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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  December 31, 2015 6:00am-7:00am CST

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shaina: right now at 6:00, we are counting down to the rose bowl. this morning, there's less than a day and a half to go. we'll show you what hawkeye fans in pasadena were up to yesterday plus a look ahead at some of , today's festivities all leading up to the grand daddy of them all. also this morning, it's new year's eve. how law enforcement is stepping up to keep people safe, as they get out to celebrate 2016. good morning and happy new year's eve. it is 6:00 on thursday, december 31st. metinka: at least the weather has settled down, but we will still need the warm coats. it is 24 in des moines and we are one of the warmer spots in the state. the wind chill is 11. the main roads are looking great. the side streets are still a little snowy. it feels like zero across western iowa.
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cold air spreading in. cloud cover will be heading off to the east, replaced by some falling temperatures. so bundle up as you are heading out. shaina: this morning, we're one day closer. the rose bowl is now only one away. and needless to say, the hawkeye state is excited. wednesday, iowa fans in pasadena came together for the first big rally, with the iowa marching band and cheer leaguers -- cheerleaders on hand as well. organizers say they planned for about 15,000 fans to show up, but closer to 20,000 people actually packed the los angeles convention center. from algona to mt. ayr and atlantic to newton, most every county in the state was represented all ready to cheer , on their hawkeyes. >> the rose bowl is the granddaddy of them all, and i
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this is a great environment, great for the state, players, and kirk ferentz. >> it is just like the swarm in iowa city on the football field, we are taking over pasadena. shaina: with all the festivities happening around the rose bowl, it's important for players to remember there is a game to be played. and their opponents are sure to bring some tough competition to the field. kcci's eric hanson is in pasadena with sports director andy garman. they have a look at the stanford cardinals. eric: good morning from pasadena. tomorrow is the actual rose bowl game. a lot of activities going on in southern colorado -- california. sports director andy garman is here. iowa is playing stanford, a really good team. andy: they fell off the national radar when they lost their first game to northwestern, but since then they have been rolling
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thanks to christian mccaffrey. he used a spectacular season to end up finishing second for the heisman trophy. >> we got to last spring and he started putting on a show. everything is up for competition. we come back, and he is our best power returner and kickoff returner. andy: what has this year been like for you? >> it has been incredible, a lot of fun to be able to work with this team. one of the closest teams i have ever been on in my life as far as the brotherhood goes. with everybody else around me doing their job so that we can all play the game we love, and it has been a lot of fun. andy: mccaffrey just one of the many weapons that the standard cardinal health. much more coming up in our
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2:00, right here from pasadena. eric: a lot of coverage and fun today. at the uss iowa, another pep rally will be held. even the road trippers are starting to arrive here. shaina: as eric said, you can look for more live coverage from pasadena all day on kcci 8 news at 5:00, 6:00, and 10:00. and then eric will be live all morning long right here on kcci 8 news this morning tomorrow, giving you a preview of the big game. you can join us for a hawkeye rose bowl live from pasadena right before kickoff. that starts at 2:00 p.m. on kcci. and for those of us not in california, you can cheer on the hawkeyes from home by watching on espn. iowa and stanford kick off just after 4:00 p.m. iowa time. more big stories now the man , behind a smash and grab burglary in marion county, has been caught by police. investigators in pella are now connecting scott johnson to a
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surveillance video from bos landen golf club shows the suspect using a crow bar to break the lock. after multiple failed attempts johnson busts through the , double-pane glass window. and goes straight for the cash box. >> he knew where it was and where it was going and pretty much had a good scope of the place before he entered the premises. shaina: turns out this isn't his , first golf club theft. surveillance video from fore seasons golf center in newton, shows johnson swiping more than from the business in july. $2000 he was released before a court hearing for that incident. pella police announced johnson is charged with burglary, criminal mischief and theft, for that break-in at bos landen golf club. happening right now, a massive sandbagging operation is going to keep a major interstate open in missouri, as the state is hit with historic flooding. the army corps of engineers says flood water from the mississippi
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has spilled over 9 federal levees in the saint louis area, putting hundreds of homes and businesses under several feet of water. and things could get even worse. the mississippi is still climbing, and is expected to crest at nearly 15 feet above flood stage later today. that would make it the second worst mississippi river flood. and right now bill cosby is out , of jail on one million dollars bail, until his next court appearance in january. the 78-year-old comedian was charged with sexual assault in pennsylvania, stemming from a 2004 encounter at cosby's home with former temple university employee andrea constand. his attorney says the charge is unjustified, and believes cosby will be cleared. cosby's felony sexual assault charge comes 11 years after the alleged incident. and we wanted to know, what would be the statute of limitations for such crimes here in iowa? assistant attorney general laura roan says iowa law gives adults three years to report a rape. but if you are under 18 at the
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rape the statute of limitations , is ten years past the victim's 18th birthday. cosby is accused of drugging and raping a woman in 2004. roan says this is a common practice by sexual predators. >> the vast majority of sexual offenses are perpetrated by someone that the victim knows, and they are not using physical violence or a dangerous weapon. they are actually using substances, such as sleeping pills. shaina: if convicted, cosby could serve five to ten years in prison and pay a $25,000 fine. also right now it's new year's , eve and this year, security is major cities across the united enforcement presence as one overseas city cancels its celebration due to terror concerns. nikole killion joins us from washington with a look at some of the steps being taken there and nationwide. nikole: according to several media outlets, president obama was briefed about possible terror threats here in washington, los angeles and new york. the department of homeland security would not confirm those
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, no intelligence of a credible threat to the u.s.. in times square close to 6,000 , police officers will be stationed in the area where about a million people are expected to ring in 2016 this evening. security is also being beefed up on the west coast at the rose bowl parade and game. in las vegas nearly 1,000 police , will be patrolling the strip with additional officers undercover. and security concerns are also evident overseas. belgium canceled its fireworks display shortly after arresting two men tied to an alleged holiday attack plot. in washington, i'm nikole killion. shaina: new york city's mayor says it's the best-prepared city in the country. all alcohol, backpacks and duffle bags are all banned in times square tonight. and police say they are screening everyone as they enter to make sure there are no weapons. and people in new york city got a first look at this year's new year's eve ball wednesday. officials ran tests on the ball to make sure it's all ready to be dropped tonight at midnight.
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32,000 led lights and it is embellished with more than 2,000 waterford crystals. it weighs more than 11,000 pounds. at 6:10 this morning, a lot of people have celebrations on their mind. how much will i have to bundle up? that's how much will they have to bundle up? metinka: wind chills could dip below zero after midnight. right now, it is feeling very chilly this morning. the windchill in ames at one below. in des moines it feels like 10 degrees, but at least we will have sunshine on the way, and quiet weather throughout the weekend. temperatures will rebound into the 20's in central iowa, but in the teens to the north. shaina: still ahead, turbulent terror. several people hospitalized
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plus, e-cigarettes. the iowa official who says they may be healthier than previously thought. and imagine having a professional photographer, anywhere you go. one company is making that a reality. we'll show you how it works, after the break. first, we want to give a quick check on traffic. things should be much easier if you have to head out. the roads are mostly clear, so we will head outside and take a look at i-235 and east 14th street, they are actually dry. you may still have some slick
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is "kcci 8 news this morning" with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz and right now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: it is cold outside. you will have to bundle up as we are -- as you are heading out this morning with wind chills below zero.
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windchill is currently at 10, but just up the road in ames, it feels like one below. we had some flurries in light snow move through, so the roads across a portion of the state will have a coating on them, but the main roads are just fine. bundle up. temperatures will be tumbling as we head toward sunrise. sunshine returns today in the forecast. that is some great news, highs will only stay in the 20's. shaina: thanks, metinka. overnight from the devastating floods in missouri. take a look at this, a house is completely underwater here, and it's traveling down the flooded meramec river in fenton, missouri. the house then crashes into a bridge further down the river. the meramec river flooding has forced hundreds of homes and businesses to evacuate. and it was a scary ride wednesday for passengers on board an air canada flight. heavy turbulence forced a flight from china to toronto to make an emergency landing, and about two
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the injured passengers were taken to a hospital in calgary with mostly neck and back injuries. luckily, none of the passengers suffered life-threatening injuries. everyone on board say the pilot did the best he could under the circumstances. >> honestly, we thought we were dying. like you see in the movies? where they all go up to the ceiling? everything went to the ceiling that wasn't anchored. it's a lesson to be learned. to all of you, put your seatbelt on, even when it's sunshine. shaina: air canada says a full investigation is underway, and they have made arrangements to accommodate all passengers on board. in your economic headlines now iowa attorney general tom miller , now says e-cigarettes could be a good thing. miller is currently the national chairman of the truth initiative, which is an organization that works to keep tobacco products out of the hands of young people. he says electronic cigarettes are safer than some people claim, and could help some smokers quit. a drop in energy stocks led markets to close lower
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the dow gave up 117 points. the nasdaq lost 42 points. and the s and p 500 was down 15. the next generation of high tech televisions could add one billion dollars to electric bills in the u.s. environmental research finds the ultra high definition tv's usually come with larger screens and use about 30% more energy than similar h.d. models. with the help of smartphones plenty of people are leaving , their cameras at home. but what if you could have the help of a professional photographer wherever you go? weijia jiang has more. weijia: solo traveler nicole reina has a serious case of wanderlust. >> i have a bucket list and i'm just checking them off. weijia: but selfies aren't enough to document her magical moments around the world. here, reina is in burma watching a sunset over ancient temples, and exploring from above, in a
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>> it reminds me that i've been on some marvelous adventures in my life. weijia: these unforgettable memories were captured in photographs taken by tracy swift. >> i am a flytographer. weijia: what is that? >> we're photographers, but we're also people who want to be part of this experience. weijia: a flytographer is a personal photographer who meets clients at their vacation destinations. the flytographers usually live on location and they often become tour guides, too. the company currently employs 300 flytographers around the world. marriage proposals and honeymoons are the most popular assignments. but swift has done all sorts of shoots. in ethiopia, she took these images of a canadian woman picking up her newly adopted daughter. >> it was incredible. and she's still my friend to this day and that was almost two years ago. weijia: swift keeps in touch with reina, too. >> i feel like she's a great friend and we're always talking. weijia: who also provided the illustrations to go along with
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weijia jiang, cbs news washington. ,shaina: these so-called flytographers are available in 160 cities around the world, including several here in the united states. packages start at $250 for a half hour photo shoot. it is 6:19, and the temperatures are falling. metinka: it is going to be getting colder of the next couple of hours. out to the west is where we find the chili us readings. here in des moines, -- the chili just -- chilliest readings. the windchill in carroll at five below. ames, your wind chill is that one below. definitely going to have to grab the warm coats and mittens as you are heading out the door. many neighborhoods waking up
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degrees, and headed for highs chillier than where they should be, and the 20. the clouds have been acting like a blanket overnight. we did have a few flurries that have since moved off and dissipated. it is going to be quiet across the region today and chili, temperatures only reaching the team across northern iowa, 20's across the central part of the state, and 30's to the south. some of the 30's will begin to move back into iowa and melt some of our snow away. in des moines, it is only 22 degrees but it feels like 10. the freeway is looking wonderful, nice and dry and clear, but the side streets will still be a little bit slippery. the wind will be settling down.
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in the new year with temperatures around 12. headed for 28 degrees on the first day of the new year tomorrow, and the weather gets even better of the weekend with more sunshine on the way, and some melting conditions possible on saturday. next week looks a little unsettled by wednesday and thursday. shaina: so definitely bundle up. things are looking good. you should not be gilling with all the issues we have been having this week. -- you should not be dealing with all the issues we have been having this week. here are your mobile speed units for the day, 1600 watrous ave, 1400 west mlk, and 40 nights and
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lane, and 2700 northeast 56th street. still ahead commitment 2016. , the dates you need to know as the race for the presidency enters a cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. people don't have access to healthcare because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies and major medical companies are ripping us off.
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he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change.
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shaina: welcome back at 6:25. 2016, it's something we've already been talking about on a daily basis. but as we officially head into the election year what are some of the key campaign dates you need to know? nikole killion joins us live from washington with a look at the upcoming year. >> happy new year, everybody. nikole: pull out that calendar cause 2016 is bringing a campaign crunch. after a series of debates in january it's time for voting to begin. >> it all starts with iowa. nikole: as always iowa kicks things off with its caucus scheduled for february 1. >> it's a signal to the country that you are a serious top-tier candidate and the field will be whittled after iowa. >> new hampshire plays such a critical role in selecting the leader of the free world. nikole: the next test comes on february 9 when new hampshire holds the first-in-the-nation primary. >> if iowa nominates someone they tend to nominate the
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nikole: other key february 1 south carolina's , first-in-the-south primary and nevada's caucus giving voice to the west. >> las vegas, thank you very much. nikole: moving on to march. it brings us to super tuesday with contests being held in several states. and before you know it it'll be july. democrats are holding their convention in philadelphia at the end of that month while republicans have moved theirs up to begin july 18. and of course, the all important date election day that's november 8, 2016. shaina: as we get closer voting there's another shakeup in the bush campaign. what is the candidate doing now? nikole: jeb bush is basically canceling his campaign ads that were set to run in the early voting states. and he's now focusing his efforts and deploying resources
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almost all of his staff from his miami headquarters will be in states like iowa to try to get the vote out. shaina: nikole killion, live in washington for us. still to combat 6:30, out on bail. bill cosby bonds himself out after being arrested and charged for sexual assault. what is next for the entertainer.
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passengers are injured as an air shaina: right now at 6:30, the road to pasadena. some hawkeye fans are still grounded here in iowa after this week's snow. how long they have, to make it to the rose bowl for the big game. kenneth: reaction is pouring in after bill cosby was arrested and charged with sexual assault. i'm kenneth craig in elkins park, pennsylvania with the very latest, coming up. >> the most watched morning news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is "kcci 8 news this morning." shaina: good thursday morning, everyone, and happy new year's
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i am shaina humphries, along morning. metinka: it is going to be cold tonight for sure. we have wind chills this morning below zero. at least it is not snowing. the wind chill in des moines is at 10 degrees, but just up the road in ames, the wind chill falls to one below, and it feels like four below in carroll. we recover with the sunshine back into the 20's today, but if you are heading out to celebrate, get ready to bundle up. wind chill's it are side of zero after midnight. shaina: we are now one day, nine hours, and 38 minutes away from the big bowl game. the iowa hawkeyes are preparing to take on the stanford cardinal in the rose bowl tomorrow
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california. a whole lot of hawkeye fans are still scrambling to make it to pasadena. several hawk fans were able to fly out of the des moines airport wednesday with no issues. that's a far cry from monday when dozens of flights were delayed or canceled because of the snow. travel agent rick south says if you don't already have another flight booked, you're most likely out of luck. >> there might be one or two seats but it's going to be premium price so maybe what usually is $400 or $500 could be $1100 or $1200. shaina: south says if you're still trying to make it to pasadena and can't get a flight your best bet, start driving. we'll have more coverage from pasadena coming up later on this half hour. more big stories this morning, a man with a history of smash and grab burglaries is caught by police. surveillance video from a golf center in newton shows the man is in and out in under 60 seconds. >> we had $2,000 cash taken and
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, the door that he damaged, our computer system that he damaged. shaina: law enforcement in marion county connected scott johnson to a string of golf resort robberies. johnson attempted to shield his face but everyone of his movements was captured on surveillance camera. police arrested johnson in late july but he was released before a court hearing. johnson now faces multiple charges. iowa attorney general tom miller thinks e-cigarettes could be a good thing. miller is known for fighting with tobacco companies. he's currently the national chairman of the truth initiative, which is an organization that works to keep tobacco products out of the hands of young people. miller now says e-cigs are safer than some people claim and could really help smokers quit. he also says he supports city and state laws that would ban e-cig use in public spaces. right now, comedian bill cosby's attorney insists her client will be exonerated, of what she calls an unjustified charge, of sexual assault.
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elkins park, pennsylvania, where cosby was arraigned on wednesday. kenneth: bill cosby's lawyers are confident their client will be cleared of the sexual assault charge he faces in connection with an alleged 2004 incident. >> we're actually glad to have an opportunity for these matters ferreted out in court. kenneth: prosecutors say the 78-year-old entertainer drugged and sexually assaulted former temple university employee andrea constand. but his lawyers contend constand was a willing participant. >> this case involves a woman and a man who had a consensual adult relationship over time. kenneth: constand settled a civil case against cosby in 2006 for an undisclosed sum. more than 50 other women have stepped forward to make similar accusations against cosby dating back decades, but for many, the statute of limitations to file charges has expired. accuser beth ferrier of denver says she's glad the comedian
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>> regardless of if he is found guilty or not guilty, we're hoping we get our day in court. kenneth: cosby returns to court january 14, but likely not here in elkins park. instead, the judge may have the hearing moved to a courthouse large enough to accommodate the hundreds of media crews that will likely cover the event. until then, cosby remains free on $1 million bail. kenneth craig, cbs news, elkins park, pennsylvania. shaina: if convicted, cosby faces up to ten years behind bars. here in iowa the law gives , adults three years to report a rape. but if you're under 18 at the time of the rape, the statute of limitations is 10 years past the victim's 18th birthday. polk county crisis and advocacy is one of several agencies in the state that provides free and confidential services for victims of sexual assault. also right now, an air canada flight had to make an emergency landing after heavy turbulence.
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including three children. an airline spokeswoman said that the boeing 777 was carrying 332 passengers and 19 crew members. the aircraft was en route from shanghai to toronto. but it was redirected to calgary and landed without incident. fire and other emergency crews were on hand when the plane landed. and here in the midwest, an aggressive sandbagging operation is underway. so far, the flood water from the mississippi river and its tributaries has spilled over nine federal levees in the st. louis area. the u.s. army corps of engineers says 11 other levees could face significant distress. one st. louis suburb has ordered mandatory evacuations of hundreds of homes and dozens of businesses, near the still-rising meramec river. at 6:36, no more precipitation for us. metinka: our weather is quieting
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metinka: good morning. it is quiet and cold on this last day of 2015. we have a windchill in ames of one below zero. feels like eight below zero in clarion. some colder air is moving in from the west, so temperatures will be likely falling a few more degrees before sunset.
6:34 am
webcam. bundle up. we still have very cold temperatures on the way today, but not much wind. the best part of the forecast, sunshine is back in the forecast. even though temperatures are only headed for the 20's, the sunshine will make a big difference, and we have some melting conditions coming up. shaina: thank you, metinka. with the global threat of terrorist attacks looming this new year's eve, security will be high at celebrations tonight , across the country and beyond. don champion reports on what's being done to make sure people ring in 2016 safely. don: in new york's iconic times square, the nypd says 6,000 police officers will ensure it's the safest place to ring in the new year. a highly trained and newly formed counterterrorism unit will also be on patrol. >> leave the worrying to the
6:35 am
people should feel safe this new year's eve because we are there. don: more than a million people will attend the country's biggest celebration. not far away, inside a new operations center in downtown manhattan, officers will monitor thousands of camera feeds. on the ground, radiation detectors will be deployed, along with bomb sniffing dogs. police helicopters and snipers will also keep watch from above. in las vegas, where hundreds of thousands will party, preparations included stocking ambulances. along the famous strip, a thousand uniformed officers will be on patrol. overseas, authorities in belgium are also on alert. in the capital city of brussels, the annual fireworks display has been cancelled after the arrest of two men this week for plotting an attack. tourists vow to not let it dampen their night. >> the thing is, you can't let people like that dictate your lifestyle and your choices. so is it a threat? it is a threat anywhere but it is not going to change my plans. don: here in the states, officials say there are no
6:36 am
against celebrations. don champion, cbs news, new york. shaina: in france, where an isis attack killed 130 people last month, about 60,000 police and troops will be deployed across the country today to make sure celebrations stay safe. some celebrations in paris have been scaled down as a result. there will also be increased security for new year's events in l.a. the department of homeland security has asked the city to be on heightened alert. along colorado boulevard in pasadena, the stands are set up for the rose parade and fans are hyped up for the rose bowl match-up. but behind the scenes, local and federal authorities have been tightening security in pasadena in the wake of recent terror attacks. along the parade route and at the rose bowl, the amount of security deployed will be unprecedented. >> there has never been a time that there has been more law enforcement personnel seen and unseen, and there's never been a time that there's been more technology deployed in order to
6:37 am
events. shaina: there will be more cameras and devices even capable of detecting radiation as well. and all week long hawkeye fans , have been taking over l.a., getting ready for the big game. wednesday was no exception. kcci's eric hanson shows us the rowdy crowd at the hawkeye huddle. eric: good morning from pasadena, california. to be honest, it is a little chilly out. temperatures overnight have been in the 40's, but when the sons -- the sunshine comes out, it feels great. tomorrow, the big game is behind me and the rose bowl stadium but fans are already enjoying themselves. yesterday, we got our first real idea of the size of the crowd showing up here for the granddaddy of them all. check out this incredible view of the hawkeye huddle at the l.a. convention center. i spent two hours, bumping into iowans from every corner of the state.
6:38 am
and big cities, they were all dressed in black and gold. the u of i alumni folks had been planning on about 15,000 fans in the huge convention center and every indication is that they sailed past that number, maybe closer to 20,000. tom arnold was there. so was the hawkeye marching band. but it was the crowd itself that stole the show and the crowd is only going to get bigger today. iowans are also taking over tourist attractions like disneyland. the happiest place on earth was packed with hawkeye faithful, trying to make the most of this cross-country trip, especially families with young kids. they get to see both kirk ferentz and mickey mouse on the same vacation. and since they don't have to skip school over christmas break, it's even better. now today we are going to be assembling at our attraction here, the uss iowa. that's on the other side of the metro, but expect it to be rocking for two reasons. all those iowans who show their driver's licenses will get on for free, it also they are going
6:39 am
we will be there covering that, as well as everything leading up to the game. i am eric hanson in pasadena. shaina: and if you aren't headed out to california tune into kcci on friday. join us for a hawkeye rose bowl live from pasadena right before the big game. it all starts at 2:00 p.m. on kcci. then of course catch the big game at 4:00. the iowa hawkeyes will take on the stanford cardinal tomorrow afternoon in pasadena on espn. metinka's back with a look at your full 8 day forecast right after the break. first, here is a look at cbs this morning. >> we will talk with bill cosby's lawyer about the charges. what is next in the case.
6:40 am
of oil inica is not just electing a president, we're also electing a commander in chief. that choice matters. because strengthening the economy, making healthcare more affordable, raising incomes. all of that depends on us being both secure at home and leading the world. i will get up every single day and do whatever it takes to make sure our country is safe and strong.
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>> the weather is never more than five minutes away, only on "kcci eight news this morning
6:42 am
metinka: it is really chilly. carroll, audubon at five degrees. here in des moines, still at 22 but we are one of the warmer spots across the state. enough wind to push the windchill factors below zero across western and wes central iowa. in ames, one degrees below zero. we did have a few flurries rolled through the area overnight, and that has moved off to the east and dissipated. it is just now approaching des moines. this blanket of clouds kept our temperatures up overnight, and we have a wide spread of temperatures across the state. we will probably lose a few more
6:43 am
it is going to stay cold, with readings in the teens and 20's across iowa. 30's expand west tomorrow, and those will make their way into iowa as we head into the weekend. 22 in des moines, the wind chill at 10. the freeway is all clear this morning and you probably wall may encounter problems on side streets. 24 this afternoon. tonight, night readings close to 10 degrees with wind chills either side of zero. the first day of the year is looking nice with a lot of sunshine and not much wind, highs of 28. next week starts out quiet before the weather becomes a little more act as as we head toward wednesday -- active as we head towards wednesday.
6:44 am
shaina: no snow falling means goodness for your commute. all we have today is mobile speed units, 2700 -- 7200 north fisher lane, 49th and hickman, 1400 west mlk junior parkway, and 1600 watrous avenue. more flooding concerns in missouri.
6:45 am
new year's eve celebrations shaina: news to go now it's 6:54. officials in valley park, missouri are keeping their eyes on water levels. they are expected to be about three feet higher than the current record of 40 feet. the mayor ordered a mandatory evacuation for residents in nearly 400 homes near the river. the mississippi is expected to reach nearly 13 feet above flood stage. entertainer bill cosby is out on a $1 million bail after his arrest wednesday in suburban pennsylvania.
6:46 am
78-year-old of having taken advantage of them sexually. but this is the first time cosby has actually been charged with a crime. his next court appearance is in january. some of the countries around the world have already wrong in the new year. this is from the fireworks show in new zealand. nearly a million people are expected to converge on new york city's time square for new year's eve. some 6000 new york city police officers will be in the crowds, including members of a new specialized counterterrorism unit. there will also be increased security for new year's events in california. in pasadena, local and federal authorities have been tightening security in the wake of recent terror attacks. along the parade route and at the rose bowl, there will be cameras and devices capable of detecting radiation. then on new year's day, tune into kcci for our special, "a hawkeye rose bowl." we'll have complete coverage live from pasadena, right before the big game.
6:47 am
here on kcci. then of course you can catch the big game just after 4:00. the hawkeyes will take on the stanford cardinal tomorrow afternoon in pasadena on espn. it should be a chilly one for us here but they will be sitting pretty. metinka: 60's and sunshine in california. this morning we are waking up to wind chills below zero across central -- northern iowa. to the west of the metro is where we have the coldest temperatures. mid-20's later this afternoon, but we will have sunshine. cold temperatures by midnight, temperatures near 12 and the wind chill will be either side of zero. the first few days of the new year are looking chilly with some melting temperatures for the weekend. the quiet weather sticks with us until the middle part of next
6:48 am
shaina: layer that warm jacket over your party dress tonight. the roads look good so while you're bundled up, you will not have much trouble on the road. drive times are normal. the interstates are really clear at this point, and really dry so
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