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tv   CBS This Morning  Me-TV  January 5, 2016 7:00am-9:00am CST

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. . >> good morning. it is tuesday, january 5th, 2016 him welcome to "cbs this morning." president obama goes around congress today to tighten gun laws through executive action. unmasking the new jihadi john. sources reveal to "cbs news" the suspected identity of the english-speaking militant in the latest isis execution video. those fast food wars are broiling. are those new combo deals really a good deal? >> today we begin with your eye
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your world in 90 second. >> what we really have is a president that finds the congress the constitution and the american people to be inconvenient to his gun control agenda. >> the president set to take executive action on gun control. >> this plan, much of it having to do with background checks. >> donald trump is blowing off criticism of his new tv ad. >> some of the individual which looks like it's from mexico is from morocco. >> it's just a display of what our country is going to look country. oregon. the fbi is monitoring the situation. >> it goes into its fourth day. >> isis reveals there may be a new jihadi john, threatening cameron. bracing for a band of storms, covering nearly the west coast of california. >> flood waters begin in some areas of the mid-west. some areas in the south are on alert.
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in missouri, they lost everything. >> uncertainty over iran and saudi arabia and a plunge in chinese stocks sent marks down. >> chris gayle fined for playing cricket. >> don't blush, baby. >> all that, the jayhawks. >> three overtimes, 109-106 and a class they can will liver forever. under surveillance video captures a sudden avalanche sliding from the roof in turkey. large chunks of snow fell on pedestrians. who people were injured. >>nd all that matters --? what are you sorry about? >> showdown at starbucks, an angry mother accuseing the cashier of stealing her information. >> i stop for coffee. >> jeb bush is dealing with dwindleing poll numbers. >> should i say, this is jeb!
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you are not sure what it does or where it belongs. >> welcome to "cbs this morning." congress is acting on its own to tighten federal rules for gun sales. he will layout his plan this morning in a speech at the white house. >> several candidates are announcing the proposed executive action, they say they're unconstitutional. jan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, last night the senior officials here at the white house outlined the action the president is going to announce in a few hours. they focus on what they say are flaws and loopholes in the nation's background checks. that the president says will help keep guns out of the wrong hand. >> when i asked my team to do is see what more we could do.
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review, president obama officially received new recommendations on gun control, during an oval office monday with fbi director james comom and attorney general loretta lynch. >> these are not only recommendations that are well within my legal authority and the executive branch, but they are ones the overwhelming majority of the american people, including gun owner, support an believe. >> reporter: among the actions are requiring gun dealers who sell firearms on the internet and at gun shows to be licensed and conduct background checks. changing a federal privacy rule that keeps people with mental health restrictions from possessing guns. asking congress to approve funding for an additional 200 atf acts and investigators and hiring more than 230 additional fbi ploy yes, sir to help process background checks.
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million backgrounds checks for firearms sales if 2016. the highest in the program's history. >> of course, it's an overreach. >> republican white house hope. s condemn them before the details were released. >> executive action is designed to implementation of the bomb, not to undermine the authority. >> well, he can abuse his power all he wants. he has a phone and he has a pen. if you live by the pen, you die by the pen. my pen has an eraseer. >> some gun control advocates say it doesn't change all that much. it doesn't go that much. senior officials are saying the president is also hoping to start a conversation about gun control. now, that itself a conversation opponents are ready to have. republicans say they are planning to propose much of the president's proposal. >> thank you, jan. hillary clinton praised the plan in iowa, but much of the attention focused on the former
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five of the republican candidates will visit today. major, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. those republicans will address the new hampshire primary student convention here. the battle for the republican nomination has reached a crucial and long anticipated turning point the candidates are now turning on each other in tough tv ads. meanwhile, bill clinton tried to deflect donald trump's personal
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he's just a happy country is going to look like. we're like a third world country. we're a dumping ground. >> reporter: republicans battling the trump campaign said it was unlikely that moroccan video gaffe is going to tarnish trump or his ad. details supporters say are much more important in the face of perceived danger. one other notable thing about that trump ad, it doesn't attack republican, only the president and hillary clinton. charlie. >> thanks, major.
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is quietly watching the armed occupation of an oregon wild life refugee. an anti-government group is settable fires on federal land. they return to prison monday. john blackstone is at the national wild life refuge, where there is no sign of action against the protesters. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, it is hard to call this a standoff. so far, authorities have made no attempt to reclaim the refuge. there doesn't seem to be any urgent reason to do. so there are no hostages. no one has been hurt. but there are concerns the armed takeover here is actually hurting the ranchers' case. >> reporter: this began as a peaceful protest. it took an unfortunate turn when some of those folks broke off and began an armed occupation of the national wild life refugee. >> reporter: there was not a single law enforcement officer to be seen for miles in the
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wild life refugee red quarters, 35 i sheriff david ward had a message for those occupying it. >> you said you were here to help the citizens of harney county. >> that help ended when a peaceful protest became an armed occupation. the hammonds have turned themselves in. it's time for you to leave our compluvenlt the armed group says it has no plans to leave. they even showed us around the compound they took over. how many people were in here? they refused to say how many they called a group citizens for constitution freedom. leader ammon bundy tweeted, we have no intentions of using force upon anyone, but if force is used against, we will defend ourselves. they are demanding an inquiry as to why ranchers were sent to prison for setting fires on federal land after they have already served prison time. >> it has been left to us to
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things to go on or whether we make a stand is they will not happen to other people across this crown. but many in the area who support the hammonds oppose the occupation. >> it's still imper tiver we find ways to address these issues that are peaceful, that are legal and that are productive. so that kind of leaves the occupiers out. >> reporter: other critics of the occupation include naturalists and bird watching groups. this refuge is a part of the migratory route the mosque fly-way. it's an important nesting grounds for more than 300 species of birds. norah. >> all right. john, thank you so much. sources have revealed to "cbs news" the suspected identity of the newist so-called jihadi john to speak for isis. he appears to show the execution of five men.
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british news reports as a former bounty capital salesman. elizabeth palmer is in walk with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, norah. there hasn't been any official confirmation, at least yet. but those sources you mentioned have provided a name and it is dahr. dahr is from london. he was raised a hindu, but converted to islam as a young man him he eventually joined a banned radical group al mujahirounment-joined isis tweeting, what a shoddy security system britain must have to allow me to breeze through europe to the islamic statement
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rumaysah, he posted a photograph of himself holding a gun and his fifth child. in the recent video which shows the apparent execution of five men, the man that to be zaur is masked. in it, he taunts the british government. >> how strange it is the leader of a small island -- >> reporter: dahr's sister says she can't be sure the masked man is her brother. >> i think it's hard considering what i've seen. my honest subpoena that it might not be. >> reporter: but many other people who knew dahr think it probably is. one of the hundreds of british citizens now in syria, including this little boy who appears at the end of the video. he's thought to be about 4-years-old. to establish the identity of that masked man conclusively, british intelligence services are going to examine as much as they can of his face behind the
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to samples that they already have on time. charlie. >> elizabeth, thanks. iran's president is blasting saudi arabia this morning for cutting diplomatic ties with tehran. they call the move a cover-up for saudi crime. the clerk was seen as an outspoken voice for shiites in sunni rule saudi arabia t. white house is calling on all sides to show their strength. deadly flooding swept through the mid-west is headed for the south this morning. at least 25 people have decide in missouri and illinois. the rising waters pumped flood warnings along the mississippi river. david begnaud is in alexander county, illinois. that's where communities are swamped. good morning. >> reporter: gail, good morning. good news this morning, the water is receding here. when we left last night, it was right about here. this morning when we showed up, it was down two-and-a-half inches.
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up here. the flooding across the county and southern illinois flooding is enormous. the flooding in alexander county, illinois is catastrophic, where the mississippi river has swelled 4 miles outside its banks. >> you can see the river just pouring water into the flood plain. >> reporter: on monday, we knew with the u.s. coast guard over the failed small levy. >> reporter: the breach is about a quarter mile wide. at least 125 structures are flooded and 14,000 acres in the county are under water. the water is rising. >> reporter: alexander county has seen major flooding before t. county government has offered buyouts to people living in the flood zone. 73-year-old richard johnson turned down a buyout. he now needs a boat to get to his front door. >> it's a mess this is. and i don't know what to do about it.
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county is home to 75 people. the median income $75,000 a year. johnson, a retired truck driver, says the cost of relocating was too much. even with the financial incentive of a buyout. >> they offered everybody a buyout. i didn't accept i. i told my wife, i said, we can't afford to move. it takes money to leave. >> reporter: back here in alexander county the united states coast guard moved its assets further south. they have teams, rescue crew, additional planes in place as the flood water heads south towards the gulf of mexico. norah. >> david, thank you so much. the former south carolina police officer charged with the murder of an unarmed black man is out of jail. he posted $500,000 became. he was released last night in charleston. the 34-year-old will be under house arrest. his trial is set for october. cell phone video showed him firing eight times at walter
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scott was running away after a traffic stop in north charleston. wall street futures predict more losses this morning after a sell-off to start the new year t. dow jones industrials fell as much as 400 to 67 points on monday. the index finished with a 276 point loss, down 1.6%. it was the worst start to a year since the great recession of 2008. "cbs news" business analyst joe schlesinger joins us now. good morning. >> good morning. >> what's behind all this? >> well the selling started yesterday morning in china. the index down 7% in one session. >> that came after a weak manufacturing reading there. there got everybody nervous. they were worried china's growth is slowing down. the world's grooet is slowing down. selling was broad based. japan, europe, here in the u.s. as well. >> what's the likelihood that china will drag down the world's economy? >> i think this is the critical question of the year.
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different kind of an commitment they had an economy based on mvg and government investment. that was the big spending. they're trying to move to a consumer economy. decades ago it would grow by double digits. i will remind everyone we are four times as large as they were ten years ago. they are going to slow down. whether that rate is at 5% or 6 or 7. it will be the story in 2016. >> the connection to oil prices? >> exactly. obviously, when they cut off relations with saudi arabia and iran, this escalated things. i think that was a little icing on the cake yesterday. still, china was the main driver. >> and your advice to the average investor who might be freaking out other than don't freak out? >> i know, saying don't freak out is hard. remind yourself why you are investing. i'm a long-term investor. i have ten or 15 years before my retirement. i am diversified,ly have a
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rotten month. it will happen. few can't, if this is keeping you up at night, you got to go back to what your portfolio is all about. maybe you do need to make a move, but only if you literally pinky swear with yourself you will not change it when markets reverse course. >> okay. thank you. >> it's been a long time since i pinky squared myself. thank you, jim, got it. thank you very much. nfl owners are expected to decide next week if pro-football will return to los angeles. l.a. has not had an nfl team since 1994 t. st. louis rams, oakland raiders and san diego chargers filed their official relocation request he says that san diegans deserve better. >> hmm. all right. the news true crime series making a murderer is sparking outrage online. ahead, we hear from the prosecutor who says he is ta
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there with wind chills near zero but it will turn out to be a nice day with sunshine, a brisk wind and melting highs in the mid 30s. today will be the nicest day of the next 8 days. a light wintry mix of rain and snow moves in wednesday followed by rain on thursday and light snow friday into saturday. then temps take a big tumble as
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mellody. the so-called affluenza team, ahead, a drunk driving victim speak now 7:26...
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there with wind chills near zero but it will turn out to be a nice day with sunshine, a brisk wind and melting highs in the mid 30s. today will be the nicest day of the next 8 days. a light wintry mix of rain and
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rain on thursday and light snow friday into saturday. then temps take a big tumble as arctic air arrives on sunday. have a great day. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong.
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>> what was your new year's resolution? >> to stop smoking. >> how is that going for you? >> not so good. >> what's your new years resolution? >> to stop drinking. >> how much have you had to dripping today? >> one too many. >> what was your new year's resolution? >> to eat more kale. >> how much have you eaten? >> i gagged. >> try to workout, eat healthier you, not get if trouble. >> what did you eat for hundredp today? >> i had krispy kreme donuts.
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>> we made it to lunch before he did a krispy kreme. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in half hour, a shift in wars, restaurants are focusing on bargain combo meals to keep customers. mellody hobson shows us whether it's has staying power. we look at the series "making a murderer" it tells a story about a convicted killer. the key figure in the case says he didn't get a chance to share his side. that's ahead. time to show you this morning's headline, usa today reports on federal rates targeting undocumented immigrants including children t. weekend raids were focused on texas, georgia and north carolina. 121 people were taken into custody t. raids focused mainly on people from central america with criminal records with gang ties. the los angeles times focused on a shooting that brought the nation to a standstill. they shot and killed the suspect
7:30 am
chasing him in the san fernandez valley. police call him the most wanted man in last-minute for a month-long crime spree causing massive rush hour delays. >> the san bernardino "sun" says federal investigators are looking into whether a collision near los angeles killed four adults and a child a. toyota a toyota yaris plowed into a child. they had similar problems years ago. for her actions during the november pro test. she has given up a journalism school appointment. the university refused comment.
7:31 am
says the manager of the newspaper and its parent company is no longer on the job. schroeder left in late december after an article involve cagcy no mogul sheldon adeleson. adeleson's company brought the review back in december in a shroud of secrecy. the teen known for the so-called affluenza defense will meet with his high profile attorney in mexico today. ethan couch is being held at an imgrangs center. couch does have access to television, phones and even a basketball court. we have the lawyer's strategy. manuel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ethan couch's mother tawnya couch will be in court later this morning in los angeles. she is expected to be sent here, the tarrant county jail when she returns to texas.
7:32 am
trying to delay hisdeportation, trying to keep him from returning to texas for as long as possible. ethan couch's return to the u.s. remains uncertain, more than a week after the 18-year-old and his mother tawnya were picked up by immigration authorities. >> the law is there to protect everybody. not just the people we like. we are deeming with an immigration case. that's all. >> reporter: couch's high profile certain to calling for his client to be extradited, which involves the u.s.-mexico extradition treaty. couch has fewer rights under mexican law. >> he deserves compassionate and human treatment and this is what he will get from his experience in my country and i will make sure of that. >> the correct legal protect here is actually an extradition. >> reporter: the criminal defense attorney. >> it will take some time for the proper paper to be filled out in the united states, reviewed in mexico, for appropriate actions to be taken.
7:33 am
tawnya is still being held in a los angeles jail without bail. mexican officials deported her last week for staying in the country illegally. ethan couch violated his ten year juvenile probation sentence when he and his mother fled in december. he killed four people and injured several others in a 2013 drunk driving crash. kevin mcconnell's son lucas was injured. he says it's impossible to move on. >> it's like ripping a bandage off the wound just at the time it wounded a bit. it's fresh in everyone's minds and hearts again. >> reporter: tawnya couch faces third degree felony charges for helping her son flee. once she returns here, she could face a penalty of two-to-ten years in prison. gayle. >> all right, thank you, manuel. a new trend in fast food is heating up among restaurants this year. burkeer king is the latest chain
7:34 am
for $4 deal include, listen to this, a bacon cheese burger, chicken nuggets, small fry, a cookie and a drink. mcdonald's version is the pick two. customers can choose two items from the list for $2. wendy's pidz za hut and papa john's announced deals. contributor mellody hobson is in chicago. we have to start with the most important question, did you get charlie rose a sausage mcmuffin and hash browns for his birthday? are you sending it over? >> reporter: i'm happy to send one over. i'll try to get a value combination. >> he is waiting. >> make sure the fries are hot. >> happy birthday is right. what's going on, with all these deals and why now? >> reporter: so think of it this way. they are trying to drive customers into the stores. they call that traffic with value offerings, while at the same, weening customers off the
7:35 am
crisis. they think if they can combine item, they might eek out more possibility. >> any restaurant has fixed costs. if you can increase the number of sales, that leads to greater profit. it will bring more people into the door. >> reporter: as long as you are selling things more than they cost. some of the dollar items they had, they were lost leaders, which created what "time" magazine called the franchisees had a love/hate relationship with these dollar menu, people came in, they were losing money or had very, very little profit in them. >> so whatever happened to healthy items? >> reporter: the healthy items are there. all those companies will say we have salad, soup, oatmeal, apple, all of those things. that's not necessarily what they're offering up in these value offs right now. they tend to be other types of items, where they can offset an expensive item, maybe a bacon cheeseburgerer with a cookie, less extrens e pensive and create more profitability there.
7:36 am
stunt or do you think it's here to stay? >> reporter: here to stay. we've seen a series of these. now, mcdonald's says the mcpick two is a five-week promotion. although franchisees can run it longer. it's one in a series. they had the dollar menu, the dollar menu and more, now mcpick two. wendy's has a 99 cent menu, size price right menu. there is a series of these, i think customer versus come to expect these value offerings.
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>> thousands of netflix viewers are asking for help for a coni have beened killer. they claim the legal system failed putting an innocent man behind bars again. but our digital network cbsn shows us why he could stay locked up. >> reporter: good morning, following the podcast serial and hbo "the jynx" now becoming a murderer has become the latest true crime ob sex. it follows christian avery, wrongfully convicted of rape. he spent 18 years in prison. many viewers wonder if he was framed again, this time for murder. >> at this time the court will read the verdict.
7:42 am
stephen a. avery guilty of first degree intentional homicide. >> reporter: a jury didn't believe steven avery in 2007 when he insisted he was framed for the murder of photographer teresa har baugh, now facing a life sentence, avery has been given a new sentence, making a murder. this time viewers seem to believe him. more than 200,000 people have signed a petition on and white demanding avery be pardoned. he has gained celebrity support. mia pharaoh tweeted outrage after watching all ten episodes of "making a murderer." rickzy ki gervais says "making a murderer" zooev deserves a nobel price. >> reporter: he says it ignores much of the incriminating
7:43 am
>> if i was spoonfed only what the nit flicks documentary wanted me to see, i'd come to exactly the same conclusion. >> reporter: making a murderer" some of who were involved in avery's wrongful rape conviction, may have planted everyday to frame him as payback t. film makers say they asked kraft to participate but were turned down. >> we used what he said in court. we used press conferences, we do feel we represented his point of view. >> reporter: online, viewers are speculating about other possible suspects. some have made death threats against kraft and his family. his page gets a lot of negative comments. kratz says making a murderer is unlikely to give him his freedom it hasn't uncovered new evidence. >> it does very little to help the search for the truth. that's a function that is uniquely given to jurors and the jurors did that when they return
7:44 am
>> reporter: kratz when say if he will sue the film makers or write a book in response, in private practice, kratz adds he appreciates the interest in the criminal justice system sparked by the documentary? thank you so much. gayle is in the toyota green room which a quick way contestant the your health. why are you on the floor? >> this is a first. we like exclusives on "cbs this morning." this, of course, is dr. dave today. he will show us a fitness test from his new book. >> a simple test is if you can get up with one hand or no hands from the floor, that puts you in the top 25% of muscular cellular strength. it actually means you may lift longer. >> if you can't do that, call the crane. there is no way i can do it. >> i will pull you up. >> oh. >> what does that mean if you need two hands and a man to pull
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>> we will show you how to make the most of those lucky years coming up. right now, it's time to check your local weather. i can't do that. good morning. it's cold out there with wind chills near zero but it will turn out to be a nice day with sunshine, a brisk wind and melting highs in the mid 30s. today will be the nicest day of the next 8 days. a light wintry mix of rain and snow moves in wednesday followed by rain on thursday and light snow friday into saturday. then temps take a big tumble as
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i stopped an apple from the two of you. we are celebrating something special around here. >> oh my god. >> this is for you, this is for you. >> that's so nice. >> so happy birthday. >> i feel bad i got you nothing. >> that's all right. >> i have my psychologist for you. >> happy birthday, charlie. >> it's better to give than to receive and if you were lucky enough to sit here every morning with these two people, you know why i'm giving them gift ghs that is so nice, thank you, charlie. >> you got him a gift? >> i'll open this later. >> okay. >> lolo jones will be here with her story of determination. >> happy birthday, going to the
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. welcome back it's now 7:56... let's first get a check on
7:52 am
your weather after the break! good morning. it's cold out
7:53 am
but it will turn out to be a nice day with sunshine, a brisk wind and melting highs in the mid 30s. today will be the nicest day of the next 8 days. a light wintry mix of rain and snow moves in wednesday followed by rain on thursday and light snow friday into saturday. then temps take a big tumble as
7:54 am
it is tuesday, january 5th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead, including president obama tightening gun regulations on his own. jan crawford looks at how far he will go and how republicans might stop him. but first, here is today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> senior officials outlined the action and they focus on what they say are flaws and loopholes in the system of background checks. >> the candidates are now turning on each other in tough tv ads.
7:55 am
deflect some of donald trump's tougher rhetoric. >> authorities have made no attempt to reclaim the refuge and there doesn't seem to be any urgent reason to do so. >> there hasn't been any official confirmation but sources have provided a name. >> the broacheach is about a quarter mile wide. 125 structures are flooded and the water is rising. >> tonya couch will be in court this morning. >> they are trying to drive customers into the stores with value offerings while at the same time weaning customers off of these unprofitable dollar menus. >> after being arrested for crashing his car into a shopping mall, a florida man explained to police he was trying to time travel, which is crazy. if you want to travel 50 years into the future, just leave florida.
7:56 am
king and norah o'donnell. >> on your birthday. >> on my birthday. >> charlie in the last hour gave norah and i these big ipad pros. these are very expensive so i thank you very much. >> you're welcome. it's better to give than to receive. but not always. >> i thank you. >> we'll try to make sure we give you something a little later. >> you give it to me every day. we start with this. president obama will outline new rules this morning designed to keep guns out of the wrong hands. the president is taking executive actions after congress chose not to tighten gun laws. he received a string of recommendations at monday's oval office meeting with the attorney general and fbi director. >> although we have to be very clear that this is not going to solve every violent crime in this country, it's not going to prevent every mass shooting, it's not going to keep every gun out of the hands of a criminal, it will potentially save lives in this country.
7:57 am
candidates blasted the new rules for the gun sales. governor chris christie said the president was acting like a petulant child. senator ted cruz said he would rescind every single illegal and unconstitutional executive action that was taken. and senator marco rubio says this, the president undermines the constitution. despite the criticism, the president says he is within his legal authority. jan crawford is at the white house. jan, good morning. first, what's in this plan and what will he need congress, though, to approve in order to cetera? >> reporter: well, right. first of all, the senior administration officials briefed reporters last night on some of the details the president will be announcing later on today. essentially they focus on fixing flaws and loopholes in the checks. they require gun dealers, for example, to be licensed even if they just sell guns at gun sales or on the internet. they would add more federal employees to help carry out those background checks to make
7:58 am
effective. here's where they're going to need some congressional approval. the president is asking, for example, to add 200 more atf agents and investigators. so he's asking congress to budget that. he's asking congress to give $500 million in additional funding for mental health treatment, again to try to offer services to deal with some of the recent episodes we've seen of terrible gun violence. so he's going to have to go to congress for those. the rest of them are basically instructions to federal executive agencies on how to carry out some of the existing laws. >> what kind of legal -- no, it's your birthday. you go. >> no, but please keep remembering. >> i will remember. jan, what kind of legal challenges does he face? yesterday he said this is within my legal authority. >> reporter: opponents are going to argue that he's doing an unconstitutional end run around congress. remember, congress passes the laws under our constitution and the president faithfully executes them so they're going
7:59 am
separation of powers issues, they're going to say it raises issues under the second amendment. the president is confident that he will prevail. think about this, he's got just a year left in office and lawsuits take forever so this could be tied up in court until the end of his administration, meaning they may never be implemented, some of these proposals, unless the next president decides to pick up the ball and run with it. >> i assume it's true for the president that he believes that not just those cases, those awful, obscene, atrocious cases of multiple acts of violence, but also individual acts of violence because of access to guns? >> well, right. that's right, charlie. of course no one says these would have prevented san bernardino or sandy hook, but the president says if they can stop just one death, then it will be worth it. >> jan, thank you so much. for the first time in this presidential race, hillary clinton's campaign brought bill clinton to new hampshire. the former president was her co-strategist in 2008 and he campaigned vigorously for her
8:00 am
his attitude on monday was far more subdued. he did not mention donald trump or respond to recent attacks. what he believes the election is all about. >> i don't fit anymore. first of all, i'm a happy grandfather and i'm not mad at anybody. and secondly, i thought an election is supposed to be a job interview. this election is about restoring broadly shared prosperity. that is how we're going to keep america safe and still keep it america. preserve our individual liberties and our reputation for being an open country, our belief in diversity and our understanding that one of our great meal tickets in the next 20 years is going to be there's somebody here from everywhere else.
8:01 am
on hillary clinton at a rally across the massachusetts border. >> we don't need four more years of obama, and that's what you're getting with hillary. that's what you're getting. no, that's what you're getting. and i believe it might be even worse, if you want to know the truth. it might be worse. >> the democratic front-runner told iowa voters she won't respond to trump. she said her new year's resolution is to, quote, let him live in his own alternate reality. states in the south this morning are preparing for the potential of devastating floods. rising waters are blamed for the deaths of at least 25 people in missouri and illinois. flood warnings are in place along the mississippi river as the water moves south. >> the mississippi swelled four miles past its banks in alexander county, illinois. a nearby levee broke covering 14,000 acres under water. at least 125 buildings are flooded there. floodwaters are already making
8:02 am
like mud island, tennessee. voluntary evacuations are under way in low-lying mississippi neighborhoods. it's official, guns and roses is planning a return to the jungle. the group is returned in the lineup for the coachella music festival in california. guns and roses will headline twice in april. >> the reunion publicly signals the end of disputes among the band's founding members. there was tension with lead singer axl rose. the two haven't performed on stage together in more than 20 years. rose tweeted last night saying, okay, okay, it's confirmed. guns n roses is headlining the 2016 coachella. see everyone there. >> remember when he was here we asked if it could happen and he
8:03 am
he didn't talk about coachella but he was very open. >> it's going to be very popular. can you fine tune your health care and live better? dr. david agus is in our toyota green room with his new book exploring the lucky years. good morning. it's cold out there with wind chills near zero but it will turn out to be a nice day with sunshine, a brisk wind and melting highs in the mid 30s. today will be the nicest day of the next 8 days. a light wintry mix of rain and snow moves in wednesday followed by rain on thursday and light snow friday into saturday. then temps take a big tumble as
8:04 am
flooding, tornados and historically high temperatures. we'll look at the role of climate change and how to prepare for this year's el nino storms. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." yes. oic is a different type of constipation.
8:05 am
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8:07 am
the paris attacks, senators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa
8:08 am
in our "morning rounds" the brand new world of health breakthroughs in medicine are reaching a tipping point. that's what dr. david agus says in his new book called "the lucky years." we'll be able to edit dna, fight disease, reverse aging, prolong fertility and turn cancer into a manageable condition. the book is published by simon
8:09 am
dr. agus is in the studio live and in color today. >> good morning, gayle. >> "the lucky years" has nothing to do with wealth or social status you say. we're all part of the lucky years because? >> listen, this revolution is happening now and it literally is. i'm with you guys once or twice a week with a breakthrough happening all the time. these are breakthroughs that will change the playing field and it equalizes the playing field. we now can do things like approaching reversing aging. we can prevent disease. we can treat disease like never before. this is an amazing time in what i do. >> let's start with reversing aging. >> yeah. as birthday boy. >> how can we reverse aging? >> it's an amazing story. the 1950s, wanda lunsford published a paper. she took an old rat and young rat, put them to sleep and tied their skin together. after a day or so their blood supplies joined.
8:10 am
mouse had neurons growing in the brain. she claimed she reversed aging. people called her dracula and frankenstein. six months ago. three separate labs in the country repeated it and it worked. so it turns out there are proteins in young individuals up until age 25 that turn on stem cells. our stem cells go to sleep at age 25. so what's amazing is the cure for diseases is actually asleep within us. and this is a way to potentially wake it up. >> to latch on to some young people i'm thinking. i thought that was very fascinating. >> the lucky years too and staying healthy longer also means preventing disease, some of the most common diseases. i just did a story on gene editing technology. tell us about the promise that holds.
8:11 am
one letter of your three billion letter code and change it. that means if you have inherited a defect in, say, breast cancer or heart disease or something else, we can go in and change that one letter. so now it's happened in china. they actually changed the dna of an embryo. at the same time we need to regulate it and do it right, but this was the potential of being transformative. something as wild and science fiction like as you can take an organ from an animal and change the dna to allow it to be used in a human in transplants. >> how far off are they? >> this is happening now. >> taking an animal's organ and transplant it? >> we're starting to design pigs to have human proteins on their surface and using that for kidney transplants over the next decade will happen. >> it's already happening with heart valving. >> but this is a living, functioning organ where a heart valve is a piece of tissue. >> you said there's never any right answers in health, there
8:12 am
>> it's based on your value system. this was a maturation for me. i really learned that it's the right way for you as an individual and we all shouldn't do everything the same. that's why personalized medicine is going to be fantastic based on data but value system is a key part of making decisions. >> you also say there's a brave new world in fertility coming. what is that? >> so there's -- you inherit dna from your mother and father and those are your chromosomes. women with mitochondrial disorders historically couldn't have children. there was a doctor in new jersey taking out their nucleus and putting that into a donor's egg so a child had three parents. you can now do that for a 40 or 50-year-old woman and allow them to give birth. so really changing the playing field to equalize it. this is a different world. people are giving birth later and later and this is an empowering technology that will be transformative. >> and if you live near the
8:13 am
disease are greater? that's surprising. >> this is an exciting finding. if you do concentric circles around an airport, heart disease risk goes up. so we need quiet. if you live in the city or elsewhere, put a little foam in your ears when you sleep. i've got a 150-pound dog that snores. i sleep with ear plugs every night. your brain needs quiet. >> thank you, dr. agus. >> "the lucky years." >> thank you very much. >> as opposed to the yucky years. yucky years is a better title. it depose on sale today, by the way. tomorrow we'll continue our look at the lucky years with a panel on the advances in preventing and treating cancer. so you're coming back two days in a row, lucky us. >> i am lucky too. >> all right, thanks. a 3-year-old girl saved after a terrifying night. >> are you okay? come here. >> meet the police officer who brought her out of the cold. that's next here on "cbs this
8:14 am
cbs "morning rounds"
8:15 am
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>> there is a manhunt for a little girl. listen to this audio from this body camera. >> hi sweet heart. are you okay? come here. come here. come here. >> oh my gosh, caroline was crying and described as very cold and very scared after the nearly five-hour drama. the officers says he's not a hero. but he is a father. >> i almost started crying. this is very happy, i'm happy and thankful we were able to find her. >> police are hunting for the kidnapper and a second man seen at the scene of the car jacking. thank goodness she is okay. >> you can tell he's got young daughter, come here, sweet heart. can you tell. that was so nice.
8:17 am
jones is in our green room welcome back, it's now 8:25! newton police have finally arrested a man who spent six months on the run. 35-year-old jerry fults is now charged with third degree sexual abuse that happened in october of 2014. the victim was a 12-year-old girl. documents show the girl's mother called police after discovering fults inappropriately touched her daughter. fults is now behind bars in the jasper county jail. another central iowa man is also charged with sexual abuse. police say 49- year-old david allen thomas was living with friends in des moines... and abused a young girl in the home over a two year period. the charges against thomas were filed last june... but the abuse occurred between fall of 2008
8:18 am
was in the pottawattamie county jail on an unrelated case when he was charged. authorities have recovered the body of a missing teen after his canoe capsized in eastern iowa. 17- year-old tanner wymer's body was recovered monday morning in the coralville reservoir. 51-year-old michael felton also went overboard.. but was able to swim to shore. officials say the boat may have capsized when someone stood up to take a photo. let's first get a check on traffic!
8:19 am
good morning. it's cold out there with wind chills near zero but it will turn out to be a nice day with sunshine, a brisk wind and melting highs in the mid 30s. today will be the nicest day of the next 8 days. a light wintry mix of rain and snow moves in
8:20 am
followed by rain on thursday and light snow friday into saturday. then temps take a big tumble as
8:21 am
>> these exist, they're pre-samuel l. jackson. >> okay. >> i believe if you perform these in your own way, they will from here on out and forever belong to you. >> frankly, my dear, i don't give-a-damn! hello, my name is indigo montoya, you killed my father. prepare to die. mrs. robinson, you trying to se dues me? . you shall not pass.
8:22 am
>> akuna matada. >> he does own them. very good. >> that was good. >> i don't give-a-damn. that's my favorite one. >> mrs. robinson, are you trying to se dues me? >> i love it. >> i know how great it is to produce those iconic movie lines that we all know. >> we all know. that's why it's funny. welcome back to "cbs this morning," coming up in this half hour, what's going on with this bad weather, what nasa is learning about millions of people. lolo jones is trying for her fourth chance to compete in the games. she is in studio 57 to show us how she is overcoming injuries after what she calls her worst year professionally. that is ahead. right now, it's time to show you this morning's headlines from around the globe. houston reports on a terrifying test drive for a car salesman, aattacker posed as a customer.
8:23 am
he pulled an emergency release lever. the new york post says a surrogate mother in california filed a lawsuit to stop a forced abortion. she was carrying triplets for a georgia man. the man only wants to children and requested the third be aborated. that is allowed in tear contract. cook is about six months into her pregnancy. she claims in her lawsuit she is the legal mother of the triplets. >> the telegraph reveals the safest airline. for the third straight year, quantus, looked at several factors, including government audits and that saeltfatality rorts records. >> that make the top 20 are alaska able, american and united airlines. >> britain tells us about an overworked judge in italy. he's so busy, he had to postpone a civil hearing until 2019. he says he has a backlog of 500
8:24 am
delays saying his constitutional rights protect him from forced labor. the walk post reports one fish, get this, sold for more than $100,000 at auction. a japanese sushi chain did ar $171,000 for this blue fin tuna. >> that works out to about $265 a pound. blue fin tuna are endangered due to overfishing. it was sold at the last new year auction at a historic fish market that will be torn down this year. extreme weather this morning continues to hit the united states. we've showed you earlier, the flooding overwhelming the mid-west and an arctic plast is finally chilling the northeast and california is preparing for a series of drenching storms. heavy rain is already falling this morning outside san francisco. jeffrey includinger is editor at large for "time" magazine and jeffrey, welcome back. >> thank you for having me? what is going on with all this weather?
8:25 am
we are already coming off of what's the hottest year on record 2015 and the hottest month in the hottest year, which was july some think of the earth as running a chronic fever. now, on top of that chronic fever comes the acute fever of el nino. which occurs when westerly winds that usually push warm pacific water over to the west side of the pacific weaken or reverse, ae louing that warm water to slosh back east. that tends to heat up the northern -- north american hemisphere. >> we're talking el 19io. nasa says the images could rival the one of 1997, 1998, that killed 23,000 people world wide. what does that mean for us? the big snow we're having in the mid-west? what else does it mean? >> the know in the mid-west t. droughts we are seeing in central america, which are
8:26 am
and security and 10 million people in africa food and security. you seen the images with the flooding across mississippi. we're going to see extreme heat spikes over the summer. which will affect vulnerable population, older people, sickly people, very young people. so this could take a much bigger toll than in 1998. >> it was in the '70s on the east coast for christmas. the north pole is 50 degrees higher, they say. so is this the new normal? >> this is the new normal t. problem, i'm glad you brought up the north pole. because what happens when the people gets above freezing is obviously the arctic ice cap shrinks. ice caps reflect sunlight back into space. the smaller the arctic ice cap gets the more warmth that the dark waters can absorb, so you got sort of a dangerous feedback. >> we haven't mentioned global warming. >> global warming is a real phenomenon. what i admire about the nasa scientists in these cases is
8:27 am
single weather event is linked to climate change. it certainly isn't. if are you a heavy smoker, not every cold will be smoke related. a lot are. you very much have to quit your pack a day if you want to stay healthy. >> given you look at science and a tough year weather wise with eknow, though, weather can affect national security. right? >> weather absolutely affects national security. any time you get food and security in any places of the world, you have a tendency for political unrest. the u.s. is no longer likes to say we're not going to be the policeman of the world any longer, still, people turn to us when you get this kind of problem. when the u.s. infrastructure is threatened the way it is along the mississippi the way it was in new orleans ten years ago, these are issues that divert funds, divert resources, that divert energy, affect shipping. all of these things go to the straight of national. >> so what can we do?
8:28 am
unfortunately, right now, has to do with a lot of short-term steps. you can make sure there are cooling centers for older people in the summer. can you make sure we have water cons vacation in drought stricken areas we have flood law, levies, in flood-prone areas. we also have to be willing to say it's time to address this in the long term. the paris climate accord was a very, very good sign. the u.s. as the world's leading emitter has to take the lead in curbing this problem. >> important information, thanks, jeff. >> thanks so much. olympic hurdleer and bobsleder lolo jones is right here in studio 57. on the road to a comeback in rio. we will look at how she always sets her own course and has defied good morning. it's cold out there with wind chills near zero but it will turn out to be a nice day with sunshine, a brisk wind and melting highs in the mid 30s. today will be the nicest day of the next 8 days. a
8:29 am
snow moves in wednesday followed by rain on thursday and light snow friday into saturday. then temps take a big tumble as arctic air arrives on sunday. have a great day. on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo.
8:30 am
and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for those at the top and letting corporations write their own rules. hillary clinton will work to close the wage gap. equal pay for women to raise incomes for families, a higher minimum wage, lower taxes for the middle class. she gets the job done for us.
8:31 am
>> olympic track and field star, her name is lolo jones is one of ten american athletes to compete in both the summer and winter games, thank you very much. only 130 people world wide can make that claim. on that list, 25 women. now the hurdler and bobsledder is focused on the summer games in rio. she is putting her what she
8:32 am
after two surgeries and several injuries. if she makes the u.s. team, it will be her fourth olympic appearance. lolo jones is with us in studio. first we will take a look at her long olympic roller coaster. for more than half her life, lolo jones has been clearing hurdles on and off the track t. photo genic olympian and iowa native is an 11-time all american. she began her racing career as a student at louisiana state university, where she won national titles in both sprint relays and the hurdles. >> it's a fair start. here's the first hurdle. >> reporter: in 2008, jones entered the beijing summer olympics as a gold medal favorite in the 100 meter hurdles. ahead of the pack, with gold in her grasp, she hit the second to last hurdle resulting in a 7th placed finish. >> best time going into the olympics. best time going out. i didn't get that gold medical.
8:33 am
in 2011 after spinal surgery. her quick recovery led to a spot on the 2012 summer games in london. an olympic medal still proved to be out of reach for the 4th place finish. in 2014 jones traded her track sneaker for a helmet and joined the u.s. bobsled team in sochi. the track star has yet to win an olympic medal. that has not stopped her from becoming one of team usa's favorite stars. >> this is really pretty. lolo, gorgeous. >> reporter: her magazine worthy good looks has secured deals with some of the biggest brands. with it, criticism of whether she deserves the spotlight. jones continues to brush off critics. less than three months out of hip surgery, seven months before the summer olympics. she is working hard to find her stride. >> wow, lolo, wow. >> yeah. >> worst year professionally. what happened? lay it out for us, where do you
8:34 am
>> well, this last season, i had two surgery, a torn shoulder. then a torn hip later onch they were quick to come back. from i was like, man, like is this it or is this a sign to give up? or this a sign to get killed? >> what keeps you motivated? how are you doing? >> well, you laugh a lot. although i've placed success, i've tasted as well a lot of failure. i think for me knowing that, you know, you will not take joy in small victories, also how you leave something is how you enter. how your attitude is when you cross the finish line is how you enter your next race. if i get down on myself, that itself how i'm going to carry it into the next race. so every olympic i failed at. i have to look at the good side, winter olympic, i got to 11. i'm one of the ten people to go to winter olympics. when you are pursuing a goal. will you fail on that path to that goal. make sure you had just your attitude.
8:35 am
have that negativity when you attempt it. >> you are training for the olympics inryio. you turn 34 on opening day. >> why do they do that, awful? >> 34 is young, stronger than ever. >> strong. >> stronger than ever. how do you think you will train differently for this olympics than have you in past olympics? >> every year i have to remote rate is myself. track is essentially who can work out the best? there is no game involved. it's who is the best condition. so every year i try a different workout. pilates one year. yoga the next. i do a workout similar, involving science behind it. heart rate monitors. every year i try out something new. this one fit and worked well with the post-surgery that i feed. >> and you are a spokesman for them, too? >> yeah, i am a spokesman, i was kind of shocked and amazed you
8:36 am
can involve beginning level to eb up is getting fit. >> for track stars, is there some combination of hand-eye coordination for golfers and baseball hitters? >> not as much, you know, i think they're more specific. obviously, when i have a hurdle coming at me very fast, i have to have hand-eye coordination. there are not specific things in my dun time that focuses on that. we are concerned at going over a hurdle in high speed in a race environment. >> track stars have what? >> determination. >> they have to. >> our workouts are running. everybody hates rung. treadmill, like, yeah. so you know just to get through that day, what are you going to do for practice today? i'm going to run. what are you going to do tomorrow? i'm going to run. >> lolo, you have a lot of haters on the internet. people tear you down, she is very good looking. you are, you are stunningly gorgeous. they say, she ain't won no
8:37 am
>> i can show you my medals, i'll show you mine. really, somebody else in the room can do what you do? you do get a lot of criticism. how do you deal with that? you heard it? >> i can tell my staff i'm a three time world champion, i'm the fastest american indoor record holder. >> that means nothing to them. at the end of the day i have to know my opinion of what i've done in track is not altered by what they think of me. it comes by how hard i worked and what i've achieved. everybody will face criticism. you start a business, family says, you can't do that. you have to say i can do that. take joy in the small things have you overcome. will you get where you are at. >> the first challenge is to make the team? >> the first challenge is to make the team t. best feeling in my life, when i cross that finish line, no one can take that away. every american who has made it on the team and has the chance to represent their country in olympic, knows there is no grarlt honor.
8:38 am
is to walk in that stadium and hear that. with the flag flying. >> to know that people back home are watching you an supporting you. it's something that i always cherish. >> you have been candidate about being sell bat. can we discuss that? >> let's. i hope my husband is watching, my future husband is watching. >> you made that decision why? >> to honor my future husband and for god, it's i'm a devout krichlths i believe in that. i believe within growing up i saw a lot of girls my age get in trouble or just in the wrong environment and there are more girls than i would, they'd get pregnant and be off the track team. >> is it hard? >> is it hard? no, is it hard? >> not to be funny. >> it's extremely hard. >> tell her how hard it is. >> it brings a lot of lonely nights for sure. >> did you have a boyfriends in.
8:39 am
>> i got to fix you up with somebody. >> i'm going to bebe working on that today. but it is difficult. >> it's difficult because there is a lot of people that you tend to be grit with, but they don't want to wait. so that makes a lot of tension. so you see, you know, people are having fun. but you are doing this to honor your future spouse. >> lolo, what's your real name? >> my real flame is lori. >> we are rooting for you. great to have an olympian at the table? we hope you get married soon.
8:40 am
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thank you, thank you, thank you, for all your e-mails. >> that does it for us.
8:43 am
evening news with scott pelley tonight and for news anywhere, watch our digital news network, cbsn. we will see you tomorrow. it will not be my birthday you got people working incredibly long hours. median family income today -- $4,000 less than it was in 1999. the bottom line of this economy is that it is rigged. what this campaign is about is to demand that we create an economy that works for all of us
8:44 am
if you work 40 hours a week in america, you should not live in poverty.
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everyone, it's now 8:55... a newton man is facing sex abuse charges this morning. 35- year-old jerry fults was arrested monday after spending six months on the run. he's charged with third degree sexual abuse.. in connection to an incident with a 12- year-old girl in october of 20-14. fults is in the jasper county jail this morning. another central iowa man is also charged with sexually abusing a child this morning. des moines police say 49-year-old david allen thomas was living with friends when he started abusing the child over a two-year period while the parents were gone. thomas was in the pottawattamie county jail on an unrelated case when he was charged with the sex abuse charges.
8:46 am
thief! this is security video of a pickup truck stealing the trailer owned by rip roar events. the owner of the trailer says it was full of equipment needed to run his kid's triathlon series. police say the thieves were most likely after construction materials and tools. he hopes the thieves return the trailer once they realize what's inside. now our final check of traffic!
8:47 am
good morning. it's cold out there with wind chills near zero but it will turn out to be a nice day with sunshine, a brisk wind and melting highs in the mid 30s. today will be the nicest day of the next 8 days. a
8:48 am
snow moves in wednesday followed by rain on thursday and light snow friday into saturday. then temps take a big tumble as arctic air arrives on sunday.
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