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tv   KCCI 8 News at Ten  Me-TV  January 6, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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>> the former mitchellville mayor charged with sex crimes in kansas. why he wasn't charged in iowa. >> i will never forget that. >> marshalltown mother fights for her life. what her husband hopes other expected mothers help from her story. >> we reveal the $500 million winning powerball numbers. >> a wintry mix for your wednesday night. >> the meteorologist joins us with a look at what ahead. >> it is a mess out here. temperatures hovering around freezing. head down to the metro. far enough to the northeast, there stilson snow up there. this is all moving off to the northeast. conditions in the metro. generally rain east side.
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keeping a close eye on temperatures. everything should be ok. but 32, temperatures around freezing. will be some slick spots out there. rain later tonight. without some january rain on the way. they've got the potential for snow. a bit cold in your eight day forecast. we will talk about the low temperatures coming up. >> the green areas showed seasonal driving conditions.
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track the storm as it happens. it is available for free for both android and iphone. >> new details, a polk county mayor behind bars for sex crimes. ryan smith reports from metro ville. >> jeremy resigned his post under controversial circumstances. multiple sex crimes against children. the former mayor faces two counts of rape with the victim younger than 14 years old into crowds -- counts of criminal sodomy. >> i am disgusted and embarrassed to know these charges have been brought.
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>> it's not the first time they've been accused of inappropriate behavior around kids. multiple girls from the chill bill elementary school came forward with complaints. according to this 2014 police report, they claimed he tickled them, gave horsey back rides and began taking pictures with them. the school immediately reported the allegations to police. >> they brought it to the appropriate attention of authorities. >> they declined to file charges. john's r cohen telling them they did not have the evidence to charge a criminal offense. filbert is behind bars on $150,000 bond.
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all have either denied or neglected to get back to me. former mayor jeremy filbert faces a district court judge in nine days for his preliminary hearing. >> a boon man behind bars charged with his third dwi. stuart corson was driving drunk with his seven-year-old daughter inside the car. it happened december 26 just outside the city. they were called out to a car in a ditch and found out that corson was the driver. they tell is he failed a field sobriety test. >> we take it very seriously. when we come across somebody, they will get charged with endangerment as well. >> he was arrested on january 5
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he is still in jail under $20,000 cash only bond. >> donald trump directing his attacks at a new target. texas senator ted crews. all the candidates are feeling pressure to win over voters. >> bankrupting our kids and grandkids. >> donald trump is questioning how his birthplace could impact his candidacy. >> if the democrats bring a lawsuit. it could take years to resolve. >> his mother makes him a u.s. citizen. he responded with a link to the clip of happy days. >> i will stick with fonzie jumping the shark and let the rest of you battle it out. >> the moment when a tv show or anything else begins to go downhill. from iowa to new hampshire,
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including curly theory in a that hosted a luncheon in dover, new hampshire, today. they successfully tested a hydrogen bomb to criticize hillary clinton. >> that is the failure that lies at the foot of hillary clinton. >> chris christie directed his criticism at president obama. >> we have allowed the north koreans to get further down the nuclear road. >> other foreign-born republicans. >> other candidates in the state include mike huckabee, rand paul, rick santorum, and martin o'malley. >> you know there are plenty of photo ops. at grand view university, they capture memorable moments from
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each picture tells a story from the current crop back to the first iowa caucuses. 120 photos are on display. they were taken by news photographers taken by three pulitzer prize winners. >> there is nothing like being several feet away from the candidate when something happens. >> you can see the first in the february 7. >> we know the name of a man killed in a trench collapse. police say justin died when the 12 foot trench collapsed. it took that. the accident is under
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the location-based afterschool out. the app uses facebook to verify students go to a particular school. thousands are using this app but district officials say so far, there have been no reported issues. >> it is a great reminder for students as well as that what you do in the virtual world have consequences in the real world. >> parents can restrict their children's access to the app. >> the former iowa congressman says he is battling lymphoma. he tweeted today that i have never lost an election and i'm either. things for positive thoughts and prayers. he writes he has a great team of doctors and the treatment plan in place.
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>> a mom in a coma tonight after giving birth. what pregnant women can learn from her terrifying diagnosis. >> any report breaks down the damage. >> and a string of powerful storms. >> we are alive. scott is in with highlights of another close game on hardwood for the cyclones.
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>> this is kcci eight news at 10:00. >> the only thing she was to do is hold her baby. the one thing that is hardest for her to do is hold her baby. >> marshalltown woman is forced to fight for her life. she experienced the worst case scenario. >> they explain her besar health scare and the message she has for other pregnant women. >> laura adams had a seemingly
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>> a memory never forget. >> she was having sharp pains. >> we have to go now. >> two weeks before her due date. >> they made a very quick and very hard decision. >> baby josefina arrived healthy and happy. but instantly, doctors knew something was seriously wrong with mom. >> a pancreas rupture was like a bomb going off in her body. >> it killed much of her pancreas. >> she is a fighter. she is just a fighter. >> the perfect storm of a worst-case scenario, the only reason she didn't die is because she was young and healthy before.
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>> she had five surgeries and could need up to 10 more. >> she is not going to see the first time. she wasn't able to do the first feeding. >> gofundme page has raised $25,000. laura is beloved in the community where she works as a music therapist at the iowa veterans home. her husband says the impact is immeasurable. >> the only thing that she wanted to do was work in the iowa veterans home. and >> and she will someday because she took quick action wrong inside of her. >> a healthy baby is not all that matters. healthy mom is also is important. pay attention to your body and understand when you need to go to the doctor. don't wait. >> her recovery could take a year or more.
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have already donated more than 300 hours of their only time. >> a health alert about the dangers of spending too much time staring at your computer screen. a survey from the vision council shows nearly eight in 10 americans who suffer from digital eye strain used to or more devices at the same time. 65% suffer from symptoms like blurred vision, headaches, neck and back pain. doctors suggest using the 20-20 rule to prevent it. >> for every 20 minutes you work up close, take a 22nd break to look at something 20 feet further away. >> doctors say pushing your screen further back and
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>> strom storms packing a punch. officials had to shut down all cars in the city because of heavy rain. cars were swamped in deepwater causing a huge traffic backup. that same storm is bringing snow to mountainous regions in the state. >> and snow out there, what is going on? >> we have a big traffic jam after cyclone victor. how is it going? folks are moving. what a great night inside. it is misty and it is messy. temperatures around 32 degrees. in the metro, 34. please keep that in mind. slightly below freezing. that will lead to some slick travel although most of the
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rain and snow tapering off as night goes along. isolated showers early tomorrow and light rain moves in. notice the temperature is 36 degrees. here is the precipitation moving. annex in the metro. rain on the south side and a little bit of that rain moving into the south central iowa. it is moving northeast. the main system is hovering off to the west. that will head our way and initially we see a little bit of a break tonight. it will be in the form of rain. look at the temperatures. 38 in chicago and minneapolis. rainfall will be moving in tonight. and then we see reyna, snow
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we will see snow up in northwestern iowa transitioning here as we move into friday. chance of snow out to the west and maybe some blowing snow on saturday. is the rain tracker. we will see rain with this. anywhere from a half an inch. i think a few locations in the north could squeeze out an inch. and this is through friday. metro would be this sleet and slush accumulation. we stay above freezing in des moines. mainly jurors, could be some fog. cold rain and more fog, a mix of snow. watch this. all the temperatures are going down. saturday blowing snow. 24.
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the cyclones were fantastic. had not been to a game in a while. we are just standing outside in the mist. >> next on the news at 10:00, a few photobomb are trending tonight. the snapshot hijack you have to see. >> dad is getting down. the viral video bomb featuring some impressive dad moves.
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photobomb. >> viral video the dad sneaking
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>> he does the dance better than the girls do. nearly a minute before the girls caught dad in action. >> that is good dad work right there. >> the horses giving a great big goofy smile while the little girl posing in front has absolutely no idea. >> a big night at the coliseum. >> a huge night at iowa state with the cyclones looking for their big 12 win. >> the iowa's sports leader. >> there telling us some steps
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>> from iowa's sports leader. >> isu had their home game debut tonight taking on a red-hot red
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and they rise to the challenge. looking for familiar faces. getting fancy with it. iowa state out in a hurry. this with the big boy.. he paid -- late 12 minutes in the first half because of files. no good. jameel mckay is there to clean up the dirt. leading the team. the story of the day, loving it. thomas making it rain from three. three of his 22 points, but texas tech most went up 20 points at one point. it would come to us late in the second half.
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76-69 the final. >> the cyclones only shot 35% and they came back to make a game of it. matt thomas was the one constant. he had shot after shot. a career high of 22 points. >> when that first one goes down , a great guard that are unselfish and always make the extra pass, it's easy. i just have to find spots where i can get looks. in transition, i hug my shot.
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>> it was especially big because iowa state was in danger of dropping to 0-2. they were coming up next on the schedule. >> the big 12 not the only basketball in action tonight. the valley also busy on the hardwood. hosting indiana state. sycamores up in the second half and they kick to lemon. chasing down the board, a nice little finish. jack trying to rally the troops. steps back. 17 points on the night. they fall 69-79 at home. on the road at missouri state. they drop an absolute heartbreaker. 59-58 the final. women on the road taking on the
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not even close in this one. 75-54. the basketball team is flying high. 3-0 in the big ten with the world of confidence. iowa continues to build the resume. it's a win that proves iowa can lean on experience. going down by 10 early on. they went to their senior who took the game over. >> it was tough when they started pressing late. but they kind of talk the game over and make sure that we won. >> at times, you're going to have to be able to score. whether things are going right or for myself, i'm going to have to score.
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on the road you got people working incredibly long hours. median family income today -- $4,000 less than it was in 1999. the bottom line of this economy is that it is rigged. what this campaign is about is to demand that we create an economy that works for all of us rather than a handful of billionaires. if you work 40 hours a week in america, you should not live in poverty.
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>> we have a special birthday wish. our friend and coworker, happy birthday. the emmy award-winning director of this newscast. >> and here are more numbers. powerball numbers. 2, 11, 47, 62, 63, and powerball of 63. >> jerry seinfeld is one of
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