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tv   KCCI 8 News at Ten  Me-TV  December 30, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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right now at 10:00, a live look from pasadena. we're counting down to the hawkeye rose bowl. new at 10:00 the man behind a , smash and grab burglary caught by police. todd: law enforcement in marion county now connecting scott johnson to a string of golf resort robberies. kcci's ryan smith shows how police tracked down the suspect. ryan: scott johnson underestimated the durability of a pella-made door. after a few minutes of trying to break into bos landen golf club with a crow bar. >> he just stepped back, cracked the outer glass and then also shattered the interior glass along this whole pro shop floor. to say all over the floor is an understatement. really, it was just carpeted with glass. ryan: after the suspect busted through the back door he attempted to shield his face. but every movement of his was captured on one of 16 surveillance cameras, strategically placed throughout the golf resort. the g.m. says johnson went straight for the cash box behind the counter. >> he knew where it was and
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much had a good scope of the place before he entered the premises. ryan: turns out, johnson has a history of smash and grab burglaries at local golf clubs. surveillance video from fore seasons golf center in newton shows johnson swiping a donation jar. in and out in under 60 seconds. complex we had $2,000 cash taken -- >> we had $2,000 cash taken and that didn't include of course the door that he damaged, our computer system that he damaged. ryan: police arrested johnson in late july, but was released before a court hearing. it didn't take long before he was back to his old schemes again. clicks i was willing the first time to forgive and say it was, you know, maybe a mistake or a -- mistake. obviously, this is a lifestyle for him. stacey: pella police announced johnson is charged with burglary, criminal mischief, and theft for that break-in at bos landen golf club. todd: some cold temperatures
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frank: you are seeing some flurries, especially to the south of the metro. newton, knoxville, dallas. osceola back towards sheridan. these are very light flurries. not expecting much in the way of any accumulation. 26 current temperature at the airport, wins of the west-northwest. sunrise tomorrow just after 7:40. it will be a chilly start. 12 degrees. wind chill tomorrow morning in the single digits. sunshine back with highs in the afternoon. stacey: news tonight out on , bond. bill cosby faces criminal charges in pennsylvania. he is accused of drugging and
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2004. cosby posted the one million dollar bond and is back home tonight. the comedian said under oath that he had consensual sex with the woman. cosby's felony sexual assault charge comes 11 years after the alleged incident. we wanted to know, what would be the statute of limitations for such crimes here in iowa? kcci's laura terrell finds out the options sexual assault victims have in our state. laura: the statute of limitations in iowa for adult victims of rape is three years. that's less time than the statute of limitations in several other states. >> the vast majority of sexual offenses are perpetrated by someone that the victim knows. laura: assistant attorney general laura roan has been prosecuting sex assault cases in iowa for more than 20 years. she says iowa law gives adult victims 3 years to report a rape, but it's different for child victims. >> if the victim is under the age of 18 at the time that the rape occurs, then the statute of
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victim's 18th birthday. laura: bill cosby was arraigned wednesday for allegedly drugging and raping a woman in 2004. but he's been accused by nearly 50 other woman. >> this is quite common. what we know about sexual perpetrators is that they're repeat offenders. laura: experts say rapes are often reported years later because of the stigma associated with the crime. blaming. a lot of shaming. laura: lisa heldenbrand with polk county crisis and advocacy says the local agency has helped 234 victims of sexual assault in the last year. >> they are incredibly strong and brave to even consider reporting, because it is very scary. laura: heldenbrand wants victims in iowa to know that they have options. >> there are people who will believe you, and there are people who are willing to help you regardless of when it happened.
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advocacy is one of several agencies in iowa that provides free and confidential services for victims of sexual assault. in studio, laura terrell, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. todd: a big change from iowa's attorney general.tom miller -- attorney general. tom miller thinks e-cigarettes could be a good thing. miller is known for fighting with tobacco companies. he's currently the national chairman of the truth initiative, an organization that works to keep tobacco products out of the hands of young people. but, he now says electronic cigarettes are safer than some people claim and could help some smokers quit. >> about 13 million americans are smokers who believe they're equally harmful. if they thought there were a difference in harm and switch to e-cigarettes, they would save their lives. todd: miller says he also supports city and state laws that would ban e-cig use in public spaces. the countdown is on. all they one day, 18 hours, 4 minutes until the hawkeyes take on stanford in the rose bowl. and we've been brining you coverage from pasadena all week
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stacey: sports director andy garman starts our team 8 coverage tonight with some thoughts from the head coaches of both teams. andy: i love that countdown. bowl. very few people in the iowa the last time the hawks were here. kirk ferentz wasn't here 20 five years ago, but he was part of the crew 30 and 35 years ago. the granddaddy of them all is not a little more than a day away, and the hawkeyes know they have their hands full with stanford. getting here is such an opportunity for this team, that kirk ferentz said they are trying to soak it in first. for stanford, it is still special. >> we have a lot guys that haven't been to california. certainly haven't been to
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it is fun as a coach to watch players experience that. we get to play the best bowl game there is against an outstanding championship team. >> we love coming down here and playing ucla because it is such a great environment. there is an energy in the air, and excitement in the air. there is nothing like running out of the field at the rose bowl. andy: not only is the environment special, but one of the hawkeyes' opponents is special. i am joined now by steve karlin. steve: i am happy. andy: why is that? steve: today, i stopped by the happiest place on earth and rated to some very happy iowa football fans.
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distantly hand -- disneyland in anaheim, california averages 95,000 fun seeking customers every day. in this year, the run-up to the rose bowl, among those clothed in many colors, you can spot group after group of folks proudly wearing black and gold. some of them are just casual iowa hawkeye football fan. >> iwatch it. do i know as much as my husband, not at all. >> he likes it. steve: he likes it, he really likes it. but he doesn't like what his parents did to him the last time the hawkeyes were here in 1991. >> went to the rose bowl but didn't take me. i figured i wasn't going to leave them behind with this
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jordan of carlisle could not pass up this opportunity for his kids. are you surprised at the number of iowa people? >> no. steve: why not? >> they sold out of beer at two bars in indianapolis. steve: in heaven there is no fear, that is why hawks fans drank it all at the big ten championship. >> a great -- a dream come true to travel to california and go to disneyland. steve: a dream come true if, on friday, the iowa hawkeyes do what all these people came here to see them do. >> we have seen the hawkeyes with the rose bowl. steve: there were a lot of hawkeye fans at disneyland today. eric hanson, welcome to southern
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there were a whole lot of hawkeye fans were you are today. eric: the huddle today n.l. a was the biggest they had ever seen. iowa hawkeye fans absolutely took it over. check out this massive crowd gathered around the iowa marching band. they were expecting 15,000 hawks fans, but they are pretty sure they blew by that number. it was the first real massive gathering of hawks fans here in southern california this week, prove that those huge crowds we have been hearing about are in town and ready to cheer. >> i missed the 91 rose bowl and i found at that time that if they never made it back -- they ever made it back, i would be out here.
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taking over pasadena. eric: the thing is, there are still more people making their way in. tomorrow, the big pep rally at the uss iowa. steve: is fantastic. you are going to a lot of reports on that, what you? -- won't you? reporting live, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. stacey: lots of hawkeye fans unfortunately still scrambling to get to pasadena with less than 48 hours until kickoff. several hawk fans flew out of the des moines airport today with no issues. that's a far cry from monday when dozens of flights were delayed or canceled because of the storm. travel agent rick south says if you don't already have another flight booked, you are going to have to drive.
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seats, but it's going to be premium price, so maybe what is usually $400 or $500 could be $1100 or $1200. stacey: and if you aren't headed out to california tune into kcci on friday. join us for a hawkeye rose bowl live from pasadena right before , the big game. it starts at 2:00 on kcci. todd: historic floods. how many levees could fail in missouri and when the rivers will stop rising.
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why google chrome is now announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 10:00 with steve karlin, stacey horst, chief meteorologist john mclaughlin, and sports director andy garman. stacey: a developing situation in missouri tonight as the , rivers near st. louis are expected to crest tomorrow. todd: 21 people have died in the floods. marlie hall has the latest for us tonight from valley park, missouri. marlie: rising floodwaters washed over roads, homes, and businesses. firefighters rescued one man trapped on top of his pickup truck. >> if we can say anything over and over, it would be to not drive into water. marlie: at least a half dozen houses were lost south of st. louis where the meramac and mississippi rivers meet. carla bryant organized residents to save as many homes as possible.
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have done everything we can and we still can't beat it. marlie: in valley park, volunteers tried to protect this business, which is only a block away from a levee. >> the levee behind us has only a foot to go and then there will be some flooding. marlie: sandbags are often no match for raging rivers. forecasters say flood waters are rising more than one inch per hour in some communities. nearly 20 levees along the mississippi river and its tributaries could fail. mandatory evacuation orders are in place for numerous communities, but some residents would rather stay. >> tomorrow is another day. new year's at the end of the week, 2016 has to be better. marlie: the mississippi is still climbing and is expected to reach almost 15 feet above flood stage tomorrow. marlie hall, cbs news, valley park, missouri. todd: if the river reaches those levels, this will be the second
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mississippi. stacey: amazing pictures out of missouri. compared to that, much more calm weather here. frank: high pressure is in control. that will mean high and dry conditions. unfortunately, a little bit chilly. this one is captioned "snow day". this was actually yesterday. it made it up to 21 here in des moines. 27 for ames. above average for some parts of the state. we do have some flurries moving through. american county -- knoxville, pulling out of union county, these are light flurries that might amount to just a
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southern area of the viewing area tonight. you might see a few slick spots as temperatures are cold enough for some re-freeze. off to the north, a little cooler already. preston this hour at 19 degrees. another neat photo from earlier. you can see the birds kind of adding some color to the snow. you will wake up tomorrow for a chilly 12 degrees. 22 by 1:00. 4:00, more sunshine. isolated flurries across mainly the central and south central areas of the state. high pressure moves in on the backside. that will be westerly winds. sunshine is back in the forecast
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still not quite warm enough to of days. good. tomorrow, sunshine back in the forecast. it is going to be a chilly morning friday and that we will see sunshine for the afternoon temperatures. 12 degrees, going to be a chilly one. watch out for those wind chills. 8 day forecast. by the way, i thought this was an interesting weather fact. new year's day this year, no snow. back in 1942, we got 19.8 inches of snow. that is the maximum snowfall of any day in des moines. thankfully, a dry one this year. stacey: still ahead, we go live
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to take the spotlight off trump and let people focus on other candidates and the issues. the app has 3 settings -- mild, aggressive, and vindictive. it is a new year's eve staple that is seen by millions around the world. stacey: today in new york city, tests were run on the iconic times square new year's eve ball. the ball is covered in more than 32,000 led lights and embellished with more than 2,000 waterford crystals. gorgeous, isn't it? either way it weighs more than , -- by the way it weighs more , than 11,000 pounds.
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tony: we're so close you can almost smell the roses. andy garman and scott reister our lives in california. andy: all quiet here at the rose bowl tonight as we get closer and closer to kick off.
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scott: the convention center was absolutely packed. i had no idea until i saw firsthand what the sea would be like at the hawkeye huddle earlier today. together in one spot. the party was on. >> my probation officer is going to be mad. scott: hawkeye babies, black and gold everywhere.
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scott: there are fans literally everywhere in there maybe even some next to us. i'm not sure about that. it is exciting. many hawkeye fans having a great time. as we get ready for the rose bowl, the iowa hawkeyes a huge challenge on their hands in the form of heisman runner-up christian mccaffrey. he is a jack of all trades. iowa's defense is going to have their hands full. i asked exactly how he became stanford's best receiver and running back. >> we got in last spring and he started to put on a show. everything is up for
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he has come back and he is our best punt returner and to returner and wide receiver. ok, if he is the best at those positions, let him do it. >> adding this is one of the closest teams i have ever been on in my life. all the individual accolades. everybody else around me doing their jobs. andy: will have more on mccaffrey and the cardinals coming up on our pregame special on new year's day at 2:00 iowa time right here live from pasadena. andy garman, kcci, iowa's sports leader. tony: isu starts off their big 12 scehdule with a mountain of a task, going on the road to face oklahoma on saturday. and tonight, they had one final tuneup before the grind of the
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coppin state made their way to hilton coliseum tonight. first half, isu already up big, and they keep rolling. monte morris oop to jameel mckay. this team likes to run. deonte burton dish down to abdel nader with the fancy finish. iowa state pretty much doing whatever they want in this one. iowa state roles in this one, 104-84. northern iowa taking on bradley. it's do a little montage. carlson down low. jeremy morgan. uni rolls, 80-44.
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frank: chilly one tonight. temperatures to the north and west. seven degrees in fort dodge. 15 for lamoni. early to morning -- early tomorrow morning, headed for 23 degrees. tomorrow afternoon, more sunshine in the picture. we are going to wake up to nine degrees. doing some melting this weekend.
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