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tv   KCCI 8 News at Six  Me-TV  December 28, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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out there. kcci meteorologist kurtis gertz with a look at how much more we can expect. kurtis: still some moderate to heavy snow at times, especially as you head east and north of the metro. starting to taper off in southwestern iowa. these areas in blue, a little heavier snowfall from sheridan to montezuma. you see so drier air working its way in. it really picks up as you head east to interstate 80 as you slide down into marion county. widespread snow from 6:00 to about 8:00 p.m.
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our snow should be ending between 10:00 and midnight out there. heaviest to the north. seven to 11 inches. already reports out of webster county, marshall county, anywhere from five to seven inches of snow. 4-8 in central iowa. the icy conditions as you head over to east central iowa. our winter storm warning in morning. southern iowa has the system moves quickly to the north. todd: take a look at the iowa dot's road conditions map. on a good day, the roads across the state will all be green. but tonight, it is filled with
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covered or pink, meaning , completely covered. problems. vanessa: here in ames, the wind will not let up. it is hard to keep up with the snow, snow that can create huge problems for drivers out on the road. >> we start at 7:30, nonstop. vanessa: snowplow operators are working fast to keep up. >> we had a hard time getting it off. this one, the wind keeps piling
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vanessa: that means be careful around areas that have windbreaks. >> blowing snow really can be its own problem. we have isolated spots where you would think the road is ok and somebody sets their cruise control and the end up in the slick spot. vanessa: they say visibility and traction will be the biggest concerns going into the drive. they say to take it slow, increase your following distance , and give snowplows plenty of room. vanessa: dot officials say the good news is that during these winter storms that will be less traffic because a lot of students are out of school. live in ames, vanessa peng, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. todd: the wind and snow was
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at the storm chaser network. conditions. buildings in the distance barely visible. the roads clear today. here's is some video from west des moines police so in plows and side-by-side clearing the roads. after several vehicles left the road. he joins us live with a near miss. mark: quick reaction from the head of west des moines emergency medical services. at least seven vehicles left the road and a matter of minutes, and including a semi. the head of the west des moines ems was alerting traffic to the
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jackknife and -- the rearview mirror. >> i started moving forward so he went and hit me. i think if i had been watching, it wouldn't -- it probably would have been a different story. the way. >> if you wouldn't have moved, it would be zero feet. mark: they are both ok, the semi is not. >> you have to get on the list. mark: about that list. there is a tow ban in effect. they keep a list.
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see who has been waiting the longest. todd: central iowa paramedics t the only one recording near misses. the officers pulled over to help a car that went off into the ditch. while there his squad car's , camera caught several vehicles spinning out. one that went out of control and into the same ditch as the first stranded vehicle. luckily, no one was injured. it is not just people trying to drive through the weather that are having problems. anyone trying to fly also finding trouble due to the weather. this is a look at the airports live arrivals and departures board. as you can see, plenty of flights cancelled or delayed because of the weather then are actually arriving on time. all those cancelled flights lead to hundreds of frustrated travelers here. kcci's cynthia fodor spent part of the day out at the des moines international airport. cynthia, what's it like there
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departure board. canceled this evening. up and gone home. >> last night, my flight to texas was canceled, and now chicago that canceled. trying to go anywhere i can just to get out of des moines. cynthia: getting out of des moines was not easy on the roads or in the air. martha miller found out she can't reach her flight out until new year's eve and may not make it tomorrow new year's eve party. >> we were trying to go to des moines, to chicago, to boston. we cannot get to chicago, and who knows beyond that. cynthia: these pictures show the
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was cancelled. half the students were re-routed but the other half went back , home and chartered a bus to make the long drive to pheonix. we just met a group of central college students from pella who were all set to head to believes. . i was just told by one passenger that the airline said there is not a seat to be had until january 3. todd: kcci keeps you ahead of the storm with the kcci weather app. conditions straight to your cell phone. a des moines woman died when the tramway she was riding on crashed. nicole underwood died and four
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the crash just outside chicago. the crash happened just after 6:30 this morning. construction arrow. fatality. a train derailment track -- a train derailment this morning dragged a train car through the boone county town of ogden. our ames bureau got into town. just after a union pacific train tracks. the car was then dragged through town tearing up the tracks , behind it. luckily, nobody was injured. new information tonight in a des moines 21st homicide investigation of year. kcci's marcus mcintosh with the latest on last night's deadly shooting at 5201 south union street, that is east of the des moines airport. marcus: des moines police today releasing the names of the two victims. killed in the shooting was 36-year-old tacono conner. he died of a gunshot wound. 37-year-old amy stolki also
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she's recovering from her injuries at a des moines survive. 11:00 last night. we spoke with people living in the apartments and were told connor nor stolki were living in the building. police tell us their investigation to find whomever is responsible is progressing. >> we have some really good on. we have identified a person we think might have a little more information. we are tracking him down right now. marcus: des moines police sent out a press release within the hour saying they hope to have more information soon. todd: the former head of security for the multi-state lottery has had his new trial delayed. eddie tipton was supposed to go on trial january 6 on new charges of ongoing criminal conduct and money laundering. prosecutors say tipton used his
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and kansas. then, worked with associates to play winning numbers and collect prizes. that trial has now been pushed back to july 18. a polk county jury has convicted tipton in july of fraud in connection with a 2010 hot lotto jackpot. prosecutors say he rigged the drawing then bought a winning , ticket. it has been two weeks to the day since a deadly hit and run crash in ames that killed 18-year-old emmalee jacobs, a freshman at iowa state. jacobs was hit while heading to campus near the intersection of lincoln way and ash avenue. so far there have been no arrests. looking at a live picture from our dot cam. the winds still causing problems for drivers. an update on just how longer these conditions will last. and, a type of bird native to iowa flocking south. we caught up with hawk fans who tried to beat the weather to meet their team at the rose bowl.
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announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 6:00 with steve karlin, stacey horst, chief meteorologist john
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andy garman. todd: snow and high winds making it treacherous tonight for drivers especially on iowa rural , roads and highways. kcci meteorologist kurtis gertz joins us with a look at your forecast. kurtis: snow starting to pick up in many locations. here in the metro, wind chill of 12. blowing snow is going to be an issue. the latest snowfall totals coming in. 6.5 inches in fort dodge. nevada, five. des moines international airport, so far, 4.7 inches with more on the way. these areas where you see a little bit of brown, lighter snow out there will slowly taper off. moderate snow in all these areas
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actually picking up as you head north on i-35. from pella to newton, moderate snow fall. there is still a little bit of ice in eastern iowa. light snow at 8:00 p.m. be north and east of the metro. blowing snow probably still at 10:00 p.m. the snow trend is for widespread snow tapering off later tonight. should be tapering just before midnight with heavier snow occurring during the next hour or so. these darker blues, you can see
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the snow is spinning all the way into minnesota. travel would be much better tomorrow. still snow anywhere from around northern iowa south. the teens over in south dakota. futurecast doing a good job with the snow. up to the north, just some lingering activities in the metro. tuesday, dry throughout the day with some cloud cover. thursday, look for partly cloudy skies on your new year's. new year's day, it will be dry with some cloud cover. this is a new computer model coming into the weather center. what i'm noticing is that it is picking up the lesser amounts in western iowa.
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that band of heavier snow north and northeast, seven to 10 inches of snow. 7-11 inches of snow, humboldt county down and through marshall county and north and northeast. lesser amounts where they are iowa. 26 tomorrow. cloudy skies. northwest winds, 5-15. new year's eve, 16 degrees. it will be dry with partly cloudy skies. stays in the 20's right through the weekend. todd: the iowa state patrol saying that no travel advise now
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it is just east of mitchellville. they say the highway is shut because of all the snow and winds. travel not advised on i-80 between mitchellville and grinnell. we caught up with hawkeye fans. everywhere you look, lots of black and gold. most fans were good to go with their flights to phoenix or to las vegas all on time. many waiting 25 years for this. >> my husband and myself, and two grandchildren, we are going to have fun. we're going to the rose bowl. todd: three charter flights will leave tomorrow and what more on wednesday. it hasn't been a smooth flight
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kcci photojournalist glen bearman was stuck, and steve was canceled so he was put on another flight. whenever he gets out of chicago, now enjoying some very warm weather. when they'll get back together in pasadena, you can watch the rose bowl best live coverage right here at kcci. our cruise will be live at 5:00, 6:00, and 10:00 starting tomorrow. be sure like kcci on facebook and download or mobile app for constant updates. from the sports department. tony: travel safe. the hawkeyes already in california, getting to do some
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announcer: from iowa's sports leader, this is kcci 8 sports. tony: the iowa defense took to the podium in california today to talk about what they expect from stanford's offensive
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and one question came up again and again and again, how do you stop stanford runnning back christian mccaffrey? the heisman trophy runner up can literally do it all. nearly 1900 yards rushing, 8 rushing touchdowns, four touchdowns receiving. hes dangerous no matter where he is so the key is just keeping him behind the line of scrimmage. >> stockett in the backfield, that is all we can do. >> top line. that is what they do. we have to keep them boxed in. tony: the hawks will have more than enough fuel. here they are for the beef bowl.
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college football's most enduring cream bowl game -- enduring pre-bowl game. iowa eating 612 pounds. we will be there all week long. eric and steve will be making the trip to pasadena.
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kurtis: snow picking up east and north of the metro. tapering off down in southern iowa. todd: a good reason to watch at 10:00 and see where the snow
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