wirelessly, there are some exciting new developments in the tech world.'s lexy savvides reports on the technology trends to expect in the new year. lexy: in 2016, virtual reality
6:23 am
expect the facebook-owned oculus rift and the htc vive to immerse you in virtual worlds. microsoft's augmented reality headset hololens is also on the way. from the head to the hands, the smartphone will continue to evolve. >> even more than ever in the upcoming years, i think, that we're going to see the smartphone becoming a remote control for your life. for your smart home, for your smartwatch, maybe even for those vr headsets. lexy: but multi-tasking with your phone relies on plenty of battery life. energous has developed a transmitter that can wirelessly charge devices within 15 feet, if they have this tiny receiver inside. >> so when you walk in your home, it's going to start charging your device automatically but we allow you to prioritize what charges when as well. lexy: apple is set to make refinements to existing products, including the apple watch and the iphone. >> with the iphone 7, there's talk that apple could get rid of the home button.
6:24 am
size device. there's also talk about them removing the headphone jack. lexy: your smartphone will also integrate more closely with the car through android auto and apple's carplay technology. >> we could see more partnerships with traditional car makers, though, to get their carplay software into the vehicle and kind of power the infotainment center and the dashboard of your car. lexy: as for self-driving cars, they may not be ready for prime time, but in 2016, companies like google, tesla, and ford are set to make inroads. in san francisco, lexy savvides, for cbs news. shaina: for more on the tech changes you can expect in the new year, head to more of today's headlines are straight ahead at 6:30, including winter weather. how some severe storms to the south and east may affect holiday travel today.
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shaina: right now it's 6:30, deadly storms tearing through the south. the damage reports in overnight. and holiday headache. from mall congestion to snowy roads. lots of things to watch for
6:26 am
christmas eve. >> the most watched morning news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is "kcci eight news this morning. shaina: i'm shaina humphries, along with jason sydejko. jason: i am your window to the man of greatness. shaina: just keeping a close eye on things. jason: i will get to santa in just a moment. snow moving into western parts of the state and some could pick up to to three inches. i think that will likely be northwest of the metro. he can see if you are traveling even further to the south, it is a bit of a wintry mix south of lincoln, so give yourself that
6:27 am
direction. snow continues in the late morning through the early afternoon before tapering off this evening. your high sitting at 36 degrees. christmas, a high of 40. shaina: thank you. we go now to the other big news today. holiday travel. as wednesday's rain and snow is impacting some roads in iowa. the iowa state patrol stayed on top of this overnight, constantly updating things at you can see just wet roads here in the metro with just one small patch of partially covered roads in the northeast tip of the state. you will want to take it easy if you're traveling because a lot of cars are expected to be out there today. we have been checking the schedule overnight.
6:28 am
are delayed, but only by about an hour. there is an 8:23 flight to chicago o'hare that is delayed until 9:30. airports across the country are scrambling to get travelers home today, on christmas eve. yesterday rain and fog caused , thousands of delays and hundreds of cancellations along the east coast. don champion has the latest from new york's laguardia airport. don: instead of being nestled in their beds, scores of travelers are waking up at airports across the country this morning, hoping to make it to their loved ones on christmas eve. >> we're going to jamaica supposedly. don: today's holiday rush includes many passengers who tried to make it home yesterday. but instead, had their flights either delayed or cancelled because of heavy rain and fog in the northeast. while bob and diane reisinger took it in stride -- >> i'm a retired pilot, so we understand weather and plane delays. don: shaye lefkowitz and her husband, whose flight to ohio
6:29 am
they've had enough. >> we're going to try and get our money back, maybe go next weekend. don: over the next few days, many airlines are shifting the timing of flights, adding redeyes, and using bigger planes to get people home. >> the big thing is just give myself some extra time. don: 38 million people are expected to fly during the christmas and new year's holidays. don champion, cbs news, new york. shaina: right now, extreme weather across the country is causing some of those delays. intense flooding in kansas. and several tornadoes, touched down in mississippi. the death toll from those storms rose overnight. this morning, at least six people are dead in the southern part of the country, as damage reports come in overnight. three people were killed in mississippi, including a 7-year-old boy. this funnel cloud, was on the ground there for at least ten minutes, tearing through homes, and claiming lives. in arkansas, torrential rain and
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down this tree, killing an 18-year-old, and trapping a baby, who was later pulled to safety. crews are now searching for survivors in the hardest hit areas. rescuers say there are several people still unaccounted for. you will want to take it easy if you are one of the last christmas shoppers heading to the mall today. emmy victor is live from the jordan creek town center. how are the roads this morning when you drove out there? emmy: there were definitely some slick spots on the road, but nothing that will prevent shoppers from coming throughout the metro. if you are one of the people headed out today, there will be two types of people, those who are almost done with their shopping, or those who are just getting started today. from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., we will see a variety of different people inside the mall. the mall is expected to handle
6:31 am
they hired more staff workers all the way back in october. we are told that some department stores will have the most amount of traffic, but customers i spoke with will do anything to make sure their family and friends are happy this holiday season. >> i love the smile on my kids, wife's bases. i love to see the joy. i wish it on everybody. >> i personally love giving gifts as much as i love receiving them so i think it is so much fun to go and pick up stuff for people. be seeing today. the mall will open about two hours and closes at 5:00. and a lot of people will be 26. shaina: thank you. to the big stories in central
6:32 am
boarded up after flames gutted the building. auto parts on the east side of des moines caught fire wednesday morning. the reed family owns the shop, it's been around for nearly two decades. now, they are vowing the rebuild. in mahaska county officials have , now identified a body recently found by a hunter as 34-year-old jeffery allen versteegh of oskaloosa. he had been missing since july. a hunter found his body december 16 along some railroad tracks north of town. the cause of death is still under investigation. a des moines man, brutally beaten during a carjacking in des moines nearly 3 years ago, is back in his home state just in time for the holidays. >> this is the best christmas gift i've had this year. shaina: mike wasike has been cared for at a rehab facility in oklahoma for the past two and a half years. last week his wife moved him to , mitchell village care center in mitchellville. wasike still can't walk, talk, or feed himself. and this move will make it much easier for his family, including
6:33 am
visit. high-tech holiday, santa and his updates. plus, it's a big week for movies. you have got five new ones to choose from. we'll show you a sneak peak at what is hitting theaters. jason: snow is beginning to make its way into iowa. shaina: expect lighter traffic early in the morning and heavier traffic later in the day, that we have no problems right now. people are moving right along as you can see. it is 28 degrees, so the road
6:34 am
so just be ready for jason: merry christmas eve, 6:41, and we are starting to look a little more winter-like and christmas-like as we have
6:35 am
at this point. not seeing a whole lot fall just yet, but we are on the cusp of it. as we head through the men morning hours, this will put a nice white coating -- midmorning hours, this will put a nice white coating on it. council bluffs to fort dodge and just north of the metro, a winter weather advisory. stay safe if you head out and about. temperatures only increased throughout the day, 33 by noon, light snow continuing through the afternoon. i will have a further timed out breakdown is out coming up shortly -- breakdown of that coming up shortly. shaina: a big surprise for a u.s marine coming home for the holidays. avery palen's family anxiously waited at the des moines airport
6:36 am
being stationed in north carolina for the past year. as soon as he walked down the stairs, has family ran up to him and shared big hugs avery had no . idea his brothers and sisters were also there too. >> it feels like today was never going to get here. >> so excited. haven't seen him in a year. that's a long time not to see your kid. shaina: avery will be spending two weeks with his family in ottumwa before heading back to north carolina. and tonight as you are scanning the sky for santa you might , catch a glimpse of something different. the north pole says santa's sleigh has some fancy new upgrades. it can now run on jet fuel is the reindeer get too tired. so how much fuel would be needed or a trip around the world? 45 million gallons of jet fuel would be needed to travel 226 million miles to deliver all the presents. and some reindeer are getting a high tech update. rudolph and the rest of the gang may not even have to work this christmas, thanks to these
6:37 am
here you can see three of the robots pulling santa's sleigh in this youtube video. they are called spot bots and are designed by a company names boston dynamics. very cool. a christmas health emergency. -- elf emergency. >> why did you dial 911? >> do not come to my house. calling 911 and made a mistake? >> i meant to call my dad. shaina: the popular children's book says her mistake means christmas magic would go away from her home and santa will not come. the responding officer wanted to calm her fears so local police and fire departments escorted santa to visit her home to cheer her up.
6:38 am
there are five coming to theaters near you. andrew: in "concussion," will smith plays a pathologist who discovers a pattern of brain damage in football players. >> repetitive head trauma chokes the brain. andrew: the movie follows his struggle to bring attention and get something done about the problem. "concussion" is rated p.g.13. "point break" is a retelling of the 1991 hit of the same name. it tells the story of an undercover fbi agent who infiltrates a group of international thieves. >> the people behind these robberies are extreme athletes. andrew: "point break" is rated-p-g-13. jennifer lawrence stars in "joy," which tells the story of a suburban housewife who starts a business empire despite incredible odds. >> don't ever think that the world owes you anything, because it doesn't. andrew: "joy" is rated p.g.-13. find out what's so funny about the housing bubble collapse in "the big short." the movie follows four
6:39 am
a light on the big banks' greed. >> the banks have more incentives than greed. >> you're wrong. andrew: "the big short" is rated r . will ferrell and mark wahlberg face off in "daddy's home." ferrell plays a stepdad trying to win the affection of his wife's kids, when their father comes home and challenges him. "daddy's home" is rated p.g.-13. for "now showing," i am in -- andrew spencer. shaina: this is the east mixmaster, traffic is picking up. you will expected to be lighter this morning but heavier later on as people are headed to their holiday plans destinations. it is pretty chilly outside and there is some moisture.
6:40 am
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right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. >> weather is never more than five minutes away, only on "kcci 8 news this morning." jason: merry christmas eve, 6:49. we continue to watch santa trek across the pacific, dropping
6:42 am
he is up to almost 44 million. force base. let's keep cheering him on. lover. day. you can see it making its way into western portions of the inches from this thing. there is a winter weather advisory out for western and central portions of the state from council bluffs to around fort dodge or so. could see some snow or slush -covered roads as it ramps up in its intensity namely through the noon hour. 36 by 3:00 p.m. the snow starts to taper off later afternoon hours and in the evening, we see that break
6:43 am
futurecast continues to drive this in, but you can see darker blue locations from council bluffs to waterloo and through northeastern portions of the state as well. that is the main line where we will be seeing snow totals of around two to three inches. christmas, we are not talking much of anything beyond cloud cover. do not get your hopes up for any kind of sunshine. temperatures in the mid 30's, and we will increase those tomorrow but we do have snow to get through throughout the day today. as we head into the weekend, we warm it up, 44 by saturday. after that, monday will be the system to watch. shaina: it should be nice today and tomorrow. things are looking good on the roads as well. they are still a little bit wet, and it is cold so keep in mind
6:44 am
day. we have two mobile speed units, 7300 northwest 4th street and 300 west walnut street. a last blast of news is next, including a new arrest in the paris attacks, and a peek at where santa claus is at right now. coming up after this look at cbs this morning. >> ahead on cbs this morning, we are in mississippi with the damage left behind after a string of deadly tornadoes.
6:45 am
paris: there's a lot to do on a dairy farm. nobody's gonna do it for you. you have to get out there and do it yourself. bernie sanders is a well-known friend of family farms. bernie cannot be bought out by big money. bernie's opinion cannot be purchased. it's time for our next president to get in there, roll up his sleeves, take off the gloves, and take on wall street, take on big business, take on big money, and get the working class back to where they should be. he's a rock.
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shaina: the time is now 6:54, and the kcci morning team ready to go with all the big stories from central iowa, the nation, and the world. we start with new news from overnight in belgium. we learned belgian authorities arrested a ninth suspect thought to be connected to last month's terror attacks. officials say this suspect had been in contact with the cousin of the man thought to be the ringleader. both the ringleader and his cousin were killed in raids near paris.
6:47 am
toll is expected to climb today, after several tornadoes and severe storms struck the south and midwest. at least seven people died in mississippi, tennessee, and arkansas. the storm prediction center says at least 14 tornadoes touched down in mississippi alone. we saw some wild weather here in iowa as well on wednesday. this is in de soto, where heavy snow and strong winds made driving difficult. the snow didn't stick to the ground much, but there were some slick spots on the roads. right now though, roads across the state are pretty much clear. you're looking at the latest from the latest information shows those blue parts are partially covered. generally everywhere else it is looking good. green means you are good to go. the roads could get messy as we have snow on the way. jason: i am rejoicing.
6:48 am
into christmas day, and we have a blast of snow on the way. two to three inches at the heaviest around council bluffs and waterloo. if you do have travel plans today, which i am sure a lot of people do, you will want to give yourself that extra time. 44 on saturday, the next shot for any precipitation roles and to kickoff the work week. shaina: it is christmas eve today, which means you're running out of time if you still need to check things off your christmas list. kcci's emmy victor is live at jordan creek town center with some quick tips for you last-minute shoppers. emmy: anyone hitting the road doing last-minute shopping is bound to find a lot of people with them as well. jordan creek town center, one of the places that will be closing at 5:00 today. shoppers only have a couple hours to get everything they
6:49 am
time. you want to make sure you are shopping during the peak hours, the early morning hours and right before the store closes are the best times to find what you need. some of the roads are slick and we know there is a rush and a little bit of stress the last day before christmas. shaina: thank you.
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