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tv   KCCI 8 News at Noon  Me-TV  January 7, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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if you work 40 hours a week in america, you should not live in poverty. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. >> visit iowa's news leader. kcci this is 8 news at noon. mollie: a foggy day, but the good news, temperatures are staying warm enough to keep the city streets from becoming a glaze of ice. it afternoon. i'm mollie cooney. we begin with jason talking more about rain and snow heading our way. is that right, jason jason:? jason:the vast majority of us will be seeing this for a good portion of the day. it will be like the sky is sneezing on you. the heaviest of making its way
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we have continued to see a light drizzle for most of the morning hours. at this transition its way northward, we will continue to see the moisture building. you can see the bucket of moisture just off to the south. you can see cooler air off to the northwest. eventually, we will see some of this to the northwestern part of the state transition to snow. it could be accumulating snow. for now, staying relatively warm. mid-30's is what we are looking at. it is about as warm as we will be for a while. story of the morning, the fog. starting to see some structures reemerging. the fog will continue to disperse as we head throughout the day. rain continues. i will have details coming up soon. we could see a steep cold out.
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you can count on kcci to keep you weather-aware. download our kcci weather app to track the storm as it happens. you'll get live radar, traffic alerts and road conditions straight to your smartphone. it's available for free for both android and iphone. police say weather does not appear to be a factor after a two vehicle accident blocked traffic on the southside for over an hour. it happened on sw 9th and mckinley street just before 8:30 this morning. police say an suv traveling eastbound on mckinley ran a red light and slammed into the side of a beige cadillac headed northbound on southwest 9th. the driver of cadillac suffered minor injuries and the driver of the suv was not hurt. charges are pending. new at noon police say they've , made two arrests in the case of a missing newton 12-year-old. police say charlene brown left voluntarily on christmas day even though there was a protective order in place misty shaver from having contact preventing her mother with , charlene at the time of her
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that led authorities to issue warrants for shaver and the mother's boyfriend kevin carlton. all three were found just after at a rest stop near victor. 10:00 last night carlton and shaver are now in custody at the jasper county jail. carlton is charged with felony child stealing and shaver is being held as a material witness in the case further charges could be filed. brown is now safe in the custody of the department of human services. a follow up now to the breaking news we brought you yesterday at noon. a deadly trench collapse in altoona remains under investigation. altoona police say 30-year-old justin jorgensen died when a 12 foot deep trench collapsed around him. he was working for jrs excavating of saint charles at the time of the incident. family says jorgensen died the same day his son turned 4-years-old. he also leaves behind a wife and daughter. a gofundme page has been set up to help the family with funeral expenses.
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jorgensen. it's another tough day on wall street. the stock market opened with its third triple digit decline of the week spooked by the turmoil in the chinese economy. hena daniels has more from the new york stock exchange. >> the stock market tumbled by from the opening bell with the dow jones industrial average dropping hundreds of points within seconds. the trouble continues to spread from china where circuit breakers, suspended trading after the stock market lost more than 7%, weakness in the world largest economy has reignited >> worries about a global slowdown. >>china was one of the main drivers for global growth for most of the last decade. >> with china's troubles, it has
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it is the third triple digit decline in one week. analysts say the most important thing for investors is not to panic. if you are a long-term investor, the best strategy is to stick to your game plan. that means, don't do anything. no panicking. no emotions jumping in. friday's unemployment report may turn investors attention back home, positive news about job hiring. evidence that the u.s. economy is staying on track. hannah daniels, cbs news, wall street. mollie: here at home meredith , had proposed merging with newspaper and tv conglomerate media general, with the combined corporate headquarters remaining in des moines. but this morning, media general announced it has reached agreement to be purchased by a third company, nexstar broadcasting. however, media general's statement says no sale can take place until its prior merger agreement with meredith is terminated.
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willing to walk away. shortly after this morning's announcement, meredith released a statement saying it has sweetened its offer for media general. meredith ceo steve lacy says he feels his company's offer is superior, and is urging media general to give it serious consideration. chances are, you heard by now, no one match all the numbers from last night's $500 million powerball drawing. now officials say, this weekend's drawing will be the largest it's estimated that jackpot in any game in u.s. history. it's estimated that saturday's drawing will be worth about 675 -- $675 million. the previous record was mega 656 million millions jackpot won in march of 20-12. the health care repeal bill that was passed yesterday by the republican-led house now awaits president obama's certain veto. this is the first time such legislation has passed both the house and senate.
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well-being survey found that in 2015, progress stalled on reducing the number of uninsured americans under the health care law. a long ordeal for 17 miners in lansing, new york, is over. officials at the deepest salt mine in the western hemisphere say all 17 of the miners have been safely brought to the surface. they became stuck in an elevator about 900 feet underground last night while being lowered to the floor of the mine to start their shift. officials say eleven miners are but in china dead after they , became trapped deep under ground following a cave-in last night. dense smoke and dangerous gases have hampered the mission. 38 other miners did manage to escape. paris remains on edge after french police shot and killed a man they say tried to attack a police station. cbs' jonathan vigliotti has the latest from london. it happened as paris marked the first anniversary of the terror
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charlie hebdo newspaper. armed police blocked off paris sheets. -- paris streets. they said a knife wielding man try to storm a police station north of the capital, but was shot on the sidewalk. the suspect was wearing a heavy jacket with what appeared to be wire sticking out, raising belt. police said it later, the suspect was wearing a device, but they believe it was a week. the incident took place only the when you're anniversary of the deadly militant attacks on france's charlie hebdo satirical magazine. it comes to months after terrorists attacked paris killing mollie: 138 people. mollie:authorities say the man they killed was from north
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dietary supplement send many people to the emergency room every year. we will tell you the group of adults most at risk.
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cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. people don't have access to healthcare because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies and major medical companies are ripping us off. bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change.
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announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at noon with mollie cooney and meteorologist jason sydejko. mollie: health news right now at noon -- vitamins and supplements are big business, but there is a downside. researchers estimate supplements are responsible for more than 23,000 emergency room visits every year. and 10% of them were serious enough to require hospitalization. jennifer whalen has the details, -- the details. jennifer: more americans are taking dietary supplements, and according to a new study, many of them are ending up in it emergency department. the study was a collaboration in the fda and centers for disease control.
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room for young adults. most of those visits were from dietary supplements for weight loss or energy. we found that over a fifth, over 20%, whereby young children who had gotten into supplements intended for someone else. jennifer: but the industry insists that the majority of their products are safe. >> the headline, 20 3000 emergency room visits per year caused by dietary supplements, is like, wow, that sounds like a light -- a lot. but that is less than 5% of emergency room visits. for all consumers of supplements, we encourage you to report to your doctor that you are taking supplements and to
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mollie: dietary supplement in the u.s. don't require safety testing for fda approval before being sold are marketed. unlike prescription drugs, dietary supplements are considered safe until proven otherwise. new year, new guidelines when it comes to being healthy and 2016, the usda is out today with its recommendations, stressing the need to cut back on sugar. the report says added sugars should not make up more than 10% of our daily calories about 200 calories a day, or 12 teaspoons of sugar. also cut salt to about one , teaspoon a day. egg lovers rejoice! the guidelines have removed limits of dietary cholesterol. lean meats, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains also get a thumb up. the guidelines are released every five years aimed at helping people avoid disease and obesity. were you one of the thousands who got a drone as a gift this holiday season? if so, you need to register it.
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of them were registered in just the last two weeks. that's just the start of it though. some consumer groups estimate more than 400,000 drones were actually sold. registration with the faa is mandatory for all drone owners. new owners must register a drone before its first flight. cloudy skies outside, a dreary day, but it could be worse. it could be snow or ice, right jason? jason: could see some snow. northwestern portions of the state -- this morning, we also the fog. you can kind of see downtown. it is starting to reemerge like a ninja from those low hanging clouds. eventually, we will get rid of that. as we do, we will pick up a little bit more of the rain. this will continue to trickle
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we will be and for a cloudy, rainy day. it feels like we haven't seen the sun in a long time. we have longer until we get there. this band all the way down past kansas city through springfield. some of us will pick up a little bit of snow. it will be mainly the northwestern portions of the state. we have a few hours before we can expect that to roll and. the rain lingers into the evening hours. only back into the mid-30's. the seven tomorrow. pretty mild. we are six degrees above average. still feels pretty winter really. just that cold, sloppy rain. futurecast continues to drive that in. notice the transition over to snow to areas off to the northwest. some spots could pick up a few inches. the morning, we carry in light
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morning hours. it eventually tapers off as we head into the afternoon. we do keep the cloud cover around. no sun in the forecast tomorrow. we start to get rid of that pesky stuff. you look at rain totals, not exactly impressive, but still looking at a very soggy day today and a very soggy day tomorrow. we do have a system that will try to clip us off to the southeast as we head into saturday, but that will stay to the south. nothing really besides flakes for the metro. you can see some measurable snowfall, but the heaviest of that will stay well to our southeast. definitely a dreary one. 37 degrees. yet the clouds, rain, fog as well. we are sitting right around mid to upper 30's today.
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once we lose that, man, the temperatures drop. after that, it is looking dismal. and degrees on sunday. at least we get the sun, but it is positively frigid for a couple of those days. some of us may be below freezing. mollie: staying inside and enjoy the sunshine that way. it was a big hit on broadway.
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newsies. america is not just electing a president, we're also electing a commander in chief.
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because strengthening the economy, making healthcare more affordable, raising incomes. all of that depends on us being both secure at home and leading the world. i will get up every single day and do whatever it takes to make sure our country is safe and strong. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. mollie: a lot going on at the des moines civic center. let's start with "good night moon," and onto "newsies" next week. it >> to stories that a lot of families know. it is the first offering in our blue cross blue shield family series.
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basically ages four years old to 10 years old. the show is 1:00 on saturday at the civic center and there is a wonderful preshow where kids can do some hands-on things in our lobbies prior to the show. it has become a hugely popular series for lots of families bringing in their young ones. often times, it is the first time the are getting to experience live data. the show is -- mollie: no intermission? >> no intermission. this is a group from nova scotia . they have done a number of our shows in the series. an international flavor to it. the shows are always delightful. mollie: kids of all ages?
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you can buy them at the door, or you can go to our website for more information. mollie: onto the next one, which again, is something for just about everyone. "newsies," a big broadway hit. mollie:>> this is from the 1992 film by disney. this is based on a true story. the turn-of-the-century when newspapers were the only way you could get news. most of the time, they were sold by these newsboys, who would pick up the papers and pay a certain amount for those bundles and go out and sell them. when the price went up, they got upset about that, so they decided to do something about it.
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it is based on a true story. it is as close as you come to a broadway musical from the old days. lots of dancing. backflips, it is a amazing! 60 main characters and they are all boys. they are some of the best dancers and singers in the business. they work so hard. mollie: and won tony's. >> it won a tony for best score and best choreography by christopher vitelli who is a remarkable for you heard -- who is a remarkable choreographer. a performances. starts this tuesday. it runs through sunday. mollie: tickets to start at $35 and go up.
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marco rubio thinks it's unfair to criticize him for missing votes. "but i am going to miss votes, i'm running for president." but he's been missing votes for a long time. "one third of all of his missed votes in 2015 were missed before he announced he was running for president." over the last three years, marco rubio has missed more votes... than any other senator. washington politician marco rubio. doesn't show up for work, but wants a promotion? right to rise usa is responsible
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mollie: kind of a mixed bag in the weather. there is something for everyone. unfortunately. jason: like the unpopular guy sitting in the middle of the room. there is some good stuff in the forecast. a little rain continued to move in. we have some fairly dense fog to out there. a dense fog advisory continues for the northwestern portion of the state. rain will be with us all day long. we will see a reemergence of that fog tomorrow morning. if you are traveling early, plan on limited visibilities. not all that cold, only sitting in the mid to upper 30's for highs. northwestern portions of the state are looking at picking up a little bit of snow. mollie: there you go. cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better.
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because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies and major medical companies are ripping us off. bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change.
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