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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  December 29, 2015 5:00am-6:00am CST

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>> you are watching kcci 8 news. eric: right now on kcci it's pretty much done. the snow is moving out but moving the piles it left behind may take awhile. elizabeth: we are live with the latest road conditions. our drive cam giving you an early look at what you'll experience on your way to work. eric: and they made it. after a day of delays and missed planes andy garman and scott reister are bringing us the first reports from the rose bowl in pasadena, california. welcome back everyone. it's tuesday december 29. i'm eric hanson. elizabeth: i'm elizabeth klinge. the snow has moved out. metinka, it is time for the cold . metinka: it is time to shovel things out. a fresh like it of four to seven inches of snow in your neighborhood kid topping -- neighborhood. topping that was 10.5 inches.
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storm warning until 6:00 a.m. the snow has moved out. it is going to be a whole lot quieter today. temps will stay cool. make sure you bundle up. make sure you keep those warm gloves handy. elizabeth: kcci's alyx sacks is back watching the roads for you this morning. alyx how are things looking so far? alyx: we are on 80/35 going north. i can to you that there are trouble areas are the on and off ramps. they are better than yesterday but one thing to note is the roads are still wet. even though they are plowed, you want to watch out because of the potential for black ice. another troublesome spot, under
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if you are traveling any of those, possibly some slick areas. the most troublesome so far seems to be the on and off ramps. looking at iowa 511, there seems to be a lot of roadways still cover, 35 south of des moines. i 80 east of des moines, the roadway is completely covered. either direction it seems you should still plan on giving yourself extra time before heading out the door. do not use cruise control when the roads are wet.
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we are going to keep our eye on the roadways for you. we will have another look for you in a few minutes. elizabeth: the latest look at shows roads across the state are still pretty messy. pink here means roads are completely covered. blue means partially covered. so if you're heading out anywhere around iowa today you'll want to take it easy and give yourself more time. eric: monday night travel was not advised east of the metro to grinnell. several vehicles were scattered in the ditch along i-80 eastbound. like this fed ex truck near mitchellville. many drivers were taking it slow only going about 30 miles per , hour on the interstate. and several truck drivers decided not to risk it and just parked for the night. >> i parked here just for my personal safety. i found a place where i could park so i figured i would stop for the night. things were going too slow and i just didn't want to cause an
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eric: state patrol says they had 236 calls for service monday. fortunately no serious injuries were reported. the storm also caused headaches for drivers and public works employees in west des moines. the city dispatched about 20 of its trucks before the storm hit and employees covered more than 700 miles of streets until the storm passed. some drivers welcomed the snowfall despite the challenge created on the road. >> we've been waiting for it. didn't realize it was going to come at once though. >> i have little ones that were waiting for the snow to come. definitely we've been lucky. but hey, it is iowa. it's not winter without snow , right? elizabeth: the weather caused cancellations and delays at airports across the country monday. flight aware reports there were -- already cancelled including flights to denver, charlotte and o'hare. if you're flying today you'll want to check on your flight
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19 delays going into or coming out of des moines's airport. across the country more than 2800 flights were cancelled and about 4800 were delayed. some hawkeye fans were stranded at the airport trying to get to pasadena for the rose bowl. three charter flights today and three more tomorrow are scheduled to take more hawk fans to california. we are now just three days away from the big game so hopefully all the fans who need to get to pasadena will get there before friday. eric: i am hoping so toop. kcci is sending several of our own down to cover the rose bowl for the week and after a long day of delays and a couple cancellations, andy garman, scott reister and steve karlin made it to pasadena last night. andy and scott join us now with what to expect in the coming days. andy: it was snowy in des moines . on trees in tim right around 60
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scott: -- california. scott: the first time since 1981, iowa made it here to the rose bowl. andy: we are going to have put give coverage starting with media day. 8:00 l.a. time. we will have complete coverage leading up to the granddaddy of them all on friday. from downtown los angeles, with scott reister, i am andy garman. eric: the week of festivities continued for the iowa hawkeyes monday and they definitely won't be hungry when friday's game comes around. the hawks went to the lawry restaurant for the annual beef bowl. the beef bowl began in 1956 and is billed by its organizers as college football's most enduring pre-bowl game tradition. between the whole team the iowa hawkeyes ate 612 pounds of beef
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that's a lot of protein. and we're counting down the minutes to the big game. right now we are exactly three days, 11 hours and three minutes away from kickoff. you can watch iowa take on stanford friday at 4:00 iowa time on espn. elizabeth: the storm that dumped several inches of snow across iowa monday is now making its way northeast. shaina humphries has more on how it's affecting other parts of the country. shaina? shaina: elizabeth this storm is expected to bring the northeastern u.s. its first major snow of the season. snow and freezing rain swept into the area last night. the storm left snow and ice throughout the upper midwest. and parts of the south and lower midwest are dealing with flooding this morning as a result of heavy rain. at least 43 people have died in the last week as a result of the wild weather. the storm system is expected to move out to the atlantic ocean tonight. also overnight two more suspected terrorists were arrested in brussels, belgium, overnight. police say these two people are suspected of planning attacks in
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military-style uniforms isis -- uniforms, isis propaganda and computer materials were seized during a search and they're being examined. no weapons were found. and right now tensions are high in cleveland ohio after a grand jury decided not to indict two officers in the shooting death of 12-year-old tamir rice last year. officer timothy loehmann is accused of shooting the 12-year-old less than two seconds after arriving at a park where rice was playing with a toy gun. prosecutors say loehmann was justified in the shooting because he believed rice was a threat at the time. elizabeth: the time is 5:08. we have the quiet after the storm. metinka: the acute relation has stopped. a little bit of light snow -- accumulation has stopped. a little bit of light snow early today. it is going to be lifting up to the north east and moving out. in des moines, it was a record snow we day.
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maybe you've got some scooping to do. maybe you are going to enjoy the snow. it is going to stay chilly with temperatures in the mid-20's. elizabeth: thanks metinka. more big stories this morning des moines police are still looking for a suspect in a deadly double shooting sunday night. it happened at 5201 south union street east of the airport. monday we learned the names of the two victims. 36-year-old tacono conner died of a gunshot wound. and 37-year-old amy stolki was also shot and is recovering this morning at a local hospital. we spoke with people living in the apartments. they do not think connor and stolki were living in the building. police say they hope to release more information today. des moines police are asking for your help finding a man allegedly connected to five robberies. take a look at his picture here . the robberies happened twice at the kum and go on hubbell, twice
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boulevard and once at the git and go on urbandale avenue. the suspect is described as a six foot tall white man in his 20's. if you have any information call polk county crimestoppers at 223-1400. eric: new information in the eddie tipton trial. monday a judge agreed to delay the trial to july of 2016. tipton has already been convicted of rigging a jackpot here in iowa and was supposed to go to trial in january on new charges of ongoing criminal conduct and money laundering. elizabeth: captured. the teen who used his privileged upbringing as his defense in a drunk driving crash that killed four people is in custody new -- custody. new details on his arrest ahead. eric: plus, new video just in from around the state. see how the winter storm impacted rural areas of iowa. and the reason plow drivers say this storm hit at just the right time. plus shaina's keeping an eye on traffic. shaina: it should be a slow commute today. keep in mind a lot of the side
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are going to be a bit of a mess. budget a lot of extra time when you head out. we have no accidents right now. we will give you a look at the east mixmaster. roads are pretty much clear.
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz and right now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: good morning. you're waking up to a winter wonderland. a little bit of snow to the north did -- to the north. a little bit left of that winter storm warning, fort dodge up to mason city. that will expire at 6:00 a.m. we have wind chills and the teens. it feels like 15 degrees in des moines. conditions will not be changing much. the clouds will be holding pretty tight today. temps will be holding pretty chilly. today's snow will be moving out. more snow is on the way tomorrow. we will time it out for you.
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morning so alyx how are things alyx: we are i-35 south. the interstate has been pretty clear. you can see some black ice. interstate. when you get on and off the ramps, and also on and off the bridges. there are a lot of snowplows out trying to clear things out here it we are going to go on and off ramps now. just to paint a picture of how much more snow you can expect, and when you get off the end that's when you get off the interstate and back on the interstate, there is like ice. if you start to fishtail, they
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do not slam on your brakes. we passed someone fishtailing, and they must of slammed on their brakes. if you do fishtail, because it is slick, turn into it. we are going to stay on the roadways throughout the morning urine we are going to give you an update in a little bit. elizabeth: nearly whiteout conditions in northern iowa monday. the iowa storm chasing network got this video on highway 18 between wesley and garner. you can see the high winds and blowing snow made driving conditions very dangerous with low visibility. and in eastern iowa monday dot officials say they're thankful the holiday season meant fewer drivers were on the roads as the snow hit. with less traffic plows can push the snow off the roads faster.
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melting materials. >> with the temperatures holding around that 30 degree mark as soon as this precipitation lets up, it'll let that material work that much quicker, and it'll take us a lot less rounds to get it cleaned up. elizabeth: a number of eastern iowa communities declared snow emergencies through midday today. that means cars need to stay off marked snow routes so plows can work. eric: more stories developing this morning. shaina humphries is back with a big victory over isis shaina? shaina: eric overnight iraqi forces declared the city of ramadi free from isis. the army raised the iraqi flag over the city that had been taken over by isis back in may. army officials say some jihadists may remain but their main task now is to defuse any remaining bombs and traps in the city. also developing overnight the texas teenager serving probation for killing four people in a drunk driving crash has been found in mexico. 18-year-old ethan couch and his mother disappeared weeks ago after authorities found out he
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at his drunk driving trial couch's lawyers used what they called an affluenza defense to keep him out of jail saying he was irresponsible because of his rich parents. couch will be turned over to u.s. marshals. and overnight we learned motorhead frontman lemmy kilmister died at the age of 70. kilmister's agent says he was battling a brief but aggressive cancer. kilmister had suffered from a series health problems in recent years resulting in several postponed concerts. this comes just a month after motorhead drummer phil taylor passed away at the age of 61. eric: economic headlines now . wall street closed lower monday as oil prices slumped. the dow is on pace for a record year-end loss if stocks fail to surge this week. monday the dow fell almost 24 points. the nasdaq lost more than 7. the s&p 500 was down more than four. hoverboards were still a best seller this holiday season despite fire and injury warnings.
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doesn't have to meet any safety requirements and is finding its way to the u.s. market. eric: the hashtag hoverboard fails has gone viral in the days after the holidays. just before christmas the u.s. consumer product safety commission says the number of injuries associated with hoverboards spiked 25% because of folks like that. that number is expected to rise in the post-holiday tally. elizabeth: retailers have something to smile about this morning, a new survey from mastercard shows retail sales jumped almost 8% between black friday and christmas eve. but while retailers are cheering not everyone is happy with their gifts. consumer reports estimates four in 10 americans will return or exchange a holiday gift they don't want. for hassle free returns hold on to gift receipts and be prepared to pay a re-stocking fee in some stores. and target wants your unwanted gift cards this morning.
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pool to exchange the unwanted cards for target gift cards. the target gift cards will be worth slightly less than the gift card you exchange for it. target says they will run the program year-round. eric: this time of year, the return lanes are just so long. it was kind of a treacherous one yesterday, metinka. metinka: we had a big winter storm but it has now moved out. north-central iowa. minnesota as the morning goes along. we did pick up significant snows yesterday. to the east of the metro from ottumwa. 5.4 inches of snow yesterday. it is going to be a winter wonderland yesterday. the kids will be so happy to get out and sled.
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the whole system will be tracking off to the northeast today. already affecting the eastern coast of the nation. out for delays. the rest of the day is going to be very quiet. us. across western iowa. that snow will land in central iowa by 6:00 in the morning. that snow heads out by noon on leaving behind an inch. it is chilly out there, feeling like winter. we got wind chills in the teens and single digits. it feels like five degrees and algona. -- five degrees in algona. the freeways are looking just wet.
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pack your patience. wind chills still holding in the teens throughout the day. a little bit more snow moves in on your wednesday. we could end up with another inch. and blast of cold air arrives for the end of this year with highs thursday and friday, mainly in the teens. maybe friday, getting into the 20's. eric: maybe today is a good sledding day. elizabeth: maybe semester time out of the roads this morning. seneca -- shaina: you'll need extra time to navigate around those side streets. pretty messy still right now. it should not be terrible for you but you will need extra time.
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elizabeth: frontrunners on the attack. donald trump and hillary clinton trade barbs but hillary is not the only clinton trump is
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the story live from washingt eric: welcome back to kcci. to commitment 2016. where the democratic and republican frontrunners are trading barbs again. elizabeth: nikole killion joins us live from washington. and nikole, donald trump is taking aim at both hillary and bill clinton? nikole: at a new hampshire rally donald trump continued his rant against hillary clinton. this time leaving out a controversial term he's come under fire for using. >> obviously they didn't trust her because obama -- her. can i say the word? nikole: the billionaire
5:25 am
last night trump tweeted the former president failed badly at helping his wife's campaign in 2008 and was called a racist. this comes as bill clinton prepares to hit the trail on his wife's behalf next month. in a statement the clinton campaign says hillary clinton won't be bullied or distracted by trump's attacks on her or her husband. eric: nikole, trump had criticism to go around including for the media in new hampshire. what's that about? nikole: union leader it ran an editorial saying trump's campaign was an insult to new hampshire voters' intelligence. the gop frontrunner called the paper dishonest and failing elizabeth: nikole there's a new poll out taking a look at this year's most admired people and both clinton and trump are on it.
5:26 am
nikole: hillary clinton topped the list of most admired women. they most admired man, president obama comes in first. donald trump comes in second with the pope. eric: nikole killion live in washington for us. we are keeping you informed all morning long about the roads out there. alyx sacks will be joining us with an update in our next half she drives the interstate loop hour. around des moines before you do. plus we're updating the air travel situation. thousands of flights canceled monday hawkeye fans struggling to get to pasadena including our own crews who facebooked their travel trials. and have you tried this trend yet?
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it's all ahead in our next half >> the most-watched morning news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. elizabeth: right now, the big question you're waking up with. what are the roads like? we are live with that answer before you leave the house, statewide road conditions and our drivecam with the very latest road conditions. welcome back everyone, it's tuesday, december 29.
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eric: and i'm eric hanson, along with shaina and metinka. i was wondering well i have to blow off my car in the morning? a little bit but not much. metinka: flurries will be moving out. it is pretty chilly with a few snowflakes from sioux city to mason city. those are up into minnesota as the system moves away. hitting the roads, make sure to pack extra patience. it may take you a little while but the snow has moved out and road conditions will improve. tomorrow more light snow on the way with another inch or so to the current snowpack and get ready for a cold week. highs by thursday and friday in the teens. eric: it may be done snowing but roads are still covered. alyx sacks is driving around.
5:29 am
alyx: what we've noticed is this highway in particular is more slick by fleur drive. here, the major interstates through des moines and the metro seem to be ok but i would say there are slippery spots especially on and off ramps. especially over bridges and underneath bridges. if you go to 511, you up as completely covered and yesterday though. as far as drug conditions compared to yesterday they are better but with conditions like this, it is advisable to take it snow -- slow.
5:30 am
of moisture on them, there will be an impact. braking takes longer. in conditions like this, may be extended the braking time to eight to 10 seconds. we have seen several vehicles off a highway in ditches. take it slow, keep it safe. side streets seem to be more tricky. we will keep our eyes on the roadways and we will be back. eric: here's a live look at road conditions across the state from very few normal conditions. a couple of spots where it is green, blue is dominating the map. blue means partially covered. and pink means completely
5:31 am
be careful because it may be a slow elizabeth: the winter storm one. is causing headaches for not only drivers but also public works employees. mark pederson: the wet, really wet heavy snow that just bogs everything down, slows you down, it's hard on the equipment so the light, fluffy stuff is what we always look for. elizabeth: heavy snow blanketed the metro from a second wave of the storm monday night. west des moines dispatched about 20 of its trucks, covering more than 700 miles of streets. public works operated on 12 hour shifts until the storm passed. right now public works' crews will be plowing the snow on city streets. once the plows do get out and going in the residential areas, we expect the map to update with the areas that are complete. eric: problems persist at the des moines airport. a live look at flight cancellations and delays at des moines international airport. a total of 12 different flights affected. many are canceled like houston,
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this is on top of the 26 canceled flights monday. some are telling passengers they can't get a seat out of des moines until january third. many of the stranded passengers are hawkeye fans trying to fly out to the rose bowl. trey perry: it's my brother's last day. taking whole family out for one last game. eric: the rose bowl has been on a lot of fans bucket lists. some waiting 25 years for this. for the most part fans were able to get on flights to las vegas or phoenix. our team had delays but managed to get to pasadena. scott reister managed to score a first-class seat out of des moines. he got extra legroom. but they missed their connecting flight in phoenix and had to wait it out, but eventually did get greeted by john wayne in orange county.
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joining them tomorrow. we will all be bringing you live reports at 5:00, 6:00, and 10:00 all week long. special live coverage friday on kcci 8 news this morning. and we'll have a rose bowl special friday at 2:00. all counting down to kickoff 4:10 iowa time on friday, when the iowa hawkeyes take on the stanford cardinal. that game on espn. elizabeth: eric: right now, an executive order has been issued in new mexico to maintain a steady supply of propane as winter weather continues in the state. the order suspends regulations limiting the number of hours propane suppliers are allowed to drive. the national weather service says some cities in the southeastern part of the state likely broke one-day snowfall records this past weekend. and the so-called "affluenza" teen is back is back in custody. he was wanted for violating his probation in texas. 18-year-old ethan couch was arrested in puerto vallarta, mexico on monday. this coming two weeks after failing to show up for a hearing. couch was sentenced to 10 years probation back in 2013 following
5:34 am
killed four people. and a grand jury in cleveland has declined to indict the white police officer in the killing of tamir rice. rice was the 12-year-old black boy who was shot while playing with what turned out to be a pellet gun. county prosecutor tim mcginty said it was indisputable that the boy was drawing the pistol from his waistband. he said rice was trying to either hand the weapon over to police or show them it wasn't real. officials in cleveland are now urging calm and bracing for more protests. elizabeth: some places will have a lot of digging out to do. metinka: six to 10 inches in a lot of locations. that is a fresh blanket of snow that folks will have to deal with. our winter storm warning has been canceled but continues across northern iowa.
5:35 am
state. highs in the mid-20's and tomorrow is more snow, possibly another inch. elizabeth: more big stories this morning. we now know the names of the two people shot inside a southside apartment sunday night. 36-year-old tacono conner was found dead at the brookside apartments. and 37-year-old amy stolki is hospitalized but expected to survive. police have identified a person they would like to speak too, who might know more about what led to the shooting. police also believe those involved know each other. eric: police are also looking he's wanted in connection to the robberies happened twice at the kum and go on hubbell, and the git and go on easton boulevard, and once at the git and go on urbandale avenue. the suspect is described as a white man in his 20's, and six feet tall. he did not display a weapon, but threatened physical violence towards employees. if you have any information, please call polk county crimestoppers at 223-1400
5:36 am
start until next summer. a judge agreed to delay the trial of the multi-state lottery association's former security chief until july. tipton has been convicted of rigging a jackpot in iowa and is accused of fixing games to win money in several other states. elizabeth: one hot holiday gift that's so popular, it's selling out. and another is maybe too hot to handle. plus, skidding and sliding. the scary moment caught on dashcam in west des moines that you can't stop talking about. and your pictures help us tell the snow story. we're sharing your great shots
5:37 am
morning. cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. people don't have access to healthcare because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies
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bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change.
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz, and right-now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: the snow has stopped across central iowa, still some to the north and northwest through sioux city. that is heading up toward minnesota and the winter storm warning is about to expire. great news as folks get up and dig out from half a foot of snow. dress warmly, we have wind chills across western iowa in single digits. feels like eight degrees in fort
5:40 am
skies day cloudy but no new snow today. temperatures hold steady into the mid-20's and tomorrow has another chance for light snow that could add to snowpacked. eric: thanks metinka. a live camera tour now around the des moines area. you can see what the roads look like on i-235 with alyx sacks' live driving camera, i-35 at mills civic in west des moines, you can see the roads are mostly passable. and i-80 in altoona. they made a lot of progress overnight, but there's more to do to move all that snow. we keep checking for those statewide road conditions. still a lot of blue and pink, partially to completely covered. just a couple spots of normal driving conditions so wherever you are headed you will probably run into something. shaina: the storm has moved out of iowa and to the northeast. elizabeth: cbs's don champion is in new york with the 'big' wild weather picture. don: snow and freezing rain
5:41 am
northeast overnight as a major winter storm system marches across the country. ahead of the storm, crews in pennsylvania rushed to treat roadways with salt. while people in parts of massachusetts flocked to hardware stores for shovels and supplies. last winter parts of the state saw more than 10 feet of snow. steve labrie: i had people here at 8:00 in the morning as the doors open. it was kind of like black fridayish. don: the messy storm system took monday, covering several states in snow, rain and slush. it's been a while since we had nearly an inch of ice was left behind on some roadways in oklahoma, where power and heat were knocked out to thousands. brittney arredondo: i've got three little ones and my grandma who is elderly, so we're trying to do the best we can. don: in some places like missouri, authorities are now monitoring river levels following torrential rainfall. jeff graschel: if we reach the
5:42 am
levels for the time of year. don: in north carolina, crews are assessing damage from a possible tornado. don champion, cbs news, new york. elizabeth: at least 43 people have died in the last few days as a result of the wild weather. the storm system is expected to finally move out to sea tonight. shaina: one of the storm videos getting a lot of clicks online here. a west des moines ems vehicle catching a jacknifing semi with his dash cam. the ems driver david edgar saw the semi coming, and the only safe place to go was the ditch. that semi appeared to have just lost control, but the video sparked a lot of talk online about how fast people go during a storm. jennifer writes, "i finally had to get off 35 this afternoon to take the highway because i got tired of semis and suv's blowing past like it was 80 degrees and sunny, leaving a white out in their wake." jessie says, "people do not realize semis pulling heavy loads cannot stop on a dime, therefore when others pull out in from of them or do something spur of the moment, they can't
5:43 am
there are bad drivers everywhere. not just the semi drivers." eric: can't imagine being that paramedic. elizabeth: where do you go, you don't know which way it will slide. well also in the morning buzz today, you know anyone who got a hoverboard for christmas? eric: i saw them at the mall. elizabeth: we just keep hearing about more problems with the self-balancing scooter. just yesterday, one caught fire at this mall in texas, you can see it burning here. the consumer product safety commission now investigating 22 reports of these fires in 17 states. eric: that's not good for sales when they catch on fire at the mall. a new jersey family also showing what happened to their hoverboard. it caught fire while it was charging. they managed to put it out but it did cause some fire damage to their home. the concern is the combustible batteries. has yanked some of the boards from its site, even recommending that owners throw unsafe ones away.
5:44 am
them. so you cannot take them in the cabin. shaina: you know what doesn't spontaneously combust? your feet. that was certainly a hot holiday gift, and here's another one. a little version here. adult coloring books. amazon has 9 of them on their top 20 bestseller list. and some stores are selling out of colored pencils to go along with them. coloring has been said to help with stress, anxiety and focus. students at iowa state were even offered coloring books as stress-relief from finals. i have a couple of these. eric: it's so cool, i can imagine. shaina: you kind of just so now. elizabeth: well, we are getting some great pictures in this morning from you. snapshots of the winter storm through your eyes. we'll take a look at some of the images uploaded to u-local at
5:45 am
quieter forecast next on kcci. >> weather is never more than five minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. himmetinka: good morning. we are waking up to a fresh blanket of snow.
5:46 am
roads are snowy, sidelines are covered and it might be slow in some neighborhoods. a bit of light snow activity from clarion through fort dodge. this will head out this morning, accumulating snow is over with what not before six to 10 inches from waterloo through fort dodge. in des moines it was a record day with four inches officially accumulating. no more snow falling today but clouds hold tight and it will stay chilly with temperatures not making it to freezing and highs in the 20's. the system is moving away but now it will be affecting the northeastern u.s. all the way down the east coast with a variety of precipitation moving away but it could create headaches if you're traveling in that direction. light snow and flurries will be in minnesota and wisconsin followed by quieter days. a good day to shovel out and get
5:47 am
by 6:00 a.m. we will have light snow move through central iowa and that has out quickly, nothing like yesterday. it should be over with by noon and we take up an inch of snow tomorrow. the fresh snow cover, wind chills across western iowa into single digits really feeling like winter but when chills are 80 and fort dodge and feels like 10 in ames. 24 is the actual temperature and wind has settled down. maybe not as strong as yesterday and the breezeway is looking good. watch for the side streets and on and off ramps. temperatures will stay cool with highs around 26. lighter wind will make a huge difference. tomorrow has light snow through the area bringing about an inch of fresh accumulation tomorrow. thursday and friday is really cold, overnight lows in single digits and high temperatures in
5:48 am
eric: needless to say the commute will not be normal. shaina: it will take you longer to do what you normally can. slow but not as bad as yesterday. highways are pretty much clear. major roadways will be ok but side streets and on ramps and off ramps are messy. i've had trouble getting around them this morning. give yourself time to navigate. we are accident free and will probably be hectic so give yourself plenty of extra time to avoid things like that. 1500 beaver ave is the first mobile speed units. 31,000 sw 9th street. 1800 2nd avenue. granger on the 97 have the schnider 700 block of northwest
5:49 am
el eric: welcome back to kcci. you won't want to miss aretha franklin saluting carole king when the kennedy center honors airs on cbs tonight. other honorees include legendary actresses rita moreno and cicely tyson. as well as "star wars" creator george lucas and conductor seiji ozawa. you can catch that tonight, right here on kcci at 8:00. the new issue of entertainment weekly features the first look at benedict cumberbatch as marvel's new superhero, doctor strange. there he is on the cover. the sherlock star plays the surgeon who becomes a sorcerer.
5:50 am
elizabeth: doctors in north carolina say say they may be a step closer to a cure for als. they've been able to identify protein clumps in the brain that contribute to paralysis and early death in als patients. researchers hope the discovery paves the way for a drug to fight the disorder. scientists in pittsburg say ultrasound is comparable to mammograms when it comes to detecting breast cancer. researchers say ultrasound is especially important in areas where mammography isn't available. and as additional test for women with dense breasts. eric: kcci eight news this morning is live with new overnight news. here's what we're working on for 6:00 a.m. alyx: we are live on the roadways where it is slippery with blowing snow but it is better than yesterday. we have a look at areas you should avoid this morning.
5:51 am
metinka: after record snowfalls yesterday it is time to bundle up. elizabeth: we will give you one more perspective out on the roads, this is 235 at keo way.
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