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tv   KCCI 8 News at Noon  Me-TV  January 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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temperatures will get. >> the most-watched news at noon in central iowa, this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at noon. kim: flood waters, blamed for at least 22 deaths in missouri and illinois, now causing new problems. but first, new information and an arrest in the shooting of a teenager yesterday in the 1300 block of east 14th des moines. a male teenage victim shot a gunshot wound and he came to her house for help you police say those reports were not true. instead, they say the teenager
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another 15-year-old now faces charges of reckless use of a firearm. record-breaking flooding is happening along the mississippi, ohio, and arkansas rivers. and as david begnaud shows us, a state that is flooded with water is now having problems finding enough for victims to drink. david: just southwest of st. louis, towns are under water, roadways look like rivers, and homes have been swallowed by water. >> we're still at a flood stage of 42.31 feet, so it's going to go down, but that's a lot of water the levee's holding right now. david: in arnold, missouri, hundreds of people find themselves this new year's day without a home, and temperatures are now dropping below freezing. >> until this goes down and they can come and check our homes and make sure they're safe, we can't live in them, so we're going to be out of a place to stay for a couple of weeks at least. >> just keep us updated. thank you for david:.
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lost their house in arnold from the floods, but for her and her family, despite their enormous loss, the new year brings a sense of hope. >> oh my lord, it's a new beginning. i have a great grandbaby coming in. david: david begnaud, cbs news, st. louis county, missouri. kim: in little rock, the arkansas river is expected to crest tonight at 26 feet, which is 3 feet above flood stage. 45 members of the iowa national guard will leave for missouri to help with flood relief. the soldiers will help with purification and transport of fresh water. the guard members will come from camp dodge, oelwein, and cedar rapids. they'll head to high point missouri in the east central part of the state. sad news about one the stars of the classic t.v. show "mash." actor wayne rogers, who played trapper john on the first three seasons of "mash," died from complications of pneumonia. he was 82. rogers had parts on many short lived western television shows before "m.a.s.h." after acting, rogers became a money manager and investor. he was a regular panelist for fox news.
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singer natalie cole has died at the age of 65. cole was the daughter of jazz legend nat king cole. her 1991 album, "unforgettable, with love," sold some 14 million copies and won six grammys. it featured reworked versions of some of her father's best-known songs. clean-up from last night's new year's celebrations is underway. while those festivities went off without any major problems, as don champion shows us, the threat of terrorism did lead to tighter security than normal in many places. don: germans ushered in 2016 under the close watch of security officials. in berlin, revelers were searched at a major outdoor event. in munich, a different story. people there were told to stay away from two of the city's train stations because of a serious and imminent threat by isis suicide bombers.
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the country rang in the new year. in brussels, the official party was cancelled after the arrest of two men suspected of planning holiday attacks. some thought it was an overreaction. >> i think it is backing down to the threat of terrorism. i think we should stand up and just make everything happen. don: in paris, a city that saw two attacks from isis in 2015, celebrations were scaled back. france's defense minister tried reassuring people by greeting some of the 11,000 soldiers on duty yesterday. here in the u.s. in new york city, police were also on alert. more than 6,000 nypd officers made sure the times square celebration went off without any problems. but in rochester, in upstate new york, the fireworks display was cancelled after the fbi arrested this man, emanuel lutchman, for allegedly plotting a new year's eve attack on a local bar. charging documents allege lutchman was an isis sympathizer. don champion, cbs news, new
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kim: that tighter security continues today. tougher measures in place in pasadena this afternoon during the annual rose bowl parade. up to 700,000 people are expected to take part. the rose bowl parade is just a preliminary event for the rose bowl game itself. the game between iowa and stanford kicks off in just a little under four hours. but football isn't the only game in town. kcci's steve karlin and scott reister with a look from pasadena. steve: walking around and doing all of this tailgate stuff and let's play some corn hole. scott: i am ready for it. steve: let's try it out. scott: i've got black. here we go. [cheering] steve: let's hope the hawkeyes
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let's go hawks let's go hawks. let's go hawks. let's go hawks. the big pregame special is coming up at 2:00. don't miss it. scott: from pasadena. kim: yestersday, thousands of the hawk fans climbed on board the uss iowa for some pre-rose bowl celebrations. nearly 20,000 fans toured the ship. some had to wait two and a half hours just to get on board. officials with the uss iowa say lines have never been that long. giving you just a taste of how many iowa fans will be flooding into the rose bowl in pasadena this afternoon. just like you heard steve say our special coverage from the , rose bowl continues this afternoon. join us for a hawkeye rose bowl live from pasadena right before the big game. it all starts at 2:00 p.m. on kcci. iowa football coach kirk ferentz remains atop the list of the
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database information provided by the state shows ferentz made almost $4 million in the fiscal year ending june 30. former iowa state head basketball coach fred hoiberg made just over $2 million over the same period. former iowa state football coach paul rhoads was third with over $1.8 million. the rose bowl is not the only parade this new year's day. london held its annual new year's day parade this morning, an annual event that draws thousands of spectators. the parade runs between piccadilly and parliament square with a vast line-up of 8500 performers representing 20 different countries. you can see in the video that it is looking like great weather in london. so what can we expect here in central iowa? kcci's meteorologist metinka slater now with a first look at your forecast. metinka: it is a really nice day with the bright sunshine here in des moines. folks are dealing with a few clouds. this is our webcam and some
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no precipitation but maybe a stray flag. otherwise is looking great. reading still in the 20's nortrt of interstate 80. 30's. we will start to pop out today. everything is quick to be re-freezing overnight with low temperatures falling back into the teens. tomorrow afternoon, we start melting away more so the snowmen will be shrieking for sure this weekend with highs tomorrow in the mid 30's. kim: firefighters in dubai still working to douse a fire that engulfed a 63-story luxury hotel on new year's eve. more than 12 hours after the fire began, firefighters were largely just watching from the ground and trying to put out hot spots. dubai officials say the fire appeared to have started on a 20th floor terrace. the fire started a few hours before the city's fireworks show, which went off as scheduled. the cause of the fire still under investigation. kim: the iowa state patrol investigating a deadly accident
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just a few hours before that start of the new year. investigators say 55-year-old susan durian died when she drove through a stop sign and into the path of an oncoming semi-truck. davenport police charging a man with illegally selling a gun to a man who then shot his wife and himself. 44-year-old lonnie long faces one charge of transferring a pistol to someone without a valid permit. investigators say long sold the gun to robert mayes for a thousand dollars. mayes then went to his wife's workplace, shot her, then shot himself. lots of people vow to lose weight in the new year. how one school is trying to teach children those good habits early. and it's been one of the wildest
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history. >> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at noon with mollie cooney and meteorologist metinka slater. kim: 2015 brought us one of the wildest races for president in recent history. but as craig boswell shows us,
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political story to come out of 2015. craig: the outsiders took the early lead in the crowded gop race for president. >> i'm at number one by a lot. craig: donald trump pulled out front with a slew of controversial comments, including a ban on muslim immigrants and wall to keep mexicans from crossing the border. >> they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. they're rapists. craig: ben carson and carly fiorina also surged in early polls. >> unfortunately, i believe we're out of time. craig: following the death of his son, beau, vice president joe biden decided against making a third run for the white house. >> i'm going to be your president, too. craig: hillary clinton was forced to defend against an attack from the left, with senator bernie sanders running with an a liberal platform. >> establishment politics just is not going to work. craig: clinton weathered nearly 11 hours of congressional questions about the attack on a u.s. consulate in benghazi in 2012. she also came under fire for using her private e-mail server for official communications as
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the obama administration restored diplomatic relations with cuba after 54 years. the president also signed a deal with iran that would limit its nuclear program. of assuring that iran does not get a nuclear weapon. saying the deal would actually help iran get a nuclear weapon, but democrats beat back the challenge. fed up with infighting among conservative and moderate republicans, house speaker john boehner called it quits. >> it's been an honor to serve in this institution. craig: congressman paul ryan reluctantly stepped up to take the job. >> thank you very much. craig: the supreme court upheld a key part of the affordable care act that provides health insurance subsidies to all qualifying americans. and in a historic decision, a divided court legalized same sex marriages. >> you may kiss your bride. craig: craig boswell, cbs news, washington. kim: the price of heating fuels rose this week. according to the iowa department of agriculture, propane prices
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natural gas prices also rose, 33 cents per btu. heating oil prices dropped 8 cents. i think a lot of people may want to crank the heat up because we have cold temperatures in store for us. metinka: tonight is going to be another cold one. we will sneak in some sunshine. open up the shades and let in the my sunshine. this is our webcam overlooking lake panorama and it does look pretty. the blue skies out there and maybe a few clouds out to the north. overall looking like a beautiful afternoon. temperatures will be warming up to the low 30's. anything that melts today is going to be re-freezing overnight. you're going to have to bundle up if you are going out to dinner tonight. dress in layers tomorrow. by the afternoon, highs above average into the mid-30's. temperatures are looking pretty good this day. it is cool and you're going to need to grab the warmer coats. it is winter and iowa.
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we had some clouds for a early on. the have moved up. then you had sunshine. from minnesota, a little blanket cloud coming in and has produced and heading over mason city. southeast. central iowa. southwest i was probably going to see the most sunshine today. the weather is quiet as we head towards the weekend. by late saturday, it becomes a fast-moving and we cold front. we are not expecting any precipitation with it. it is shifting the wind back around the northwest. that will drag a few more clouds into monday. plans. moines. beautiful blue skies. the camera that is rocking in the wind a little bit. it had a brisk wind all day long coming in from the west at 12 miles per hour.
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you will need a warm coat and the gloves if you are spending time outdoors today. from 32 degrees, clouds in northern iowa and more sent to the south. overnight, skies remain mostly clear and it will be very chilly. watch for the re-freeze overnight and early tomorrow. tomorrow is looking beautiful. try to get outside and enjoy and take the kids out sledding if you can. a nice when with highs near 35. southwest iowa warming up a couple of degrees per not quite as strong as today. the collaterally moving in by the afternoon. that will keep temperatures down a couple of degrees per next week starts off knife and quiet. no major weather system. a little bit of whether ms. back into the forecast thursday into friday. with temperatures in the mid to upper 30's, and look it looks like a chilly rain and light snow. the first days of the new year are looking at. kim: thank you. as many of us make a new years resolution to lose weight and get in shape, chris martinez
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angeles that is helping students make physical fitness a life-long goal. >> these are just warm-ups. chris: at this los angeles high school, physical education class has a whole new look. the innovative program called sound body, sound minds provides underserved schools in a way with state-of-the-art fitness equipment along with lesson plans to design to boost students confidence and fun. >> it's making them positively active for their whole lives. chris: experts say that is badly needed in los angeles where more than 40% of young people under 18 are either of these are underweight. >> every kid should be able to enjoy physical activity and exercising. chris: the ucla professor says the program's biggest impact is seen on how well students perform on california standardized is equal fitness test. among those that took part in sound body sound mind, the
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the test tripled. the freshman feels the benefits in and out of school. >> it keeps me healthy. the fact that i am healthy helps my brain work better. chris: the program is in nearly 100 middle and high schools in los angeles and could be expanded to even more. chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. kim: the program, run by ucla health sound body sound mind foundation, costs about $3 million, which also includes maintenance for the equipment and extracurricular staffing. still to come from the last of , david letterman's late show to the reawakening of the force,
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entertai kim: a changing of the guard on "the late show." and "the force awakens" with record breaking results. suzanne marques takes a look at this year in entertainment. kim: coming up, what we can suzanne: olympic athlete turned reality tv star bruce jenner became caitlyn jenner. >> it's about all of us accepting one another. suzanne: charlie sheen revealed he has the virus that causes
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>> i'm here to admit that i am in fact hiv-positive. suzanne: sheen says he was diagnosed four years ago around the time that he was fired in the hit cbs sitcom "two and half men" for his erratic behavior. more than 50 women came forward with accusations of sexual abuse against bill cosby, dating back decades. cosby denies the allegations. ben affleck and jennifer garner broke up after 10 years of marriage. rockers quince stephani and gavin rossdale also calls it quits. she quickly rebounded with a romance with blake shelton, who split from his wife, miranda lambert. jennifer aniston, cameron diaz, and sofia vergara all got married. kim kardashian and kanye west welcomed their second child. sandra bullock adopted her second. jennifer lawrence became the highest-paid actress, but criticize hollywood for still paying her male costars more.
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installment of "the hunger games" series. viola davis become the first african-american to win an emmy for best actress in a drama. and ballerina misty copeland became the first black female principal dancer with the american ballet theater. the smash hit musical "hamilton" brought hip-hop to broadway with a multiracial cast performing the life of founding father house in a hamilton. taylor swift took on apple over not paying artists during a three month free trial of its streaming service and one. hello from the outside suzanne: and adele's long-awaited third album, 25 , became the top-selling album of the year in its third week of david letterman signed off after 33 years of late-night television. >> thank you for everything. you have given me everything. suzanne: stephen colbert took
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box office records. members from the original cast of "star wars" reunited for "so
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kim: a cold start to the new year. metinka: we do have some
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we're going to see melting temperatures today. tomorrow is 35. we will be shrinking. get out to enjoy it while you can. the weekend is great with highs in the 30's.
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