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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning at 430am  Me-TV  January 6, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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and we do not have much wind. the planter for today is showing precipitation chances will be increasingly this morning. toward noon, freezing drizzle, quickly changing to snow. a cold rain headed our way to tomorrow. eric: we look forward to more details. executive action. president obama outlined his plan to tighten the nation's gun laws and beef up enforcement. he is focusing on boosting background checks for gun buyers. the plan will tighten but not eliminate loopholes in federal law. kcci's steve karlin reports. steve: president obama teared up as he recalled the 20 children gunned down at sandy hook elementary school. >> every time i think about those kids, it gets me mad. steve: and now he's taking action. the centerpiece of his plan -- expanding background checks. >> anybody in the business of selling firearms must get a license and conduct background checks or be subject to criminal prosecutions.
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steve: he's directing the fbi and atf to hire more agents to speed up background checks and to enforce existing laws. and he wants $500 million to expand access to treatment for mental illness. >> they don't appear to be inconsistent with or a violation of the second amendment in the sense that they do not prevent people from acquiring firearms. steve: the nra says the president is engaging in political rhetoric instead of offering meaningful solutions. a spokesman says, "the american people do not need more emotional, condescending lectures that are completely devoid of facts." senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says the plan is about nothing more than politics and congress will be overseeing the president's actions to determine whether they follow federal law. eric: friday marks the 5th anniversary of the tucson shooting rampage that killed 6 and wounded 13, including former arizona congresswoman gabby giffords.
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joins anderson cooper for a one-hour live town hall meeting on gun control in fairfax, virginia. you can catch it at 7:00 p.m. on cnn. trust kcci for complete coverage of the event. local gun rights advocates are sounding off now. shaina: the state fairgrounds is hosting a gun show at the end of the month where thousands of buyers and sellers are expected to attend. kcci's ryan smith has more. ryan: president obama's emotional plea to beef up background checks is firing up local gun advocate groups. the iowa firearms coalition rallying supporters on facebook, promoting a come and take it discount, offering $15 off its annual membership and $10 off to join the nra. >> and the more we get to join up, then the more we can fight it on a state and national level. ryan: the ifc will continue its membership drive at upcoming gun shows, where the white house wants to stop non-licensed dealers from selling any firearms.
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area shows attract thousands of interested buyers and sellers. >> probably 99% of everybody that attends our shows are, they own gun stores. they are federally licensed and they come there because it's a good venue for them. ryan: but dealers attending gun shows are not required to prove they are federally licensed. trade show productions is sponsoring an event at the fairgrounds this month. >> we have very few people that come to our shows that are not federally licensed dealers. i don't see where this is going to change much. it seems to me to be more of a political stunt. shaina: gun sales are going up no matter where they are sold. the fbi reported a record number of 23 million background checks completed in 2015. presidential candidates on the campaign trail in iowa are weighing in on the president's announcement. republican marco rubio says the president is obsessed with undermining the second
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>> he's obsessed with burdening law abiding citizens who are going to follow the law no matter what it is. if he was serious about gun violence, he would be focused on violence, on what it is that's happening in our culture that is leading people to commit violent acts, not laws that will do nothing to prevent violent acts. shaina: the florida senator made the comments following a town hall meeting in cedar rapids. eric: fellow republican jeb bush is also critical of the president's executive actions. he says they won't work. >> it's not going to solve any problems by having the so-called gun show loop hole be taken care of by executive order. the president doesn't have the authority to do it. if there's an issue related to federal gun laws, then he ought to go to congress and try and forge consensus to make it happen. he doesn't have this power. eric: the former florida governor also released a new online video defending the second amendment. bush spent tuesday campaigning in new hampshire. shaina: on the other side of the aisle, democrat hillary clinton is speaking out in favor of the president's announcement, saying she's very proud of his actions.
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a country to protect the rights of responsible gun owners consistent with our constitution and to do more to keep guns out of the hands of felons and fugitives and stalkers and, for goodness sakes, potential terrorists. shaina: the former first lady and secretary of state spoke tuesday at a campaign event in osage. clinton is also unveiling a new initiative directed at b bsting autism screening, treatment, and research. she says the plan will push states to require private insurers to cover autism services. eric: more stories this morning. the former mayor of mitchellville is facing child sexual abuse charges. 27-year-old jeremy filbert is now behind bars in wyandotte county, kansas, facing 2 counts of rape and 2 counts of aggravated criminal sodomy of a victim under the age of 14. the sheriff there says the abuse happened in september of 2015. back in june of 2014, someone
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school reportedly called police to report inappropriate conduct between filbert and children there. iowa dci agents conducted a month-long investigation. the polk county attorney's office did not file any criminal charges. filbert stepped down from the mayor's office in april of 2015. he's in custody on the new charges this morning on $150,000 bond. shaina: jury selection is set for today in the murder trial of joe lopez. the 25-year-old is charged in connection with the death of a clive toddler back in 2014. clive police say lopez told doctors the baby had fallen inside a home, where he and the baby's mom were staying on franklin avenue. police say the baby had a fractured skull and multiple broken ribs. kcci's mark tauscheck will be in the courtroom today. follow him on twitter for live updates. eric: if you look, you can see some of the moisture moving our way. metinka: staying just out of our reach and the rest is down from
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it is drifting up to the north, but falling apart at iowa. it is good news to start with, but it will be moving more and afternoon. was in good boots today. the best chance to see any of the sleet and snow will come about noontime and shortly after possible. and quiet. heading for 35 with sleet and snow moving and by noon. shaina: the dangers of escalators. eric: one west des moines mom has a safety warning for other parents. kcci's laura terrell reports. >> make sure you're not sitting on it, buddy. laura: three-year-old jake mollison is posted up on the couch, nursing a sore foot. >> the fact that he was in tennis shoes probably saved his toes. i think he probably would have lost them if he hadn't had those on. laura: monday night, jake, his dad, and his siblings were at barnes and noble in west des moines. they were coming down the
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sound rang out. >> and then jake just started screaming at the top of his lungs. and he looked down and jake's foot was stuck inside the escalator. laura: with his entire shoe lodged in the side of the escalator and the smell of burning rubber, jake's dad has to act fast. >> he had to literally just yank him out of the escalator. laura: the iowa division of labor says there were 18 similar incidents on escalators across the state in 2015. while none have been deadly, they can cause painful injuries. >> we are not sure if he has any fractures or not yet. the swelling is too great to do an mri or more x-rays. laura: division of labor officials say injuries on escalators are usually the fault of the person riding it, but that wasn't the case with jake. this time, it appeared to malfunction. >> i can fit my finger through his entire shoe. laura: jill mollison wants parents to know this can happen even when you think you're following the rules. >> i encourage them to hang on
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fall, but then that gets their bodies close to the side. so i just want parents to be aware. eric: barnes and noble says that particular escalator is closed. the division of labor is in the process of inspecting it. still ahead on kcci, governor branstad proposes diverting sales tax money for schools and using it for clean water projects. why schools are in favor of the plan. shaina: speaking of schools education. , it's the next topic in our 8 issues/8 weeks series.
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parents but not politicians. >> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz, and right now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: good morning. a wintry mix heading our way and a few flurries are working their way across red oak and toward council bluffs. as it moves into kansas and northwest missouri, it has been falling apart. it will not be doing it all day long. by noon, a better chance of seeing a light wintry mix. highs today holding in the mid 30's. the best chances for the precipitation, around noon time today and last through the
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we will see some light snow and minor accumulations are possible today. this is the beginning. the system will be with us the next several days. chilly rain is in the forecast followed by a accumulating snow. shaina: governor branstad is considering diverting a portion of sales tax money designed to help schools to also help clean up iowa's water quality. some lawmakers have already said they oppose the plan because it puts the needs of schools against the need for clean water. the governor unveiled his plan tuesday morning with school superintendents and agriculture leaders by his side. >> this is the biggest and boldest initative i've ever put together in all my years as governor. shaina: a big bold statement from the longest serving governor supported by former democratic governors. >> it's not as if we have unlimited time to work on the water quality issue. we need to work on it now. shaina: the plan extends the state's one cent sales tax, set to expire in 2029 for another 20 years. it provides about $20.7 billion
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$4.6 billion to improve water quality in the state. the waukee district welcomes the plan. >> it's not a cut. it's money we don't have. it's a great deal of additional money. shaina: which would add $200 million needed for new construction. >> we need to open a new elementary school in 2019 and a high school in 2021, which would second easily be over $100 million. shaina: ag leaders say a funding source is needed now to clean up iowa's lakes, rivers, and streams in light of the water works lawsuit to keep record levels of nitrates out of our drinking water. >> it's so important to every iowan. if this doesn't get resolved, these farmers won't know what to do. their bankers won't know what to lens. they will not be interested in buying equipment could local schools obviously won't benefit.
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shaina: senate majority leader mike gronstal says the proposal to take money from a school fund for water quality is expected to meet some resistance by legislators. eric: lots of people gathered on the west steps of the iowa statehouse tuesday afternoon for a special prayer rally. christian evangelist franklin graham made des moines his first stop on a new nationwide tour. thousands of people joined graham as he led a prayer rally outside the state capitol. he says that christians make up a large percentage of u.s. voters so they need to participate in the voting process. graham is also calling on voters to pay attention to the faith of a candidate before casting their vote. >> vote for candidates with biblical truth and bibical principles that are willing to live them, ok? i'm not here to tell you who to vote for. i'm not going to do that. i'm not going to do it. but i'm asking you to vote. eric: just last month, graham dropped out of the republican party. he plans to visit new hampshire and south carolina in the next few weeks. shaina: classes just restarted
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students, but the district is already looking for more teachers for the next school year -- more than 200 new teachers, in fact. they will fill positions vacated by teachers retiring, departing, or promoted. des moines schools are holding a career fair this weekend, january 9, at the community choice credit union convention center. interviews for those who are pre-registered start at 8:00 a.m. you can register at >> we have some achy weather moving in. this is a live picture could it
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>> weather is never more than 5 minutes away only on kcci 8 news this morning. metinka: good morning. watching a wintry mix move into far south west iowa and extends downward through missouri and kansas this morning. it is lifting up to the north. falling apart as it moves into southwest iowa. you may have a stray flurry over about the next hour. we will wait for the bulk of the moisture move around. there is an area of light snow lifting up to the north and moving into central iowa by later on this afternoon. we will time it out this future cast in the more start out with
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there may be a brief time of freezing drizzle or sleepy light snow possible throughout the evening commute. could have a little bit of light accumulation, especially on the grassy surfaces. tomorrow we will have another one movement. this time, temperatures will be warm enough for it to be a chilly rainfall by mid afternoon. very light rainfall across central and southern parts of the state. that will be switching over to snow as the cold air works into the system. by friday, northwest iowa into the snow and that snow will move into the central part of the state by saturday morning. travel on saturday could be pretty interesting with light snow coming down along with lester he wins. it will be followed by arctic air arriving on sunday. quite an active weather pattern over the next several days. right now, it is all quiet and calm. no precipitation in central iowa just yet. 29 degrees here in des moines. it does feel like 22, so bundle up. maybe grab the scraper today
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could have some minor accumulation, but the actual precipitation totals today will be very light. tomorrow is a chilly light rain event. could have more snowflakes up to the north. friday is when the rain switches over to light snow. that will move through saturday morning, followed by a lot of wind and a lot of cold. we will need next a blanket by saturday night and sunday. eric: seems like the new normal. shaina: 8 issues in 8 weeks. it's our special series focusing on the topics that are on your mind in the run-up to the iowa caucuses. eric: today, the issue is education. a big concern among parents, but so far, not a big talker in the race for president. kcci's nikole killion is in washington to explain why. nikole: with concerns from terror to the economy dominating headlines, education is still at the head of the class for many voters. >> historically, education has been a really important issue. nikole: policy expert rick hess on why it matters in 2016.
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security. they care about healthcare, they care about roads and bridges, and obviously they care a lot about schools and colleges, but how much they focus on these things really depends on how the election plays out. >> when we look at data on how satisfied people are with public schools, they tend to assign quite favorable ratings to their schools in their local community even as they express concern with schools nationally. nikole: topping the list of concerns -- the cost of higher education, charter schools, and controversial academic standards like common core. >> republicans are hugely concerned about obama-era overreach. democrats have generally been lukewarm on it or split over it. >> let me sign this bill. nikole: something else to watch -- the re-write of no-child left behind, signed into law by president obama this past winter. >> that really should be where the conversation about education policy is taking place in the 2016 election cycle. nikole: another issue -- standardized testing. president obama has already
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annual education survey finds a majority of democrats and republicans agree there's too much emphasis on it. in washington nikole killion, , kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. eric: a gallup tracking poll finds education only ranks in the single digits as the most important issue facing the country. shaina: still ahead, roosevelt high school alum and world class hurdler lolo jones on "cbs this morning." we will show you what she says
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gold medal this summer in rio. metinka: a light wintry mix is trying to move into southwest iowa and lifting up to the north. it will not amount to too much at all. maybe just a few flurries in the main moisture is south of kansas city and spreading to the north. it will take several hours and be around here by noontime if it holds together. right now in des moines, the skies are cloudy but the weather is quite. we are heading for a high of 35. we could see a little bit of accumulation on the grassy services by mid to late afternoon. tomorrow, chilly rain is in the forecast followed by the rain switching over to snow on friday into early on saturday. the weekend is going to be very illustrated a lot of wind and a lot of cold air heading our way too. arctic air moves in on sunday and stays there next three.
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jones is training for another shot at the summer olympics in rio. she appeared tuesday on "cbs this morning." shaina: as our mark tauscheck shows us, she has recovered from her latest surgery in october, and all her focus is now on winning an olympic medal. >> great track stars have what? >> they just have determination. they have to. our workouts are running. everybody hates running. our work outs are running on a treadmill, like, just to get through that day. what are you going to do to practice? i'm going to run. what are you going to do to practice tomorrow? i'm going to run. mark: lolo says she is healthy and hopeful. the hurdler will turn 34 on the first day of the olympics this summer in rio de janeiro. the cbs morning team asked lolo about her decision to remain celibate. she said she's a devout christian and it's a choice to honor her future husband and added she isn't currently dating anyone. she was also asked how she deals with the criticism she seems to attract especially on social , media. >> i can tell them my stats. i can tell them i'm a 3-time world champ. i can tell them i'm the fastest american indoor record holder. i mean that means nothing to
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at the end of the day, i just have to know my opinions of what i've done on the track is not altered by what they think of me. it comes by how hard i've worked and what i've achieved. anyone is going to face criticism going after a goal. someone starts a business. their family is like, oh, you're not going to be able to do that. you just have to be able to tell yourself i can do this and look where you've started from. take joy in the small things you've overcome to even get where you're at. shaina: the field for 100 meter hurdles is very deep. making the u.s. team will be tough. she has said in previous interviews regardless of if she makes the u.s. team in rio, she still will try to make her second winter olympics team in 2018. eric: coming up at 5:00 a.m., testing the limits. the u.s. reacts to north korea's latest nuclear bomb attempt. and more reaction from the president's gun control actions. the iowans that will be most affected. you've upgraded all your old technology... so what about this? it's time to get into the new with ford come and get it if you really want it... new is ecoboost technology.
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