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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning at 430am  Me-TV  January 7, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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visibility in the metro down to a mile and a half. conditions will not change much at all during the day. in des moines, 34 with a high of 38 and a cold rain moving in this afternoon. shaina: taking a look at statewide road conditions. the green areas show seasonal regular driving conditions, blue means partially covered. the main part of the metro, everything looks clear. think is completely covered. way in the northeast is dealing with that. wherever you are keep this in mind because roads are slippery. as winter weather whirls around you can count on kcci to help you stay aware. download our weather app to track the storm as it happens. live radar, traffic alerts, and road conditions on your smart phone. it is free for android and iphone. new details in the case of the
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this is not the first time he has been investigated for questionable conduct with a child. ryan smith reports from mitchellville. ryan: jeremy filbert resigned his post as mitchellville's mayor under controversial circumstances in april last year. six months year police in wyadotte county, kansas arrest him. the former i faces two counts of rape with the victim younger than 14 and two counts of criminal sodomy. >> i am embarrassed to know that these charges have been brought and if they proved to be true, it's just disgusting. ryan: this isn't the first time he's been accused of inappropriate behavior around children. while in office, multiple girls from mitchellville elementary school came forward with complaints. according to this 2014 police report, they claimed mayor
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horsey back ride and texted and took pictures with them. the school reported those allegations to police. >> this is what they're supposed to do. they had an allegation and a child that felt comfortable talking to them about it. and they brought it to the appropriate attention of authorities. ryan: the polk county attorney declined to file charges following in iowa dci investigation. john sarcone telling kcci that they did not have the evidence to charge. now filbert is behind bars in kansas on $150,000 bond. i reached out to each mitchellville city councilmember including the mayor for comment. all have either denied or neglected to get back to me. former mayor jeremy filbert faces the kansas district court judge in nine days for his per luminary hearing.
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eric: a boon man faces his third owi charge in story county but who was with him in his car is making his charges more serious. vanessa: it was at this intersection outside of story city where deputies say 28-year-old stuart corson allegedly drove drunk with his seven-year-old daughter in the car. >> to take that seriously and whenever we come across some of the operating a vehicle while intoxicated, if there are kids, they will get charged with endangerment. vanessa: this is his third owi. the sheriff's office says they were called out to a car in a ditch at the intersection of highway 69 and 120th street. >> there was a second vehicle there, the child was in that already. trying to stay warm because was very cold. vanessa: the deputy noticed another car rolled over in the
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he failed a field sobriety test and refused to take a breathalyzer or blood test. >> no matter what the time of year maybe, the mix of alcohol in your system and getting behind the wheel is never a good idea but especially not with children in the vehicle. eric: he was arrested tuesday after warrants were issued for his arrest. he is in storage county jail -- story county jail on bond. a man is dead after a trench collapse in altoona. it happened on 5th avenue. crews worked for more than six hours to recover the body of 30-year-old justin jorgenson of colfax. he worked or eating company in st. charles. shaina: alyx sacks was on the scene scrubbing why the recovery effort was a difficult. alyx: minutes turned two hours as rescue crews struggled to free the man trapped in a collapsed trench. >> that is the equipment being used, it is an excavator.
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whol -- hole with the operator above. alyx: he says the victim was working 10 to 12 feet in the ground. when law enforcement arrived by a: 30 wednesday morning, it became clear the rescue mission was now a recovery mission. >> we do tell. we knew by the visual cues this would be recovery. alyx: the des moines fire department recovery team specializes in situations like this one. the weather conditions and ground conditions me their job difficult. freezing cold temperatures and there is still snow on the ground here but at the construction site, the mud is not frozen and that is the issue crews say they ran into. >> the whole has a lot of mud it so shoring is creating problems. alyx: after a long, cold, difficult day, they were able to free the victim.
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shaina:osha was on scene conducting its own investigation as well, the he was -- nobody else was hurt. metinka: there is a bit of freezing drizzle in some spots so watch for maybe slippery locations on elevated or untreated surfaces. mainly around highway 30, if you've seen slippery conditions. this little round of light precipitation will move through, followed by a heavier, more moderate band that extends from kansas city all the way down toward the louisiana that will lift into the state by the afternoon. we will start with drizzle, mist, for, -- fog, and rain will move in this afternoon with more rain on the way tomorrow eventually changing to snow. shaina: police across the metro are searching for a suspect wanted in nail salon break-ins.
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been broken into and four in west des moines in the past week. emmy victor has the story. emmy: nail salons are the new target for thieves around the metro. but they are not breaking in for polish. they doing it for the cash. >> when i checked the door it looked like it was unlocked and i don't know what happened. emmy: one male wearing a white sweatshirt was seen on surveillance video walking into the salon. he lives with the register in 20 seconds. have not been able to accept cash since. when we showed video to the owner of andy's nails, another salon broken into, the scene looked familiar. >> it looked like the same 30 -- hoodie outfit. emmy: they may not be changing
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many business owners are giving up leaving money in the register. >> they head up the other salons and they might change their tactic. emmy: signature nail salons says they were missing over $200 when someone broke in which would go a long way for a family-owned business. >> we are small businesses. hopefully the public out there will help us and get these people. shaina: crime reports show a second or third suspect could be involved and most of the suspects are scheduled gotten into the front doors. anyone with further information is asked to call police. eric: a republican presidential candidate donald trump is using an old tactic to attack. shaina: it has some parents and
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz, and right-now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: good morning, it is a drizzly start to our thursday in central iowa changing to freezing drizzle a quote -- along and north of highway 30. it is very light. you will notice a lot of puzzle -- bottles
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generally a couple of miles or more in visibility. the west is where the worst is. des moines is at a mile and a half but here zero across portions of west central iowa. it will continue through the morning as temperatures get above freezing in central iowa and rain moves and by noon or after. there will be chilly rainfall and we could cap -- pick up an inch. tomorrow will be the day of change where rain eventually switches over. shaina: donald trump is directing his attack at a new target. senator ted cruz. eric: all candidates are feeling the pressure to win over voters with caucuses four weeks away. >> we are bankrupting our kids and grandkids.
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the republican race for president. donald trump is questioning how his placing could impact our -- his candidacy. >> if democrats bring the resolve. stacey: ted cruz was born in canada but lived in america making him a u.s. citizen. >> i will stick with fonzie you battle it out. stacey: jumping the shark has become pop-culture shorthand for when a tv show or anything else goes downhill. other presidential candidates are battling this as well including carly fiorina who posted a lunch in new hampshire. she used north korea's claim to have successfully tested a hydrogen bomb to criticize hillary clinton. >> they know nothing will happen. that's a failure that lies at the foot of hillary clinton. stacey: chris christie directed
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>> while president obama is playing for two with the iranians we have allowed the nuclear road. stacey: as for ted cruz's citizenship, other foreign-born republicans have run for president without challenges to their eligibility. eric: ted cruz had several campaign stops across iowa plan for today. other candidates include aycock to become, and martin o'malley. shaina: if you have been to a campaign event, you know there are lots of photo opportunities. an exhibit at grand view university captures memorable moments from 40 years of iowa caucuses. each story tells about the very first iowa caucuses and goes up to the latest. they were taken by news photographers, including three put surprise winners. >> we have the best seats in the house, usually. there's nothing like being several feet away from a candidate when something happens. you really feel you are part of
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shaina: you can see the first in the nation photo exhibit at grand view university through february 7. eric: we are waking up to 34 degrees, barely above freezing. in some spots, it is slick. there is fog as well. this is 235 at polk boulevard showing those conditions.
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>> weather is never more than five minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. metinka: good morning, and drizzle will be followed by rain this afternoon. there may be freezing drizzle through boone to story city. the back edge is near new virginia toward greenfield. you will be catching a bit of a break but you will probably have mist mixed with fog. the heart of this system is churning away across the panhandle of oklahoma and it is drawing up gulf of mexico moisture. all the way from louisiana to arkansas, the rain will be lifting and across the state later this afternoon. this morning, light precipitation expected. drizzle mixed with freezing drizzle, watch for slick spots. we will have light rain pulling and across the southeastern
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snowflakes to the north. light rain continues through the evening especially across the southern half of the state. better chances for a wintry mix north of highway 20 as we go through overnight. here comes another round of barry cold rain right and -- very cold rain followed by a change to snow by 4:00 p.m. we are only expecting a half-inch of rain fall from this system but it will be cold and followed by a bit of snow. not much, maybe a half inch or less, but one to three inches of snow likely in eventually across the northern part of the state toward saturday morning. this morning we are waking up to temperatures just above freezing which is good news as it is preventing widespread ice but watch for elevated or untreated roads. visibility in the metro is at a mile and a half and lower in
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we have a light breeze from the southeast, the drizzle continues and roads are wet. it will be sake -- soggy. here in des moines, we have a high of 38 and it will be cold. not much wind but the fog will whole steady. areas of fog at or above freezing, and toward tomorrow, this system changes a little bit and cold air works in with rain switching to snow by mid afternoon. whatever does fall will be whipped around, probably causing ice concerns on the road. eric: thanks. shaina: a popular new app targeting high school students is raising concerns for school officials. eric: the app is called after school and it is similar to yik
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parents and school officials won't have access. kim st. onge has more on what parents need to know. kim: the location-based afterschool app uses facebook to verify users are students at a school. meeting parents and school officials don't have access. >> and honest -- anonymously post? that's fine as long as it's not >> offending somebody or making fun of some deals. > the power of being able to post anonymously, people are using it to their advantage. kim: allison highs will knows about the afterschool app. >> i've heard people can make comments and look at people stuff -- stuff people do. kim: more than 900 valley high school students are using it. >> i think if you want to say something about someone you should say it to them instead of over the internet.
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including ankeny, johnston, and urbandale have similar numbers. the des moines school district says the app is on its radar but has had no reported issues. >> this is a little predatory in that it seems to be just focused on minors. and blocking access for adults. kim: the company that designed the app sent me this statement that says the apps new or has proactive anti-cyber bullying measures, additional moderation, and state-of-the-art threat response. >> i think social media is good and can be used positively that when you can be anonymous people can use it more negatively. eric: they say that parents can restrict their children from having access to the app through the child's phone. we have more information on that on our website.
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a, after giving birth metinka: 34 degrees and drizzle in des moines, so far just liquid across central iowa but i were 30 and northward, we have patchy, freezing drizzle. we do have pockets of slightly heavier drizzle like toward collins and gilmore spreading toward marshalltown. we will catch a break with foggy
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to frame arrives this afternoon. kids might want to take an umbrella. lunch and recess is probably going to be indoors. a cold rain is on the way. >> the only thing she wants to do is hold her baby and the one thing that's hardest for her to do is to hold her baby. eric: minutes after becoming a new mother, a marshalltown woman is forced to fight for her life. laura adams experienced what doctors called a worst-case scenario. shaina: laura terrell explains her bizarre health scare. laura: 26-year-old laura adams had a seemingly normal pregnancy but on december 9. she told her husband she was having sharp pains. >> she was like we have to go now, we have to get to the hospital. laura: two weeks before her due date. >> the ob/gyn made a difficult decision.
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laura: the baby arrived healthy and happy but instantly, doctors do something was wrong with mom. >> her pancreas ruptured like a bomb going off in her body. laura: doctors believe a gallstone cause an infection which spread, killing much of her pancreas and colon. >> she's a fighter. laura: doctors call it the perfect storm of a worst-case scenario, saying the only reason she did not die as because she was young and healthy before. >> she won't give up, she will fight. laura: she has had five surgeries and could need 10 more. >> she would likely miss all of the mom firsts. she wasn't able to change her first diaper. she can't do the first feeding. laura: a gofundme page has raised $25,000. >> it's hard to put into words how appreciative we are.
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community as a music their pest at the iowa veterans home. her husband is a veteran himself and says her impact is immeasurable. >> when she started her program, the only thing she wanted to do his work at the veterans home and the only thing she wants to do now is go back. laura: she will someday in part he says because she took quick action when she knew something was wrong. >> the healthy baby isn't all that matters, and healthy mom is equally as important. laura: she wants other women to learn from her story and do the same. >> a attention to your body and doctor. shaina: her recovery could take a year or more. he says many generous coworkers at the iowa veterans home have donated more than 300 hours of their only time. eric: two full hours of today's top stories are ahead. we will break down today's weather and show you the latest
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