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tv   KCCI 8 News at Ten  Me-TV  January 3, 2016 10:30pm-11:30pm CST

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we are just weeks away from the iowa caucuses! and that means it's crunch time for the presidential candidates. what they are doing in their last push to get iowa votes. plus a hawkeye stand out uses tragedy as inspiration in the rose bowl. how remembering a friend brought many to tears. and we are in for a cold week!
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feel like the single digits and when we could see another wintry mix. see you tonight! ge, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for those at the top and letting corporations write their own rules.
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hillary clinton will work to close the wage gap. equal pay for women to raise incomes for families, a higher minimum wage, lower taxes for the middle class. she gets the job done for us. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. sam had this bag stashed at our place. he wanted me to grab it, then wait for his call. he said he's got money in it, and whatever the hell that stuff is. i read about that thing that he's building, and it says that the people who put it together and who set it off, that they get worse poison than anybody. i mean, he's gonna die. sam's gonna kill a bunch of people, and he's gonna die. what happened to my brother? why's he doing this? i don't know, chris.
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i think usually people that join groups like that, they're looking for some kind of purpose. i sort of feel like i did this to him, you know? what do you mean? sam dropped out so i could go to school. i got the diploma, and he got... what? look, i know you already know this, but whatever sam did for you, it doesn't make what he's doing now okay. you understand, i take that call, let you guys follow me, i'm turning in my brother. you got brothers. how would that make you feel? can't even imagine. look, i need to know what you can do for sam. he's done bad things. he's got to go to jail. but he's not a terrorist yet. is there, like, a program that you can get him in? maybe he can get his diploma while he does time. i don't think so, but i'll check. naz: what exactly does he expect from us?
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that we're asking him to turn in his own brother. so there has to be something we can give. do you know what's in that backpack that sam garper wants? beryllium powder. he needs it to finish the bomb he's building that will render some chunk of this city uninhabitable. people will die, others will get sick, and it will all be to advance the cause of hate and nihilism. there are no reform schools for people planning what sam garper is planning. there's no second chance for people who rig trip wires to kill my agents. i don't know how chris will react to that. well, we can't give him the chance to react to it. so you want me to lie to him. he has to get to that meeting with his brother, and i want you to think about what will happen if he doesn't. you can think of it as a math problem if you have to. however you get there, you have to tell chris garper what he needs to hear. okay.
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i'm better at crunching numbers when i'm on nzt. to the benefits of being a badass. hey, bud. so what'd you find out? can you help sam? as a matter of fact, we can help sam. did i pull it off? yeah, i'm afraid so. i made federal prison sound like a california vacation. in my head, i made mike and ike the prison guards. you get the metaphor. anyway, they were all gonna have so much fun. and sam wasn't just gonna get a high school diploma, he was being set up for a life of success. (paparazzi clamoring) did i lay it on a little thick? maybe. but whatever i had to say, whatever lies i had to tell, they worked.
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chris just got the call-- sam wants him to pass the bag off at east river park, 4:00 p.m. cool. you okay? i've had to manipulate informants before, and... you want to take a silkwood shower when it's done, but it does get easier. it gets easier to manipulate your informants? what about your consultants? that's different. i think you know that. oh, yeah, i get it. it's all in the game. you never saw that show? chris wasn't handing the bag off until 6:00, so i went straight into my training session with casey. but this time would be different. i'm sure casey wasn't expecting me to get the upper hand that fast, or even at all. but i knew he would try after that.
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he got me a bunch of times, i got him a few times. but it was pretty clear i'd know what to do if i got in another fight. casey: okay, so... why'd you hustle everybody? i mean, you've obviously trained before. no one learns that much technique in a day. i'm a quick study. boyle: our people aren't gonna move in until you walk away from your brother. now, we expect everything's gonna be just fine, but we want you clear of the arrest for your own safety. try not to spend too much time talking to sam. just give him the bag and say good-bye. all right.
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tunnel is secure. good by the south pathway. we got it surrounded. you've got two people coming from the tunnel. casey: that's sam garper. he's got his buddy with him. that's norris allen. what's he doing here? two-for-one special's on. sam. hey, bud. you look awful, man. sam: looks like you found my bag. listen, kid, this is... this is all gonna get straightened out, all right? i'm gonna be back home, you know. i don't know when it's gonna be, but... we'll see each other again, all right?
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doing what? what is he doing? chris: hey, i'm sorry. this is gonna be a good thing. he brought the cops. let's get the hell out of here. sam, don't run! don't run! don't! stop! move, move, move. sam! hey! i'm going out. no, we're the eyes. we stay here. cover left. go! casey: who has eyes on norris allen? stay down. good? yeah. what happened to allen? don't move! (gunshots)
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we've got sam garper in cuffs. norris allen doubled back, pulled a gun on chris. who fired? boyle hit allen with three shots. thank god. finch. uh, allen did get a shot off. where's that ambulance?! let's go! now at chili's, unlimited enchiladas are just $9.99 for a limited time. hurry in for all-you-can-eat enchiladas
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get this one done. ask your doctor or pharmacist
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i'll call you if there's anything, too. thank you. we just got a call from bellevue. chris garper was in hydrostatic shock when they loaded him into the ambulance. they opened him up to operate, but... there was too much hemorrhaging. he didn't make it.
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(sighs quietly) so i told him whatever he needed to hear to get him to that meeting, and... he got killed. i understand how you're feeling. it's awful. his brother sam is gonna be okay. his radiation burns were the worst of his injuries. there's a bomb that won't go off because of what we did today. you saved lives. yep. but not him. (exhales) there had to be way to do both; i just didn't think it through, not even on nzt. this is the worst part of what we do, brian. working a c.i. gets really complicated really fast. we try to avoid it, but sometimes...
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what's best for the world, turns out to be a very different thing than what's best for the person. yeah, but that's how we get through it, right? i mean, we limit morality... (sniffles) draw boundaries, compartmentalize-- like you and casey. what? you say it gets easier to manipulate people, to lie. how can you have an honest relationship? uh, sorry... how do you know about me and casey? his cologne, it lingers on you. your reaction when naz suggested he train me. the way he shows up at your desk every morning. okay, thank you, i get it. (sighs) okay, so when i said it gets easier to lie, that was a lie. but you find a way to live with it. can i give you a lift?
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hey. you heading home? yeah. you? oh, maybe. you doing okay? rough day out there. yeah. our guy finch is a wreck. (breathes deeply) i'm sorry, i got to ask. what are you guys doing with him? i mean, you remember when you and me started training? it took you at least two weeks just get a handle on the breathing. you said i was gifted. yeah, you were. brian-- he's already doing joint locks and chokes that i didn't learn till my fifth year on the mat. it's like he absorbed a decade's worth of technique in a night. so either he's hiding the fact that he had training, or there's something else going on. he's a fast learner. mm. that's what everyone keeps saying. yeah. he learned about us.
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no. (elevator bell dings) i trust him. good night, casey. night, rebecca. brian: if you're watching this, that means you're me-- me on the pill. guy who's been telling me what to do. (sighs) and i know you remember all this, but i'm gonna say it anyway. just because you remember everything doesn't mean you know everything. we are not omniscient, or today would have gone very differently. and if putting myself first means being okay with what happened to chris garper, then i'm not playing. you tell me i've got to be ruthless to survive. but if that means killing the part of myself that makes being alive worthwhile, that is not how i'm getting through this.
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that isn't how we're getting through this. so deal with it. you don't have a choice, really, because by the time i take my next pill, the damage is already going to be done. you okay? i made a copy of this file. i can't tell you exactly how i got it, but i do think you should know what's inside. you deserve to know what's inside. it's about your father, rebecca. can i come in? yeah. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh and that means it's crunch time for the presidential candidates. what they are doing in their
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stuffy head, no sick days, medicine. announcer: you're watching kcci 8 news. todd: the iowa caucus is less than a month away.
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what will be dead on arrival. todd: militia leaders take control of a federal wildlife reserve. why they've taken over and their connection to another armed confrontation in nevada. thank you for joining us late. the iowa caucus is less than a month away, and candidates are ramping up their campaigns. laura: those behind the pack are doing all they can to make an impression on february 1st. kcci's rose heaphy joins us to tell us who stopped by central iowa today. rose: republican mike huckabee and democrat martin o'malley both toured throughout iowa this weekend. when they stopped in the metro area today, they had one message that anything can happen come caucus time. it's a big push to sway caucus voters. sunday afternoon, former arkansas governor mike huckabee met with about 100 people at the machine shed in urbandale. huckabee: i don't think there's any shortcut than going out there and talking to voters on-on-one and organizing in every county. rose: huckabee says on thursday, he will have hit all 99 counties, all in hopes to recapture the 2008 magic when he
10:55 pm
won the iowa caucus. huckabee: i got more votes than anyone in the history of the iowa caucus. rose: but he has his work cut out for him this time. the republican quinnipiac poll released in december showed huckabee was polling at 1%. that puts him far behind frontrunners trump and cruz. huckabee: i'm not as worried about it right now, but i still believe iowa voters get serious when it gets close to caucus time. rose: democrat martin o'malley is rolling up his sleeves as well. he ended his weekend of campaigning by jumping on the phone in des moines and calling voters. o'malley:the key to success in iowa is organize organize and catch fire late. rose: his campaign hit recent woes in ohio where he failed to get enough signatures to make the ballot. o'malley: some of the volunteers didn't get the message that all of the signers not only had to be voters but registered democratic voters, and it's a disappointment. rose: according to the democrat quinnipiac poll, o'malley sits in third place. he has the support of 6% of likely caucus goers, a wide gap behind clinton and sanders. but o'malley remains hopeful. o'malley: i'm very excited about these next 29 days. the people of iowa always have a
10:56 pm
way of upsetting the apple cart. tomorrow, huckabee will campaign in ames. other gop candidates including ted cruz and john kasich will also stop through central iowa. in studio, rose heaphy, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. laura: democratic front runner hillary clinton returns to iowa tomorrow to campaign. she'll hold rallies in davenport and cedar rapids, before holding an evening event here in des moines. a clinton campaign stop in new hampshire pitted the democratic candidate against a republican state representative today. clinton started taking questions when kathrie prudhomme-o'brein started shouting. hillary clinton: let's start with the questions and i'll try to get as many in. just, well, i'm going to call on people. now wait a minute. i'm not going to take your question because other people have been raising -- yes, go. right there. and we'll bring you a microphone. ok, let me see. right back there. this man right there. here we go, right there.
10:57 pm
you are very rude and i'm not going to ever call on you, thank you. [applause] laura: the representative later said she was trying to ask clinton about her husband's sexual improprieties from 20 years ago. todd: republican ted cruz begins barnstorming the state. he'll begin his cruzin to caucus bus tour of iowa tomorrow. the texas senator plans stops in boone, carroll, guthrie center, winterset, missouri valley. the tour continues through iowa with various stops in iowa all week. presidential candidate carly fiorina dismissing criticism she's been taking on social media for a comment she made january 1st on the rose bowl. carly fiorina's twitter page posted, "love my alma mater. but rooting for a hawkeye win today. #rosebowl." fiorina is a graduate of stanford. reaction was quick, and sometimes harsh. one wrote, "if you can't stand up to the hawkeye, how can you defeat isis?" another asks, "hey stanford, can we have her degree revoked for this?"
10:58 pm
fiorina told cnn today the tweet was tongue-in-cheek, and that the people of iowa knew she was torn on the game, having attended an iowa tailgate this past season. laura: the holiday is over, and many people will head back to work tomorrow. and their kids will head back to class. so is their any weather that could cause a problem with that? kcci meteorologist jason sydekjo with an early look at your forecast. jason: if you do not like the cold, that will not be a problem for you. it does not seem that bad. a tip of the 20's, that is mild air for this time of night. the wind does make it feel chillier, 10 mile-per-hour winds makes the temperature feel back in the middle teens. otherwise, middle teens across the state. we will see wind chills in the single digits across the entire state and the morning hours -- in the morning hours. if you happen to be doing any traveling, you could see some dense fog further southeast of
10:59 pm
that little area. that is out until 9:00 in the morning. other than that, a little bit of water made for some pretty spots. that is a cool ice formation. we will build on that ice as we head into the morning. midteens with the windchill in the five to eight degrees range. you could see a wintry mix coming up here soon. todd: iowa lawmakers have another week before they head back to work at the statehouse. kcci's marcus mcintosh spoke with legislators from both houses to find out what they want to accomplish in 2016. marcus: the january 11th start to the next legislative session has some lawmakers excited. hunter: seeing friends from both sides of the aisle, realizing the responsibility that you have and the building you are in, you wind up getting goose bumps. marcus: but that can't last too long because legislators say , they have a lot of work ahead of them in 2016, work that
11:00 pm
starts with issues either unresolved or lingering from the previous session. zaun: my biggest hope is we figure out education funding ahead of time so the school boards can plan their budgets. hunter: we also have to make sure that the half million citizens of the state of iowa who rely on medicade aren't going to be left out in the cold with privitization plans the governor wants. marcus: both sides admit that in order to get things done, bipartisan bickering has to fade into the background. so lawmakers in the republican-controlled house and democratic-controlled senate can get to work for the people of iowa. work zaun and hunter say will start with medicade and education, but won't end there. hunter: raising the minimum wage so we at last get a start on iowans having a living wage and not having to live in poverty working 20 hours a week. zaun: we haven't done anything with income taxes. i'd like to see us create a better enviroment so iowans and businesses have more money in their pockets at the end of the year.
11:01 pm
marcus: with a short session and the iowa caususes to contend with, there is no time to waste. zaun: i am ready to go. marcus: marcus mcintosh, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. todd: the legislators tell us they would not be surprised to see the 2016 session go a week or two long. laura: a des moines man who beat an elderly neighbor to death will be sentenced tomorrow in polk county court. a judge found ngor makuey guilty of first degree murder last month. makuey was 19 when he broke into the home of rupert and harriet andersson and attacksked the couple. 97-year-old rupert died from his injuries. makuey's attorney used the insanity defense during the trial, but witnesses say they saw no signs of mental illness. the judge said the spatula makuey brought from his home to use as a weapon showed premeditation. todd: the iowa dci investigating a shooting death in the north east town of nashua. the 56-year-old man's body was found at a nashua property yesterday afternoon. investigators say they have identified the shooter, but are still trying to piece
11:02 pm
and after the shooting. so far no arrests in the case yet. the only widow of the sullivan brothers has died. the sullivan brothers, you might remember all served together on the uss juneau in world war ii, died when a torpedo hit the ship in 1942. katherine mcfarland, wife to albert sullivan, died friday at a retirement home in cedar falls. she was 93. both were just teenagers when the married. catherine later remarried another veteran of world war ii. he passed away in 1986. laura: no one picked all the correct numbers to win last night's powerball jackpot, so wednesday's jackpot is expected to grow to around $400 million . that would make it the sixth largest jackpot in powerball history. by the way the odds of winning the powerball jackpot are one in just over $292 million. todd: an update now from a story we first brought you at 5:30. saudi arabia says it severing diplomatic ties with iran after the execution of a prominent saudi shiite cleric.
11:03 pm
saudi officials executed the cleric and over 40 other people, after a saudi court found all of them guilty of terrorism. demonstrators in tehran broke into the saudi embassy early this morning to protest the execution. the saudi government has now told iran's diplomats they have 48 hours to leave saudi arabia. iranian officials harshly condemned the execution, saying that saudi arabia would face "divine retribution." the fbi is monitoring a standoff at a national wildlife refuge in oregon. laura: it involves a dispute over ranchers' rights and a family known for being anti-government. jennifer dowling has the latest from burns. >> the constitution. jennifer: an american flag draped the welcome sign outside of the malheur national wildlife refuge, about 280 miles southeast of portland. an armed militia took over the headquarters building saturday night. ammon bundy, the son of nevada rancher cliven bundy, is among the dozens of people now occupying several buildings on the federal property. the bundys were involved in a
11:04 pm
land dispute with the government in 2014. >> now this refugee or is rightfully owned by the people. and we, we intend to use it. jennifer: the group is protesting a decision by a federal judge to resentence 73-year-old dwight hammond and his 46-year-old son steven. the ranchers were convicted of arson three years ago and served time, but a judge ruled their sentences werent long enough. -- were not long enough. >> it's clearly double jeopardy. they've already served their time. jennifer: the men claimed they set the fires to protect their hours before invading the refuge, the militia and dozens of protesters held a rally to support the hammonds in burns. saturday. dwight hammond: it's not about me. it's about america. and somehow we've got to get the wheels back on this wagon, because they are flying off. jennifer: the hammonds are monday. bundy's group has made themselves at home. they say they plan on staying at the refuge indefinitely.
11:05 pm
burns, oregon. laura: the hammonds could spend the next four years in prison. and they say the bundys don't speak for them. floodwater is starting to reseed in missouri. -- recede in missouri. why that means so iowans will be able to return home soon. todd: lots of parents love football, but fear that their kids will get injured playing the game. the alternative game many parents are turning to. and the broncos and chiefs chasing each other in the afc race. where both teams wound up at the end of the regular season. >> the new year means a new clock is ticking down to caucus time. we will break it all down for you to help you make your pick.
11:06 pm
breaking news every announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 10:00 with todd magel, laura nichols, meteorologist jason sydejko and sports with scott reister. laura: flood waters along the mississippi river and its tributaries have started to recede. many areas of illinois and missouri saw record flooding. those floods were not only destructive, they were also deadly. disaster officials say 25 people died in the flood waters. the latest victim, an
11:07 pm
his body found this morning just a few hundred feet from where his truck was found last week. iowa national guard members from camp dodge, oelwein and cedar rapids are in high point missouri to help with flood relief, but they will be returning home soon. the water plant there came back on line earlier today. the iowa guard headed down friday with a convoy of water treatment trucks and transport vehicles. the guard brought equipment that can produce 1500 gallons of drinkable water an hour. todd: back here in central iowa clear but cool today. , but we may be in for some more snow later this week. jason: we have got a chance for rain, snow, and the rain and snow mix. i will break that down for you in a second. right now, we talked about the wind chill, still upper teens throughout iowa. if you are headed out, you have got a chill factor to go along with you. we have had clouds for most of the day.
11:08 pm
those are lingering. if you are hardy and do not mind this, we can have some good temperatures. the problem is, it will state cloudy throughout the entire evening. if you can, take a look. look at the cloud cover, not very good for skywatchers. any snow is to the northeast of us and will state northeast. i do not think we will see anything by way of snow as we had into the evening. this is a look from cascade, iowa earlier today. you can see the cloud cover, watch as it clears, beautiful sunset. i wish we could have that in our forecast. lingering tonight, these are going to stick around tomorrow too. any snow stays off to the east. but look at this effect all across the great lakes.
11:09 pm
it will achieve milley for us, keeping it chilly. -- it will accumulate for us, keeping it chilly. i do not think we will see a lot of sunshine, but there is a chance for a few weeks -- peeks of sunshine. high pressure will be sliding through, and as it does so, it will increase the chances of sunshine throughout the day tomorrow. better chances will pick up on tuesday. futurecast starting to break that cloud line into the evening. not as much clearing. it would be right around peek for the meteor shower. as we go into tomorrow and evening of tomorrow, clouds and to linger. you can see as tuesday roles in
11:10 pm
mid teens tonight, windchill factor down to the single digits. cannot stress enough, bundle up if you are going out. we are at 27, with the field like temperature in the upper teens. we are in the blue stuff as we keep it cold out there. 27 des moines, low to mid 20's for the rest of the area. we could see more sunshine off to the west. otherwise we are attacking cloud day. next two days we begin to warm up. it is going to be beautiful and we top off at 40 on wednesday. witchery mix. you will see some rain, but chances at a wintry mix and we come back to 22 degrees by monday. todd: today millions of people are watching the last games of the regular nfl season. laura: but the issue of concussions continues to hit the headlines after researchers discovered a link between hits
11:11 pm
injuries. that's sparking concern among parents of future players. now as weija jiang shows us, more families are turning to a new version of the game. weija: 10-year-old mason and 12-year-old will couldn't wait to follow their dad's footsteps. keil green played football in college. what's your biggest dream? mason green: to play in the nfl. weija: but their mom worried about hard hits on the field. so the family agreed to a compromise: flag football. katherine green: it was a really nice, safe option, and we could put off the tackle part for awhile without missing the game. keil green: and without missing the skills either. one of the great things about flag football, they learn all of the skills. weija: flag football is just like the traditional game, but players don't tackle. they remove flags from each other instead. will green: sometimes it's intense, but mostly it's fun. weija: some doctors say no football is the best option.
11:12 pm
let kids play football." the author was the first physician to publish studies about brain damage in football players. he says children who sustain head trauma are likely to develop health problems as adults. >> i work with a lot of adults and families. i think it is a personal decision. weija: bart gray runs the nfl flag football league in arlington, virginia. he says it's growing fast as new studies about football-related injuries are released. bart gray: it's a big deal right now. parents are very concerned about concussions and tackles, and it's driven several families to be here. weija: like the greens, who say their boys are safer and just as happy. weija jiang, cbs news, arlington, virginia. laura: we have been talking
11:13 pm
cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. people don't have access to healthcare because they just can't afford it.
11:14 pm
and major medical companies are ripping us off. bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. announcer: from iowa's sports leader, this is kcci 8 sports. tony: tonight was the battle for the nfc north. minnesota went on the road to face green bay. winner takes the division. you knew it was going to be close, and it did not
11:15 pm
disappoint. bridgewater and aaron rodgers some trickery early on. look at the punt, or do they? minnesota goes deep into green bay territory. they would get a field goal. minnesota goes up big, but you knew green bay would come back. aaron rodgers connects with the big boy richard rodgers for the td. green bay down a touchdown, they need this hail mary to potentially tie the game. we have seen this before. no good, minnesota breaks it up, the bikes go on to win 20-13. more nfl action today, the chiefs chasing the broncos in the afc west. jeremy maclin gets the ball for the opening touchdown of the game. spencer ware battles into the end zone.
11:16 pm
the bears and detroit, two teams struggling. jay color is struggling in the first half. he is picked off by james lawson. he is having a hot rough day. closing seconds of the first half, matt prater. this is shot, -- this is no chip shot 59-yarder. , mastt stafford to eric eebron for the td. lions win 24-20. st louis at san fran. the 49ers, blaine gabbert to anquan boldin for the 35-yard td. back comes st. louis. trade mason keeps it to himself, and the 49ers would win this in overtime 19-16 is your idol in that one. stick around, we have a lot more coming up in sports action. we talk about the hawkeye big road win over purdue and isu's
11:17 pm
tough loss to oklahoma . we talk more bowl game about the story of matt vandeberg who turned tragedy into inspiration during this historic season. stay up a little bit late. laura: the terror group isis releases a video claiming more executions, and making a direct
11:18 pm
country. announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci eight news at 10:00. todd: isis has released a new video online that appears to show five men being shot to death. laura: the video has not been independently verified, but as wendy gillette show us, the terrorist group claims the men were acting as british spies. wendy: isis released a new ten minute propaganda video sunday that appears to show the assassination of five men. one of the five masked executioners, who speaks with a british accent, gives a warning to britain's prime minister
11:19 pm
>> we will continue to wage jihad, break borders, and one day invade your land, where we will rule by the sharia. wendy: earlier in the video, the men, who are believed to be syrian, confess to acting as spies for britain, filming videos showing isis positions in the city of raqqa in syria. at the end of the video, an english-speaking boy appears. he says, "we're going to kill the non-believers over there." isis has recently released more videos following losses of territory in iraq. wendy gillette for cbs news. laura: britain's foreign office says it's examining the video. and donald trump is responding to the fact that part of his speech now appears in a terrorist recruiting video. the video was released by al-shabab, which is an al-qaida group based in somalia. it shows a clip of trump calling for the total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. dickerson: does it concern you at all that you're being used in essentially a recruitment video by a terrorist organization?
11:20 pm
trump: they use other people, too. what am i going to do? i have to say what i have to say. and you know what i have to say? there's a problem. we have to find out what is the problem. and we have to solve that problem. laura: trump went on to say that radical islam is the biggest problem we have in the world right now. todd: flags are at half staff in mexico tonight. just hours after taking office, the new mayor of a city in mexico was gunned down in her home. gisela moto ocampo was sworn in as mayor of temixco friday. the area is know for its heavy drug cartel activity. good luck getting the newspaper in boston. it is so bad many boston globe editors and reporters are on the streets delivering their newspaper this weekend. the globe switched to a new delivery company, and there have been issues for the past few days. >> i just wanted to do my part to help out. even one subscriber lost is a
11:21 pm
>> we see the globe as family, and the family is in distress right now, so we've been asked to help out, and here we are. todd: the globe says it will work to improve the delivery service and thinking -- thanking customers were being patient. laura: the new star wars movie ads $88 million. it is no the second -- now the second biggest hollywood blockbuster raking in $740 million. avatar made over $760 million. the will ferrell comedy came in second with an estimated $29 million. it has been downright cold this weekend. todd: but no snow. that might change. jason sydejko is here for that.
11:22 pm
we are having a to mid teens across the board, and clouds across the day. these will linger into the overnight. earlier we had a meteor shower, so kind of sad to see the clouds line up with the meteor shower. not the best night to take a look. if you were to do that, that would be around 2:00 to 4:00 in the movie -- morning. as we head into the morning hours, five to eight degrees is a lie can promise you for any kind of warped relatively speaking. that is your windchill temperature. clouds to begin to break. i will break down the sunshine next. todd: hoverboards were a bestseller over the holidays, despite the warning and possibility of injury.
11:23 pm
laura: santa easily gave them to kids, but parents got some as well. >> this is a piece of cake. >> it is the gift that keeps on giving, especially for kids eating their parents hop on their hoverboards and cruising for a bruising. with the #hoverboardfail has now gone viral. hoverboard is for kids, my daughter got it, i ended up in the er. just before christmas, the u.s. consumer safety commission reported the number of injuries had spiked 35%. that is expected to rise dramatically postholiday season. >> it does not have any safety requirements. >> this man sells the
11:24 pm
hoverboards at a los angeles mall.
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