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tv   KCCI 8 News at Five  Me-TV  December 24, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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bad as they had expected. >> so far, we haven't seen anything up to hear. and then, all of the sudeen we drove right into it and now this is what it is. >> they were not too bad actually. very light snow. there were some snow trucks or salting trucks, i'm not sure, but there was very little snow at the time. marcus: most of the people we spoke with today say they weren't going to let a little bit of snow get in the way of their holiday destination. it's go back inside the studio to kurtis gertz. kurtis: the snow is slowly moving out. unfortunately, a little more than expected. we had some snow n.l. dora.
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look at some of these amounts. manning, 6.5. l dora, five inches. just shy of one inch here in the metro. i'm sure this shot was taken last night before all the snow arrived. there are going to be some slick spots, keep that in mind. foggy conditions christmas morning. 35 by the noon hour. 3:00 p.m. temperature, 39. santa is around spain. we will have an 8 day forecast coming up. kim: interstate 35 closed earlier this afternoon after reports of multiple accidents. vanessa peng is live with an update. vanessa: kim, right now current -- right now it has stopped snowing in ames, but you can see the snow is sticking around and did create slick roads and
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southbound traffic on i 230 -- on i-35 was closed after numerous crashes and cars in ditches. in this video from earlier today, you see it was slow moving after dozens of crashes. lots of cars in ditches after drivers swerved to avoid accidents. people traveling southbound towards des moines say they didn't expect this much snowfall this fast. >> this semi was stopped and we all stopped behind it and i got run into from the back and it kind of caused a chain reaction. vanessa: we asked an iowa state trooper his advice when the road turns to ice. he says increase your following distance, slow down and if you , don't have to travel, stay at home. live in ames, vanessa peng, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. kim: and storm chaser t.j. kleckner sent in this video of a 2-vehicle accident that happened about 5 miles south of algona near highway 169 in kossuth county. you can see the heavy snow was
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arrived. fortunately, neither driver was seriously hurt. and, unseasonable weather across the southern part of the united states caused deadly storms just as millions are hitting the roads and taking to the skies. the storms left at least seven people dead, dozens injured and many homes destroyed. we'll have much more on the devastation later in the newscast. taking a look at the des moines airport late arrivals and departures board. most flights still running on time. but there are a few delays. if you plan on flying, you'll want to check your flight status before heading out. a des moines police officer accidentally fires his service weapon inside the airport. the report says 23-year-old officer bradley pratt drew his duty weapon from his holster yesterday to practice his quick draw skills. he accidentally discharged a round into the ceiling tile. thankfully no one was hurt. ,the hawkeyes have officially left for pasadena. scott reister joins us now with
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this is going to be a historic trip. scott: very exciting, very historic. the first time iowa has gone to the rose bowl since that 1991 game. and the journey has begun. a charter plane took off from the eastern iowa airport this afternoon in cedar rapids. they departed for l.a. just before 1:00. there will be plenty of festivities including a welcome event in disneyland. the eastern iowa airport is also preparing for about fans to 3000 follow the team on charter flights beginning december 29. you can count on kcci for team coverage from pasadena. we will have crews live at 5, 6 and 10 starting tuesday. we'll also be live all morning leading up to the game. be sure like kcci on facebook and download our mobile app for constant updates.
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the hawkeyes coming off that devastating loss to michigan state. kim: tonight at 6:00 longtime , broadcaster bob brooks remembers a rose bowl trip. an algona teen who was born premature is giving back to the hospital that saved her life. kcci's rose heaphy met her today and joins us in studio it's new -- in studio. it is new at 5:00. rose: she told me she wanted to finish this project by christmas time. that way, to make it a warmer christmas for all the families in the nic-u. grace braun of algona is making a special delivery. 50 fleece blankets to blank children's hospital. >> they always say it's better to give than to get. rose: 14 years ago grace was a , small bundle of her own. she was born 9 weeks premature. medical staff airlifted her from algona hospital to blank to receive care. she weighed less than 4 pounds. >> very scary, especially being a first time mom, not knowing
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rose: grace spent her first weeks in the neo-natal intensive care unit. enough time to leave an impression on her family. >> i wanted to somehow give back since i spent the first 6 weeks of my life here, so it's kind of an important place. rose: for the past 3 months, grace hand-made fleece blankets. wrapping each one with a note, explaining her story in the nicu. >> families that are in the nicu now, they're looking for those rays of hope. like a vision of the future that the nicu will be a thing of their past. rose: a part of grace's past. and now, years later, paying it forward with warmth. >> i was really small and i'm not anymore, so it does get better i guess, so yea good is coming. rose: grace says her church helped donate supplies for the blankets. in studio rose heaphy, kcci 8 , news, iowa's news leader. kim: straight ahead, we'll recap a deadly night of weather in the south as well as unseasonably warm conditions for eastcoast residents. we'll also tell you the bizarre weather circumstances that led to the death of dozens of water
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announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 5:00 with steve karlin, stacey horst, and chief meteorologist john mclaughlin. kim: wild weather in much of the
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from deadly storms in the south and midwest to unseasonably warm temperatures in the east. and as aixa diaz reports from our washington bureau, what we're seeing is far from typical for this time of year. aixa: kim spring-like conditions , are bringing tornadoes, flooding, and mild temperatures. frightening video of a tornado crossing a busy highway in mississippi. a post office destroyed in tennessee. a mobile home flipped upside down in kentucky. >> many, many homes have severe damage, it's just unreal. aixa: many, many homes have -- powerful storms hit southern states and the midwest, killing more than 10 people and leaving plenty of devastation in their wake. >> we've got such warm conditions in the east, you've got that clash of very warm conditions with some cooler air that's trying to push east across the central plains. aixa: bruce sullivan of the national weather service says the east coast could break records this christmas.
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as much as 30 degrees or more above normal thursday into friday across parts of the east. aixa: sullivan says forecasters are also watching a major storm system that will organize across the southern plains, possibly brining more heavy rain, flooding, and severe weather in the coming days. >> something to watch over the weekend, anybody who has travel plans over the weekend, really needs to pay attention to the weather. aixa: thousands of people are without power tonight from mississippi up to michigan. in washington, i'm aixa diaz. kim: and take a look at this. some arkansas residents rounded up 78 feathered victims of last night's extreme weather. the geese and ducks were taken out by hail reportedly as large as tennis balls. the birds will be cleaned and their meat given to the needy. the washington redskins might be a step closer to trademarking their contentious team name. last year, the u.s. patent and trademark office refused, citing federal law banning disparaging trademarks. but, a federal appeals court issued a ruling in a case that may set a precedent. it cited the first amendment in allowing trademark protections
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with what many would call a derogatory name. the nfl has now filed a statement with the court supporting the band's case. and norad is tracking santa's movements yet again as he delivers gifts to children all over the world. you can watch his progress online right now. officials say about 125,000 children will call norad. among the volunteers fielding those calls, first lady michelle obama. we are going to check back in with kurtis now. kurtis: i have the live feed from norad right now. he is in algeria in africa. we have a winter received. it wasn't a tremendous amount of snow here in the metro. a white christmas for many locations. wind chill, 25. north winds at six miles per hour. some more snowfall totals coming in.
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the official reading for des moines just around an inch, just shy of that. snow continuing northeast of outdoor. generally, the snow over for the metro. 7:00 p.m., snow far off to the north. below freezing, so some icy clouds out there -- so some ice cream fall out there. temperatures will warm up tomorrow up to the upper 30's on christmas day. snow moved on through, was very intense. that is why some of the amounts with very high. it is now moving across northeastern iowa. if you are traveling through the daylight hours, looks to be ok
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our system moving through. high pressure settling in temporarily. there is another system up screen -- upstream. futurecast. doing a good job with the snow right now. potential for some fog overnight. could have some impact on the early morning travel. try throughout the day and then very late friday into saturday, it looks like we'll see some rain in west central iowa. rain moving into central iowa. maybe a little bit of accumulating snow in northwestern iowa. you can see the rain eventually changing on over. if you are tracking santa, we will give you updates 6:00 and 10:00 tonight. tonight, 25 degrees.
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8 day forecast. saturday, precipitation. could be rain. next week, we are really going to have to keep an eye on the system on monday. new year's eve and new year's day, drive but cold. kim: an update now on the latest road conditions across the state from the iowa dot. the grain to see their means -- the green you see their means normal driving conditions. but we're seeing a lot of blue . that's where roads are partially covered and pink which is completely covered. taking a look at our live traffic cam, you can see things are moving along quite nicely after a dicey afternoon. some side streets are a little bit slick in areas, so if you are headed out tonight, be safe and take it slow. here's what we're working on for 6:00. it is one of the busiest
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kim: if you're scrambling to scratch off everyone on your shopping list, you're in good company. many shoppers waited until christmas eve to look for presents. and as weijia jiang reports from washington, many are finding the
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weijia: daryl dudley doesn't deny it he thrives on last-minute christmas shopping. >> every year i promise myself i'm going to do it earlier but that never comes to pass so here i am. weijia: dudley had plenty of company in georgetown. it is packed with people who like the pressure. and bargain hunters. especially this holiday season. analysts say the deals are better than ever. >> in some cases, for hot items, you're seeing anywhere from 50 to 30% off below black friday prices. weijia: retail experts say stores are offering deep discounts to compete with online shopping, specifically with companies like amazon that offer cheap, expedited shipping. >> online you just sit home, get , the amazon prime, in two days it'll be there, sometimes one day. weijia: the national retail sales happen the 10 days before christmas. holiday spending is expected to grow 3.7% this year. sales are expected to top $630
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>> i will probably be closing out the malls tonight. weijia: shoppers like dudley say it pays to procrastinate. kim: this should make you feel warm. some australians in perth celebrated the arrival of christmas eve this morning by going for a festive surf dressed as santa claus. the annual crowd pleaser is also a fundraiser for the homeless in perth. these penguins also got to dress up in their christmas best at the long island aquarium. you can see a bunch of them wore little red and white suits for their visit with santa. cinnamon the bear is back home in the forest after a trashy trip through fresno, california. wildlife officials believe the bear fell asleep in a garbage bin and got an unwanted ride to the dump. animal control tranquilized cinnamon and took him home. a look now at our airports skycam. of the forecast. you're watching kcci 8 news at
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kim: finally tonight, a mysterious blue light spotted the skies over omaha early this morning. just two days ago, the u.s. military said a mysterious streak and the skies over the southwestern part of the country was caused by russian space debris returning to earth. not knowing if there is any connection or perhaps, maybe it was a sleigh and eight tiny reindeer. he is in africa right now. africa. he looks like he may be moving over the atlantic ocean. headed. night goes along. it is definitely going to be a white christmas for many locations that have the heavier snowfall.
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waterloo got about three inches of snow. tonight, the only problem i can foresee is some icy spots. we may get some fog forming. keep that in mind late tonight and early tomorrow. 3:00 p.m. temperature, 39 degrees. there is a system that is going to moving christmas night that could bring in wintry mix. i think we may midseason some rain on saturday. 41 degrees. sunday looks to be the drive day if you are traveling. monday, some of the computer models bring in a big storm. others to get to the south. tuesday, that would be in the morning. as we slide into the new year, your forecast is dry but cold. kim: at of the any of us were really expecting a white
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