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tv   KCCI 8 News at Five  Me-TV  December 28, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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it will be dry as we head into our tuesday. it looks like seven to possibly 11 inches as you head into humboldt county down through marshall county. i see next still continuing far eastern iowa. 3-5 inches down toward the missouri border. winter storm warning in effect. i will highlight polk county. the warning expires a little earlier in southern iowa. todd: here is a live look at road conditions statewide on no normal road conditions anywhere in the state. partially covered roads in blue
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use caution if you have to be out anywhere in iowa tonight. lots of blowing snow making roads treacherous for evening kcci's vanessa peng is live in ames with current conditions. vanessa: when strong winds start whipping the snow around -- >> blowing snow can really create it's own problems. vanessa: city, county, and state plow drivers can only do so much. >> you could start to clear the roadway and then we have isolated spots where you think the road's ok and somebody sets their cruise control again and they end up in a slick spot and spin out of control. vanessa: the problem is the wind makes certain areas of the road appear clear, but then the minute there is a wind break ice and snow piles up. >> some of the closed areas, the protected areas, are the worst right now because the winds blowing most of the snow off where it's not protected, but the protected areas is really bad. vanessa: on both the rural and take it slow, increase your following distance, and don't use your cruise control.
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drive for the conditions that are there, making sure that they give themselves plently of cushion with those vehicles around them, including those snowplows. vanessa: dot officials also say the reason to give snow plows plenty of room is it makes it safer for you and the operator. snow plows can create a cloud of snow that can reduce your visibility to zero in a split second. and even erasing a plow, the operator may not see you. todd: back here in the metro, all day long. he's live in downtown des moines with that update. mark: here in des moines, crews have been focusing on snow routes, like deo way.
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streets until the snow stops. and out on the interstates it's been very hazardous driving in a few really bad spots. we found crews working on snow routes around des moines, and unfortunately they had to dodge more than a few illegally parked cars like these on woodland avenue. main arterials in the city have slowly. the public works director says the conditions are perfect to activate the salt brine crews put down last night that helps pavement. but out on interstate 80 west of the metro in waukee, a different story. >> people are going to fast. so when they hit their brakes, they start going sideways,and you can see this is how it happened and this is how one accident can lead to multiple others. mark: early this afternoon, just west of grand prairie parkway, 4 vehicles went off the interstate in a matter of minutes, including a semi-truck the -- semitruck. the driver told us the roads
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tonight at 6:00, we will hear from a west des moines emergency responder who missed being hit by that jackknifed semi by just a few feet. todd: a live look at flight cancellations and delays at des moines international airport. you can see lots of travelers being affected by lots of those snow delays. -- lots of hawkeye fans trying to fly out to california for the rose bowl today. kcci's cynthia fodor is live at the des moines international airport with their flight status. cynthia: todd, earlier today, the airport was full of iowans in black and gold headed to pasadena, and for the most part, the hawkeye fans here were the lucky ones. many iowans dealing with cancelled flights will be stuck in des moines until new year's eve. >> we've been checking flight times since like 7:00 this morning. cynthia: but despite the winter storm, the sun seemed to shine
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smell the roses. quests we're going to the rose bowl, go hawks. cynthia: it's the eisele's christmas present to their children and grandchildren. and the entire perry family is going to cheer on number 39. >> it is my brother, tries very, it is his -- my brother, travis perry, his last game. cynthia: these fans rolled the dice with a flight to vegas and got lucky. >> we're flying into vegas, driving to pasedena, going to see the uss iowa, and parade. cynthia: cynthia: and they hope to carry that good luck today into game day. quests we're glad to see hawks healthy. we expect a win. cynthia: three charter flights will also fly after tomorrow and
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wednesday, to the rose bowl. and our steve karlin is here at the airport right now hoping , to finally fly out tonight after waiting all day. live at the des moines international airport, cynthia fodor, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. todd: as cynthia mentioned, kcci crews headed to the rose bowl in pasadena are running into a live trouble. sports director andy garman and scott reister are stuck in phoenix right now. andy posted this on his facebook page. they will get there somehow. count on kcci to bring you the best team coverage from pasadena. our crews will be live at 5, 6 and 10 starting tomorrow. we'll also be live all morning leading up to the big game. and be sure like kcci on facebook and download our mobile app for constant updates. the marshalltown high school marching band also stranded on their way to the fiesta bowl in phoenix. their flight was cancelled this morning. so half of the band got rerouted
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the other half went back to to charter a bus. the band has been raising money for the trip over the past year. it's not just flights getting cancelled. and events not happening tonight. you can see them scrolling on the bottom of your screen. there's also a complete list online at get live updates on this winter you can also stay up to date through our kcci mobile app. check road conditions, traffic alerts, and radar while you're on the go. in other news today a train , derailment damages six railroad crossings in and near ogden. ogden city leaders say a train car derailed and was dragged through town, tearing up crossings. all 4 in town and two just outside of town were damaged. the crossings were closed for a few hours as union pacific workers repaired the tracks. the train derailed around 11:30 this morning. a des moines woman is dead after a bus crash in illinois. 21-year-old nicole underwood was a passenger on a burlington
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construction sign on a chicago expressway this morning. several others on the bus were hurt. the crash remains under investigation. we now know the names of two people shot inside a southside apartment building. kcci's marcus mcintosh is in studio with the update. marcus: two people were shot last night just before 11:00. 36-year-old tacono conner is did not survive. 37-year-old amy stolki is hospitalized but expected to survive. it happened at the brookside apartments in the 5200 block of south union. people on scene tell us they don't believe that connor or stolki liked in the apartment building. des moines police were called to a report of shots fired at the building and found connor deceased and stolki injured in the second floor hallway. stolki was taken to a local hospital. police are following leads and have identified a person they would like to speak with who might know more about what led to des moines' 21st homicide
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>> one thing we've looked at throughout the year is, looking for the commonality between these homicides. one thing seems to be there is just a lot of volatile interpersonal relationships. marcus: sgt. parezik says there is every indication those involved in this homicide know each other. todd? todd: eddie tipton's next trial won't start until next summer. a judge agreed to delay the trial of the multi-state lottery association's former security chief until july. tipton has been convicted of rigging a jackpot in iowa and is accused of fixing games to win money in several other states. next at 5:00, hoverboards accident. plus record breaker. , how "star wars", the force awakens is rocking the box
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this is kcci 8 news at 5:00 with steve karlin, stacey horst, and chief meteorologist john mclaughlin. todd: right now, severe weather is leaving dozens dead and many more injured.
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diane: 2013 is going out like a lion. the unusually active weather weekends left dozens dead, hundreds injured. residents are surveying damage in north texas, in an area that experience blizzards, floods, tornadoes on the left 96 hours. >> shaking like a leaf on a tree. diane: meanwhile, officials are working overtime. the american red cross has about 1000 volunteers in hard-hit areas and expects about another 300 before the new year. >> we have 30 shelters open in nine states with about 1300 people in them, from everything ranging from tornadoes to
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diane: while there is major flooding in the midwest, folks in the northeast repair for snow. >> we have had warm temperatures across the country, and a lot of this we can say is because of el nio. over the next couple of days, we will continue to see more of that active, severe weather. after that, things will start to quiet down a little bit as we head into the new year. diane: the weather system has caused more than 1400 flight cancellations and another 2600 or more delays. in washington, diane roberts. todd: an ohio grand jury will not charge any officers in the 2014 police shooting death of 12-year-old tamir rice in cleveland. rice was shot while playing at a rec center near his home. the boy was holding a pellet gun when he was shot. the two officers involved in the shooting say it looked real. the lead prosecutor says it was
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officers who fired the fatal shot felt threatened. >> given this perfect storm of human error, mistakes and miscommunications by all involved that day, the evidence did not indicate criminal conduct by police. todd: rice's family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city of cleveland. chicago mayor rahm emanuel is returning from his family vacation in cuba to address the latest crisis involving the city's police department. the department was already under investigation by the justice department when police shot and killed two people on saturday. they said a 19-year-old man was being combative toward officers before he was shot and that a 55-year-old woman was accidentally hit by gunfire. holiday shopping numbers are in. and no surprise, more people bought their gifts online. mastercard advisors tracks customer spending. they say online sales grew 20% between black friday and christmas eve compared to last year. it is shaping up to be a record
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"star wars: the force awakens " made at the box office in a $1 billion record 12 days. the previous record was universal's "jurassic world" which broke a billion dollars in 13 days back in june. kurtis: we have plenty of snow on the way. a live look from our schoolnet webcam in the tama. we are currently at 26. notice the winds. north-northeast at 22. they will gusts to 30. fort dodge, state center, both at 6.5 inches. carol, five. a good solid 3.5 inches across the metro with more on the way. these darker areas in blue, that
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snowfall bands that are wheeling off to the west. as the system moves to the north and northeast, all that snow is going to have to pull on through. slowly moving to the east. there is our first band that moved on through. a little more moderate snowfall as the night goes long. still some ice extreme eastern iowa. light snow at 8:00 p.m. blowing snow by 10:00 p.m. the snowfall trend should taper off just after 10:00 in the metro and just some flurries around midnight. we had that pocket of dry air that moved in. you can see how it is all filling in right now. snow really starting to pick up in minneapolis.
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the back edge of this snow over in eastern nebraska. it would be much better to travel tomorrow. northern wisconsin back through north dakota, still there. here is futurecast. notice how the snow continues and slowly pushes to the north. tomorrow, generally, mostly cloudy skies. it will be tried much of the rest of the week. wednesday morning, flurries especially to the north. thursday, we start off with some sunshine. new year's eve looks try but cold. early new year's morning, some clouds around. computer models, this when trying to be a little more specific. around six inches in the metro northeast.
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could be some heavier bands as we get east of the metro. 4-8 in central iowa. some icy conditions toward the quad cities. tonight, those north winds could gust around 30. 26, northwest winds, 5-15. new year's eve, how about your party planner? 13, 12, 11, 10, nine by 4:00 in the morning if you are out that late like todd magel. cold air blasts through the rest of the week. todd: time for a kcci 8 traffic update.
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things have slowed down mostly due to ice. a lot people let out early downtown. that looks good. be slow out there just in case. kcci 8 news is live with new developments right now. here's what we're working on for 6:00. more team 8 coverage. the latest from what it looks like up north as the blowing snow blasts through the evening commute. tony: and we catch up with hawkeyes as they try to slow down one of the best college players in the country. and we also tag along as the team tries to eat their weight in beef.
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todd: despite fire warnings and potential injury, hoverboards were a best seller this holiday season. the gifts were mostly for kids. but some parents tried them out
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today in the buzz. ben: it is victim that keeps on giving, especially for kids to see their parents on a hover board to find themselves cruisin for a brusin'. the hashtag #hoverboardfails has gone viral. florida congressman carlos curbelo shared a photo of his arm in a sling tweeting, "#hoverboard is for kids. my daughter got it. i ended up in er." consumer product safety commission reported the number of injuries associated with hoverboards and fires due to overheated batteries had spiked 25%. that is expected to rise dramatically in the post holiday tally and worries some safety experts. >> you have a product that doesn't have to meet any safety requirements and is finding its way to the u.s. market. ben: nathan furniss sells the boards at a los angeles mall. he showed me the proper way to board the board. i thought i got the hand of it
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quickly, well until i did it. furniss' cell phone caught me hovering on the ground. and that may be the lesson of this holiday season. something that seems like child's play is probably best left to actual children. ben tracy, cbs news on the , pavement of a los angeles parking lot. todd: this is the north east mixmaster.
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kurtis: light snow from carol to the metro and then moderate snowfall in the areas that are darker blue. eastern polk county, it will slide into downtown and about the next 20 minutes. it is going to be heaviest north
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