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tv   KCCI 8 News at Five  Me-TV  January 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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>> none of us are the original americans, and if the original americans had kept the south, that he would not be able to run for president. >> extremely inflammatory rhetoric. he is not proposing policies, but speaking in generalities. >> i kind of like the fact that he speaks his own mind, but do we really want someone that is that focal on the world for us? >> classics trump, fear mongering, primarily propagating hate and fear. >> supporters are tired of diplomatic niceties. to go down there and kick somebody's rio grande and take some names -- kick somebody's rear end. cynthia: we expect more tough trump now has in production. steve: democratic presidential
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her way to des moines for a rally tonight. todd magel is lined with a preview. -- is live with a preview. todd: secretary clinton is planning a rally probably around 6:00 tonight. we are told this is her third stop in iowa. you can see folks here are starting to enter the atrium here at the historical museum. they are expecting a pretty large crowd. davenport, it is supposed to be a town hall meeting with a chance for her to take questions, but it appears she talked longer than planned with no questions. the hot topic -- her support for obamacare, and her support for tougher gun laws, which this week. because the caucus is a few weeks away and we hear what secretary clinton has to say about her last effort to win
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10:00. live in downtown des moines, news leader. steve: bill clinton is making his first solo appearances on the campaign trail today. in new hampshire, the former president told voters that hillary clinton's plans offer the best chances for america to let economic prosperity and a secure future. cynthia: ted cruz blasting through the state on a marathon bus tour. sen. cruz: if you think washington is fundamentally broken, that there is a bipartisan corruption of career politicians in both parties that get in bed with the lobbyists and special interests and grow and grow washington, and we need to take power out of washington and back to we the people, that is what this campaign is all about! cynthia: cruz launched his cruis
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he wants to repeal what he calls the illegal and unconstitutional president obama. john kasich also campaigning in iowa today. the ohio governor hosted a coffee with john kasich meet and morning. also, mike huckabee and marco rubio will be in the state campaigning for the next couple of days. steve: wanted. des moines police have issued a material witness warrant for alfreddy clark in connection with a deadly shooting last week. police, on december 27, found a 36 and 37-year-old dead -- founded 36-year-old dead and 37-year-old injured. if you have any information,
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a central iowa man is in the polk county jail tonight on sexual assault charges. the crime allegedly took place more than five years ago. marcus mcintosh's live with more. marcus: we can say that of the five charges against thomas, to our second-degree sexual abuse on a child under 12. it is in her family's home where 49-year-old david allen thomas is alleged to have sexually assaulted a girl younger than 12. >> the family involved was generous enough to ask him into their home so he had a place to stay. he took advantage marcus: of this young girl at the time. young girl at this time. >> there is no doubt in my mind to have him locked up. marcus: the charges were found
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occurred between july of 2008 and february of 2010. a delayed -- a delay between the time the crimes happened and when they were reported is not uncommon. >> often, people don't tell until they are an adult. marcus: according to a police report, thomas would come into the bedroom with her parents are gone and would threaten the girl, saying, "if you tell anyone, it will get worse." >> particularly with kids, who can't figure out if those threats are just tricks, then they think that whatever the offenders says will come true. marcus: david allen thomas is currently in the polk county jail. cynthia: the 20-year-old convicted in the beating death of a 97-year-old des moines man will spend the rest of his life
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nor decoy -- noor mcoy broke into rupert and harriet andersson's home and attacked them. today, a judge ordered two years for the assault on harriet. >> i do think it is important to recognize that punishment should be imposed for the fact that there were two victims of assault. cynthia: employees also to -- also ordered to pay restitution. steve: dubuque police are interviewing several adults and children about the shooting of a two-year-old boy. arrests. he was shot on sunday night at a dubuque home but was later flown to at iowa city hospital for treatment. in nashua, authorities 56-year-old man. but authorities have identified
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cynthia: a pilot has died in a nebraska. the plane had gone off the radar on sunday. the wreckage of the single-engine cessna was found early this morning. the pilot was pronounced dead at the scene. federal authorities are now investigating. authorities are now performing at autopsy on the death of a man who died in a snowmobile accident in legrand. the body was found friday night in a field. he died after the snowmobile he was driving rolled over on him. steve: the weather is downright chilly and i guess the wind doesn't make it feel any better. kurtis: a few locations saw a bit of sunshine. when chills in northern iowa in the single digits. a little list wind in central
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look at this pretty shot coming in from seymour, iowa, which is southwest of centerville. you can see temperatures hang out in the 20's here in the metro. i think our low will only be around 20 degrees. tomorrow, temperatures go up. 35 degrees at 3:00 p.m. we definitely have arctic blast on the way. temperatures in the 30's right through friday. down into the teens early next week. probably a system on the way. we will break that down with futurecast. cynthia: iowa officials launch an online voter registration system even though critics say it excludes tens of thousands of eligible voters. people don't have either a
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id card would be able to use the system. secretary of state paul payne says his office wants to address that gap when more funding is available. steve: next on the news at 5:00, the cdc says how this pill can prevent hiv. cynthia: plus, how a garbage truck driver escaped his vehicle right before it was plowed into by a train. sally: president obama moves to
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announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 5:00 with steve karlin, stacey horst, and chief meteorologist john mclaughlin. cynthia: right now, armed protestors occupy a national wildlife refuge in oregon. the fbi says it's working with state and local authorities for -- authorities. the standoff is the latest development in a long running dispute between some westerners and the federal government over the use of public lands. steve: in other news this afternoon taking aim at gun , violence. president obama says he will bypass congress this week and take executive action to tighten the nation's gun laws. cynthia: kcci's sally kidd is live in washington. sally, the move follows a deadly year of mass shootings across the country. sally: the president says the
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second amendment. critics say he's abusing his executive powers. the president says he's considering a list of recommendations from the attorney general, measures that would strengthen the nation's gun laws. pres. obama: to make sure that criminals people who are , mentally unstable, and those who could pose a danger to themselves or others, are less likely to get a gun. sally: he's taking action without congress's approval using his executive authority. prevent even one or two incidents of gun violence, then we're going to eagerly implement those executive actions. sally: the initiatives will be rolled out over the next few days and are expected to include expanding background checks to close the so-called gun show loophole. pres. obama: it will potentially save lives in this country. after the 2012 mass shooting at sandy hook elementary, major gun legislation failed to pass
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after a string of attacks last year, the president vowed to act alone. >> we view this as lawless. he's circumventing the congress, he's circumventing the constitution, to restrict the rights of law abiding americans. sally: gun rights advocates and republican presidential candidates blasted the president's move. sen. rubio: he's obsessed with undermining the 2nd amendment. sen. cruz: continuing to abuse his executive power in every way, shape and form. sally: whatever the president does is likely to be challenged in court. cynthia: sally, other than closing the gun show loophole, what else is expected to change? sally: he is also said to be considering improving the reporting of lost and stolen weapons as well as beefing up inspections of licensed gun dealers. cynthia: the white house says the president will make his case for gun reform in his state of the union address next week.
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in san bernardino, california, where 14 people were killed last month, has now reopened. >> most of us are relieved to be back at work. we want to continue with the normalcy and miss each other very much. steve: it's the first day of operation for the facility, since the december 2 terrorist shooting attack. guards checked id's today as solemn employees returned to the office. more than 20 people are hurt after a train hit a garbage truck that was stuck on some railroad tracks. it happened this morning in palm beach county, florida. none of the victims was seriously injured. officials say the driver of the truck escaped the vehicle just before the crash. cynthia: a gloomy start to the new year on wall street. stocks tumbled in a global sell off triggered by new fears of a slowdown in china and rising tensions in the middle east. the dow ended with a loss of 276 points. the s&p lost 31 points. the nasdaq is down 104 points.
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will stay relatively low this year, averaging between two dollars point five cents and $2.45 a gallon nationally. the company estimates americans saved more than $115 billion on gas last year compared to 2014. that comes out to roughly $550 savings per driver. steve: right now, california residents are bracing for the first of a series of el nino-related storms that could last all week-long. the great big weather system is expected to bring much-needed heavy rain and snow throughout the drought-stricken state. kurtis, i just got back from california. kurtis: you got out just in time. it will be a very wet week there. look at our precipitation tracker. it is snow in the higher terrain. eventually, this winter weather will be headed our way, but not until later in the week. cloud cover broke up just a bit in a few locations.
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called winds, hence the windchill, also at 27. windchill in webster city at seven degrees. your day planner. temperatures in the 20's most of the night. i think with the cloud cover hanging around, we will only get down to around 20 degrees. a wind chill at 7:00 a.m. of nine degrees. we will warm up tomorrow. , 30, and 3:00 p.m. temperature, 35 degrees. low clouds broke up a little more in eastern and northwestern iowa. notice is pretty quiet across most of the midwest precipitation lies, although there are some snow showers in
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20's in the dakotas down to 40 in western south dakota. sunshine in chicago and indianapolis. 40's down in missouri. area of high pressure tracking off. winds will pick up out of the south. they will get a bit gusty but that will also push in some warmer air. watch other clouds slowly break up. i think we will see some sunshine tomorrow. futurecast. clouds go to return again as we cruise into wednesday. potentially, some freezing drizzle early and maybe even a bit of a light snow shower. into thursday, generally rain across the state with the main part of the system thursday night into friday. temperatures tonight, down to 20 degrees.
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a high at 35 degrees. wednesday, 36. thursday, 38. we stay in the upper 30's on friday. northwestern iowa could see some snow and then it will be rain changing over to snow from northwest the southeast across the state on friday. look at the cold. the bottom drops out sunday into next week. steve: one thing to tell you side. it looks good. eight minutes to the west mixmaster, seven to the east. with new developments right now. 6:00. mark: take a look at this video. police are looking for this truck that stole a trailer containing an entire business im -- business. we show you why the owner is
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sake of hundreds of young athletes. emmy: a hit and run downtown leaves one driver with multiple charges. vanessa: it's caucus season in iowa. presidential candidates are in the final push. i'm vanessa peng, i'll show you how republican senator ted cruz is launching a 6 day bus tour visiting dozens of counties here , in iowa. tony: and, the iowa hawkeyes are
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hear where iowa and iowa state steve: today in the buzz, missing country singer craig strickland has been found dead. the 29-year-old and a friend were duck hunting in oklahoma lake last week during a severe storm. the friend was found dead last monday. strickland was the lead singer in country-rock band backroad anthem. there is a new pill on the market that can prevent hiv but the centers for disease control says not enough doctors know about it. cynthia: the drug is called p.r.e.p. it's short for pre-exposure prophylaxis and is sold under the brand name truvada. steve: the daily pill can be
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keeping an hiv negative person from contracting the virus. the fda approved the drug in 2012, but many health care providers still have not heard of it. >> 1 out of every 3 primary care providers and nurses are not aware about p.r.e.p. i think we can bring the new dramatically, if everyone that needs to be on prep gets on prep. steve: the cdc says about 40,000 new cases of hiv are diagnosed in the u.s. each year. cynthia: the list of top central iowa baby names for 2015 is out. steve: the list was compiled from nearly 5000 births at iowa methodist medical center in des moines, methodist west, and iowa lutheran downtown. cynthia: top boy names. number 1, henry.
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number 3, liam. number 4, james. number wyatt. 5,steve: for girls, olivia, charlotte, m, avery, evelyn and sophia or sophie time. all 3 hospitals say they saw an increase in the number of deliveries last year. here is a live look at our traffic cam at the west mixmaster. you can see things moving along very well out there on a cold monday evening.
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a final check of kurtis: temperatures not too bad the next few days. the system roles and in pieces. the main thrust will be thursday night into friday.
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