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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  January 6, 2016 5:00am-6:00am CST

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eric: breaking overnight -- north korea shows its might. the country says it carried out a hydrogen bomb test. the risk, the reaction and the ripple effects around the world. shaina: going after guns. iowans react to president obama's move to expand background checks. who will be the most affected. eric: and yikes! taking one extra minute in the morning could have prevented this scary thing from happening. good information as more snow makes its way to iowa. good morning, everyone. thanks for waking up with us this wednesday, january 6. i'm eric hanson. shaina: i'm shaina humphries. before we get into those big stories, we'll head over metinka. we have a mix of wintry weather our way. metinka: it could get messy later on today. we have the clouds in place. across southwest iowa, a few snowflakes flying. it is lifting up to the north. this is the beginning of the system though. there's one moisture south the kansas city.
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switch over to sleep in a little bit of snow this afternoon. all the precipitation today will be on the light side. temperatures will be borderline in the low to mid 30's. it will be a slushy afternoon. a cold rain moves in all of by snow, followed by cold. shaina: the big story developing this morning, north korea says it has tested a powerful nuclear bomb. nikole killion's in washington with the swift international reaction. nikole: the white house says it can't confirm north korea's nuclear test, but it notes the u.s. is aware of seismic activity on the korean peninsula in the same area where other tests have been conducted. the reported quake registered as a magnitude 5.1. pyongyang made the announcement on state television that it successfully conducted a hydrogen bomb test underground after its president signed an order. >> what north korea really wants is a conversation, recognition, and respect from south korea, but even more from south korea, from the united states.
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test a grave provocation and the united nations plans to hold an emergency security council meeting later today. in washington, i'm nikole killion. shaina: hydrogen bombs are much more powerful than atomic bombs, so if these tests are confirmed, it would mark a significant shift in north korea's arsenal. other countries are also condemning the tests, including japan, china, australia, and france, and several are considering tougher sanctions on north korea if the tests are confirmed. now to the latest out of oregon. a standoff at a federal wildlife refuge enters day 5 this morning. the armed group says it will not leave until there is a plan in place to turn over management of federal lands to locals. the fbi says it's looking for a peaceful resolution to the situation. some of the protesters believe federal authorities already have warrants issued for their arrests. and a massive storm driven by el nio has brought record rainfall to southern california. the national weather service says more than 1.4 inches of rain fell tuesday in los angeles, beating the previous
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public works officials there are trying to capitalize on the rain, using basins to catch any runoff from the storm for the drought-stricken state. so far, they've collected enough water to fill more than 600 olympic-sized swimming pools. two more storms are expected to hit california today and tomorrow. eric: president obama unveiled his plans to tighten regulations on gun sales tuesday, bypassing congress by using executive authority. the plan expands mandatory background checks at gun shows, flea markets, and online sales. these plans will affect gun shows in the des moines area. there are 3 scheduled here this month alone. as seen in this video from 2013, area shows attract thousands of interested buyers and sellers, but dealers attending gun shows are not required to prove that they are federally licensed. >> probably 99% of everybody that attends our shows are -- they own gun stores. they are federally licensed and they come there because it's a good venue for them. eric: right now, gun sales are
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are sold. the fbi reported a record 23 million background checks completed in 2015. shaina: more big stories now -- the former mayor of mitchellville is facing child sex abuse charges. 27-year-old jeremy filbert is behind bars this morning in wyandotte county, kansas, facing 2 counts of rape and 2 counts of aggravated criminal sodomy of a victim under the age of 14. the sheriff there says the abuse happened in september of 2015. these aren't the first accusations filbert has faced. back in june of 2014, someone from mitchellville elementary school reportedly called police to report inappropriate conduct between filbert and children there. iowa dci agents conducted a month-long investigation, but no charges were filed. filbert stepped down from the mayor's office in april of 2015. eric: a woman charged with killing two men in a drunk driving incident will be arraigned in polk county court today. 53-year-old deanna gliem from des moines is accused of driving drunk and broad-siding a car on hubbell on november 15.
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59-year-old randy sonnenburg and 60-year-old rick hummell, were both killed. gliem will be arraigned at 8:30 this morning. stick with kcci for updates. and jury selection today in the murder trial of joe lopez. the 25-year-old is charged in the death of a clive toddler back in 2014. clive police say lopez told doctors the child fell inside a home where he and the child's mom were staying on franklin avenue. police say the child had a fractured skull and multiple broken ribs. kcci's mark tauscheck will be in the courtroom today. follow him on twitter for live updates. shaina: a west des moines boy is recovering this morning after getting his foot caught in an escalator. now his mom has a warning for other parents. three-year-old jake mollison was riding down the escalator with his family at the west des moines barnes and noble monday night. all of a sudden, a screeching noise rang out and jake's tennis shoe was lodged in the side of the escalator. the iowa division of labor is inspecting the escalator and believes it malfunctioned. jake's mom wants other parents
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happen. >> the fact that he was in tennis shoes probably saved his toes. i think he probably would have lost them if he didn't have those on. shaina: the iowa division of labor says there were 18 similar incidents on escalators across the state in 2015. eric: governor branstad is calling it his biggest and boldest initiative ever. he wants to extend the one cent sales tax passed in 2008 to pay for school improvements. some of the money would still go to schools, but some would be diverted to water quality projects. the proposal will be debated during the 2016 legislative session that begins next week. some lawmakers already oppose, saying it pits the needs of schools against the need for clean water. shaina: metinka is keep an eye on snowy weather moving in. metinka: a few snowflakes falling and this is the beginning. we will see this on and off. toward corning and bedford,
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it's all moving up to the north. temperatures up and freezing. here in des moines, sitting in 20 degrees and cloudy skies for now. wintry mix will move in by noon. you might see light accumulation in the grassy services and highs in the 30's. tomorrow, temperatures in the upper 30's and that will switch to light rain. more light snow is in the forecast. shaina: new this morning, a viral video of a highway hazard in new hampshire has sparked conversation here in iowa. eric: kcci's alyx sacks is live in des moines. alyx, what did local law police officer say about this video? eric: the immediate reaction is that they apparently thought it was scary. fortunately, no one was injured in the video, but the very real reality is someone can be when snow or ice or sheet is flying off of moving vehicles.
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about. the snow comes off of that vehicle and smacks the car right in the windshield. the man is driving in new hampshire and captures the moment on dashcam when a sheet of ice smashes his windshield. shaina: leaving his vision down to nothing. in some states, driving with snow on top of your car or on your hood is illegal. not in iowa. in iowa, if a vehicle is spilling loads of what it's hauling on the highways, that's against state law, but snow on your roof, there's no law that will write you a ticket. but as sergeant nathan ludwig with iowa state patrol puts it, it's just common sense. >> i saw a couple happen last winter when the semi was on the interstate and it was two inches of snow and ice that come off. you see cars swerving to get out of the way. it can be dangerous and something potentially fatal. eric: as we prepare for more winter weather here in iowa over the next few days, count on kcci
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download our kcci weather app to track the storm as it happens. shaina: you'll get live radar, traffic alerts, and road conditions right on your smartphone. it's available for free for both android and iphone. eric: you won't be doing this this summer. the popular music festival that will be ending for good. shaina: reopening. find out when you'll be able to eat again at a popular local restaurant, damaged by fire. and just unveiled. the new tracker that tells you more about your health than you could possibly imagine. let's head outside for our first check on traffic of the morning. we have weather moving in later today, but your morning commute should be a ok. no problems to report right now. we will wait until after the break to show you where the mobile speed units are. we will head outside to take a look at the roads. everything is clear though. you should not run into any
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz, and right now coverage with shaina humphries. shaina: welcome back. we have more video now from the el nio storm that's hitting california. you can see several cars here in san diego are completely underwater inside a parking garage. several drivers were trapped inside their flooded cars, making it a busy day for emergency crews. eric: that same storm is bringing plenty of snowfall in the sierra nevada mountains. the snow combined with strong winds made driving conditions dangerous. the storm came in quickly, catching some drivers off-guard and sending them spinning into snow banks. you can see the snow falling there. this afternoon sounds like we will see some here. metinka: we will see a few snowflakes and maybe some sleet in there as well.
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we had a couple flurries early this morning lifting up to the north. there's a lot more snow south of kansas city. that will be lifting around in time today. with temperatures at or above freezing, we will have sleet and a brief time of freezing drizzle mixed in, too. we could see minor accumulations later on today. generally a half inch or less. temperatures trend upward tomorrow and stay decent on friday. we will have once again a wintry mix and a slushy couple of days. a little bit of rain and snow, and then temperatures take a tumble by the weekend. next week, arctic air last -- blasts in. eric: sports news now, the hawkeyes quest for a 3-0 start to the big ten could not have started worse. nebraska jumped out to a 10-0 lead last night but the hawkeyes , quickly snapped out of it. iowa outscored nebraska 31-12 in the final 15 minutes of the first half. jarrod uthoff led the hawkeyes in points, ending the game with 25.
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impressive 22 points. iowa won the game by 11, 77-66 , to remain undefeated in conference play. iowa state basketball takes on texas tech tonight. the game tips off at 8:00 p.m. at hilton coliseum. you can watch it on espn u. it's also kcci night at hilton. our kurtis gertz, vanessa peng, mollie cooney, and scott reister will all be there. make sure to stop by and say hi. shaina: she's on the road to rio. des moines native and olympic track star lolo jones says she's gearing up for the summer games this year after recovering from hip surgery in october. she was on "cbs this morning" tuesday and spoke to gayle king about how she deals with online criticism. >> at the end of the day, i just have to know my opinions of what i've done on the track is not altered by what they think of me. it comes by how hard i've worked and what i've achieved. anyone is going to face criticism when they are going after a goal. shaina: lolo will turn 34-years-old on opening day of the rio games. if she makes the u.s. team, it will be her 4th olympic appearance.
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learned a popular summer rock festival here in central iowa will not be returning this year. lazerfest has entertained thousands of central iowans for 11 years now. alice in chains, kid rock, and stone sour are among those headlining the show in past years. radio station lazer 103.3 says it's just time to bring the tradition to an end. months after it was destroyed by fire, a dong vietnamese restaurant is set to open next week. a kitchen fire broke out in august and it's taken 5 months and a half million dollars to repair and renovate the popular spot just west of downtown. owner neal ngu says it's been a difficult experience for his family and a dozen employees. workers are putting the finishing touches on the a dong building at 15th and high, and ngu hopes his loyal customers will return. >> just want to express my love to them for all the years they stay with us and love us. and we are looking forward to seeing them once again. eric: a dong hopes to announce a grand opening date once building inspectors sign off on the
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pizza lovers have more reason to head to quik trip today. quik trip launched an extra large, carryout pizza this week. the extra larges come with 12 large slices and it also includes breakfast pizza. their new box designs also make it easy to share with built in plates. the extra large pizzas are now available at all quik trip locations. you may also want to stop at the pilot truck stop on douglas or the loves on hickman to fill up your tanks today. overnight, our crews saw a gallon of regular gas at both of those truck stops out on the west side at just $1.69 a gallon. shaina: following the dow's worst start to a year since 2008, wall street tried to bounce back on tuesday. the dow was up more than 9 points. the nasdaq gained more than 11. and the s&p 500 added about 4. some analysts think a weak start to 2016 could set a negative tone for the rest of the year. a california app company now has to pay a $2 million fine for claiming its app can improve
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the lumosity app was billed as a tool to improve academic performance and fight diseases like dementia. but this morning the federal , trade commission says the claims mislead consumers and have no science to back them up. a feature on your apple iphone may be using up your data. one family was shocked when their most recent cell phone bill came in around $2000 all because of a feature on their son's new iphone called wi-fi assist. the feature is intended to make sure you always have a good signal by automatically switching to cellular data when a wi-fi signal is weak. that can eat up data without you realizing it. to turn off wi-fi assist, go to settings, then cellular, then down at the bottom, switch the wi-fi assist feature to off. eric: the 2016 consumer electronics show officially kicks off today in las vegas, but some companies have been giving us sneak peeks at some of the new technology they'll be showing off. check this out from under armour. it's called the health box, and it helps users track their bodies 24/7.
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to monitor heart rate, a wristband and a circular scale to measure weight and body fat, and they all communicate with under armour's app. it goes on sale january 22 for $400. here's a sweet new concept car from faraday. the single-seat, all electric sports car can reportedly go from zero to 60 in less than 3 seconds and reach speeds of more than 200 miles per hour. faraday says it hopes to get an all-electric sports car on the market in the next two years. and how about a tv that can roll up like a newspaper? that's one of the 3 concept designs that bend by l.g.. these concept tvs may never actually hit shelves, but they're meant to show off what's possible with the new technology. shaina: just in case you get so angry with whatever you see on tv. metinka: we do not need fancy
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we are expecting a wintry mix to move in and we cfu snowflakes try to develop near griswold and drifting up to the north this is probably not even reaching the ground in most neighborhoods just yet. south of kansas city is where we have the most watched her. -- most moisture. it is several hours away. we are probably closer to noon where we will see some snowflakes and sleet in central iowa. temperatures are really decent this morning. upper 20's for central iowa. low 30's off to the west. it is those temperatures that will play a huge factor in determining what precipitation type we get starting off this morning, light snow and light sleet moving into southwest iowa. that will be expanding throughout the noon hour. we will have pockets of snow and an easy commute maybe a little slippery with some snow in the forecast.
5:19 am
by saturday morning, waking up to patchy areas of drizzle and light rain moving in by the afternoon. very chilly rain south of i 80. temperatures cool back down overnight and it will change over to snowfall as we head toward friday. we are not expecting much in the way of snow accumulation through tomorrow morning. maybe a half inch in mainly on the grassy areas. a little bit of sleet and freezing drizzle at times. a little bit of rain can fall across southern iowa -- up to a quarter of an inch. a little bit of this and a little bit of that. 28 degrees in des moines starting out. not much wind out there so wind chill is not a problem. heading for highs just above freezing today. 35 degrees in des moines and we will have the sleet and light snow mixture moving in. watch for slick spots to develop overnight and then melt tomorrow with that light rain moving in and highs tomorrow and the upper 30's. it will all switch over to light snow by friday afternoon. early on saturday, we may end up with a couple inches of
5:20 am
eric: a couple busy days here. shaina: until that does arrive, the roads look fine. you should not run into any problems with no accidents redknapp right now. the only thing to keep in mind are the mobile speed units should one is right by the woodland cemetery. he has another southwell river. it's at 1800 2nd avenue. we have another please car near south union street. this one is on the hatchet a des moines at 6700 northwest six drive. we have one more in pleasant hill today on the 7100 block. repealing obamacare and blocking planned parenthood funding.
5:21 am
today live from washington next. eric: welcome back to kcci. a big vote today on capitol hill. lawmakers are set to send the president a bill repealing his signature health care law. shaina: nikole killion joins us live from washington, and nikole, this is something the republican-led congress has been trying to do for years. nikole: absolutely. now it could happen. if the repeal bill passes today, it would be the first time it reaches the white house. the senate passed the measure before the holidays and now the house is slated to vote this afternoon. it would dismantle key parts of the affordable care act, including requirements for individuals to get insurance and
5:22 am
it also includes a separate provision cutting federal funding to planned parenthood. the white house says the president will veto it. >> the president will not support anything that repeals the affordable care act. there are well over 17 million people around our country who have health care today, many who would not be alive today if it wasn't for the affordable care act. nikole: many democrats say this is the 62nd vote to repeal the president's law and they consider this to be a waste of time. house speaker paul ryan says congress is holding the president accountable. eric: nikole, this has also become a big talking point on the campaign trail. what are the candidates saying? nikole: as you can imagine, many republican candidates are sticking with paul ryan's view and many say that if they were elected to office, they would repeal the president's health care law.
5:23 am
hillary clinton says it shows republicans will go as far and fast and high as the drug companies can take them. it sounds like fighting words between the two sides, which i'm sure the debate will continue. back to you. shaina: nikole killion, live in washington for us. eric: more new stories ahead in our next half hour. a national security consultant tells us why north korea's bomb test is so worrisome. and a special invitation. the request a group of iowa muslims is extending to donald trump. and what would you do with all that money? how iowans would spend the $450 million powerball jackpot. not necessarily on themselves, either. shaina: and we leave you with some more video coming out of california this morning. el nio storms dropped an inch and a half of rain on los angeles. there are some flooding problems, but check this out. catch basins captured enough runoff to supply 9600 people with water. it's pretty good news with the
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shaina: developing story right now, north korea says it's tested a hydrogen bomb. the international reaction and the possible danger to the u.s. eric: plus, watch out. what a scary moment behind the wheel. find out what iowa's laws are when it comes to cleaning your car of ice and snow. and ice rescue.
5:26 am
moment he called for help. >> the most-watched morning news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. shaina: also this half hour, big money tonight. people are lining up to spend a couple dollars on a dream of winning the lottery. some of the more interesting ways iowans would spend all that money, ahead. welcome back everyone, it's wednesday january 6th. i'm shaina humphries. eric: i'm eric hanson, metinka here too. yesterday was a little melting overnight. metinka: and we have the wintry mix moving in with flakes falling across southwest iowa down to atlantic. this will not amount to anything this morning but there's more coming south of kansas to the that will be lifting in. temperatures will be on the milder side, warming above freezing this afternoon, just in time for sleep and light snow.
5:27 am
accumulation today and it will refreeze overnight across northern iowa. tomorrow it will melt a bit with highs in the upper 30's and light rain and then switch over to snow by friday afternoon and saturday morning. the me have cold air this weekend. shaina: back to the breaking story overnight, the un security council will meet in emergency session today after north korea claimed it conducted a hydrogen bomb test. cbs's brian webb reports on the dangerous development. brian: a representative from the white house says the u.s. cannot confirm a north korea hydrogen bomb test. but is calling on the country's leaders to abide by international obligations and commitments. the surprise north korean state tv announcement called the event a "perfect success", citing pyongyang's 'legal right' to defend itself against u.s. aggression. juan zarate: the real danger for the u.s. is whether north korea has intentions to demonstrate
5:28 am
pacific. brian: news of the event came after a 5.1 magnitude earthquake was detected near a known north korean nuclear test site. south korea quickly condemned the detonation and called an emergency national security council meeting. the country's president told reporters the test "is a threat on our people's survival and future, and a direct challenge against global peace and safety." brian webb for cbs news. shaina: a south korean spy agency says it may have actually been an atomic bomb, which is less powerful than a hydrogen bomb. u.s. officials say it could take days to independently confirm the test. meanwhile, reaction has been swift and strong to president obama's plan to tighten gun control. the centerpiece of his plan is stopping non-licensed dealers from selling weapons at gun shows and online. right now, iowa does not require dealers to be federally licensed, so they can sell without doing background checks. the effort is being widely
5:29 am
republican presidential candidates. it's also getting lots of reaction from gun show dealers here in iowa. daryl klein: we have very few people that come to our shows that are not federally licensed dealers. i don't see where this is going to change much. it seems to me to be more of a political stunt. shaina: there are three gun shows scheduled for the des moines area this month alone, they typically attract thousands of buyers and sellers. but no matter where they're being sold gun sales are going up. the fbi reported a record number of 23 million background checks completed in 2015. eric: more big stories this morning. the former mayor of mitchellville is facing child sexual abuse charges. 27-year-old jeremy filbert is accused of abusing a child under the age of 14 last september. there's also reports of an incident that happened at mitchellville elementary in 2014. filbert stepped down from the mayor's office in april.
5:30 am
on a $150,000 bond. jury selection starts today in the murder trial of joe lopez. the 25-year-old is charged in connection with the death of a clive toddler in 2014. the baby had a fractured skull and multiple broken ribs after reportedly falling inside a home. kcci's mark tauscheck will be in the courtroom today. stay with kcci for updates throughout the day. kcci will also be in the court room when 53-year-old deanna gliem is arraigned. she's accused of driving drunk and broad-siding a car on hubbell in november, killing both men inside the car. she's being charged with two counts of vehicular homicide. a west des moines boy is recovering after getting his foot caught in an escalator. jill mollison: he had to literally just yank him out of the escalator. i can fit my finger through his entire shoe. eric: three year old jake mollison was with his family riding down the escalator at the west des moines barnes and noble monday night.
5:31 am
noise, his family noticed jake's tennis shoe lodged in the side of the escalator. the iowa division of labor believes the escalator malfunctioned. there were 18 similar incidents on escalators across the state last year. and governor branstad says his new initiative will improve both the state's water quality and iowa schools. he wants to extend the one cent sales tax for another 20 years. some of the money would be diverted from improving schools to water quality projects. the plan means schools would get just over $20 billion, and water quality would get $4.6 billion. lawmakers will debate it in this year's legislative session. shaina: new this morning, a highway hazard caught on camera. a sheet of ice smashes into a man's windshield while he's driving in new hampshire. kcci's alyx sacks met with local law enforcement about this case. and it sounds pretty scary, alyx. what should people do if this happens to them? alyx: it is scary. the first thing you should do is pull over as quickly and safely
5:32 am
also, try to get the license plate number of the car the snow or ice fell off of. that could help with insurance later. now here's a look at that video we're talking about. a man driving on the highway in new hampshire captures the moment on a dash cam. a sheet of ice smashes his windshield, leaving his vision down to nothing. in some states, driving with snow on top of your car or on your hood is illegal. not in iowa. in iowa, if a vehicle is spilling loads of what it's hauling on the highways, that's against state law. but snow on your roof, there's no law that will write you a ticket. but as sgt. nathan ludwig with iowa state patrol puts it, it's just common sense. sgt. ludwig: they're in a hurry, they're quick to get into their car, start their car after just clearing a little bit of the windshield off. but it's just common courtesy to
5:33 am
car because you could be that person that's driving down the road and have an icicle or snow come off and hit your vehicle alyx: coming up next, so who's liable if this happens? how insurance experts weighed in on the video. in case this happens to you. live in des moines, alyx sacks, kcci 8 news. iowa's news leader. shaina: that's good information. we are expecting some snow but not that much. metinka: keep this paper handy just in case. we have some flurries working at the southwest iowa with the majority of snow near the kansas city area and southward. your planner for today shows up by noon with sleet and light snow. temperatures will be just above freezing so it will be a slushy afternoon with a dusting of snow. tomorrow, warmer air moves in
5:34 am
afternoon and will get bitterly cold by sunday. . eric: new from around iowa, a 911 call tells how rescuers were able to reach a hunter who got stuck in ice in eastern iowa. dispatcher: all right, can you wave your arms in the air for me sir? hunter: i can hear them now. dispatcher: okay, they're requesting you wave your arms, can you do that? eric: the johnson county sheriff's office says 25 year old jared bushell fell through some ice in the hawkeye wildlife area on new year's eve. bushell was up to his chest in freezing water and ice. rescuers did pull him out in our later. when sheriff's lieutenant said he could have died if he did not have a working cell phone with him. lt. adolph: everybody has a cell phone, sometimes maybe i think we depend too much on it. we walk out with a cell phone, we're safe, we're okay, we don't have to worry about it because we can call. there could be a time when you won't be able to use a cell phone or there's a time when the cell phone is gone, broken, lost, whatever. eric: the sheriff's office says
5:35 am
with a partner, also take a floatation device, and tell others where they plan to hunt. shaina: and in cedar rapids, the mother mosque of america is reaching out to donald trump about his views on muslims. the group wants trump to share some of his plans. one of his plans that received a lot of criticism is banning all muslims from entering the country. trump says the ban would be temporary and would have exceptions. and he doubled down on his proposal in his first tv ad. >> we need to know what's going on with him. he keeps intimidating and talking, sometimes hateful speeches against his own fellow citizens and that is not the american way. the american way is to come to the house and speak to us. shaina: some from the mosque say trump's campaign has become intimidating for their congregation, which is full of regular american citizens.
5:36 am
runner might not realize is many actually side with him on some issues.
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an economy that works for all of us rather than a handful of billionaires. if you work 40 hours a week in america, you should not live in poverty. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. >> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis
5:39 am
with shaina humphries. metinka: the weather is quiet for now, 28 with clouds in des moines. sleet and light snow moving in by noontime with a light glazing possible and maybe a dusting of accumulation. 35 this afternoon and us temperatures warm up tomorrow, we will see chilly light rain across the southern half of the state that will be followed by an injury to of snow late friday and early saturday and winter like conditions with highs in the single digits. president obama: and from every family who never imagined that their loved one would be taken from our lives by a bullet from
5:40 am
those kids it gets me mad. shaina: that was an emotional president obama on tuesday, explaining why he's using executive actions on gun control. the main action is closing loopholes that right now allow some gun sales without background checks. eric: more than 4,500 votes in our now poll asking if you support the president's move. very close down the middle. 54% say yes, 46% say no. shaina: but there's a very strong reaction from both sides close to 200 comments on our , kcci facebook page. david says, "these gun laws are not going to deter nor stop criminals from getting a gun to hurt or kill someone. they will only hurt the law abiding gun owners." christopher writes, "i don't see anything there that says anything about taking away people's guns, or keeping people from buying guns. it's to close the gun show loophole." eric: another viewer says "i think it is a start. i don't think there is a reason anyone should own assault rifles, etc. what i feel is dumb is i have to
5:41 am
medicine from a licensed pharmacist, but to go buy bullets if you have the money, you're good." shaina: it really fires people up. eric: there'll be a town hall meeting with anderson cooper and the president on thursday. shaina: well the other story that has you talking this morning, what you'd do with $450 million. i could think of a few things. tonight's powerball jackpot is the fourth largest in the game's history. strong sales helped push the pot even higher. just look at the line of people at this gas station in california. if you win and take the cash option, you'd walk away with $275 million. still not too bad. eric: that's ok. a whole lotta dreaming on facebook this morning. many saying they'd pay off debts, buy a house, or a car. others plan to be generous. shane says he'd start a foundation to help the homeless that gets them the help they need. bill would finance young farmers getting started, and bury $10 million in gold somewhere to make sure there's some left for
5:42 am
loni says she and her husband dream of buying a semi load of food, paper products, cleaning supplies and personal care needs and giving it away to the needy and homeless. shaina: you can buy your tickets until 8:59 tonight and the drawing is at 9:59. we'll have the winning numbers on kcci 8 news at ten. finally today since we are talking snow, we thought we which are you how fun it can be. the cute side. some of the animals at the oregon zoo are enjoying the winter weather. metinka will be back to tell you what to expect where you live
5:43 am
this morning. >> weather is never more than five minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. metinka: good morning, a wintry mess will be working its way into the state and stick around to the start of the weekend. a couple of flurries possible by atlantic. it is lifting to the northeast but this is not expected to be any problem this morning. we are waiting on the bulk of the moisture. it is done near kansas city and southward what it is moving to the north. it should be here by late morning toward noon and
5:44 am
role in determining which precipitation type you get. in des moines, clouds and 28 with low 30's across the southwestern corner of the state. temperatures will be warming. timing things out, by noon we have pockets of sleet and light snow. the evening commute may be slower and slippery with snow and freezing drizzle, maybe continuing across central into southern iowa. overnight that quiets down tomorrow morning with flurries possibly left over the temperatures will warm and then we get raymond to central and southern iowa, lifting to the north. by 5:00, temperatures will cool and we have a transition back over to light snow that will be with us into friday and saturday. not much know is expected today into tomorrow, maybe a half-inch across iowa. there will also be rain across seven iowa, one-2/10 of an inch. no precipitation, roads are in
5:45 am
highs today above freezing, 35 in des moines with light snow from time to time. tomorrow as to which is warming to the upper 30's, we will have light rain and that will transition over to snow by friday afternoon and evening and linger into saturday when we could see a potential four inches of continuation -- and a potential of inches of accumulation. shaina: think should be looking pretty good on the road. no ice or snow anymore and accidents. we do have mobile speed units you want to pay attention around. three from the police department in des moines. 700 mlk junior parkway. 1800 2nd avenue. the southside unit at 4400 south union street. 6700 northwest sixth drive.
5:46 am
eric: a special award for ellen
5:47 am
guaranteed to laugh shaina: welcome back to kcci. 2009 golden globe winner jane lynch flies back into primetime this week. she stars in the new cbs comedy "angel from hell". lynch plays amy, a guardian angel for an ambitious young doctor played by maggie lawson. the new show premieres thursday night, right here on kcci at
5:48 am
eric: you can catch jane lynch tonight too. she's set to host the people's choice awards. ellen degeneres will be the fourth recipient of favorite humanitarian. for her work helping communities in need and raising awareness. the talk show host selected st. jude children's research hospital as the beneficiary of the annual donation presented by walgreens. following all your favorite shows. you can catch the people's choice awards tonight live on kcci starting at 8:00. today on "ellen", golden globe host ricky gervais stops by. he talks about why he decided to host the globes again. shaina: plus, ellen breaks out a couple holiday photos of ricky. >> i had a drink, just me and the cat. >> she didn't drink. >> no, that would be animal cruelty. watching me drunk is pretty cruel, i would imagine. >> there's the party.
5:49 am
and discussed -- in gisgust. [applause] [laughter] >> what's on your head? shaina: what a christmas. then ellen gifts him with a new track suit since he started running. and some new "ellen" gold undies. then they play a hilarious game of the "5 second rule." ellen's toasting her friends from across the sea today at 4:00, right here on kcci. kcci 8 news this morning as live with new overnight news, here's what we're working on for 6:00 a.m.. alyx: if you are driving down the highway and a big chunk of ice hits your windshield? especially at high speeds when you travel on the highway, that could do damage. but would it be against the law?
5:50 am
metinka: rather will get cold and stay that way with precipitation possible and sleet and snow. eric: all the rain will impact the roads but right now they are fine. things look to be going fine, 28
5:51 am
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