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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning at 430am  Me-TV  December 25, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CST

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believe it or not, another system will pass through tonight. there is a chance for extreme northwestern portions of the state that you could again the snow. that will not be making it into the metro, and we climb to a high of 38 degrees. shaina: the holiday shopping season is officially over. plenty of central iowans made a mad dash last night grabbing up those last-minute presents. here's ryan smith. ryan: christmas eve. >> it's the most wonderful time of the year. >> i love christmas and i like giving to other people. ryan: at valley west mall. the holiday spirit is everywhere you look. >> i sitting next to the raindeer. ryan: how fun was that? fun for the kids.
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>> doing some last-second shopping. ryan: a race against the clock for parents. you have about an hour to get everything done. >> absolutely right. but we're just trying to get everything done. ryan: these shoppers. >> i thought i had everybody but i didn't. ryan: are playing it down to the wire this year. >> it's kind of annoying. with under one hour before the doors close this is it. ryan: do you like shopping last-minute like this? >> no. ryan: why not? >> i'm organized. i like to be together so it's kind of fun in a way but it's not. >> i'm actually a little ahead of the game this year. usually wait a little bit longer. ryan: for professional procrastinators like matt barber the gift-wrapping station is key. >> no offense to anyone out there but 90% of the people that come out here are men.
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these christmas helpers cut, fold and tie for a good cause. all proceeds benefit the children's cancer connection. >> we just want to make sure that they look really nice for people and we've had people come up today that have said that you're a life-saver because i don't wrap my own presents or you're a life-saver because i waited until the last-minute. shaina: gift wrapping at valley west will raise about $15,000 for the children's cancer connection. grocery stores were also mobbed as 11th-hour shoppers picked up last-minute ingredients. kcci's kim st. onge met one woman who was lucky enough to have two helpers. kim: between crowded carts and some spirited shoppers. >> get the carrots for the reindeer. kim: erin kuhl and her two helpers are making sure santa's reindeer won't leave their home hungry this christmas. >> 'wow. those reindeer are gonna be so full. kim: they're among hundreds of people braving the crowds at the urbandale hyvee picking up those last-minute items. turn any corner and you'll see shoppers with lists in hand. >> it's definitely crowded and crazy in here but everyone is in a good mood and having a good time. kim: stop at any counter. >> smoked mozzerella. kim: and you'll hear a bit of christmas cheer.
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kim: that contagious holiday spirit seems to make the art of dodging dozens of carts not so bad. >> do you think santa likes chips? do you think daddy likes chips? >> yeah. kim: with help from her 4 and 2-year-old making some of the important decisions. erin managed to finish her grocery list in less than an hour. >> looking forward to spending a couple days with family and friends and cooking up some good treats. kim: enjoying good treats with great company. once she gets through the long lines at the check out counter. >> thank you so much, merry christmas. shaina: most hyvees closed early christmas eve and will be closed today. hyvee officials say it was one of their busiest shopping days, along with the day before thanksgiving and the day before the super bowl. now around the world at the , vatican last night pope francis celebrated midnight mass, where he delivered a message of compassion and hope. cbs news correspondent anna matranga has more from st. peter's square. anna: thousands of pilgrims
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pope francis' christmas eve mass. he urged the faithful to shun pleasure, wealth and extravagance, into return to the essential values of life. he said, our style of life should be devout, filled with empathy, compassion and mercy. the popes words resonate with catholics and non-catholics alike. >> he gives the message that we all need to hear, the message of love, this is something the world needs more of. anna children from around the : world played a large role in the christmas celebration. many journeyed from countries that francis has visited since he became pope. security here around the vatican was very high. all of the surrounding streets were blocked off from traffic and anyone entering st peter's , square had to go through a metal detector. including the pasquinelli
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17 of them, aged eight to 86, traveled from the us to see the pope. >> it was a natural place for someone to target to pinpoint , for an event. so we were nervous. anna tens of thousands are : expected to crowd st. peter's square to hear the pope's traditional speech at noon on christmas day. anna matranga, cbs news, vatican city. shaina: and christians from around the world gathering once again in bethlehem for christmas eve celebrations. thousands of people crowded into manger square for the festivities. the palestinian tourism minister says bethlehem is the birthplace of the king of peace and peace is what we want. however bethlehem in recent months has been a focal point for clashes between israeli troops and palestinian protesters. at 4:36, your weather is never more than five minutes away. jason: i have been hearing a lot of people that are excited about
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we are going to be tracking santa all morning again. he has delivered over seven and a quarter billion present. i do not know how he has done it. now he is on his way out to hawaii and will be headed eastward throughout the day. a winter weather advisory has issued for four counties. likely will see a few inches of snow, but i do not think that trickles our direction. a cloudy day with highs in the mid to upper 30's. when you look across the map, we are struggling to find warmth soon as most of that has spilled its way southeastward. temperatures in the low 40's saturday, down into the low 30's on sunday. shaina: an update now on the latest road conditions across the state from the iowa dot. and things have improved
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we have a few blue patches, meaning the roads are partially is looking good. should be no worries for anyone heading out to grandma's today. but thursday afternoon i-35 shut down after reports of multiple accidents. the dot closed southbound traffic between ames and story city after dozens of crashes and cars in ditches. some drivers were forced to swerve off the road to avoid accidents. the tow trucks were very busy and people traveling southbound , to des moines told us they didn't expect this much snowfall that fast. >> this semi was stopped and we all stopped behind it and i got run into from the back and it kind of caused a chain reaction. >> the number of cars it's just , going up. every time you turn around there's another one going in. it's one person after the next semis versus cars smashed in. shaina: and storm chaser t.j. kleckner sent in this video of a
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about 5 miles south of algona along highway 169. you can see the heavy snow was still falling when rescue crews arrived. fortunately neither driver was , seriously hurt. and in council bluffs a first , responder needed rescuing herself after she was injured trying to help the victim of a rollover crash. officials say the firefighter slipped and slid down a ravine trying to get close to the victim. the driver of the suv was taken to an omaha hospital and is expected to recover. sports news now the hawkeyes , have left for pasadena on their historic trip. it's the first time iowa has gone to the rose bowl in 25 years. and the journey has now begun. a charter plane took off from the eastern iowa airport thursday afternoon in cedar rapids. they departed for la around 12:45. players, coaches and staff have a week to get ready for the january first bowl game against stanford. there will be plenty of festivities, including a welcome event at disneyland on december
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, steakhouse. the eastern iowa airport is preparing for about 3,000 football fans to follow the team on charter flights beginning december 29. count on kcci for team coverage from pasadena. our crews will be live at 5:00, 6:00, and 10:00 starting tuesday. we'll also be live all morning leading up to the game. be sure to like kcci on facebook and download our mobile app for constant updates. still ahead a girl helped by a , hospital as a baby returns the good deed this christmas. and, we'll recap a deadly night of weather in the south as well
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i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. this is iowa's news leader. this is "kcci 8 news this morning" with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz and right now coverage with shaina humphries. jason: merry christmas morning to you, for: 42. -- 4:42. 28 right now. temperature is in the middle 20's at this point. not seeing anything by way of snow either. that is continue to shift its we are staying locked in with cloud cover. i don't think we see too many breaks as we head throughout the
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if you look at the past five years, we have bounced around a time. back in 2012, 19 degrees with our high temperature. we do not quite -- 35 degrees, we start to see a little bit of the snow melt. more chances for snow, a wintry mix, and temperatures dropping off. shaina: an algona teen who was born premature is giving back to the hospital that saved her life. kcci's rose heaphy explains she wants to make it a warmer christmas for all the families in the nic-u. rose: grace braun of algona is making a special delivery. 50 fleece blankets to blank children's hospital. >> they always say it's better to give than to get. rose: 14 years ago grace was a small bundle of her own. she was born 9 weeks premature. medical staff airlifted her from algona hospital to blank to
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she weighed less than 4 pounds. >> very scary especially being a first-time mom, not knowing what to expect. rose: grace spent her first weeks in the neo natal intensive care unit enough time to leave , an impression on her family. >> i wanted to somehow give back since i spent the first 6 weeks of my life here so it's kind of an important place. rose: for the past 3 months, grace hand-made fleece blankets. wrapping each one with a note, explaining her story in the nicu. >> families that are in the nicu now they're looking for those , rays of hope. like a vision of the future that the nicu will be a thing of their past. rose: a part of grace's past. and now years later paying it forward with warmth. >> >> i was really small and i'm not anymore so it does get better i guess, so yea good is coming. shaina: grace says her church helped donate supplies for the blankets. here's a live look right now at
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it makes sense, it is christmas morning so enjoy the warmth of your home. if you have to head out anywhere , you will be about the only
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merry christmas, everyone. >> weather is never more than 5 minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. jason: merry christmas morning to you. 4:48, and we have got a gorgeous day to get through. the average time for this higher -- the average high for this time of year is in the low 30's. feels like temperatures have largely been in the upper teen to the north and mid-20's for central and southern parts of the state. besides that, not sitting too bad. santa at the moment is headed
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he has got to reload. he will not be encountering much as far as whether goes. -- as far as the weather goes. we are fairly socked in with cloud cover, and a winter portion of the state. the visibility will likely be limited. take note of that as you head out and about. 38 degrees by 3:00 p.m. we keep the louts all day long and later on into the evening, there is a chance for some precipitation. high pressure off to the eastward. that makes way for our next weather maker. most of this will fall to the northwest part of the state. mainly through southeastern
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central portions of nebraska, so anywhere west of the state you will be encountering that. futurecast continues to keep the cloud cover in the next, mainly in the western portions of the state early on. you can see that starting to surge in. most of us just traveling through the northwestern portion of the state, plan on two or potentially three inches of snow. overnight we have chances of a bit of a max. mainly just rain and the metro. the transition line will be around for dodge or so as it shifts eastward. snow totals will stay to our northwest. we have the fog advisory and you can see in the northwestern corner of the state, a winter weather advisory. otherwise, we spend the dry -- the day dry with temperatures in
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as we check into the weekend, 42 on saturday and there is another significant system coming our way on monday. shaina: does not look too bad. wild weather in much of the country this week. from deadly storms in the south and midwest, to unseasonably warm temperatures in the east. and as aixa diaz reports from our washington bureau, what we're seeing is far from typical for this time of year. aixa: spring-like conditions are bringing tornadoes, flooding, and mild temperatures. frightening video of a tornado crossing a busy highway in mississippi. a post office destroyed in tennessee. a mobile home flipped upside down in kentucky. >> many, many homes have severe damage, it's just unreal. aixa: powerful storms hit southern states and the midwest, killing more than 10 people and leaving plenty of devastation in their wake. >> we've got such warm
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got that clash of very warm , moist conditions with some plains. aixa: bruce sullivan of the national weather service says the east coast could break records this christmas. >> temperatures may be as much as 30 degrees or more above normal thursday into friday across parts of the east. aixa: sullivan says forecasters are also watching a major storm system that will organize across the southern plains, possibly bringing more heavy rain flooding, and severe weather in , the coming days. >> something to watch over the weekend, anybody who has travel plans over the weekend, really needs to pay attention to the weather. aixa: thousands of people from mississippi to michigan are without power tonight. in washington, i'm aixa diaz.
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jason: merry christmas morning, 4:55. we are looking ahead to a splendid christmas day we have some impact for whether that will pass only to the northwest. we do have a chance for little bit of snow in extreme northwestern portions of the state. we have a dense fog advisory for all of central iowa, so it could be taking on our visibility at times, but we will warm up
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notice the precipitation chances mainly through the northwestern portions of the state. as we head into the evening hours, that will drag across a good portion of iowa. 42 on saturday, 31 on monday. that is your next shot at a decent weather system. all the way down to 20 degrees for your high on friday. shaina: a local army veteran's last act of heroism was recorded on cell phone video, during the final moments of his life. staff sergeant matthew whalen recently suffered a massive stroke. his family made the tough decision to take him off life support, so that his organs could be donated to two other military veterans. ken molestina has the story. >> he was a four-time combat veteran. he was an exceptionally loving
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certainly he deserved that recognition. ken: talking about an impromptu honor guard ceremony for her husband, staff sergeant matthew huawei. service members current and past stood at attention as the 35-year-old was wheeled away to take him off life support. >> he has put his life on the line for so many people before, and i think it would mean a lot to him that it was two veterans. ken: the veteran was kept on life support long enough to keep his -- to let his loved ones say goodbye. people like sean who fought alongside him on deployment. >> everything about him was for other people, to save other people. ken: so it was only fitting that his last act be one that saved two more lives.
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loved his soldiers. he was a protector and a leader. shaina: within the first 24 hours of that cell phone video being posted it was seen nearly 4 million times. two full hours of today's top stories are coming up at 5:00 . starting with a white christmas and iowa. a christmas eve snow storm leaves the ground covered in parts of the hawkeye state. and we're live at mercy medical center where several volunteers
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that and more all ahead on kcci >> you're watching kcci 8 news. shaina: right now at 5:00, some parts of iowa are waking up to a white christmas this morning. but will it stay cold enough for the snow to stick around? and the wild weather around the country continues. two more tornadoes reported on thursday, and another storm developing in the south. good morning, and thank you for
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