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tv   KCCI 8 News at Noon  Me-TV  January 4, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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>> you're watching the most viewed news at noon in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at noon. mollie: right now at noon, the 20-year-old man convicted in the beating death of a 97-year-old
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good afternoon. thank you for joining us and happy new year. ngor makuey will spend life in prison for killing an elderly des moines man and injuring the man's wife. makuey was found guilty of four charges, including first degree murder. in 2014, officials say he broke harriet anderson and attacked a metal spatula. today, judge jeffrey farrell ordered makuey serve an additional 2 years for the assault on harriet anderson. >> i do think it's important to recognize the family members that a separate punishment should be imposed. the fact that there were two victims of assault. mollie: makuey is also ordered to pay a restitution of $150,000. this morning, his attorney asked the judge for a retrial. that was denied. in other news, it's been a dismal day first trading day of 2016 and here's why.
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taking a tumble after weak manufacturing data out of china set off panic. the losses there overnight were so big that trading was automatically halted by a new circuit breaker system on china's two main exchanges. and the situation in china had an immediate affect here in the u.s. stocks have dropped sharply following the plunge in the asian markets. european stocks didn't fair much better, losing nearly 3% in trading that ended just a couple of hours ago. right now out of the gate this morning, the dow industrials lost 350 points in the first few minutes. as you can see, the dow is down 382 at this hour. another thing falling is our temperatures. but it sounds like a slight warm up is right around the corner. let's check in now with frank for more and what we can expect for this first week of 2016. frank: it is hard to believe it is january. we have to expect january-like weather after being spoiled for
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kind of a gray day, not a lot going on. wind out of the west at three you look around the state, locked in with that cloud cover, the afternoon hours today. from here. 2:00, mainly cloudy. notice by 5:00, the wind switches out of the southeast at and west. eventually they will start to switch out of the south. you can see that change happening in western iowa and that will lead to warmer textures by tomorrow. 8:00, 22 degrees with the windchill this evening more like around 10 degrees. 8 day forecast, the changes, maybe even more snow in the forecast. we will detail that coming up. mollie: in commitment 2016 news, the campaign trail here in iowa is heating up as we draw nearer to caucus night. senator ted cruz is on a bus tour across the state this week. his first stop of the day was at
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plan for america and ask iowans to caucus for him on february 1. , that has come and gone. this is now the time the men and your decision. i'm here asking for your support, asking for your help. mollie: denny is headed to carol and other parts of western iowa. campaigning in iowa today. he stopped by our studios this morning. >> i've never taken the trump thing seriously. because i think at the end of the day when people go into the voting booth, they're not going to vote for somebody who has had some television show or somebody who owns a bunch of casinos. i just think people will be more serious than that. mollie: be sure to tune into
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the entire interview with governor kasich. that's coming up this sunday at 10:30 a.m. right after "face the nation." martin o'malley is pushing hard as the countdown to the iowa caucus ramps up. last night he manned the phones 40 volunteers. secure their vote. this after a heavy weekend of campaigning throughout iowa. the democrat polls, but remains hopeful. >> i feel we are in position to greatly exceed expectations and surprise people here in iowa on caucus night, so that's what i'm focused on. mollie: o'malley campaign workers say he plans to be back in des moines later this week. hillary clinton returns to i would today the campaign. -- to iowa today to campaign. she'll be holding rallies in davenport and cedar rapids before heading to des moines for an event this evening. look for more on her visit later tonight on the news at 10:00. turning to news from around the state, authorities in johnson
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coralville reservoir. the search started after a report of a canoe that capsized early yesterday afternoon. bystanders were able to pull one person from the ice water and was taken to the university of iowa hospitals for treatment. multiple area departments are assisting in the search, including a dive team. and an autopsy has been ordered on for a man who died after a snowmobile accident in central iowa. authorities say 25-year-old travis vandewalle of rural le grand was found friday. right now the marshall county sheriff's says it appears he died after the snowmobile he was driving rolled over on him. at least 24 people are confirmed dead from the devastating flooding in missouri and illinois. and now dozens from the iowa st. louis area to help with water purification. the troops have worked non-stop since their arrival, pulling 12 the area remains under a boil order due to unsanitary water.
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move forward on new gun control measures without congress. the planned executive action has already created backlash from republicans, who say the president is over stepping his constitutional authority. the white house. mark: president obama is back from his hawaiian vacation, and he's not wasting any time to use his executive powers to push for new gun control measures. >> my new year's resolution is to move forward on our unfinished business as much as i can. mark: the president is working on details of the new policy, which reportedly will focus on closing loopholes that allow small gun dealers to avoid performing background checks and making it more difficult for convicted domestic abusers to buy firearms. the move is in response to the latest mass shooting where terrorists killed 14 people in san bernardino with guns that were legally purchased. >> we know we can't stop every act of violence, but what if we tried to stop even one? mark: the president won't lay
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until later this week, but the move has already sparked criticism from republicans especially those hoping to , replace him. monday morning, donald trump became the latest presidential candidate to rip the plan. >> well, pretty soon you won't be able to get guns. and you're supposed to get together and pass a law. he doesn't want to do that because it's too much work. mark: the house and senate also get back to work this week, and they're vowing to fight the president's proposal. mark albert, cbs news, the white house. mollie: house speaker paul ryan issued a statement calling the president's plan a dangerous the country will not stand for it. to oregon now where an armed militia-style group is vowing to occupy several federal buildings there indefinitely. the fbi says it is taking the lead to resolve the standoff at a national wildlife refuge. the group took over three to five buildings saturday in protest of a federal judge's ruling to send two ranchers to prison. john blackstone is at the
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near burns, oregon. corks at the occupied compound, protestors are setting up camp and settling in for the long ammon bundy is leading the occupation. he says they're fighting back against the government's expansion of the over 100-year-old federal wildlife refuge at the expense of local ranchers. >> there have been some tremendous abuses. they used the courts to prosecute and to basically take the land and resources away from the people. >> back in 2014, bundy's father was embroiled in a dispute with federal officials over grazing rights on federal land in nevada. that escalated into an armed confrontation. this group set up camp saturday after a march in a nearby town in support of two ranchers. dwight hammond and his son steven were convicted of setting
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and served jail time. they say it wasn't arson, but controlled burns to protect their property. in october, a judge added four more years to their sentence. >> it just seems like a little overreach for having burned 127 acres. >> in a statement, the hammonds' attorney reports they're not associated with bundy's group, saying neither ammon bundy nor anyone within his group or organization speak for the hammond family. but protestors say they plan to stay put until all local ranchers reclaim land they allege was stolen by the u.s. government years ago. john blackstone, cbs news, burns oregon. , mollie: dwight and steven hammond are on their way to southern california to surrender to authorities and start serving their new sentence. still to come, world headlines. escalating tensions in the middle east after saudi arabia takes a stand against iranian state sponsored terrorism. and why authorities are thinking about launching a new search mission after wreckage of a
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is found. america is not just electing a president, we're also electing a commander in chief. that choice matters. because strengthening the economy, making healthcare more affordable, raising incomes. all of that depends on us being both secure at home and leading the world. i will get up every single day and do whatever it takes to make sure our country is safe and strong.
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crooks this is>> this is kcci news at noon. mollie: the u.s. and its allies are calling on saudi arabia and iran to avoid escalating tensions that could further destabilize the middle east. the countries are at odds after the weekend execution of a prominent shiite muslim cleric. cbs' tina kraus reports from london. photos of saudi arabia's king as anger over the execution of a shiite muslim cleric spreads across the middle east. saudi officials killed well-known shiite sheikh nimr al-nimr on saturday along with 46 al-qaeda suspects. it was the largest mass execution in the sunni-dominated kingdom in three decades. followers say the charismatic religious leader was a peaceful reformist who opposed violence. centuries old battle between
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this shiite protester says the saudi royal family has opened the gates of hell for its rule. in the iranian capital, tehran, an angry mob stormed and set fire to the saudi arabian embassy prompting saudi , officials to break off diplomatic ties with iran. iran's supreme leader says saudi arabia will face divine retribution for putting nimr al-nimr to death. tina kraus, cbs news. mollie: allies of saudi arabia also are scaling down their diplomatic ties with iran. the search is on for more survivors or victims of a strong earthquake in northeastern india. at least eight people are confirmed dead and more than 100 injured in the 6.7 magnitude quake. police say the deaths and injuries were caused by falling debris from the buildings. police say there are few tall buildings in the region, although a newly constructed
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imphal. new images have been released of and investigators now are considering launching another search of the wreckage to look for the black box. the freighter sank october 1 near the bahamas during a hurricane. it's considered the worst maritime disaster in nearly half a century. all 33 people on board died and the images now show a gaping hole in the ship's hull. time now to check back in with frank for a look at your first 2016. frank: hard to believe it is a new year and things really won't be feeling like early january by the end of the week, although, we will be delivered a little precipitation -- dealing with a little bit of precipitation that does feel like january. this is a neat shot. some swans enjoying a little time out on the lake. we're seeing some fog, especially just talked to the northwest of the metro this morning. this is a live shot from our jefferson webcam.
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even lower the farther northwest you go. 26 in des moines. he went out of the west at 3. they will be switching to more southerly throughout the afternoon. notice on visibility off to the north and west, but here in the metro, no issues. this is as you go off to the north and west, so keep that in mind. some areas showing zero. if you have travel plans to the north and west, keep that in mind for the early part of your afternoon. temperatures right now, aims at 22. 29 for knoxville. mid-20's for lamoni. share your pictures with us on ulocal. 25 at 5:00. we stay locked in with the closets afternoon. we might start to break them up a little bit tonight, waking up tomorrow morning at 20 degrees. a mild night with the winds out of the south.
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just off to the east. do we? they have north winds giving that snow for portions of minnesota -- excuse me, wisconsin and michigan. west. were folks out there. we are in the middle of this. with the clouds that the afternoon today. high pressure will be cycling through on the backside, winds out of the south and east. this low pressure system not much of a factor for us for the next few days. as we head throughout the middle part of the week, we will have the west. let me start this out late tonight, not much going on. tuesday, i think we will break out into some sunshine. keep an eye to the south and west wednesday and thursday. notices low pressure system will be tracking through, a system off to the north bringing in cooler air for them. i think we will see a wintry mix
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and saturday will stop saturday, mainly snow event as for that. have to keep an eye on the next system as it moves through. 27 today for the high, winds out of the southeast, keeping us a notice the windchill in the single-digit, chilly, and tuesday is 34 with south winds. wednesday, there is the precipitation moving in late in the day. 37 degrees. 30's continue thursday, friday, saturday. all snow by saturday. a big cold aisle -- cool down by sunday, back in the teens.
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in iowa? mollie: welcome back. it's back to school for everyone today, not just school aged, but all ages as the des moines public schools kicks off the winter community education classes, including beginning ice skating lessons or learning about architecture in america, among dozens of other topics. john nelson is program coordinator and jason allen is student activities coordinator. thank you both for coming in.
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obviously a very popular program and lots of interesting topics. tell us a little bit about who your audience is, i guess, who are the students? >> many years ago, we study called adult education and we changed it to humidity education because basically, we have classes from birth all the way through death. we have infant swim classes and we have classes for senior citizens to learn the computer, to learn facebook, a lot of different things like that. probably most of our classes are probably 30, 25, 30 to 45. we have a wide variety of things that we offer. mollie: and you have the bulletin, but he also have a website as well that we can access and it is not too late to sign up. some classes start today but it will go on? >> correct. we have classes that will be
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next month or so. they can register online or go directly to our des moines public school website. mollie: what are some of the new things? he was mentioning a few of them, but what are some of the others? >> ice-skating classes are new at the arena. the tournament that teaches that clasp -- the gentleman that teaches that clasp for use to have an on ice ice skating class and they had a facility at that has moved. we always try to add classes as we go based on what people calls and says, "i want to do a class on this." around. costs?
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there is a variety of things that you can take and manage of, specifically with the new year, we have fitness classes, exercise from pilates to yoga, swim classes and food nutrition. it is just a huge range. our goal is to do as much as possible to provide for the community we live in. mollie: once again, we can get more information on the website and also a phone number. not too late to sign up. thank you very much for coming in today. on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for those at the top and letting corporations write their own rules. hillary clinton will work to close the wage gap. equal pay for women to raise incomes for families, a higher minimum wage, lower taxes for the middle class. she gets the job done for us.
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mollie: new year, same old forecast and more snow on the way. frank: well, it is january, so we have to get used to it. it has to change at some point. 27 for your high temperature in des moines. with the clouds around today, we just won't warm up much. on to the north, a bit cooler. keep in mind, if you have travel plans to northwest iowa this afternoon, you're going to run into some fog so give yourself some extra time. notice the window switch. they will be out of the southeast by the evening hours. 20 degrees with a low, but the wind chill mexico like five degrees to nine degrees.
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it will keep us a little milder for overnight. 34 degrees, more sunshine for tuesday. wednesday, things get a little 37. temperature stay in the 30's mix. of a days after the paris attacks, senators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino...
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fundraisain inew orleans.
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