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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  December 30, 2015 6:00am-7:00am CST

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>> you are watching kcci 8 news. elizabeth: the search for a new
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shaina: who may have taken her. buildings underwater in missouri. why could get worse along the mississippi river. elizabeth: more on what iowa hawkeyes have been up to in pasadena before the big game. a big win for the hawkeyes basketball team. they keep are waking up to kcci news 8 this morning. shaina: it is snowing. it should not be as bad as earlier this week. metinka: it is nothing compared to monday. there is light snow this morning . it is affecting the visibility. the snow is tapering from the atlantic. it is falling through des moines, knoxville, marshalltown, and montezuma. we have pockets a more moderate snow. expect rapid accumulations, though the amounts will be below an inch across much of central iowa.
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it is coming in from the west and is light. expect this note to move out by noon. there might be a stray flurry this afternoon. bundle up with highs only in the middle 20's. elizabeth: as the snow moves through, keep an eye on for driving conditions. the road is partially covered great pink is completely covered . more increasing areas of pink. it will be messy. give yourself extra time. shaina: authorities are asking for your help to find a missing 12-year-old girl from newton. charlene brown left on christmas day voluntarily. warrants for her mother, misty shaver, have been issued. also her mother's boyfriend,
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they think that shaver and carlton may be taking her to texas. if you have information, call the newton police. a farmer lost $2000 when one of his cattle was stolen and butchered. police were investigating a break-in when they found blood and a cow carcass. no words on a suspect, but they could face misdemeanor charges of livestock abuse and trespassing as well as of theft and criminal mischief. elizabeth: 6-year-old peyton died on saturday. she and her family were driving on christmas morning when a jeep driven by 20-year-old ruth tomlinson crossed the line and hit to them in a fiery crash. >> she was there, then she was gone.
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her sister and her were very close. now, she tells me every day that she misses her. shaina: the iowa state patrol says charges are pending. peyton's funeral will be on saturday in webster city. elizabeth: we are two days, 10 hours, and five minutes from the rose bowl. they take on the stanford cardinals at 4:00 p.m. iowa time. kcci's andy garman, and the ricer, and eric hanson are in pasadena. andy joins us with what the hawks have been up to. andy: good morning. we are one day closer to the rose bowl. kicking off on friday afternoon
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the hawkeyes just talked about how they are appreciating this big time stage. >> i think everyone needs to do a good job. focus on what is in front of us. >> practice has been going great . everyone has been running around with high intensity. meeting times have been productive. we are on the track to putting ourselves in to play against stanford. andy: more coming up at 5:00, 6:00, and 10:00. elizabeth: in iowa, rose bowl merchandise is flying off of the shelves. it means big businesses for places like scheels. searching for the perfect rose bowl t-shirt. she is a future iowa student, and could not be more excited to get a taste of hawkeye nation in pasadena. >> we are excited. our parents have had season tickets for 20 years.
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both of our families would go. elizabeth: our coverage from the hawkeye rose bowl special before the game at 2:00 p.m. on friday. the rose bowl kicks off just after 4:00 that day. tuesday. the first game of big 10 play. they had a tough matchup against undefeated michigan state. there are up for the challenge. it was all iowa from the start. nicholas baer had a standoff game and dishing with 11 points. mike gesell had an all-time high. a big upset. 83-70. iowa state has one more game for the start of big 12. the cyclones take on compton state at 7:00 p.m.
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tc. 13 -- 13 states along the mississippi getting ready for floods. this is video from missouri, one of the hardest hit states. several homes and buildings are underwater. it could get worse as the mississippi river is expected to crest. the arkansas river will crest at record high levels. the army corps of engineers expects levels not seen in 20 years. those with homes along the river are preparing for the worst. they have been warned they may have to evacuate. greg strickland is missing in flooding. crews called off the search last night and will resume this morning. he is the lead singer of back
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hunting -- of back road and thumb. he and a friend went duck hunting. his friend's body was already recovered. requiring all officers to carry a taser were in was bonding. there have been calls for him to resign following the release of a video of a teenager being shot 16 times. our winter wonderland outside is getting a boost. metinka: the roads are getting slippery. a couple of extra minutes to get where you are going. light snow was covering much of the state. a sin city, waterloo, even to the west through atlantic. it then tapers off. we have a couple of hours of light snow before it ends. it is affecting the roads with a light dusting. many roads are snow covered. the visibility has fallen back to one mile.
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enough snow to freshen up the sledding hills. one inch or less this morning. it will be out by noon. the temperatures won't warm-up with the clouds. heading for 26. shaina: one less candidate running for president. george pataki is ending his bid for the gop nomination. he failed to consistently average one percent support. more on his decision to exit, live from washington dc, coming up at 6:30. one candidate rising in the polls made a stop. marco rubio had a town hall in clinton and in waterloo. he talked about his missed votes in the senate. he said the time it takes to run for president will require him to miss some of votes.
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he took questions them reporters on his airplane to omaha. he said he doesn't see himself running as a third-party candidate. he talked about the campaign ads he will run in iowa in the new year. when the snow keeps voters getting from events, martin o'malley went to a campaign event and spoke to one voter who braved the snow. martin o'malley was glad they pressed on so he could have a one-on-one conversation with that voter. chris christie, rick santorum, and marco are all in the hawkeye state. the first snow of the season. how other parts are dealing with a major winter storm. how americans were tricked this
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shaina: it is a new year's celebration you'll have to see to believe. the party you will not want to mess. it will be another one of those mornings. you will need extra time, take it slow. the roads are a snowy. it will be falling throughout most of the morning commute. we are seeing slowdowns in both directions on i-235 and west des moines. you can see through the dot can at 235 and valley west, it is piling up. the interstate is a little bit
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he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change.
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announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz and right now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: we are getting snow a standing across most of the state.
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it is headed for waterloo and lifting northeast. we have pockets of moderate snow fall. some of the snowflakes are large and coming down at a good rate, affecting visibility. the freeway has been snow-covered. it is a slippery snow. even though we have only seen .5 inches so far, the roads have then affected. this noble and around noon. those locations will pick up -- the snow will end around noon. those locations will pick up about 1.5 inches of snow. shaina: a big storm that passed through the midwest brought the first major snow of the season to the east on tuesday. this is from armand. people had to break out their shovels for the first time this year. -- this is from for mott.
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people had to break out their shovels for the first time this year. one to three inches of snow fell in eastern san diego county. it brought rain to lower elevations. el nio is expected to bring more storms next week. new year's eve is just one day away. alyx sacks is live at the des moines social club to help us ring in the new year. what is going to be going on? alyx: can you tell i am excited about the new year? there's a big party on new year's eve night. it is the bash goes pop. here doubt me introduce the party is the executive director. thank you for having us. >> thank you for coming. alyx: there is something special happening behind you. it is the only one like it in des moines. >> maybe all of iowa or the country.
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she will be executing our human ball drop. alyx: tell me more about the celebration. >> this is something that has been going on with the social club since it was created. when we moved to the fire station, we were able to take it to a new level. this is the third time we have done it here and the third time we have done human all drop. -- ball drop. alyx: a special toast at midnight? >> a champagne and beers toast we have become known for. live music, dj, a fun time. helping to create great community with the artist to impressive work. alyx: how many people do you expect? >> we will sell out our tickets. that will push us up to 600 people. you have to hurry. we sell out every year.
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if you go to de $30 will get you in the door. 400 will get you a vip ticket. at the door, it will be $135 for the general admission. alyx: we have more on what to expect from the -- goes pop, coming up. -- the bash goes pop, coming up. shaina: the dow jumped 193 points. the nasdaq climbed 67. the s&p 500 was up 22. macy's is recalling numeral true frying pans after customers reported metal discs popping up calling prisons and burns. the eight inch and 10 inch pans were included in a 10 -- were included in a martha
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if you're looking for a new job, keep looking. experts say the holiday season is the best time to find a new career. you might have less competition. human resources managers are looking to fill positions. also, people tend to quit after getting their year end bonus, so there could be more open positions. the better business bureau at the top scams. tax cons were by far the most frequent. followed by criminals posing as debt collectors or tech support. others claim that you won a sweepstake. the scams have one thing in common. they want untraceable money up front. >> one of the red flags for any scam is if someone is requesting that you pay by prepaid debit card, wire transfer, or gift
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shaina: if someone is demanding money, or if the offer sounds too good to feature room, it is probably a scam. you can go to bbb.o rg/scamtracker to find out about scams affecting central iowans. shaina: how about a have reported that can fly? a $19,000 board will guide one foot over the surface at 12 miles per hour for six minutes. an actual hover board. elizabeth: we were saying the others are motorized scooters. shaina: and they explode. so that would be cool if you have $19,000. metinka: that would be a great way to get around. you can avoid the slippery streets. it is still snowing across much of central iowa. this is our webcam at lake
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you can see large snowflakes making the roads slippery. across much of central iowa, jefferson, carol, winterset, sheridan, catching snow. it stretches to marshalltown, montezuma -- pockets of moderate snow fall. watch for rapid accumulation. the roads are being affected. in some spots, it could be more slippery than on monday and tuesday. the snow will move out why it :00 a.m. it should -- move out by 8:00 a.m. it should move out of central iowa a 10:00 a.m. no worries of additional accumulation after midnight. it will be between one inch to 1.5 inches of fresh powder. just enough to freshen up the sliding hills.
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this one does not have as much moisture to work with. the snow extends into west central illinois through minnesota and south dakota. if you go west, the weather will get that her. to the east, it will get slow this morning. the wind is calm. this snow is affecting the visibility, but the wind will not cause headaches. the snow will move out by noon. temperatures, highs in the middle 20's with wind chills in the teens. that is where the highs will be tomorrow and friday. highs will struggle to make it to 20 tomorrow. overnight lows will drop to below 10 degrees. shaina: when you leave this morning, give yourself extra time. elizabeth: the roads are messy and slippery.
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time and keep distance between any other cars. rings are slowing down, but now accidents. we have a mobile speed at gray's lake. there is a nether at 735th street by the price chopper. 39th and kingman in the same area. there is a polk county car at 7200 20 six st. and one at pull killed drive.
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dropped out of the elizabeth: this morning, the republican field for president is shrinking. shaina: new york governor george pataki has ended his bid from the white house. the competition is only getting tougher. nikole: that's right. george pataki is the fifth candidate to drop out of the race for president after barely registering in the polls. >> tonight is the end of my journey for the white house.
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former new york governor called it quits. the gop is tightening. chris christie and ted cruz are courting the establishment vote. donald trump is focusing on the possible matchup with hillary clinton, saying that bill clinton is fair game. >> we will see how it all comes out. i feel confident it will come out well for us. nikole: expect to hear more from donald trump. he plans to spend at least $2 million a week on campaign ads in early voting states, like iowa. shaina: thank you. coming up on kcci, at six: 30, deadly storms and historic flooding in the midwest.
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rescued in chige, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for those at the top and letting corporations write their own rules. hillary clinton will work to close the wage gap. equal pay for women to raise incomes for families, a higher minimum wage, lower taxes for the middle class.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. shaina: historic flooding in the
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the deaths caused by the heavy waters. >> the best kid anyone could ever ask for it. shaina: christmas day tragedy. family members speak out for the first time after the accident that killed their 6-year-old daughter. elizabeth: looking for ways to celebrate new year's eve? we have a celebration you don't want to miss. announcer: the most-watched news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news "this morning." elizabeth: he has arrived. eric hanson made it to california. how the kcci crew and the players are getting ready for the game. i am elizabeth klinge. shaina: i am shaina humphries. along with metinka slater.
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metinka: it is just enough to make the streets a little slick. at the airport, 8/10 of an inch has accumulated. the radar shows most of the snow is across northern and northeast iowa from fort dodge to waterloo. it is leading up toward atlantic . improving road conditions over western iowa. we will end up with three quarters of an inch across des moines. a little of words of an inch in a few neighborhoods. it will be -- a little upwards of an inch in a few neighborhoods. it will be moving out quickly. des moines heading for 26. shaina: authorities need help finding 12-year-old charlene brown. she left voluntarily on christmas day. warrants have been issued for her mother, misty shaver, and
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they may be taking her to spring, texas. if you have information, call news in the lease. elizabeth: a farmer in menlo learned one of his cattle was stolen and butchered. deputies investigated a break and when they found blood and a cow carcass. they slaughtered the cow on keith partlow's property. the loss of the cow is about $2000. the family of his six-year-old killed in a christmas day crash is speaking out. >> as soon as i opened the door, a new something was wrong. elizabeth: 6-year-old payton henry died on saturday while on life support. the iowa state patrol says ruth tomlinson crossed the line at fort dodge, hitting all five henry family members head on. charges are pending at this point.
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$27,000 for the henry family. shaina: millions of people in 13 states are bracing for historic floods. the new usual weather pattern hit missouri heart, submerging portions underwater. don champion has the latest. gov. nixon: missouri is in the midst of a very historic and dangerous flooding event. don: missouri governor jay nixon called in the national guard, as the state grapples with deadly flooding. volunteers throughout saint louis worked late tuesday night, laying out sandbags. the situation was dire at this water treatment plant in the town of high ridge. its reserves only contain enough water for up to four days. the rare winter deluge has already left parts of the state, including the town of union, under water. rising water along the mississippi and other major rivers have forced people out. tony phillip closed his furniture store ahead of an evacuation order.
6:32 am
the worst by getting everything up to higher grounds. don: water levels in some locations could exceed levels not seen since the great flood of 1993, but state officials maintain they're prepared. >> in terms of specifically forecasting the river levels, we're light years better than we were in 1993. now we're actually putting in forecast rainfall, and that has given us a much more heads up. don: more than 12 people in missouri have been killed in the flooding. don champion, cbs news. shaina: forecasters say the mississippi and other major rivers will likely crest at record levels beginning thursday. winter has begun in parts of the northeast. light snow and freezing rain is expected today. on tuesday, a storm brought snow, sleet, and freezing rain. parts of new england got four inches to six inches of snow. parts of maine got up to 10
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8 surviving miners were found in china. they were trapped on christmas day in a collapsed gypsum mine. nine others are still missing. christmas -- new year's day is one day away. if you're looking for ways to celebrate, alyx sacks joins us from the des moines social club. alyx: it will be an incredibly visual experience on new year's eve. they will have djs, music, performances. and, possibly the only think you will see like it in iowa and des moines, a human ball drop at midnight. >> it will be a fantastic night. we have been doing this for a number of years. it seems like every year we take it to another level. with our sponsors, we have put together a great night. alyx: the very talented felicia
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>> just a taste. it will be eclectic, but that is how we like it. featuring local and regional artists that are helping us build an excellent community in des moines. alyx: how can they come down? >> come to desm for tickets. buy them ahead of time. you get a better price if you buy them before you get to the door. we always sell out. alyx: everything that is good about local and celebrating it into 2016? >> in the terms that we come together as a community. the fun will put us up against anyone in the country. alyx: happy early new year. we will be back with a quick rap so you know what to expect going into new year's eve. shaina: still ahead, have you
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if not, hurry. the items flying off of the shelves, and the unusual item you might want to pick up. shaina: eric will meet up with hawkeye fans in california. the trip that some made to make it to the granddaddy of them all. metinka: central iowa is getting a fresh dusting of snow. as that flakes stop flying, our temperatures will tumble. elizabeth: this is i 35. the flakes are piling up a little. it will be slippery.
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difficult to metinka: you're waking up to more snow falling across much of central iowa. the snow is tapering off near atlantic. finally catching a break. it is coming down in des moines near waterloo and east on i-80. the roads are slippery. this is the traffic cam showing the freeway. it looks pretty, but the roads have been snow-covered. the sidewalks will be slippery. the snow will end by noon. we will end up with one inch of
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the temperatures won't change much. with all of the cloud cover, the highs will the in the 20's with wind chills in the teens. elizabeth: the countdown is on. the rose bowl is two days, nine hours, and 27 minutes from kickoff in pasadena. merchandise is flying off of shelves. that means big business for sports stores. shaina: anything black and gold is going fast. gear featuring the rose is going even faster. >> families coming in buying shirts for the whole family. they are buying everything they can, because they know when it is gone, it is gone. elizabeth: if you want something specific, you want to get there as fast as you can. probably this morning. you might need to go early. eric was supposed to leave
6:38 am
out his flight was canceled. he caught a flight last night and is already in california. he posted photo saying he is flying to pasadena and half of the airplane is hawk fans, but this is the best fan on board. go hawks. and he said his flight from dow list was filled with hawk fans and one isu fan. eric arrived in l.a. late last night. eric: i am eric. we made it to l.a. we have seen a lot of talk they -- of hawk fans we have seen. you are from urbandale. tim, mitch, and jerod. tell me about the trip. getting through the snow has been a challenge?
6:39 am
freezing rain, sleet, heavy snow, missed our flight this morning. got a flight from houston to l.a. we landed the same time you did. we will go to orange county and get his bag. eric: why go through all of this? >> since we were little kids, we joked about going to the rose bowl. it finally happened, we will get here one way or the other. i figured, let's do it. eric: we are ready for a great week in los angeles. go hawks. elizabeth: crews, fans, and players are gearing up for friday when the hawkeyes take on the stanford cardinals. >> we're getting closer to kickoff. it gets more focused on the game. at this point, the team has had fun.
6:40 am
hawkeyes. last night they went to a comedy club. this senior defensive lineman stole the show on open mic night. >> how about a sample? feel free to incorporate these guys. >> someone check their birth certificate. no way this guy is a team. he has three kids on his team. >> >> they go to disneyland. the beef bowl was good. i don't think you can get that are prime rib. >> this is a nice guy, but something has to happen about that. >> experiencing the l.a. life. hills. >> i finally got to try in and out. >> they are street, but they are big. we'll have to deal with that. >> the experience in a leg,
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>> there is ape coach's press conference -- there is a coach's press conference later today. >> later today at 5:00, 6:00, and 10:00. kcci' iowa's sports leader. elizabeth: don't miss our special coverage on kcci on friday at 2:00. andy garman, scott reister, and eric hanson will have coverage from pasadena. shaina: you can catch the game on espn. it is 4:10 iowa time.
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jess: hey look, it's those guys. [music] jess: are you good to drive? shawn: i'm fine. jess: how many did you have? shawn: i should be fine. jess: you should be? officer: go on and step out of the vehicle for me. bud: see ya, buddy. good luck! so, it turns out buzzed driving and drunk driving, they're the same thing and it costs around $10,000. so not worth it. announcer: weather is never more than five minutes away only on kcci 8 news "this morning." metinka: it is still snowing. it is moving east and north east with a light snow in marshalltown, montezuma, and
6:44 am
the roads are snow-covered and slippery. we have decent flakes and a fresh coat of powder this morning. just enough to freshen up the hills. my 8:00 a.m. the snow will be east of i-35. later this evening, there could be more flakes and showers developing. toward west central iowa, it will track into west central parts of the state i 10:00 p.m. it will and by midnight, and be followed by cold air. we are expecting totals to hover around one inch across much of central iowa. some locations will pick up more or less. it is a fast-moving system without as much moisture as the monday system. it is snowing from minnesota, iowa, was central illinois, and toward st. louis. if you are traveling north, south, or east, it will be a
6:45 am
24 in the metro. the snow will move out by noon, but highs will be near 26. temperatures will feel like they are in the teens. bundle up if you are scooping off the sidewalk are going to the snow hills. this snow will not be melting away anytime soon. elizabeth: when you head out, give yourself extra time. you will be slipping and sliding. things are slowing down and getting messy. around valley west, in west des moines, i've 35, things are slowing down. -- i-35, things are slowing down. give yourself extra time. a mobile speed unit at 2400
6:46 am
one it 39th and kingman. there is a polk county car at 7200 northwest 26th street and at 5500 north oak drive.
6:47 am
io shaina: news to go. officials in missouri are monitoring stressed levees. they are project record flooding after several days of torrential rain. 18 deaths are being blamed on the high water. the river will reach 15 feet above flood stage tomorrow. chicago officials say there will be changes in how city police officers are trained. an announcement today will include requiring tasers for every officer responding to a call. elizabeth: 12-year-old charlene brown left on christmas day. warrants have been issued for her mother and term mother's boyfriend. they might be taking her to spring, texas. new year's eve is one day away. alyx sacks has ways for you to
6:48 am
alyx: there are things going on. family friendly, and if you are single or a parent that wants to cut loose, there are events as well. this is the des moines social club. it is the all the human ball drop in des moines. it will start at 8:00 here at the party will go into the new year, ending at 2:00 a.m. they will have dancing, music, a balloon drop, and a human ball drop. shaina: it is snowing again. metinka: another round of snow. one inch to 1.5 inches of fresh powder. it will move out by 9:00 a.m. it will continue from des moines up to newton. the roads are slippery.
6:49 am
24 in des moines, heading for 26. the snow will end at noon. we are expecting light totals. no snow for the end of the year for the start of the new year, but the cold air will stay through the weekend. next week, highs will be above freezing. elizabeth: it is a slow go. the light snow is making the roads slippery. seven minutes from the east. add a few extra minutes.
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