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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning at 430am  Me-TV  December 31, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CST

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it is 24 degrees in des moines, bundle up for a wind chill of 14. check out these impressive wind chills across northwest iowa. in carroll it feels like six degrees below zero. a cold air will be sweeping through the area to the next couple of days so keep the warm mittens handy. sunshine will return in the forecast and high temperatures will hold in the 20's. shaina: the man behind a smash and grab burglary is caught by police. law-enforcement in marion county is connecting scott johnson to a string of golf resort robberies. ryan smith shows us how police tracked them down. >> two panes of glass. ryan: scott johnson underestimated the durability of a palette made door after trying to break into this golf club with a crowbar. >> he cracked the other glass and shattered the interior
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it was just carpeted with glass. ryan: after he busted through the back door he attempted to shield his face but every movement was captured on one of 16 cameras strategically placed through the golf resort. the gm says johnson went straight for the cash box behind the counter. >> he knew where it was and had a good scope of the place before he entered. ryan: he has a history of smash and grab burglaries at golf clubs. surveillance video from fore seasons golf center in newton showed him swiping a donation but jar in 60 seconds. >> we had $2000 in cash taken and that doesn't count the door he damaged or computer system he damaged. ryan: he waarrested in july but was released before his court hearing. it didn't take long before he was back to his old schemes. >> i'm willing to forgive the first time and say it was a mistake.
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ryan: ryan smith, kcci 8 news. shaina: pella police announced he is charged with burglary, criminal mischief, and theft for the break-in. out on bond, bill cosby faces criminal charges in pennsylvania. he is accused of driving and sexually assaulting a woman in 2004. cosby posted the $1 million bond and is back home. he said under oath he had consensual sex. his sexual assault charge comes 11 years after the incident and we want to know what will be the statute of limitations here in iowa? laura terrell found out the options victims have in our state. >> the vast majority of offenses are perpetrated by someone the victim knows. laura: assistant attorney general laura roan has been
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she says iowa law gives adult victims three years to report a rape, but it's different for children. >> if they are under 18 when it occurs, the statute of limitations is 10 years past the victims 18th birthday. laura: bill cosby was charged with driving and raping a woman in two dozen four but has been accused by 50 other women. >> what we know about sexual perpetrators is that they are repeat offenders. laura: experts say they are often reported years later because of the stigma associated with the crime. >> there's a lot of victim blaming, shaming. laura: lisa heldenbrand with polk county crisis says the agency has helped 234 victims of sexual assault in the last year. >> they are incredibly strong and brave to even consider
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laura: she wants victims in iowa to know that they have options. >> there are people that will believe you and people who are willing to help you. shaina: polk county crisis and advocacy is one of several agencies and iowa that provides free and confidential services for victims of sexual assault. iowa's attorney general tom miller makes a surprising statement that is getting national attention. he is known for fighting with tobacco companies but as vanessa peng shows us, he says electronic cigarettes are safer than some people claim. >> they make all kinds of different coils. vanessa: at the sales manager, larry beers hears it all the time. >> we know it's healthier than cigarettes. i've seen a lot of people come and go in here and it's really helped them out and got them off cigarettes. >> i completely quit smoking, i just vape. vanessa: iowa's attorney general says the same thing.
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equally harmful. if they thought there was a difference and switched to e-cigarettes, they could save their lives. vanessa: miller is not for being anti-tobacco and is the national chairman of the truth initiative, an organization that works to keep tobacco products out of the hands of young people. on the website, -- >> i am a champion of the truth and the science. i want to try and make sure in this debate that public awareness, that we know the truth and science. vanessa: youth and shelter services prevention specialist says some e-cigarette users go on to be dual users. meaning they smoke both conventional and electronic. she stresses the bottom line is that e-cigarette use is harmful. >> reducing access wherever we can has been a viable strategy in reducing firstse and continued use. that, among many strategies, are
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to try and reduce young people from using or adults from using. shaina: tom miller says he supports city and state laws that would ban e-cigarette use in public spaces. metinka, it is finally a snow free morning metinka:. so good to say that. we could use the break. instead of snow we have the cold. wind chills are below zero in northwest iowa. fort dodge is barely above zero. it feels like 11 in ames. grab the warm gear. also grab sunglasses, sunshine is on the way for thursday with highs in the teens to the north and mid-20's across central iowa. if your plans take you out, you will want to keep warm coats handy. temperatures will be going down into the teens heading back to 10 degrees overnight with feels like temperatures below zero. wendell up as you go out to celebrate.
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shaina: for passengers heading out. as kim st. onge shows us, rose bowl bound hawkeye fans who tried to fly out during monday's storm are scrambling with kickoff one day away. kim: hawkeye fans flying to pasadena wednesday are breathing a sigh of relief. >> we are flying to las vegas and driving from there. kim: dave creighton and his family are counting their blessings they will only have to drive 300 miles. >> we were a little concerned about today with the snow and this morning. kim: his friends family is driving 1700 miles. there monday flight was canceled because of mechanical issues. they rented a car and started a long drive to pasadena this morning. >> when i heard the story of our friend has to drive 25 hours, i was a little concerned. hopefully our plane is good to go because we are ready. kim: monday's snowstorm canceled and delayed dozens of other
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west reached out to people like rick south, co-owner of the trouble center. >> one had to drive to chicago, and i would guess there's more i don't know about that maybe decided to drive. kim: hawkeye fans are no doubt plan c. when they get there, -- >> it will be awesome. lifetime so it's a great experience. wait. shaina: south says if you are for the game and don't have a out of luck. driving. hawkeye fans already in california are waiting for the rose bowl to start. steve karlin is at huntington beach. steve: jordan rolling of carlisle may be the happiest man in the happiest place on her. originally, he and his wife planned on taking their kids to disney world in florida.
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happened that made jordan think disneyland in december and january is better than disney world in the spring. >> after i will beat northwest, we held off on booking anything and thought we might knock out two birds with one stone. we had booked our flights and hotels probably two or three weeks before the season ended in case they ended up out here. >> that was so smart. >> i agree. shaina: don't miss our special coverage from the rose bowl tomorrow. you can join us for a hug i rose bowl live from pasadena before the big game. it starts at 2:00 here on kcci. still ahead, historic floods. how many levees could fail in missouri and when those rivers will stop rising.
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coming >> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz, and right-now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: good morning. the cold will be here to stay for a while with wind chills below zero to the northwest.
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in des moines it feels like 14. at least the roads are looking great. the freeway is all clear. side streets may have slick spots so be careful. keep the warm coats handy, temperatures will fall back to 10 degrees with cold air rushing and skies clearing out. sunshine will return this afternoon. unfortunately it will not warm us up and highs will be in the low to mid 20's. we have freezing or thawing temperatures in your eight day forecast. shaina: a developing situation in missouri as the rivers near st. louis are expected to crest. marlie hall has the latest from valley park, missouri. marlie: rising floodwaters washed over roads, homes, and businesses in missouri on wednesday. firefighters rescued one man trapped on top of his pickup truck.
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and over, it would be don't drive in water. marlie: a half-dozen houses were lost south of st. louis where the merrimack and mississippi rivers meet. carla bryant organize residents to save as many homes as possible. >> these are my neighbors and we've done everything we can and we still cannot beat it. marlie: and valley park, volunteers tried to protect this business which is only a block away from a levy. >> the levee behind us only has a foot to go and there will be flooding. marlie: sandbags are often no match for raging rivers. forecasters say floodwaters are rising within one inch per water -- hour in some communities. nearly 20 levees near tributaries could fail. mandatory evacuation locations are in place but some residents would rather stay. >> tomorrow is another day, new year's is at the end of the week
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marlie: the mississippi is climbing and is expected to reach almost 15 feet above flood stage tomorrow. marlie hall, cbs news, valley park, missouri. shaina: if the river reaches those levels, this will be the second worst flood on record for the mississippi. time is now 4:45. it is 24 degrees in des moines. you are looking at i-235 and 63rd street. finally those roads are clear of snow. you shouldn't have too many problems. some slick spots on side streets and maybe on and off ramps but it should be an easier drive
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america is not just electing a president, we're also electing a commander in chief. that choice matters. because strengthening the economy, making healthcare more affordable, raising incomes. all of that depends on us being both secure at home and leading the world. i will get up every single day and do whatever it takes to make sure our country is safe and strong.
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>> weather is never more than five minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. metinka: it will be a cold and of 2015. temperatures will be with a should be. starting out cool, but we have sunshine. highs today into the 20's and we won't have much wind but if you are sledding, bundle up. wind chills below zero to the northwest. two degrees below zero in fort dodge. atoma not much better at 13. we had a disturbance that brought us flurries and light snow showers across central into eastern iowa and that has moved
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notice the clearing light already approaching central iowa and with clear skies we have temperatures quickly falling. as clouds move out, temperatures will take a tumble. only recovering into the 20's this afternoon in central iowa. the heart of the cold air begins to shift to the east and temperatures begin to recover back into the 30's across nebraska and we will catch melting temperatures toward the weekend. the roads are in good shape, especially the freeway. 24 degrees right now in des moines and a wind chill at 14. wind is calm coming from the west and northwest. high temperatures will recover into the 20's after taking a fall this morning toward sunrise. the wind chills early this morning will have are between zero and 10 degrees and maybe that below zero in some spots. no if you have plans to go out,
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temperatures falling down to near 10 degrees and close to midnight, wind chills below zero. it will be a chilly start to the new year, heading for 28 tomorrow but we have sunshine so no more snow will fall. over the weekend some snow might melt as high temperatures flirt with freezing or melting on saturday. sunshine will feel great. next week we have clouds in the forecast and highs above freezing but we also have chances for precipitation toward the middle part of the week. at least the weather will be quiet, good news for folks out tonight. shaina: thanks. in commitment 2016 news. early state push. presidential candidates focus on iowa, new hampshire, and south carolina as the nomination process draws near. aixa diaz is in washington as the gop field narrows. donald trump: i could say we came in the top four or five but
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aixa: donald trump spoke to supporters for more than an hour at a rally in south carolina. >> south carolina would be a big hampshire. even if he was his it sets in with great momentum. aixa: candidates are focusing on kicking off the process in less than five weeks. >> in iowa you play an extra now a in choosing our next president. aixa: marco rubio placed in third and spent a second day in iowa. >> if marco rubio pulled off a surprise any early states that would be huge. >> i think we have a real shot in iowa. aixa: bernie sanders who trails hillary clinton in iowa is looking for an upset. >> i'm confident we can elect the right person. aixa: george the announced he is dropping out of the race. >> he has a background being the governor of the york but he never caught on, the media did not pay attention. he had no voter support.
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february 1 followed by the new hatcher primary on february 9. still ahead, taking over pasadena. how iowa hawkeye fans are spending their time in
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metinka: good morning, you are waking up to a chilly start but no new snow. 24 in des moines. wind chill at 14 and we are one of the warmer locations as skies will clear out toward sunrise. temperatures will take a tumble but if you are hitting the roads, the main ones are clear. wind is coming from the west at five to 15. temperatures will fall back to 10 early this morning, recovering into the 20's this afternoon. then it will be cold for new year's eve plans. over the weekend, highs back close to freezing. sunshine in the forecast for the next several days. next week is looking more active
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we have a chance for snow for the middle part of the week. shaina: hawkeye fans are taking over l.a. getting ready for the big game and wednesday was no exception. eric hanson shows us the rowdy crowd at the hawkeye huddle. eric: good morning from pasadena, california. it is a little chilly, temperatures overnight in the 40's. when the sun comes out, it really feels nice to all of the tens of thousands of iowans who made the exodus to southern california. tomorrow, the big game is behind me in the rose bowl stadium but fans are already enjoying themselves. yesterday we got our first real idea of the size of the crowd showing up. check out this incredible view of the hawkeye huddle at the la convention center. we spent almost two hours bumping into iowans. they were all dressed in black
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planning on 15,000 fans in the convention center and every indication is a sailed past that number may be close to 20,000. tom arnold was there, there was the hawkeye marching band, but it was the crowd that stole the show. it will only get bigger today. iowans are also taking over taurus attractions like disneyland. the happiest place on earth was packed with hawkeye faithful's trying to make the most of this trip especially families with young kids. they can see kirk ferentz and mickey mouse on the same vacation. since they don't have to skip school, it's even better. today, we will be at our attraction, the uss iowa. another big pep rally scheduled. they're planning on tens of thousands more being out there and it will be rocking for a couple of reasons. all the iowans who show their drivers license get on board for free they will be firing their five and she guns and that will make the whole thing loud.
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we will be there covering that as well as everything after the big him tomorrow night. -- big game tomorrow night. shaina: if you are not headed out to california, tuning in to kcci on friday. join us for a hawkeye rose bowl live from pasadena before the game that starts at 2:00. we have more rose bowl coverage straight ahead at 5:00 for you. plus, flood response. how crews are handling the historic flooding in missouri
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can have a >> you're watching kcci eight news. shaina: we are counting down to the rose bowl. less than a day and a half to go. we will show you what hawkeye fans were up to in pasadena yesterday.
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