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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning at 430am  Me-TV  December 30, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CST

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-- be careful. the light snow down through knoxville and sheraton. it is going to be with us for the next couple of hours. it is a fast-moving system. it will be out of here by mid-to-late morning. it looks really pretty. not much wind. the roads are snow-covered. just a light dusting. we are going to pick up a lynch -- pick up an inch or less. thames will be holding steady again. -- test will be holding steady again once we get into the -- temps will be holding steady again once we get into the 20's for a highs. elizabeth: first at 4:30, the investigation continues into a deadly christmas day crash near fort dodge. the family of a 6-year-old girl killed says life will never be
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shaina: kcci's laura terrell has the henry family's first interview since the tragedy. >> we were in the car and she was just talking to me like normal, telling me that she loved her presents and that she was so excited to see her family. laura: it was around 10:00 a.m. christmas day when a drive to grandma and grandpa's house turned into a fiery crash. >> i saw the jeep coming at us. i was just waiting for it to go back to its lane. it just never did. laura: iowa state patrol says 20-year-old ruth tomlinson's jeep crossed the center line on a county road near fort dodge and hit all 5 members of the henry family head on. >> as soon as i opened up the door, i knew that something was terribly wrong. laura: 6-year-old payton suffered a broken neck and bleeding on her brain. her family says her body gave out after a day on life support. >> she was there. she was there and then she's gone. her sister and her were very close. and now she tells me everyday that she misses her. laura: 3-year-old hayley has broken bones and a concussion.
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femur. brooke and justin say their broken bones and bruises are nothing compared to the pain of losing their daughter. >> she was the best kid anybody could every ask for. laura: a gofundme page has already raised more than $27,000 for payton's funeral and the family's medical bills. >> it's just so nice and we never expected these people to reach out like they have. laura: now the henry family hopes the other driver realizes the loss from this tragic mistake. >> think about the six-year-old that lost her life because of her actions. laura: laura terrell, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. shaina: iowa state patrol tells kcci the investigation is not yet complete but charges are pending. elizabeth: a farmer west of the metro got a disturbing phone call last week about one his cows being stolen. kcci's marcus mcintosh spoke to
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not a run-of-the-mill caper. marcus: christmas day menlo farmer keith partlow was contacted by the guthrie county sheriffs department and told. >> somebody broke into the pasture and butchered a cow. marcus: taking most of the meat ng the carcass behind. the sheriffs department was originally investigating a break in at a neighbor's. and found blood and part of a cow carcass in a ditch by the side of the road and the gate to the partlow's pasture open. further investigating uncovered the rest of the carcass in this area. partlow lays out what he and investigators think about who did this and how. >> they stood in the corner over there is where they shot her. somebody who knew how to dress out animals like a hunter or somebody who worked in a butcher shop. the way it was gutted and everything somebody had to know what they were doing -- they were doing. marcus: partlow says this type of cattle rustling is rare but not un heard of. >> probably like 40 years ago it used to happen every once in a while.
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criminal investigation by guthrie county deputies will lead to the arrest of whomever is responsible. >> it makes us mad seeing someone would do that. >> we care about our animals, our livelihood someone stole from us. marcus: according to the guthrie county sheriff's office the suspects could face misdemeanor charges of trespassing and livestock abuse. and felony charges of theft and criminal mischief. shaina: police need your help to find a missing 12-year-old from newton. take a look at her picture. police say charlene brown left voluntarily on christmas day. but authorities have issued warrants for her mother misty shaver and mother's boyfriend kevin carlton. investigators think shaver and carlton may be taking charlene to spring texas. and a man missing from pleasant hill is found 70 miles away in williams. authorities say 68-year-old arlan jacobsen was found at a truck stop near williams off highway 20. he is ok. police asked for help after jacobsen walked away from a care facility.
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the search for a suspect who committed five convenience store robberies in the past two weeks. 31-year-old bradley boyd faces five counts of fifth degree robbery. des moines police say boyd robbed the store by threatening physical violence toward store employees. but he did not show a weapon. a popular iowa state university gym has reopened after a fire. the state gym opened monday after being closed for about a month. the gym had to be cleaned and restored after sustaining extensive smoke damage. the fire started in the men's locker room sauna area. shaina: your weather is never more than five minutes away. another snow we morning out there. metinka: it looks pretty but the roads are slippery. be careful early today. it started after 2:00 a.m. and it is moving from the west. very light snow. nothing like what we saw on monday. we are going to end up with an
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it is pushing council bluffs. heading out by the afternoon. it is going to stay cool today. only in the mid-20's. a reinforcing shot of cold air tomorrow. highs mainly in the teens. shaina: you may have noticed them out on the state highways. blue and white lights on d.o.t. snow plows. those lights are part of a d.o.t. pilot project. the d.o.t. is trying them out for the first time this year. the lights are meant to make the snow plows more visible fully -- more visible to hopefully reduce more crashes. >> our early indications are the public's come back with some pretty positive comments of being able to see the blue lights. being able to distinguish our trucks better. shaina: all the trucks in the counties surrounding polk have the lights. the iowa d.o.t. tells us they didn't have enough snow plow operators during monday's storm. a lot of part timers were out in the trucks.
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says they are still looking for 200 workers. kcci's vanessa peng has more. vanessa: in iowa we've been through a few snow storms already and all this time guys that keep our roads clear are short staffed. >> our goal was to get somewhere around 600 seasonal staff employees to augment our full time staff this year. we're somewhere in that 400 little over 400 range. vanessa: that means the iowa department of transportation is still looking for about 200 part time workers mostly snow plow operators. in the meantime d.o.t. garages across the state have spread their resources thin. >> normally they'll split the crews into two, or some cases in the metro area, we have 3 shifts so that we have coverage on the major areas. vanessa: merle wilson was a part time snow plow operator before he landed his full time highway tech associate position. >> it gave me a greater appreciation for the part time help, as to what's asked of them. all these guys basically have professions outside of here and
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and run a snow plow. vanessa: wilson says drivers may not realize it but plow drivers are important. >> without them we just wouldn't be able to do near the job that the public asks us to do. elizabeth: you are required to have a cdl license to drive a snow plow. the d.o.t. does provide training. to find out how to apply go to our website coming up on kcci, thousands of hawkeye fans fly out of snow covered iowa. and flock to l.a. why fans saw the mess to get -- say the message to get there
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shaina: plus the mica is not just electing a president, we're also electing a commander in chief. that choice matters. because strengthening the economy, making healthcare more affordable, raising incomes. all of that depends on us being both secure at home and leading the world. i will get up every single day and do whatever it takes to make sure our country is safe and strong.
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz and right now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: good morning. light snow is moving through central iowa this morning. actually covering the western half of the state. it is moving to the north east at about 20 to 30 miles per hour this morning. pockets of moderate snow near the newton area, back near des moines. the back edge is across eastern nebraska. to look at it, it looks really pretty out there. visibility is being affected.
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snow-covered. we have received a dusting of new snow since 2:00 a.m. this morning. it should be out of here by noon although we could have a couple of flurries left over. it is still going to be chilly. if you're heading out to do a little more sledding, bundle up. it is going to feel like the teens this afternoon. elizabeth: the count down is on. we are a little under three days from kick-off. a lot of fuss the past few days at airports but many lucky fans have arrived in california. hawkeye fans are taking over pasadena, and so is kcci. our team coverage starts with steve karlin who had no trouble finding hawk fans. steve: is it worth it? >> is it -- it is worth it, all the planes, trains and automobiles to get here.
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bowl and it is the hawkeyes. it is time to be here. what's you grew up in the 70's -- >> you grew up in the 70's and 80's and that's all you saw on tv. >> it was a great season. 12 and one. we went to the championship game and in indianapolis day -- championship game in indianapolis. >> go hawks! elizabeth: -- shaina: steve will be hanging out with the hawkeye faithful again later today at none other than the happiest place on earth disneyland. elizabeth: rose bowl merchandise is flying off the shelves at local sporting goods stores. kcci's ryan smith reports on the mad dash for gear days before the game. ryan s.: this is the hot item right here anything black and gold with a hint of rose. the countdown is on to the big game so that means it is , officially hawkeye hysteria
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>> it's been absolute just chaos -- chaos. ryan s.: a bowl-bound iowa team means big business for scheels. >> it's families coming in and buying shirts for the whole family not for just that one. they're buying anything and everything at the time because they know once it's gone it's going to be gone. brought -- ryan s.: hawkeye gear featuring the famed rose is going fast. >> it's gone. ryan s.: where's it all going? >> to the fans. this is hawkeye nation. this is iowa. people are buying it up. ryan s.: scheels is also seeing big sales in an unconventional item. >> this is kind of the hot ticket right now. basically you can take this to any craft beer location get it filled up. with the hawkeye 2016 rose bowl emblem anything with the rose bowl emblem is doing really well. ryan s.: morgan edgeton sifted through stacks of clothes searching for that perfect rose bowl t-shirt. >> i got this for my mom because it says the rose bowl game so we got one so we could remember that we went this year. ryan s.: she's a future iowa student and couldn''t be more excited to get a taste of
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pasadena. >> we're really excited our parents both of our parents have had season tickets for 20 years so we always talked about that when they went that both of our families would go. ryan s.: you can see some of the shelves here at the hawkeye section are already empty so if you want some of that gear that is rose bowl specific you better act fast because once it's sold it is gone for good. reporting from west des moines , ryan smith, kcci 8 news. elizabeth: and don't forget our special coverage from the rose bowl continues friday. join us for a hawkeye rose bowl live from pasadena right before the big game. shaina: the time is 4:45. it is 24 degrees. a little snowy. the roads are slippery this morning.
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these flurries will last year >> weather is never more than 5 minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. metinka: good morning. another snow we morning out there. spreading toward tema. adair, atlantic catching light snow early today. it is drifting to the northeast this morning. late morning hours before it finally moves out.
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mid-20's for highs which is below average for this time of year. this is a fast-moving system. it doesn't have a whole lot of moisture with it. it is going to be affecting the roads. this system goes through minnesota. it is moving off to the north east pretty rapidly. it should be out of here by the afternoon. a lot of light snow showers and flurry activities continuing through 8:00 a.m.. much of the afternoon is going to be dry, quite. maybe a few flurries. maybe another chance for snow flurries as colder air works in behind the system. get ready for a blast of wintry cold conditions by the end of the week. you might have to do a little scooping later on today. 24 here in des moines.
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-- flakes coming down and covering the roads. visibility is being reduced. maybe a couple of more snow flurries this afternoon. it is heading for 26 degrees today. you are going to need to double up with the warm coats and mittens. the snow moves out today. we have a lot of cold air becoming in -- a lot of cold air coming in behind that snow. overnight lows down into the single digits for new year's eve night. over the weekend, great weather coming. sunshine and temperatures close to freezing. next week, maybe a little bit of snow by midweek. elizabeth: thanks metinka. >> next thing i know we had a house full of smoke.
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battery catches fire overnight. luckily the damage was minimal. elizabeth: kcci's mark tauscheck explains what went wrong. >> there were a lot of remote control cars under the christmas tree this year one metro family wants everyone to know that these things and the batteries they come with especially come with warnings that need to be followed. as far as gifts for a kid under the tree doesn't get much better than a remote control car. after taking the high-performance toy out for a spin with his son monday s goering plugged the r.c. car's battery into a charger before going to bed. three hours later, smoke alarms were blaring. >> this actually had flames shooting out of it and this battery was actually on fire. this is the battery itself. you can see where the hole actually burned thru the carpet. mark: goring unplugged the charger and doused the flaming battery with water. >> if we would have had this charging while we were gone our house would have clearly been involved in a serious fire. >> don't plug it in and go to sleep. mark: the co-owner of hobbytown
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heed the warnings include don't leave charging batteries unattended. >> the main issue it was overcharged. mark: he says most r.c. batteries will be fully charged within an hour then should be unplugged. he also recommends charging them inside special fire safe bags as another -- another line of defense. >> obviously there was some fault somewhere with my charging it. or how it was set up to charge but to me it shouldn't end up like this if nothing else the charger should shut off. mark: mark tauscheck, kcci 8 news. elizabeth: the maker of the battery charger radient in champaign, illinois, did not return our calls.
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i am aixa metinka: good morning. it is another snow week start -- another snow week start. everybody is going to get light snow today. nothing like what we had on monday. just enough to leave a light dusting orang -- dusting behind. pretty slippery out there. 24 in des moines. we don't have much wind which is good news.
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we will end up with one half to one inch of fresh snow today. cold air moves in behind the snow. highs in the teens and low 20's. we have a gradual warm-up. elizabeth: eight issues, eight weeks. it's our special series focusing on the hottest topics in the 2016 presidential race in the run up to the iowa caucuses. today the debate over climate change. shaina: kcci's in aixa diaz is in washington. she looks at both sides of the debate. aixa: among the major issues being debated on the campaign trail climate change is one of the most polarizing. >> for democrats climate change imposing regulations to reduce , the amount of carbon in the environment is the top issue. aixa: in august president obama unveiled a plan to reduce carbon pollution from power plants. three months later he rejected the controversial keystone xl pipeline. >> unchecked climate change can lead to serious heat waves. droughts sea level rise extreme weather events. aixa: greg dotson of the center
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time for action is now. >> there are solutions. they are available today if policy makers will embrace them. >> these policies really won't do anything to mitigate global temperatures. aixa: nick loris of the heritage foundation argues more regulations do little for the environment and and up hurting the economy. >> because energy is a necessary component for everything we make, everything we do, you'll be hit when you go to the grocery store, when you go to the home depot. aixa: josh kraushaar of the national journal says a candidate's position on this issue could be a double edged sword. >> the risk is you get far too left on the issue you sound like you're too focused on the environment over the economy could be a vulnerability in a general election. for the republicans the vulnerability is they sound like they're not listening to science and dealing with the issue in an empirical way. shaina: in december nearly 200 countries approved an accord to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. you can see where the presidential candidates stand on
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just click on the 8 issues/8 weeks tab on our home page for a closer look. elizabeth: coming up, historic flooding in missouri.
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historians arts -- >> you are watching kcci 8 news. elizabeth: right now at 5:00, missing girl.
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