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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  December 26, 2015 5:00am-6:00am CST

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how iowans spent their christmas day, after unwrapping all those presents. and here's a look at the road conditions across iowa this saturday morning from blue means the roads are partially covered, and pink means completely covered. right now, only the western part of the state seems to be impacted. if you're headed out on the roads this morning, make sure you're taking it slow. for those who are trying to enjoy their saturday, what can they expect for the weather forecast today? frank: it is going to be a chilly one today, 35 degrees in the metro. fort dodge at 32. that is where it is cold enough that they are seeing some snow this morning. if you look at the computer model, a mixed bag of precipitation off to the north. clarion seeing some mixed precipitation.
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is this morning. it has not been real heavy but it has created some travel problems off to the north. buying noon, just some spotty showers in the metro, create. we clear out -- 38. we clear out this afternoon, and a big storm on the way in the 8 day forecast. alyx: thank you, frank. right now, survivors of the deadly storms in the south spent christmas day cleaning up wreckage and giving thanks just to be alive. unusually warm weather spawned an outbreak of tornadoes that killed at least 14 people. mark strassman reports from mississippi. >> this is bad, this is bad. mark: sonia wilkins came home to know christmas joy. >> this is where i used to live and it's all gone.
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cluster of deadly tornadoes. the youngest victim, 7-year-old nikolas pumroy, trapped in the car with his mother and sister. the winds ripped him out of the vehicle. among the six who died in tennessee, three were found in a car submerged in a river. this aerial view of ashland, mississippi shows the devastation of the most powerful storm. it reportedly stayed on the ground for at least 145 miles, packing winds up to 160 miles per hour. barbara williamson was inside her clarksdale home when it was shreded around her. >> i don't know how i'm alive. it's a miracle. a christmas miracle. mark: at the red cross emergency center in holly springs, the christmas spirit was on full display. donated toys for children who lost their presents in the storm. laverne zinn picked out new toys for her nieces and nephews. >>the smile on their face, that makes me happy. mark: a hard rain for most of the day kept many families from salvaging what they could. the forecast brightens on
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stormy again. mark strassmann, cbs news, holly springs, mississippi. alyx: now for big stories in central iowa this morning, a fiery christmas morning crash in webster county. it happened friday afternoon along highway 20 near fort dodge. webster county officials say six people were hurt when the driver of a jeep drifted across the center line and struck a pickup. all six were taken to area hospitals. we were told one of the injured was an infant. the extent of their injuries is unknown at this time. the clerk of a local store is recovering this morning from a christmas eve stabbing. des moines police say a man walked into southside liquor and tobacco outlet around 6:30 thursday night, demanding money. they say he then stabbed a female worker in her right arm. the suspect drove off in a white honda crv with iowa plates dmv-672. if you have any information you're urged to call des moines police.
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monday since a hit and run crash killed an iowa state freshman at lincoln way and ash, right across from campus. 18-year-old emmalee jacobs died early on december 14. investigators have examined surveillance video from nearby businesses, even talked to some tipsters. but so far, no arrests. if you have any information, you are asked to call ames police. volunteers around the metro spent christmas day giving back. hope ministries served nearly 2000 meals to those in need. the group formed an assembly line to get the food delivered in time for dinner. another group, meals on wheels joined mercy medical center to cook 350 meals. more than 75 people helped package and drive the food out to hungry recipients. >> this family we see more of than our normal family because we are here eight hours a day. but the other families we see whenever we can.
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alyx: friday's effort marked the seventh year that mercy has paired up with meals on wheels. time now, 5:05 on your saturday morning. it is a little chilly out there. frank: a little chilly and wet, depending on where you are. the metro seeing shower activity off to the west. a freezing mix up around fort dodge this morning. to the north and east of there is where the snow is. if you have travel plans up north, you have to keep this in mind. minneapolis seeing some snow, stretching all the way to the dakotas and sections of nebraska. there's a winter weather advisory in effect until noon off to the north. that includes kossuth county and mason city, and north story county. temperatures waking up, 36 in the metro, really cold off to
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rapid city this hour only at 12 degrees. today, 39 degrees, clouds around this afternoon, and a little breezy. tomorrow we bring in a gusty northerly wind, and monday a winter storm. alyx: thank you, frank. a lot of central iowans spent this christmas earning a buck. quick trip gas stations kept the pumps and cash registers running. we saw lots of people taking advantage of that. employees we spoke to say they don't mind working christmas since they get paid double time. mercy medical center open too, of course. workers there say if they had to work anywhere on christmas, it would be there helping others. >> it's a double edged sword. i mean, you want to be home with your family and spend time with them, but at the same time, you also know that your job is here and you are still spreading the christmas cheer and love. alyx: we also noticed walgreens
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christmas. everyone working at the airport, thank you for everyone who worked on the holiday. but the good news for many, most central iowans did have the day off friday. and for many families in des moines, opening presents is just the first part of christmas day fun. kcci's rose heaphy caught up with a few families out and about who say it's about making memories. rose: surrounds down in set of sleigh bells, thousands flocked to flix brewhouse for christmas day showings. >> a very merry christmas, may the merry force christmas be with you. rose: for the claxton family, hitting the theaters was the holiday plan all along. >> we have got family in from california, the quad cities and then our local families, so there's 18 of us and we're all coming to see "star wars." rose: seven star wars showings at flix sold out. the claxtons bought their tickets two months ago. >> as soon as it became available to buy we bought the tickets knowing that everybody
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rose: others bundled up in the brisk winter air at brenton skating plaza. skating hand in hand underneath the christmas tree. >> it's cool having it outside because when we were little we used to go to the indoor one but we're not any good by any means but it's just fun. rose: up down in east village drew out some people's competitive side. >> there's a little finesse with a little english to it, kinda what you do in pool. rose: the bar has a variety of vintage arcade games providing a , different ghost of christmas past. a gift of fun shared, beyond the presents opened christmas morning. >> it just kinda feels like there is more presents after the fact of all the presidents. -- presents. i get to hang out with the family. rose: altogether, making the christmas present, time spent together. alyx: that was rose heaphy reporting. people were also happy to see snow on the ground. they say it made christmas all the more enjoyable. christmas morning has come and gone but you may want to think twice before you get rid of those boxes that were used to contain those big ticket items. police say criminals can take
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and other electronics you have , just by the trash you leave outside your home. >> they drive up and down the alleys and the streets right after christmas and they take notes of addresses whether they're gonna come back in a day, come back in a week or come back in three months. they know exactly what's in the house now. alyx: some really good advice. police in saint paul have a new program to help reduce these burglaries, offering a free recycling drop-off site. and we all know that sometimes you receive a christmas gift that wasn't on your wish list. but a warning that returning gifts you don't want, can be difficult. >> 85% of retailers now require identification, for example, if you don't have a receipt. alyx: according to consumer reports, it's estimated around 40% of americans try to return or exchange a gift they don't like. but experts say doing that is becoming more difficult without a receipt because of fraud. an increasing number of retailers are reporting they've been victimized by shoplifters who then try to return stolen
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if you're trying to get a refund , keep the gift in its unopened , original package. also be prepared for possible restocking fees and store credit only. neither snow nor rain nor the holiday stopped package deliveries on christmas day. fedex workers picked up some overtime delivering last minute packages, following delays due to weather in the south. and postal service employees also got in the christmas spirit at locations around the country. collie turner pitched in with his coworkers over in san jose. >> when everybody is expecting a gift and all of a sudden they don't get it and all of a sudden we knock on the door and then they get their gift. alyx: a good place to be, delivering that gift. fedex reported a 12% jump in business compared to last year's holiday season. still to come on kcci 8 news this morning weekends. packing a punch. we'll wrap up the 2015 political season as we look ahead to the 2016 elections.
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is "kcci 8 news this morning weekends" with alyx
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slater. frank: good sunday morning, 5:14. we are waking up to a little bit of a mixed bag of to the north. clarion toward fort dodge this is some freezing makes. -- mix. it will fall as a mix between rain and snow. how gonna is where the snow is. if you are heading north on interstate 35, keep that in mind. it is even off to the north and west this morning. road conditions partially to mostly covered with snow and ice. the heavier snow just off to the north and west. minneapolis getting in on some of that snow. temperatures for the most part in the metro, warm enough for just rain, but off to the north is where it cools down.
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degrees. this to the north. alyx: turning now to commitment 2016 news, this year packed a political punch, from email scandals to some very popular yet unconventional presidential contenders. dianne gallagher is in washington with a breakdown of the highlights. dianne: the 2016 presidential election campaign kicked into high gear. the crowded gop field started out with a whopping 17 candidates, and one name has dominated the political dialogue. mr. bush: donald trump. ms. fiorina: donald trump. mr. cruz: if you look at donald trump. dianne: the billionaire's bombastic style grabbed daily headlines. mr. trump: i know more about isis than the generals do. believe me. i would bomb the ----out of them. now you gotta see this guy, "aw, i don't know what i said.
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excuse me, sit down, you weren't called. sit down. sit down. i don't care about megyn kelly but no, i would not apologize. she should probably apologize to me, but i just don't care. dianne: while he maintained frontrunner status, the democratic field much smaller, with political power house hillary clinton fighting off junior senator bernie sanders and his huge campaign crowds. hillary clinton's campaign trail took a dramatic turn to capitol hill in october. ms. clinton: i've lost more sleep than all of you put together. dianne: the democratic frontrunner testified in front of a house committee investigating the benghazi tragedy. the clinton campaign calls it a political witch hunt. republicans insist it's not about clinton, but about getting answers. in washington, i'm dianne gallagher reporting. alyx: many of the candidates laid low this christmas season. but donald trump cap the stops going. julianna goldman reports. julianna: on christmas eve donald trump attended midnight , mass a service wishing peace
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its limits. in a string of twitter attacks, the republican front runner took credit for the obama administration's plan to deport hundreds of illegal immigrants back to central america ridiculed jeb bush and said quote, i look forward to running against hillary clinton, a totally flawed candidate, and beating her soundly. trump has used an unconventional playbook to dominate the race with insults and controversies. he has remained on top without pollsters or a single tv ad. some cracks may be showing in iowa, where ted cruz is ahead by nine points in the latest cbs news poll. the texas senator spent the last week on a multi-state tour, complete with a santa at every stop. but it's possible that polls are underestimating trump's support. a study earlier this week found he performed six points higher when people were polled online versus over the phone with a person on the other end. one reason, voters may be embarrassed to admit they're backing someone who's been
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>> trump is a bit of an embarrassing person and so if you think of yourself as serious minded voter and you like trump you're not going to want to tell , people that. julianna: cbs news political analyst jamelle bouie says iowa will test a possible trump effect. >> iowa is place where unconventional candidates tend to do pretty well and if trump over performs in iowa that gives us a guide post to what i think may unfold for the remaining season. alyx: that was julianna goldman reporting. the candidates are taking a rare few days off for christmas. but they will be back on the campaign trail starting sunday. we are now just five weeks away from the iowa caucuses. coming up on kcci close-up on sunday, we talk in depth with governor branstad. he recently became the longest serving governor in our nation's history. >> a lot of people lost their farms, went through some
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diversified economy. we started renewable energy from corn then we use in gasoline. we have, long way, and the things we have done in the farm crisis in the 1980's did made iowa a more diversified and prosperous state. alyx: you can hear the governor reflect on his record-breaking time in office as well as the , issues he has led the state through. that's this sunday on close-up right after face the nation. frank: today could be a little dicey, just depending upon where you are headed. keep that in mind, road conditions not so great to the northwest but we are above freezing in the metro. that will mean mainly just rain this morning.
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again, just depending upon where you are this morning, you could see a little bit of snow or a mixed bag of precipitation to the north. the visibility is much better today than in the past several days. algona, one and three quarters of a mile. to the west is where things start to deteriorate a little bit. 36 in the metro. if we see anything outside this morning, it will be very light rain, the wind is a little gusty out of the east at 13 miles per hour. it will be switching out of the north and it will be breezy. notice by 3:00, we top out near 39 degrees. average for this time of year, 32 degrees. 37 degrees by 6:00. an area of low pressure down to the south and west, coming to the east and wrapping colder air around the upper edges.
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in the dakotas, and nebraska. here is futurecast, an area of low pressure will be moving through and again, we will be watching the snow off to the north. breezy for us in central iowa today. the morning rain, a mix to the north. 28 degrees tonight. the wind still breezy out of the north at 15 to 25. sunday, 33. monday, several inches of snow expected. tuesday, some of that snow lingers into the morning, 29, and a cold start to 2016. >> a waukee teenagerself. dad: no? culligan man: no. anncr: leave it to the experts. with a culligan whole-house water softening system, you get better water, and service you can actually count on.
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praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in.
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dad: hey, culligan man. culligan man: hey! dad: this is great! culligan man: i know. >> it was the christmas surprise of a lifetime for one local teenager. nathan sanders, a junior at waukee high school phone he opened all his presence when he saw one more. -- all his presents when he saw one more. >> what is it?
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>> nathan gets to go to the game with his dad and uncle and cousin. they say they are all driving out there and they will head out monday morning. jeff had to keep the news from his son for over a week but told me "it was awesome." the game is at 4:00 on new year's day, taking on stanford. the uni basketball team has two mammoth wins this year, north carolina and iowa state. they have also lost their fair share of games. friday, they wrapped up there trip to hawaii by taking on b.y.u.. b.y.u., moments later jeremy morgan, and here comes the panthers. b.y.u., shea fisher leading the way.
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the mayor and his christmas day coaching on the heels of controversy. jimmy butler recently criticized fred hoiberg for not coaching the team hard enough. there is butler. iowa is up by six, butler was the man. he had 23 points. one of 5-96. -- 105-96. lebron is taking on -- seth curry is having fun. cleveland down eight. they go to lebron. the big fellow had 29 points,
5:25 am
currently only had 19 points, 89-83, golden state wins it. awkward moment alert. she got herself into an uncomfortable spot. it happened when lebron james was talking to the lady on the courtside seat. a crybaby to her friend right as lebron looked at her. then she tries to play it off like, i was holding this water bottle here. nevermind.
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>> the most watched morning news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is "kcci 8 news this morning weekends." alyx: right now at 5:30, christmas wildfire. the devastating fire ripping through australia right now. the destruction it has left and , when conditions are supposed to let up. plus, tight security in pasadena. what to expect if you're a hawkeye fan heading to the rose
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good saturday morning, everyone. thank you so much for waking up with us. i'm alyx sacks, meteorologist frank scaglione sitting by. i was flying into des moines yesterday. there is no better people to be with then iowans on christmas day. it felt like "star wars." snow was zooming past the plane, but then it was clear once we got on the ground. frank: it has been wild all across the country. with the tornadoes across the south, and some unexpected snowstorms last week. now we have another snowstorm headed our way, not going to come this weekend but it is on its way by early next week. some fresh powder on the ground in algona. off to the north, you can see it
5:28 am
northern portions of the state, a wintry mix fort dodge down toward carroll. temperature in des moines, 36, 36 in ames. the north. 3:00, we clear out the clouds. this afternoon. alyx: right now, devastating news out of new jersey. authorities there say three people have been found dead in a apparent murder-suicide. the bodies were found friday night at a luxury high-rise apartment building. authorities say a husband shot and killed his wife and 8-year-old daughter, then turned the gun on himself. a news conference is scheduled for this morning. authorities are now investigating. and in australia, more than 100 homes have been destroyed by a christmas day wildfire. it tore through a stretch of coastline in southern australia. no one was injured by the blaze,
5:29 am
triggered by a lightning strike. brian: in belmar, new jersey no one was throwing snowballs this christmas, only volleyballs. >> no better way to start christmas day off with my new volleyball i got for christmas and my buddies. , it's a dream come true to play on christmas day. brian: the winter chill took off for the holiday. surfers relished temperatures in the sixties, warm enough to enjoy ice cream and skate in shorts at bryant park's outdoor rink in new york city. >> we're visiting from australia. we were coming over for a white christmas what do we get, beautiful weather, it is fantastic. i haven't taken the shorts off the whole time i've been here. brian: the national weather service says this is the warmest christmas on record in new york city. the record was also shattered on christmas eve. the high was 72, just 3 degrees cooler than the temperature on the 4th of july. records were also hit in the south and up and down the east coast.
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brian santa got in a round of : golf near bangor, maine on christmas eve. >> it's a lot harder here in maine. i'm used to playing on the hard grounds up in the north pole. brian: he also went water skiing with his reindeer in alexandria, virginia. >> this is fantastic. we'll take every beautiful day like this. brian: but the warm temperatures combined with heavy rain are starting to bug people in palm beach county, florida where mosquitoes are becoming a nuisance, long after summer came to a close. brian webb for cbs news. alyx: the weather is expected to cool down in the coming week. with temperatures in new york dropping into the forties. meanwhile the west coast is , seeing quite a bit of rain and snow. back here in iowa, snow last minute for the christmas holiday has made the roadways look a little bit challenging across
5:31 am
here's a look from a. if you are headed out this morning, make sure you take it slow. a fiery christmas morning crash in webster county. it happened friday afternoon along highway 20 near fort dodge. webster county officials say six people were hurt when the driver of a jeep drifted across the center line and struck a pickup. all were taken to area six hospitals. we were told one of the injured was an infant. the extent of the injuries is not known at this time. the clerk of a local store is recovering this morning from a christmas eve stabbing. des moines police say a man walked into southside liquor and tobacco outlet around 6:30 thursday night demanding money. they say he then stabbed a female worker in her right arm. the suspect drove off in a white honda crv with iowa plates dmv-672. if you have any information you're urged to call des moines , police.
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about on christmas day even with , many places closed for the holiday. at flix brewhouse the theatre served thousands of people friday. multiple showings of "star wars" sold out at flix. for one ankeny family going to the theaters says they weren't surprised. they told kcci they bought their tickets two months ago to see "star wars." in the spirit of christmas, they wanted to spend time together and the share the experience. >> we have got family in from california the quad cities and , then our local families, so there's 18 of us and we're all coming to see "star wars." my son is so excited he can't stand it. alyx: can you believe i still have not seen it? frank: i cannot. you have been missing out. satellite radar in the metro, a couple of shouting -- spotty
5:33 am
snow off to the north, a freezing mix in between freezing rain in fort dodge and carroll. if you have travel plans to the big old mass. all the way back into portions of nebraska. that is an area of low pressure that will be pulling its way through. a winter weather advisory until noon goes to the north of the metro. could see some slick roadways. 36 your wake-up temperature in des moines, but to the north, upper 20's in algona. around bismarck, single digits and rapid city, only at 12 degrees. a neat picture from ben humphrey. we are headed for a high today of 39. tomorrow, we will be partly
5:34 am
a wintry mix for monday, turning into snow. alyx: thank you. in the wake of terrorist attacks in san bernardino and paris, security for this year's rose parade and rose bowl game will look and feel more like the super bowl. thousands of iowans will soon be converging on southern california, and while there is no credible threat against the event federal and local , officials are taking no chances. reporter tom wait has more from the parade route with the strategy and how it could affect you. tom:>> it is just immense. tom: former fbi agent steve moore described the mind-boggling challenge facing law enforcement during the rose parade, how to keep one million people safe. >> this is a scarier year. tom: he used to be involved with security during the rose bowl
5:35 am
people was always difficult but the fbi has a solid strategy. >> the real thing now is the pregame. it is, what are you going to do before the event that is going to change the potential result. that has been going on for weeks and weeks and will continue to go on all the way through the end of the parade. tom: pasadena police are teaming up with the fbi, homeland security, and the l.a. county sheriff and chp. the parade route be lined with security cameras and undercover agents will be sprinkled everywhere. multiple canines on patrol, even sensors to detect uranium. spectators can be the first line of defense. more says he believes the event will be as safe as ever. >> i would bring my family there. number two, the thing they should understand is the amount of security in that area is
5:36 am
alyx: they should feel safe. you can count on kcci for team coverage from pasadena. our crews will be live at 5:00, 6:00, and 10:00 starting tuesday. we'll also be live all morning leading up to the game and will have a live one hour special right before kickoff. be sure to like kcci on facebook and download our mobile app for constant updates. still ahead on kcci wacky , weather year. we'll recap the crazy 2015 weather season. the biggest storms that swept across the country. plus, these kids are in shape. we'll catch up with two metro area kids prepping to represent
5:37 am
frank: good morning, welcome back, 5:43. we are going to show you what you will be seeing this morning. just off to the west of the metro, sections of greene county, it is all rain that if you go to the north of that around fort dodge and south of algona, that is where it changes over to freezing rain. temperatures, it kind of depends on where you are. here in des moines, 36, ames at 33. fort dodge, right around the
5:38 am
tracking the next big storm to hit the state, details coming up. alyx: relentless snowstorms, deadly floods, and a powerful category 5 hurricane all made weather headlines this year. and as karin caifa reports, it took less than a month for 2015 to make the record books. it has only been 14 days folks , and we've already had 70-80 of , snow. karin: that was just the beginning for parts of new england. nearly every week, for three months straight, snowstorms blanketed streets, buried cars and strained people's patience. >> everybody's just fed up. karin: boston had its snowiest season on record, with 110.6 inches. it all finally melted in july. >> get inside. get inside. karin: in the spring, several large tornadoes raked across texas. >> it sounded like a jet engine, right above your head. karin: two people were killed in
5:39 am
ravaged the city of van. then came the flooding. days of heavy rain caused the blanco river to reach historic, deadly crests in wimberley and san marcos, texas. several homes were swept off their foundations. >> a house just went by up the river, and there's a person in it with a spotlight. karin: laura mccomb, her husband and their two children were inside that house. >> it's coming up to the second floor. i mean, it's so high up. karin: mccomb's husband is the only one who survived. at least 23 people died in the may floods. and in south carolina -- >> this will be a historic rainfall event that we have never seen before. karin: relentless rain in october shattered records in charleston and columbia. some places saw as much as 20 inches of rain. the historic flooding shut down more than 500 roads and bridges.
5:40 am
fail prompted hundreds of water , rescues, and killed at least 17 people. hurricane patricia howled into the record books in october, as the strongest hurricane ever. in just 24 hours, patricia went from a tropical storm to a 200-mile-per hour, category 5 hurricane. the storm weakened, before making landfall along mexico's west coast. i'm karin caifa reporting. alyx: kcci eight news time now, 5:46. waking up to 36 degrees on your saturday morning. this is a live look at out the roads this morning. believe it or not, some folks are already out and about. after the break, we will take a
5:41 am
some weather impacting theica is not just electing a president, we're also electing a commander in chief. that choice matters. because strengthening the economy, making healthcare more affordable, raising incomes. all of that depends on us being both secure at home and leading the world. i will get up every single day and do whatever it takes to make sure our country is safe and strong.
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>> weather is never more than five minutes away, only on "kcci 8 news this morning." frank: good morning, and welcome back, about 10 minutes until seven -- until 6:00. it was a white christmas for many of us. temperature in ames, 33 right now, 36 in des moines, and 38 in lamoni. it is a little cooler off to the north. they are seeing snow in far northern iowa.
5:43 am
today, out of the east at 13. snow north of highway 20 this hour, and some freezing next precipitation. -- mixed precipitation. this is with an area of low pressure that will slide just to our south and continue to move off to the east. notice these isobars packing together. notice how that snow kind of goes away off to the north. we will see cloudy skies this afternoon. sunday looks like a partly cloudy day. notice on monday, the system lifts from the south. a pretty good snow maker, especially western iowa all the way through the day on monday. looking at several inches of accumulation. stick with us tonight and tomorrow on kcci.
5:44 am
several inches of snow on the way for monday. 39 degrees, your high temperature in des moines. it will be a breezy afternoon with wind switching out of the north. tonight, 28 degrees with wind still breezy out of the north. monday, 32 degrees, but it looks like the snow starts to move in. a wintry mix to start, several inches of snow to start. we will keep you up-to-date on that is a gets a little closer. as we head throughout the rest of the week, new year's day will be back in the 20's. alyx: prepare to be amazed. the christmas break may be a time of relaxation, but for these kids, it's time to hit the gym. two metro area kids are prepping to represent iowa at a national crossfit competition. but both competitors have yet to hit their teens. kcci's rose heaphy has the
5:45 am
rose: pint-sized talent. big weights. >> i can dead lift 120. rose: how much do you weigh? >> 64. rose: belle headlee of waukee is 10-years-old. taitn gray from urbandale is 8. both compete in crossfit. that means fast-paced, high intensity workouts, enough to tire out any adult. >> some of the people that are new they're like, oh, she can outlift me. rose: that attention also motivates them. >> probably the other members going faster. rose: you want to win? >> yea. rose: a tenacity that even surprises their parents and coaches. >> i was playing with gi joes and cars when i was 8-years-old, you know, not coming to the gym learning how to do snatch and deadlifts. >> i'm glad to have them up , moving even if it's burpee or , situps or something active, i love seeing them active. rose: now they're preparing to go head to head at wodapalooza, a national crossfit competition in miami.
5:46 am
nationwide selected to compete in the youngest age division. both proud to represent iowa. >> i want to inspire kids my age to work out and not be scared to work out. >> it's just fun and you can see yourself progressing. rose: come competition time, it'll be about who, can out muscle the other. even then, there's still time to be a kid. rose heaphy, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. alyx: so impressive. those movements are not easy. we would also like to mention these kids practiced the lifting , movements long before putting weight on the bar. the competition takes place on january 15. in 2015, some showbiz figures drew more attention for their off-camera exploits than their day jobs. david daniel looks at the entertainment stories that kept us entertained. david transgender issues took an
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5:47 am
bruce jenner officially became caitlyn jenner. another 1980's icon bill cosby, , saw his image go from father figure to accused predator, as more than 40 women came forward with sexual misconduct allegations allegations he has , denied. allegations of sexual misconduct also took down a recent t.v. powerhouse, the duggar family of "19 kids and counting." josh duggar faced reports he'd molested girls as a teenager, including his sisters. and used the adultery website ashley madison. he apologized on both counts. >> i have to put a stop to this onslaught, this barrage. david some of the sexual : partners of charlie sheen expressed alarm when the hard-living celeb announced he was hiv positive. and it was a devastating deja vu when bobbi kristina brown died at 22, in a manner eerily similar to that of her mother, whitney houston, discovered unresponsive in a bathtub. brian williams lost his lofty
5:48 am
anchor, for exaggerating a tale about a helicopter mission during the iraq war. >> the last six weeks, it's been crazy. david 2015 also saw quite a : shakeup in the late-night landscape. david letterman signed off after 33 years of top ten lists and stupid pet tricks. jon stewart moved on from the daily show after 16 years, in which he made the comedy show a cultural and political phenomenon. and stephen colbert left comedy central, too, shedding his faux-pundit persona to take over for letterman. after a year like this one, when so many people disappeared or disappointed us, it's no wonder we couldn't wait to return to a galaxy far, far away as "star
5:49 am
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that's why i only choose nicorette mini. when heartburn hits fight back fast tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue and neutralizes stomach acid at the source tum, tum, tum, tum smoothies! only from tums alyx: if you are hitting the road this morning, this is what conditions look like across the state. blue means partially covered in pink means completely covered. when is the best time for folks
5:51 am
frank: it would be tomorrow. monday, things really start to change and that is when we will be a seeing our next storm role in. freezing rain across fort dodge, clarion, and down south toward portions of webster county. could see some showers move throh the metro th morning. 8 day forecast, 33 degrees and cooler tomorrow. monday, 32 degrees.
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