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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  January 5, 2016 5:00am-6:00am CST

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eric: new rules for gun buyers. the steps obama will announce, and why it will be tougher for one group to own guns. your reactions. shaina: where police found a sex abuse suspect after six months on the run. announcer: you are watching kcci 8 news. shaina: i am shaina humphries. eric: i am eric hanson. thank you for waking up with us. it is chilly out there. metinka: it will end up being beautiful. the wind chill in des moines is five degrees. one degree below zero in carroll. 17 is the actual temperature in des moines. a brisk wind from the south at 10.
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miles per hour, a enough to make it feel cooler than the actual temperatures. actual temperatures will feel great with sunshine and 35. if you think this morning's temperatures are on the cool side, that is nothing. by the end of the weekend, highs will only be in the teens. eric: president obama is expected to unveil a series of executive actions on gun control . nikole killian and has more on the president's plan. nikole: the president believes congress needs to address the problem, but insists everything he is announcing is legal and within his executive at doherty. -- executive authority. >> it will not prevent every death, every mass shooting, every gun out of the hands of criminals.
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nikole: the actions expand background checks by requiring anyone in the business of selling guns to obtain a license. examiners and funding for mental health. some say his actions are on second amendment rights. president obama will unroll his actions the about the week. eric: the town hall will be televised in prime time by cnn. gun control is expected to be a part of the state of the union address, one week from today. the president's plan will expand background checks at gun shows. that will affect those going to the des moines gun show this month. under current law only federally licensed gun dealers must perform background checks.
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street is risky for anyone. in iwatch, you have to have a license, and they need to know, or they are committing a crime by selling it. eric: in our poll, we asked if you support the president's move to expand that ground checks. 61% of you support the president's move. 39% say no. that is not what you think. you can also weigh in on light through, facebook, or twitter. we'll have updates on air, online, and on our kcci mobile app. shaina: presidential candidates weighed in on the gun control efforts on monday. [applause] shaina: hillary clinton rallied
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the state historical museum. she promised to protect planned parenthood, raise taxes on the rich, and save obamacare. gun control took center stage. >> i will stand up to the gun lobby and we will fight for safety measures. shaina: clinton is going to council bluffs and sioux city today. bill clinton will visit eastern iowa this week. the republican candidate topping the polls in iowa is rolling through on a bus tour. ted cruz calls president obama's actions and abuse of power. >> it should come as no surprise he is continuing to abuse his power in every way, shape, and form. especially going after our second amendment right to bear arms.
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rather than fighting the bad guy. shaina: he was speaking at the first stop at his cruzin' to caucus bus tour. eric: a new demand facing sex abuse charges. 35-year-old jerry fults was arrested after six months on the run, charged with dirt degree sexual loop used after an incident with a 12-year-old girl in 2014. another central iowa man is charged with sexually abusing a child. 49-year-old david allen thomas was living with friends when he abused the child over a 2-year period when the parents were gone. he was in the pottawattamie county jail on unrelated charges when he was charged with the sexual abuse charges. shaina: this is a pickup truck
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rip roar events which runs a kids triathlon series. the thieves were likely after construction materials and tools. >> i have to believe that if it was a transparent trailer and they could see the contents, it would not have been taken. shaina: 4 races were organized this summer when hy-vee canceled their kids triathlon. he hopes the trailer will be returned. a record-setting year for des moines waterworks. they ran their nitrate removal equipment 170 seven days, costing one $.5 million, beating the record in 1999 of 106 days. they are suing sac's county, bella vista for causing the runoff.
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grab the mittens and warm coats. the wind chill get to this morning. 6 in des moines with a wind chill of 7 in fort dodge. this afternoon, it will be a nice day. we will have a gusty wind, but sunshine and a high of 35. tomorrow, the weather will be more interesting with drizzle and a few snow showers coming through. shaina: more stories developing overnight. an armed standoff at a national wildlife refuge in burns, oregon is going strong. they are protesting the prison sentences of 2 ranchers who set fires on federal land, saying they were treated unfairly. the white house is aware of the situation. the fbi is offering help to local law enforcement. the city of chicago has paid
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reparations to 57 people tortured by police in the 1970's to the 1990's. one hundred people accused officers under former commander jon burge of shocking, suffocating, and beating into false confessions. some and it up on death row. affluenza teen will appear in court in mexico for extradition hearing. ethan couch received probation for a drunk driving crash that killed 4, then fled the country with his mother as prosecutors investigated if you violated his probation. his mother is already in the u.s. and will appear in court today in los angeles. >> we will make america great again. eric: commitment 2016, donald trump's first tv ad in iowa.
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clip focuses on immigration and isis. some have pointed out the border is not the border ith the u.s., but a border in morocco. several different candidates are hitting the campaign trail in iowa. marco rubio, ted cruz, and mark huckabee are all hitting campaign stops. franklin graham is kicking off a 50 state tour. he will have a prayer rally calling on christians to go to the polls and vote for "godly leaders." shaina: hawkeyes fans -- who is coming back for the final season? ready for rain? california needs it, but they
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>> how are the new year's resolutions holding up? we have great tips for 2016. that, straight ahead. shaina: it should be an easy commute. no snow or ice. pretty standard. after the break, i will show you with a mobile speed units are. now, a couple of people are out and about at 235 and 2nd avenue. it is a little windy, but
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have a g announcer: this is iwatch's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz and right now coverage with shaina humphries. shaina: check out this close call in or again. a semi truck nearly crashed into an apartment complex. the truck rarely missed the building. they have schools closed for the second day in a row. parts of drought-sticken california are bracing for el nio.
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their homes from flash floods and mudslides. it will dump two inches of rain in los angeles and four inches in the surrounding mountain communities. we want to get a check on the weather. we do not have any major storms coming our way? metinka: it will be quiet. if you're heading out this morning, you have to watch for the cold. 17 in des moines, but the wind chill feels like 6. the breeze is 10-miles-per-hour or 15-miles-per-hour, but it will be increasing. it will drag in warmer temperatures with highs in the middle 30's. middle 30's to upper 30's through friday. then, temperatures will tumble next week with highs only in the teens. the lows will be close to or below zero on monday.
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country is coming back to the hawkeyes for another year. desmond king will return for his senior season. his mother says he wants to finish his for years with his team rates, not going out on a loss. the basketball team made waves with a win over top and unbeaten michigan state and 14th ranked purdue. iowa is now number 19 in the country. she can state fell to 5th. iowa state is now 13th in the country. the hawkeyes are at home tonight to take on the basque at 8:00 p.m. tomorrow, the cyclones face texas tech in ames. shaina: we are five days into
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five days into those news resolutions. alyx sacks joins us with how to make the resolutions stick. alyx: people are already here working out, trying to attack those new year's resolutions -- whether it is to lose weight -- we asked people what is your resolution? most said spending more time with family and friends. the second was losing weight. ways to attack that goal and bake it last. you probably get this question a lot. how should one go about losing weight for the new year's resolution? >> be consistent. make small goals. have a big goal, like losing weight, but make small goals at the house and gym. at the house it could be like
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in the gym it could be coming for 30 minutes a day. alyx: green out the fridge of anything in your fridge that is packaged in full of junk. >> go to clean eating. stuff without preservatives. chicken, broccoli, vegetables. whole-grain wheats is a big deal to. alyx: there are so many fads it is tough to find a channel that is right for you. is another key to success finding a mold that is right for you instead of a fad diet? you have a couple of folks working out behind you. >> this is our trainer shall and our manager peggy. alyx: they are doing easy plyometrics? >> yes.
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alyx: make it work. eric: economic headlines. investors are nervous after losses on wall street. the dow fell 276 points. the nasdaq was down more than 104 points. the s&p dropped more than 31 points. many blame weak manufacturing numbers in china. aaa expects gas prices to go lower in 2016. the national average is $1.99 per average. it could drop another $.15 a gallon before demand increases the summer. volkswagen will be sued over their admissions scandal. they could face separate criminal charges as well. vw is negotiating a mass recall with u.s. regulators.
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battery life. some tech bloggers say the battery in the iphone seven plus will be 13% bigger than the six plus. it is rumored to have more storage. sometime this year. shaina: we have a pretty chilly morning. going to last? next week. pullout the -- pull out the warm coats. in carroll, it is to degrees below zero. dress warmly. it will be a great afternoon with sunshine and a south wind working together to boost ties into the middle 30's with a little bit of melting. it will be quiet and dry before it turns more active and messy for the end of the week.
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the state this morning, but we could have frosty spots from earlier fog in eastern iowa. the weather will be great for travel today. that will change tomorrow as the system pulls in from the west. the system affecting california will head into the midwest eventually. we will see light showers thursday into friday, and may be snow showers for the weekend. light precipitation as early as tomorrow morning across western iowa. it could start as freezing drizzle and snow showers i 1:00 p.m. on wednesday. most of the state is looking to stay dry. a cold rain will shift into the southern half of the state, changing over to snow. friday morning at 6:00 a.m., snow showers off and on and dropping back in i saturday
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the wind chill at six in des moines. the wind chill will be picking up this afternoon. it will feel nice tomorrow. -- it will feel nice today. tomorrow, drizzle and like snow. we are probably looking at light accumulation, maybe a couple of inches. the cold that follows will feel bitterly cold. shaina: it looks good on the roads. bundle up and warm up the car, but no accidents you will have to dodge. it will be easier than almost all of last week. 2050 six st, the police department. one on 40th and woodland. a des moines police car at 1900 southwest 9th street.
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in des moines, the 5000 block of northeast 22nd street.
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the federalica is not just electing a president, we're also electing a commander in chief. that choice matters. because strengthening the economy, making healthcare more affordable, raising incomes. all of that depends on us being both secure at home and leading the world. i will get up every single day and do whatever it takes to make sure our country is safe and strong.
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eric: we're going to the nation's capital. nikole killion has what is making headlines. shaina: it sounds like another busy day on the campaign trail. what is happening today? nikole: i'm sure it will only get busier. donald trump's first campaign ad hits the air officially today. it will be airing in many early states like iowa. it is coming under question. in one part it talks about stopping illegal immigration in mexico, but the campaign acknowledges the border to picked it is from morocco. hillary clinton is in the hawkeye state while her husband will hit the trail later in the weekend.
tv-commercial tv-commercial
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where he will deliver a speech on wall street reform. eric: the obama administration is keeping an eye on the situation in oregon. what is the latest? nikole: the president is aware and hopeful for peaceful resolution. the group that has taken over the oregon wildlife refuge is calling for a federal inquiry looking into claims that local ranchers were intimidated by the government and demanding a response within five days. the fbi is monitoring the situation. they have not gotten directly involved, but they are working with local law enforcement. shaina: the stock market. it opens after a plunge after the first day of trading in the new year. what can we expect today? nikole: we could be in for another volatile day.
5:24 am
276 .2 yesterday, triggered in part i a plunge in chinese markets on monday. it did stabilize in other asian and european markets. eric: nikole killion in washington for us. shaina: president obama has gun violence in his sites. and your reaction in our now poll. the restaurant review that has gone viral. some say it approves the customer is not always right. eric: spectacular video. the volcano in guatemala corrupting -- errupting. it is pretty awesome to see, as long as you
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>> the most-watched morning news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. eric: going after the guns. the new rules president obama is unveiling today and who won't be able to own one. shaina: what's in the water? new details about what des moines had to do this past year to keep the water safe for you to drink. eric: and monopoly mistake?
5:28 am
with the popular game, and iowans won't be too happy about it. welcome back on this tuesday morning, january 5th. i'm eric hanson. shaina: i'm shaina humphries, nice to have you with us. metinka also here. just monitoring the cold. metinka: the wind will add a fight to the air so bundle up. we have wind chills this morning on either side of zero. the actual temperature in des moines is 17 with fog east of i-35 but nothing that should slow you down but maybe enough to create slick spots. sunshine is on the way today, big improvement over yesterday with highs in the mid 30's. there may be melting. then we get interesting weather, beginning tomorrow we have drizzle and snow. all the way into saturday morning. shaina: thanks metinka. the big story of the day, this morning the president will unveil new executive actions to combat gun violence.
5:29 am
background checks. brian: at the top of the list, a measure requiring gun dealers, including those who sell firearms on the internet or at gun shows, to be licensed and conduct background checks. another would change a federal privacy rule to keep people with mental health restrictions from possessing guns. president obama: this is not going to solve every violent crime in this country or prevent every mass shooting. it will potentially save lives. brian: the actions aren't sitting well with gun store owners, like james hillin in houston. he says the president is infringing on the second amendment. james hillin: hitler, stalin. all of these great leaders at one time have taken guns away so they can start controlling the populace, and that's what this is all about. brian: some gun safety advocates disagree. deb marteslo: i don't think our founding fathers ever meant that that should mean that terrorists should get hands on guns.
5:30 am
the measures would withstand any legal challenge. brian webb for cbs news. shaina: president obama also wants to hire more than 230 additional fbi employees to help process background checks. as part of his push this week, he'll hold a town hall discussion on gun violence thursday. now the president's move is expected to impact central iowa gun shows and businesses. michael sporer: it will have no effect on crime but what it will do is maybe stop some people that are not legally able to own the gun from getting guns. shaina: there is a des moines gun show at the state fairgrounds each month. and right now, trade shows regulate who can sell, ensuring they are authorized dealers. the atf is expected to issue these new guidelines, which will include how many guns a person sells and how frequently. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton was in des moines last night, supporting the president's latest gun control efforts. hillary clinton: i'm for comprehensive background checks.
5:31 am
loophole, the online loophole, what they call the charleston loophole. shaina: clinton rallied her supporters during a stop at the state historical museum downtown, saying she was proud of the president's actions. republican ted cruz on the other hand, calling it an abuse of power. and we're asking in our now poll. do you support the president's move to expand background checks for gun purchases? so far, here are the results. 52% say yes, 48% say no. pretty split down the middle. you can vote online at, pages. or by calling or texting eric: more big stories this morning. newton police have finally arrested a man who spent six months on the run. 35-year-old jerry fults is now charged with third degree sexual abuse that happened in october of 2014. the victim was a 12-year-old girl. documents show the girl's mother called police after discovering fults inappropriately touched
5:32 am
fults is now behind bars in the jasper county jail. another central iowa man is also charged with sexual abuse. police say 49-year-old david allen thomas was living with friends in des moines and abused a young girl in the home over a two year period. the charges against thomas were filed last june, but the abuse occurred between fall of 2008 and february of 2010. thomas was in the pottawattamie county jail on an unrelated case when he was charged. des moines police are trying to catch the thieves who stole a trailer full of kid's triathlon equipment. michael zimmerman: i have to believe wholeheartedly that if it was a transparent trailer and they could see the contents it would never have gotten taken. eric: michael zimmerman organized four races last summer after hy-vee discontinued their iron kids triathlon. he used his life savings on the equipment. police say the thieves probably thought it was construction tools. zimmerman said he would not pursue legal action if it's brought back. and des moines water works says
5:33 am
system 177 days last year. easily beating the last record set in 1999 106 days. water works is suing three counties upstream from des moines for the nitrate runoff. those counties say there's no proof they are causing the problem. it is 5:30 six and we are in for precipitation tomorrow. metinka: that's right, quiet until then and get ready for a wintry mix. it is with wind chills on the either side of zero. wind chill at six degrees here and wind chill of one below at storm lake. the afternoon will be much better, lunch temperatures near 30, with a melting high of 35 with wind coming from the south. it will feel a bit chillier all day long. there is rain and snow moving in the forecast tomorrow. shaina: around the state this
5:34 am
body of a missing teen after his canoe capsized in eastern iowa. 17-year-old tanner wymer's body was recovered monday morning in the coralville reservoir. 51-year-old michael felton also went overboard, but was able to swim to shore. officials say the boat may have capsized when someone stood up to take a photo. dubuque police are investigating the shooting of a two-year-old. officers responded just before midnight sunday. the child was airlifted to university of iowa hospitals. where he is in stable condition this morning. police say it may have been an accident, but they are still unsure if the shooter was an adult or another child inside the building. and another accidental shooting investigation. the iowa dci has identified the victim in nashua as 56-year-old karl phillip white. authorities believe the weapon may have been accidentally discharged, but they are still investigating. no charges have been filed. they're the best. the secret is out about three iowa towns, why they made a national list. shaina: plus it's a big oops.
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in the monopoly game. alyx: if you are trying to lose
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heal the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years an the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field.
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>> this is iowa's news leader.
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with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz, and right-now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: get ready for cold air, with the wind, it feels colder. wind chill at six degrees and it will feel chilly all day long. wind is generally 10 to 15 miles afternoon. south wind and sunshine to boost our highs. it will end up beautiful with highs near 35. . a bit of melting today weather turns interesting and maybe messy as soon as tomorrow with highs holding in the 30's but we will have a mixture of rain changing to snow and back to rain. that will end up with us having temperatures take a big tumbled by next week and it will feel like january and iowa with highs
5:39 am
>> i was born in a small town, and i lived in a small town. eric: hey that song is an appropriate one because wallet hub just named three iowa towns to its best small cities in america list. shaina: ankeny, urbandale and west des moines. they were ranked 9, 12 and 40. ames and marion also made the list. they were all ranked on affordability, education, health and quality of life. eric: to some people in big cities they might seem small. but seems some may be confused about where exactly iowa is. we got these photos from kcci viewer karina carreras they were playing monopoly and noticed in the instructions, they said des moines was located in ohio. karina writes, "how rude, hasbro should apologize." shaina: there is a des moines in the northwest.
5:40 am
definitely not ohio. shaina: we have a feeling those pictures will be going viral, and so will this next story out of indiana. a woman wrote a review about her new year's eve experience at a restaurant called kilroy's. holly jones complained her night was ruined after witnessing a dead person get wheeled out, even referring to the person as a junkie. well, the owner of the restaurant responded. chris burton: i like to stick up for my employees and my manager, so it just i was ready to do that after reading her comment, especially seeing how kind of crass it was. shaina: so it turns out, the person was actually an elderly woman who had a heart attack. jones has gotten a lot of backlash for her negative review. the salon where she works has even been blasted on social media. the restaurant owner says it's a good lesson to be careful what you post online, it can come back to bite you. eric: no doubt. eric: well, for some of you those new year's resolutions are underway, and alyx sacks is live at a busy place this morning. shaina: the gym. and alyx, you have some good
5:41 am
alyx: we certainly do. we are at the anytime fitness mlk. they had their -- they have not had their grand opening yet. we wanted some tips and advice for viewers we heard from his say they want to lose weight, whether that's by eating healthier or going to the gym, it involves a lifestyle change. we have a personal trainer with us, this is peggy. you've been a personal trainer since the opening. what have you noticed since the start of the year? >> we have noticed an increase in the number of regulars. alyx: we are seeing people working out this morning. if some of the comes up to you and says they want to lose weight, what do you tell them? >> set a long-term goal and other goals. alyx: it can be intimidating
5:42 am
not a regular so what are some easy movements that will get that whole body workout? >> do basic movements are you get a feel for what you are doing. do total body exercises so you get the most out of your workout. alyx: being on a treadmill for hours at a time, we have shall be here that will do a movement with me. you're going to put us through this one movement. just do what she's doing because she's a pro. >> you're going to start in plank position. put your feet at a nice width the part and keep your core type. -- tight. switch arms. from there bring your feet into your hands. then you are going to do a lunch drop -- lunge drop.
5:43 am
>> then do a hammer curls squat, keep the chest up high and press up to a shoulder press above your head. alyx: i felt that everywhere, i felt my arms and core in gauge. -- inengage. we will be back in 30 minutes. shaina: just pumping iron there, proud of her. now get this, we've all heard how resolutions don't last. cnn says after one week, only 77% of resolution makers are still in it. and after 6 months, only 40% will have stayed the course. eric: a quarter of people drop off in six or seven days. shaina: i can only imagine what it is by next december. eric: finally in the buzz, we want to leave you with a funny moment from last night's "late show with stephen colbert." actor samuel l .jackson changes some of history's greatest catchphrases.
5:44 am
back with snow in the forecast. samuel l jackson: hello, my name is inigo montoya, you killed my father. lions and tigers and bears, oh my. [applause] mrs. robinson, you are trying to seduce me. >> i think you are trying to
5:45 am
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kum & go. where & means more. this month, get any size drink for just $1 with the purchase of a fresh food item. >> weather is never more than five minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. metinka: good morning, it is a chilly start to our tuesday with wind chills early today close to zero and below zero in some spots. right now zero at clarion. it feels like it is only four out there this morning, that is downright cold. across the state today, temperatures will respond nicely so by this afternoon with sunshine and south wind, temperatures will warm back up to 35 with probably melting.
5:47 am
across central iowa we are waking up to clear skies. we will watch it moves back into the area with cloudiness as the system approaches from the west but until it does, the weather will stay quiet. a good day for travel across the midwest but things will be changing. the system across the west will bring with it a variety of precipitation. wednesday, thursday, friday, it will inch its way toward the state and we will have rain in the southern half of the state and better snow chances north of i-80. it does bring in light, freezing drizzle and to western iowa by 9:00 a.m.. that will be across the iowa by 1:00 in the afternoon and the rest of the state will have low-level cloudiness and maybe drizzle. by thursday evening, here comes cold rain lifting in from missouri. we are not expected anything
5:48 am
we will likely see minor accumulation by friday and into saturday morning. the whole system begins to pull away from us and drag down cold air. 17 degrees in des moines, waking up to clear skies and a breeze in the south with a wind chill at six degrees. bundle up as you are heading out the door and grab sunglasses. it will be an improvement over yesterday with sunshine and 35 degrees. it will be drive but that will change by tomorrow. you may need umbrellas along with warm coats. a light rain and light snow mixture by late thursday into friday. over the weekend, if you have outdoor travel plans, wind will be a factor followed by colder temperatures. shaina: thanks. on the bright side, things are looking ok on the road.
5:49 am
left over so it will be an easier time today and hopefully this week over last week. we do have mobile speak and it's to keep in mind. we have another one at 40th and woodland. this one just south of the river at 1900 southwest 9th street. 300 west walnut street. and back in des moines on 5000 northeast 22nd street. eric: the sneaky spots cold germs could be hiding. how you can stop from ge hey! this holiday, u.s. cellular's giving you 15 gigs of data for just $70! but i wanted a pony. [ gasps ] you're getting data. pony-sized data? u.s. cellular sized data. 15 gigs of good, strong data you can actually use because it works in the middle of anywhere. i'd like $100! you're getting $400 in promo cards! yes! switch to u.s. cellular and get 15 gigs of data for just $70.
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'tis the season for catching colds. and studies show they're hiding in places you may not have thought about. good housekeeping says the office coffeepot is one culprit. people often head right to it when they get in, often without washing their hands first. elevator and atm buttons also harbor germs. how many times do you see along with that, restaurant menus. many of those are probably not cleaned very often either. also your smartphone, one study found your phone can have more germs than a toilet seat. and the gym, scientistst found the rhinovirus, which is the cause of the common cold, on 63% of gym equipment. just a reminder that handwashing is the best prevention.
5:51 am
healthier is working, according to a new study. the study looked at over 7,000 middle and high schoolers in washington state. the rules cap calories per meal and require at least one serving of fruits and veggies. researchers found that students are now getting more vitamins and minerals in their meals. and that school meal participation did not change, especially among high school students who can leave campus. eric: ellen is back today, and she's kicking off 2016 big. shaina: she and ellen sit down and chat about the holidays, and what she got her kids. jennifer: she wanted a dwarf bunny. they're called netherland dwarf bunnies. and so i was like, how am i gonna find a netherland dwarf bunny? you know what i mean, and so i found one. ellen: of course. so you just got one? jennifer: we got a bunny, yeah. ellen: one bunny? jennifer: no two bunnies. two bunnies. ellen: oh, you're gonna have many bunnies now. jennifer: no, no. you think i didn't. do i look stupid to you? ellen: they're both girls? or they're both boys? jennifer: they're both girls. they're both girls. yeah.
5:52 am
jennifer: they're really cute. she was, i mean, i have video that she was just blown away. she couldn't believe it. you know what i mean, i think it was the last thing she thought she would get. she's such a good girl, my daughter. ellen: how did you wrap them? jennifer: we just kind of put them in a kind of open box. just were like, hurry up, open it. shaina: that could've gone wrong. j-lo also got her son his very first computer. plus, she talks about her upcoming las vegas residency "all i have". and the two play a hilarious game of "jlo or go". ellen rings in the new year with style and pizzazz, today at 4:00 right here on kcci. eric: kcci 8 eight news is live this morning with new overnight news. here's what we're working on for 6:00 a.m. alyx: we are five days into 2016 and if you wanted to be healthier and work out more, we have tips on how you can do that
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metinka: today looks like the best day of the next eight with the wintry mix followed by a cool down in your forecast. shaina: you are taking a live look outside at 235 and valley west. more people are heading out and getting a start on their day. roads are clear for you, no accidents, ice, or snow left on the road. you've upgraded all your old technology... so what about this? it's time to get into the new with ford come and get it if you really want it... new is ecoboost technology. new is a foot-activated liftgate. new is tougher, stronger and lighter. new is ford. america's best-selling brand.
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