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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  January 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CST

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choose the right candidate. >> you are watching kcci eight news. alyx: right now, at 6:00, the day is here. it is the rose bowl. we are live and pasadena this morning with a look at the big day ahead. shaina: we are just about 11 hours away from kickoff right now. we will be joined live from the rose bowl in just a couple of minutes. alyx: good morning, everyone. happy new year.
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to this 2016 now. starting off good. no pasadena weather, but we will take it. metinka: it is a lot better than monday. we don't have to worry about any snow out there, though it is chilly. bundle up as you get an early start. the wind will likely be factoring into your outdoor plans. it should be a nice one, besides the way. a little meltdown continues over the weekend. it looks like saturday will be the warmest day of the weekend. next week starts out quiet and decent temperature wise with the transfer precipitation movie moving and by thursday. alyx: we are now just 10 hours and 50 minutes away from iowa
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shaina: eric hanson is live from the rose bowl. in true hawkeyes form, that place flooded with black and gold. when do you expect fans to start showing up? eric: it is early this morning. when i left my hotel a few hours ago, people were still celebrating. it is new year's. right now, the temperature is chilly, and the 40's. the parking lot will be filling up in a few minutes. our media lot was part on the opposite side of the stadium. there will be car spots for media members, and all of those will be filled out. this attracts attention from
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very important. we have been soaking up the fun with the hawkeye fans, and one of those events with yesterday at the uss iowa. on thursday, more than 20,000 hawkeye fans hopped onto the battleship uss iowa for some rose bowl celebration, and it was huge. fans actually had to wait about two and a half hours just to get on board. tour guides on the ship tell us they tripled their previous record. this is more proof that hawkeye fans are really soaking in every moment. >> to have this kind of turnout today is just beyond words. i mean, this is double if not , triple any crowd size we've ever had. over. it's so great in your heart. it's great to be a hawkeye and i
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erica: it is infectious to be with all those fans. you get excited for the team and fats. everybody here -- numeral, colfax, grimes -- all here to celebrate the hawks. along the pros parade, locals noon yesterday. when you see the floats in person, it is a whole different ballgame. i got to walk around one of the assembly buildings where 500 foreign tears have been getting these floats ready for today's parade. they have been gluing on petals split peas, grains of rice and , about every flower you can imagine. the skeleton of these floats got built last spring.
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were covered with something like chicken wire and plaster and then the seeds started getting applied about a month ago. the flowers only last a short time. so this week, it's been crunch time on all 40 floats. it's like a bee-hive with every person assigned a task. maybe you're applying individual white petals to a 1 square foot section of a boat or decorating the eyes of a fish with grass blades. it's incredibly meticulous work! one of the groups of volunteers are from central iowa. they have been coming out for years. they are called the petal pushers. they have been working on a handful of different floats. they are actually from a lutheran church group. and for the past 13 years they've been coming out to pasadena over the final 4 days in december. they are covering them in seeds, leaves and petals. >> when look at it on television you see them go by and you think
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into that flow. eric: the days after the parade, they will do some mission work, handing out personal hygiene products to people down there. it's not just the fans and volunteers who are ready for today's parade. it is also pasadena police. they have been getting a lot of help from the fbi, homeland security. this is a huge deal security liewise. especially in response to recent terror attacks in san bernardino and paris officials are ramping , up security for the rose parade and the game. >> we are enhancing technologies, so there'll be cameras that are up and down the parade route. we have more than two dozen k-9 bomb detection dogs that will be out on patrol along the parade
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eric: there will be plenty of undercover officers to help keep hawkeye fans safe today. timing wise the parade gets , underway this morning at 10:00 iowa time. the parade, you can watch it at home on about five different networks, including places like hgtv and the hallmark channel. it is cool to see those parade floats go by. while the bowl festivities are fun of course, everyone is here , for the actual game. coach ferentz says his goal for today's game is just to keep doing more of the same things they've been doing all season. >> we have played 13 games. i think we have competed well. now, the challenges for us to do it 14 times.
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they are chairmanship football team. there are no weaknesses that we could find. our challenge is to play the best game of the season. eric: we want to show you. there are some bomb sniffing dogs. another example of security. we have seen dozens of them, they just happened to be right behind us. we had to wait to get into the parking lot because they were making sure everything was secure. no actual reason for alarm, just an example of the huge security effort going on. as for the hawkeyes themselves, we will have more about how they are getting ready later today. join us for a hawkeye rose bowl. it all starts at 2:00 and kicks off with the rose bowl is self
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you can watch the art espn. much more coming up in the next hour from pasadena. he will tell you down to kick off all the way until this afternoon. shaina: nice to see everyone waking up there. we will carry through kickoff today. alyx: a lot of crews there. they will be there all day gone. shaina: two very similar teams and a very historic ballg bowl game. 1902, the first game was played. we will turn it over for a look at the forecast. metinka: a beautiful forecast. tough to beat southern california. a perfect day for football.
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back here at iowa, it is reality. winter in iowa. it feels like eight here. the afternoon, looking good. we are heading to some melting, 32 degrees. alyx: big stories here in central iowa now. extra police were on hand last night in downtown des moines as hundreds of people rang in the new year. people were already filing into court avenue bars by 7 pm. police focused their patrolling during peak hours, around 2:00 when bars close. a.m., this comes just one month after a deadly shooting in the court avenue area, which raised new security concerns. the city says it does not have the funding to provide surveillance cameras for the downtown bars but is , brainstorming for other options. palyx:shaina: people rang in the new years without any incidents.
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times square. security wasn heavy. about 6000 cops worked to attack the crowd. meanwhile, in munich, germany police cleared two train , stations on new year's eve after they say they received an imminent threat. officials warned of possible suicide bombers, but luckily nothing happened. back here in des moines hundreds , of bernie sanders supporters rang in the new year with the man himself. the democratic presidential hopeful spoke about his goals for the new year with the iowa , caucuses just about a month away. >> in a few hours we are going to be into 2016 and we together have an opportunity to make 2016 a year that history will long remember. >> it's really like a nice kick off to the new year and really like a way to prove that 2016 is
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shaina: sanders will be back in des moines in a little over a week. on he'll attend the brown and january 11, black forum at drake university alongside hillary clinton and martin o'malley. alyx: as we turn over to the new year this morning some shocking , statistics from the des moines police. there were 21 homicides in des moines this year. that's the first time the city has gone over $.20 1995. in all but one of the cases, the this yearin all but one of the cases, the victim and the killer , knew each other. police say all 21 homicide cases have been closed, except for the most recent one that happened over the weekend. meantime, the number of people killed on iowa roadways dropped in people died in traffic 2015. 316 accidents on iowa roads last year. that's down 5 fatalities from 2014. and this morning des moines police are looking for the suspect in a shooting. it happened thursday in the block of east 14th street. 1300 a male teenager was found shot in the chest and was taken to a metro hospital. his injuries are believed to be non life-threatening.
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the same area earlier this month on a drive-by shooting. the teenager's name has not been released. shaina: still ahead, we are going back. live from pasadena. and, we take a look at the other big bowl games. the two teams advancing to the national championship.
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, and coverage from shaina humphries. alyx: good morning and happy new year. wind chill is close to 20 degrees. that is because we have a brisk wind. this afternoon, a manyini thaw.
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the morning so it forecast, looking good. alyx: this morning, we are counting down to kickoff. iowa takes on stanford in just about 10 hours. eric hanson has more from the rose bowl. what has the atmosphere been like the last few days? eric: it has been so much fun out here. the first hawkeyes fans showed up. they were taking their selfies over in front of the gate. the actual lunch just open -- launch just opened a couple of minutes ago. remember, it is about forgoing 15 -- 4:15 in the morning here. it has been a challenge to get out here. we talked to people whose flights got canceled, and had to drive to denver and then fly
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rv broke down. people going through the mountains to get here. it has been a crazy effort to make this exodus happen. the hawkeye fans are here and they are here to see the big game. it is all quiet this morning. it all ramps up later today. los angeles has been taken over by the lack and gold. the hawkeyes have been out here for one week. they got here on christmas eve. they had a few days to play, then it was back to work. iowa and stanford are coming in with tough defenses. also, they have to figure out how to get to the end zone. stanford has taken out a lot of tough west coast opponents. on the other side, it is all about stopping christian mccaffrey. >> a lot of good players on the team.
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defense. i don't think there is a spot in their defense -- that is not the case. >> you can tell how much faster than play. it will be a physical, hard-fought game. eric: of course, they are at iowa because they finished their game so well. they lost the big 10 championship game to michigan state. michigan state, they were in action last night in the cotton bowl. they played alabama. it did not go so well for michigan state last night. they got kind of buzz. the spartans were completely shut out.
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heisman trophy winner derek trophy carried 20 times for 75 yards. alabama rolled up on michigan state. they will be looking for therefore national title in four seasons. of course, they will be facing some tough championship -- tough competition in the championship next week. the tigers trailed by one point before turning things around. the final score last night for miami, 39-17, kla clemson. the title game will be played 10 days from now in arizona. of course, the big game today,
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pasadena. the parade coming up a few hours before that. until then, plenty of action going on in pasadena. we will have more coming up in just a few minutes. alyx: thank you. happening right now, there has been a massive breach of foldvoter information. it comes as we get ready to head to the polls for 2016. >> just over four weeks away from the first of the nation iowa caucuses, personal information on 199 million voters left unsecure online. the data base includes
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>> think it is big impact. david gordon is a new york-based director at lightcyber, a data security firm. >> if i'm a registered voter, am i at risk? , you are at risk in terms of disclosing information. >> what should voters do now? >> really, the only recourse voters would have is to lobby their representatives to secure the network in a way that's proper. >> the us federal elections commission tells cbs news it does not have the access or authority to protect voter records. that's left to the states. california has already launched an investigation. mark albert, cbs news, washington. alyx: scary stuff. it's not clear who built the database, but typically voter information must be obtained
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publicly available central database could be so appealing to thieves. the new york times reports that as of wednesday night, the database was no longer metinka: shaina: things are looking good here. metinka: they have the perfect weather. we have the -- it is winter in iowa weather. it is chilly this morning. this afternoon, temperatures will warm to 32 degrees. the roads will be a little sloppy of their with melting going on. this morning, a brisk, what wind is make it feel chilly. dress for the windchill earliest
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overnight, we have a blanket of cloud cover, which kept her temperatures from falling off overnight. it will stay quiet. we have high-pressure dominating the weather across much of the upper midwest. there will be a week system pushing through late saturday, early sunday. that will bring slightly cooler temps for sunday. for central and southern iowa, we will get started on the snow melts. tomorrow, a lot more 40's. we will see more 40's across the state, but they will basically state south of i-80. right now in des moines, 20 degrees, chilely. do bundle up. this afternoon will be a great
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over the weekend, the weather still looking nice. note w major weather systems headed our way. temperatures will be cool. some precipitation by the end of the week. alyx: which candidate is on tap tackle the fun way is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years
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i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president, we will. hey! this holiday, u.s. cellular's giving you 15 gigs of data for just $70! but i wanted a pony. [ gasps ] you're getting data. pony-sized data? u.s. cellular sized data. 15 gigs of good, strong data you can actually use because it works in the middle of anywhere. i'd like $100! you're getting $400 in promo cards!
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switch to u.s. cellular and get 15 gigs of data for just $70. plus $400 in promo cards. alyx: welcome back. who is up, who is down? it seems like every time you played, there is a new poll in the 2016 race. shaina: there is one that is town. >> just a stones throw from the white house, there is a bar where everything is off the record, except when it comes to presidential politics and this coveted collection of campaign posters featuring hopefuls. >> we have every top candidate now.
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bar's. >> here we have hillary clinton. bernie sanders is a great one. chris christie. senator cruz drinking tea. jeb bush with his family. >> the political characters have become popular with their subjects. any requests from across the street? >> nothing i can speak of. we like to think of this as an unofficial poll. > when it comes to this informal poll, who is on top, for now, hillary clinton. also in demand, donald trump. >> we do have donald trump
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>> in washington, nikole killion. shaina: what a concept. still ahead, we are bringing and the new year. celebrations from around the country. plus, more live coverage from
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alyx: right now. it is game day. the final countdown to kickoff is on. most of the city might still be asleep, but we have our cruise up and ready for the big day ahead. be have a live report from the stadium just ahead. >> the most watched morning news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci eight news this morning. alyx: happy new year. happy th 2016. it is a very brisk morning. that windchill -- you fill it in
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sledding. if you're heading into work, 23 the roads are fine. the roads will stay quiet. for today, by noon, temperatures quickly recovering. 26 by noon. we are expecting a lot of sunshine today. the mini-thaw begins. shaina: again, the final countdown is on. so exciting. nine hours and 37 minutes from kickoff. that is where the iowa hawkeyes will take on the stanford cardinals and the biggest bowl game of them all. eric canton joins us live from pasadena.
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it is fair very early where you are. what is weather like now? eric: it is 4:30, by already talked to fans who have been showing up and they say, whatever, it is hawkeye game day. right now, my phone says 44 degrees. that is better than back home. it is chilly. that is why i have some layers on. by game time, it will be low 60's. it will be beautiful. the hawkeyes are getting ready, and they have been for quite some time. a final look at the field. the team is ready to go as they take on stanford. the two teams are evenly matched . when they go head-to-head, most
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>> i think any similarities our teams. what you are looking that is two teams that have competed they have good players. a lot of good players. cohesiveness. they are very well coached. coached. coach ferentz has been making sure the team is enjoying california while staying , focused. >> we have been practicing for three weeks. it is at the point where we are and to stay focused. i think a big part of this game turn the ball over. because anytime you don't turn the ball over you give yourself
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so we just gotta take care of the ball and play hard. eric: this could be a very good matchup in southern california with all eyes on the rose bowl. it should be a pretty close game on both sides of the ball. be have been talking about the hawkeye invasion in southern california. fans have been everywhere. thursday, we saw it on a huge scale at the uss iowa. officials tell us that it was the biggest one day crowd ever. had. coming up next, my experience. some awesome opportunities getting ready for the big bowl game. kickoff is approaching. alyx: thank you very much.
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of those fans supporting their team. don't forget to join our cruise for a special hawkeye rose bowl. shaina: it is 6:36. a lot of us are thinking warm thoughts. not exactly the reality. metinka: here at home, this is reality. we have wind chill's this morning from 0-10. at least we are on the positive side. the weather will be nice this afternoon a nice stretch of weather through the weekend. alyx: more big stories this morning. extra police were on hand last night in des moines, as hundreds of people bring in the new year. police focused their patrolling during peak hours, around 2:00
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a.m., this comes after a deadly shooting in the area, which raised new security concerns. people downtown say they feel safe with the current police presence. the city says they do not have right now the funding to provide , surveillance cameras for downtown bars. the downtown murder was just one of 21 homicides in des moines 2015 was the first time the city last year. has gone over 20 since 1995. police say their records date back to that year there were 27 1978. homicides in the city. in 2015, in all but one of the cases the victim and the killer , knew each other. all cases have been closed, except for the most recent one. shaina: around the world now. a massive skyscraper fire in dubai continues to burn. it is one of the most upscale hotels and residences in dubai. the fire started last night, injuring at least 14 people, and
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at fire officials were unable to one point, use their truck's officials are not sure what water hose. caused the blasts. meanwhile, back you're in the u.s. the new year's eve , fireworks display was canceled in rochester, new york. officials arrested this man,n,or planning to attack a restaurant there. the man is now charged with attempting to provide material support to isis. the crime carries up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. actor wayne rogers has died at the age of 82. he played trapper john on the tv show "m.a.s.h." still ahead, bringing in the new celebrations around the metro and the c country. one unfortunate dud. the celebrations happening there today, and the once in a
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very metinka: it is a brisk start to the new year. it is looking like winter out there. a little bit of snow still on the street and sidewalks. when we were waking up, the windchill close to zero. bundle up. temperatures will be warming. by noon, into the mid-20's. headed towards a little the of melting today. it will be a great day to maybe head out and do some sledding. temperatures stay nice through the weekend. yes, we will have more melting. temps take a dip, but warm-up for the rest of the week. alyx: with those temps, i'm sure that people here in iowa wish they were waking up in pasadena! shaina: that's where we find our
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the weather is not the only lucky experience. we hear you have been doing some things that most people will never get to do. eric: we have been having so much fun here in southern california. for example, yesterday at the uss iowa. there were so many people -- on a normal day, think of 1000. the record was 8000. yesterday, more than 20,000 people all in black and gold showed up. they were on their day around the ship. everyone got to experience that. i got a really cool experience. i got to fire one of the guns. how cool is that. the only fire those a handful of times. when they asked me if i wanted
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they loaded the huge cartridge and want everyone to cover their years. i pulled it back and fired, the crowd went wild. an hour later, the crowd shook when they fired the even bigger five inch guns. i also got to help decorate one of the rose parade floats that you will be seeing. i was watching through the assembly building, talking to the folks, and the decorator said, you are tall, we need some help, can you give us a hand. i said, sure. it's not everyday that you get to do that. it is kind of like paint by numbers, but you are using real
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of grass. stuff like that. it was really cool to be a part of it. so this morning, when you see the city of los angeles float, look closely at the pink flowers way up high in the middle of the float, on the side facing the camera, and you will see my handiwork. are incredible. i also got to see one of the flower tents. it's huge, packed with 10s of -- tens of thousands of them are -- roses, gerber daisies and moums. most of them are individually taken out of the sleeves you see at the flower shop, individually cut off with a razor blade and then stuck inside a water vial so they can last a little bit longer. because once the parade is over this morning, the floats stay on display through sunday. so the flowers have to look good at least that long.
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-- crews later today for a special hawkeye rose bowl live from pasadena. that is at 2:00 right here. in the last half-hour, things have really picked up. the gates have open in the parking lot. believe it or not, some fans are showing up. remember, it is 4:30 here in pasadena. all morning long, we have seen hawkeye fans go to the gate, get their selfie -- the typical picture -- at 4:30 this morning we have already talk to people from iowa falls, folks who have flown in from new york, north carolina. you can see, they have stocking caps on. it is a little chilly out here. we can still see our breath. over the last half-hour, the
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making sure this is a secure area. again, this is a high-profile place. they want to be careful, especially with what happened in san bernardino. a lot of lease presents. helicopters flying overhead. they are really -- they will be getting at the rose parade. be will head over there as well. a lot of excitement here in pasadena. more coming up in a bit. shaina: the first look, all morning long, the calm before the storm. it is very exciting. alyx: you know what is really impressive -- we have said it before, but just how many iowa
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when you have a bowl game so far from home, it is tough to get fans and those seeds. it is so rare. more than 20 years later, people will not miss this opportunity. and i think they are taking a seriously. the most historic bowl game that there is. shaina: we hope for a victory.
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stanford cardinals.
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>> weather is never more than
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metinka: happy new year. it is a cold start with temperatures in the teens. it will be a great afternoon with sunshine and highs around 32 degrees. you will need to bundle up. we have a windchill. creston, your windchill is at two. it is the brisk wind that will be with us all day long. those clouds are heading out of here. no precept with them. giving way to some sunny skies this afternoon. the weather will stay nice and quiet for several days in a row. over the weekend, by late saturday afternoon and evening, we will have a weak frontal boundary.
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clouds. it looks good. we will get started on ita a mini thaw. tomorrow, temperatures warm up across the region. moines. watch for re-freeze. the temperatures are hovering close to zero. the car washes will probably be busy, if not to t today, then through the weekend. cool in the 20's and mid-30's. the next chance for a light rain makes moves and by thursday and friday. these temps are not bad for
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alyx: comininup, we have alyx: news to go now.
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we start with eric hanson live in pasadena where the hawkeyes are gearing up for the big game! eric: when you have waited 25 years to get in the rose bowl, you want to soak up every moment of it. keep in mind, it is not 5:00 a.m. in california and we have seen dozens and dozens taking selfies. the parking lot officially opened about 45 minutes ago. you can see an suv with four fox, including the iowa flag. it is really starting to buzz. the parade, it starts at 10:00 iowa time. that is where we will head straight after the show. it is starting to get excited here.
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it is happening and time to go. enjoy the game. shaina: thanks so much. make sure to keep it right here on kcci all day long. for more coverage, you can join eric and others for our special hawkeyes rose bowl. alyx: don't miss the big game. the game is suffered just after 4:00 in pasadena. metinka: they will have some really nice weather. here, gametime, we will be in the 30 degree range. not too bad. it will be a beautiful day. starting off chile. we are heading to 30 degrees. the melting will s continue over the weekend. no new precipitation until the
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highs, seasonably cool. overnight lows, not too bad in the teens and 20's. shaina: thank you so much for waking up bright and early. we look forward to spending the rest of the year with you.
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