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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning at 430am  Me-TV  December 29, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CST

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10 inches up in the waterloo area. ames at six. everybody is going to be shoveling out today. there is a little bit of light snow left north of highway 20. it is in no hurry to move out. the roads are already very snowy. if you're going to be out sledding, make sure and bundle up. it is going to stay cold all day. we will hold pretty steady in the 20's. elizabeth: a live look at road conditions statewide on very few normal road conditions in the state. the iowa state patrol says there have been 63 accidents in six
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jasper, boone, story and marshall. travel is not advised on i-80 east between mitchellville and grinnell. kcci's laura terrell starts our team 8 coverage from along i-80. laura: a snow covered interstate. is leaving several cars scattered in the ditch along i 80 east, like this fed ex truck near mitchellville. >> things were going too slow and i just didn't want to cause an accident or be in an accident. laura: truck driver jacob benson decided to just park it for the night. >> i parked here just for my personal safety. i found a place where i could park so i figured i would stop for the night. laura: michael morton and his family are only stopping for a quick rest stop break on their trip from sioux city to ohio. >> we've seen six semis jackknifed. we've seen two of them tipped over. we've seen about four or five cars in the banks. laura: even though travel is not advised they've decided to keep going just at a slower pace. >> we are doing about 40. and then with the truckers around, we drop down to about 30. laura: up north near ames the wind is the problem. semis kicked up snow decreasing visibility for drivers.
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to clear and de-ice his wind shield. >> you just got to watch what you're doing. i have been doing this for 20 to 25 years. you just have to watch what you're doing and all the other people around you. elizabeth: state patrol tells kcci they had 236 calls for service monday. fortunately no serious injuries were reported. eric: that winter storm also causing headaches for drivers and public works employees in the metro. kcci's ryan smith continues our team 8 coverage. >> we've been waiting for it. didn't realize it was going to come all at once thought. -- at once though. ryan s.: welcome to round 2. >> it's definitely exciting. kind of treacherous right now. ryan s.: bands of heavy snow blanketed the metro from a second wave of the storm. a headache for rush hour commuters. >> the roads are kind of slick and the visability is also kind of bad out. ryan s.: opportunity for local businesses like lawn ranger lawn care.
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slows you down it's hard on the equipment so the light fluffy stuff is what we always look for. ryan s.: owner mark pederson led a pack of plows through a west des moines subdivision criss-crossing in synchronized fashion. >> we're just pulling out of the driveways and then the bigger trucks push it up into the cul-de-sac. ryan s.: the city dispatched about 20 of its trucks tonight. covering more than 700 miles of street in west des moines. public works operated on 12-hour shifts until the storm passed. >> while the snow is still flying we may basically stay on majors and what we called secondary roads where the majority of travel is going to be. >> definitely not excited about driving in it. ryan s.: cris aguilar waited out the storm by finishing an outdoor chore before heading home. >> i have little ones that were waiting for the snow to come. definitely we've been lucky. but hey, it is iowa. it's not winter without snow , right? eric: problematic commutes monday both am and pm. good news snow will be tapering off this morning.
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for your morning drive time. elizabeth: take a look at this dash cam video from a west des moines ems vehicle. the driver assistant chief david edgar was helping warn traffic of an accident when he saw a jackknifed thing semi -- a jackknifed thing semi in his rearview mirror. the only place he could escape was driving into the ditch. the truck driver says if edgar hadn't seen him coming it would have been bad. >> how much did you miss him by ? probably about 20 feet. >> he said it felt like one foot . >> if he wouldn't have moved it would have been zero feet. >> i think if i hadn't been watching it might have been a different surprise probably would have been a different story. elizabeth: besides the semi several other vehicles went off i-80 west of jordan creek parkway early monday afternoon. no serious injuries to report. a live look at flight
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a few travelers affected this morning. not as many as monday brought though. with so many cancellations some airlines are telling passengers they can't get a seat out of des -- out of des moines until january 3. lots of hawkeye fans trying to fly out to california for the rose bowl today. eric: and for the most part the hawkeye fans at des moines international airport were the lucky ones. kcci's cynthia fodor has more on their flight status. cynthia: many iowans dealing with cancelled flights will be stuck in des moines until new year's eve. >> we've been checking flight times since 7:00 this morning. we have been a little scared. cynthia: but despite the winter storm the sun seemed to shine on hawkeye fans taking off to smell the roses. >> we're going to the rose bowl. go hawks. cynthia: it's the eisele's christmas present to their children and grandchildren. >> a once-in-a-lifetime chance. does good checks -- two checks off our bucket lists. cynthia: and the entire perry family is going to cheer on number 39. >> it's my brother's last day
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last game. cynthia: these fans rolled the dice with a flight to vegas and got lucky. >> we're flying into vegas, driving to pasedena, going to see the uss iowa and parade. cynthia: and they hope to carry that good luck today into game day. >> it's going to be great. iowa is going to win. it is our year. >> we're glad to see hawks healthy. we expect a win. go hawks. eric: three charter flights will also fly out today and 3 on wednesday. all taking hawks fans to the rose bowl. thankfully metinka, it is quiet out there here and metinka: most of the snow is out of the state. just a few flurries. fort dodge and mason city and back to sioux city. that will be moving out. the roads will continue to improve as the day goes along. roads -- folks will be digging
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10 inches from fort dodge over to ottumwa. in des moines, it was a record snowfall, 5.4 inches at the airport. the roads are little snowing, slushy. 25 in des moines. if you are going to be out sledding, bundle up. elizabeth: a train derailment damages six railroad crossings in and near ogden. ogden city leaders say a train car derailed and was dragged through town tearing up crossings. all four in town and two just outside of town were damaged. the crossings were closed for a few hours as union pacific workers repaired the tracks. the train derailed around 11:30 monday morning. a des moines woman is dead after a bus crash in illinois. 21-year-old nicole underwood was a passenger on a burlington trailways bus that hit a construction sign on a chicago expressway monday morning. several others on the bus were hurt.
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investigation. eddie tipton's next trial won't start until next summer. a judge agreed to delay the trial of the multi-state lottery association's former security chief until july. tipton has been convicted of rigging a jackpot in iowa and is accused of fixing games to win money in several other states. eric: we now know the names of two people shot inside a southside apartment building. two people were shot sunday night just before 11:00. 36-year-old tacono conner is deceased. and 37-year-old amy stolki is hospitalized but expected to survive. it happened at the brookside apartments in the 5200 block of south union. people on scene tell us they don't believe that connor or stolki lived in the apartment building. des moines police were called to a report of shots fired at the building and found connor deceased and stolki injured in the second floor hallway. police are following leads and have identified a person they would like to speak with who might know more about what led to des moines's 21st homicide of the year.
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throughout the eyar is the -- throughout the year is the commanality between these homicides one thing seems to be there is just a lot of volatile interpersonal relationships. we don't think there is any kind of violence epedemic its just -- epidemic. it is just some things are not working out between people who know each other. eric: sgt. parezik says there is every indication those involved
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other. >> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz and right now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: snow falling in central iowa but flakes falling north of highway 20. it is all going to be lifting up to the north, moving away from us. the accumulating snows are bundle up. moines. currently at 10. actual temperatures are starting out in the low to mid 20's. that is where they are going to end up this afternoon. the clouds will hold you tight.
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elizabeth: across the united states at least 47 people have died in this powerful winter storm that's moving northeast right now. eric: it's also the same storm that unleashed a swarm of tornadoes in texas. kcci's todd magel has the latest. todd: first responders in missouri braved the snow to rescue people trapped by floodwaters. the mississippi river is rising and some communities are being evacuated. >> that is higher than the mississippi river has ever been. todd: the storm left an inch of ice on some roads in oklahoma. 150,000 people are without power and heat. >> mainly i'm worried about keeping my kids warm. got three little and my ones grandmother who's elderly . todd: in west texas nearly 15 inches of snow and gusting winds created drifts that buried cars. accidents left motorists stranded on interstates for hours. >> oh i see it. it's crossing the highway right there. the extreme weather took a todd:the extreme weather took a
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took a different form in the dallas area. 9 tornadoes damaged or destroyed 1500 homes over the weekend. 11 people diedincluding petra ruiz a mother of 4. a tornado picked up her car. her husband was the first to find her. >> started talking to her. i said petra wake up. cocco karen swearingen took shelter in a closet with her deaf son. >> god save us. todd: even with the promise of clear skies for the next few days people here say the clean-up could take months. eric: this is a live picture from i-35. the roads are pretty clear. you can go almost this be limit. it is going to take extra time to get on and off the roads. metinka is looking at the forecast over the on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap.
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those at the top and letting corporations write their own rules. hillary clinton will work to close the wage gap. equal pay for women to raise incomes for families, a higher minimum wage, lower taxes for the middle class. she gets the job done for us.
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>> weather is never more than 5 minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. metinka: the snow storm is pretty much over. pocahontas up through algona, this will be lifting up to the northeast. even near ames, can't rule out a stray flake or two.
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temps will not be changing much. holding pretty steady into the 20's here it we won't have much wind. we don't have much sunshine. the clouds will hold pretty tight. the system is finally moving away. that will be affecting travel across the eastern third of the nation. more snow on the way. this morning's snow will be heading out. a quiet day between the systems here it after midnight tonight, a little bit of snow moving in from the west. it could be a little bit snowy with light accumulations. that his out by noon wednesday. -- that heads out by noon wednesday. snowfall totals from yesterday, six to 10 inches from fort dodge. officially at the des moines
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day with 5.4 inches. it is pretty chilly. wind chills holding in the teens. the wind chill at 13. we don't have much wind, but it doesn't take much went to make it feel cooler. checking out some of the roads at downtown. they are slushy. it is going to be a slow go so make sure you pack your patience. highs today will hold pretty steady near 26 degrees. you will need to bundle up and where those warm gloves and hats. overnight, we'll have the flurries and light snow moving in from the west. not much accumulation overnight but tomorrow we pick up an inch of snow. most of it falling in the morning here it -- in the morning. turning colder here as we head
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on thursday, the highs will only be in the teens. 20 degrees. winter. thanks metinka. eric: a cleveland police officer will not face charges in the shooting death of tamir rice. the 12-year-old was holding a pellet gun when he was killed last year. as jamie yuccas reports rice's family has criticized the investigation from the beginning. jamie: an ohio grand jury decided not to return an indictment in the police shooting death of 12-year-old tamir rice. >> the death of tamir rice was an absolute tragedy, regrettable but not by definition a crime. jamie: officers timothy loehmann and frank garmback will remain on restricted duty as the city of cleveland opens its own investigation. >> there is potential for discipline if there was a violation of policies and procedures. jamie: the officers say they were fearful when they arrived at a recreation center outside cleveland in 2014.
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reporting a guy with a pistol and added that the weapon was probably fake. but that point was never passed along to the officers. officials also showed the toy gun next to a real colt model to illustrate how similar they appear. >> we informed tamir's mother of the decision. it was a tough conversation jamie: an attorney for tamir's mother says the family is saddened and disappointed by this outcome, but not surprised. the lawyer for the boys father insists the family is still pushing for justice for tamir. >> he'll rest in peace forever not knowing what he did wrong on that playground. jamie: cleveland's mayor expressed sympathy to tamirs family and promises to conduct an honest city probe. jamie yuccas, cbs, new york. eric: the department of justice says its also conducting its own independent review. elizabeth: despite fire warnings and potential injury hoverboards were a best seller this holiday season. the gifts were mostly for kids. but some parents tried them out
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ben tracy finds out first hand. >> this is a piece of cake. bam. ben: it is the gift that keeps on giving. #hoverboardfails has gone viral. florida congressman carlos curbelo shared a photo of his arm in a sling tweeting #hoverboard is for kids. my daughter got it. i ended up in er. just before christmas the u.s. consumer product safety commission reported the number of injuries associated with hoverboards had spiked 34%. that is expected to rise dramatically in the post holiday tally and worries some safety experts. >> you have a product that doesn't have to meet any safety requirements and is finding its way to the u.s. market. ben cohen -- ben: nathan furniss
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he showed me the proper way to board the board. >> try to stand up straight. ben: i thought i got the hand of it pretty quickly well i didn't thankfully as our camera shut down furniss' cell phone caught me hovering on the ground. and that may be the lesson of this holiday season, something that seems like child's play is probably best left to actual children. ben tracy, cbs news on the , pavement of a los angeles parking lot. elizabeth: still ahead bad memories be gone.
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year. metinka: a little bit of snow falling from fort dodge back to sioux city. this will be drifting to the north and northeast. it will be a slow go this morning. the roads are going to be slippery. make sure you dress warm. it is going to stay chilly. the winds have called down. -- have called down. our current snowpack. a blast of cold air to arrive by the end of the week. highs will only be in the teens. elizabeth: getting back on their feet and out in the real world. after serving prison sentences
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washington, dc, is learning to succeed in society. eric: kcci's aixa diaz shows us what they're doing to start a new life. >> i made a mistake while i was young, and it's a blessing i came home and i'm still young. aixa: after serving more than 7 years behind bars, 24-year-old doug chambers is ready for a fresh start. >> i'm coming out of my shell more outgoing. i'm just happy to do anything to start over. aixa: chambers and the men recently released from prison. all began their sentences as teenagers. now as adults they're learning job skills from the free minds re-entry program in washington , d.c. >> we have them meet people in jobs. we take them on field trips we do networking opportunities. >> why is professionalism important in any working environment? aixa: during the month-long workshop marcus bullock teaches about entrepreneurship. >> i understand where they came from. not only do i understand where they came from, from the communities they lived in, but some of the same prison rec yards they walked on, i walked
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alyx: bullock himself was -- aixa: bullock himself was incarcerated for 8 years. today more than a decade later he has a family and runs two businesses. the program's co-founder says he's one of dozens of success stories. >> what we see after the apprenticeship is hey i can do this. i can have a productive future and give back to my community. aixa: in washington i'm aixa diaz. eric: free minds is also a book club and writing workshop that works with incarcerated kids to promote creative writing and poetry. elizabeth: ever wish you could just get rid of your bad memories? over 100 new yorkers gave it a shot monday preparing for the arrival of 2016. a mobile shredding truck parked in times square for those wanting to symbolically toss away their worst recollections. good riddance day is a nine year tradition at times square. eric: still ahead at 5:00 a.m. what you can expect out on the roads this morning.
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