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tv   KCCI 8 News at Six  Me-TV  January 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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tonight, those temperatures around or above freezing. the main roadways not to slick. mason city, 33. ottumwa, 35. your planner -- we stay above freezing. all rain right through tomorrow afternoon. we will see a changeover late in the day. to the northwest, there will be snow. a couple of rounds right through saturday morning. an area of 3-5, and then from mason city back through council bluffs a line of 1-3. in central iowa, looks to be half an inch. stacey: you've seen the videos. some hoverboards that were all the rage for christmas catch fire when people try to ride them. steve: the re-chargable batteries that power the boards can overheat, causing them to bust into flames. well, now one iowa university is warning students who got them for christmas to leave them at home. kcci's kim st onge has at story that's new at 6:00.
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recently announced that hoverboards will no longer be allowed in residence halls, dining halls, and apartments on campus because of the fire risk. today, i learned drake is considering a similar ban. the brightly colored, self-balancing motorized scooters quickly became the hottest item on holiday wish lists. they're so popular a hoverboard store even opened at valley west mall. >> it's really fun. it's hard at first because you're like, i don't know what i'm doing. kim: drake student haley davis loves riding around the hoverboard her 10-year-old brother got for christmas. but the futuristic scooters may become a thing of the past on college campuses. the university of iowa recently posted this warning on its website, telling students to leave their hoverboards at home because of a fire risk. >> i think they just got freaked out because they started having malfunctions with them. but i don't see anything wrong with them if you know that something bad could happen to
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kim: drake students were surprised to learn their university is considering a similar ban. >> i mean, i can understand why universities would do it but i don't know that it's all that serious. kim: the ban would forbid hoverboards in residence halls, dining halls, and campus apartments. >> there really doesn't seem to be a point to own one if you live on campus then. kim: haley says it's a matter of doing your research. >> i feel like if you know what you're getting yourself into, you're not over charging the battery putting too much weight , on it when it has a weight limit that kinda thing is what , causes it to catch fire so i research you won't have much of a problem. kim: drake officials hope to make a final decision on whether to ban hoverboards by early february. in studio, kim st. onge, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. steve: iowa state university says it does not have a policy on hoverboards. but that doesn't mean they may not have one in the near future. pete englin, director of the isu department of residence says,
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-- says, "given the risks being described in the media i think we could move that direction but we are not there yet." stacey: an update now on a developing story. the leader of the ymca of greater des moines is out. president and ceo vernon delpesce resigned this morning effective immediately. , delpesce oversaw the y's 11 branches in central iowa for 14 years. this comes after the wellmark y failed to raise funds for its state-of-the-art, olympic-sized swimming pool. falling short $6 million to $9 million for the project. top leaders tonight cite negative market conditions, like fundraising for the pool, as a reason for needing new leadership. >> we've reaffirmed with our donors, we've reaffirmed with staff, and we've reaffirmed with our volunteers how important the years. so i feel confident that we are taking the necessary steps to take it forward. stacey: a search committee is we're told that could take up to six months. steve: the polk county sheriff office is looking for the driver who tried to entice a teenager into his suv. it happened this morning near the 7000 block of north east
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greater des moines softball complex. driver of the suv asked the 16-year-old girl if she wanted a ride. she said no and the suv drove off. but it circled around and drove back, right at the girl. the girl then ran to her aunt's house. the suspect is described as a 40-to-50-year-old adult male. he was diving a dark-colored suv. stacey: a missing newton girl has been found safe. 12-year-old charlene brown disappeared from her foster home in newton christmas eve. newton police say she was with her non-custodial biological mother misty shaver and shaver's boyfriend kevin carlton. back in december, investigators thought shaver and carlton may be taking brown to texas. but officers found all 3 at a rest stop near victor, east of newton. webster county supervisors say the county auditor they tried to fire deleted computer files after she learned she was being
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supervisors fired jeanette thanupakorn during an october 27 meeting. she was later reinstated and placed on paid administrative leave, pending a hearing. stacey: county officials say about 300 files were deleted. steve: the madison county sheriff's office is looking into how an inmate in their custody died. deputies found 33-year-old joshua lee barker yesterday unresponsive in his cell. , he was immediately taken to the madison county hospital where he was pronounced dead. the iowa division of criminal investigation is now investigating. but foul play is not suspected. stacey: the search is on for a former johnston man who vanished while on a hunting trip in rich hill, missouri. 29-year-old adam nixson now lives in pleasant hill, missouri. nixson went duck hunting in the area december 27. his overturned boat and hunting dog were found near a tree line, but no sign of nixson. his family here in in central iowa has been keeping in touch with searchers who been using k-9 units and sonar to find nixson. steve: the des moines police say that a driver who ran a
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caused a crash this morning on the southside. investigators tell us the driver of an suv ran the light at southwest 9th and mckinley, hitting a car. the diver of the car suffered non-life threatening injuries. no one else was seriously hurt. charges are pending. stacey: the bad news is you didn't win the powerball jackpot last night. but you're not alone. nobody bought a winning ticket for wednesday night's $500 million drawing. now, the jackpot for saturday's drawing is $700 million. and expected to climb higher , before the drawing saturday night. by the way those winning numbers were 2, 11, 47, 62 and 63, and the powerball was 17. the iowa lottery has this advice for people playing powerball when the jackpot gets so large. if you want a chance at saturday's drawing, you must buy your ticket before 8:59 saturday night. any ticket bought after that will be for next wednesday's drawing. if you buy tickets with a group
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in writing and provide everyone in the pool a copy of the tickets bought for that pool. steve: wall street continues to fall. the dow jones, the nasdaq, and the s&p 500 were all down again today. stock analysts say the drop is not due to economic problems in the united states. it's in fact due to fears that china's economy has started to seriously slow down. the tumbling stocks are now setting records. the dow has had its worst start to a year in a quarter century. there's no need to panic, but kurt pearson of compass financial says it is time to take a good hard look at your investments, to find out how exposed they are to volatility in the u.s. and international markets. >> everything works in a cycle. so the stock market has had several years that have been positive. we haven't had significant volatility for quite a while and so now, to experience 3, 4, 500
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point moves in one day is pretty significant and that leaves every investor on edge. steve: pearson also says there's a lot of fear right now, but we may just wade right through it, if 4th-quarter corporate earnings come in better than expected. there is one good side to the dropping markets. a good thing for drivers. the price of oil sank to its lowest level today in 12 years. the falling oil prices are causing a dramatic dip in gas prices. a gallon of gasoline is now selling for $1.83. many energy analysts say gas prices could sag even lower. stacey: nexstar announces it's buying up media general. a move that may leave des moines-based meredith corporation out in the cold. last year, media general announced plans to merge with meredith. but nexstar said its deal would be better for media general stock holders. "variety" reports that meredith hasn't given up on the original media general deal, offering more money to media general shareholders. cutting-edge technology will be used this year to track who wins
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the republican and democratic parties have teamed up with microsoft to create what they say is the most accurate way to tally votes through smartphones at each precinct. that's so they won't repeat mistakes made 4 years ago, when mitt romney was first announced the winner, only to later learn rick santorum won by just 34 votes. >> when i walk out on that stage in the media center and declared the winner of the iowa caucuses, the republican winner of the iowa caucuses, i need to make sure that all those results are there find and they are absolutely as accurate as human beings can make them. stacey: the campaigns will also use a secondary system to verify the voting in a tight race. steve: from that kind of high-tech to the lowest tech. straight ahead, how a local rodeo used a bull, and bull stuff, to pick a president. mark:
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announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 6:00 with steve karlin, stacey horst, chief meteorologist john
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andy garman. >> she never touched anything . make better. she's the best changemaker i 've -- i ever saw. stacey: hillary clinton's biggest supporter visited iowa today as one of her biggest opponents unleashed another attack. former president bill clinton appeared in dubuque and cedar rapids today. steve: while donald trump released a social media video featuring hillary clinton alongside bill cosby. mark tauscheck here with the details. mark: president clinton stayed above the fray, focusing on his wife's abilities and avoiding opportunities to engage the leader in the republican polls. before his appearance at a town hall style meeting with hillary clinton supporters today in cedar rapids, president bill clinton made an appearance before a startled lunch crowd at the newbo city market. he spoke with several people and took pictures, but took a pass when asked by a reporter about his wife's republican rival
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>> i have no interest in getting involved in their politics or doing anything other than trying to help hillary. mark: on his instagram account, trump released a new video pairing hillary with some very unpopular figures in politics and pop culture. ms. clinton: let's keep fighting for opportunity and dignity. mr. clinton: video16:45-it's harder to sideswipe someone with a 30 second ad in iowa. mark: the closest clinton came to a shot back at the trump campaign may have been this comment. effectiveness of a president is often determined by how well suited they are by experience and temperament. mark: but during his 45 minute talk, he focused on the social wife's works outside the in underprivledged segments of mr. clinton i do not believe in president that was more prepared , not only by experience, but by temperament, to step into this
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peril. ever. i don't think it is close. mark: on fighting terrorism, president clinton spoke about the need to knit the country back together, saying we'll never do it without the help of peace-loving, america-loving muslims. live in studio, mount tauscheck -- mark tauscheck, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. steve: the world's toughest rodeo at wells fargo arena, is taking a decidedly low-tech approach to select a president. >> he is decked out in his red. both of these bowls really embracing the americana of this whole deal. steve: the 2 bulls, midnight and oley, were all in, making their selections with their own self-created chip ballots. midnight, the republican bull, picked donald trump.
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was, shall we say, undecided. his opinion is still a little liquid, and after an hour, he did not cast a solid ballot. stacey: kurtis, i don't know if i have any words. kurtis: how about that weather out there? rate moving through, fog across the region. there is some snow flying. these winds at eight. humidity, 89%. but in the rain, waterloo back through ames. here is the movement. some light snow falling off to the northwest. rainy north of i-35 down to the south. it has been transitioning back and forth in carroll county. this area in blue is just some very light rain. most locations above freezing except for storm lake.
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generally wet roadways for the overnight hours. 7:00 p.m., mid 30's. 34 degrees at 7:00 a.m. i think a little more snow up in northern iowa. notice, from now through tomorrow afternoon, we are above freezing. rain flying across central iowa. there is that little band of snow that expand -- that extends back into nebraska. this is going to move north and northeast, not really dragging any colder air. that is why most of it will stay in the form of rain. some cold air to the northwest that will stay there until this lobos far enough to the north. then we'll start to see those winds shift. rain tomorrow morning.
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some light snow northwest. here's comes moving into the evening hour. most and saying to the north. light snow showers on saturday through the morning midday, and by saturday evening, drive with a whole lot colder air moving in. there will be a band of anywhere from 2-4, maybe a little boring northwestern iowa. a dance next to that of -- a band next to that of 1-3. rainfall -- we have already had about 18 hundredths of an inch. tonight, that low down to 34. fog could be a problem again. tomorrow, 37. the rain won't change over to snow until very late. saturday, blowing snow.
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sunday, wind chills 10-20 degrees below zero. it is going to be had arctic blast. we stay dry next week with a little moderation in temperatures late in the week. stacey: ok, andy garman. andy: i want to go back to the rose bowl after that. the hawkeyes have some soul-searching to do after
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the cyclones america is not just electing a president, we're also electing a commander in chief. that choice matters. because strengthening the economy, making healthcare more affordable, raising incomes. all of that depends on us being both secure at home and leading the world. i will get up every single day and do whatever it takes to make sure our country is safe and strong.
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marco rubio thinks it's unfair to criticize him for missing votes. "but i am going to miss votes, i'm running for president." but he's been missing votes for a long time. "one third of all of his missed votes in 2015 were missed before he announced he was running for president." over the last three years, marco rubio has missed more votes... than any other senator.
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doesn't show up for work, but wants a promotion? right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. announcer: from iowa's sports leader, this is kcci 8 sports. andy: it has become an annual tradition. the post bowl game press conference. kirk ferentz met the media in iowa city putting a bow on a , terrific regular season. and a rough postseason. the rose bowl was not only iowa's 2nd loss in a row this year, it was the 4th straight stumble in a bowl game. there are lots of things to work out this spring but the head , hawk says he is thankful for the gigantic level of support this team has received from the hawkeye faithful. >> the turnout in indianapolis was unbelievable. a great environment. so good to be part of that.
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again, the turnout or fans is legendary. again, on behalf of our program, i just want to let our fans know how much we appreciate all they do in support of our program. andy: onto basketball. in the last 75 men's basketball games at hilton coliseum, the cyclones are 70-5. some have been easier than others. last night was certainly a tougher challenge than many had hoped for but isu pulled away in , the final minutes to beat texas tech 76-69. jameel mckay was clutch at the free throw line, hitting 9 of 11 from the stripe. matt thomas led the way with 22 points. he also had one important assist. >> matt told me this about a week or so ago, to just go to the line and think about making it. don't think about trying not to miss. i have been doing that and it works.
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>> a week or so. >> right when he started making. andy: thomas, k, and the rest of the cyclones host baylor on saturday as 2:00. women's basketball getting underway in ann arbor. we will get you an update tonight at 10:00. the broncos are turning back to the old man for the playoffs. peyton manning will be the starting quarterback with denver in the postseason. gary kubiak told his team today that manning will be the starter, replacing brock also weiler. manning missed seven starts with a left foot injury. the broncos went 7-2 with manning, 5-2 under osweiler. nfl playoffs begin this weekend
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u got people working incredibly long hours. median family income today -- $4,000 less than it was in 1999. the bottom line of this economy is that it is rigged. what this campaign is about is to demand that we create an economy that works for all of us rather than a handful of billionaires. if you work 40 hours a week in america, you should not live in poverty.
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